Friday, May 13, 2011

1. I am a 21-year-old heterosexual female who occasionally checks out girls.

2. I am a virgin, but I think I’m going to be ready for sex soon. And I think I know exactly to whom I’m going to give my virginity.

3. My first orgasm came from the jets in my family’s hot tub. To this day, the smell of chlorine turns me on a little.

4. I’ve kissed seven guys. Two of them have seen me naked. One of them is hopefully going to see me naked soon, when we’re back together after a summer apart.

5. I have a nice body, but my legs are especially beautiful from genetics and running. I love wearing skirts because I love when men look at my legs. There is a guy whom I have been seeing, and we’re far away from each other at the moment, but the other day, he said he was sad because he never got to kiss my legs. Now it’s all I can think about: his hands and mouth on my legs.

6. I like the idea of humping a pillow or something to orgasm, and reading about women doing it is extremely sexy, but I’ve only been able to get myself off that way once or twice.

7. I love my clitoris. Rubbing my clitoris is the best and most amazing way to get me off, whether I’m doing it myself or someone else is doing it for me.

8. I absolutely love my breasts. They are so beautiful. I want to get one of my nipples pierced. However, I really don’t like being braless if I’m doing anything other than sleeping or hooking up. It feels weirdly sloppy to me. I like wearing pretty bras.

9. I love when guys come. I think it’s so sexy to hear them and watch them when they are just overcome with pleasure, especially when I’m the one who did it for them. I love doing that for them.

10. I’m pretty good at giving handjobs, but I worry that I’m not very good with my mouth. I haven’t gone down that many times, and when I did, it was mostly just licking around. I don’t like the idea of putting a penis all the way in my mouth.

11. I recently let a guy come on my breasts for the first time, and I loved it. I loved how sexy he thought it was and how aroused he was by it. I’d never, ever let a guy come on my face, but a guy can come on my chest as much as he wants.

12. I like talking about sex with friends. It’s very educational, since I’m a virgin. It’s also just fun to share stories and experiences.

13. My friend recently told me that she loves being tied up during sex. Now I’m oddly curious about it.

14. I love when someone kisses my neck. To me, it is such a sensual and loving gesture and feels so good.

15. Actually, I love being kissed anywhere. Neck, chest, stomach, legs. I just love the feeling of lips on bare skin. I know I’m a virgin, so I can’t say this literally, but it feels like the difference between fucking and making love.

16. Usually, my type is tall, thin, white guys. I like guys who are really athletic and fit. I also think black men and Indian men are very sexy. However, I don’t limit myself. I’m open to many body types, although I have to admit that obesity is very unappealing to me. I like a guy who takes care of himself.

17. I recently started shaving my ladyparts. I love the feeling of being bare down there. I want to try waxing, but I’m nervous about going into a spa to get it done. However, I love being touched when I’m hairless.

18. A guy put his fingers in me for the first time a few months ago. It was a strange sensation, like being filled, but it never even came close to making me come. I kinda liked it though. Like I was actually being fucked. Some part of me liked the idea of him just fucking me hard, even though it was just his fingers. Like I said, it wouldn’t get me off, but I still liked it.

19. I love lace. Lacy panties, lacy bras, lacy clothing, anything. I feel sexy in lace, and I hope to own more lace.

20. I’ve sent sexy texts and chat messages before with a former boyfriend. We’ve gotten each other off that way several times, and I really enjoyed it. However, I would never send dirty pictures.

21. My former boyfriend would go down on me and then kiss me right after. I don’t ever smell myself, but being able to smell my own body on him when I kissed him was so unbelievably sexy.

22. I don’t really like porn, but I like pretty sex pictures, if that makes sense. Pictures of two people naked together, making love to each other, or just smiling and being together. Those images are so beautiful to me.

23. A guy once rubbed my clitoris to orgasm while I was still dressed. He just unzipped my jeans and reached between my legs and touched me until I came. It felt really naughty to wear those clothes all day after I had had an orgasm in them.

24. Sometimes I sleep naked, just because I can. It always makes me wish someone was there with me, though. To appreciate my bare skin with me.

25. The guy I mentioned, the one I’ll probably start dating soon… he told me that he likes performing oral and also that he likes being on top during sex with a girl’s legs up because it hits the right spot on/in a girl. Ever since he told me that, I have been extremely curious about sex, especially with him. I’m not ready to say it out loud, but I think I’m ready.