Saturday, April 18, 2009

1. I try and have one orgasm a day, whether through masturbation or sex. Any way is fine by me.

2. I love being tied up. I bought my man fur-lined handcuffs for Christmas, the fur is gone cause we love it rough. The best time we have used them so far was when he cuffed me behind my back and fucked me from behind. He had to hold my waist up when he wanted it doggy style.

3. I’m now dating a Catholic boy. He knows how to press all the right buttons. While he believes in no sex before marriage he made an exception for me. I’m not quite sure if that makes me happy or sad.

4. He is four years younger then me and had two girlfriends prior to me. I don’t know why they left him. His oral is unbelievable. I get incredibly horny just thinking about it. Despite him being younger and in his prime my sex drive is massive compared to his.

5. I love that he lets me have a post-coital hug. We discuss life and discuss new moves, techniques and what we want to do to each other. This normally results in another round.

6. He is the first person who has let me bring toys to the bedroom. And the first that I feel really open with.

7. I love masturbating with him watching. I know it is a real turn on for him so I do it. The best is sitting on top of him while he is watching TV, in just my bathrobe which is slightly open. He can’t last long and we end up fucking on the chair right away.

8. Anticipation has me dripping with desire. The best was while watching Team America. Every advert we were allowed to touch each other. It ended up with us naked on the floor fucking doggy style in the ads. By the time the puppet love scene came on, we were distracted with our own. I still can’t watch that movie in company because I end up horny from dreaming about it.

9. We are currently scouting for the best place to have sex in public. We both have jobs where we are constantly in the public eye so have to be careful. The first place will be in a lake though.

10. Sex in water is amazing. My best experience was giving my man a blowjob in the shower. Me on my knees with water streaming down my face. He was so hard. We managed to make it last until we ran out of hot water.

11. I like being feminine and girly, but I also like being in charge and nasty. I love being on top and in control, but also love it when I’m flipped onto my back and dominated.

12. Kissing turns me on. There is nothing more romantic than a long lingering kiss or a hard kiss with plenty of tongue. I especially love being kissed on my nipples and my neck.

13. I lost my virginity at age 17 to a guy I didn’t like. We had been seeing each other for a year or so and had sex because we were both drunk. He cheated on me a month afterwards. I was relieved to have a way out of the relationship.

14. The next person I had sex with was an egotistical idiot. I stayed with him for two years. He used to joke with his friends that I never gave him blow jobs. I didn’t because I knew he wouldn’t go down on me. It was the first and only time I have used sex as a blackmailing tool.

15. That same guy would only have sex in the bed. Never on the couch. In the car. In the shower. Anywhere else but in the bed was off limits. He bored me and when he, yes again, cheated on me (this time with my best friend) I left him to it.

16. I have had one one night stand. It’s not my style but I was very drunk and with some guy mates. Their new friend was being ignored so I struck up a conversation, which led to bed. It was horrible. He was weeny, the condom broke and I was paranoid that my friend's mum would walk in (I worked with her, she later found out and was so happy that I finally had a one night stand).

17. Sometimes I fantasise about making out with girls. I’ve kissed plenty in my time but have always wanted to go further. I would even have a threesome but with his beliefs it isn’t a turn-on or something he wants to do.

18. New Zealanders are naturally quite prudish I have found. I hope this changes because I do not believe that sex is something that should be frowned on.

19. When I was 18 I had my drink spiked with ketamine (horse tranquiliser). I remember being out of it and falling over. A man picked me up and took me out of the club and dragged me into a car. Luckily the police were driving past, saw me and stopped. A friend was walking by and heard the man tell the cops I was his drunk girlfriend. She lashed out and punched him, while screaming at the police to save me. Without the police and my amazing friend who knows what could have happened.

20. It amazes me that many people forget the fundamental reason as to why we have sex – to reproduce. Almost every time I have sex I hope that I get pregnant as a result. It’s what I was put on this earth to do, be a Mum.

21. However, humans and dolphins are the only animals to mate for fun. And that is just fine with me.

22. Because of my (I don’t want to say fame cause I am not famous, I just spend a lot of time in the public eye with my job) whatever I find it hard to walk into a sex shop. So I buy lots of stuff online. I love costumes but I can’t buy them online cause I don’t know if they will fit. Sigh.

23. I masturbate. A lot. I’ve tried vibrators but nothing really tickled my fancy. So now I rely on my fingers. And my imagination.

24. I used to worry that my cheating boyfriends meant I wasn’t good in bed or something. That has been proven wrong. The sex with them was horrendous. The sex now is incredible. It’s all about finding the right one for you. And speaking your mind.

25. I wonder if the order in which I have written this list says anything deep about me. Or should it be considered as a whole? Anyways, I think this is a brilliant project and the more discussion about this topic the better.