Monday, December 28, 2009

1. I just turned 20 and I am still a total virgin.

2. I don't meet any of the virgin girl stereotypes: I'm not religious, I don't have moral issues with sex, I'm not unattractive and I get hit on a lot. I have a bit of a bad girl reputation with my smoking/drinking/swearing, so people tend to assume I'm pretty experienced. I always have trouble discussing my virginity.

3. Like I have inhibitions about discussing sex, I've always had a lot of inhibitions about actually having it. Every time I've had a chance to hook up, I've either turned it down or chickened out.

4. I used to think this was because I was asexual, but I don't think I am. I think I'm just afraid of intimacy.

5. Due to this fear, I suppose, I've only had one real boyfriend. We never went further than hand-up-the-shirt, but for some reason I feel gross about having him touch me when I didn't really like him that much.

6. Despite all this - I feel like my virginity is a burden, and I have a horrible fear of being a virgin forever. Weird dilemma, right? Sometimes I wish I could just fast-forward through sex and get it over with so I'd be deflowered and done with it.

7. I'm also intimidated by the sexual expectations for women these days. We have to look smokin' hot, work it on top, give great blowjobs. What's a poor virgin girl to do? 'Lie back and think of England' seems almost charming in comparison.

8. I've concluded that I need to lose my virginity in a one-night stand while exceedingly drunk. I have standards, though - the guy has to be 1) attractive and 2) very considerate. Couple these with my lack of time to party, and it may be a long time.

9. There probably won't be blood the first time, either - I popped my cherry as a kid during gymnastics.

10. I have zero interest in porn. I have given it a try, but I find it either laughable or boring.

11. I am rarely interested in my hand, either. Maybe I am less sexual than normal.

12. Or maybe it's just my weird concepts of sexuality. I am very, very attracted to male dominance. Sometimes I feel guilty about this like it makes me a bad feminist.

13. On top of that, my interests hold for nothing egalitarian in the bedroom. I have no desire to receive oral sex, be on top, or play the dominatrix. I'd rather the man be in charge of everything and I like the idea of mock rape, bondage, masochism, submission. Horrible feminism, right? But we can't change our desires.

14. Even though my tastes run along the BDSM spectrum, I can't imagine myself ever being part of the fetish community. While I respect them with all my heart, something about it - the crazy vinyl outfits, the public shows and discussions, the rules - seems very comical to me, and that ruins all the fun.

15. I feel like I'm not sexually liberated enough to be a modern feminist woman. But would it really be liberation if I forced myself to do something simply for its own sake?

16. I'm jealous of 'liberated' women - strippers, burlesque dancers, sex-worker advocates, feminist porn writers. They all have something I don't, and sometimes I feel like I'm their enemy - like I'm a repressed woman, giving in to the patriarchy. But, like I said - we can't change our desires.

17. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only straight girl who doesn't have bi-curious impulses. All my female friends have/want to 'experiment', even with me, but I've never had any interest in it. I think girls are attractive, but it's a purely aesthetic thing.

18. Though, once I had a dream where I was making out with Greta Garbo. It was hot.

19. I have a mad passion for sexy lingerie. I love thigh high stockings, garter belts, frilly panties, corsets. I also secretly adore skanky stripper shoes and thigh-high boots.

20. I think penises are kind of ugly. But I like them as a symbol of power.

21. Power is the sexiest thing in the world. I have had several crushes on bosses and profs. I tend to go for older men, too, so it's a horrible double-whammy. I never act on my impulses, though - there's too much that can go wrong.

22. The only thing as sexy as power? A nice foreign accent.

23. I am very attracted to SS uniforms. Not only are they the most attractive military uniform, but the SS officer is the pinnacle of male dominance and power - and German accents are hot. I think this is a horrible, horrible thing to be attracted to, and I feel very, very guilty about it. But, once again - we can't change our desires.

24. What we do have control over, however, is our choices. I have chosen to never, ever, ever watch The Night Porter.

25. I feel better having written about this, since I never discuss my sexuality in real life. Looking back on what I've written - it's probably a good thing.
1) I'm a 24 year old male and a 2 on the Kinsey scale.

2) I've slept with 12 women, two of whom I loved.

3) And one transgender person, who I loved as well.

4) I'm all about gender equality and so on but I'm afraid that, sexually, I'm pretty much a dominant straight guy, loosely defined, of course, but willing to accept queer as a label. Sometimes, I think my blandness is a failing but I know that's not going to change. Still, I'm uncomfortable with the privilege my heterosexual masculinity grants me.

5) I've never had a one-night stand. I've had a two-night stand, however, and I sometimes miss the fragility of that final day. She was an exchange student.

6) I was engaged once because that was the prerequisite for having sex in her father's house. She bought me a spinner engagement ring. She wanted babies. I did not. We were both 20 at the time and smarter than that. She has twins now and I am happy for her. She's a great mom. I will be a great dad for my future daughter (singular, gender non-negotiable).

7) I don't enjoy cunnilingus because I don't think I'm very good at it. I am, however, really good at rimming. I don't know if I am good because I enjoy it or if I enjoy it because I'm good at it.

8) I've been told multiple times that I have a beautifully shaped cock. It's about average in size (6) and girth (5.5) so I've never believed it whenever they've said it. Guess I'm not much of an aesthete.

9) I've never been in an orgy but I've fucked an ex in the same room as my best friend and my ex's best friend. It was pretty hot because my best friend and and I ended up syncing up on our thrusting. I thought it was really cool. Two best friends having sex with two best friends. Close enough to high five, though we didn't.

10) I could never be in an actual orgy. I'm too selfish and don't trust my partner to stay with me in a monogamous relationship afterward. I like monogamy. I'm lame like that. It might also be because I hate condoms and think behavior that makes condoms necessary isn't for me.

11) I prefer ass over tits but I think tits are more comforting.

12) The first orgasm I had was when I was 12 and I accidentally rubbed up against my bare mattress because the sheets were in the wash. I was very confused.

13) I have no fetishes to speak of. What attracts me sexually to a person varies and is always specific to that one person. I really wish I had a type I could narrow my tastes down to: "likes Native women with big tits, has a foot fetish and a thing for the harem girl look." I think it'd make me more normal and also, more interesting. I hate having to say "uhh" when I'm asked what I like or go for. This is a matter of great concern for my family who aren't comfortable with certain kinds of relationships. They're convinced that I'll break their heart with my eventual choice of mate, and I know I will.

14) Hmm, maybe #13's not entirely accurate re: fetishes. I have a thing for Hispanic accents/culture. I will quite literally sleep with any Brazilian Portuguese speaker, no matter how ugly, simply because of how they sound when they speak.

15) I've dated every major ethnicity but East Asian. And not for lack of trying. I think every man in my almost-majority-Asian West Coast hometown has dated an Asian woman, but somehow, they simply do not find me attractive. This depresses me. Why don't Asian women like me? This dating diversity thing has not been a conscious choice for me, but now it is something of a goal to bed an Asian girl.

16) The best blowjob I've received was on a Greyhound five minutes or so from the US-Canada border. We were returning from a metal concert (Katatonia/Agalloch) in Portland. I was terrified that I would not be allowed back into the country for being lewd or whatever. Finished up barely ten seconds before the lights were turned on. I came so hard it was embarrassing.

17) I think I would have been homophobic if my first girlfriend hadn't forbidden me from getting off on watching girls in porn. It almost tore us apart until I realized that trannies exist and were a convenient loophole. It took me about a year to be comfortable with that aspect of my sexuality. Still, it astounded me when I found myself in an actual relationship with a transgender person who was just starting out. In fact, the first time she ever stepped out of the house presenting female was with me. The first time either of us stepped into a gay bar was together. I didn't think I'd ever be that brave or that I would come to love someone not genetically female. It surprised a lot of people, ourselves included, what a natural couple we made. It also made me realize that most men who are attracted to the transgendered are, generally speaking, really, really sleazy and the scum of the gay community. I don't think I could be with another like her unless we connected the way she and I did. I don't know why I have that bar.

18) When my ex and I vacationed in a cabin in the woods a few years ago, we fucked 50 times in 4 days. I didn't think it was physically possible. We were aiming for 10 or 15 but we had nothing else to do as we were snowed in and I'd blown my pay check on the cabin itself and couldn't afford to go out. It was a really nice cabin.

19) My favorite thing to do is fall asleep inside my partner. Nothing matches that feeling of closeness. I also like it when I wake up before them and pull out ever so slowly. The look on their face when they wake up, that mix of shock and anger and pleasure and desire really turns me on.

20) I like laughter. I dislike sex that isn't, at its core at least, overtly good-humored and this is why I actively dislike dominant/submissive type relationships. I don't want to take away your control. I think any relationship that cannot find the humor in the bodies that make it up is not a relationship worth having. I want to feel awe at the human connection and laugh about it and feel happy.

21) I was kissed by my professor who is also a famous author during a one-on-one session that had to do with my work. I wasn't expecting the kiss (I thought it was a random unprovoked hug goodbye), nor had I expressed or received any prior indication of interest. I pulled away because it was inappropriate but I did say "Thank you" because the thought that I could possibly make a famous writer want me provided me with immense gratification.

22) I think I'm ugly and so take any expression of interest in me with a ton of gratitude. One of my best friends (who I tried to sleep with) told me that most people don't hit on me because I seem so confident in my skin that they presume I have a girlfriend or wouldn't be into them. Or it could be that I'm just that unattractive. Not grotesque or anything close to it, just far from the norm. I'm told I'm intimidating. They don't realize I pet stray kittens I meet. People who find this out often fall in love with me. I really want to be conventionally handsome.

23) I've let a couple of my friends use my bedroom to conduct their illicit sexual activities in. I feel sorry for people who have no place to fuck in. I'm nice like that.

24) I think it's strange how even though I hate having my picture taken in regular social settings, I'm completely comfortable with having my picture taken in a sexual setting. I'm also comfortable knowing that a couple of my exes have put those pictures up online. That said, I could never post any of the stuff on my camera online. For some reason, I think that's gross, as is taking my picture myself. Someone else better be doing the clicking.

25) A couple months ago, I was juggling three women. I didn't like the effect secrecy had on myself and my wallet. I did it because I felt like the world owed me for sticking with my last relationship which became a long-distance thing due to my move. I wouldn't do it again.
1) I believe I am pretty much omnisexual. I like sex with boys, girls, trans, queer (and maybe some things outside of the box...). But I identify as lesbian because, well, I'm too lazy to explain it all and I typically only 'date' women. But i can fuck anything.

2) I would love to be dominated, completely, just to experience it.

3) I can not submit to men, just can't...

4) I was once addicted to gay porn, and still rely on it occasionally.

5) I masturbate just to make myself tired enough to sleep most nights.

6) I don't think in one gender, and sometimes when I masturbate I visualize myself stroking my invisible cock.

7) My friends accuse me of being a 'furry' and I deny it, but to be honest, I have no idea.

8) I had a friend once who would get on his knees in front of me, look up, hands behind his back and quietly say "Please, command me, Mistress..." He was joking, but it gave me such a powerful surge I had to walk away.

9) I fully intend on exploring that side of me.

10) One of my sexual goals is to fuck a man in the ass with a strap-on.

11) I prefer virgins, or those less experienced than I am.

12) I would like to take the time to explore a man, but have only come across idiots so far, where once it all starts I wish it were over. I have better things to be doing than letting you borrow my vagina.

13) There was one man though, a gorgeous Puerto Rican truck driver. He wanted to explore. I didn't believe him and I think I kind of trashed that opportunity. I hope to run into him again. The experience was amazing, the only time I've actually enjoyed myself with a man.

14) I strive to fully satisfy my partner, blowing their mind and making their fantasies come true.

15) I really wish things like STDs didn't exist. If they didn't I would fuck many, many, many more people. (I'm often tempted to hit up strangers.)

16) I love giving anal. It makes me think my partner is very very slutty and it's arousing to me.

17) I hate shaving, and really like my legs when they are hairy. Yet I shave my armpits and trim my pubic area.

18) I love getting my boots shined and polished.

19) The smell of leather makes me wet.

20) I find camo to be very sexy, not sure why.

21) I love to dress up and roleplay.

22) I like keeping some clothes on during sex, it somehow feels naughtier.

23) It really freaks me out when girls completely shave their pubic area. It's not appealing to me. Besides, I like a little hair to nuzzle.

24) Cuddling after sex is mandatory.

25) Sex is always better when I love the person.
1) I am a 24 year old guy who considers himself straight, and I am currently single.

2) My earliest memory of masturbation would have been when I was around 12, I think. I remember my older female cousin coming over to stay and she had just jumped out of the shower, wearing nothing but a towel. I remember being curiously turned on, then touching myself later that night to that image. I have never told anyone this as I was and still am ashamed due to the fact she was my cousin.

3) My first sexual experiences were with my first long-term girlfriend. I lost my virginity at 16 (during a movie session at her house). The experience was a little unsettling due to the pain she went through and the awkwardness of both of us virgins grinding away not knowing what to do with our bodies. At the time we both thought it was pretty normal for us to have 'done it' and assumed a majority of our school friends had experienced sex, but a week later the rumour had spread that we'd had sex and it turned out we'd beaten all but one girl to the punch. We became known as 'the couple.'

4) We stayed in a long relationship (6 years) which finally broke up due to long distance and the fact I had cheated on her. I have since had only one other long term girlfriend (2 years) who I broke up with because I found myself wanting to date other people. I an currently single and hoping not to inflict any more pain on a girl wanting a relationship.

5) Because of this need to be single, I am sometimes brutally honest with what I'm looking for in any kind of sexual relationship. Some girls don't want just a fuck buddy and i'm fine with that, but I tell them up front to ensure I don't lead them on.

6) I always feel uneasy trying to hit on girls at nightclubs, and rarely if ever sleep with someone I've only recently met if they're drunk. I feel dirty and feel like I've taken advantage of her. They'll still come home with me, might stay in the same bed as me, but nothing will happen. This happens with me a lot.

7) Because the above happens a fair bit, my friends think I'm a bit of a smooth talking Casanova taking girls home all the time. I've only really had 18 months of singledom and I claim I've slept with 15 different women (including the two gfs) in order to save face. The number is closer to 7, I can't even remember as I've started to believe my own lies.

8) I tend to date 'princess types' but seem to have casual sex with people I really shouldn't. The list of people I shouldn't have had sex with includes ex-girlfriends' friends, people from work and ex-housemates. I also always seem to fantasize about my girlfriends' sisters when in relationships.

9) My deepest darkest secret is that given the chance, I 'digitally snoop' people's cameras or computers for compromising shots of them. I currently have semi-nude photos of both long-term ex-girlfriends' sisters, one of an ex's dad and mom, and one of an ex-housemate. I can't bring myself to delete them even though I know what I'm doing is wrong.

10) I like to think I'm a competent lover, who's particularly good at foreplay. I love to tease girls with massage, kisses all over, especially the neck, and don't mind giving head; even on one night stands. Given a little instruction or helping hand, I always make sure a girl has come once or twice from head and hand-work, before I go to penetrative sex.

11) Because of the hangup I have about drunk girls, I have fooled around with a lot of girls in this way, but don't count them as girls I've slept with as penetrative sex didn't happen. I really wish I'd follow up on these 'half one night stands' as I'm sure that a second actual
round would often be on the cards.

12) I'm not 100% confident with my body at the moment. I've let myself go a bit and I think this now affects my confidence with women. As a result, lots of girls just see me as a good friend, whereas I've seen them as initial attraction, waited too long to make a move due to this hangup and ended up in 'friend town.'

13) Despite being what I've been reassured is slightly above-average dimensions downstairs, I can't help but wish for a bigger penis. I really want my penis both longer and thicker, and have seriously looked into ways to enlarge it.

14) I don't really like getting head. Only one of my girlfriends has been really good at it, and only one has let me come in her mouth.

15) I'm into soft bondage, with tying up each other with a tie or scarf, or I'll hold down their hands using one of mine. Girls drive me nuts when they nibble and gently bite me, or scratch me down my back when I'm on top.

16) The best sex I ever had was with the girl I cheated on my first girlfriend with. It sounds harsh, but to finally realise that everyone has sex differently, and the fact the sex was dirty, sexy, lustful sex, meant it was the most mindblowing experience. I felt like absolute crap afterwards due to the cheating fact.

17) I'm always keen to try new things and keep an open mind in regards to sex. I also like to think I push my partners' sexual boundaries. I'll try anything once.

18) Although I won't have sex with a girl much drunker than myself, sex on drugs is a completely different story. Sex on ecstasy is amazing, and when both me and a girl are on it, I have great sex.

19) I like a girl who talks dirty and plays a little bit submissive. I love a girl who takes control and plays dominant.

20) I've had a fair bit of anal sex with my various partners. I don't think it's always as amazing as most guys seem to make it out to be, and if the girl is uncomfortable I'll stop. Nothing is sexy about a girl in pain.

21) Although I'm quite open and willing to experience, there's stuff that I haven't been able to do. I'd love to have a threesome (both MMF and FFM), an orgy, and a bit more bondage.

22) I masturbate a lot and watch quite a lot of porn. Sometimes I think I spend too much energy masturbating when I could be putting the time and energy into seeing regular sex partners. Sex is always better with another person.

23) I'm intrigued by tantric sex, and wish I could find someone to help me to learn as I think it'd be much better than learning from a book.

24) I'm always commited to safe sex especially seeing as I haven't got a permanent sexual partner. It's more to stop the STIs rather than pregnancy, but that said, 'Knocked Up' scared the crap outta me.

25) I seriously think I'm at the point of my life where I'm happy to be single and experience the smorgasbord of life and sexual experience. A lot of my close friends are getting engaged and the like, and I'm completely opposite to that and very comfortable with that fact. I'm sure I'll eventually want to settle down but for the moment I'm happy with where I'm at.

Friday, December 18, 2009

1. I am 18 years old and have had sex with 3 men. All of these happened within the last year.

2. The guy I lost my virginity to was a complete dick. He had a small cock and didn't even know what he was doing. He got me drunk after I had recently been broken up with and fucked me. I feel guilty, like I'm one of those girls who is just blaming the guy for having sex when she didn't want to, but he completely played me. He said we were going to date, and that he might love me. He left me two weeks later.

3. The second guy I had sex with could have been a fantastic fuck. He was pretty experienced and loved sex. He was bisexual and promiscuous and I really regret not being more outgoing. He wanted to try anal. I was scared. I always felt uncomfortable being sexual with him. I loved him though.

4. I have finally accepted myself as bi. I've only made out with one girl but I love how soft and frisky we are. Soft hands on soft breasts. I love boobs and the idea of a girl licking my tits and playing with me. I don't know if I ever will...

5. I'm trying to be more adventurous with my boyfriend. We've finally been able to buy toys. It is amazing.

6. I took my boyfriend's virginity earlier this year. He is inexperienced but I love it; everything he learns is exactly how to please my body. We're currently working on making me squirt, and it seems to be going well.

7. I orgasmed for the first time earlier this year. I've been masturbating since I was about 10 but I've never been able to do it for myself. I always get tired out.

8. I've only orgasmed twice during sex. The first time, it was one of the most amazing feelings of my life. But when he pulled out we realized the condom broke, which then led to the worst feeling I've experienced. The second: He didn't come very much and didn't enjoy it as much as I did.

9. I get really hot over the thought of being raped. My boyfriend and I "fake rape" all the time.

10. When I was young, maybe 4 or 5, my other 4-year-old cousin and I sat behind a chair in our grandparent's family room and touched each other's vaginas. I don't remember what even led into that situation, but it always makes me feel very dirty. We giggled about it tingling and how red it was. I don't know if she remembers but I really hope she doesn't.

11. I've had boyfriends since 7th grade, but I never did much with them but kiss and make out. I first touched a boy's penis in 8th grade; it was through his jeans and I didn't realize what it was for a couple minutes. I remember thinking that it might have been his penis, but it seemed too skinny and long. I thought it was a pencil in his pocket.

12. The first time I saw a penis was my freshman year. The guy I dated was much older than me but still hadn't done anything sexual with anyone before. He whipped it out and a little bit of cum dripped on my basement floor.

13. Sometimes I feel bad thinking about women all the time. I'm constantly looking at beautiful girls and wondering how they would feel naked. I picture them licking me out and letting me take erotic photos during sex.

14. My friend once asked me to have a threesome with her and her boyfriend. I almost did but I didn't feel any attraction to him, and awkwardly turned her down the night it was supposed to happen. I also almost had a MMF threesome in a car, but both guys were too fucked up to do anything. I still want to have a threesome, though. I think about it a lot, but I don't know anyone I would feel comfortable enough with.

15. I am very loud during sex. I love moaning and squealing and dirty talk.

16. I think I am very good at giving head. I was very proud when I made the bi boy's toes curl for the first time.

17. I don't like receiving head very much. It's not like the guys who have given it to me were bad at it, it's just never done anything for me. I always feel like I'm just laying there with a nose in my pussy. I get paranoid that I smell funny and it's far too much distraction to actually cum.

18. I always feel stupid about not being able to swallow cum. I've done it before but the guy was a vegetarian and his cum actually tasted good. My boyfriend doesn't taste too bad, but once he came so much in my mouth that I choked and almost puked. Ever since it makes me gag.

19. Sometimes I think about being in an open relationship, but I know it would end up with me just fooling around with other girls and him feeling too shy to ever branch out. Plus, I've never felt so good and comfortable in bed with anyone. I guess I just want to kiss a girl sometimes...

20. For the longest time I wanted to take a bath in chocolate and have my boyfriend lick it off me and fuck me silly. I don't think that would actually do anything for me now... I don't really know if I have a fantasy.

21. I always have sex with the lights on. I love to watch his face when he orgasms.

22. When I first started masturbating it involved me humping a big stuffed dog. I would hump its face so its nose went in my pussy a little bit. Every night I would feel so guilty and tell myself to stop. As I got older I started just wadding up bed sheets and riding those. I couldn't really understand what I was doing, I didn't realize it was masturbation until health class when I learned girls could masturbate. Then I used my fingers and stopped feeling guilty.

23. Before I actually started masturbating I would pretend I was being tortured. I would lay in bed with legs spread as if I were tied down and pretend a large object was being forced between my legs. It still turns me on.

24. In kindergarten I would draw pictures of me and the boy I had a crush on naked together. Not actually having sex. Just naked in the shower or outside. Being naked with my love is still the greatest feeling in the world.

25. Every time my boyfriend and I have sex, we end up laughing right afterwards, usually with his cock still in me.
(1) I am 19 and recently lost my virginity, about 2 months ago.

(2) It started by me being amazingly drunk, going up to a gorgeous man saying "Do you have any idea how fucking cute you are?" And he was--he looked like a mix between the boy I was in love with during high school plus his way cuter twin. I know he was a 29-year-old Swiss man and he had an amazing body. We were talking at the bar for a while and obviously it turned to having sex. When I told him I was a virgin, his response was "Do you want to change that?"

(3) I honestly don't remember much of the actual sex, it was rough and fun and dirty and raw. It hurt but was worth it, and Mr. Swiss was the perfect mix between gentle and rough. God, just thinking about him gets me all excited, he was so amazingly cute and I'm sort of proud that i nailed him. I left that night because my best friend was freaking out. I left without my shoes, underwear, or bra... quite trashy for my first time.

(4) Once I finally lost my virginity this 19-year weight was lifted and it felt amazing. I had been a virgin for so long because I didnt want to "give" it to anyone I would ever see again, and I was terrified of letting my guard down to allow someone to literally penetrate me.

(5) After Mr. Swiss I've had sex with 2 other guys, both being one night stands. There was "the Marine," who I had sex with in the back of his car and that was fun not because of the sex but because of the threat of being caught or someone watching us, and "one-night-standy," who was actually really sweet and a great kisser. I told him to take it slow because I was just at that drunk point of being really really sleepy, and it was amazing. We kissed the whole time and when he came he squeezed me tight and pushed himself deeper which was pretty adorable.

(6) Besides these three nights I don't have much experience. When I was in high school, I was always around people 4-5 years older then me, none of whom were sleazy enough to go after an underage virgin.

(7) Like I said I sort of had a penetration complex--I wanted it but I didn't want anyone to get it from me.

(8) I've been in love with my brother's best friend (who I've known since I was born) since I was about 11. It's easier for a young girl to fall for an older brother type than an older boy to fall for a younger sister type.

(9) I don't think I have ever thought to myself "oh man I want to be his girlfriend," but rather I think my sexual impulses of how badly I want to have sex with an attractive boy. So I don't really call my crushes "crushes," I call them "targets."

(10) Sometimes it makes me sad that I'm so alone all the time, but at the same time it's become my nature. I'm extremely guarded and hesitate to any emotional bonding. I usually freak out if I know a boy has a crush on me because I don't understand why--I don't understand how someone can crush on me when I'm so emotionally stand offish.

(11) Although I'm guarded I can now say that I do love having sex and I would not mind just having one-night stands and flings for the rest of my life.

(12) I don't think I'm a lesbian or bi, but I would really enjoy an experience with another woman, because I love boobs and would love to play with someone's other than my own. I don't think I could give or receive oral from another girl, but it would be fun to mess around and have fun with.

(13) I am extremely attracted to handsome Asian men. Not all Asians are cute but the cute ones are REALLY cute--oh and I don't really get the feminization of Asian men.

(14) There are so many ways I want to have sex: outside, in the shower, up against a wall, in the kitchen, in a pool, on a patio, in my childhood bed, and basically everywhere else possible.

(15) I hate giving head, I lack the confidence and I never know if I'm doing well or not, so I usually try and avoid doing it at all.

(16) I really like getting dressed up for no reason. I'm not usually the type of girl to wear dresses or skirts, I'm a tomboy engineer and I want to be a mechanic in life, so when I am all dressed up I feel nearly like a different person.

(17) I love having my ass squeezed or squeezing someone else's, whether it be drunkenly flirting with someone or a squeeze during a make out session. I think I just like the feeling of being pulled in tighter and tighter, so what's more passionate than a firm ass squeeze?

(18) My friends call it my "go to move," but rather than the tacky hands in the back pocket I usually slip my hands onto a boy's hips, under his jeans, not all that far down or anything--it's just a cozy warm spot that gets the point across.

(19) Thinking back on my virgin life, it's funny because I never really explicitly told anyone I was a virgin and I think most people thought I wasn't because I make so many obscene jokes about sex and such.

(20) At school, I hang out with all my engineering guy friends and it gets to me that I have like girl talk and such. It also gets to me that I know there is a line in our relationships that can't be crossed.

(21) I change my pubic hair as much as possible, I can't decide and I go from nothing to a little puff to maybe full grown. No reason really, it just entertains me really to see something different down there.

(22) I really enjoy the thought of being seen, not like by a peeping tom--that actually scares the shit out of me--but like wearing a skirt with no underwear. I fantasize a lot about getting it on in public or on a patio somewhere that may be seen.

(23) I've never had a boyfriend or anything close, really. I was always very reserved around boys my age when I was younger... yet I always loved being around my brother and his friends.

(24) I've never been attracted to someone my age or younger. If I am, I usually freak a little and talk myself out of it. I like talking to older guys about things I don't know. I also like taller guys.

(25) I can't wait to explore my sexuality and figure out my vices and peeves. Hopefully I won't get too out of control or anything, because I've had issues with self-control in the past.
1. I lost my virginity at 17, and it was the best thing that had happened to me in a long time. Up until that point I had only kissed.

2. For as long as I can remember one of my favorite things has been sex and all sex related topics.

3. I first started masturbating around 13-14 and haven't stopped since. I masturbate at least 6 times a week, if not more.

4. I lost my virginity with my first ever boyfriend, and we had been going out for 2 weeks. We had tried previously but I chickened out and he had to go to sleep with an erection, which I still tease him about.

5. I have always known that I would be into rough sex, including slapping, spanking, biting, dirty talk, blindfolding, handcuffing, gagging, all kinds of domination in general, I guess.

6. I have an insatiable sexual appetite, which I feel bad about sometimes because I'm scared of making my boyfriend feel inadequate.

7. Nothing turns me on more than tall Native American men. (My boyfriend is half Asian, but looks Native American, and I have never been so attracted to anyone in my life).

8. I don't believe that someone's sexuality should matter to anyone but themselves and whoever they choose to experience it with.

9. I love to sit in a public place and make up a sexual fetish/fantasy for each person that walks past. Not what I would do with them, but something they secretly want but are too afraid to ask for.

10. I love to have a finger or two up my ass during sex or oral, but I'm hesitant about anal sex. I consider it to be losing a different type of virginity, and want to conquer my fear of it before I try it.

11. I feel sorry for people who are scared to try new things. I'm of the opinion that if there is just one thing out there that could blow your mind, it's worth trying everything to get to.

12. I thought that my first orgasm was the most amazing thing I'd ever experienced, until I had my first orgasm with someone else.

13. I adore women's bodies, and would not hesitate to have sex with a woman if I was single. I kissed a lot of women in my teenage years, but never had the guts to go any further.

14. I've kissed more girls than boys. I've also kissed more girls than my boyfriend.

15. My partner and I are so comfortable with each other we don't think twice about getting poo on our fingers during butt play, which is more wonderful than I ever could have imagined.

16. The first time I got naked with a boy I wanted to get dressed right away, I was that uncomfortable with my body.

17. As long as I can remember, I have hated my body, and always wished to look different. Things are looking up nowadays, but I still have my dark moments.

18. I'm always my happiest when I'm having sex, it seems both the simplest and greatest thing two people can spend their time doing. I never feel self-conscious or uncomfortable when I'm having sex, and I think that has a lot to do with my love of it.

19. One of my greatest sexual moments was when my boyfriend had to use a pillow to smother his moans while I was giving him head and fucking his butt with my fingers.

20. I am a very tall woman, and have hated it for as long as I was aware of it. Men seem threatened by tall women, especially one as loud as me, and so I love to be hugged and spooned by someone taller and bigger than me. It makes me feel small and delicate, which is something I've always wanted to feel.

21. I love cute women and androgynous women. I would love to be a feminine lesbian in a lesbian relationship, but get the feeling that I would take on a masculine role because I tend to act towards people how I would like them to act towards me (both sexually and in life).

22. I like to watch porn, but hate the fake looking women and unrealistic sexual expectations. But if the woman is attractive I find myself getting jealous and unable to think of anything else. I'm confident that this will stop happening when I feel better about myself.

23. In grade 10 I told everyone that I was bisexual, and from that time onward I was known as "That girl who said she was bisexual in Grade 10". My sexual feelings haven't changed from that time, but I don't feel the need to tell everyone about it so blatantly anymore.

24. I have an obsession with small, perky breasts and small, pink nipples. Julianne Moore has my favorite female nipples of all time. Watch Boogie Nights and see for yourself.

25. I'm confident that I will always be fulfilled sexually because I'm not ashamed to ask for what I need, and the person I am with will understand that completely about me, because I wouldn't be with them otherwise.

Monday, December 7, 2009

1. When I was really young, I got a sexual/presexual thrill from imagining people being tortured.

2. I still do, but the torture is overtly sexual now. I come hard from this but I always feel dirty afterwards.

3. I read my first m/m story when I was 12, and didn't understand the feeling I got from it for weeks. It scared me.

4. Ever since then, I've fantasized about men together.

5. The only thing I'd ever want to do with a cisgender guy is tie him up and touch him and maybe draw on him with lipstick. I want to draw on a tied-up man with lipstick.

6. I'm a lesbian. I don't understand heterosexual discourse or what to do when a man is flirting with me or why I should care if men find me attractive.

7. I think I'm bi. I think men are so fucking pretty. I wanted to be one for a while.

8. I think breasts are thrilling because the girl is naked.

9. I love eating pussy. I really, really fucking love eating pussy. I wish my jaw didn't get sore.

10. I'm butch and I'm starting to be okay with that.

11. There's one cisgendered man in the world I would fuck. I don't think he'd fuck me, but I think we'd be friends if he wasn't famous.

12. My boyfriend is trans. I fell in love with him when he was a girl. I didn't stop loving him or wanting him when he came out as trans.

13. I think trans women are women more than I am, because they are working so hard to be accepted as women and I have never worked to be accepted as a woman.

14. I'm not trans, although I thought I was for a while. I'm a woman and I don't want to change that.

15. But I would like to live out a masculine role. I want to be Don Draper or James Dean and still have people refer to me as "she."

16. There is nothing in the world sexier than a woman who has the look and attitude of a man.

17. I like having hairy legs.

18. I've never come by the hand of another person. It's always been my own hand or a vibrator, but always directed by me.

19. The idea of having someone else make me come is scary and I want it to happen.

20. I love being tied up. I've loved being tied up ever since I was eight years old.

21. I always fall in love with my best friends. I always end up making love to them.

22. I saw my first love married, and I was happy for her, and all I could think at the wedding was that I had my hand down her pants once.

23. I still dream about my ex-girlfriend, the one that was toxic for me. I don't know why.

24. Part of the reason I love my boyfriend because he understands almost all of my kinks and nobody else ever will, not the same way.

25. I love writing stories about sex more than I love having sex.
1. I am a 30 year old married woman with children.

2. I lost my virginity at the age of 23.

3. My husband also lost his virginity at the age of 23 to me.

4. I had 4 boyfriends before that and they got as far as touching my boobs and heavy make-out sessions. I wouldn't let them do anything else to me because I was afraid of God. I am now atheist.

5. My husband and I are currently in an open relationship.

6. Opening up the relationship motivated me to lose weight and to take better care of myself. I also started getting Brazilian waxes. I love the way my pussy looks.

7. I took the virginity of the second man I was with. He is now my lover. He was very inexperienced but he has a gift for oral. He knew what to do right off the bat and he gives head like no other.

8. I love talking dirty and I love being talked to that way as well; the filthier the words, the better.

9. Men should be more vocal, meaning I want to hear loud moans and groans of pleasure.

10. I think sex is very humorous. It's messy, there are funny noises coming from funny places and sometimes awkward moments. The best way to go about it is to have a laugh at it.

11. I find North American attitudes about sex baffling. Why is it such a big deal to see a nipple? Why is a public figure's sex life anybody's business?

12. I considered myself straight.

13. I had a MFF threesome recently. The girl and I kissed, we touched each other, I went down on her and she went down on me and I liked it all. This was my first time being with a woman.

14. The threesome started out as a foursome: my husband, my lover, myself and a friend of my husband. My lover left because he felt the chemistry would be better without him.

15. I want to have a FMM threesome soon, but not with my husband and lover at the same time.

16. I love giving blow jobs. My husband taught me to enjoy it, but he's still trying to teach me the joys of receiving a facial. I do like to be cummed on everywhere else.

17. I want to try role playing.

18. I want to watch my husband fuck someone else.

19. I love what I do for a living but if I could do anything else, I would love to direct pornos. I would also want to try my hand at dominating.

20. I think garter belts and stockings are sexy.

21. My husband gives me the best orgasms.

22. I think men with long hair and facial hair are extremely hot. I really really enjoyed watching Lord of the Rings.

23. I do not masturbate. It's something I never got into. I have tried many times at the request of my husband and lover but I simply don't find the feeling of my fingers on my vulva arousing.

24. I like watching anime porn because the acting is better.

25. I haven't received anal sex but I've pegged my husband. I love doing it.
1. Technically, I'm a virgin, but I wouldn't really consider myself a virgin, since I know more about how to get an orgasm than my friends that have been having sex for a while.

2. The song I want to lose my actual virginity to is "Crash" by Dave Matthews Band and then "Sex On Fire" by Kings of Leon the rest of the time.

3. I am currently in a relationship with someone 15 years my senior (I'm 19). We've been together for four months and we have phone sex at least 5 times a week.

4. We've never met, but I do not think that makes our relationship any less legit. Besides, I came 60 times in one night on the phone with him. He has taught me more about my sexuality and what to do with my body than any book or porno ever has.

5. Oh, I also haven't been kissed. Guys always pounce in and go for the kill so I push back because if you're going to pounce on me like that for just a kiss, what else are you going to pounce at me for? I have to always fight and push guys back from kissing me: I don't get it!

6. I'm terribly scared that I'm gonna have sex with my boyfriend. His dick is too big and my pussy can barely take one finger inside of it. How is it gonna handle an 8 inch long, 2.5 inch wide penis? I know I want to but I refuse to admit it to him. He just knows that I'm scared of his dick.

7. When I was 9, I discovered porn flipping through the movie cable channels. I think it was Cinemax that got me first. It was this man having sex with this woman in a spa. I remember I kept watching, just watching. Then I spread my legs for some reason, then I moved for some reason and kept repeating that motion because it felt good. It took me a while to realize that if I put my hand down there, it'd help. I used to always feel dirty after masturbation until I hit 18 and stated having cybersex. I think I didn't feel as bad about it because technically I was with someone and not alone.

8. I've had cybersex with over 40 people. It helped me get through the second semester of my first year of college. At least 2 of them I still talk to and consider good friends. One of the guys I wanted to cyber with actually stopped me and we went on a date (it was a disaster). One was 44 and he thought he was my boyfriend, I did too for a split second, but then I realized that this 44-year-old man was not my type. He was too attached and I only liked to cyber with him and he didn't want to leave it at that.

9. I was addicted to porn from age 10-16ish. At 17 I realized how nasty porn was and how the images were giving me false images of actual sex.

10. When I was young, like single digit age, me and my little playmates would "play house" which would consists of kissing and feeling each other and sometimes humping and we would sometimes almost got caught. And one time I was in the wine closet with my boy cousin, we were 7, and I tried to pull out his penis. Thank God he stopped me. I used to love "playing house" with him. He often would ask me after class if we could do the same thing in class, and I'd say yes. One time I wrote in my class that I had sex (I hadn't) and my second grade teacher found it and gave it to my Dad and Mom. I was so ashamed.

11. For a long time I thought I wasn't a virgin because we would hump but I never put two and two together that intercourse was even a word.

12. Because I have always been inclined to sex in some ways without even hearing about it, I believe that people are naturally sexual.

13. People often think that I am still a virgin because I am Christian. NOT TRUE. That has something to do with it. But the older I get, the more I realize that it's a trust and self-value thing. I feel like if I don't trust you enough to be with me the rest of my life then how can I trust you to come inside of me in the most vulnerable way?

14. Although it seems like I want to wait until marriage, I am 76% sure I won't be a virgin when I graduate. I am too horny and I love orgasms. Satisfaction in phone sex is going to run out sooner or later.

15. I have never told anyone #7-10.

16. I love dicks. I just like to watch--stare at them. I think they are just... uggh... wonderful. Right now I just pulled up my favorite blog with pictures of dicks. LOVE IT!

17. I think it's a bummer that there is not a variety of dicks online. I'm the kind of girl that likes to taste the rainbow and I wanna see more than either a white dick or a black dick!

18. I know more about sex than my friends because I used to watch a lot of porn and because when I stopped watching porn and would think of sex, I'd reseach the Kama Sutra and read up on ways to have sex. Most of my friends come to me for advice when they can really look up all the tips I give them.

19. #18 is why my friends all know that I'm a big freak. YES I AM and proud of it.

20. Right now, I wish my boyfriend would call so I can orgasm. I'm mad at him but I just want to hear his voice so I can cum.

21. I love my vagina. I may seem like a cyber slut after over 40 men online have seen my pussy. They love it. I love it. I think it's pretty. I have a chocolate pussy. To me, it looks like a chocolate covered cherry.

22. I fear that after I have sex, I won't recognize my vagina since it's so tight now and will end up doing a lot of vagina exercises.

23. Part of the reason I'd like to date all types of men is because I think of men as dessert and I'm chocolate. For example:
Hispanic man + black woman = churro dipped in chocolate
Indian man + black woman = Reese's peanut butter cup
black man + black woman = chocolate truffle
white man + black woman = classic Klondike bar
asian man + black woman = lemon filled chocolate candy

24. I am so indecisive about whether or not to have it. The truth is that I don't want to regret my first time and have great expectations on the partner. I disagree with the statement that "I lost my virginity": I think it should be, I gave him my virginity. Sex is an expression of love. Fucking leaves you feeling empty.

25. I really want to masturbate tonight. Damn boyfriend is missing in action.

Monday, November 30, 2009

1. I do not have a memory of my life before I knew how to masturbate. I have been doing it almost daily since I was 3 years old and it has a) made it very hard for me to cum with someone else and b) given me a large sexual appetite.

2. I didn't cum laying on my back using my hands until I was 15.

3. When I was a small child I was touching myself and my mom told me "if you are gonna do that you have to go to your room, that's private." Apparently, I sprinted back to my room to check out what was going on.

4. I identify as a lesbian, but I plan on marrying my current boyfriend. No one has ever made me happier, even if he does have a penis.

5. I wouldn't say I'm directly attracted to women with dicks, but the idea of a beautiful woman with great tits fucking me with a real dick sounds pretty good.

6. At 18 years old, I can say I have had sex with 8 people. 5 men, 3 women. Only one of them was ever worth it.

7. When my boyfriend is eating me out, I'm thinking about giving him head. It makes me cum pretty hard.

8. I like to be pushed around, held down, tied up, blindfolded, handcuffed, spanked, told what to do and have my hair pulled. I don't see it as degrading. I'm strong and in charge all the time, when it comes to sex, I want them to call the shots.

9. I find nothing sexier on myself but the place where the curve of my hips and my back meet.

10. I don't remember what my vagina looks like with pubic hair on it. I've never liked it, so I shave it off. Sometimes I wish I could muster up the courage to just let it grow and be happy with it.

11. It took a year and a half of trying before my boyfriend made me cum on his own. I know the exact date. Best day of my life.

12. I can't masturbate on my own anymore. It takes too long and I get frustrated because I can't do it unless I think about my boyfriend or watch porn.

13. I have always fantasized about being fucked over a desk by a dominating boss figure. Nowadays it's my boyfriend; it used to be a busty redhead with glasses and an ass and legs that went on forever. Both fantasies started with them telling me to give them head.

14. I've tried anal a few times. Every time I think I'm ready to do it again, we get to that point and I remember how much I hate myself afterward. The first two times we tried it was fine. The first time was OK, the second time was better, but I don't know what we are doing wrong now.

15. I wish I could squirt. Reallyreallyreally. I hope one day when my boyfriend is eating me out he comes up with his face dripping. I will feel so powerful.

16. I've never cum from penetration. It's a goal.

17. One of my friends bought me a vibrator about 2 years ago. I threw it away recently--it is of no use to me.

18. I want to get my nipples pierced. My boobs aren't perfect, but I love piercings and I love my nipples.

19. I didn't have to come out to my parents. They asked me if I liked girls and I was kind of offended that they did so because they had been reading my files on the computer.

20. I love it when my boyfriend talks and moans when I give him head. The more he says the more I get into it. I wish he would just whisper/moan/tell me what to do the whole time I was down there, but he doesn't.

21. When we make love, I usually end up laughing out of sheer joy.

22. I like to get fucked up and have my boyfriend spank me as hard as possible. I love waking up with spotty purple bruises all over my backside.

23. Girls are so beautiful. I honestly can't remember a single man that I instantly thought "Man I'd like to fuck him" just because of what he looked like but with girls, oh yes. I want to fuck them, hard, everywhere.

24. Sometimes I wanna be the big spoon. My boyfriend is a foot taller than me and quite a bit wider but I still wanna wrap my little arms around him and curl my knees behind his bum and be big.

25. I hate myself when I can't make my boyfriend cum. I know it's not always my fault, but I feel like it is. Is my pussy not tight enough, am I not working hard enough, am I nothing special to look at? I know these things aren't true, but sometimes I feel that way.
1. I lost my virginity to a strap-on by a girl I was with for almost two years. We ended on a terribly bitter note, but I would never want to change that fact. I am so endlessly happy it was her.

2. The first guy I slept with was the 22-year-old (to my 17 years) whom my ex-girlfriend cheated on me with. It was mind-blowing.

3. I'm a huge tease and I enjoy it far too much. I love whispering in ears at school or the mall, grazing thighs, just enough to get sex into someone's head in a place where sex is not a possibility.

4. Grade 8 was when I had my first real life girl crush (as apposed to celebrity). To this day we still talk, usually about sex. We've flirted with the idea of fucking a few times but it's never worked out. I really hope it does one day.

5. The summer after grade 9 I came out as gay. I went strong until grade 12, when I slept with a guy and decided I might not be so gay after all. I have no idea what to classify myself as, though some of my classmates like to push bisexual. I will always love women more, but there's something so secure and safe about being with a man that I don't want to let go of yet.

6. My first solid sexual experience was in grade 9 with my first girlfriend. We were caught, too, by my dad. It was so exciting and wonderful and passionate and terrifying.

7. I think about sex a lot. It crosses my mind so often, I wonder if there's something wrong with me. Whenever I go to spin class and do a particularly long and hard (haha!) endurance flat, I focus on sex to make the time pass. Sometimes it gives me an adrenaline rush.

8. When I was about 10 or 11 my parents bought me sex ed books, I suppose because I was curious. I pulled them out multiple times to have a giggle with my friends, and every now and then I would pull them out alone and read them. I felt naughty and experienced, like I knew more than my friends did.

9. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to sex, and even though I did stuff with a girl before I knew much of anything (it seemed to come fairly naturally), I had to watch videos on YouTube before doing anything with a guy. I even got tips from a friend before giving head. I'm glad I did, though. I think I was a lot better than he expected.

10. I used to read and write dirty fiction. I still read it, and I've even taken to buying a couple adult mangas. I also crave movies with sex in them. Generally, when I'm in the movie store, I want something involving sex, but there are so few movies that aren't porn (I don't find porn arousing) that actually have sex you see.

11. I hate shaving my pubes. I desperately want to like it, but I'm so terrified of cutting myself. I feel that because I don't shave, more people will be discouraged to have sex with me. I worry about it often. That being said, I don't mind when girls don't shave. In fact, I like it. It's natural and I like embracing exactly who they are. But I worry that when I go to pull a hair out of my mouth, they'll get discouraged. I'm not disgusted! I just really don't want it to be there anymore.

12. I love touching, and not necessarily in a sexual way. I do very much enjoy the touching of another's naked body, but even when people who I don't think of sexually touch the skin of my arm or my neck or shoulder I get tingly and don't want them to stop. Of course, I rarely voice this desire. But I often wish I had someone who was comfortable just gently touching my hair and neck and arms. In the same way I find people writing on me in pen arousing. But pen just looks so immature on skin. It's unfortunate, really.

13. My nipples are extremely sensitive. There isn't really anywhere else on my body that's sensitive, which is often upsetting as most girls I know have sensitive necks or legs or stomachs, but I'm just stuck with my nipples.

14. I secretly feel that people don't fully like me as a person unless they have a crush on me. This is horribly flawed thinking, and it leads me to try and entice many people whom I'm not actually interested in.

15. I've dated 3 people. I've fucked 5. I look up to people who have had sex with dozens upon dozens of people. I hope to be one of those people someday.

16. I don't have high standards for people I would sleep with. Even if I don't think someone is sexy, I would fuck them.

17. I've never had an orgasm. I long for one. Too many people have told me I need to have one.

18. I love love LOVE sexual tension. I love reading about it, writing about it, watching it on tv and experiencing it. I felt it very often around my best guy friend. If I feel enough sexual tension between myself and someone else, there doesn't even need to be any touching and I'm aroused. It's that simple.

19. I like dirty talk, although I guess I wouldn't call it dirty, because I hate that "pussy" and "dick" stuff. But I love nothing more than to whisper in someone's ear "I want to fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk."

20. I hate when people use the term "making love". It's way too cheesy and I just think of Barry White. I often find myself using the word "fuck," and "sex" takes a backseat. Sometimes "fuck" feels degrading, but sometimes I want to feel degraded, like it's supposed to be something quick and dirty.

21. I feel awkward and uncomfortable talking about boobs with other people. I never know what to refer to them as. Breasts is too romance-novel-esque. Boobs is like a-beer-with-the-guys. Tits feels degrading, like a porno. I often call them breasticles in my head, because I think my dad used to jokingly call them that (awkward, I know). I still haven't decided what I like calling them, so I just try and avoid talking about them.

22. I hate it when guys (or girls for that matter) don't get how two girls can fuck. Or rather, not that they don't get it, but that they are unwilling to accept that it's actually fucking. That somehow a penis needs to be involved for it to actually count. I can understand their point of view, but they don't and will never understand the passion between two women and how it's completely comparable to a man and a woman.

23. Masturbating never works for me. I've tried multiple times at different ages in different places at varying levels of arousal. It never gets very far. I can't get past the fact that I'm touching myself. I need someone else to touch me.

24. I don't know what to consider it, but I do this thing (and have done it since I was 6) where I sort of cross my legs and rock back and forth on a chair. I did it hanging from a swing when I was younger. I think it's masturbating, because I think it hits my clit over and over and I've gotten extremely horny from doing it, but I've always been ashamed of having it as a "hobby" and because I can't explain what it is that I'm doing, I feel like people won't understand. When I really think about it, it's masturbating, and I can really enjoy it at times, but it's a very confusing thing that I do. I don't think I've ever actually told anyone about it.

25. Sometimes I worry that no one will find me as attractive as the girl I lost my virginity to. She was so passionate about her attraction to me. I feel like no one will be able to match it.
1. I cannot think of the last time I went more than a day without masturbating. Ever since I first discovered the joy of self-love, I have always found the time to do it.

2. I have masturbated in other people’s beds, with other people in the room (while sleeping) and even while sharing a tent without anybody knowing it was happening (as far as I know).

3. My first kiss was when I was 15. I had been waiting for it to happen for a while, and when it finally did, it was a huge relief off my shoulders.

4. I am a voyeur of both men and women. I feel lucky that I can sneak a peek in the shower at the gym. The sauna is a great place for this.

5. I love being naked. If no one is home, walking around naked is quite freeing. I have always thought about going to a public place to be naked (nude beaches) but don’t know if I would actually do it. The act of going is more difficult than actually stripping down, I think.

6. I am a commitment-phobe and have never committed to any serious relationship. I feel I can draw a lot of people in without actually making a move, and in the end, this is detrimental because I get seen as a tease.

7. The voyeur fetish goes both ways. I think I enjoy being watched as well. If I were ever watched having sex or touching myself, I would be extremely turned on.

8. I recently found out that the male orgasm is something different from “cumming.” The orgasm is actually an enhanced feeling of sexual pleasure, and the best way to describe it is when that feeling occurs under circumstances when everything is “perfect" I know this feeling but never made the connection – I just thought it was really good. Ever since, I have concentrated to hard at making it “really good” and hope I haven’t ruined my chances of it happening ever again.

9. I often masturbate to pornography, but more often than not turn to my own fantasies right before I finish.

10. I lost my virginity in a threesome. Often I feel like this will be hard to top. I also feel like I would have preferred it to happen later in my sexual maturity to improve the quality. However, it is stories like these that make this fun to tell.

11. I had my first wet dream when I was 11. It took me having seen a television show weeks later before I understood what had happened.

12. A similar television show as mentioned in #11 showed different masturbation techniques. I used a banana peel to masturbate for the first time when I was 12 in the shower. It was explosive and I still remember it as being one of the top 10 sessions I’ve ever had.

13. I have never taken anyone’s virginity. I feel like if I were ever to do that, there would be too many attachment feelings. I also feel uneducated in what it is like "popping someone’s cherry." I think it would be messy…

14. I’ve made out with a girl at the bar in return for a drink. I wish I could take that moment back. From an outsider’s perspective, I think it looked really messy on top of it seeming rude.

15. I am attracted to women who dominate. Someone who can take control of a situation turns me on. I have also never had rough sex but feel like I would be in my prime if I did.

16. During sex, women who are vocal will make the sex 10 times better. This includes moaning, screaming, repeating phrases of euphoria, etc.

17. When I was 13, I entered an adult chat room and role-played with someone I had never met. I never returned to the chat room and only half understood what was actually going on. The other person initiated the conversation and asked to role play. I offered Jack and the Beanstalk (I’m laughing remembering this), but we ended up playing doctor and nurse.

18. Oral sex is another turn on of mine. I enjoy both giving and receiving. Thinking of going down on a woman makes me extremely sexual.

19. I have never had sex sober. I am only 19 years old.

20. I often find it difficult to “seal the deal” when looking to hook up. I don’t think I have the confidence to approach, and if I do, I can’t finish.

21. I would love to make a girl squirt. Even if I was not inside her, if I saw it happen, I would instantly cum.

22. Nipple play intrigues me. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it isn’t. I think you need to have the right touch in order for it to be worthwhile. I usually enjoy touching and sucking nipples as a part of foreplay, but have never received this attention, except for one time at a party when a male friend was being friendly and played with one of my nipples for about 3 minutes. It was extremely enjoyable and I wish I received this kind of attention more often.

23. I would love to have sex with someone I crave, or am crazy for in that moment. This might seem common, but I have never had sex with anyone I had strong feelings for.

24. I feel like I do not have enough sex to satisfy my needs.

25. I have in the past, during very open, social settings, bragged about my sexual encounters when none of them were true. I spoke of things that I would love to do or had seen in porn. I often think of these times and use them as a checklist.
1. I am a man in my 80s keeping my sex-life active with Testovirone and Viagra. All my life women and sex have been very important. After the age of 30, I became reasonably successful in making contacts (and still am). My present partner is a woman 28 years my junior.

2. I grew up in a religious family as first-born among six children. Sexuality was never mentioned although we knew that “fucking” existed. I still remember when my sister and I realized that intercourse was the way children were made. “Then Mother and Father must have done it. Six times!”

3. Since early puberty I have fantasized about seeing girls/women being spanked. Usually with birch twigs (“ris”), once the standard implement in Sweden where I live, and always on their naked buttocks. This made me very excited long before I connected it with sexuality.

4. I vaguely remember getting spanked myself as no big deal. But the sounds of two of my sisters being chastised with the birch in Father’s room are very clear to me. I listened with choking excitement. On one occasion the eldest secretly took down her panties afterwards and showed her red stripes.

5. At age 13 I had a secret crush on a blonde girl a year older but was hopelessly shy and couldn’t make contact. To this day I remember her lovely appearance in a cotton summer dress. She will obviously be with me till I die.

6. At age 16-17 I was going steady with a girl from the same church but we were both shy and inhibited. Just kisses, never anything under the clothes. I only remember her face and full lips. I never even thought about her naked.

7. I was 19 before I found out how to masturbate properly with an erect penis. Ejaculation was associated with vivid images of fast cars. In early puberty I sort of orgasmed by squeezing my testicles between my thighs, and at first I didn’t even understand that this was something to be done in private.

8. Looking back, I think religion and a God that frowns on sexuality are harmful visions to imprint in children. At the same time, a touch of forbidden fruit gives sex a special attraction. I don’t know if I really would have been better off knowing everything from early age, seeing all sorts of sexual antics on the net.

9. As student in a Teachers College I had a long relationship with a classmate from a Pentecostal background. She was even more inhibited and we were never naked together. During long nights in her room I could stroke her breasts and buttocks but penetrative sex was out of the question. Before I went home in the mornings she would jerk me off lying behind my back while I collected the ejaculate in my handkerchief to be disposed of privately.

10. I have always been exclusively interested in girls/women, never boys. Slightly homophobic. Men can have all the rights they want, marry in church and whatever, but male homosexuality makes me shudder. Lesbian sex is a different thing and I would have liked to participate and/or watch.

11. I was married 28 years to the Pentecostal girl. Our sex life never got any better and I don’t believe she ever had an orgasm. God was always looking over her shoulder. Why we never divorced I can’t explain. Misdirected loyalty, similar interests in culture, music, theater. Big house at a status address. No children before she died after six years with ovarian cancer at the age of 57.

12. During our marriage I had my sex on the side. Something I am glad for today, otherwise my mature years would have been a long trail in the erotic desert. From old photos I see that I was reasonably handsome, but I won my victories by being pleasant and intelligent with a touch of edge. This was in the 1960s when women threw away their bras and the concept “fucking for friendship” appeared. AIDS had not arrived and sex without condom was the norm. Nevertheless I never had an STD to this day.

13. I love the female animal (person, individual, whatever) and prefer women to men in all circumstances. Socially, as friends, working partners, crewing on my (then) yacht in Greece. Just a hint of a sexual invitation and I take it. But I never beg.

14. Rape no, but forced finalization of a once started fuck has been known to happen.

15. I am never jealous, nor afraid of comparisons. My dick is average, my physical status also; my brain and erotic drive above average. Whatever a woman has taken willingly in her mouth,cunt or ass is no great matter to me. Rather, I find women quite lovely when they talk about their escapades.

16. I have been to prostitutes in Thailand and Spain and enjoyed the experiences. Wouldn’t mind one now and again, but it is such a bother in Sweden where I live. Against the law, actually.

17. I love giving oral, including ass kissing and tongue. The female curves in that part of her body, the smell and mist of pheromones really give me a kick.

18. Vaginal fucking from behind is lovely and makes me feel that cunt and cock were made for each other. Virgin olive oil on the cock before penetration is better than most lubes.

19. In terms of lust, ass-fucking is a step up. The shared intimacy and humiliation (yes please) are very exciting. To me a woman’s anus is one of the last barriers to conquer.

20. In the 1970s, as an academic teacher, I met a female student from another university. She was 15 years younger, and we started a long history of sex and love. We became closely bonded when we found a mutual interest in spanking as an entrée to fucking. We were out sailing and she really defied me. Before she knew, she was across my lap with her jeans and panties down being hand-spanked in front of the whole archipelago. (I am sure it was intentional.) She used to store the birch switches worn out on her buttocks in an old suitcase, and at intervals we took them out for ritual burning. For my 50th birthday she gave me a riding crop of the worst kind, long and supple, made of nylon. She never hesitated to take it.

21. Women new to spanking will go to great lengths to get one. Long periods of cyber-contact, careful planning of the event, sometimes long travel to a meeting point. The duty for her to collect the implement, such as birch twigs, can be exceptionally arousing. As far as I gathered, the event is best compared to the woman losing her virginity and should not be done carelessly. During my roving years I often brought champagne.

22. As long as the rush continues (days, weeks), a command for the novice to lift her skirt and bend over may be enough to cause an orgasm.

23. Spanking contacts are far from one-night-stands. The special quality of the meetings creates a special bonding. Afterwards, whenever your eyes meet across a crowded room, your hearts leap.

24. Believe it or not, the basic emotions in spanking sessions are fondness and consideration for the “victim’s” enjoyment and satisfaction.

25. The fact that my present partner and I are going on our sixth year together is evidence of that. Without reservations we see our mutual feelings as love of the durable kind.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

1. My first kiss was an extremely drunken one. I’d had almost half a bottle of liquorice Sambuca and it went from kisses on the neck, to the mouth, to my hands down his pants. It was messy and fun.

2. The best kiss I have ever had was from a very close friend of mine. He kissed me so tenderly that it sent shivers down my spine, but I still told him to stop--I’ve never understood why, and I wish I could go back in time.

3. I’ve never had sex, and really didn’t want this to be my first point because I feel it shouldn’t define my sexual habits, sex shouldn’t be all about penetration--but I think I’m fooling myself a little.

4. I find myself more and more curious about women and find myself more turned on by lesbian pornography than heterosexual. I would love to try something out with a woman and think I would be much more comfortable this way for my "first."

5. I wish I was better at kissing. I love kissing but I know I’m not that great at it.

6. I love being naked, taking erotic photos and letting my imagination run wild. I’d love to try nude modeling one of these days.

7. My best orgasms are always in the bath. If you have a bath in your house and I’ve stayed over, I’ve probably had an orgasm in it.

8. I once masturbated in a five star Korean hotel which had a spa on the roof. It was only when I was half way through that I realized a security camera was pointed directly at me. I felt so ashamed and thrilled at the same time.

9. My best friend and I almost kissed once in bed when we were drunk. She tried to kiss me first and I moved away then I tried to kiss her and she moved away. I think we are both very curious and scared.

10. Although I whine about being a virgin often, the three or so times that I have had the opportunity to have sex with someone, I have always turned them down. I. JUST. CAN’T. DO. IT.

11. I love to be held naked in bed, two bodies intertwined is really a beautiful thing.

12. I am extremely attracted to one of my close friend’s housemates but am afraid to make a move. I’m also afraid I’ve left it too late.

13. When I was younger I was insanely attracted to an older man with a shaved head. Seeing him still makes me miss a heartbeat and I’d love to spend a night with him.

14. I have a lot of fantasies of being with an older man. They seem to be almost in awe of a younger woman’s body and appreciate imperfections as well as beauty, and this really turns me on.

15. I’m 20 and secretly would love to be pregnant right now.

16. I think I’m incredibly naïve as well.

17. I like to write dirty stories sometimes.

18. I generally don’t respect myself enough and think way too much about relationships. I think this is why I have never been in a relationship.

19. When I was 12 I told a boy I liked him and he completely degraded me and told me that I’d have to buy him and his friends things for him to even consider dating me. I feel like this is part of the reason why I don’t trust a guy’s sincerity.

20. Guys tend to want to sleep with me but not date me. It really upsets and confuses me. Basically tells me that I’m good enough to fuck, but my personality isn’t one that they want to have around them.

21. Once I was crazy about a guy, but when I got into bed with him I realized two things. 1- I wasn’t attracted to him sexually and 2- I didn’t feel comfortable enough to have sex with him anyway.

22. I have barely kissed anyone sober, and that explains part two of the above remark.

23. Sometimes I film myself having an orgasm, but I rarely watch them and often delete them straight away, afraid that someone else will watch them.

24. The furthest I have gotten was giving a guy a blow job. It really turned me on and I didn’t really want to stop.

25. I have insecurities about myself. I’m inter-racial and have crazy curly hair. Sometimes I just wish I looked ‘normal’ so that I wouldn’t have the lingering thoughts that a guy just wanted to screw the ‘caramel’ girl when he was flirting with me.

1. I'm 23 and a virgin. It's partly by circumstances and choice, but I'm NOT waiting until I'm married to lose it.
2. I've also never had a boyfriend, never been on a date or never been kissed.
3. There was a guy where we had a mutual crush on each other, but I didn't let it go any further than just friends. He was gorgeous, and I had many fantasies about being fucked raw by him, but he was a player and my heart couldn't let me do something stupid.
4. At around 4 or 5 I was forced to perform oral sex on someone in my family. It was a female. She was in her teens. I have forgiven her, 'cause I believe in karma. Karma's paid her a visit, and I've moved on long ago.
5. I started masturbating at 6 years old. I knew what I was doing, I didn't know what it was called but it felt good. The person mentioned in #4 used to do the same thing in front of me sometimes while she would be on the phone talking to friends.
6. I started watching sex-related shows, like HBO's Real Sex, and watching soft-core porn at 12 years old. I got off on it sometimes, but mostly watched and still watch shows like that because I'm interested in learning as much about sex and human sexuality as possible (from the more informative TV shows, not the movies).
7. When I become a bit more sexually experienced, I definitely want to try BDSM. I would love to restrain/blindfold a guy and then have my way with him. I have a dominant side I'd like to try out.
8. I would identify myself as straight, but would like to have at least one same-sex adventure before I die, mostly because I just want to know what it would be/feel like with a woman (even if #4 never happened.)
9. I have a tiny attraction to androgynous and butch-looking lesbians.
10. When I'm a bit older, I would love to have artistic nude photos done of myself. I love my curves and the shape I'm in so to have a physical reminder of it would be amazing.
11. The idea of wild animalistic crazy sex is a turn-on. The same goes for the slow, passionate, but intense sex.
12. I would really love to learn burlesque dancing. It looks fun, sexy and liberating. It's one of my fantasies to perform in that dance style for a boyfriend in the future.
13. Although I know race shouldn't matter, I'm more sexually attracted to white guys than guys of my own race (black).
14. After being told by a random stranger that I had "dick sucking lips," I wondered how I would be at giving blow jobs. A decade of Cosmo magazine tips and books by sexperts, filed away in the sex knowledge part of my brain, would say that I could be pretty good.
15. I have the typical playlist of "sex songs." It grows as I hear songs that turn me on. I don't like the thought of sex without some good music in the background. It could be from the years of porn watching, but it makes sense to me.
16. Two years ago, when I found my brother's stash of porn mags, I told on him. My mom told me to throw them out, but I kept a couple for a few weeks for my own entertainment.
17. I don't own any sex toys, but I am creative.
18. I feel more comfortable masturbating after I've trimmed and shaped my pubic hair. it feels "cleaner" and I can see clearer about what I'm doing.
19. One of the things I look forward to about sex is the feeling of a dick going in and out inside me. I think it would feel amazing.
20. Because of #19, I can't get off when I'm masturbating and I don't put something inside me. For lack of a better word, I end up feeling empty.
21. I believe that the responsibility of protection during sex shouldn't be 100% placed with the guy. If I want to have sex with a boyfriend, I'm gonna be prepared.
22. If I wasn't going in a different career path, I would be a sex therapist.
23. I could care less about the inches in length of the dick of whichever guy I would be having sex with. I know that how it's used that would matter most to me.
24. I like being around gay people. I find it comforting.
25. I wanted to do this list because not all virgins are religious dumb prudes.
1. I’m a white male, in my mid-30s. I have a grad school level education; I’m an above average income earner, who comes from a lower middle class background. I am recently divorced and we did not have any children. I mention these things because I think a person’s background and current situation can affect their sexual proclivities.

2. I’m usually attracted to two ‘types’ of women: Smaller, curvy brunettes with big eyes and dark complexions who are typically quite ‘high maintenance’; and tall statuesque blondes with blue/green eyes and largish breasts who are easier to get along with. I think that I have dated more of the former and less of the latter because I feel like I have ‘earned’ their love more.

3. Intelligence and confidence are the ultimate aphrodisiacs. I’ve never been attracted to a woman who wasn’t smart, no matter how attractive she is.

4. I love talking dirty. I don’t like doing it over the phone, but I can and will say some filthy things before, during and after sex.

5. I think that it’s perfectly OK for people in a happy, healthy relationship to want to have sex with other people. ‘Traditional’ monogamy is not suited to everyone. I would feel uncomfortable in an ‘open relationship’, where both partners were free to sleep with other people without the participation or knowledge of the other partner. However, if both partners are sleeping with the same people at the same time, I think that the experience can be very fulfilling and can also bring both partners closer together.

6. I have been in several relationships with bisexual women (including my ex-wife). In most cases our dalliances with threesomes and group sex were positive, but the relationships didn’t work out for a variety of other reasons.

7. The older I get, the more I realise the crucial role honesty plays in good sex as well as a good relationship. It seems like a no-brainer, but I don’t know if I’ve ever really been completely honest in asking for what I want in a relationship or in the bedroom.

8. I find body hair on both men and women to be distasteful. I wax regularly and would find it hard to be with anyone who did not. I love the way a smooth, stubble-free pussy feels under my tongue. I feel that the hairlessness removes a ‘barrier’ between me and my partner. The tactile sensations are more acute and I feel closer to my partner when I can’t feel the hair.

9. Both of my nipples are pierced and I have several tattoos. I usually hate getting needles when I go to the dentist or doctor, but I find the piercing and tattooing process to be very erotic.

10. I love piercing and tatts on women even more than I love them on me.

11. I think piercings and tattoos display a certain sense of daring and ownership in the person who has them. I’m aware that both have become commonplace and that many people get either or both on a whim. I feel that even these whims come from a motivation on the individual’s part to take ownership of themselves and to stop being what other people expect them to be.

12. When I first have sex with a woman, I find it hard to ejaculate. I remain hard and I enjoy the sex and consciously I would like to have an orgasm, but in some way I feel it’s almost disrespectful to my partner to ejaculate. It’s so messy.

13. I love performing oral sex. One of the best compliments I ever received was during a threesome with my ex-wife and one of her friends. I was going down on my wife’s friend, who was kissing my wife and moaning in pleasure. She stopped kissing my wife long enough to say “My God, your husband has an amazing tongue." My wife replied “I told you” before coming down to help me with her friend.

14. I have a number of female friends. I’ve slept with almost all of them. I feel closer to them than I think I would if I had not. In most cases, we would think nothing of occasionally having sex when either they or I were single. It was never awkward or strange afterwards. I think it’s because I love all of them a little bit and don’t feel I have to put any distance between us following the act.

15. I’ve been accused of being good at friendship but lousy at relationships. There is some truth in this. I don’t think I was ever loved enough as a child and I know that I was constantly demeaned by my parents and told I was worthless. I think this has made it really hard for me to become emotionally intimate with people.

16. I get really turned on by formal wear and formal occasions. I love wearing a tuxedo and I love a woman in a ball gown or a cocktail dress. Formal attire seems inherently glamorous to me and I also love the thought of what women may be wearing under their formal gowns. The juxtaposition between genteel normality and the naughty sexy things happening underneath is an immense turn-on.

17. I have a slightly larger than average sized penis when erect, but when it’s flaccid, it can sometimes become frighteningly small. I sometimes become embarrassed by this when I am at the gym. I have actually started taking Cialis so that my penis will look bigger in the gym changing room. I know this is stupid, but it makes me feel better about myself.

18. Although I have never indulged the fantasy, I have recently been thinking that I could have sex with a guy. He would have to be quite feminine in appearance, well muscled, toned but womanly... slightly built. I find the idea of kissing a man distasteful, but I think I would be able to perform anal and oral sex on him. I wouldn’t swallow and I think I would freak out if any cum got on me. I’ve never masturbated to this fantasy, but when I have thought about it in the abstract, the guy has usually been of Asian appearance.

19. I think that the above idea formed in my mind when my ex-wife and I had a foursome with another couple. While I was having sex with the other woman, I watched my wife 69’ing with the other guy. She stopped blowing him for a second leaving her hand on his cock. I had an enormous desire to change my position so I could suck his cock. I’m not sure if I wanted do it because I wanted to have his penis in my mouth or because I wanted to participate in what my wife was doing.

20. My ex-wife and I picked up a guy in a bar in Paris once. We took him back to our hotel where he and I double-teamed my wife. While he and I were both inside her, I could feel his cock on mine through the flesh separating my wife’s anus and vagina. It was an odd, but pleasurable experience.

21. I find it hard to orgasm from oral sex. I’ve only ever succeeded 3 or 4 times in my entire life. That being said, I’ve never really been with many women who’ve seemed to like or to be overly committed to the task.

22. I don’t have a problem with light bondage and discipline, but I rarely engage in any of these activities. I’m always in control in the bedroom and would feel funny if a woman tried to ‘top’ me. I am hesitant to even spank a woman because I am afraid I will hit too hard.

23. I like porn, but find a lot of it to be formulaic and uninteresting. I think that film makers like Erika Lust make the best kind of porn / erotica. The performers all actually look like they are enjoying themselves and they never seem to fall into the standard porn pro-formas.

24. I’ve been secretly in love with one of my best female friends for about 16 years now. I have never made a move on her or told her how I feel because I have always been frightened that it won’t work out and I will lose her as a friend. In reality, I suspect that my lifelong feelings of inadequacy have lead me into relationships which I knew would never make me happy. I think that maybe I have never said anything to my friend because I don’t feel like I deserve to be happy.

25. Both of us are single at the moment, so I have been wondering if I will seize the moment.
1. I lost my virginity at 14 years old to my then longtime boyfriend. I could not wait to give it to him. But after I did, he told everyone, and then I told all those people he had a little dick (it was true, by the way).

2. At 15 I set my eyes on this cute 20 year guy in my neighborhood and he absolutely ignored me for a few months until one cold February, and we had sex in my bedroom with my friends in the living room.

3. The guy in #2 taught me how to cum while riding on top. He was the first to lick my vagina and I loved it. Until I met him I did not know that sex could be so great (I thought I was in love). For the rest of my HS years we had sex in my house at least three times a week. It was his personal goal that I knew everything about sex.

4. I never quite figured out what love is (even at 34 now), but I know great sex.

5. During high school not only did I do #2 Guy, I did like 4-5 other guys in the neighborhood and at my high school. I just could not get enough. But no one compared to #2.

6. I did not perform oral sex until I was 23 years old, and that was only to keep my then-boyfriend from leaving because he caught me cheating.

7. I had sex with at least two people on a dare. One was to confirm if a dude was gay and one was just because. Both were whack and a waste of time but I won the bet.

8. One time in college I came home with this fine Hispanic guy and during our drunken sex he slammed his penis into my butt... I walked around for a week squeezing my butt cheeks closed. Anal is not for me.

9. I am now 34 years old and never been married, never been pregnant, never had an STD and never done anal (except for the accident).

10. I have had sex with (at last count) 34 men. I am not proud of it but it is what it is.

11. I can name all 34 of them (and probably locate them).

12. At 30 I remembered being sexually abused by an uncle on a random trip to SC, where someone said "hey meet your uncle so and so." I was like "you abused me," and walked off.

13. As much sex as I have had I have never been with a woman, although I am curious.

14. At 23 I found Jesus and was celibate for 5 years. At 28 I had had enough and wanted to have some sex. So I did!

15. My motto is: less than 8 inches, we can’t negotiate.

16. I love to masturbate; I have been doing it since I was 11 years old. I used to use the battery holder from one of my toys to rub myself with and orgasm.

17. As I type this message I am ready to have an orgasm. Just talking about sex turns me on.

18. Nothing pisses me off more than a man with a dick he does not know how to work. Except a man with a small one that can't get it up.

19. The only man that can make me cum all night long is best friends with #2. He lived across the hall from me my whole life. And now he is the only man I look forward to having sex with. He is currently unavoidably detained.

20. I secretly would love to do FFM & MMF group sex. Or attend one of those crazy sex parties they show on "Real Sex."

21. Although I am intrigued by the female form I just don't think I could give oral sex to one.

22. I am afraid that I have had so much sex that I will not be able to bond with my husband if he is only an average lover.

23. I sometime get so turned on with myself when I am getting dressed that I have to pull out my vibrator and handle my business before I go to work.

24. #2 is the only man that can make me cum over the phone.

25. I really miss having sex with #2.