Monday, October 5, 2009

1. I've had thirty sexual partners, I'm 18 going on 19. I keep a list. Two I can't remember the name. The majority of those were in the past six-seven months. My pace has slowed a little bit, but it's not stopping anytime soon.

2. Two of those were women; one of those women was half of a married couple I had a threesome with.

3. I've pegged someone. It was one of the few sexual activities that made me outright laugh.

4. I gave my first blowjob when I was 15 going on 16, lost my virginity soon after turning 16 to the same guy. I thought of him as "friends with benefits", but I've come to realize I was never even really friends with him.

5. I am a size queen. Girth more than length, but yeah, I'm never impressed if it's less than seven inches.

6. I don't come from oral sex or being rubbed/fingered. I don't really mind this and count myself lucky, though, because unlike a lot of females, I CAN come during sex itself, which is absolutely incredible.

7. The roughest play I've ever been through included being slapped in the face, insulted until I was crying, hit with his belt, basically anal raped until I was sobbing and begging him to stop (and he was... large. he said "I'll stop after a minute. Count."), and choked while he fucked me. I'm still not sure how I feel about that day.

8. When it's not so rough (i.e. lubrication is used, a bit of preparation beforehand), I really really enjoy anal. Intense orgasms.

9. Breasts are beautiful, but I only like big ones. C and up please.

10. Giving oral to a woman is NOT a big deal, men are such babies about it.

11. I'm incredible at giving blowjobs. I can deep-throat. This honestly came simply out of practice.

12. I masturbate pretty frequently, just in an attempt to curb my constant cravings for sex. ...It doesn't work at all. It's fun though.

13. I really want to have a threesome with two men.

14. I like to be submissive. I can take charge of things if the guy won't, but I enjoy a "manly" man who really will take the lead, smack my ass, etc. etc. etc.

15. I swallow! But it's all up to the guy. Facials are cool too. Whatever he's into.

16. On that note... as much as I do like to come myself, I'm submissive to the point where all I care about is satisfying him. This is why kink is somewhat dangerous with me, I'll never be willing to use a safeword in my fervor to please him sexually.

17. My nipples have ZERO sensitivity. I can barely feel it if someone is sucking on them. Pinching/biting I can at least feel, but it's not the sort of pain that turns me on.

18. I actually enjoy being slapped in the face. I don't know why. I don't think it's sexual, it's just something I need. And being called names. Inner guilt, I guess.

19. The largest age difference between me and someone was about twenty-five years or so, with me at 18 and him at 40-something. He liked me to call him Daddy. It was hot.

20. I'm heavy. I'm so ashamed of it. But I'm so addicted to sex that the shame fades while I'm getting fucked... it always comes back, though. Recently someone raised my self-esteem by saying that sex with skinny girls was actually painful and miserable for him due to the bones, he loves my softness. It made me strangely happy.

21. I'm only 5' tall. I think that's a large contributing factor to why I enjoy the "Daddy"/submission thing, because the height men have over me helps me feel submissive. Though it is certainly not the only reason.

22. The side of my neck is unbelievably sensitive if you suck/nibble on it properly. It sends a lightning bolt straight to my clit. Barely anyone I've been with has bothered trying it or if they have, they've not gotten it right. This saddens me.

23. Most of my sex has been without foreplay. While I'm always moist enough, and I don't feel pain, this still disappoints me. Foreplay makes me feel cared for, and like I'm not just a toy.

24. I've considered escorting. I've had a first client lined up for months, me and him have just had trouble with scheduling. I think he'll be the only one, though. I just want to try it. I've also considered porn, but I'm even less confident about that.

25. I've never made love. I've never been in love.