Sunday, March 22, 2009

1. I lost my virginity on my wedding night. She was also a virgin. I was 25, she was 24. I have always been happy that we waited until we got married before having sex.

2. Even though we were both virgins, we had manually stimulated each other to orgasm several times before we got married.

3. The first time was not very successful--I was very excited and came almost immediately upon entry. We got considerably better over the course of the next few days.

4. After 28 years, she is still the only woman I have slept with. A dear female friend of mine once asked if I was ever curious about what it would be like to make love to another woman. I am curious, but I am also happy to be in a monogamous relationship.

5. I do, however, fantasize. One of my fantasies involves a threesome with my wife and another woman. However, I'm not really sure of the mechanics of all this. Do I give one oral sex while the other goes down on me? Do I fuck one while giving the other oral sex? Since I'm not going to ever fulfill this I guess I'll just have to wonder how it all works. Part of the fun I suppose.

6. Another fantasy involves watching two women make love. I could either be hidden from the women or there with their knowledge.

7. A third fantasy involves me completely dressing as a woman--wig, makeup, bra, panties, nylon stockings, blouse, skirt--and making love to my wife. I have never told anyone about this fantasy.

8. We have made love outdoors twice. Once was in our backyard late at night; the other was on the beach, also late at night. I would like to do that again given the opportunity.

9. I have had cybersex with three different women. With one, I was quite disgusted with myself afterwards. I am still friends with the other two and don't quite feel the same way about it. I wish I hadn't done it--it's not exactly like cheating on my wife but it is a betrayal of trust. The first time was a surprise. I was chatting with my friend, whom I had known for a couple of years on the internet, and somehow the subject of cybersex came up. She confessed that she used to do it frequently but had stopped. I asked her how it was done..."Do you just start describing what you are doing?" She said yes, so I said, "Like, I unbutton your blouse and caress your breasts" or something like that. Before we knew it we were off. It was very exciting, and when I masturbated I had a very powerful orgasm. We did it once more and haven't since, although I have been very tempted. We still chat about sex sometimes; she is a good person to bounce off my thoughts, and is not judgmental. Still, I hesitate to tell her about the fantasy in #7.

10. I masturbate probably three times a week, sometimes more. Due to various reasons, we do not make love as often as we'd like, although my sex drive is greater than my wife's so although "as often as she'd like" would be a higher frequency, it still likely wouldn't be as often as I'd like.

11. I have never had a blow job to completion. Although I figure I'd probably really prefer normal intercourse as a means to an orgasm, I would like to experience a complete blowjob at least once. My wife is not eager to do a blowjob even if she stops before I come, and generally she has to have had a few drinks to even do that.

12. I love giving oral sex. It's very arousing to me to know I am giving such pleasure. I enjoy the taste, too. However, my wife, although she always orgasms, doesn't want me to do it very often. She lets me now and then as a favor, although when she's had a few drinks she is usually more agreeable.

13. We sometimes watch internet porn together when we are planning a night of debauchery. Neither of us likes male homosexual porn. She doesn't seem put off by lesbian porn which, given my fantasy in #6, is obviously something I like.

14. I don't like shaved pussies. Trimmed is okay but the bush should be fairly natural looking. I have hinted that my wife should trim (not shave) hers but no luck so far. I am also unshaved. Once in a while I trim; I don't think she's noticed as it's always been a very minor trim.

15. She has a vibrator that we use once in a while during sex. It's fun to watch her use it.

16. I love legs and asses. I want her to wear nylon stockings with a garter belt during sex, but she thinks her legs are too big. I would still find it very attractive. Some day.

17. Once in college I happened to look out my dorm window across to another dorm, and saw two people fucking. It was quite interesting to watch. Eventually they rolled off the bed and finished on the floor, out of sight. A friend had a list of phone numbers by room and called. We could see her arm reach up to pick up the phone. He suggested she close the curtains next time. She just said, "oh" and hung up. Other than porn movies, that is the only time I've actually seen anyone else make love.

18. Another time in college, I looked out the window and saw a naked woman in the other dorm, looking at her reflection in the window. She had no clue anyone could see. That was also enjoyable to watch. I think she may have been the first "live" naked woman I had ever seen.

19. Our favorite position is rear entry. We get good penetration and my orgasms seem more intense. It's also easier to reach her clit for extra manual stimulation during the process.

20. I also like her on top, although the orgasms aren't as good for me. I like the view and like grabbing her ass while we fuck. I think it's better for her though...she has ejaculated a few times over the years (vaginal orgasm, I guess?) and most of them have been with her on top.

21. Sometimes a plain old missionary position fuck is tremendously satisfying.

22. Although I have never smoked marijuana, and won't since it's illegal, I sometimes fantasize about doing that while making love. A friend told me it is very pleasant to fuck while high.

23. We never say "fuck" when fucking, unless we are both drunk. Usually not even then.

24. I have never tried anal sex. Sometimes I think about it and wonder what it would be like, but in the end (no pun intended!), I figure it's pretty disgusting.

25. I think I'd like to try some very mild bondage. She would tie me down on the bed and have her way with me, not involving painful things. The attraction would be that she was in total control--she could blow me, ride my cock, withhold when I came close to coming, etc. A pretty mild fantasy I suppose!