Thursday, November 4, 2010

1. I'm a heterosexually married, 32 year old bi-curious male who's only admitted this to 3 people ever.

2. I would be labeled as straight by most folks, though my preferences ebb and flow. Most days I fantasize about the soft curves of a woman, but a few times per year I'll have a week where I'm daydreaming of a young eager twink who'll show me the ropes. I have yet to find a pattern as to why my tastes keep changing, though I'm convinced there is one.

3. Even when I'm in a more male-centric mood, I usually fantasize about being in a bisexual threesome. I'm not excited by the idea of being with just another guy, but being in the middle of an MMF sandwich seems like heaven. I have a sizeable stash of MMF bi porn.

4. I learned about sex very early, even though I was a virgin until I was 22, mostly because I had no idea how to interact with girls and was terrified of them. My early knowledge came from reading through my mother's medical journals while she was out of the house. The first time I ever saw an adult vagina was from a doctor's training film on how to conduct a gynecological exam. This is probably the root of my fascination with specula and stirrups.

5. I never masturbated much as a kid until I found my parent's 2-speed Wahl plug-in back massager in the back of the closet. I would buzz various muscles in a non-sexual way until the one day I tried the flat head on my penis. It felt fantastic and I'd hit a plateau I couldn't describe. These were dry orgasms until I was 11 and was startled to find a milky fluid afterwards.

6. Despite hearing endlessly about wet dreams during sex ed in school, I've never actually had one.

7. The first girl I ever had sex with was in college and the encounter was expectedly awkward. She was also a virgin and very shy about her body. I was pleasantly surprised by how wet she would get and how her face would flush red and she'd stop breathing right before orgasm. We ended up getting married.

8. I love giving a woman oral sex! It baffles me how many men are put off by the act. It's like having a front row seat to the most incredible show on earth - and you're calling the shots! The heady mixture of her scent, the wet sloppy noises, the way she'll arch her back and shudder uncontrollably... I feel honored to bring a woman to that point since she's sharing her most beautiful, vulnerable moment with me.

9. I have a thing for girls with naturally red or black hair. It just seems so exotic. But my favorite feature is rather obscure - I'm a fan of "factory air", that little triangular gap between her thighs and directly underneath her pubic area. Oh, and pink nipples.

10. I've been with 3 women sexually - my wife, a long-lost lover, and a prostitute in a country where it was legal. That was the worst sex I ever had and I deeply regret it. But I learned my experience of sex requires an emotional attraction to who I'm with. I know now that I can't enjoy casual sex with strangers.

11. I've been sexually propositioned 6 times by people while I've been married. 3 of those were to be the third person in a threesome. I've turned down every one of them even though I'd have liked to participate in 2 of them.

12. I've had crushes on two guys before. One was a high school friend and the other I met in college. Neither of them knew about it.

13. I discovered on my own how wonderful a well executed prostate massage is. I haven't climaxed from prostate play alone, but I've come very close. My wife doesn't know yet, mainly because of my embarrassment.

14. I very much enjoy receiving blowjobs. It isn't just the physical sensation but the thought that my partner is likely experiencing the same empathic joy I feel when I give her head. I've had 6 BJ's in my life, 4 were absolutely terrific.

15. I enjoy porn but hate the mainstream kind with plastic breasts, fake orgasms, and scripted routine. I love amateurs, more imperfect people, sincerity and chemistry between the actors. I also like watching fetish films, the weirder the better even if they gross me out and I'd never do some of it.

16. I tend to prefer medium to small-sized breasts, and they needn't be Hollywood perfect. If you have smaller breasts, you should love them too!

17. The single biggest turn-on for me is an unabashed enthusiasm during sex. Everything else pales in comparison to someone who knows how to enjoy themselves and their partner with gusto.

18. The idea of female ejaculation excites and intrigues me. Someday I hope to witness it in person.

19. I was once invited to do BDSM play but I declined because I can't bring myself to exert control over another person. And likewise I don't tolerate being manipulated sexually or otherwise. Light bondage does sound like fun, though, and I have experimented with using a blindfold and a set of paintbrushes on my partner before.

20. Every so often I have a flashback of playing doctor with a girl when I was about 7. It happened while my mother took me to live in Mexico for a year. I remember seeing her bare vulva and wondering who cut off her penis and left a hole. She told me that she was just like that and it didn't hurt. At her request, I inquisitively explored her with my fingers. I never knew her name.

21. I crave variety in everything, especially sex. I've grown to dislike doing man-on-top missionary, as it has become exceedingly boring.

22. I've been on the giving end of anal sex twice. Both times she wasn't in pain, but it didn't do anything for her. I enjoyed it physically but kept wondering if I was hurting her - that proved to be too much of a distraction. I could never get into sadism. Inflicting pain, even consensually, repulses me. I'd like to experiment with anal again, even on the receiving end.

23. My first kiss was during a game of truth or dare with some friends at a campout. I was dared to kiss anyone of my choice. I picked an adorably mousy girl who would cheer me up when I was being picked on during recess. We went into the dark woods and I asked if it was OK with her. As we kissed she whimpered, shivered and her knees buckled a little. Sadly her parents moved her to another state soon after, and I haven't heard from her since.

24. I used to steal my mother's new tampons and hide them. I'm not sure why I did but it seemed like a fun game, though I had no idea what they were at the time.

25. I like to describe those I'm attracted to as being callipygian. It's my favorite word, look it up.