Saturday, April 4, 2009

1. I am really happy with my sex life thus far. I am in my late 20s and have had a few disappointing episodes, though nothing I regret. But there is still so much more I want to do.

2. I am really attracted to and turned on by gay guys. I have kissed quite a few pretty passionately but haven’t gone any further. I think I am attracted to their overt sexuality and potential for fucking hard. I am also really into gay male porn.

3. I like to be dominated and find that being blindfolded turns me into a hugely submissive slut. Maybe it’s the relinquishing of responsibility but I am willing to do anything at that point.

4. I love to dominate too. Either I will get my partner to lie very still and I will kiss them and do things to them, ordering them not to move, or I will restrain them physically so that they can’t. In one of my favourite sessions I wanked the guy off whilst whispering smut in his ear, as if he were a prisoner and I was his guard. That was fun. I have introduced a lot of guys to the potential pleasure to be had of having me play with their ass.

5. I enjoy the power of feeling like I am in control of fucking the guy (even though he is penetrating me) or when I am fucking him with a strap-on, or my fist, or a toy. I like to be in a certain position when doing this; either behind him doggy style or above him missionary position.

6. I discovered the potential of my sexuality at a very young age. I developed breasts and was a c-cup by the time I left primary school (aged 11). I am known in various groups of friends as being the most sexual one and frequently have friends indicate their curiosity about fucking me.

7. I fantasise a lot about girls but have little interest in them in real life. I have kissed a few, and enjoy the type whom I can dominate – pushing them up against a wall and making them feel like they can’t resist. I feel that if I did fuck a woman, I’d either want her to be a novice and I be in total control, or she to be hugely experienced and to dominate me. No in-between.

8. I love having sex on any type of drug or stimulant and have done so for a personal record of 8 hours once.

9. I have sex with people who interest me or who I am curious about. Some would describe my indifferent nature to social regulation as sluttish. I see it as experimental and none of their business. I enjoy what I do, and take measures to ensure people’s health isn’t jeopardised and their feelings don’t get hurt.

10. I love being photographed and videoed but don’t like to keep them afterwards. Some of the photos, maybe, but none of the videos.

11. I would love to fuck a virgin guy. I have taught a guy who’d never tried it how to go down on a woman. That was hot.

12. I very narrowly avoided being gang raped at a festival after being spiked with a date rape drug. Although I try hard not to think about it, I sometimes wonder if I would ever have come through that and whether it’s had an impact on my sexuality since. Somewhat perversely, I read some Literotica stories about hypnotised/drugged rape and they turned me on immensely.

13. I am an exhibitionist and love to get up to sexual stuff in public. As well as parks and in the car on motorways, I’ve fucked, sucked, self-masturbated, been masturbated, and masturbated others on public transport frequently. I also like taking off my underwear when I’m with a partner, giving it to them and spending the rest of the night with their fingers in my pussy as often as possible.

14. I find the thought of ‘glory holes’ and giving anonymous blowjobs a huge turn on. Again, I don’t know if I’d do it, but I like the thought of it.

15. I love fucking/giving blowjobs in front of mirrors, sooooo much better than porn.

16. It took me a long time to be able to take cum in my mouth. I still haven’t gotten as far as swallowing, but enjoy the feeling of having some guy shoot his load in my mouth, especially if he’s holding my head in place.

17. My once long held adversity to blow jobs meant that I built up a pretty good hand job technique. This is something that is usually overlooked in sex and comes as a welcomed ‘blast from the past’ to many guys who’d forgotten how good it can feel.

18. I love having guys come on my face. A lot are shocked when I ask them to do this (usually whilst talking dirty to them about what they are doing to me and what I want them to do to me next). I also like it across my tits or ass, but especially all over my face.

19. I love having my nipples bitten hard. It usually surprises my partners how hard I can take it. Sometimes, usually just before my period, I can come just through having my breasts and nipples played with. That’s when I really feel like I properly ‘let go’ as with sex there’s always the fear he will stop, slow down, change position etc just as I’m departing from my senses.

20. I used to have a boyfriend with whom I was constantly aroused. He would do this look that would make me instantly wet. When he went down on me, I was literally climbing up the wall behind the bed as it was so intense. A couple of times he made me cum so hard my arms went numb. I was often fit for nothing for at least 2 mins after I’d stopped orgasming. I loved that he’d pull my legs further apart, climb in between them and start fucking me, making me cum again 2 or 3 more times vaginally. Despite breaking up and seeing other people, we’re still in contact as you don’t get that sort of intensity with someone very often.

21. I love to be rimmed and have my ass played with. Although I don’t mind doing it to others, I feel I don’t have it done enough to me, and often don’t feel comfortable asking people to do it.

22. The first time I had sex was amazing. It was with my boyfriend who was 10 years older than me and lasted for almost 3 hours. The next day I couldn’t leave him alone and we did it another 3 times. That weekend we had more sex than I’ve ever had in a weekend since!

23. I had a friend who was a foot fetishist and I discovered this when his ‘innocent’ massaging of my feet turned to him sucking my toes and moaning quite heavily. As we were surrounded my (equally as surprised) friends at the time, and another guy I was casually fucking, I made him stop. If we hadn’t have been in that situation, I would have let him carry on as I was intrigued and slightly turned on too.

24. I went through a period of waking up whilst cumming in my sleep. This is the most amazing feeling and I am upset that I’ve not experienced it for a few years now.

25. Covering my body, particularly my breasts, in baby oil gets me really, really horny. I love to feel my breasts sliding across my partner’s chest, or him sliding his cock over and between them. You can’t have enough of the stuff in my opinion!
1. I’m painfully in love with my best friend… and his amazing, gorgeous girlfriend.

2. I lost my virginity when I was 15, a whole year before I got my first period. I don’t know whether to be proud or bothered by this fact.

3. I lost my virginity on the couch in my basement, which my parents had owned since I was little. As a result I’ve become a bit attached sentimentally to that couch.

4. The boy that I lost my virginity to was 2 years older then me. We dated for almost 5 years and I came dangerously close to marrying him. Looking back I don’t know why I stayed with him for so long, he never made me truly happy.

5. Growing up I had a “funny uncle.” He’s my mother’s brother and he suffers from slight mental retardation. Whenever he would come to visit he would always pay a little bit more attention to me then the other kids, kissing and touching me to the point of WAY past normal. I don’t think that anything totally horrible happened to me but I do believe that the way he acted towards me was not appropriate. I’ve only told 2 people in the world about this because I feel that because nothing overtly sexual happened I’m really not a victim of sexual abuse (but inside I know that it fucked me up).

6. Although I consider myself to be an intensely sexual person I’ve had sex with only one person. This makes me feel a bit like a fraud in my circle of friends considering I have the lowest sexual partner count (which is ridiculous I know).

7. I’ve known I was bisexual since I hit puberty. There is just something about the female body that is at times a million times more attractive then a male counterpart. I can’t imagine not being attracted to both guys and girls. I really have no idea how straight people do it!

8. Sometimes I wish I had been born a boy and often I will feel more like a boy then a girl. I use to have HUGE issues about this but have slowly begun to accept it’s just who I am. I now happily consider myself to be gender flexible, with days that I wake up feeling like a badass boy and other days when I’m the most girlish girl on the planet.

9. I wish I was as adventurous in the real world as I am in my head. I think I could really benefit from casual sex but I know I couldn’t have a one night stand if my life depended on it.

10. The best orgasms I used to have (while dating previously mentioned ex-fiancé) were the ones I gave myself. I also gave myself my first orgasm using an electric toothbrush (I was 13 at the time and inventive).

11. Dancing is my secret weapon. Give me some intense beats, a few drinks (depending on the intended target) and I just can’t sit still. I honestly thought about giving stripping a try but I’m sure my idea of stripping is highly romanticized. (Thank you Demi Moore…)

12. I am incredibly self-conscious. I believe that my body shape would have been better suited for past decades and that the current media focus of how men and women should look is disgusting.

13. I’m not really as kinky as my girl friends assume I am. I’ve experimented with handcuffs, ties and mild blood play but I think my girl friends assume that I’m a twisted freak.

14. I am ridiculously affectionate when in a relationship/crushing on somebody but I try my damndest not to express it. I would love nothing better then to just be all over somebody (hold their hand, kiss their neck or face randomly, push my fingers through their hair etc.) but often feel like it’d be too much.

15. I love having sex when I'm slightly intoxicated. Some of the best sex I’ve ever had was while drunk off of Bacardi 151.

16. There is nothing hotter then moaning. Guy or girl, it doesn’t matter; I will lose my mind in the best way.

17. I am a huge fan of kissing. Hour long above the waist make out sessions are almost better then sex. And I’m a bit of a kissing slut; if anyone shows any interest in kissing me I will be in their lap in under a second, even if I have no interest in them for anything else.

18. I definitely have a type for both girls and guys. The guys I’m usually attracted to have dark hair and eyes, on the thin side and have a very odd sense of humor. The girls I’m interested in usually are shorter then me, with curly/wavy hair and ridiculously intense eyes. Personality for both seems to be on the odd side. What can I say; I’m usually attracted to the weird ones.

19. When I first started dating my father told me that I better not ever bring home a girl or a "nigger." I always thought it would be perfect poetic justice if I fall in love with a gorgeous black girl.

20. The sexiest body part on both guys and girls is the back. There is just something about shoulder blades and the knobs of the spine that is elegant and sexy. I’m also a sucker for a girl with legs up to there and razor sharp hipbones; and a boy with rough hands and strong arms.

21. I don’t truly believe in monogamy anymore. After watching my parents divorce, my grandparents bicker and fight till the end of their lives, and my own attempts at monogamy crashing and burning I am a firm believer in flexible monogamy. I’m always going to be attracted to different kinds of people and I believe that the best kind of relationship for me to have is an open, loving one where whoever I’m with can accept and embrace my desires.

22. After all the relationship bullshit that I’ve been through I know that the chances of me ever getting married are slim to none (and slim just left town). This isn’t saying that I don’t believe that I’ll ever be in a long term committed relationship; I just can never see myself having the typical ‘wedding’. I’m a total nonconformist, separated from the extended family and wallflower to boot so the idea of a day being totally focused on me makes me kind of wanna throw up.

23. The boy that I’m in love with now has no idea how intense my feelings are towards him. It scares the ever-loving hell out of me because a. I’ve NEVER felt this strongly about anyone and b. Deep down I know that he’s it, he’s the other half of me (the soul mate that people are always trying so desperately to find) and that this is the absolute worst time and place for me to find him.

24. I’m still working on the perfect playlist for sex. Right now I’ve got a mashup of classic rock, hard rock and alternative. I can’t imagine having sex to a slow song (unless it was soulful and meaningful and if it was the case then music isn’t necessary).

25. For all the pessimistic beliefs about love that I have I am still a hopeless romantic at heart.
1. I'm 26 and have never had sex. I don't want to be a virgin, but I am. It killed me until I was 24 or 25 and got to suck on a girl's nipples... I guess that was far enough that I could deal with it.
2. I've been masturbating since I was three. My parents used to tell me I shouldn't do it and my religious beliefs made me feel guilty about it as I got older, but I kept on wanking. I'm glad that all of that hasn't made me TOO crazy.
3. I haven't made anyone cum until recently, when I posted an audio file of myself masturbating on the Internet. Apparently I brought a lot of girls to some great orgasms, but, strangely enough, that didn't do much for me. I guess I need to be there for it to have an effect on me.
4. When I started masturbating, I did it face-down, on my belly. I would grind my dick between my right hand and my thigh, and it felt great. This is why I get so turned on when I see women masturbating in this position.
5. I started shaving my dick and balls 3-4 years ago. I don't keep up with it very well anymore (as it takes a lot of time), but it was a great decision. Hairy balls look and feel gross.
6. I used to stuff sweatpants with towels so they were shaped like legs and put 'breasts' into pillows I connected to those legs. I was very sex-starved as a young man.
7. I feel a little guilty about it, but I like videos where the girls pretend to be asleep and the guys fuck them, I think because I feel like that's the only way I could get laid (I clearly have a lot of sexual issues). I would never do this, though, and I have no interest in videos in which the girls are actually asleep.
8. Although I'm uninterested in videos of girls actually being fucked in their sleep against their will, I guiltily admit that I enjoy spy videos of girls masturbating.
9. I desperately want girls to watch me masturbate.
10. I've videotaped myself masturbating before, and really want to find a girl who wants to watch it. I'm not willing to randomly post it on the Internet, though.
11. Watching my own masturbation video makes me pretty hot.
12. I'm a teacher; my students are mostly 18-year-old freshmen. As much as it would make things awkward in class, I wish some of my students would come on to me. Especially the quiet, shy ones.
13. With the right person, just bumping into them can make me incredibly hot.
14. I'm so desperate for touch and affection lately that when one of my (male) friends was recently jokingly dancing up against me, it made me feel incredibly comforted. I wish there wasn't a sexual stigma against guys touching people, because touch means so much to me.
15. I'm awful with the standard male role of 'taking charge' and 'making the first move.' I need women to make that first move, but am rarely attracted to the type of women who do.
16. Because of #15, I wish I were gay. It would make my life a lot easier. I'm not remotely attracted to men, though.
17. I once made a fake vagina out of one of those pink, squishy nerf gel footballs. I used it a few times, but it didn't really work out.
18. I would have a hard time cumming into a woman's mouth or on her face. Even if she told me she liked it, it seems way too gross for anyone to like it. I can't stand when guys do this in porn videos.
19. I fantasize about having public sex. I guess it's the thrill of getting caught.
20. I fantasize about public masturbation, hoping for some girl to walk in on me and like it... I know that that outcome is unlikely, though, so I don't indulge in this fantasy.
21. I once almost had an orgasm just from stroking my foot with my fingernail. Sadly, one of my roommates walked in before I was done, and I haven't been able to recreate those sensations since.
22. When a lot of my friends see girls they're attracted to, they imagine them naked, but I'm quite different about my fantasies. I just imagine them pressed up against me and what my hands would feel running over their bodies. I get so much more pleasure from touch than visual stimuli, it's nuts.
23. I love having my nipples sucked on or played with.
24. I've had nothing feel better than when a girl ran her fingers on my stomach just above my dick, teasing me... she turned out to be nothing but a tease, but that teasing was amazing.
25. The idea of making a girl cum is so much hotter to me than the idea of a girl making me cum.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

[1] Sex and food are my two major concerns in life. I am unlikely to be interested in most other things unless they can be incorporated into these. I have a very easy time making most things sexual – it's accessible and one of the world's greatest metaphors.

[2] I believe in sexual abundance and have attempted to structure my lifestyle so that I can experience that within loving relationships. Therefore I may have more than one sexual partner at a time, all knowledgeable and consenting. This is sometimes exhausting, and I have yet to balance my sexual energy in a way that deals with that. I'm working on it and that work is gratifying.

[3] When I was really young (I've been having orgasms as long as I can remember), I would get turned on by the act of urination. The feeling of something flowing out of me was really erotic to me, and I would often find places where I could pee and then masturbate. 20 years later I taught myself to ejaculate, and since then I've found the unifying thing about these sensations – I just find sexual value in releasing fluid, in spilling out, like a glass overfilled.

[4] I've always been fascinated by the male orgasm. At first I found it hard to get boys / men to let me watch them have one, but now it seems that more and more will just get their dicks out for me. Thanks, guys.

[5] My lovers are mostly male, but I consider my tastes to be pansexual and pangender. I have some insecurities about 'queer enough' that have thus far prevented me from pursuing lovers outside my immediate social sphere, but I want to. I just have to figure out how. I'd like to have genderqueer and / or androgynous lovers. I'd also really, really like to fist a gay man.

[6] I too have a proclivity for 'novelty' sex, but I tend not to do those things casually. This has led to many a secret relationship, much drama and energy expenditure, and lots of disappointment. I have learned to check this stuff and I think I've moved on a bit from this kind of attraction with a mind for sustainability. I've fucked my dentist, a couple of bosses, the stepfather of kids I babysat when I was 15, his brother, my professor's ex-boyfriend etc. They make great stories but I really don't tell them much.

[7] I have no idea how many people I've slept with, and that's not because it's been particularly many – I just can't be bothered counting and have never seen that as any sort of yardstick. I also always miss people when I do try recalling, so I don't think my memory is solid enough to give a figure. What I can say is that I almost never have bad sex. I don't really think I ever have to.

[8] I've got whatever it is that Lolita has, whatever it is that makes older men feel like they can / should have me. There are lots of us out there, and I think we should start a sisterhood and maybe start charging for our services. Though I can't say we don't get anything out of it ourselves – I have benefited many times from having older lovers.

[9] The most intense sexual act I have ever performed is fisting a man. It is one of the most gratifying sexual services I can think of delivering, for both parties. Delving that far into something suspends you completely in time and concentrates sensation in a way I've not experienced elsewhere. I think some of my pleasure has to do with this particular person and his proclivities for that which is base and dark and carnal and deep and at the core, but I want to try it with other people and see if the appeal changes from person to person. I think it will. I also really, really like putting my tongue in boys' bums.

[10] Fucking on drugs is brilliant. I tried this with a friend on ecstasy about a year ago and it was earth-shattering. I went to another place with that one. Since then I've had sex on acid several times and I find that to be the perfect trip. It makes the sex more cerebral and you see more of the machinations of it. I'm into stuff like that.

[11] I know it sounds wanky, but sometimes I really do see sex as a medium for creating art. Sometimes people have really pretty sex, and the act of watching it is one of those things that transforms and evokes, and I am thoroughly convinced that there is some sex you could put in a gallery and call art. And I intend to make some of that.

[12] I am very occupied with the sense of uncontrolability, being unable to help something, wanting to pull back but not being able to. This is more in the context of sensation, not so much in a power dynamic or S&M context. I like seeing someone come against her will, and I actually think premature ejaculation is kinda hot sometimes. I just like the sudden overload of sensation that sends someone over the edge before they've had the chance to journey there at their own pace.

[13] My sex drive tends to be highest before I bleed, and sometimes during as well. I just feel totally full and round and bursting, which, obviously, is a theme for me.

[14] I really like to take it in the face. I like the sensation of someone's cum on my skin, and I like the anticipation of waiting for it, which makes it more prized and makes me want to get as close to it as possible. I also like to hold my thumb against a man's urethra when he's coming so I can feel the passage of fluid from the inside of his body to the outside.

[15] I have had the opportunity to document parts of my sexuality on camera, both in stills and in video. I've also had the opportunity to watch a whole bunch of other people do the same thing. This has definitely changed the course of things for me, but I still am not sure how. I think maybe it's partly about aesthetics, though – moving my very personal sexuality into the visual realm and having an audience for that. You think about how things look and you find beauty in them and learn how to make that even more effective. And you don't even have to put it on or fake things – it really is just beautiful how it is.

[16] That's a bit lucky, isn't it? Cool.

[17] I've had sex with a prostitute. It was a gift from friends, and they paid to watch as well, but I think I might also have given it a go of my own volition. I didn't orgasm, but I got close. But I think the sexiness there was much more about what was around me than what she was physically doing. It was an interesting experience, though I was a bit sleepy at the time and I wish I had been a little more alert.

[18] You know that fantasy of backing someone against a wall and pressing your tongue between their lips and grinding your hips against theirs? I only put other women's backs to the wall in that one. I think I tend to feel like the top in the sex I have with women, but I don't think it has to be that way – it's just that I'm still working out how I relate to them sexually.

[19] Lately I am exploring a lot of verbal sex. I used to think I was really bad at it – sexy text messages, emails, phone sex, telling sexy stories – but I might not be. I enjoy telling people what I think about them and how I experience their bodies. I also really like being talked to. Not so much dirty talk as storytelling (though I do enjoy a 'suck that fucking cock' from time to time). I like to masturbate with my partner while he tells me a fantasy as he's having it.

[20] I hate really loud wet sounds in porn, though there are some exceptions to this rule. I particularly hate it in videos of masturbation. Too visceral, somehow.

[21] I can orgasm from giving someone oral, and without necessarily having any physical stimulation besides my mouth on someone's dick or cunt.

[22] I want to say that 'anything goes' in the world of fantasy, but I really can't deal with fetishes of race. I am open to some reading of them as OK, but I can't make one myself.

[23] A partner of mine once came in his pants – he was wanking through his jeans and not intending to come, but did accidentally. He came out of his room with a wet spot on his jeans. I found this ridiculously sexy and it still pops into my sexual consciousness from time to time.

[24] I get really turned on by images of large and fleshy labia. Particularly when they're resting on something. I think it's about protrusion – something extending out from the body, exposed to the air.

[25] I think this is a beautiful project of intimate sexual exchange and I like its prospective economy – if you take of it, you should also give. There's nothing to lose and it's a rare opportunity for completely anonymous intimacy and exposure. Do it.

Monday, March 30, 2009

1. I was quite the tomboy growing up and viewed boys more as friends than as potential sexual partners. This view changed around the age of 14 when I got my first boyfriend. We never did more than kiss and touch but he awakened my desire to think about sex on a regular basis.
2. I was molested on several different occasions while growing up... all at a fairly young age. I never told anyone. None of the molestings were what you would call violent... mostly stroking inside my clothes... my pants etc. All the molesters were grown men. I know they happened but I don't dwell on them very often.
3. When I was around 6 I spied on my aunt and uncle through the bedroom keyhole. They were engaged in 69 and even in my young mind I found it incredibly hot... even though I didn't fully realize what they were doing. I still think about that memory today. I remember my uncle had quite a large penis.
4. When I was 17 I had my first sexual encounter with my boyfriend other than kissing and touching. He tried masturbating me but wasn't very good at it. This opened my eyes to the world of masturbation. I wasn't very good at it either in the beginning...very rough and impatient. I learned over time how to treat my body and became quite good at it. The first time I saw his penis I wasn't too impressed... it was small and shriveled and ugly.
5. My mother thought I was having sex quite a long time before I actually was. This made me feel incredibly angry as I was being accused of being a slut when I had done nothing even remotely slutty. Meanwhile my older sister slept with anything that walked by... I sometimes wish I had been more interested in sex then because I got into lots of trouble and grounded many times over something I wasn't even doing.
6. The first time I had actual sex with my boyfriend it wasn't anything like I thought it would be. He was only about 5 inches long...I couldn't even feel him inside me. We had sex several times after that but when I moved on and slept with another man eventually...the first time we had sex it hurt quite a lot...which makes me believe my first boyfriend was too small to break my hymen.
7. I haven't had that many sexual partners, only 6...but I have had sexual encounters with at least 12.
8. A guy in my apartment building asked me out to a movie one night. I ended up giving him a blow job in the dark parking lot of our's the only time I ever swallowed. I didn't like it as it caught me off guard. I didn't even know his name.
9. Another guy in the same building spent a few weeks flirting with me... then invited me up to his flat one day. I went up and he was stretched out on his bed rubbing the largest dick I have ever personally seen. The size of it terrified me and I was only able to bring myself to give him a hand job. To this day I wish I had "tried" him out.
10. Another guy I met chatting on the internet. We had some very erotic chat for a few weeks and I really expressed myself with him. One night on a spur of the moment decision I called him and arranged a meeting. We fucked for 2 hours and it was very hot. I let him fuck me anally and even though it hurt...I really enjoyed it. The only other time we had sex was while I was on my period. He said it didn't matter and we had some of the hottest sex ever. It was a messy but very sensual and erotic. The only thing I didn't like about that encounter was the fact that he was incredibly hairy. I forced myself to ignore that fact.
11. I had sex with a guy named Bryan Adams just because of his name... it was boring and very uninspired. He told me later he had herpes... but I never caught it.
12. I was married for 20 years and my ex-husband was a sexual machine. He could never get enough. In the beginning I liked it... eventually I grew tired of the continuous onslaught. He generally only cared about his own satisfaction... only rarely did he give me any attention. I masturbated a lot in those 20 years. I cheated on my husband in our 19th year of marriage. The guy I did it with was really into a woman's body... and his talk alone was enough to strip you of your inhibitions. Very hot and sexy. The first sexual encounter we had was in his truck with the side door open so he could reach me. He went down on me and it was wonderful. We only had sex once... it was better than with my ex... but not as good as I let my imagination believe it would be. The sexiest thing about him was that he would really listen to me when I talked. Men don't understand how hot that can be.
13. I like viewing porn but I prefer man on man. For some reason I like seeing a man being penetrated. I rarely watch male/female porn. I find it staged and boring. I also don't care much for lesbian porn. I also prefer watching sex scenes in which you really can't see "everything"...I find the mystery extremely hot.
14. I have never in my life been attracted to women... but I met a woman 3 years ago who I clicked with almost immediately. Within a short time she was definitely giving off signs of interest. I didn't know what to do about it as I didn't consider myself bi or a lesbian. Eventually she "attacked" me one day and I had my first sexual encounter with a woman. It was very rough and painful as it was her first encounter as well. We were both married at the time. While I did have an orgasm by her that day... I was shocked by the fact that I might be a lesbian. I have no feelings against lesbians but I had never considered women as sexual partners. We have been lovers now for 3 years and it's some of the best sex I have ever had. I'm divorced now but she is still married and likely to remain that way.
15. I consider myself bi because even though my long term lover is female I still desire men and fantasize about them. I've never been attracted to another woman since starting this relationship with her.
16. We experimented with a dildo one day and it was so hot when I kept it between my thighs and she rode me like a wild woman. She had a very intense orgasm and it was a beautiful experience. She can be a mixture of aggression and tenderness depending on how horny she is. She never tells me no if I want her... and she always shows signs of desire for me... always. She is obsessed with my breasts and will lay in bed stroking them or sucking them for hours if I let her. She is very adventurous and is up for anything no matter how "perverse" it may seem.
17. She's extremely jealous of my continued interest in men.
18. I fantasize about watching her have sex with a man. I want to watch her being fucked... I want to see the expression on her face... hear her grunting and coming. Although she is married I don't think about her husband as the man in my fantasy... he is a dickhead.
19. I'm almost positive her husband knows we are having a sexual relationship. She doesn't hide it very well around people. I also believe he would gladly fuck me if I let him. He has shown signs of wanting me. As I said... he is a dickhead... he will never get that chance.
20. I think about finding a man to have sex with as I do miss having an actual dick penetrate me... but I'm not sure I want to risk my relationship with her. Other than the fact that she is married... we are nearly a perfect match for each other. I could picture myself spending the rest of my life with her.
21. I have been divorced for 2 years now and have almost completely wiped out the memories of my 20 year marriage. Even though we have 5 children between us... I think of him very little. I never think about the sex we had or what he subjected me to.
22. My children are almost all in their late teens now and I think about them and their first sexual encounters. I hope they have better first sex then I did. As much as I would like to imagine they will be careful and not just sleep around until they are married... I also know that in today's society that is not likely to happen. I try not to get too worked up over it.
23. I'm 40 years old now and wonder if I will ever desire marriage again... if I will be satisfied with this relationship with my female lover even though we will likely never be able to really be together like a couple... I wonder if I will ever get to try out sexual scenarios that I fantasize about and how I will handle them if I do get the chance.
24. I go through spells of hot and cold. For weeks at a time I'm horny all the time. I think about sex constantly and search it out on TV and the net. I let her have her way with me. Whatever she wants. I'm in a constant state of desire and it takes very little to make me orgasm. Other times I just seem to lose my desire for sex... and I'm not really interested in it for a while. This frustrates her as she wants it all the time. She seems to enjoy going down on me even if I'm not really in the mood... will work on me for as long as it takes to bring me to orgasm. Sometimes I go down on her even when I don't feel in the mood... at these times I find it slightly repulsive. I have never let her know I feel this way.
25. I think about sex with strangers a lot. Just to pick someone out and go to town with them is very hot to me. I can be somewhat held back during sex... but my encounter with chat guy in the previous post makes me believe that anonymous sex is just my thing. No judgments... no calls tomorrow...n othing to hold me back. I meet men and immediately wonder what it would be like to just be fucked sideways by them. It's very hot.
1. I have slept with more people than I’ve dated.
2. My youngest sexual partner was 8 years older than me.
3. I am into BDSM, enjoy being a submissive and am a bit of a pain slut. I believe that everyone’s a slut, somewhere deep inside; it’s just a matter of how much you let shine through.
4. I have had thoughts about being spanked and tied up since I was 6.
5. I love having my hair pulled and being pinned down. I don’t know why, I just do.
6. I meet most of my sexual partners online. This will change in a year.
7. I skipped the whole “teenage porn” phase and went right into hardcore BDSM videos. Vanilla porn bores me to death.
8. I am camera shy in my non-sexual life, but a total cam whore in my sex life.
9. I got my first dildo on my 17th birthday.
10. I name my toys. So far, I have Bilbo, Greg, Mark, and Junior
11. I plan on being in a pornographic video before I die. Not mainstream though. And not vanilla. And maybe not just one.
12. I masturbated anally before I tried anything vaginally…and then moved on to oral. I guess my brain is wired backwards.
13. I have a bit of a cum phobia – yes, that white, sticky, gooey stuff that comes out of a penis. I’m scared of it, but slowly getting over it.
14. Only a few of my friends know about my sexual escapades and participation in….interesting activities. And that’s okay. I don't expect acceptance, but I do expect respect.
15. I have a major schoolgirl fetish. I think it might have something to do with my love of plaid skirts. I have yet to find a skirt that I love enough to buy.
16. I masturbate almost every night.
17. I'm not a huge fan of oral - both giving and receiving. But I'm learning to be good at giving a blowjob.
18. This one time...during spring break...I got a little drunk and sucked a friend. It shouldn’t have happened, but I don't really regret it.
19. I’m in the middle of writing my own erotic novel/novella/long story. It’s violent and a bit obscure, but it’s what I’d love to live out one day.
20. I randomly made out with my ex from grade 9. In the passion pit at school. It was great.
21. I have a friend that I wouldn't have minded losing my virginity to. But that was a bit of an impossibility.
22. I love to have a smooth pussy – though waxing it off means I have to wait for it to grow back. And regrowth is a bitch and a half.
23. 6.5 inches is a nice size. A very nice size.
24. I hate that sex has become such a social taboo. We should learn to embrace it, talk openly about it, and not be ashamed of it.
25. I hope to be in a kinky, polyamorous relationship one day.
[1] I believe sexuality pervades all social interaction, and that I am being sexual when I shop, work and play.

[2] Accordingly, I don't think any of our received ways of talking about sex do justice to the individuality and variety of sexual ways of being. I particularly reject the stupid hetero-homo scale which seems to make so much sense to others, but none at all to me. (But hurrah for this exercise in celebrating the variety of experience!)

[3] I am a 46 year old man who has had lots of relationships, long and short, and also a lot of time on his own. Every step along that way has shaped me, but none of it dictates anything that lies ahead.

[4] At this late stage, I believe I have found a partner who is pretty much ideal for me, whose entire being seems to align well and resonate with mine, and I can't have her because she is spoken for and lives in the wrong country and still intends to have kids, which I can't give her. But I don't want to own her, and I am over the moon to have her in my life at all. Our sex is the way I want sex to be. But it could be more often.....

[5] I love sex, and am capable of being as slutty as you like, under the right circumstances. I have proved that now and then, and would like to find occasion to prove it in the future too.

[6] I like playing with images, and would love to make porn with people I like, and to show it off brazenly. Showing faces and eyes is really important, as is acknowledging the act of making a picture. While commercial porn is pretty terrible, the recent proliferation allows a lot of non-commercial and arty stuff to grow around the edges and I find much there to like, and I try to contribute in some small way. Commerce makes porn stink.

[7] I have had sex very publicly on quite a few occasions. The world usually reacts well to that (though time and place are critical, of course).

[8] I hope to go to an orgy some day. Indeed, I think orgies are fine projects.

[9] Sex in love is incomparably better than sex for sex's sake.

[10] I have learned a lot from longer relationships and very little of note from casual encounters. Which is not to say that they were not fun.

[11] I love feeling horny, and appreciating other people. Being sexually charged changes the world. I am constantly molesting strangers with my eyes, but that's allowed.

[12] I don't think the details of who sticks what where are all that important, as long as fun is had, and everyone treats everyone else with respect. Beyond that, its all good.

[13] I've tried most "suburban" kinks. With someone else who gets off on them, I like most of them. But I don't get cross dressing. It turns me off. And anything to do with shit is simply disgusting. But that leaves a lot of play ground.

[14] I have had two partners who had tendencies towards self-harm that found expression occasionally in sex that involved blood and knives. That is incredibly moving, strong, and somehow wonderful. I still think its a lot less damaging than harming yourself alone in a room.

[15] Photos and videos of sex and each other have played wonderful roles in several relationships. It's been brazen, and I will never run for public office, because there's probably all kind of shit out there. But I don't care, and I have always treated the material as private. In fact, I have always eventually destroyed it after the end of a relationship. That pains me somewhat, and I would like to have more of a record. But I know why I destroy them, because you don't live in the past.

[16] I like cocks. Don't care much for the rest of men's bodies, and all my sexual encounters with men have been fleeting, often anonymous. But I like cocks.

[17] Because of 16, I have a special fondness for MMF threesomes, where I am with a female partner, and we share an invited cock as a guest. It is using the third party, but they usually don't complain, and they shouldn't! I have been fortunate to have experienced the MMF situation several times, with several partners, and it's pretty much been good every time, and great some times. It is massively indulgent. I have next to no experience of FFM though.

[18] I think my fondness for MMF situations as above is, in part, due to my hatred of jealousy. In enjoying that particular cocktail, all concerned are thumbing their noses at jealousy and ownership. I had a jealous wife. She pre-empted what she (wrongly) saw as the inevitability of me cheating, by having an affair that caused her to fall in love. When I found out, she killed herself. I really hate jealousy. I like love though.

[19] I would like to understand more about other people's sexualities. Even, or especially, people that would not be potential partners for me. I wish more older people contributed to this project. Perhaps they will. I would especially like to hear from people older than me.

[20] Sometimes I hate sex. Sometimes, it seems like it is a cause of suffering for so many people. It isolates. It causes pain. Desire without anywhere to go is a wound. Of course sex itself is not to blame. If we dealt with it better, we could all have so much more fun, and be happier in our own skins.

[21] I have, at times, felt woefully inadequate and lost. I have had sexual encounters that went wrong due to my fears and stumbling uncertainty. But I have also found resonance and wonder where I least expected it. It is 2009 and I still feel like things can begin, and there is newness and freshness to be had. But I'm going through a good patch (see [4]). Next month I may feel differently.

[22] Hangovers make me horny and passive. I could watch all day. I like that.

[23] I miss the random and inappropriate erections of youth.

[24] My first date with the woman who became my wife was to watch the movie Deep Throat. Hmmm.

[25] I'm a simple butt man who likes a world in which his love of a woman's butt can make her smile.