Wednesday, March 10, 2010

1. I am a bisexual woman, although some days I feel more straight and some I feel completely like a lesbian.

2. I would like to be able to identify as pansexual, but while I am attracted to men, women, and anyone in between, I am attracted to them in different ways. My brain still acknowledges the gender difference, even if it likes both.

3. I am coming up on 20, and am still technically a virgin. I have given fellatio and received cunnilingus, but never given cunnilingus.

4. I want to give cunnilingus, but I have not yet had a relationship with a woman that has progressed that far.

5. I feel guilty about it, but the times I performed/received oral sex, we did not use a condom or a dental dam. I am always unsure about how necessary dental dams are. It seems like such a good idea but incredibly impractical.

6. I am still a virgin even though my first boyfriend and I went out for over two years. We started when I was a freshman and he was a sophomore and continued up to my junior year, but neither of us ever felt we were mature enough to have sex.

7. I first knew I liked women in my sophomore year in high school. I was working with a girl on a science project in her house. We were pretty good friends, although we didn’t hang out that often. I was sort of zoning out, then my brain just pops up with “It would be great to kiss her now.” I did not, but the thought alone took me by surprise.

8. In the course of my relationship with #6, we both realized that we were bisexual. Near the end we were off again/on again, and while we were at different programs for the summer, I had a crush on a female friend and he developed a crush on a male friend. If I look back, I can definitely see the signs that should have tipped me off earlier. I was really glad that we both discovered it around the same time.

9. I did not really kiss a woman until I got to college. She was a pretty goth girl, and we met at a dance specifically designed to be geeky. Our relationship only lasted for about a month, but it still seemed like such a fitting place to meet someone.

10. I am very attracted to androgyny on both sides of the spectrum. Pretty men and handsome women rock my world.

11. I love reading erotic fan fiction. It was probably my first introduction to sexual experiences, and I still love it, even when reading fandoms I should have grown out of (Harry Potter).

12. I like reading het (male/female) and femslash (female/female), but pure slash (male/male) will always be the most attractive to me.

13. I really like pornography. I even like all of the bad pornography that portrays women in unequal light and is full of horrible gender dynamics. I like the more artsy stuff as well, but something about the other stuff just feels so good. After #12, it probably isn’t a surprise, but I love gay porn as well. Lesbian porn I generally find boring, unless it was made by people who actually know what they are doing and is full of tattooed women.

14. I love my vibrator, but since I live in a dorm, I am so worried that people will hear it through the walls.

15. When I had a roommate, I would try to masturbate as quietly as possible while they were asleep.

16. To me, anal sex seems much stranger between a het couple than a gay couple. I do not know why, but it almost seems natural between guys, but weird between a man and a women. That being said, I really want to, at some point in my life, use a strap-on on a male lover.

17. The person I am most attracted to now is a woman at my school. We have talked a lot and spent some time together, but I am only getting friend vibes off of her. It certainly doesn’t help that a month ago she ended a two year relationship. I may not have any sort of shot there, but hey, at least I have a hot new friend.

18. The woman in #17 is somewhat disabled from a brain injury a couple years back, and I sometimes feel nervous about interacting with her, like I am going to mess something up or make some huge faux pas.

19. I constantly go back and forth about how I feel about my body. My hips are on the larger side, and I am only about an A-cup, but I’m still feeling pretty good these days.

20. I only shave my body hair when the mood strikes me, every couple of months are so. When I shaved my head last year, I was so amused by the fact I had more hair on my pussy than my skull.

21. I love kissing people’s necks, but mine generally does not seem to be as sensitive. I love it when people do have sensitive necks. My last girlfriend made little gaspy noises when hers was licked, and it turned me on so much.

22. My back is actually very sensitive. I adore back rubs and massage in general, and nothing will turn me on more than someone kissing and/or licking my back. One of my boyfriends did this, and while we had a very dysfunctional relationship and I am glad to not be dating him anymore, I miss it.

23. One of my friends and I have an interesting way of interacting. She is entirely heterosexual, and I am not attracted to her, but every time we see each other, we grab each others’ breasts in way of greeting. Hers are quite nice. I do not remember how it came about, but it is so de-sexualized, that it is just our thing, nothing more.

24. I Facebook-stalk people I am interested in, and am always happy when they have their orientations and relationship statuses posted. Mine are clearly posted, just in case anyone is checking me out in the same way.

25. I love dressing up in sexy outfits when I am by myself. I am truly a mirror whore, and doing strip teases by myself makes me feel incredibly powerful and sexy.