Monday, November 22, 2010

1. I'm a 22 year old queer girl. My favorite term for myself is "bisexual dyke."

2. A man broke into my friend's house and raped us both when I was 17. He used a knife on and in us. It goes without saying that this was a traumatic and life-changing experience.

3. After the rape I started drinking heavily and having anonymous sex with a lot of women. I tried to use the experiences I had with them to erase the memory of being violated. It took me years to end this behavior.

4. I am proud of the fact that I triumphed over my sexual assault and am able to enjoy sex. Physical intimacy with someone I love is like therapy to me.

5. I am very sexually experienced. I stopped counting years ago, but if I were to guess I would put the number at 70 women and 20 men.

6. I don't care if people think I'm a slut because of #5; I'm happy with my sexual past and I hope everyone else is, too.

7. I like almost any and everything about sex. The things that lead up to it, the act itself, and the aftermath are all wonderful experiences.

8. I LOVE going down on girls. There are few things I enjoy more in the world than letting her ride my tongue and fingers. I'll spend hours down there if she wants me to; watching a beautiful woman come is so, so sexy.

9. Despite #8, I almost never enjoy receiving oral sex. It just doesn't do it for me. It feels fine, but rarely so much as to get me off.

10. At the same time, I can't stand it when people refuse to go down on me. I have no respect for anyone who won't. So I guess my ideal partner is someone who loves doing it, but who doesn't require it.

11. I have REALLY intense orgasms, but have never been able to multiple. I'm fine with this; one of mine is enough to turn my legs to jelly.

12. My most serious relationship lasted four years and was with a person who started out as my girlfriend and slowly became my boyfriend. I immediately and effortlessly accepted and embraced this and was with him throughout his entire transition. Now he passes effortlessly, and you can't even tell he was born female. I think the relationship left me with a bit of a FtM fetish.

13. I used to be only into women, but since going to college have found myself more and more interested in men.

14. I become a 13-year-old boy when I see breasts. They render me nearly speechless and totally retarded. Boobs might be my favorite thing in the world.

15. I've had numerous threesomes, almost all successful and fun, with no awkwardness. They've all been either FFM or all-girls. I've never been in a guy-guy-girl situation.

16. The porn that turns me on the most is all the dirty, nasty stuff I would never enjoy doing in real life. The more hardcore and depraved, the more it turns me on.

17. Until I turned 18, my biggest fantasy was to be an older woman's dirty little secret. Preferably a housewife with kids with a secret lust for young dykes.

18. The hottest sexual experience of my life was with a 30-something mother in the restaurant I worked at bussing tables. She was a belly dancer (the restaurant was middle-eastern themed) and I got wet whenever she performed. One day she shoved me into the employee bathroom and had me suck her clit. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen or imagined in my life, especially when she came. It never happened again, and I still masturbate to the memory.

20. I love doggy-style and missionary sex. Girl on top feels great too, but it's harder to thrust.

21. Sometimes I want to get pounded by a gigantic cock until I can't see straight and sometimes I want to suck on a girl's clit until she's hoarse from screaming.

22. I recently discovered that I'm just not polyamorous. I wish I were, but it's simply not in my nature. I had to end a great relationship because of this and I'm still upset about it.

23. The daily medication I need to function seriously depletes my sex drive. It also screws with my ability to get wet. It's embarrassing and I hate having a lower sex drive.

24. Drunk sex is very pleasurable to me.

25. My sex motto is that nothing you do in the bedroom is wrong if it perpetuates love (and is consensual).

Sunday, November 21, 2010

1. I am a 20-year-old heterosexual female. I find women attractive but rarely to the same degree as boys and I've never had romantic feelings for a woman, hence the hetero part. I think labels are sometimes annoying, sometimes useful.

2. I had my first orgasm when I was about seven or so. My best friend and I used to hump things together, without thinking too much about what we were doing.

3. Over the years, I've progressed from humping things to actually touching myself and figuring out how to make myself orgasm with more and more success. Once, I thought I'd test myself, and I managed to come five times in fifteen minutes. I'm still oddly proud of that record. One of my favourite positions is where I lie on my back, pull my legs close and wrap my arms over my thighs and under my calves.

4. My first crush was really intense, unrequited, and took me years to get over. I had a lot of unnecessary angst at that age (about thirteen).

5. Technically, my first kiss was with my best friend, but I only half count it as such because there were no romantic feelings attached.

6. I've kissed one girl and five boys. I've had sex with three boys.

7. I don't feel emotionally equipped to enjoy one night stands. Maybe one day I will but I would rather fuck someone I care about and that cares about me. For me, friends with benefits is a terrible idea. I'm sure it works for some people but I do not see the point.

8. I like menstrual blood. It's not a hardcore kink (I don't really have any of those) but I like it. I've had period sex once but found myself a little disappointed that it wasn't more bloody. I think it's aesthetically pleasing and there's just something sexy about it. A big part of the appeal is about someone embracing even the "icky" parts of me. I also think there's something awesome about a bolder, prettier visual representation of my arousal.

9. My first real boyfriend was wonderful. It was the first, and only, time I've been in love. I don't really believe in the idea of "virginity" but I define it as the first time I had sex. We lasted about six months before I realised I had to end things. He no longer made any effort and it made me miserable so that was that.

10. If someone asked if I had ever cheated on someone, I would say no. However, I do think that I wandered into a slightly grey area at one point.

11. I am an incredibly emotional person. I love sex and love and all the parts in between. Most of the time, I feel content with being single because every other aspect of my life is awesome. I have a pretty good level of confidence and I don't feel any less of a person for not having someone. However, I would like a special someone.

12. So I joined a dating site. It's been pretty fun but there I haven't found anything lasting.

13. I really want to try anal sex and pegging one day. For entirely different reasons, of course.

14. I used to feel very guilty about wanting a boyfriend but I've now come to terms with that. It's not like I don't love my life and it's not like I'll take just anyone to "fill the void."

15. Intimacy, friendship, love and sex are all tied together in my head. I want it all and I won't settle for less. If I want to get off, I can do that by myself, and if I want friendship, I already have that.

16. I enjoy porn but more photography and audio. I guess I like it when there's more left up to the imagination and I guess I find photos and audio are generally more emotional. I've been investigating solo male masturbation videos lately, and they seem to do it for me. I wish there was more audio out there--I think it's so hot!

17. I really love it when I have the chance to be noisy. I love listening to my partner too, but I've always been much louder than any of my partners.

18. I feel incredibly comfortable in my own skin. I used to feel very insecure, but now I love my body.

19. I am a fairly passive lover. I guess I'm just a fairly passive person and I find it hard to make decisions that affect other people. I would like to work on that, though. I would like to ask for more of what I want.

20. I love being kissed or fucked up against a wall or being picked up. I suppose this has to do with my passive nature. I don't like pain but I do enjoy a good spanking. I also like being told what to do so long as it works the other way too and that I feel respected.

21. I really want more cunnilingus. I've had it done to me a number of times but not nearly as much as I've returned the favour. I would love to find a guy who likes getting me off and tasting me as much as I love pleasuring him.

22. That said, I love sucking cock.

23. I thought I had learned everything about my own body and tastes, but I keep getting surprised. Through my long-term boyfriend, I discovered that I can get off through my g-spot and now I can do it myself. Through another boy, I discovered I can come through PIV sex. Through the wonders of the internet, I've learnt that breathing deeply helps improve my orgasms.

24. I'm a chubby chaser. I can find any body type attractive, depending on the person, but husky boys really do it for me. There's something so hot about thick fingers, big, stubbly cheeks, chunky thighs and soft stomachs.

25. I've grown a lot through my various experiences. Emotionally, I keep getting better at letting things go and just being grateful for the experiences I have. I have faith that one day there will be a boy who's just right. In the meantime, it's self portraits, porn, dildos and discussions, here we come!