Saturday, June 11, 2011

1. I am a 20-year-old queer woman.

2. The only thing I’ve never found myself questioning about my sexuality is my gender. I think gender is very interesting, fluid, and up to the individual, but I’m proud to be a girl, a woman, female.

3. I don’t feel bisexual because that seems so limiting, or pansexual because I do note gender in my attractions, but I’m somewhere in there.

4. I LOVE boobs.

5. I love giving blowjobs infinitely more than I like going down on women, but I don’t find any of it demeaning or sexist.

6. I rarely orgasm during sex but I still love it.

7. I love to dominate everywhere but in my sex life.

8. I get off on doing exactly what my partner wants. I really don’t have a preference other than making them happy as long as I feel like they care about my pleasure.

9. I am polyamorous because I believe the world needs as much love as it can get.

10. I believe the idea my parents taught me--that sex is only for someone I love and wish to bare my soul to--reinforces the societal belief that a woman’s body is her most important feature. Intentions matter in sex. Just because I let you touch my body doesn’t mean I’m giving away everything or anything. Sometimes I just like to be touched. Sometimes sex is the most loving and intimate thing I do.

11. I shave my legs because I like the way they feel.

12. I think cuddling shouldn’t be considered so sexual. It’s cozy. People would be happier if they cuddled more.

13. I won’t have sex on my period because I don’t like it.

14. Sometimes I wish I could be a gay man.

15. I get off easier reading erotica than watching porn, but DAMN, sometimes it’s hard to concentrate enough to read.

16. I want someone to role-play a teacher/naughty schoolgirl scenario with me. I want to be the naughty schoolgirl and I want the teacher to be a man.

17. I want someone to handcuff me.

18. I love dirty talk and feeling like my partner needs me desperately.

19. I have yet to find a partner with any interest in my lingerie collection. This makes me both happy and sad.

20. I love to suck on ears.

21. I know immediately when I see someone if I could ever have sex with them. I’ve never been wrong.

22. I have no idea what I think about marriage.

23. I believe every type of sexual encounter is beautiful as long as all involved consent.

24. I believe consent is sexy.

25. I believe that if these things make me a slut, I’m proud to be one.