Friday, February 20, 2009

1) I didn't have intercourse til I was 23

2) but I did anal at 22

3) and had lesbian sex at 20

4) I first had an orgasm when I was 5 in a bathtub

5) a famous rockstar once went down on me

6) when I was in high school I didn't have any dildos so I would improvise with magic markers and cucumbers

7) I once went to a BDSM club

8) and got fingered by the guy who ran it

9) I met a UN diplomat at that BDSM club and we would see each other on occasion

10) the biggest turnoff for me is a guy who doesn't cuddle

11) I don't think I know how to give a good blowjob

12) I used to think I might be a lesbian because I was scared of dick..... but now I love it

13) my form of birth control with my boyfriend of several years was throwing a condom on a minute before he was about to come, and it worked

14) I am totally neurotic about STDs

15) I had a girlfriend for 4 months in college

16) and I cried for weeks when she broke up with me

17) I once watched two people fuck via craigslist

18) when I watched them fuck my main reaction was that I was sad that I didn't have a boyfriend

19) I like guys who went to good colleges

20) making out is my favorite hobby

21) I was raised to wait until marriage for sex, and if I didn't, no one would want to marry me

22) I once had 2 guys suck my feet at the same time, but it didn't really do anything for me

23) I've never swallowed cum

24) I went to a bar mitzvah when I was 12 and they had free tampons in the bathroom. I put the whole stick in, just for fun. I wanted to know what tampons were like.

25) one of the most fun things I ever did was have this hot guy hold me down naked while I tried to escape