Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1. I lost my virginity with a female at 19 and with a man at 14.

2. I love having sex with men and woman equally.

3. My first love was a guy who is now gay.

4. The first girl I has sex with “trained” me to never come when she was on top. It worked because even today I can’t orgasm when a woman is riding me.

5. I love giving oral to men and woman equally.

6. My first girlfriend and I had group sex within a month of me losing my virginity – within 2 months we had sex with a couple that were 20 years older than us – it was really hot.

7. I fucked my first girlfriend’s three best friends at the same time a week after I lost my virginity – my girlfriend told them I was amazing at oral – I have been told that a lot since (I guess you are good at what you enjoy).

8. My current girlfriend and I have been to sex clubs. I love watching her get fucked by a hung guy.

9. We have MMF threesomes every 2-3 months – she loves watching me suck and get sucked – her new thing is to watch me get fucked – I am more than willing.

10. We have a couple that we swap with – then are 10 + years younger – he has fucked my girl thinking she would never tell me – my girl is allowed (encouraged) to fuck other guys or girls anytime – she has only fucked him in 3 years. (I mean other than our MMF and group sex sessions)

11. I am well endowed although I think 8"+ is really hung . . . I have had an 11” cock orally and anally.

12. It surprised me how many woman get turned on by bi men.

13. I have a f-buddy that lets me suck his massive cock (10”+) although he says he is totally straight.

14. As a kid I sucked a lot of boys in my neighborhood – then their older brothers – the oldest was 21 I think he found me almost every day for an entire summer – he said I was the best BJ he ever got – I was swallowing even back then – he did fuck me after a few weeks of fingering my ass and begging – it was so hot!

15. My sister and I played “doctor” for years (we are 14 months apart) – I would still play if she asked.

16. I love D/s – I am a switch – although most people are not aggressive enough when D’ing me.

17. I have 3 different sized butt plugs – 4 dildos – nipple clamps – ball gag – Magic Wand – bondage tape and anal beads.

18. I love getting fucked and fucking ass. I am versatile.

19. I went down on a woman that said she squirted a lot – I love that – she squirted so much that she soaked through three beach towels folded in thirds – that said would do again now – also that is taking into account that I drank a lot of her cum.

20. I have tried to get my f-buddy to fuck me but he says that would be gay.

21. I have slept with over 500 woman and 300 men.

22. I have no STDs – tested 4 times a year – I try to always use a condom.

23. One of the hottest things I ever saw was my girl getting eaten by a guy, sucking another guy, jerking off another, and getting her tits sucked by a woman. She eventually fucked all three guys and ate the girl, then I took her home and fucked her till I could not come again.

24. I would love to have group sex with 20-plus men – just be the cocksucker of the night!

25. I want my current girl to have a gang bang (5-plus guys – my preference would be 10) – she is thinking about it.