Friday, January 18, 2013

1. I’m a 22-year-old female from western Europe. I am heterosexual with no homosexual/bisexual experiences so far. I have not felt any attraction to a woman, but i would like to kiss one in the future.

2. I have had 7 sexual partners with whom I’ve had the following relationships: one serious long-term relationship, two one-night stands, one short relationship and three fuck-buddies.

3. I lost my virginity at the age of seventeen with the guy that I had been dating for three months, my first boyfriend with whom I stayed for 3 years in a complicated, hard relationship. It hurt like a motherfucker and it took four tries to get his whole big penis into my hurting vagina. But he was so caring and respecting.

4. My boyfriend gave me my first two orgasms while we were dry humping. Of course, he was not aware of that and, at the time, I wasn’t either.

5. I fake it all the time. ALL the time. Very very rare are the cases in which men make me orgasm by penetration. I have told no one this until now. And even though I don’t cum, the sight of their eyes and the way their cocks push inside me when I fake it makes me want to crawl out of my skin with pleasure. I’m happy that way.

6. My first one-night stand happened while I was at the seaside. I got drunk, wandered on the beach and started looking for the first hot lonely guy. Chitchat this, chitchat that, next thing I know, I was dry humping him on the sand, my boobs were hanging outside my top and he was kissing and licking and growling like hell. Moments later we were in my tent. It was HORRIBLE. He went down on me and came right back up saying that I had a "sandy situation” down there. Yes. Dry humping on a beach gets you sand in all the wrong places. He was moving SO slowly I was going out of my mind. I kept urging him to move faster because I wanted wild, desperate, mind-blowing sex, but the joke was on me. He finished in 3 minutes. We met a few weeks later back in the city and started a short relationship. So he was not just a one-night stand. But the sex was still pretty bad and he was starting to get really involved. So I ended it.

7. I picked up my next one-night stand in a club. We went to his place and, maaan, did he fuck me hard! He showed me a lot of new positions, and it was rough! And because we did not know each other and it was completely free, I told him all of my turn-ons and fantasies. And he did those and then some more. We fucked three times for about two and a half hours. He left me so sore I could not walk properly. But i knew then that rough sex and big dicks are my thing.

8. I like older men. Apart from my boyfriend who was a year older than me, the age difference between the men I’ve had sex with and myself goes from 4 to 10 years. I tend to stay away from men younger than 25 years because I find them immature. Older men know better what to do with me, how to touch me and how to teach me.

9. I know how I like my men to be from the physical point of view: fit, tall, with dark (curly) hair and a beard. Just the thought of a beard scraping across my clitoris and vagina while he gives me oral sex almost makes me orgasm. Oh, and they have to be pretty well equipped in the penis department. I love big, thick dicks and the way they ease into my vagina.

10. My clavicles are my absolute turn-on spot. Kiss, bite, run your hand, beard, penis across them and I’m lost in desire.

11. My favorite position is doggy style. Yeah, I like it from behind.

12. I like the game of seduction. I tend to choose the men that I can’t have. I like the chase, I like to make an effort in order to catch my prey. If it’s too easy, then I lose interest almost immediately.

13. When I masturbate, I can make myself come in under one minute by stimulating my clitoris. I can give myself multiple orgasms, depending on how horny I am. Once, I went on a orgasm spree and made myself come 9 times in 20 minutes. I watch a lot of porn while masturbating, but I can also do it by thinking of great sex that I've had or by fantasizing about different scenarios.

14. The last man I was with was my "fuck man" for about six months. I say "man" because he is 29 years old and a doctor. When I think of him, perfection comes to mind: Beautiful Sex God with big perfect dick. I mean it. He is the best lover that I have ever had. He has two sides of him and I don’t think he realizes that. The first time I went to his place we sat and talked for about an hour -- smart and funny subjects – until I crossed my legs and he noticed that, in that position, my skirt was revealing too much of my thigh. He put his hand on my knee and his eyes darkened in some arousing way. That was the side that fascinated me. He was dominating me, telling me what to do, asking me if I liked this or that and using a lot of dirty talk. I was not used to that. He made me realize that I like dirty talk. He got so horny when I talked dirty. The sex was hard and rough: hair-pulling, neck-biting, nail-scratching and ass-slapping. He fucked me in ways I did not know were possible. He loved to give me oral sex a lot! He would often switch from oral sex to penetrating me again and again and it made me go crazy with pleasure.

15. We started fighting for control when we were having sex. He liked being in control and I loved the moments when he pinned me to the bed, the wall, the window and fucked me endlessly. But when i got to win and to control him... seeing me on top and calling the shots, that was the time when his sex hunger grew wilder and his dick harder.

16. I’ve never had anal sex and I want it to stay that way. He wanted so badly to be the first one that I had anal sex with, but I refused countless times. He would often slip a finger in or lick me just to see if I’d like to do more. Once, without me knowing, he hid a chocolate under the bed and when he went down on me, he slid a tiny piece of chocolate into my vagina and another one into my ass. The sensation of the chocolate melting was incredible. He also liked to pour wine on me just to lick it from my body moments after. Sometimes, he’d interrupt the sex to smoke a cigarette and to drink wine. He knew that drove me wild with anticipation. We also liked to light a cigarette and split it between us while we had sex.

17. I have him to thank for the fact that I now truly know myself sexually. He taught me that there’s nothing to feel ashamed of when you are having sex as long as it’s something that you like and both enjoy.

18. My second fuck-friend cheated on his girlfriend with me three times. I was obsessed with him, so I did not care about her at all. He venerated my boobs and said that they were made for him because they fit his hand perfectly. I now regret being the other woman and wish that I had waited for them to break up.

19. I want to try BDSM. I love the idea of being tied, blindfolded, spanked. But I do not want the pain level to be high. I want to be dominated. Helplessness turns me on.

20. I like to have sex in places other than the bed (floor, chicken, chairs, washing machines, bathroom, you name it...) or the house, as a matter of fact. So far, I have had sex in a closed library, on the open tiny balcony of a 9th floor apartment, in the elevator, on the beach, in a tent, twice in a park, the staircase, on an abandoned alley. While I am writing this, I am at the central library in my city.

21. I have been told that I have perfect boobs by men with whom I have slept (who were obsessed with them) and also by both male and female observers. They are big, hard and round with perky nipples.

22. I don’t know if this is true, but most of my sexual partners have said that being inside me is an exquisite feeling, not something that they have felt many times. The doctor, my latest lover, said that it is because I get wet really fast and a lot, which, apparently, is a big deal.

23. I don't like to give oral sex that much but I do it because I love how it makes men feel and react. I love to give handjobs, though. The way the cock feels between my hands and seeing how it reacts to every single one of my touches turns me on so much. I also like feeling a cock between my boobs.

24. I like to be loud during sex. Actually, knowing that I can be loud and express the pleasure that I’m feeling is what I like the most. Hearing men make sex noises also turns me on.

25. I am so horny right now... I’m craving some big, hard, rough penetration.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1. I am a 43-year-old straight male.

2. I have been hooked on porn since I discovered a bunch of Hustler magazines on someone's front porch when I was on my paper route when I was around 14 years old. My current GF has told me she is disgusted by porn and she believes that I don't view it anymore. I tried to stop, but I've had some relapses the last few months.

3. I was a virgin until I was 19, and lost it to a girl I dated in college for several years.

4. We broke up after 5 years when someone tried to seduce me at a church dance. It worked, but I wound up dating both of them for about 7 months.

5. When I was growing up, I always thought a pussy was just some weird triangle covered with hair, until i saw my first shaved one in a a porn magazine back in the late 80's. It was the most amazing, beautiful sight I have ever seen, and I have been really into shaving ever since, before it was fashionable as it is now. Every girl I've ever been with has been shaved. I used to shave all 3 of my long-term exes on a regular basis.

6. I have been unfaithful in some form in every relationship I've ever had, including my current one as of a few days ago. I am not proud of this.

7. I believe I have a sexual addiction problem that I have struggled to fight for the last 8 months. Like I said, I failed at this 3 days ago.

8. My last relationship before this one ended in May due to cheating, of course. It was rather devastating all around. She wound up suicidal and in a mental hospital for a few days.

9. I've had incredible sex in my life, but in the past few years, I've fooled around with girls but never totally fucked them cause it seemed like that was going too far (done everything but that).

10. I've never had a one-night stand, though (until 3 days ago); I've always been long-term relationship guy. My first relationship lasted over five and a half years. Followed by one that lasted over 13 years, followed by almost 5 years again.

11. When I was 25, I participated in a foursome with another couple. It was summer, we started in the pool, we were all really drunk. The other guy and I really wanted to see the girls get it on, so they said they would if we sucked each other's dicks first. He sucked me a little bit... I sucked him off to completion. This was my only gay experience.

12. My ex of 13 years really taught me a lot about my sexuality. She was also 10 years older than me and had much more experience than i did at everything. She introduced me to some light bondage, tying each other up, erotica... etc. Early on in our relationship, she also pegged me with a strap-on a few times and made me cry from the pleasure. It took me through a door that I have never really been through again.

13. Earlier this year, sex with my live-in relationship at the time had gotten kinda stagnant. We were looking for some ways to experiment to "save things." I tried to arrange a threesome with a female co-worker... that didn't work out at all. Never even got to try anything. So one night, we were looking at porn together... and we started talking about a strap-on. She was surprisingly into it, so we went out and got one that weekend. It was pretty good, but not quite the same as when I was much younger. She was a bigger girl and had a difficult time with it. Neither of us had good stamina, either.

14. There were two girls that I cheated on her with regularly for the past few years before we moved out of state, and a third that I was always trying to get with. This led to a lot of sexting and exchanging pics back and forth. A.lot of that. I didn't always see the two girls very often and, like I said, I didn't fuck them. They didn't know about each other. OK, the one, I did fuck her to say goodbye right before I moved away. The other was a virgin and was always begging me to do it, but I didn't feel right about taking that gift from her. She started dating some guy and gave it up to him within two or three weeks and regrets it.

15. There is nothing I enjoy more than making and watching a woman come. OK, that's not totally true, I also love eating pussy, and I believe I am quite skilled at it.

16. One of the girls from #15 was a squirter. I loved it when she would do it all over my face, the bed, the floor... anywhere and everywhere. I could make her come so many times in a row that she would pass out sometimes.

17. I also really enjoy just being naked, alone or with someone. All my exes have enjoyed being naked around the house, although we weren't total nudists or anything. I just love when you both feel totally comfortable with each other and have nothing to hide.

18. OK, I said I only had one gay experience, but when I was a teenager, I once tried to show my neighbors how to jerk off with porn magazines (other boys my age, who lived across the street). I also did this with my male cousin. My cousin was into it, but the neighbors were not, and humiliated me about it for a long time. I think they told other kids at school what I had tried to demonstrate for them.

18. I have been engaged twice, but never married.

19. I said I had an addiction problem, which I tried to keep under control. I have been seeing a woman now for the past 8 months, and I told her about issues that I had in past relationships and being unfaithful. I swore to her that I would never cheat on her, that she would be the last woman I ever kissed or touched or fucked or anything.

20. Due to the fact that I lived 500 miles away from her, I have only seen her once a month for the past few months. I moved back this weekend so that we could allow our relationship to progress. We have not had much time or opportunity to explore our sexuality very often, due to the distance between us.

21. She is someone I used to know over 25 years ago, and we got reacquainted earlier this year through a common social media site. The first time I saw her last spring, we wound up at a hotel within an hour and had sex. I used a condom, since I was still with my live-in relationship at the time, but that ended soon afterwards.

22. She is married right now, although she is ready to begin divorce proceedings. She hasn't been on any birth control and I have always used a condom with her. However, I have some kind of mental or physical block and I have never been able to finish inside her with a condom on. It's also been kinda hard for me to maintain an erection sometimes due to this. We always take it off and I wind up jerking off or she sucks me off.

23. I swore to her for months that I would never cheat on her. That I would forsake all other women. This weekend, I moved over 500 miles to be back with her to give this relationship a real chance for the future. My best friend helped me move... and then we started fooling around and I fucked her... and had unprotected sex and my first ever "one night stand," because now my best friend is 500 miles away again.

24. The girl, my best friend, went into some kind of weird sexual trance, like I have never experienced before in my life. She begged me to fuck her to release all the tension and pain I had built up in her body from fooling around so much. So I did. It was insanely passionate, but by the time I finally put it in her, we both came so fast and explosively. And now I have to go to the doctor and get tested for STDs and HIV. She is surgically sterilized after having 3 kids, so she won't get pregnant.

25. I'm supposed to have sex with my current GF tomorrow. With a condom, of course. We both enjoy masturbation and we have abstained from doing that for the past 25 days until we could be together again. And now I fucked my best friend and ruined that 3 days ago. I'll give it my best shot, but obviously I still have a serious addiction problem.

Monday, January 14, 2013

1.      I am an 18-year-old cisgender female in the USA. I call myself panromantic and pansexual, but I’m probably more along the lines of panromantic androsexual, as I’m more sexually attracted to the men and androgynous women. Although I can see myself in a relationship with someone of any gender and sexual orientation, I have only ever been in relationships with cisgender men.

2.      My first time having PIV sex was when I was 16 with my boyfriend (18) at the time. We had sex in the passenger seat of his car on New Year’s Eve.

3.      Everyone had told me it was a big deal to lose my virginity and that it should be special. I was nervous and timid my first time. After it happened, I was hardly affected. I understand that it can be a big deal to some people, but to me, it was just another experience in life.

4.      I went on birth control pills shortly after losing my virginity. Not to regulate my period, not to help my skin. I went on birth control because I didn’t want to get pregnant. I got it from the Teen Health Center at my school. When I told my mom I’d had sex, she said she would rather I didn’t have sex, but she told me that if I am going to be doing adult activities, I had to make adult decisions. So birth control happened. I got an IUD last year for the convenience. That way in college I wouldn’t have to remember to take a pill every day and it’s very reliable.

5.      I have had PIV sex with 3 guys. The first one was a boyfriend, as stated above. The second was a really good friend of mine. We started off in a FWB type relationship, but over time we got closer and emotions were had. The third is a friend of mine that I met in college.

6.      I have had sexual contact (to fingering, oral sex, “third base”) with 6 guys (this number includes the guys I’ve had PIV sex with). I have kissed 7 guys, 4 were boyfriends. Just throwing some numbers around, probably unnecessarily.

7.      Between sexual partners 1 and 2, I had a 9 month break. During this time I had a boyfriend for 6 months. I didn’t crave sex until the relationship ended. I sought someone to have sex with as a hook-up or “fuck buddy” type relationship. I ended up getting to “third base” with a guy and we ended up not having sex. A few weeks later I began a sexual relationship with my friend.

8.      For the longest time I didn’t crave sex.   Then suddenly I needed it.  This sudden craving was surprising. I had never thought of myself that way.  Now even short breaks (as in a week or more) without sex are difficult.  Am I just horny all the time?

9.      I have never had the opportunity to have sex with a woman, but I have made out with 2 (kinda). One was when I was 12 or 13 and she was one of my best friends at the time. We had a sleepover, both said we didn’t understand the big deal about first kisses, and started kissing. It was fun and warm and soft. The other is my friend’s girlfriend. We kind of made out (more like prolonged kissing) in front of him a few times just for entertainment's sake.

10.     I have always been very confident in myself and my sexuality. I’ve always been very open to expressing my sexuality and intimate details about my sex life. I have very few things that I hold back. I like giving people advice and I answer almost any question people ask me about my sex life. I really enjoy talking about sex, and I think I often make people uncomfortable because I am so comfortable talking about a subject many consider taboo.

11.     I started masturbating really early. I think I was probably about 5 or 6. I remember touching myself and humping a pillow and knowing it felt good. I didn’t know what I was doing, but it felt good, so could it be wrong? I think I began consciously masturbating at about 12 or 13. The number of times I masturbate in a week varies a lot. Sometimes it will be once a day and other times it will be once every week or two.

12.     According to most of my friends, I’m a big flirt. I flirt with almost all of the guys I know even though I’m not sexually or romantically attracted to them. There are a few guys I know that I do not flirt with for various reasons. My “friend zone” is very small and difficult to get into.  A lot of my close friends fit into this category, though. I flirt because it’s fun. But I’m such an outgoing person that often my advances are taken as flirting versus me just being friendly and open. I am also a very touchy person though. I hug everyone and I awkwardly stroke my friends and hold their hands because it’s fun. I do all of this, but it tends to lead people on. I have rejected quite a few people, and I feel sad that the friendships I had with those people will never be quite the same.

13.     As open as I am about my sex life and history and the factual aspects of my life with everyone, I find it really hard to talk about romantic feelings with a person I am romantically interested in. Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? I should just learn how to tell people how I feel. It would make having sexual relationships easier if the people knew how I honestly felt.

14.     I have always liked the idea of casual sex. Sex without strings, not having to worry about the other person’s feelings. I think it’s an excellent way to let go and express oneself, but I don’t think it should replace committed relationships, as I enjoy having one person to have sex with as well as enjoy the company of. And there is something special about having meaningful sex.

15.     That being said, I don’t think I could ever truly do a “friends with benefits” relationship type thing and have it work long term. I’ve never had a “fuck buddy,” but I’m fairly certain I could maintain that kind of set up. I like the idea of having a good friend that you just happen to be sleeping with. But if I had an emotional or mental connection with the person, I would start to develop romantic feelings for him or her, and the sex wouldn’t just be casual anymore.

16.     The idea of period sex really grosses me out. I shouldn’t be grossed out by my own body, but for some reason, having sex on my period sounds unappealing. I have had sex while I was on my period ONCE, and I said “ew” the entire time. I doubt I will do it again (at least until I’m in a long-term monogamous relationship).

17.     I think having a threesome sounds fun. I don’t know if it’s a fantasy, but it’s something I hope to get a chance to do. I’d love to have the opportunity. I’d want there to be one man and one woman with me.

18.     I don’t have experience with bondage, but I think it’s really hot. I’m not into hardcore BDSM, but I’m really turned on by the idea of having my hands tied or being blindfolded. I really like the idea of being restrained. It sounds so hot, not being able to use my hands to touch and feel and interact. I like the idea of having to rely on other senses to feel what’s going on.

19.     I like it rough. Sometime I’d like to be pushed down on the bed or up against a wall and fucked. Have my hair pulled and my ass grabbed and my neck bitten and dirty talk whispered in my ear.

20.     I have never liked blowjobs. They just aren’t pleasant and not fun. But recently I discovered, while spending time with my friend, that I do like giving blowjobs if I’m in the right mood for it and if I have the right kind of connection with the person. Still not my favorite thing, though.

21.     I don’t like being eaten out (or haven’t in the past). I don’t know if this is because the one guy that has ever done it wasn’t good at it or if it’s because I just don’t like it. But I didn’t find it to be anything special. It wasn’t unpleasant, but it did nothing for me. I got bored.

22.     Anal is something that has always sort of scared me. I would be open to trying it at some point in my life, but I’m worried I’ll tear something. Plus the idea of fecal matter getting everywhere seems kind of gross to me. But who knows, I’ll never know unless I try it. One time a guy slipped and went “into the wrong hole.” It was excruciatingly painful and has further discouraged me from anal sex.

23.     Boobs are really fun to play with. But not very often does having my boobs touched turn me on, or feel like anything better than just having my boobs touched. I’d rather have my neck kissed and touched. I know a lot of people that think this is gross and weird, but it’s actually just really hot. I like having my neck sucked on. It feels good.

24.     I love the sound of people climaxing. It’s amazingly hot to hear a person completely let go in the heat of the moment. I don’t like the overly exaggerated sounds porn stars make, but listening to someone masturbating or having sex is a really big turn on.

25.     Finally... I’ve never orgasmed. Sex, masturbation, etc. all still feels really good, but I don’t get that mind-blowing feeling and the huge release that supposedly people feel. I feel a point where the good feeling reaches a maximum point before falling back down, but I can just sort of decide when I want/need to stop. I hope at some point in the future I will be able to experience the orgasm that everyone raves about.