Friday, October 8, 2010

1. I am a twenty-year-old queer female.

2. When I was twelve or thirteen, I discovered the Shoebox Project, and through that, Harry Potter slash fic. I have been eternally turned on by Remus/Sirius and male slash fic ever since.

3. I cannot have an orgasm by masturbating. I get really close, but it’s just too intense, and I have to stop. I did not have an orgasm at all until I was eighteen, and my boyfriend touched me for the first time.

4. I can come really quickly, and hard, many times in a row. One girl told my boyfriend that it might be a good night for her if she has four orgasms in a night. For me, that’s an average evening with my boyfriend.

5. I have liked girls since I was at least in fifth grade, when I fell in love with my friend. We used to play that we were in a soap opera, and one of the main characters was really slutty. I used to play the boy, and we would “have sex,” even though we didn’t know what that was yet. We also used to hump her pillows and pretend they were our boyfriends.

6. I have had sex with one boy and two girls, and I’ve hooked up with two boys (besides my current boyfriend, who was my first time).

7. My first time was the last week of first semester sophomore year of college. There had been a dance, and we went back to my room, and there were loads of Christmas lights up. My friend was downstairs singing opera, and we had sex to the sound of the girl next door playing the ukulele and opera downstairs. It was beautiful.

8. I think that I am more attracted to girls than to boys. I find that I connect better with women on a deeper level than with boys. I am still attracted to men, although I am beginning to realize that I prefer androgynous boys to bulky muscled ones.

9. I have only had oral sex twice in my life, both during threesomes. I have never given a full blow job. I don’t know what I’ll do if my current boyfriend and I break up. I am a feminist, and I love my body, but when anyone is kissing or licking me “down there,” I get embarrassed that it smells or tastes bad, and can’t orgasm the way I like to.

10. I’m not that into kinky sex, but when I’m fucking, I love when my boyfriend pins my arms down above my head.

11. I love missionary position and doggy style. I think it’s because I can be brought almost to orgasm just by having someone kiss my neck. When my sister came home with a hickey once, my mother said that nice boys don’t bite your neck. If that’s true, I don’t ever want to date a “nice boy.”

12. I don’t like bad boys, although I fantasize sometimes about this one beautiful boy who acts like an apathetic jackass sometimes. He’s just so pretty...

13. I am in a committed relationship, but my boyfriend knows that I like girls, and is okay if I want to have sex with them, so long as I tell him. We’ve had a threesome before, and I enjoyed that a lot.

14. I’m very lazy, and a little selfish, which made me feel guilty with my last boyfriend, who wanted some reciprocation. I generally dislike jacking a guy off, and I am a little grossed out by the idea of giving a man a blow job. Still, when I tried on my current boyfriend, he told me not to, so I’m not going to complain about just getting touched and fucked.

15. I love sexy lingerie, on me, and on other women. I love getting the Victoria’s Secret catalogue in the mail.

16. I find pre-op transsexuals very appealing. I think that ftm men are very hot, and I am recently becoming more and more turned on by the idea of sleeping with a pre-op mtf woman.

17. I dislike the label bisexual. I worry that everyone thinks it’s a phase, when I’m pretty sure it isn’t. Also, it implies that my attraction is split evenly between males and females, when I prefer women, and I am attracted to transsexuals. I’m also very bad at sticking with the assertion that I’m a dyke: my friends call me the world’s worst lesbian, because no matter how hard I try to convince myself that I don’t like men or ‘act like a lesbian,’ it never quite pans out. The Internet People are talking about Queer as a term that encompasses what I feel, so that's what I'm working with right now.

18. My current boyfriend (of ten months) was very confused when this crazy lesbian (myself) kissed him at a party last year. At the same party, I proceeded to cause drama and wreak havoc when I kissed two of my female friends who were in relationships at the time, and one of their boyfriend’s roommate, all in about an hour. I think that I accidentally caused one of those relationships to break up, and have caused a weird distance between myself and my best friend’s boyfriend.

19. I love girls with smaller breasts and slim hips. I love necks, clavicles and hipbones on everyone.

20. I like to have my feet touched, although I don’t know if it’s necessarily something that should be translated into sex.

21. I am turned on by rain, in the same way that pyromaniacs are turned on by fire.

22. I really want to have sex in the shower when I get on alternative birth control.

23. I am so afraid of getting pregnant accidentally, but I am strongly considering being a surrogate to pay for graduate school. I do wonder, and sometimes daydream about what it would be like to be pregnant, and how I think I’d love it.

24. If I begin to fake an orgasm, a lot of the time it encourages my partner, and I begin to come for real.

25. I love to talk about sex with people. I think you get the most interesting reactions, and if people feel that they’re safe and secure, then you can have a really honest and revealing conversation.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

1. I am an 18-year-old heterosexual female.

2. I have been in a serious relationship for two years, and I lost my virginity to him a year and four months into our relationship. He was a virgin also.

3. My boyfriend is bisexual, and we want to have a threesome with another male.

4. I have been masturbating since I was 8 or 9. I used to hump the bedpost in my grandparents' spare bedroom. Then I used stuffed animals, and eventually I discovered that using my fingers was the ultimate way to pleasure myself.

5. My mom walked in on me masturbating once, but she never confronted me about it.

6. I had a sexual encounter with a distant cousin of mine when I was very young (4 or 5). We were alone in his room and I remember having my pants down and he asked me to touch his penis. My grandfather walked in on us, but I never remember him confronting me about it. I was bothered by it for a long time, and I finally told my mom about it a couple years later. I haven't spoken of it since, but sometimes I wonder if it's affected my sexuality today.

7. I love sex. I think about it more than a lot of men probably do.

8. As much as I love sex, I only think about having sex with my boyfriend.

9. I daydream in math class about all the places and ways to have sex with him. I also think about our past sexual experiences and how amazing they were. It makes me so horny.

10. I love giving blowjobs, and I swallow.

11. When my boyfriend and I first started exploring sex, I would give him handjobs and he'd come all over my breasts and stomach. To this day that is one of the biggest turn-ons I have.

12. I've fooled around with another guy prior to my boyfriend, but he sucked at everything. I never enjoyed it when he fingered me or went down on me. I just lay there and pretended to moan in enjoyment. Needless to say, our little sessions didn't last very long.

13. Before I started having sex, all I fantasized about was being eaten out. Now that my boyfriend does it, I've become super-conscious of the way my vagina smells and tastes, so I'm very active in keeping it healthy and clean. Lots of pineapple juice!

14. I consider myself to be a heterosexual, but when I was in middle and high school, I fantasized about other girls every now and then. At one point I felt a strange attraction to my female dance teacher, but nothing ever came of it. I know now that I am fully attracted to men and men only. But I have nothing against homosexuality or bisexuality (especially now that I'm dating a bisexual).

15. That being said, although I am attracted to men, I don't enjoy strictly gay porn (male-male). I enjoy watching lesbian porn, heterosexual porn, and threesomes (two males and a female).

16. I like having rushed, hot, steamy sex. When it feels like he just can't wait to fuck me, it gets me going like nothing else.

17. However, that's what most of the sex I have is like. So just once, I'd like to be surprised with slow, romantic sex. You know, the kind where he explores every inch of my body before putting his dick inside me and going slow and deep til the very end.

18. I realize that I've referred to my boyfriend a lot while writing this, but he's really the only sexual partner I've ever had, and I enjoy sex with him so much that I can't help but talk about it.

19. He bites me a lot during sex. Sometimes I wish he wouldn't, because he bites so hard that it distracts me and takes away from the sensation of building up to orgasm.

20. I love it when he sucks on my ears though. My ears and my neck. It's so seductive.

21. I don't have any fetishes. My boyfriend doesn't either, but he's willing to try a little bondage. Maybe being tied up with silk sashes, that sort of thing. Nothing involving chains or leather straps though. I'm still warming up to the idea.

22. I would like to try wearing a strap-on and giving my boyfriend anal.

23. I scream really, really loud during sex.

24. I orgasm every single time I have sex, minus a couple exceptions that weren't his fault.

25. I want sex right now.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

1. I'm a 22-year-old, straight female, and a virgin.

2. I don't have any interesting stories about my sexuality when I was younger...

3. ...although I remember that for Christmas one year I made my Spice Girls Barbies (Posh Spice and Baby Spice) have sex with each other. I took down their tops and rubbed their boobs against each other

4. I masturbate a lot. I started in about 8th grade. I forget how I started, though. I used to set a mirror in front of my pussy and watch myself. Now I can't stand to watch myself.

5. I've never been kissed.

6. My weight makes me incredibly insecure, which is why I'm completely inexperienced. But if it wasn't for my insecurity I probably would have much more experience under my belt.

7. Despite my inexperience, I'm probably the horniest person ever. I have a pretty perverted mind too.

8. I met my current boyfriend online. He doesn't live very far away. He's very experienced. He says one of his favorite things about me is my inexperience.

9. I'm afraid that once he sees me in person he will say "forget it" because of my weight.

10. He's gotten me to do a lot of things I thought I would never ever do because I feel so comfortable/I feel like I'm coming into my own.

11. He's also gotten me really turned on to phone sex. I could barely send him dirty texts without feeling weird/awkward. Now I practically beg him for phone sex.

12. When I masturbate I'm virtually silent. Sometimes if it's really good I'll start to breathe pretty hard. I feel weird if I'm moaning by myself/I don't have the urge to. But phone sex? I'm pretty freaking loud.

13. It gets me off so much more to hear my boyfriend coming and orgasming over the phone. I love the noises he makes and the fact that I've had something to do with his pleasure. Most of the time I get so distracted by it I lose focus and cannot come.

14. I'm very excited to do more sexual things. The thought of giving a blowjob turns me on so much. I feel like it's something I could be naturally good at.

15. I watch porn... a lot. I used to watch just girl on girl but then my tastes changed to threesomes (even though I don't think i'd be capable of having one ever). now I enjoy watching regular m/f. I think it's so sexy to watch a girl get fucked.

16. I identify as straight but I think women are absolutely gorgeous. it's one of my fantasies to do down on a woman. also to fuck a woman with a strap on.

17. I love boobs. a lot. even my own.

18. I would love nothing more than to be dominated in the bedroom. I want to be thrown around, spanked, have my hair pulled, and maybe some light choking (I find myself holding my breath a lot when I masturbate). It's quite a predicament because my boyfriend loves nothing more than a dominant woman in bed.

19. Despite #5, in high school I made out with my best friend a few times. She's three years younger than me, but she would come over and lay in my bed and we made out. One time she even sucked my tits. It felt great and I got so wet. I don't know why I don't count that as my first kiss. Thinking back on it now, it embarrasses me for some reason.

20. One time that same friend slept over and we were cuddling in bed watching TV, and I reached over and started playing with her nipples and making them hard. once I stopped (I started feeling awkward/was too scared to do anything else), she finished herself off by masturbating right next to me.

21. I love talking about sex with my friends. I think it's so interesting to see what they all like and what they're like behind closed doors.

22. I love sending my boyfriend dirty pictures and dirty texts while he's at work. I love being a tease.

23. I love love having someone talk dirty to me. It's such a turn on. I like hearing what someone wants to do to me.

24. When I was in middle school I used to go onto lesbian chatrooms. I set up a faux yahoo email account to trade nude pictures with women from the chatroom. I of course used fake pictures.

25. If you have tattoos and piercings you can pretty much assume I have a big crush on you.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1. I am a twenty-one-year-old queer woman.

2. I prefer the term ‘queer’ because it can mean so many things. I am attracted to people of all gender expressions, so technically I am pansexual, but I dislike the specificity of that term. I like to live in ambiguity and possibility.

3. Despite this, all of my sexual experiences beyond kissing have been with biological males.

4. Passing for straight makes me feel dirty. I am extremely vocal about my sexuality because I don’t like giving off a different image than the truth.

5. It took nearly two years of an emotionally and (at one time) physically abusive relationship for me to finally take charge of my sexuality.

6. I am non-monogamous. I don’t like to call myself polyamorous, because at this point I don’t feel like I’ve yet had a truly polyamorous relationship situation. However, I do not believe that I am capable of monogamy at this point in my life, and may not ever be capable of traditional monogamy.

7. For the first time in my life, I have a wonderful boyfriend and an enchanting friend with benefits. They both know about each other and are completely in the loop. I’ve been waiting years to get to this point, and it feels incredibly surreal.

8. I don’t have a physical ‘type’ at all. For example, my boyfriend is a very outdoorsy, very masculine man who hunts and enjoys camping. My friend with benefits has an androgynous face and is studying to be a librarian/archivist. Most of my crushes and partners are similarly diverse.

9. That said, I’m attracted to people who are passionate about what they do, and who don’t make decisions based solely on expectations other people have of them. I like people who get the cosmic joke, and who can laugh during sex without it killing the mood. So, I suppose I have a personality type, not a physical one.

10. I orgasm very easily from clitoral stimulation, and I almost always achieve multiple orgasms. G-spot stimulation doesn’t really do much for me, though.

11. Consequently, I love being eaten out. I’ve been lucky to find enthusiastic partners recently, and one of my favorite things is for my boyfriend to go down on me until I can hardly move and then to fuck me without letting me catch my breath.

12. Well, I love oral sex in general. Giving a blowjob makes me feel wonderful—not necessarily aroused, but playful and happy. I really dislike how performing oral sex on a man has come to be seen as a degrading act in our society, since I don’t feel degraded in the slightest when I have so much control over my partner’s pleasure.

13. I struggle with my own concept of sexual activity centering around the male orgasm. Not that the male orgasm isn’t a wonderful and important part of sex, but it is not the main focus, and making it the main focus hurts everyone involved. Still, I find myself distressed by my immediate (unvoiced) reactions to something like a partner’s lack of erection or inability to achieve orgasm.

14. I write erotica. A lot. I try to make my writing address serious topics like slut shaming, gender identity, and queer issues at the same time as it arouses my readers.

15. Much of this erotica is slash fan-fiction, though the circles I write in tend to focus much more on the issues slash allows us to explore than on the pretty boys. In fact, we’re much less likely to focus on the traditionally pretty boys than on the interesting ones.

16. I prefer gay male porn to mainstream straight or lesbian porn. The men are often more attractive, and I can focus on being aroused rather than incensed at the way women are viewed and treated.

17. That said, alternative or queer porn that really explores female sexuality and doesn’t stay confined to the stereotypes is my absolute favorite.

18. I am getting into the kink community—I have experimented as a sub, and while I prefer that role with those more experienced than myself, I very much like being dominant or topping from the bottom with my more mainstream partners.

19. I really want to be tied to a bench and spanked until I cry. Preferably, this will happen in front of observers. I really, really enjoy performative displays of private emotion.

20. The first time I attended a sex party, I had sex with a man I had met only briefly once before. We fucked all over the hallway before finally making it to an open bed, and people who were watching described it as ‘porn for women’ sex, because of our enthusiasm and obvious pleasure.

21. At the joint bachelor/bachelorette party of two dear friends of mine, I ended up in the bathroom with the magician (a friend of the maid of honor), being spanked and teased throughout the night. This may be the most erotic experience of my life, especially the fact that in between the moments we stole away, I was watching him perform card tricks with the same dexterous hands that had been on my ass moments before.

22. I am an actor, and one of my greatest fantasies is to have sex with a scene partner while in character. The idea of seeing how far we could bury ourselves in fictional constructs is intoxicating.

23. There is a video of me having sex somewhere out in this world. I don’t know if my partner ever put it on the internet, and I really don’t think I care very much. It was pretty good sex, and I feel like I put on a damn good show. However, I don’t think it’ll ever turn up because the guy is extremely vain, and he commented afterward that he felt like he “ruined” the cumshot. Still, it wouldn’t bother me if it did.

24. I get very irritated by people who act like anyone who is not queer/nonmonogamous/a lover of anal sex/any other “taboo” subject are simply not enlightened enough. I’ve tried anal play, and I really just don’t like it. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter what you do as long as it’s an informed decision.

25. If I’d written this list a year ago, it would have been worlds different. I am beyond grateful to the people in my life this past year who gave me the courage to become the person I am meant to be.

Monday, October 4, 2010

1. I'm a 20-year-old female escort, and I'm madly in love with my boyfriend who doesn't know where I get so much money.

2. I have a very long tongue and love using it on men and women. I've never failed to make a man come using my mouth.

3. I am very submissive and have rape fantasies, but have never had the opportunity to explore them.

4. I lost my virginity to my best friend's abusive boyfriend who raped me when I was 13. Because of that, I've never been able to enjoy "vanilla" sex.

5. When I get myself off I only think of women.

6. My first real boyfriend was gay. His mum blames me for this, and for the drugs he takes, the amount of alcohol he drinks and his penchant for promiscuity, even though we'd been broken up for over a year when his habits started. I don't feel the slightest bit of guilt.

7. As teenagers, all my female friends would make out with each other to impress boys. This disgusted me and I wouldn't join in. But when I started dating a girl, two of my "bisexual" friends refused to speak to me again because it was "sick."

8. I love my job, though the paradox annoys me. Every guy wants me to go bareback, but only with him; they all love my skills, but they all want to be my first; they want to get their money's worth, but don't want to be late to get back to their wives.

9. I've been performing on cam since I was 16, mainly to guys I met playing WoW.

10. I met a guy online who would watch me masturbate but always kept his cam above the waist while he jacked off, so I could see his cum shoot up but not his dick. I get wet just thinking about him and wish we hadn't lost touch.

11. I started wearing a bra when I was 12, cup size C. Now I'm in a size F. I have the figure to match, and have never been rejected because of my size.

12. I get extremely wet very easily, can come in a matter of minutes and keep coming for hours.

13. My body was designed for me to orgasm. I have huge sensitive nipples and a larger then average clit, and no one has ever NOT been able to find my g-spot.

14. In high school a gang of girls tried to bully me about my size. The single most gratifying experience I've had since I became an escort was the leader of the gang's long term boyfriend paying me to be allowed to worship my body. He stroked, kissed and massaged my breasts, my stomach and my thighs, all the while telling me how much better I was than his Barbie-like girlfriend. We ended the session with him going down on me, and I licked his mouth and chin clean.

15. I love dicks. I love the variety of sizes and shapes and colours and textures and smells and tastes. Sadly pussies don't seem that different to me, but women's bodies more than make up for it. I have no clear idea on what "my type" would be for a guy, I just know what I don't like. With women I fantasize about a lady slightly smaller than me, but still curvy, with short curly hair, large breasts and a slightly too wide mouth with pouty lips that just beg to be kissed.

16. My first memory of masturbating was in a hotel room with my mum on the other twin bed, just inches away. I think I was about 11 and was trying so hard to stay quiet.

17. My boyfriend is the greatest. I love him more completely then I thought possible and he makes me happier than I thought I could ever be.

18. He sometimes finds it hard to orgasm. He feels like he is doing something wrong and overthinks things.

19. Luckily, I am very vocal, and now he always knows that I'm enjoying myself. When I tell him I want to feel his cum inside me, his face lights up and he happily obliges.

20. Our relationship seems to be the opposite of all the sitcoms. I tend to be the one to chase him around and groping him while he shouts "down girl!"

21. My arousal turns him on, but when he initiates he can be ferocious, just the way I like it.

22. Recently I have started grabbing him by the hips from behind and humping him, accompanied by a soundtrack of high pitched panting and grunting. I think I may have penis envy.

23. My boyfriend knows every inch of my body and can bring me off with just his thumb, as he demonstrated on Saturday again and again and again.

24. I find it strange that a man will pay £100 just for me to lie back and let him go down on me, but I'm not going to complain.

25. My favourite position is doggy style. I love looking back and seeing my boyfriend kneeling over me, so strong and powerful, his long hair whipping around as he thrusts.