Saturday, April 21, 2012

1. I'm a 22-year-old virgin, but hating it. I don't meet any of the virgin stereotypes, either.

2. I am fascinated with sex stories--I love hearing them. I have been reading them in Glamour magazines since I was 13, but have none to share.

3. When i was young, the thought of losing my V scared me, I never felt ready. One day I woke up and wanted to lose my virginity when i was 17. The guy i went out with was too young, and in the end I'm glad, because he wasn't a great guy anyway.

4. I met a guy when I was 18. I thought it would be a perfect summer romance, and I wanted to lose my virginity to him that summer, but he broke his foot and was bedridden all month.

5. #4 was engaged before he met me, and was engaged again when I turned 20. At 27, he got his 17-year-old girlfriend pregnant, but they had to wait till she was 18 to be married. I am happy for him, because he always wanted to be married before age 30.

6. Everyone I know, male and female, tells me I'm beautiful, or I hear them talking when they think I can't hear. I get hit on by well-behaved men and creeps, and once, even my professor. Even so, no one seems to want to have sex with me.

7. I am totally turned off by sex toys. At least those large purple cartoon-like dildos.

8. I stumbled on porn on television sometimes when I was young, but I never searched for it until I was 20.

9. I find most porn generally boring because everyone is trying awfully hard to fake it, but I like to search for it because I'm curious to see which ones I'd like to try.

10. I never have a crush on anyone, except for 2 very short spells in my life, when I was 13 and 18.

11. My first kiss when I was 13. He was almost 18. When he stuck his tongue in my mouth I was so happy but so shocked that I forgot to react.

12. I like to think I have a thing for older men, but I'm beginning to dispel it as a myth. When I was 19 in a brand new city, I tried to date a man in his mid-thirties who I didn't even know. He was so clingy and immature, exactly the opposite of what I expected. I didn't last a month.

13. I think the idea of a man masturbating while thinking of me is extremely flattering, not creepy.

14. I love lingerie. LOVE. If I get in a relationship, I will always ask for lingerie as a gift!

15. I think I would enjoy blowjobs. There is a myth that many women don't like it, but I'm dying to experiment.

16. I want to have sex with a woman, yet I don't consider myself bisexual. Until I was 19, the thought of a girl kissing me on the lips disgusted me. Then, after I moved, I found myself staring at certain women and fantasizing about them. I think it's normal for people to be visually attracted to people of the same sex.

17. No one knows I'm a virgin, not even my parents. Sometimes my girlfriends ask ME for sex advice.

18. I never have a crush on anyone. Some times I want to force it and pretend I do, even to myself.

19. Having said that, there is a guy in my home university I would love to lose my virginity to. He is the most handsome man I've ever seen in my life and behaves like a real gentleman. There's not a physical feature I don't like about him. I even love his voice. What I like most is that I couldn't have dreamed him up--he is a combination of features I've never seen before.

20. I wanted to fall in love with him. Again, not something you can force. Sometimes I think he likes me. But he is painfully shy or flat-out not interested, I can't decide. I love the way he looks at me, but he has spoken 200 words to me in 2 years.

21. I masturbated very late. I think age 18. I am now bored with it--I only do it to fall asleep. I want a real partner.

22. My biggest and only fetish is probably anal sex and "creampies." I would love to try it with the right partner.

23. There is an older man at my current university who discreetly flirts with me and some girls my age. His gray hair is starting to show, but he is a very good flirt. I am wondering whether or not I should kiss him before I move back home. I even think about losing my virginity to him.

24. Naturally, I do not make any sex noises whatsoever, even when I come.

25. My secret New Year's resolution was to lose my virginity within the year.