Thursday, January 14, 2010

1. I am a 19 year old female. I've had sex with four partners, two of each gender.

2. I discovered masturbation when I was probably around 9 or 10, but didn't really know what was going on; around that same time I started using objects like lip gloss tubes and similar to see how it felt.

3. I popped my cherry while masturbating during cybersex when I was thirteen.

4. When I lost my virginity, I had just turned sixteen. I was dating a girl at the time, and ended up fucking my best male friend and I guess cheated on her, even though we weren't serious at all and we'd never done more than make out. I've never counted it as cheating and if someone asks me, I tell them I've never cheated.

5. When I was really young and played house or royalty type games, I always wanted to be the servant or play the submissive role, and now I believe that helped form my current sexual appetite. I am a full submissive. I've tried domming with my current partner but I can never hold onto it, I always end up being submissive in the end.

6. My biggest fantasy is to submit completely to a master figure, becoming his fuckdoll and his slave. I fantasize about doing this with my current partner, being at his beck and call when he works from home, kneeling at his feet next to his desk waiting on him. I love scening in public, wearing rope underneath my clothes and obeying commands from my Dom. It turns me on so much to have that secret that only the two of us know.

7. It used to scare me how amazing the words "good girl" made me feel. Now when I hear them said to me I feel genuine pride and happiness that I've been obedient.

8. The last time I had vaginal intercourse was around eight or nine months ago with my last boyfriend but I haven't been celibate since. He didn't believe me when I told him I hadn't fucked anyone since we broke up, but he doesn't really know the whole truth of it.

9. A few months ago at a house party thrown by my last boyfriend I got offered to come home with a guy friend of mine, but I declined. Looking back it was probably the best idea because I was definitely too high on ketamine to function, but I do wish we'd hooked up at some point.

10. The guy I lost my virginity to told me that I was terrible at giving head and so I was reluctant to do it for any guy afterwards, but I've learned that experience wins over and I've heard nothing but good things about my skills now. I love giving head and one of my favorite things to do with guys is tease an orgasm out of them. Hearing guys let loose and moan and groan is one of the sexiest things ever.

11. I came out as a lesbian when I was young, my parents just told me to do what I wanted, but as I grew older I started identifying as bisexual. On the Kinsey scale I rate around a 2. I love kissing and touching women but I love fucking men more.

12. The very first time I played with a girl was in a dressing room in a Sears, on the last day of 7th grade. It was mostly one-sided since I wasn't sure what was going on at first. After that day we never brought it up again and I haven't seen her in years.

13. My partner bought me a g-spot vibrator for Christmas this year and while experimenting with it we discovered I can squirt. It was ridiculously embarassing for me at first but I'm learning to enjoy it since it really turns him on.

14. Strangely enough I love being the big spoon when cuddling, and I love to have the guy's head on my shoulder instead of the other way around. It makes me feel like I'm protecting the person I'm with.

15. Only within the last six months have I really considered myself a sexy, beautiful person. The first time my current partner called me sexy I didn't believe him. No one before that had called me anything besides cute or adorable or pretty, and I didn't see myself as an erotic or sexual person. Things have changed.

16. I love the feeling of being choked during sex.

17. Sometimes I wish I had a few more numbers underneath my belt, but the situation that I'm in right now is more than satisfying even if we're not fucking. I've never had so many orgasms in my life than the amount I've had in six months, without a cock involved.

18. I rarely masturbate when I'm by myself, mainly because I've never really accomplished an orgasm just with my fingers. I've come close with my new toy but I'm almost convinced I need someone else there to make me orgasm.

19. I've participated in two threesomes, with my partner and his girlfriend. I'd love to do a MMF threesome someday, with both partners abusing and dominating me.

20. I vaguely remember comparing private parts with a boy who was in my daycare when I was in early elementary school. I don't recall if we touched each other or not. Part of me doesn't really want to remember.

21. The thought of being tied up and left alone for hours to simmer, with a vibrator in me and not being allowed to cum, turns me on. I wish I had a way to do it.

22. I'm fiercely attracted to Asian men, usually of the Japanese or Korean variety. Asian girls are gorgeous, but I usually find myself flirting with more androgynous, butchy white girls.

23. I could kiss someone all day long. I love curling up next to someone and kissing them for hours on end. I especially love kissing people's necks and collarbones, as well as hands and wrists. I hate when foreplay is rushed or abandoned altogether in favor of sex: Sex is fucking awesome, don't get me wrong, but foreplay also has its place and in my bed it's got a huge place. Foreplay goes a long way with me and in my past experience has resulted in some seriously amazing orgasms.

24. I'd secretly like to be taped during a BDSM scene or while fucking in general, but I'm not sure whether I'd like to know it's there or not. Both ideas seem equally appealing.

25. My mom and I have a very open relationship when it comes to talking about sex. She doesn't know about my BDSM play, but we talk about sex in general and acknowledge that we both have active sex lives. I'm so grateful that my mother and I can talk about this sort of thing, even if I don't give her all the gory details (which I'm sure she appreciates since she doesn't give me hers) of my sex life. Even though the majority of my friends are sexually open, I still have issues talking to them about my own experiences.
1. I lost my virginity within an hour of Obama’s election.

2. It didn’t hurt; the guy was not only lacking in size but in skill: the sex with him was all the most boring I’ve ever had.

3. I’ve never made myself come, with or without toys.

4. I’m a screamer, squirmer and squirter. I can control the first if I need to and the last isn’t an “every time” thing, but it’s been known to happen

5. The most intense orgasm I’ve ever had ever was from being fingered (I’m a girl, by the way). It was incredible.

6. I’m worried no sex I have again will live up to that orgasm or any of the sex I had with that boy.

7. I’ve never been in love with anyone with whom I’ve had sex and I’ve never had sex with anyone with whom I’ve been in love. I’ve almost always said that love and sex are inherently connected but I’m beginning to believe that, in my life at least, they are mutually exclusive. This worries me as well.

8. I love being dominated, fully and completely. My view on gender roles in relationships certainly affects and is affected by this both. It’s an old-fashioned one and I have no idea why.

9. Likely related to this, a rape fantasy seems like a nice one to act out. I don’t think rape is a good thing, of course, and no one deserves something like that, but if you want the treatment and have a willing partner, then by all means…

10. I love giving head to men. I feel like I have a sort of power when I’m down there and knowing that every reaction he’s having, every bit of pleasure he’s feeling is because of me and what I’m doing is wonderful.

11. Oh, and feeling him orgasm and come with me between his thighs, straight into my mouth. I get turned on just thinking about it, not to mention actually experiencing it.

12. I’m not too keen on receiving head, though. I’ve never gotten off from it and I’ve only ever had good head twice, really.

13. My most interesting places I’ve hooked up (making out or more) include: near Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney in Florida; behind the history portable in high school; and in a refrigerator box.

14. I’ve had sex with a Santa. Thanks to SantaCon and alcohol, of course. And while I’m usually not that great at dirty talk (I can’t keep a straight face) the line “I can’t wait to sit on Santa’s lap all night” came up. Sometimes I think my life could be a bad porno. Or at least that night could.

15. I love laughing during, before and after sex. I usually laugh during foreplay and pillow talk and try not to during the act so that he doesn’t think he’s doing something wrong, I guess, but sex can be pretty ridiculous. I mean, what else do you do when the bed breaks underneath you!

16. Oh yeah, I’ve broken a bed. Or more specifically, bed risers. You know those plastic things (that I’m sure are marketed as “unbreakable”)? Apparently we crashed through those (as well as woke up the neighbors; you can rightly assume this was with that “best ever” guy).

17. I’m willing to try almost anything once and despite having been “deflowered” for just over a year I’ve already tried quite a lot. I’m not ashamed of that but rather proud, as I can say definitively what I do and do not like for more things than most girls can.

18. I’ve had anal only once and I didn’t LOVE it but definitely didn’t hate it. I’ve used a butt plug as well and that also was not bad. I would definitely do it again, though I don’t really get why it’s such a big deal for guys.

19. I’ve made out with girls before but never been turned on or aroused by one. Or any. I find many girls attractive on various levels but can’t see myself hooking up with one for my own pleasure.

20. If I were to participate in a threesome I would prefer MMF. I think I’d get jealous if there were another girl involved. Also impatient. I quite like cock.

21. I’ve always wanted to give head to a guy while he was doing something else, specifically watching a movie or playing a video game.

22. For the most part pornography doesn’t turn me on. I would rather talk or read about a sexual situation or fantasy of my own (or even think about it) rather than watch other (phony) people fuck.

23. I’ve been spoiled when it comes to cock size. Aside from a couple (like that first one…) every guy has been quite well endowed both in length and girth. This has actually made most of my encounters a bit painful but I don’t have a problem with that.

24. I’m tight. This isn’t just what I’ve heard from boys. When I masturbate one finger is adequate, two is tight and three isn’t possible on my own (if I worked on it I’m sure I could get it in there, but it would involve my other hand and possibly even additional lubrication).

25. My favorite (in that I felt accomplished) compliment during sex was that I use good suction during head; my favorite (in that it made me laugh) was “you’re soooo voluptuous” while I was straddling drunk Santa.
1. I remember asking my older brother what pud was when I was a kid. He told me to ask my dad. I'm still suspicious that he didn't know either.
2. I remember trying hard to masturbate when I was around 9 or 10--it didn't work the first few times.
3. I remember worrying that I had harmed my penis during one of these failed attempts.
4. I remember being more relieved than ecstatic the first time I came--glad that my equipment worked.
5. I remember shoving a small wooden wand from a saxophone stand up my ass as a kid--probably age 12 or so.
6. The first time I saw a photo of a pussy, I had to ask my brother and his friend what the hell I was looking at. He again told me to ask my dad--then he remembered that we had swiped the nudie mag from under my Dad's dresser, changed his mind, and explained the image.
7. I sucked my first tit in the summer between 6th and 7th grade. I tried to eat her pussy, but she wasn't having it. I remember her box (through her jeans, as close as I got), smelled strongly of fabric softener.
8. I lost my virginity to a McDonald's co-worker. I was 15, and worried that I wouldn't lose my cherry before age 16. I had read that 15 was the national average for boys.
9. Like a dumbass, when cherry popper asked if I had had sex before, I said yes, and acted indignant.
10. During my first sexual escapade with a partner, I was unable to find the vaginal cavity without assistance, and I came after about 5 strokes. No condom (?) (!). Jesus.
11. My first sex partner, after sex the first time, told me she 'liked to be called the next day'. Did I call her? No. Did I ever get to fuck her again? No. As a former horny boy, I still ask: "Why are horny boys so fucking stupid?"
12. I fucked a hooker for the first time when I was in the Navy, during a weekend off from bootcamp.
13. I fucked my next hooker when I was overseas, in Israel. The condom broke. I am glad I didn't get a disease. I hope she didn't get preggers. Glad I didn't come. (Yes, I know pre-cum can make babies)
14. I've only taken the virginity of one person, but I also fucked her ass before anyone else. I think that should count as two virgins.
15. With my first real girlfriend (the virgin), I felt compelled to act as though I was all-knowing about sex. As most high-school girls do, she was happy to follow my lead. This was awesome, as I got to hump her butt, AND we played with edible bodypaints when I was still 16, and she was 15. She once painted my nuts orange, and then licked my unshaven sac clean, humming and speaking 'orange, orange orange' as she licked and sucked my balls. She was a 6-foot tall, blonde, hot track athlete, so yeah, the memory has stuck with me.
16. From age 18 until age 22, I had very little sex. Perhaps 3 or 5 times per year. This includes hookers. Ouch.
17. At age 22, when I left the Navy, I met a cute girl and dated her for a couple of years. She was willing to have sex several times per week, but she clearly didn't like it much.
18. I did have anal sex with that same girlfriend from age 22. She suggested it.
19. The largest boobs I have ever played with during sex were f cups. They didn't have much sensation in the nips, she told me.
20. I've discovered that I like the feeling of a well-designed butt plug.
21. Vibrating butt plugs are even better, but I'll take a well-shaped butt plug with no vibes over a poorly shaped vibrating plug any day.
22. I just bought a $48 (with shipping) fake pussy called sex in a can. To celebrate, I had 3 hits of pot, inserted a brand new butt plug in me bum, and humped this fake pussy until I came. Twice. Mind-bending!
23. I'm worried that if my wife doesn't start doing kegel exercises, I won't be able to come in her pussy anymore. My new fake pussy is very tight.
24. I sucked a real dick once, and I'll probably do it again. I don't remember ever being interested in stiff dicks (other than mine), until I started watching porn. I still think that kissing men is a turn-off, but I would love to suck porn star Mark Ashley's lovely, upturned stiff cock.
25. I still visit hookers on occasion. The next hooker I see will probably be a tranny. She has an 8 inch cock that I am going to try and fit in my ass. Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

1. I lost my virginity in a hotel room. I was 17, my boyfriend was 21. He was also a virgin.

2. The only other person I've slept with, my current boyfriend, was also a virgin.

3. I have never had a vaginal orgasm.

4. I was 15 the first time I masturbated (and made myself orgasm). I was watching The Cosby Show and began touching myself. I realize this is strange, but I will probably never forget it.

5. After 10 years of masturbating, I've realized that while my boyfriend is really great about taking care of my needs, sometimes manual stimulation is the best.

6. I found my father's porn stash when I was younger. I remember getting turned on by the women, not the men. To this day, I'm still kind of icked out by penises, and am still turned on by women.

7. This complicates my sexuality. I have never been with a woman so I'm unsure as to whether I would enjoy it, but I think I might.

8. I am currently in a long-term monogamous relationship with a guy I might end up marrying. I'm currently feeling indifferent about this, because of #7. Lately I've begun wondering what it would be like to be in a relationship with a woman.

9. By most people's standards, I'm a fan of the vanilla sex life. My favorite position is girl on top, I don't like BDSM or any kind of pain (maybe a little hair pulling, but light), though I think toys definitely have a place in the bedroom.

10. I'm continously bothered by the fact that my female friends do not wish to discuss sexuality in any aspect with each other. I am pretty open about this, and I find it distressing that they think talking about orgasms and vibrators and oral sex are something to giggle about.

11. I am fat, and while I'm not in love with my body, I think that I deserve to have a good sex life regardless of this fact.

12. Good orgasms put me to sleep. Because of this, I like my partner to get off first just to ensure I don't have the chance to return the favor.

13. But really, I want him to get me off and let me go to sleep. I am kind of a selfish lover.

14. I am not interested in any type of anal play.

15. I bought my first vibrator on my 18th birthday. It was cheap and hard (that's what she said?), but it did the job. I've since upgraded to a fantastic little waterproof bullet, and it's become a regular character in my bed, whether it's used for solo or partner fun.

16. I really like receiving oral sex, but I've become incredibly self-conscious about it all.

17. I've never tasted semen before, despite the fact that I have given a lot of blowjobs.

18. I have masturbated at work before, in the bathroom on a lunch break. I was tired and stressed and overworked and debated taking a nap in my 30 minutes, but thought that an orgasm would be a better way to relieve the stress. I was right.

19. When I was 15, I started talking to a guy I met on the internet. We were the same age, had a lot in common, and swore we'd meet one day. It's nearly 10 years later, we still talk sporadically, but have never met, though he plays a reoccuring role in my sex dreams.

20. I have a lot of sex dreams. They are always generally pretty awesome.

21. The past few months have been crucial to helping me define not only my sexuality, but my gender identity. Being attracted to trans boys (FtM), androgynous folks, and sexy queer femme ladies, has all been confusing and awesome for me. This is, of course, based solely on photographs on the internet or through films, never in real life. I never meet anyone interesting in real life that I would want to have sex with, but I hope to one day.

22. The idea of meeting someone on the internet solely for casual sex terrifies me. I am way too cautious of STD/I's for my own good.

23. Generally, I find the idea of having sex with someone I am not interested in and/or want to be friends or more with kind of odd. A lot of my friends have casual sex and I don't think any differently of them for it, but for me I think it would be difficult. I have issues, I know.

24. My boyfriend is not incredibly dominant, and while I appreciate the fact that he is a good feminist boy who is adamant about showing me respect, I sometimes want him to pin me down to the bed and fuck me hard.

25. I like quickies. They're fun, sexy, and efficient!
1. The first time I ever masturbated I was afraid. It felt so good, but as I approached climax, the intensity scared me and I stopped. The book "Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Sex.. But Were Afraid To Ask" said this is what you do... It felt so good but it burned, sort of. I thought I hurt myself.

2. I love the look, the smell, the taste and the elaborate-ness of the female vulva. It makes the dick seem - well, boring. There is nothing more intimate than orally pleasing a woman - even intercourse is LESS intimate.

3. I first made out, like a lot of people, in the back set of my dad's huge car. My girlfriend was a bit on the large size but had big, beautiful breasts. I still recall seeing them for the first time, and how, in the winter, we steamed up the car windows. I also tasted pussy and got a blow job for the first time there.

4. I made love to that same girlfriend for the first time at her parents cabin. Her parents were out with friends, and her little brother was sleeping (I think... I hope) right above us in a loft. I was still partly clothed because we were afraid parents would come back. I was inside her (with a condom) but I thought I heard something, and pulled out and we stopped... it was nothing. I ruined my condom, our first time, and the sex we were having. Damn!

5. I made it up to her when we got back - I got a 12 pack of LifeStyles Ultra Thins and we made love after school. We went all the way and it was awesome.

6. Another girlfriend and I made love in semi-public places; a dorm study room with the door closed, and between semesters in an open floor lounge. I know it was between semesters, but someone COULD have come in. It was great having clothes everywhere and doing 69, knowing you could be caught!

7. When I was 12 or 13, a male friend was talking to some girls in his house and I guess was horny. He said "I need to talk to you" and we went to his room - I walked in first. When I turned around, he had blocked the door, undone his pants and pulled out his erection and was stroking it. I was shocked, partly because he was huge (I was two crucial years younger - big difference) and had pubes (I did not yet...) but he gave me no warning. I mean - if he had said "have you ever jacked off? I'm really horny and my parents are gone - do you want to?" I might have said yes. I was so shocked, though, that he put it away and we left the room.

8. I like (discreetly) looking at nude guys in the locker room - I think everyone does, but most won't admit it.

9. In high school, I ran track with this one guy. He was a red head. In the shower I saw he also had bright red pubic hair.

10. Though it almost never happens, I have "faked" orgasm a few times... I can do this because I wear condoms.

11. I have only ONCE been inside a vagina WITHOUT a condom. My girlfriend and I were swimming, and no one was at my house. We took off our bathing suits, then got in each other's arms and made out. I was so hard! The next thing I knew I was inside her. GOD, was it nice... I thrusted gently a few times, then pulled out.

12. On a scale of 1 to 9, 1 being completely straight, not even vague fantasies, and 9 totally homosexual, I am a 3... or 4.

13. Until I saw YouPorn, I figured the "wet spot" was from sweat (which I guess it could be) - now I know it's from semen coming back out of the vagina and getting all over the bed. Oh, now I get it!

14. I know of a gay bathhouse in my town... I have always wanted to go in. Not to DO anyone, just sit in the steam room, watch the action, jack off and then leave.

15. I am married and my sex life sucks. I have not had sex in a year. She won't let me eat her (oral sex), and I don't know why. I am afraid to talk to her about it.

16. Until 14 years ago I had full pubes. Now my balls are shaved, my inner thighs, my butt crack and the area below my navel. All I have now is a small patch of full pubes above my cock and the hair that goes up to my navel. That's it. I love it and so does my wife.

17. I had same-sex sex (oral only) once or twice, with the same person. I was comfortable with him, and he said OK when I asked if I could. I was just curious... if you're a woman, what did a dick feel like in your mouth? What were women going through? I undressed him and made out with him - the biggest surprises were 1) his height, 2) his stubble 3) his narrow hips, 4) the smell of cologne, 5) his broad shoulders and 6) no smell of makeup, perfume, lipstick.

At first I was freaked out - THIS WAS A GUY! - but then relaxed. It took some courage to undo his belt, and he said "look, don't worry - we don't have to", but I was curious. Eventually I did, we stripped each others' underwear. That was one of the hottest few minutes in my life.

Oh, his erection? Really, not a shock - standard in size, girth, length etc. His crotch smelled sweaty, and his penis in my mouth felt like mine does in my hand. Actually it was all kind of a let-down, except the stripping and making out part. That was really hot. By the way I was really drunk.

18. I would easily do a threesome for my wife that was MMF - or MMMF for that matter. I don't care - as long she lets me have MFF...

19. I have toys and play with my prostate. I have had dozens of orgasms with them. The prostate is the man's G-spot. It is a GREAT and very different orgasm. TRY IT!

20. I would like to get into spanking/BDSM - a little.

21. I would also do voyeur/exhibitionism stuff too. I would be happy to watch my wife do someone and I could only j/o. Of course, she would have to do that for me too.

22. I would like to go to a nudist resort for a weekend.

23. I would gladly go to an erotic/swingers party with my wife, but she would never do it. I wish she would.

24. I have had only 4 lovers in my life.

25. Out of 4 lovers, 3 have been virgins (believe me, you can tell when you break them). What is it about me that attracts virgins?
1. I've been wanting to write this list for ages but have only now gathered the courage to do so. It's one of my secret New Year's goals.

2. I'm 19 years old and still a virgin. It's funny because I do not fit the sterotypes for a virgin at all; I'm not religious nor asexual. I consider myself to be outgoing (in most situations), fun and attractive (albeit slightly curvy) and I'm smart too. I don't tend to put myself out there when I'm at parties because now that I've waited this long, I don't feel like it should be blown on some random fuck at a party. It's not like I want to be married or even wait until I know that the person is "the one" but I at least want some sort of connection before I engage in that sort of activity.

3. The thing is, is that those types of connections aren't happening in my life. I can't say that I've ever had a real boyfriend which would probably boggle your mind if you knew me in real life. I think a combination of certain factors contributes to my lack of love life, which includes: moving around (which makes it hard to make friends let alone a boyfriend), being branded a lesbian/feminist in highschool, my lack of self-confidence, my shyness around boys that I like a lot and my strong independence which tends to scare most guys away.

4. When people find out that I don't have a boyfriend they are genuinely surprised and that pisses me off even more because I really do not know what it is that I'm doing wrong. It's not that some boys aren't interested it's just that I never like them enough to follow through with a relationship. I think that deep down, I'm scared of relationships and letting people into my world. I trick myself into thinking that I'm ready for a relationship but when the opportunity comes knocking, I run away.

5. When I was in middle school I had little crushes on many boys in my grade. One boy in particular caught my attention and we would sometimes talk on the phone and have "phone sex" (if you can even call it that). Once, at a birthday party, we were dared to "go into the shower" and do all sorts of things, and my friend at the time got jealous and began to cry. She was thinner than me and this is when I began to develop my body issues. She once told me that I had a flat bum and it's influenced me ever since.

6. I don't consider myself a lesbian but most of my sexual experiences have happened with females. Towards the end of middle school I had a friend and we would experiment with each other. I loved the feelings that I got but I never enjoyed the kissing part. Fast-forward to my last year of highschool when I made out with a guy and I still did not enjoy the kissing.

7. In most ways, I am more afraid of actually kissing than I am of, say, giving head. I think that maybe kissing implies a closer connection than simply getting someone off.

8. Since I haven't had a boyfriend, I've learned to rely on myself. Sexually speaking, I am very comfortable talking about masturbation with my friends. I think that pleasure is so beautiful and I'm happy to know that I've explored my body so that I know what types of things that I respond to. I'm not drawn to anything that is crude or explicit; I become easily turned off by anything "hardcore." While watching porn, I like to see natural images and a genuine enjoyment in the union of two people.

9. Like I said before, I don't consider myself a lesbian but I am drawn to lesbain porn. Perhaps this means that I am a lesbian? Who even knows? My best friend once said "You will be with someone who you feel a connection with, be it a man or woman." I remember feeling peaceful after he said that. Since I haven't had any real boyfriends, my mom thinks I'm a lesbian. I know that she would probably be okay with it but I think that I would know if I was a lesbian or not.

10. Perhaps I just won't define myself. I think that maybe I should just live my life and not care about whether someone is a man or a woman.

11. I have so much to learn about myself. It's exciting to know that I have this whole side of me that I get to explore one day.

12. This summer while traveling, I saw two women who were beautiful and confident. They were together and I've thought about them ever since. I could be in a relationship like that... but the sterotypical "butch" woman wouldn't be for me.

13. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm always attracted to a more "feminine" male. At my work there is a 17 year-old male who I am so attracted to. His face is so beautiful and his demeanor is so soft and calm, and recently I've felt his energy combine with my own. I feel so horrible for even thinking this way seeing as he is so young.

14. Over the past few months I've been feeling myself transform my mind and body to become more comfortable in my skin. It's been a long journey and it's still not over. Part of the reason why I wanted to write this list is because my old self would never write this out. Now, I'm learning to come to terms with myself, my sexuality, my body. It's a beautiful thing and It's exciting.

15. Sometimes I wish that I could have a threesome for my first time. Nothing in my life is ever "traditional" and I feel as if I'm always in a state of change or "newness" and so having a threesome (MFF) would just be another kick at "tradition". I would need a connection with both people first, though, and that would be hard to do.

16. Writing this list is ridiculously hard when you have no stories to tell.

17. I can't explain the feeling of relief that I get when I read other people's list and they are my age and still a virgin. Sometimes I feel as if I'm the only one in this world who isn't having a good romp in the bed every night. It also makes me feel like less of a freak.

18. Even though I am still a virgin, I instinctively know that I will be an amazing lover. I have no idea how I know this, but for some reason, I just know. Although I've spent many years pleasuring myself, I am so eager to make someone feel true bliss. That excites me more than anything. To know that I can make someone feel that way.

19. I think that making love on the earth would be the most amazing experience. Two people coming together, natural and free amongst the sky and trees and dirt and grass. It would be like going back to our roots and connecting ourselves with life.

20. I also think that making love on a huge canvas with lots of paint would be the ultimate expression of love. One day I intend to do this with the one I love and hang it somewhere in our home so that it's our own little secret when family and friends come over for visits. They will ask "where did you get the painting?" and we will lie and say "an art gallery".

21. I like that I've been able to develop my own personality and independence and feel comfortable in knowing that I can be my own person. When I fall in love, I will be me. I will be a great catch for some lucky person out there.

22. Surprisingly, I don't feel pressured to be "hardcore" or be kinky. I feel that most people tend to exaggerate their experiences anyway and sex is more about love and union and lust and being silly, rather than being "hardcore." In my opinion, anyway.

23. But who knows, maybe I will end up having completely different views in a few years time.

24. I like knowing that people from all walks of life will be reading this.

25. I can't believe I'm actually going to send this.