Thursday, September 17, 2009

1. My first kiss was absolutely mindblowing. I was 12 and he was 16 and a pain in the ass. He kissed me by surprise and by force, because of a bet he made with a friend. He told me years after that he didn't realize I'd never kissed anyone before. I never felt anything for him. Except that he was the boy that made me discover my body. My sexuality. For about 5 years since then - until he met his actual fiancee - he taught me many things, but mostly theory, because he said I was too young to have sex. We were never in a relationship, just friends with benefits. I didn't mind. But sometimes I still think that he promised me he'll take me “all the way.” I secretly fantasize about him now and then.

2. I looooove to kiss. I'm so into kissing. I used to keep a list with boys I've kissed, but I threw it away when I reached 50. I do wonder what it would be like to kiss a certain person I see, but I never cheated on my boyfriend (we have been together almost 2 years) and I don't plan to.

3. I first masturbated at about 12. I don't remember much about that.

4. I first saw a penis in a magazine I found under my parents' bed. I thought it was disgusting. I first felt a real one through jeans, at 12. But it was not until my current boyfriend that I actually saw and touched one.

5. I decided I shouldn't believe any longer the Christian nonsense about not losing virginity on a Greek beach, at 14. He was a total stranger. But I stopped just before penetration, because it strucked me that my first time should be special. I changed my mind later. I ended up believing that the first time is just for learning.

6. I lost my virginity on the day I turned 18, with a boy I hardly knew and met by chance that day. Neither of us had planned it. We were both drunk. It was disappointing and I barely felt a thing - mostly pain than pleasure. I never regretted it, though, because my frustration had reached an alarming level, I just had to do it, to get my mind off of it.

7. I am thankful for the way I lost my virginity. I'm pretty sure I couldn't have done it sober and/or with a boy I felt something for, because I was frightened by the thought of being naked in front of somebody. I used to be extremely ashamed about my sexuality.

8. My boyfriend is the only (other) man I've had sex with. He's awesome. He's made me discover my true sexual potential and he's made me love my body. And his too.

9. I was terrified by the thought of him giving me head. Until he did and I saw how wonderful it can be.

10. I'm loud, I make a lot of noise, because I feel good and I want him to know that. But my boy is silent like a fish, though I told him that I had my biggest orgasm on the one time he talked to me during foreplay - telling me what he was going to do to me. I'd love him to give me some feedback. Audio feedback.

11. I really enjoy giving him blowjobs and handjobs, because I see how happy I can make him. I'm not sure I'm very good at it, even if he told me I was great. I'd like to learn how to deep-throat, but I'm ashamed to tell him that. I'd also like to swallow. But he always cums on my tits, even if I try to keep him in my mouth. I've tried suggesting him to cum IN, but he didn't and I'm ashamed of telling him again.

12. My favourite position is doggy-style and his is me on top. I try to please him and do it like that but it often doesn't do anything to me - when that happens, I tell him it hurts and we change. It doesn't. I just don't enjoy it.

13. I'm not into anal sex. I guess he would like us to try, but I don't want to. I'd experience every thing and position - except that.

14. I don't find 69 interesting at all. It's too... multi-tasking, which makes it hard to concentrate and my mood vanishes. I'd rather give him an awesome blowjob instead. But we do it sometimes, because I know he likes seeing me from every angle.

15. I find it extremely hot when he cums on me.

16. I faked it. A few times. But only because he really wants me to be pleased and he's so sorry he has an orgasm every time and I don't.

17. I felt so proud of myself when he told me he's had two orgasms without ejaculating - it was a BJ that caused him that. I'd like him to tell me what he'd like me to do to him, but I guess he thinks he'd hurt my feelings if he'd talk about sex as a purely physical thing. He wouldn't. I'm too much a sexual being for that. I'd like him to know that without considering it dirty.

18. I would sometimes like some spanking or him talking dirty or even some domination and submission... But when I tried bringing that up, he told me that he wants to make love to me, not only sex. Yes, I like that too, but I'm into spicy things too.

19. I sometimes fantasize about having sex with a woman.

20. When he tells and/or shows me that he really wants me, it makes me insanely hot. I could have explosive orgasms if he'd tell me “I want you right now” and undress me violently. And with me so hot, he certainly wouldn't be sorry.

21. I only masturbate for my boyfriend's pleasure. Otherwise, I don't feel the need to. I like it so much better when he does it to me - by intercourse, cunnilingus or fingering me, does not matter, as long as it is him. I like him so much that I get chills on my back when he touches me.

22. It excites me so much when he rubs, licks, bites, does anything with my breasts. I want his hands on them 24/7.

23. Having sex in strange places makes me so hot! The strangest 'til now was in the woods.

24. For me, love and sex are so connected, that I don't think about one without the other anymore.

25. I'm highly sexual. And I'm so glad me and my boyfriend are just the same when it comes to this. I like having sex. I like everything about sex.