Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1. I was first sexually active at a ridiculously young age, like grade-school young. My best friend told me that she and this girl she used to like used to play this game where one was a boy and one was a girl and she wanted to play it with me too. So my first experience was with a girl.

2. I recently found this same girl online, and she is one of the sexiest people I have ever seen. Like crazy sexy. I sent pics of her I took from her MySpace page to a few people and totally acted like a boy and said "I hit that, aren't you jealous?"

3. My next relationship, I was probably 12, and I heavily pressured my boyfriend into fooling around. I thought that the way you made people like you was to have sex with them, and although I didn't want to have sex, I did want him to like me so I jacked him off under the lunch table at school. I still have problems with having sex with people so they will want me.

4. When I was 16, I was dating a 15 year old boy, and when he said he didn't want to lose it till he was 17 I thought it was perfectly reasonable for him to say he would only do it if it was anal. We did it in the dugout of the Little League baseball field beside the high school. We didn't have lube, he dumped a bottle of Aquafina over himself and just did it. At one point he was kind of hanging from this board on the ceiling. It was terrible... he loved it. I had a four-hour bus ride the next day and cried randomly the whole way from the pain.

5. I cheated on him while away at a honors camp. It was a threesome. I really wanted this girl and she and I thought it was cute that this boy there had never even been kissed and how he was so awkward, so we went to his dorm room and started rubbing all over him. We ended up back in my dorm room fooling around with my roommate in the room. I did not have sex with him then, but I did with the girl. I ended up dating the girl for 6 months, then the guy for over a year after she and I broke up. I was his first. I cheated on him too.

6. The summer after graduation I saw that this guy I had a crush on in high school was hitting on my best friend, so I threw myself at him until I ended up dating him. We had really amazing sex... then I left him for a girl.

7. I admitted I was a lesbian and never wanted to have sex with a guy again, but I met one and got married. I think I may still be in love with him, but I left him because I couldn't have sex with him like he wanted, and felt guilty. I am now pretty sure I am pansexual.

8. Since my divorce, my idea of what is sexy has changed so much. I used to like skinny girly girls with long hair. Now I secretly think I would be happiest with a FTM transsexual.

9. I am really attracted to genderqueers, and the more masculine a female is the sexier it is to me. I love vaginas, but I also love masculine appearances. I like dick, but only if it is plastic.

10. I am pretty sure I would be happy being in a polyamorous relationship, but I live in the Bible Belt and never knew how to find others who would be accepting.

11. One of my biggest fantasies is to be on a bed going down on this incredibly sexy long-haired girly girl with my ass in the air and have her boyfriend/husband (that I didn't know about) walk in on us and decide that the best way to punish me is to fuck me really hard doggy-style. I often have to think about this to get off.

12. If I am not 100% happy in a relationship, I have a hard time bringing myself to want to get off. I will still really like getting my partner off, but I just want to go to sleep after that.

13. I used to meet random guys online and hook up with them at my apartment where I left the webcam on while we fooled around. They had all seen me do the same thing with others, so they should have known what was happening.

14. I am really attracted to older women. I am in my early 20s and commonly date women who are almost 40. They usually have kids. I just think the female body is so much more beautiful once it has been changed by pregnancy.

15. I think the sexiest part on a female's body is the lower back... I can't explain it, I just love running my hands over it.

16. My ex used to smack my pussy when we were having sex, and although I hated it at first, it got to where sometimes I can't come without it.

17. I sometimes think that the only reason I was with guys at all was that I like to please people and men are so much more open about whether you are doing it right. I think penises are disgusting, but I liked giving head, even though it left me sore for days due to a previous jaw injury.

18. I read the Craigslist personal ads then go find my vibrator... the tackier and the dirtier the adds the better.

19. Sometimes, even though I am in a committed relationship now, I have a strong desire to go online and find someone to talk dirty with until I get off.

20. Reading the other person's post about the "touch the art" booth got me super turned on, and I wish I could be involved with something like that.

21. I have often wished that I was skinnier, because I think I might really like being a stripper.

22. Since I had my child it is sometimes really painful for me to have sex, and I no longer get wet at all. That is really hard for me, since I used to have to go the the bathroom between classes to clean up the flood in my pants.

23. I just recently learned I could squirt during orgasm. It grosses me out when I do it, but I love when I make my wife do it.

24. I get super turned on at the thought that someone could possibly see me having sex, so I think I might really like to have another couple having sex in the same room with my partner and I.

25. My partner would be furious if she knew I was sending this in... and that makes it even hotter for me.