Tuesday, April 20, 2010

01. I was not molested, but had a high interest in porn as a child and recurrent dreams about being fucked in a red sports car and women in leather bikinis mud wrestling outside of my bedroom.

02. Even though I was being fucked in the Ferrari by a man, I knew I liked girls, but suppressed it until I was 17.

03. I went to the military straight out of high school knowing I was gay, but fucked guys anyway. They were so expendable and said I acted like a boy, but liked my sex, so it didn't bother them, I guess.

04. I tried being bisexual after being out as a lesbian to prove a point that you can just love people for people and sex can follow, but I failed.

05. I tried doing #3, even after I was discharged after having real relationships with women, and that man sex was the worst I've ever had. I felt empty, but I don't regret it.

06. I like all kinds of porn, so long as the woman isn't fake-screaming like a banshee, and there are no facials.

07. I really would like to direct all kinds of (human) porn regardless of orientation, even though I have my preferences. I have a vision of how good porn should be and would like to see it executed.

08. I never plan to have a strap-on used on me, even though I've been penetrated by real penises and gotten off a few times.

09. I can count on two hands how many people I've had sex with, but I honestly don't think it'd bother me if I doubled that within the same year, so long as the sex was good.

10. I love a good intellectual mind-fuck. I actually get wet listening to smart people speak about things passionately. The subject doesn't even have to interest me off the bat, but that's what happens.

11. If someone doesn't take my socks off or demand I take them off during sex, I won't. My feet stay cold and I like the traction. I also just don't like feet to be involved in sex.

12. I honestly love making out and playing with pussy so much, I can do it for hours before actually going down.

13. I also honestly love eating ass.

14. Using only my hand with or without lube or mass amounts of pussy juice, I can orgasm in anywhere from a minute and half to six minutes.

15. I really want to fuck in a church.

16. I love fucking, but I really really really love to actually make romantic love.

17. Even though #16 is true, I don't need to be in romantic love to have sex.

18. I also want to fuck in a hospital.

19. And a grocery.

20. While I messed around with guys, I was really good at hand jobs and they let me know they appreciated it, which I find funny, because they say so many [straight] girls are bad at it.

21. I do not and will not ever fake an orgasm.

22. I've spent over three hours eating one pussy before.

23. I like when my face is glazed in pussy juice from my workwomanship.

24. I've never had group sex, but am not opposed to it.

25. I am however, very opposed to herpes.