Friday, February 4, 2011

1. I have sex online with men and women. This is really mutual masturbation, and it has involved text, voice and cam.

2. The first time I did this I had one of the most amazing orgasms I've ever had.

3. I have met many wonderful, hot and sexy people on a forum. The best part of that site is meeting people from all over the world and cyber-fucking them.

4. My husband has no clue about this private life of mine, nor does anyone else in my real-world life.

5. I have never been with a woman in real life, but I identify as Bi.

6. When I told my husband of #5, he just said, " I'm not surprised..."

7. The first woman I ever fucked on skype is still a good friend. We now do threesomes together, MFF.

8. When I have sex with my husband, it's one and done. When I have sex online, I come 4 or 5 times.

9. I am looking for my perfect online fuckbuddy, someone who will dom me--tell me what to do.

10. I had someone like #9 once. He was amazing. But he now has a girlfriend who won't let him fuck online anymore. We're still friends, trading emails every now and then.

11. That guy also hooked me up with some lovely women who I still come with.

12. I just got a new computer with a cam attached. I'm afraid I'm an exhibitionist and will get into trouble with it...

13. That being said, the two times I've spread my legs on cam have been wildly hot. Knowing someone is there watching and stroking while I play and fuck myself is such a huge turn on.

14. I should have known I would find camming hot, because a few months ago when I took pussy pics, I got so hot I had to stop and masturbate.

15. I read sex blogs--including this one.

16. I think sex is fascinating and I should have been a sex therapist.

17. I believe women should be taught how to masturbate, and should talk to a therapist if they haven't had an orgasm by a certain age (maybe 20). No one should go through this life without the ability to come. No one.

18. My husband must feel threatened by all my internet stuff, but he says he's not interested when I want to tell him about someone I've chatted with.

19. I've learned to never try to come really quickly, because my orgasm is better the longer the build-up period lasts.

20. Because of #19, now if we're pressed for time, I just give him a blowjob.

21. I dream about fucking my hot girlfriend with a strap-on. She says she doesn't even count her orgasms! All I can say is WOW!

22. Did I mention that I'm over 50? One of the surprises of joining the sex forum is how hot an over-50 woman is, especially among 20-somethings.

23. Congrats to every American woman on the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade--I had an abortion at 26 and have never regretted that decision.

24. I love my body and I love sex, but I sometimes wish I was one of those women who come quickly, easily, and multiple times!

25. In 2011, I will learn how to squirt! Yes. I. will.