Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1) When I was as young as six years old, I would play "kidnap" with my Barbies, and every time I would get a funny but pleasurable feeling between my legs. I would realize that this reaction stemmed from a bondage fetish years later.
2) I can achieve orgasm simply by imagining sexual scenarios. In fact, while nothing is quite as fun or as interesting as the real thing, I've rarely been given an orgasm by another person that topped the ones given by my imagination.
3) I've had only one sexual partner, but because we experimented quite a bit while together, I've been asked for pointers by more experienced friends.
4) Though I'm still fairly sure I'm straight (or bi-curious at the most), I usually take more pleasure in looking at girls than at guys.
5) I'm still quite young, but after having been betrayed one too many times, I'm very afraid I will never be able to give a man my complete trust again, especially in a sexual or romantic relationship.
6) This one goes along with #5. Due once again to failed past relationships, I'm also very afraid of having a man secretly or not-so-secretly objectifying me in a relationship, and I'd much rather go sexless for the rest of my life than submit myself to another man's bigotry and/or misogyny.
7) Since I have become jaded from past relationships, I feel that I may have become somewhat misandrist. I have no problem smiling, waving, and attempting to make decent conversation with a man, but if a guy gets really close to me or touches me, I'm immediately on edge, and I have serious issues with trusting and fully liking men. I've even been told that I have this "look" that instantly repels men. My libido is far from extinguished, but I fear sex with a man may never be the same for me.
8) Both straight and gay/lesbian erotica arouse me.
9) I enjoy "immortalizing" some of my favorite sexual experiences and fantasies by writing poems and short stories inspired by them.
10) Watching or listening to someone work a pottery wheel, type on a keyboard, etc. excites me sexually. Doesn't matter whether it's a man or woman. I haven't quite figured it out myself, but there's something about the whole quiet, subtle, touching aspect of it that really turns me on.
11) If you lick my ears, I'll have an extremely hard time saying no if you invite me into your bed.
12) Rough but playful fighting has been the precursor to some of the best sex I've ever had.
13) My first and last sexual partner once randomly and suddenly turned to me and quoted the Joker's line to Rachel Dawes from "The Dark Knight," saying, "Well, hello, beautiful..." as he walked slowly towards me. I had a simultaneous flight and "Come on, just fuck me already!" response.
14) I much prefer being the submissive one in bed.
15) I can get very rough and very horny when I've had too much to drink. Once we made it to the bedroom after I had just chugged two foot-tall wine coolers (I'm a lightweight), I stripped down, pinned my then-boyfriend to the bed and began kissing him and chewing on his lip. I felt his nails dig into and drag down my back, which I found immensely pleasurable. After having sex about five times in a row, I fell asleep that night asking if we were really done. The next morning, he told me that, while I was kissing him, my tongue was all over the place and almost went up his nose, and I bit on his lip a little too hard. The nail-digging had actually been his nonverbal way of communicating to me that he was in pain.
16) Sex is one of my all-time favorite subjects. If I find someone I can converse comfortably with, I can talk about it for hours on end.
17) I can't flirt to save my life, but if I know you very well and know you won't take it too seriously, I'm a huge tease. The reactions amuse me to no end.
18) I love it when a guy is gentle with my breasts. There's not much there anyway, but I once had a friend who was very rough with them when he got drunk. Especially for a girl with fibrocystic breast disease, that can be quite painful and is no fun at all.
19) While it's something I wouldn't mind doing for someone I'm in a sexual relationship with, I don't really enjoy giving oral sex. I don't much like swallowing either, but I will, if there's no trash can around.
20) I tend to be an extremely quiet person, but I'm very loud while having sex. I've had to shove part of a blanket in my mouth before to keep from screaming too loudly.
21) Having my ears licked and/or having a finger inserted into my ass intensifies love-making for me.
22) Fast and hard is how I like it.
23) If my leg quivers or a million "Oh my goodnesses" follow the orgasm, you know you've done a great job.
24) I've had a few fantasies involving girls and actually hoped at one point that a bisexual female friend of mine would make a move on me. Haven't so much as kissed a girl yet though.
25) Aliens and alien-human hybrids are also the subject of many of my fantasies. Here's hoping they have genitalia.