Sunday, August 22, 2010

1. I am a 40-something wife, mom and adventurous woman. I contain opposites, and you will see several examples of this below. I am mostly confident; OK with me and who I am, but like most women, I have my insecure moments. This applies to all aspects of my life, including sex.

2. I like sex. A lot. Actually, I love it! I have a high sex drive, especially for a girl. And I can’t seem to get enough. Maybe I’m a nympho? Maybe I’m a sex addict. I don’t know that I’m into labels all that much, so I don’t care what it’s called.

3. I have been married to one man for half of my life. I love him, but I’m not convinced that monogamy is for everyone! Sex and love are different things. I will never leave him. But I will never stop looking for variety in my sex life.

4. My friends, family and anyone who met me in the street would probably have no idea that I’m into sex the way that I am. I am a little bit of a freak in the bedroom! And like most labels, I acknowledge that “freak” is a relative term!

5. I had my first girl-girl experience when I was about 11 or 12.

6. I lost my virginity after the homecoming game when I was 16, in a car. Classic!

7. I had lots of decent sex with boyfriends. I had lots of gratuitous sex with guys I barely knew. I had sex with guys that wouldn’t fit either of those categories. But I never felt cheap or used. Ok, maybe once. But it’s all good. I lived and learned.

8. For about 16 years of my married life I was completely faithful to my husband. The sex varied from boring to great on occasion. But I always yearned for more. More frequency. More of him paying attention to my needs in bed. More variety… excitement! More of wanting to just be able to be myself in the bedroom.

9. I had my second girl-girl experience several months ago. Yes, I repressed the desires I had for women for a very long time. But once I admitted to my husband that I was into girls, I started to explore those needs and desires. And he started to explore with me.

10. One of the first ways we explored having experiences with other girls was to go to strip clubs. I have a love/hate relationship with strippers and strip clubs. I love seeing a beautiful sexy girl in my husband’s lap and watching him enjoying himself. And he enjoys when I mess around with a stripper. The hate part of the relationship with strippers comes from all the stereotypical things you hear about. But that’s a story for a whole different day.

11. I am fortunate that my husband is cool that I’m into girls. I’m not into every girl, just like I’m not into every guy. I look for chemistry as well as physical appearance. I’m slightly picky. I like the right balance. One of my favorite places on a woman is her hips. I love how soft women are. For guys, I like them to be in very good shape. Strong arms and a nice chest are big turn-ons. One thing I’ve learned over time is that you can’t assume the most beautiful or hottest person in the room has the best sex.

12. My husband and I started to actually swap/ swing with other couples not too long ago. The first time I saw him fucking another girl while her guy was fucking me was extremely hot. I hope we can do lots more of this.

13. My daytime footwear preference is flip-flops. My night-time footwear preference is heels. I love sexy shoes, strappy shoes, stripper shoes. I love seeing them on other women and I love wearing them. Being fucked with a nice pair of heels on is heaven. The toenails have to be perfectly painted for it to be a complete experience, though. I don’t think I quite have a foot fetish. But it may be a borderline one.

14. I enjoy watching porn; both with my husband and alone. Sometimes I get off to it. Sometimes we get off to it together. Sometimes it’s just background noise. Sometimes I watch it for “education purposes” and don’t masturbate at all.

15. I have a love/hate relationship with my orgasms. They don’t come easily, so I hate that. Some days I feel very inadequate because of this. My orgasms are fabulous, and can be very intense... long, and very powerful. I usually squirt along with my orgasms. Sometimes it is something I can control and sometimes not. But I think I’m pretty lucky that it can happen. Most guys (husband excluded) think it’s hot, so that is a bonus!

16. Because orgasms take forever to happen for me, I am not afraid to use some assistance. I have a growing collection of vibrators. My favorite vibe (so far) is the Rabbit... even though I do not yet own one. I’ve just had the pleasure of using one that belongs to someone else.

17. There is a very short list of things I’m not into sexually: double penetration, pain, and anything involving things that should be done on a toilet. Other than that, I’ll try anything once. Especially with an open-minded partner.

18. I love oral sex. Giving and receiving. It’s sort of a passion. And I’ve been told I have some “mad skills”. I think one of the things that always made me so good is that I really enjoy giving a blow job.

19. I have a dominant side and a submissive side. I enjoy exploring both, but could never stay in only one role for very long. I enjoy being with a partner that can give and take when the timing is right for each.

20. I like public/risky sex. I don’t get to do this nearly enough, but I guess I’ve had my fair share so I’m not complaining. Best ever was either sex on the beach, or sex in the parking lot of a hotel. One was about 20 years before the other. So that just goes to show you it’s not just for the young!

21. My fantasies: there are many! One thing I’ve never done that I’d like to do is a gang bang. I’d like to have about 6 guys in a row and I’d like it to last about 5 hours. Some have doubted that I could last that long, but I have a lot of stamina and can go for quite a while. I’d like to at least give it my best shot!

22. I think that variety is the spice of life. Bad sex is better than no sex. But boring sex is a fate almost worse than death.

23. I’m leaving #23 open. There is something I have yet to discover that will go here later. There is always more to learn. This line in and of itself tells you something about my sexuality.

24. I spent a lot of my life living with a sense of shame about how much I liked sex. and about the kinds of sex I like. I’m much more comfortable with myself now, but not exactly where I want to be quite yet. If I could magically make things easier for my children or younger friends, I would. However, I think that arriving at the place I finally am today has been a fabulous journey, and I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world.

25. I am currently having the best sex of my life in a secret (so far) affair with a fabulous, sexy, married man that I met on the internet. He is my sexual soul mate. He completely satisfies me yet leaves me always wanting more. He rocks my world.