Sunday, January 15, 2012

1. I'm a 60+ straight male, married to the same woman for over 35 years. We lost our virginity to each other and married a year and a half later. I'm extremely average in size.

2. I have trouble coming inside a woman these days, but I've always been able to hold off for a while, sometimes to the annoyance of my partners.

3. I tend to be dominant with my partners, more so if it seems to turn them on.

3. I have a partner a time zone away, and we've been a couple of our sort for over 6 years. She has a collar and wears it at BDSM events and much of the time we're together.

4. I enjoy finding what rings my partner's chimes. That's more important than any single act.

5. I enjoy getting head, kissing, touching, giving anal, being rimmed, missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, almost anything that turns on my partner. If I want something and I see in her eyes that she's not into it, I drop it. It doesn't do anything for me if she doesn't enjoy it.

6. I've been with women who enjoyed being tied, strangled, spanked, treated like little girls, who've had boyfriends and husbands that wouldn't or couldn't do what I did for them.

7. I've had sex in hotel rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, lawns, cars, vans, national parks and clubs. No public restrooms or phone booths.

8. I once blindfolded and handcuffed a girlfriend on a pathway in a park and led her on a leash, cutting her clothing away as we went. We went 100 yards or so after she was totally naked. It thrilled her. We ended it with her going down on me on a park bench before I unhooked her hands and got busy on the bench.

9. I've ended up having anal sex before vaginal sex with 4 women. 3 of the 4 ended up being long term relationships.

10. I learned to masturbate (to conclusion) at 19. I lost my virginity at 20.

11. I've taught two women how to perform cunnilingus; one was 20 and the other was 36. I've taught two women how to masturbate and gave them their first orgasms; one was 24 and the other was in her mid-40s. The 24 year old was a virgin. The woman in her 40s was married with 3 children. Later I took her to a sex shop where a salesgirl showed her vibrators.

12. A girlfriend told me she couldn't come from sex. After we had made love, I'd lay next to her and have her masturbate for me. That worked.

13. I have no rape fantasies. The thing that is important to me is the sense that my partner is excited by me and wants me.

14. A partner I hadn't seen in several years sent me a note asking if I'd take her to a BDSM club. I did. The last thing she did that night was to sit on a Sybian and have several orgasms with a crowd watching.

15. Most porn bores me these days.

16. I enjoy photography. I've done photo shoots with several lovers, and just as many with women who want to be models and need a first portfolio, or who want a photo for their own lover and who have no interest (sexually) in me.

17. A woman I know is a grandmother and enjoys being spanked and calling me daddy.

18. I've been interviewed by Ph.D. students who were interested in the BDSM community.

19. I'm a member of some BDSM organizations. I regularly take women who are interested in masochism or exhibitionism and bondage to public clubs, and tie or flog or strip them as one of many couples doing similar things.

20. I'm circumcised.

21. I've gone down on most of my partners, though some have been uncomfortable. Being the dominant in a relationship complicates that as well.

22. I've shaved many of my partners' pubes, some in private, some publicly at clubs.

23. My last two ended sexual relationships ended with us staying friends, but with them asking me for advice on their next boyfriend.

24. My current interest and I are working on perfecting our skills at prostate massage and g-spot massage.

25. One thing being in a BDSM community has done for me is it's given me a sense of a whole new set of cues. Knowing how to hug a naked woman when she greets you is more complicated than I would have expected a decade ago. I'd have taken the nudity as a license, but now I can tell when I'm being invited to do more than just hug them.