Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1. I'm bisexual, and I sincerely believe most of us are some degree of bisexual. I'm in a committed relationship with a guy. I honestly can't see myself in a committed relationship with a girl, but I'm very aroused by girls and the thoughts of sex with them.

2. I've never had sex with a girl. The closest I ever got was a blowjob from a close friend of mine. Sometimes I really feel like I've missed something special.

3. I've had some form of sexual experience with 25 different people. Although some of those short relationships ended unpleasantly, and one was an anonymous hookup that I shouldn't have done, I don't regret any of them. If anything, I regret the ones I passed up or missed out on. If I'd known what I was doing, that 25 would easily be 50 or 100 instead.

4. My very first sexual experience happened when I was 13, with my 15 year old friend. We gave each other blow jobs late one winter night when he was staying the night at my house. My parents were asleep in the next room and I was scared as hell, but after it was done I wanted it worse than ever.

5. My boyfriend and I have been involved in three ways twice, and a four way twice. As much fun as those were, and as much as I'd wanted to do that, I find that I prefer one on one.

6. I'm generally attracted to guys who are younger than me, the cute thin twink types. I think its partially because I long to have some of my teenage years back, to do some of it over and have fun without the confusion, anger, loneliness, and all the other crap I felt at that age. Maybe the idea of being with them lets me relive it vicariously through them.

7. The compliment to that is my fantasies about older guys. I'm usually not attracted to older guys, except in one certain way: the idea of being a cute young boy toy for an older guy. That really turns me on. Again, its a way for me to feel that I'm the young guy again, getting to have fun for the first time. Knowing what I have and how to use it and not feel sad, confused, lonely.

8. I've been attracted to other boys from an early age, long before I knew what gay or bisexual was. Before I even knew what sex was or what I was feeling. My first crush was on a friend in the first grade, when I was 6 years old. I thought he was the coolest, cutest boy in the world and I wanted to be with him all the time.

9. I've always loved to see other boys shirtless, and to this day a nice chest is one of the best things a guy can have in my opinion. I absolutely love nipples, both guys' and girls'.

10. Despite my first experiences at age 13, there was a very long dry spell throughout my teenage years. I was confused, lonely, depressed and withdrawn. By age 21 I was finally figuring myself out, discovering who I was in many aspects. I began coming out to friends and met my first boyfriend. He was 16 but more experienced than I was. The sex we had (lots of oral, no intercourse) was great. It didn't last long. He dumped me gently. The pain lingered for a long time, even after I moved on to others.

11. I think friends with benefits can be great, and I've had a few. But they can get awkward too, when one person develops deeper feelings and you have to let them down. I'm not the kind to believe that sex has to include love in order to be fun. Sex with someone you love deeply is the best, true lovemaking, but sex just for the sake of sex is very fun in itself.

12. I think I was 23 when I officially lost my virginity and had intercourse for the first time. I was really into the guy, he was 21. We agreed to take things slow, but I really didn't want that, I wanted sex. One night he gave me a blow job, and then decided that he did want to have sex. It was a great first time for me. I fucked him for what seemed like hours and came three times that night. In our passion neither one of us thought about using a condom. For some time after that I was afraid of what I may have caught. Fortunately for me, I didn't catch anything. I learned my lesson, and was always safe after that.

13. Not long after that I got fucked by a guy for the first time. It was a guy I had dated for a while, then we decided to just be friends with benefits. It was a good first time, I'm glad it was with him. But after that I was ready for some outright slutty fucking.

14. I began getting the slutty fucking soon after with a couple other friends with benefits. I discovered how much I love the slutty naughty feeling of being fucked doggy style over the back of a couch or on a futon. And how much I like getting my ass eaten while I suck cock on a 69. It was a bit of a slutty phase when I decided to give up on trying to find a LTR and just screw for the fun of it.

15. Honestly I much prefer being a top doing the fucking than being the one getting fucked. Under the right circumstances, with the right guy (usually an older guy) I like to get fucked. I fantasize about a handsome older guy who is slightly dominant but not in a humiliating or aggressive way. He's powerful but cares about me and my pleasure. He has a very attractive body and a big cock and I give myself up completely to his forceful but attentive fucking. I've never had that for real, only a few pale imitations. But usually I like being the older guy fucking the younger hottie.

15. I find my sexuality to be extremely liberating. It is such a part of who I am and how I see the world. I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't taken the journey of sexual discovery that I have. Bisexuality is no mystery or confusion to me, its simply a freer, less restrained form of sexuality. I don't limit myself to the arbitrary rules society makes about the roles we're supposed to play. What I don't understand is the straight people who are supposedly so disgusted by the thought of gay sex, or gay guys who are so disgusted by the thought of a vagina. Its all natural to me and great in its own way. The only unnatural thing to me is the revulsion we're taught by own society/culture.

16. There was a time when I was confused by it. I knew from the start of puberty that I was attracted to other boys but all I knew of gay people were negative stereotypes. I would think, 'I can't be gay, cause I'm not like that.' One day in my mid teens I was struggling with this inner conflict, I was crying from the thought that I was doomed to become those stereotypes. And then, like a light bulb, the realization came to me that I am who I am, and having sex with guys wasn't going to change that. I wasn't sure how it was all going to work, and the idea of "coming out" wasn't even on the radar for me, but that was the start of coming to terms with my sexuality. A wider world began to open.

17. I think I have something of an oral fixation. I'm not the kind of person to chew on pencils or stick my fingers in my mouth all day long, but the most arousing sex acts for me involve my mouth. Of course I love kissing. I love to give oral sex. I love to suck on a guy or girls nipples. There is something very arousing and very comforting about using my mouth in those ways.

18. Call me a size queen, but I think large cocks are very sexy. That doesn't mean I think they're necessary. I've had sex with several guys who were on the small side but it was never an issue. Better to have a guy who knows how to use his small one than a guy who doesn't know how to use his large one. But seeing big ones is a real turn on for me, and its very hot being able to play with a big one.

19. With girls however, I prefer small to medium breasts. Huge and/or fake boobs do nothing for me. I like them natural and proportional. Like the joke, 'anything more than a handful is a waste.' I don't know if it's true that many girls worry about the size of their breasts, but they certainly shouldn't.

20. Masturbation is great. I've been doing it since I was 11 years old and still do it almost every day. It's crazy to me that some people think masturbation is wrong. Its the most natural form of pure pleasure you can have with your body. First learning that I could pleasure myself, my first orgasm, my first ejaculation...each one was such a joyful discovery for me. Nobody should feel ashamed of those things.

21. Sex without love can be great, but when it comes to love fidelity is very important for me. I've been cheated on and it hurt terribly. It made me feel unnattractive and undesirable, and it also shook my trust in other people. Was hard to get through. I've never cheated while in a relationship, and have never tried to hook up with somebody else who is in a relationship.

22. Being that I am bisexual and so accepting of sex in so many ways, it may sound surprising when I say I'm quite vanilla. Besides having sex with guys and girls, or multiples of them, I'm not into kinky stuff. No scat or watersports, no pain or S&M. Not really into toys either (altho sometimes they serve a useful purpose.) Not into leather or slings or any of that stuff. Just naked people in a bed giving and recieving the pleasure of their bodies.

23. I notice that I have moods when I'm sometimes more into guys and sometimes more into girls. At times I'm really turned on by girls in porn and then other days I'm way more turned on by boys. Of course I'll take either given the opportunity. I'd never turn down a guy cause I was in a girl mood or vice versa.

24. I love porn, at least the certain kinds of porn I prefer. There is plenty of bad, cheesy, unattractive porn out there. I prefer pics on the net instead of movies, and not the mainstream porn with make-up and long fingernails and fishnet stocking, *ugh*. I like some of the amatuer pics, the tender ones, sometimes the artistic ones...and sometimes just really slutty ones. But I always want new and different porn. Always looking, searching, exploring.

25. Is sexuality genetic or is it a result of our upbringing? I have to say, 'does it matter?' I'm sexually aroused by both guys and girls. I like to suck cocks and girls' nipples. Does it matter if I have a certain genetic combination, or if I simply choose to enjoy those things? Human sexuality is a wonderful thing, more so because of the variety of forms it takes. Shouldn't we learn to discover and accept that variety for its own sake? Our scientific knowledge and abilities mean nothing until we can mature as a society that accepts and appreciates all its diverse forms and expressions. Can you imagine how much better the world would be if nobody was made to feel ashamed for exploring or expressing their sexuality?

1. I lost my virginity when I was 16, it was something I really wanted to do. I gave it to a guy I had been with for several months, I wanted to wash away the sensations of childhood abuse and persuaded him that it was the right time. It was incredibly disappointing, like a promise unfulfilled. I just lay there afterwards staring at the ceiling. On returning home the following day I cried so hard that my little sister gave me money for the call box and told me to summon the boyfriend.

2. In the 12 years since then I've slept with 43 males and 4 girls. I think. I have a strong feeling that something will be wrong if I forget a single one.

3. I've experienced 'date rape' twice, although at the time I don't think I had my head together enough to realize that's what it was. The first time I was so drunk I was almost entirely incapable. The second time the guy just kept pushing himself on me over and over saying" you know you want to, you know you want it" until I stopped fighting and lay and looked at the ceiling, which did not seem to diminish his enjoyment. I tried to sneak out in the morning but his front door was double locked and he had the key, I had to wait for him to wake up.

4. I think I've been masturbating since I was three or four. In some ways it worries me because it wasn't just touching, I used to put things inside myself, and what three year old knows where it goes?

5. The first person to touch me up was a boy I went to crèche with. He used to make me all squiggly and wet and give me butterflies in my tummy. We were three.

6. The first person I kissed and held naked in my arms was a girl. She was pretty and naughty and I loved and was fascinated by her body. I was always hoping we'd get a chance to 'play' and was gutted when she went off me. I was 8.

7. My first French kiss was with a girl, she put her tongue in my mouth. It was fairly unappealing compared to my previous experiments, but I was thrilled and goose bumpy. I wanted more, she didn’t. I was 10 she was exactly two years my junior. I still know her and see her around, sometimes I babysit her daughter, but I pretend I've forgotten.

8. I love giving head. Love it. I've always maintained that it's the closest you can get to having someone's soul in your mouth. I have said as much to people, but they are mainly very mean and crude, anyone who says "No, it's like having a cock in your mouth" makes me want to retort “Well you must be doing it wrong then!". It's a strange feeling to have arrived at considering how I began my career of fellatio. I hated it, it was veiny and sticky and smelly and gross. I hated him for making me and I once had the most horrendous accident with my braces....

9.I used to be totally detached about sex. I didn't live with my emotions, not really. I used it like people use drugs.

10. The first girl I went down on I was dying for, I'd loved her for years. It was the most powerful lust I think I've ever felt. I still dream about her.

11. My first boyfriend kept trying to put my hand on his cock and I couldn't understand why. I was 15. I'd never met a cock and he didn't introduce me, he never spoke a word about it, just kept trying to put my hand inside his trousers. We didn't last, he was selfish and arrogant. Years later I slept with him and he wasn't up to much. Afterwards he told his mother that I'd "used" him.

12. I once experienced something like love at first sight. My heart was in my mouth. I had to know her, yet I felt I'd known her all my life, for all time. The first time I kissed her I wished I could tear my body open so she could climb inside and stay forever. She had freckles and tasted of cinnamon.

13. I'd love to have two men, gives me goosebumps even thinking about it . But I think I've missed my best chance. I slept with a good friend’s best mate, I'd invited my friend to come too, and I know he wanted to. All the way through I kept wishing he'd come in and take me. They’d already shared a woman before and I trusted them both. I wish it'd happened that night, I don't think it ever will now.

14. I've had a highly charged relationship with submission. Being held down, choked, having my mouth and throat filled, being spanked and slapped, having my hair pulled and my movement restricted. Kneeling down for someone. The bliss of giving myself up into someone's control. To have pain inflicted on me with perfect concentration and love has the capacity to make me unbelievably wet, amazingly open.

15. Men are supposed to be hairy; I think women who want shiny chested men are insane! I don't like them entirely carpeted, it's not a fetish and I do prefer a short back and sides on a cock. I do not think it's appealing to have to search through a jungle to find him or choke on random straggly bits. But in general? Body fur makes me purr with happiness.

16. Recently I've learned to enjoy someone handling me gently. A new kind of love. It sometimes reduces me to tears mid screw. My therapist thinks I cry because I don't know how to accept good things in my life.

17. Aged 28 I discovered one day that I was able to squirt. I soaked the towel I was sitting on and the carpet in front of me. It was a self powered orgasm, OK, I had a small vibe inside me and my electric toothbrush on my clit, but no helpers. At the time I was having web-cam sex with a guy I have never met. I was so shocked I nearly fell off the chair. I cannot 'do it' on command, I have yet to work out the controls, as much as any guy might want me to (and they do).

18. I'm loud. Really Quite Loud. I find it hard to let go because I know I'll make vocal my enjoyment. Usually at quite a high volume. If you're not sure if I'm close you can listen out for the cry of "covermymouthcovermymouthcovermymouth....!"

19. I'm sticky. I mean down-my-legs-wet with trails of juice joining my kitty to my thighs sticky. Anyone who's ever really turned me on has commented on it. Actually the first time I got naked with a boy he said “urrr it’s all slimy”, I was mortified, it took me years to become comfortable with my own kitty. I love her now.

20. I adore having sex in the shower. It's like having permission to do everything with impunity. All my hang ups about cleanliness can fuck off and I can concentrate on enjoying myself. And I do. Vocally and at length, with or without a partner. My flatmate hates it.

21. I swallow, unless I don't like you. On rare occasions when I have a very empty stomach I will abstain, cause that just gives me indigestion. On the whole I tend to think it's strange to spit something out that you worked so hard to get.

22. I prefer the willy as god created it. Circumcision is for people who can't wash surely? If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it. I would certainly never consider surgically remodeling my genitalia and don't know why anyone ever would. I want to slap girls who keep on about how ugly willies are. How can you be kind to something you hate? It's ludicrous! They should leave them alone.

23. My ex boyfriend is the best lay I've ever had. I felt like he saw me completely, saw through me. We started out at a time when I was fresh out of a two year relationship and and even longer running illicit affair. I was looking for someone to abuse me, literally, I was trawling the internet. He saved me, and taught me to accept the pain he doled out with love, to submit to only him. It was the first time I've ever really been able to let go. I would do anything he said, and even now I'm at risk of getting down for him if he says so.

24. I have a tendency to get much more hung up on girls than on guys, they have numbered fewer, but I have loved them for longer and with fierce and intense passions. It never works out, I guess that's why I concentrate on men these days.

25. I use sex to drown out the noise in my head, to blot out realities I'd rather not confront.
I do things with people who I shouldn't and it spoils things. I've slept with 99% of my male friends. Recently I cheated on my boyfriend whilst he was away though I'd decided to be really good whilst he was gone. I did it with my ex (see #23) , with a friend of mine who I've known since he was a baby and is 11 years younger than me , with my oldest friend and his fiancee . Also I was paid by an old friend for favours.

I wish I hadn't done any of it. I'd like to be good. To be beautiful. Not to need that kind of distraction or validation.

I think I do what I do because I want people to think as badly of me as I do of myself.
1. I lost my virginity with a female at 19 and with a man at 14.

2. I love having sex with men and woman equally.

3. My first love was a guy who is now gay.

4. The first girl I has sex with “trained” me to never come when she was on top. It worked because even today I can’t orgasm when a woman is riding me.

5. I love giving oral to men and woman equally.

6. My first girlfriend and I had group sex within a month of me losing my virginity – within 2 months we had sex with a couple that were 20 years older than us – it was really hot.

7. I fucked my first girlfriend’s three best friends at the same time a week after I lost my virginity – my girlfriend told them I was amazing at oral – I have been told that a lot since (I guess you are good at what you enjoy).

8. My current girlfriend and I have been to sex clubs. I love watching her get fucked by a hung guy.

9. We have MMF threesomes every 2-3 months – she loves watching me suck and get sucked – her new thing is to watch me get fucked – I am more than willing.

10. We have a couple that we swap with – then are 10 + years younger – he has fucked my girl thinking she would never tell me – my girl is allowed (encouraged) to fuck other guys or girls anytime – she has only fucked him in 3 years. (I mean other than our MMF and group sex sessions)

11. I am well endowed although I think 8"+ is really hung . . . I have had an 11” cock orally and anally.

12. It surprised me how many woman get turned on by bi men.

13. I have a f-buddy that lets me suck his massive cock (10”+) although he says he is totally straight.

14. As a kid I sucked a lot of boys in my neighborhood – then their older brothers – the oldest was 21 I think he found me almost every day for an entire summer – he said I was the best BJ he ever got – I was swallowing even back then – he did fuck me after a few weeks of fingering my ass and begging – it was so hot!

15. My sister and I played “doctor” for years (we are 14 months apart) – I would still play if she asked.

16. I love D/s – I am a switch – although most people are not aggressive enough when D’ing me.

17. I have 3 different sized butt plugs – 4 dildos – nipple clamps – ball gag – Magic Wand – bondage tape and anal beads.

18. I love getting fucked and fucking ass. I am versatile.

19. I went down on a woman that said she squirted a lot – I love that – she squirted so much that she soaked through three beach towels folded in thirds – that said would do again now – also that is taking into account that I drank a lot of her cum.

20. I have tried to get my f-buddy to fuck me but he says that would be gay.

21. I have slept with over 500 woman and 300 men.

22. I have no STDs – tested 4 times a year – I try to always use a condom.

23. One of the hottest things I ever saw was my girl getting eaten by a guy, sucking another guy, jerking off another, and getting her tits sucked by a woman. She eventually fucked all three guys and ate the girl, then I took her home and fucked her till I could not come again.

24. I would love to have group sex with 20-plus men – just be the cocksucker of the night!

25. I want my current girl to have a gang bang (5-plus guys – my preference would be 10) – she is thinking about it.
1-I've been masturbating since I was about 3, but never got a lecture from my parents on it. I guess I somehow did it without them knowing.

2-I've had 13 sex partners so far, and I want to put more under my belt in the future.

3-All of them have been men, but there are a few woman that I want to experiment/casually fool around with. I kissed a girl once, but it was sloppy and she wasn't that attractive.

4-My first kiss almost turned into my first lay on the same night. We would have hooked up in the back of his car. We both got naked and it was the first time I gave head too. We were about to go at it but he prematurely ejaculated. So I had to deal with the burden of virginity for another 4-5 months.

5-I lost my virginity at 19 to someone that just felt like a friend. During that "relationship" I was in a long distance relationship with someone that I thought I loved. It took me 4 months to get the guy I was physically dating to put out. He was a virgin too.

6-My second lay was a black Jehovah's witness that may have been secretly gay. He complained to one of our friends that all I wanted to do was just make out and have sex.

7-The third lay was one of the greatest I had. He was small, but it felt amazing. We did it while I was apartment/dog sitting over the holiday for 3 days, then he said that he didn't want to pursue a relationship since he "had issues." He was actually an ex of a classmate she met on MySpace.

8-The fourth was married and we went at it for a little over a month. That was a bad time for me and I used him as an escape mostly. My parents found out and weren't happy (they're Catholic). He was also the first person I had car sex with.

9-I've actually never had sex in any of my own cars, but in my parents' van, a rental car, and a coworker's truck
10-During the time I was banging the married guy, I kept a friends with benefits thing with my first ex on the side as well. Actually that ex was usually a booty call. He was (still is most likely) an idiot, but it was convenient cock. I actually kept banging him until I left for Colorado.

11-After moving back to Colorado I went on an 8 week dry run since I was trying to "stay faithful" to the long distance guy. I hooked up with a guy that had a pierced cock. His family was on a camping trip and we banged in parents' bed. I screamed like an elk and he thought someone was going to call the police.

12-I can get very, VERY loud.

13-The next guy was a coworker, I had a pity quickie with him in his truck behind work after our shift ended. He came rather quickly because I've been told numerous times I'm rather snug. I thought he was good looking and tried him on for size, but it was dissappointing.

14-I got another part time job and met suitor number 7. He was pretty good in bed, but I didn't trust him, so we kept it to a fuck-buddy thing. I was still emotionally tied to my long distance guy. He became friends with benefits with another woman that was going through a divorce. They became a thing and he didn't tell me. Needless to say I was pissed, and I dropped him out of my life.

15- He was also the guy that took my anal virginity. I didn't like anal with him, and one time he accidentally put it in my ass and I had to try my best not to scream out in pain. At least he didn't keep going once I yelped and curled up in the fetal position and cried/whimpered like a helpless animal.

16-I tried hooking up with a stoner. We hung out for the day and he was in me for about 8 seconds then stopped since his drunk grandfather was in the next room trying to sleep. I introduced him to a former friend of mine and they became a thing.

17-The next guy was hideous, skinny like a Holocaust victim, and it felt like a skeleton was banging me. He had some issues and we did it only a few times. I stopped talking to him because he pissed me off too much.

18-The next guy was a fundy Christian. Complete prick. I had a one time thing with him because I wanted to prove him a hypocrite on the whole "premarital sex is wrong" thing. So I did, he was also short. 5'3". I"m 5'8". It was like getting banged by a bulldog or some other buff animal. He works out and is kind of top heavy in the muscles.

19-I hooked up with 2 guys in one day. I was on my period (no, that doesn't stop me). The first guy I got to cum 3 times. One with riding, blow job, and the other by doggy style. He was the guy with his penis pierced, but he had to take it out because he was going into the navy. The piercing made a big difference with him.

20-The second guy that day said that he never had sex with a woman that was on her period before and wanted to try it. He didn't tell me that blood made him feel sick. So we had sex, I went home, he didn't talk to me after. Oh well.

21-One guy that I messed around with had just bought a new Subaru STI and had a $400 jacket on. He also hadn't gotten laid in a while. We drove off to a semi-secluded place and started making out in his car. I got my pants off and he started fingering me/feeling me up, so I took his cock out and started blowing him and rubbing him down. It didn't take long to get him off, and when I did, it was like a volcanic eruption. He got his eye, his jacket, and the ceiling of the car. And my jacket somewhat too. Needless to say, he didn't talk to me again after that. Pity, he was a good kisser too.

22- Finally, the long distance guy. We had been talking via internet for almost 4 years, and phone for the last 5 months or so. I met him in a Yahoo chatroom when I was 17. I had very low self esteem at the time I met him and I thought I "fell in love with him." When I finally got to meeting him, my best friend and I saw him at the airport and he suggested that we should have left him there (that would have been such sound advice). The "lover" and I had made plans that he was going to pick me up in Colorado and we were going to live together in Texas. "Happily ever after." We moved down there and I lived with him for a month. I was stressed about finances since I had used my credit card to pay his way with hotels and such when he was visiting. That was when the using started. Eventually things went to hell because he was emotionally abusive, and I was afraid that he was going to rape me one time. The sex was awful. It was a power trip for him and he was into humiliation. To that waste of flesh, women are a commodity. After breaking up, he suggested that I become an escort to get things paid for and to buy even nicer things with my money. Needless to say, I left him and moved to live with my parents. He only knew about the first 4 men I slept with, but never found out about the last 7. He also thought he was the one to take my anal virginity.

23-This guy is my current lover. He's 15 years older than me and I get a sexual charge out of that. He's the first guy I've enjoyed anal with.He's open to trying a threesome and enjoys sharing as long as I don't forget who I'm going home with. He's a cynic about women being monogamous creatures, and I appreciate him for his realistic viewpoints. He's taken the "best bang" title from the third guy I slept with, but he also knows I'm "not done" yet either. Even though what we achieve is pretty close to "tantric" levels. Especially when we first started hooking up. Which wasn't originally intended as a "friends with benefits" type of situation. Also, he's gotten me into multiples because he has stamina.

24-I am an intimacy addict and want to have more sexual adventures. I'm even curious to try a gang-bang some day.

25- Also, I enjoy mirrors. I never realized how much fun they are until I actually watched myself getting banged one time. I need to try that more often.