Wednesday, November 4, 2009

1. I lost my virginity to a guy I was crazy about in the back seat of my car.

2. I fell in love with my first, he was a great person to lose it to. Now we don't talk and that makes me sad. I loved him before we had sex but that definitely made it hurt more for it to end.

3. The second guy I've had sex with is somebody I'm expecting to forget. We had a lot of sex in the short time we were together but he never made me come. Some of the places we had sex: his parent's bed, countertop in the kitchen, jacuzzi tub. Not very exciting in the grand scheme of things but it opened up my eyes to the possibilities.

4. I have fairly small nipples but they're very sensitive and I love when they're sucked, etc. I have vibrating nipple clamps but they don't get tight enough and fall off.

5. The first time I masturbated was around the age of 10 by humping a pillow. I've had a great solo sex life since then.

6. I bought a butt plug a while back. I use it occasionally and like it OK, but anal sex doesn't appeal to me too much. I'd be willing to try it with the right person.

7. I feel powerful when I give blowjobs.

8. I'd rather give blowjobs than be eaten out.

9. Taller guys with a teddy-bear physique appeal to me way more than skinny or even super-muscular guys.

10. I'm in my early twenties and have only had sex with 2 people.

11. Sometimes I'm almost ashamed about that fact, but then realize that I don't regret not having had more casual sex.

12. I've had mild girl crushes but am overwhelmingly attracted to guys. I'm open to a lesbian experience if I fall for a girl.

13. I think make-out sessions and dry-humping are way underrated.

14. My favorite position so far is girl on top. It makes me feel in control and I just love the way it feels.

15. Once in a while I'll watch porn to try to help get me off. A majority of the time I turn it off because it's so unsexy.

16. I know what it's like to have sex with somebody I really care about (even if it wasn't mutual) and would have a hard time having much casual sex.

17. This may sound silly but I'm not sure I've ever orgasmed 'cause it feels too easy. I know what it's supposed to feel like and am 95% sure that it happens most times I masturbate but I'm still worried that I'm missing out on something somehow.

18. I love my back being rubbed/stroked during makeouts/sex. Also my earlobes can get me going.

19. Most of my fantasies are of control and light bondage -- with a trusted partner.

20. I think old-school lace/satin lingerie is really sexy. Thigh highs, teddy's, etc

21. I love my curves and I know there are people out there who will love them too, so I'm refusing to feel ashamed of them. The second guy I slept with found me unattractive but 2 of the other guys I've dated told me I was beautiful and I believed them.

22. Cock-sucking scenes in porn, either MM or MF, can turn me on more consistently than vaginal penetration ones.

23. I consider myself VERY sexual and can't wait for my sex life with a long-term, like-minded individual.

24. Penetration with a dildo hurts, my vaginal walls are always sore but a penis in there doesn't.

25. If you don't know where the clitoris is, you better stop and get a road map.