Friday, February 27, 2009

1. I am in a friends-with-benefits relationship which pretty much exclusively consists of me receiving oral from a lesbian who is in love with me. I know that sounds fucked up and selfish of me, but we've worked it out and she is 100% happy with the arrangement, as am I. It is mutually beneficial.
2. She is the only person I've ever had sex with.
3. I'm not a big fan of manual sex because the entire time I'm thinking, "Imagine how much better this would feel if that were her mouth instead of her hand."
4. I consider myself bisexual. I've only ever "done things" with and dated girls, but I find myself attracted to guys much more often and much more intensely.
5. The first orgasm I remember having was in the bathtub, with my clit under the running faucet. I used to have up to 4 orgasms in one session doing that.
6. After that, I used a makeup brush, the arm/nose of my teddy bear, an electric toothbrush, and the end of a remote control.
7. For a long while before I bought my first vibrator, I would go into the bathroom, lock the door, turn on the shower, sit on the sink, and use my father's electric toothbrush to get myself off. I always washed it off very thoroughly after. I don't have a lot of sexual shame but this is one of the things that I sort of regret in retrospect.
8. One time I got off by humping against my cat's forehead for a few minutes. She was surprisingly compliant.
9. In my "toy box," I have 5 vibrators, a dildo, a book of lesbian erotica, several erotica stories I printed from the internet, a bunch of condoms (which I don't exactly need yet), and a pamphlet about bisexual health.
10. When I was about 9, I used to write erotica in my journal and then force my mom to listen to me read it aloud.
11. One time, I received head in the big plastic tube at my old elementary school's playground, late at night.
12. In order for me to come, my legs HAVE to be elevated so that most of my weight is being supported by my ass/hips. I've never figured out why this is.
13. If I could have sex with anyone in the world, I'd pick John Mayer or Katherine Moennig. (But that's subject to change.)
14. I'm fascinated by lesbian sex, especially cunnilingus, and think it is so unbelievably beautiful.
15. I'd rather have sex with women, but I'd rather date men.
16. I have zero interest in breasts, including my own.
17. I think I am more on the domme side of the spectrum.
18. The back of my left shoulder is hypersensitive and I can almost come just from having it licked and kissed.
19. Rim jobs are okay. I'm glad I had the experience, but it wasn't mindblowing.
20. For me, one of the major signs of a good lover would be how they treat me right after I come. There needs to be such a delicate mixture of gentleness (to avoid pain) and pressure (to wring out the maximum amount of pleasure) when dealing with a post-orgasmic clitoris.
21. I love Lelo sex toys. They are gorgeous.
22. After sex, I require a certain amount of spooning/cuddling.
23. I think does some fantastic work, and that they deserve their own museum or something.
24. I would find it difficult to agree to have sex with someone who did not keep their nails clipped very very short. Just a personal preference thing.
25. Moaning is very, very hot. Both male and female.