Saturday, December 11, 2010

1. I am a 25-year-old bisexual woman who is recently single after a 5 1/2 year long relationship with a man. We lived together for almost the entire duration of that time and were engaged for 4 of those years.

2. My ex is my first and only serious relationship, as I met him when I was 19 and had just moved away from home and my home country. Before that I had had a 7-month relationship with a girl that I adored, and a series of short flings and one night stands.

3. When I met my ex he had really long hair, and that turned me on something rotten. I have always LOVED men with long hair, and there's something special about a man with long hair going down on you, I love all that hair all over my body, and especially like to tousle my fingers into it when they lick me. The wilder, longer and thicker the hair the sexier. My ex cut his hair after a few years, and even though I was OK with it, I did miss it a lot.

4. I have recently realized I really like mustaches. From thinking they were pretty off-putting, I suddenly find them incredibly sexy! I also find it hilarious when men with mustaches or beards go down on you and come up with wet facial hair which smells heavenly of fanny!

5. When I was in my long relationship, I had periods of liking sex a LOT and periods of not really being fussed. When we met we fucked like rabbits, all the time, everywhere and in all kinds of positions. We were extremely compatible and always wanted sex at the same time. That changed some time into our relationship, and my sex drive decreased MASSIVELY. I had a long period when I didn't feel good about myself and was almost never horny. This caused a lot of problems as my partner was feeling inadequate and unsexy, and was worried that I didn't get turned on by him anymore. Which made me have sex with him because I loved him and didn't want him to feel bad. He obviously noticed that I wasn't really that into it but just did it to please him, which made him even more upset and worried. It was a difficult time, but luckily we managed to keep a dialogue and work through it.

6. I have only licked one girl's fanny, but really want to do it again. I was really drunk when I did it but I really fancied this girl, and she fancied me, so it was a fun experience. She tasted good and I enjoyed being naked with a woman, but I didn't really get that turned on when she returned the favor. I think this was just down to her not being very good.

7. I love women and have 'known' since I was about 13 that I was bisexual (without knowing that term at the time). The first time I properly fell in love with a girl was first year in high school, at the age of 13. She was a friend of a friend and used to be in my arts class, and I used to look at her during the entire class and think about how beautiful she was. This was very confusing and I never told anyone or wrote about it in my diary.

8. After becoming single recently I have become incredibly horny and have had more sex partners in 5 months than I had during my first 7 years of being sexually active. I love having one night stands, and love that I can take on a different 'persona' with someone I don't know, and just be as dirty as I like 'cause I will never see them again

9. My last year in high school (age 16) I saw this girl in the first year (age 14) who made a very big impression on me. It started off with me being very annoyed with her, as everyone kept saying she looked like a mini copy of me, she wore similar clothes, had similar hair, etc. This annoyed me a lot as I had (or thought I had) a very alternative style, and thrived on being different. After a while she started interesting me instead, and I noticed that she was looking at me a lot. I used to be in the cafeteria or the library and I could feel a look on the back of my neck, and turning around she was always there. So we started having lingering eye contact over crowded spaces and faraway distances. I started noticing small things about her, that she had a scar on her hand, that she favoured long scarves, that she had the cutest giggle, that she walked with a lot of purpose in her steps. After eye contact and fantasies about her for more than half a year I decided to do something about it in the last month before leaving high school, so one late night after spending hours with my friend talking endlessly about her I texted her, saying something like "I have seen you around and think you are very cute... and don't faint now, but I'm a girl." I almost crapped my pants with anxiety and nervousness. Next morning I had a reply, she said thanks and that she thinks she knows who I am, and if she is right she thinks I'm cute too! I was ecstatic! This led to a series of texts, developing into us saying hi to each other in school, and then a 'coffee date' one week into our summer holiday. After that we met as often as we could, talked for hours, listened to music and kissed. It was one of the loveliest summers and autumns of my life. So sweet, so innocent, but so much love and tenderness.

10. I used to not like going down on men, but I quite like it these days. I won't do it unless I get favours returned, though. I get really pissed off with men who don't go down on me, as I think this is common bed courtesy, especially if you have gone down on him already. I have only had this once with a one-night stand (which also was the worst sex experience of my life) and it made me super pissed off.

11. I usually get horny at random times when I really need to concentrate, such as when I'm supposed to write an essay, and just have to take my clothes off and jump into my bed and get my rabbit out. My rabbit lives in my knicker drawer and is one of my most treasured belongings. It can take me to the moon and back every time. Foolproof satisfaction.

12. I don't enjoy vanilla sex with one night stands. Vanilla can be nice and beautiful with someone you love, but right now I want fucking, not making love, and vanilla bores me. I met this gorgeous gorgeous man, tall, skinny, funny, sexy, and with a mane like a lion (Looooong, curly and reddish brown) and was so incredibly turned on by him. Took him home after a few hours of bar-hopping, and literally had to pounce on him like a tiger to get some action. Nothing wrong with that, I don't mind initiative, but he was the softest and most gentle man in bed I have EVER met, and I just wanted to shout 'BITE ME, PULL MY HAIR, FUCK ME HARDER!' throughout the sex. It wasn't bad sex though, as he could go on for a long time, and also start again straight after coming, so we had sex quite a few times in a row and I climaxed the last time (LOUDLY). He did not say a word. He came three times, but hardly even sighed as he came! I found his quietness very unsettling, and drunk as I was I told him he was the quietest man I'd ever been with. I think he may have taken it as an insult.

13. I find very different things attractive in men and women, but I like androgyny in both men and women. I like my boys pretty, skinny and with long hair, and I love my girls hard, sleek and masculine without being butchy. And I do love a girl with a shaved head. I find paleness extremely alluring, and there are few things sexier than a freckly shoulder or back.

14. I have a tendency when coming home drunk and alone to think that playing with myself would be a good idea. I usually get bored half way and wake up the next morning feeling like death with the dildo between my thighs. It has happened more than one time.

15. I used to think about sex all the time when I was a teenager, and could not wait to have my first sexual experience. However, I didn't end up losing my virginity until I was 18. It wasn't by choice or because I wanted to wait, but more like I took the first boy that came along and wanted to have sex with me.

16. The first guy I slept with (#15) was Italian. He was not my type but pretty sexy in a traditional macho way (which has never really appealed to me). We met at a foam party (how tacky) and kissed and groped each other in the foam for hours. At the end of the night, he asked for my number, and we met the next day for pizza and then drove to a beach nearby where we kissed and fooled around on the jetty for about an hour, before going to his parent's car and having sex in the car in the parking lot. It was not the most comfortable, and not the sexiest, but not a terrible experience either. I still remember which knickers I wore. The best bit was having a cigarette afterward in the autumn chill and he lent me his huge leather jacket which smelled of smoke and aftershave. The best after-sex cigarette I have ever had.

17. I later got to know that the guy mentioned in #10 never goes down on girls as it 'makes him gag' !?! Seriously???! He was the most terrible sex partner I have ever had, and he did NOT know what to do to a woman! I seriously had to TAKE his hand, place it on my clit and say 'that's what you have to concentrate on if you want some action'! He still didn't manage to make it interesting or pleasurable in the slightest.

18. I don't really like porn and never watch it, but I love reading sex novels, they turn me on something rotten! I especially enjoy reading ones that include bondage, dominance and submission and SM. I am not sure if I'm very into it in real life, but I like fantasizing about it.

19. Biting is my passion, and I cannot have sex without biting. I try to tailor the power of my bite to the person I'm with, if they like it I go a bit wild, if they seem a bit scared I go a bit softer, but sometimes I can't help myself from having a great big chomp into a nice juicy body part. I have this booty-call shag buddy that I've seen about four or five times, and last time he was around he was lying on my bed after sex, on his belly, and I came back to the bed after getting a glass of water. Seeing that pretty, plump, juicy ass I jumped on top of him and sank my teeth into his buttcheek pretty hard.The poor guy did NOT see that coming and actually screamed in pain and shock! I felt a little bad afterward, but also enjoyed the bite too much to be too embarrassed.

20. I refuse to have sex without condoms with one night stands, and have twice been in situations (both times very drunk) where a guy would not or could not use a condom. I refused to have sex both times, which I am proud about. We did other stuff instead. I think my body and health is more important than the risk of getting STD's (I'm not worried about getting pregnant as I have a coil anyway).

21. I actually love the taste of my fanny, and have had several men comment on how good I taste (and smell). I like men who give my fanny compliments. Two guys in particular (both Aussie, wonder if it's a coincidence?...) made very explicit and sincere comments in the middle of giving me oral sex about how amazing my fanny was, to then dive down again and continue their 'work' with even more passion. I especially liked that one of the guys called it my 'puss', not pussy, but 'puss'--it was kinda cute and made me laugh. I love being able to laugh during and about sex.

22. I talk a lot and explicitly about sex, as I enjoy sex and think sex is a natural and wonderful thing in our lives. My good friends are the same and are used to it, but when I meet new people they are quite often shocked by how graphic I can be, which slightly amuses me. I think that as long as sex is consensual and does not involve any parties being hurt (unless they want to) I cannot see any harm in any type of sexual activity. As long as there is mutual respect people can and should experiment and do whatever turns them on. And it if doesn't turn you on, tell the other person so, and stop doing it! Never do anything which feels wrong or doesn't turn you on, it will make you feel shitty at some point.

23. I am still dreaming of having an adult, proper relationship with a woman, and hope that I will meet a woman at some stage of my life with whom I can settle down. I have always thought that if I would be in a long-term relationship it would be with a woman, but then along came my ex and swooped me off my feet, and now five years later I am single again. I enjoy the different relationship you have with a woman compared to a man, and I generally feel that I can be 'myself' more completely among women.

24. I love being naked, and I love being watched when I am naked. I am very comfortable about my body and am very bound by my senses, and thus love to look, smell, feel and touch a naked body. The same with my own. Preferably I will get naked as soon as I come home with someone, and then spend a long time exploring each other. I also really like early mornings with a one-night stand, and applying body lotion slowly all over my body when I know they are watching while pretending to be asleep. I get uncomfortable with things like stripping and sexy dancing, but being naturally naked is the best and sexiest thing I know. One particular time I remember well was sitting on a guy's glass dinner table, at 6 o 'clock in the morning, naked except a pair of fishnet stay-up stockings, blowing smoke out of the window and drinking vodka out of a bottle. My makeup was all over my face and my hair was sex-messy. Then we had some more sex.

25. I don't generally have very sensitive nipples, but when someone bites them hard during a hard fuck that can make me climax by itself. I love the sensation of pain mingling with the sweet sensation of orgasm.

Friday, December 10, 2010

1. I am a 22 year old pansexual biological female who wishes that she would have been born intersexed. I feel like it would match my true gender much more closely than just being the androgynous sort of girl I am.

2. Relating to that last sentiment, most of my fantasies and dreams revolve around being able to shapeshift, a la Mystique from X-Men. But in a less creepy and manipulated-by-Magneto sort of way.

3. I’ve been masturbating for as long as I can remember, and I felt guilty about it up until I was 19 or so. I once sat my mom down and talked to her about it when I was about 10, explaining that I was doing something that felt really good “down there” but that I felt guilty about it. Her response was somewhere along the lines of “well don’t feel bad, honey, just don’t do it anymore.” Needless to say, the advice didn’t stick.

4. My first kiss was when I was about 7 and very much in love with The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. I talked my best friend into reenacting the scene where Becky and Tom kiss, and he was up for it, so we went down the street away from our houses and he pecked me on the lips behind a tree.

5. I have never admitted that my first sexual experience was with this same best friend’s sister. We used to go into her woodshed and she would pull her pants down (sometimes to pee, sometimes just to let me look), and I would watch and masturbate. Now that I think about it, it’s fairly obvious that this is why I have a secret desire to try urine-play someday.

6. During those early childhood years, I have vivid memories of sex-play with one boy and three girls, which pretty much sets up my sexuality for you. I’d say my past is a 70/30 ratio of girls to guys relationship-wise.

7. I have only felt completely comfortable in my female body twice in my life. The first time was with an amazing ginger-haired boy I met abroad and had an intensely emotional fling with, and the second time was when I had my first orgasm with a girl I’d been dating for three years. Both moments left me with the most overwhelming “I am woman, hear me roar” sort of sensation that made me feel like my body was the most beautiful and feminine thing in the world.

8. I have only had one orgasm in my life not caused by masturbation, and this was the one in #7. I think it was caused partially by the fact that the girl I was dating, and had been dating for three years, was waiting until marriage (whatever that means when you’re in a gay relationship *sigh*), which meant that I hadn’t had sex in those three years either and I was jonesing for it like no other. Then, on Valentine's Day, we both got hot and bothered and she slipped her fingers into me and within seconds I felt like my whole body was vibrating like a plucked string. It was heavenly.

9. I totally cried after that orgasm, by the way, and I’m not sure to this day if they were happy tears or sad tears. I’ve never cried during sex before or after that.

10. I’ve cheated on two people I’ve been with, if you want to be technical about it. On both occasions the person I was dating and I were on a “break,” but I still feel bad about it. Both of the people I cheated with were amazingly attractive redheads. I’ll admit to having a bit of a fetish in that area.

11. My first love was my best friend when I was 14. She was the first girl in my life I was ever physically, emotionally and mentally attracted to, and she was the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen. Super girly, with long blond hair to boot. I was head over heels. Too bad she was dating a boy! Well, we had that sorted before long: after trying to figure out a sort of three-way relationship she ditched him for me, and we had the most hedonistic, lay-in-bed-all-day-having-sex-then-get-up-and-make-chocolate-chip-pancakes, go-for-walks-holding-hand-in-the-snow-at-midnight sort of love all teenagers dream about. But she ended up being too much for me (her sex drive was and still is through the roof, for one thing, and this is coming from someone who is SO OK with sex a couple times a day), and after much angst we ended it. I’m lucky enough that after a couple rocky years we’ve become best friends again, but without all the drama that teenage puppy-love brings.

12. I watch porn about once a month (jeeze, I wonder what could possibly correspond with that?) and most of it is either guys jacking off, or flat-out guy-on-girl doggie style.

13. I’m WAY more into written porn, slash and erotica than I am into pictures and videos.

14. I’m pretty sure that I’ll always be in love with that ginger-haired fellow I mention in #7. He has the honor (or misfortune?) of being the only male I’ve ever fallen in love with, and I didn’t recognize it as love until too late. Had the situation been slightly different, and had we made slightly different choices, I might still be with him today. But that’s always the way, isn’t it?

15. He and I did everything except have full-on intercourse, because I froze up at the last minute. I was suddenly taken over by memories of the other time I cheated on a girlfriend and how I promised myself I’d never do it again. I left his room that day with my self-respect mostly intact, but I’ve wished every single day since then that I’d gone through with it.

16. I’ve come to realize that being so unsure and uncomfortable with my assigned gender can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it means that because I feel like half a girl and half a guy (though I hate the binary that brings up) I can pretty much become whatever the person I’m dating wants me to be. That’s pretty useful when your girlfriend just wants you to drill her, or your boyfriend wants you to make him feel like he’s the manliest man around (or vice versa!), but it can also lead you down the road of just being something to please someone else. If I feel like I’ve been pigeonholed into one exclusive role in a relationship, I get a bit freaked out. I have to be able to flow back and forth between masculine and feminine, or I don’t feel like I’m being true to myself.

17. All that about gender being said, I have to also admit that I’m fascinated by the trans community. I don’t want to objectify anyone, but I feel like dating somebody who was trans would be perfect! They’d understand my need for fluidity, I think, and I hope I’d be decent enough to treat them like the gender they’ve always known they are. On a randier note, I’ll totally own up to being turned on by a transguy who’s packing.

18. As for kink, I’m down with light to medium BDSM (I identify as a switch, not surprisingly), I LOVE being tied up and held helpless but I also have a lot of tie-you-up-and-do-naughty-things-to-you fantasies. I’ve never tried anal, but as per my rules regarding sex I’ll try anything once. I was once with a girl who was into choking, and as much as I wanted to do it to make her happy, I just couldn’t. It seemed too abusive, so I guess that rules out the hard stuff for me!

19. One thing I KNOW I want to try, but I’m too shy to ask for it, is spanking. The idea turns me on to no end, but it’d have to be with the right person.

20. Doggie is my favorite position by far, which is strange because I haven’t done it much. I have a fantasy about a guy just pounding into me like this until I scream, and it’s very animalistic, which I suppose classifies as kink(?). But of course I also have the corresponding fantasy of strapping on a cock and giving it to a girl until we fall down, exhausted. So there you go.

21. Because of this doggie-style fetish thing, spooning is tough on me. I can handle being the little spoon for a couple of minutes, but after that I’m so riled up I just want more.

22. Despite all this “I’m confused about my gender-identity” stuff I have going on, I’m SUPER excited to be a mother someday. I imagine I’d be equally excited to be a father if I was a guy, but anyway... I think pregnancy and birth are two of the coolest things in nature, and I’m looking forward to being part of it and seeing my body go through all those changes.

23. I go gaga for dirty talk. Seriously, start telling me what you want to do to me and I’ll be all over you in seconds.

24. But a total turn-off for me is when someone goes down on a guy and he grabs their head and starts shoving it back and forth. I’ve never had it done to me (and if you did I’d probably bitchslap you), but just the idea creeps me out.

25. I used to think I was immune to jealousy, and my younger self thought this meant I was polyamorous. Turns out I just hadn’t met someone I cared enough about to be monogamous with. This certainly isn’t the case for everyone, but I’m glad I’ve learned the difference in my life.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

1. I am a 22-year-old possibly bisexual, possibly straight male.

2. I had very little in the way of sex education, mostly due to the fact that I was home-schooled between the ages of 6 and 16. Perhaps as a result of this, I wasn't very aware of my body, and found myself perplexed (if not overly concerned) about the tendency of my penis to become hard from time to time. Even at the age of 13 I recall overhearing some older men joking about erections and feeling a vague sense of recognition about what still seemed a very strange phenomenon. If anything, I associated erections with discomfort and even pain as opposed to pleasure.

3. I have, for all intents and purposes, never masturbated. I certainly must have been touching myself at an early age, as I remember making myself come a little bit one day when I was 12. The sight of white fluid emerging from my penis shocked me so much that I immediately assumed that I had broken it. I distinctly recall also having similar thoughts about my erections during this time, combined with a sense of guilt that can surely be sourced to my Christian upbringing. I continued to fondle myself from time to time, but never engaged in anything resembling what would be commonly known as 'jacking off' - and, apart from that one time, my only emission of sperm came during wet dreams. As I became more sexually aware over the course of my teenage years, I developed a strange apathy towards masturbation that continues to this day.

4. I had had no sexual experiences whatsoever until the age of 18. At that point, I had only ever been kissed once, and had never seen a woman naked in person. My first real experience touching a girl was at a New Year's Eve party, when I sat on her lap and kissed her repeatedly, at one point putting my hand in her top and feeling her breast after she encouraged me to. The next time I kissed a girl was a couple of months later, at a university toga party, when a girl made out with me and gave me a hand job on the dance floor. About a month later, I touched a girl's vagina for the first time at another party, when the sister of my friend's girlfriend made out with me and encouraged me to put my fingers inside her. Until the beginning of my first relationship, these three incidents constituted my only sexual experiences.

5. Although I had crushes on girls in high school, I didn't have a girlfriend until I was 19. Although we were quite intimate from the beginning (we made out on my bed on our first date), it would be close to seven months until I finally had sex for the first time. The delay was almost exclusively due to nervousness on my part, as I found myself unable to maintain erections when putting on condoms. The first time was a massive anti-climax and I was simply relieved that I had gotten it over with. We would only have sex another three times over the course of our relationship, which lasted just over a year.

6. As grim as this sounds, we were in fact quite sexually active and slept together every night for about 9 months. A technique that we discovered early on was what might be known as frottage (or 'dry humping', I think), in which I would rub my penis against her vaginal area and vice-versa. In contrast to the sparsity of penetrative sex, we would engage in this activity quite frequently, and both often orgasm from it. Although I am now far more confident with sexual intercourse, I still enjoy this position and have used it to different degrees in most subsequent relationships.

7. It wasn't until this year that I felt confident about having sex. My problems in my first relationship led me to perfect my techniques in other areas, meaning that by the time I had broken up with my first girlfriend I felt quite confident about my abilities in oral sex and being able to bring a girl off with my hand. In the 13 month period between the end of my first relationship and the beginning of 2010, I only had penetrative sex with two other women (quite frequently over the course of my brief second relationship, and once with another girl during a one-night stand), and it was only upon meeting the girl with whom I would have a 6-month long-distance relationship that I became very confident about my technique. Although we only saw each other for a total of 18 days over three separate visits, we had sex nearly every day. I enjoy sex now a lot more than I used to.

8. My second relationship was with a girl who was nearly 5 years older than me and had two other boyfriends at the time. Although I knew little about polyamory, I was interested in the idea and very keen on her. Our relationship fizzled out after a perfect first couple of weeks, and I lost a considerable amount of self-esteem over the fact that she lost interest in me so quickly.

8. I first kissed a man at the age of 18, and had often harboured a suspicion that I might be bisexual. My first sexual experience with another man was at the age of 20, while I was with my second girlfriend. We went to a bar and picked up a male acquaintance in order to have a threesome. We didn't go much further than going down on each other, and, although I enjoyed the experience, I found it difficult to get aroused.

9. We kept in contact, and on the night my girlfriend broke up with me (after going out for less than a month), I dropped by his place for some comfort and intimacy. We spent the night together, and this time I was quite aroused by the experience, although once more it didn't proceed far beyond oral sex. This encounter threw me into a considerable degree of turmoil, as it seemed to prove beyond doubt that I was bisexual, a label that I openly embraced for some time afterwards. Nowadays, I think I may have been a little hasty in declaring my bisexuality: although I can definitely be attracted to men, and can be aroused by sexual experiences with men, I am still primarily attracted to women. In any case, I view sexuality as more of a spectrum than an either-or scenario.

10. From this point onwards, my sexual behaviour altered considerably. Up until then, I had only slept with two women, kissed less than seven and was still relatively sexually inexperienced. In the coming months, I participated in casual sex, threesomes and what might even be described as an orgy. This period of my life culminated in a two-month open relationship with an older man. Although in many ways this time was quite sexually liberating for me, I remember the defining feelings being loneliness and very low self-esteem. In many ways, I used sex and intimacy as a method of making up for my seeming inability to arouse any serious interest from the opposite sex.

11. I have never tried anal sex, although one guy did attempt to have sex with me during a one-night stand. I said yes, but began to feel physically uncomfortable and asked him to stop. Strangely, I'm almost more uncomfortable with the idea of giving it, although I wouldn't rule out trying it with my girlfriend if we both wanted to broaden our horizons.

12. Although my first girlfriend was three years younger than me, five out of my seven relationships have been with older partners. My current girlfriend is nine years older than me, and there has been a six year age gap with two other partners.

13. The first time I saw a naked woman was at the age of 12. I had gone music shopping with my dad and bought a cassette tape of "I Robot" by '70s prog rock band Alan Parsons Project. It wasn't uncommon for cassettes to contain song lyrics inside the insert, and I pulled it out to have a look. There, beneath the cover, was a rather tasteful photograph of a full-frontally nude woman. I went completely pale and recall feeling this crushing sense of shame and guilt. A few days later, I snuck the cassette into my Dad's tape collection and tried to forget about what I had seen. I found it there where I left it eight years later, and found it strange and sad that such an innocent photograph could have upset me so much.

14. A few years after my accidental discovery, I began to develop an obsession with the female form. At the age of 15, I would occasionally get out of bed after midnight (when my parents were asleep) and surf the TV for late-night films in the hope of seeing some female nudity. I would also go to the library from time to time and browse the photography section for the same reason. Even today, I'll be more interested in a film if it has female nudity in it.

15. I still get very turned on by the process of undressing, both doing it myself and watching someone else do it.

16. I have never found pornography particularly arousing. As a teenager, I found everything about it repulsive, and always felt a little disgusted by it. I still find porn stars completely unattractive and mainstream internet porn lurid and unerotic. Having said that, I have a strong voyeuristic streak and enjoy watching sex if it is portrayed in a realistic manner. Despite my flirtations with the idea of bisexuality, I have never sought out gay porn or felt the desire to do so.

17. Although I don't think I have any notable fetishes, I do have a big thing for pubic hair. I find it one of the sexiest aspects of the female body, and it's difficult for me to find a woman's pubic area aesthetically pleasing without it. I also find something erotic about underarm hair.

18. I am a little bit narcissistic, in the sense that I have loved taking photographs of myself for a long time. When I was in high school I would happily send naked photos of myself to girls I became close to on the internet, and also posted naked photographs of myself on the internet several times. To this day, the act of photographing myself naked still turns me on.

19. A defining aspect of my personality is my near-complete lack of inhibition. Although I didn't like using public showers or urinals throughout my childhood and early teenage years, I now have no problem with being naked in front of a room full of strangers and enjoy being looked at. I am also quite open sexually and enjoy talking about it and experimenting with it.

20. I'm quite happy to experiment with S&M, but I don't think it's really my thing. I do enjoy a bit of spanking, however.

21. I have had many sexual dreams about my siblings (male and female) and even my mother. Although I still have these dreams from time to time, they were more common in my early teenage years. Although I felt guilt and embarrassment over anything sexual at the time, I mostly felt guilty that I was dreaming about my sister. I practically never have sexual dreams about people I am attracted to in real life.

22. While I take an open-minded view of sex and am happy to experiment with it, I now think I am essentially monogamous (although I am quite open to the concept of polyamory). I love my girlfriend dearly and, although I still enjoy flirting with other women from time to time, I have no interest in them on any level. Although I have enjoyed promiscuity in the past, I am quite comfortable about the concept of never sleeping with anyone else again.

23. I think I would probably like to have a threesome with my girlfriend one day, although I think I would prefer it to be with another woman. Although I have already enjoyed two threesomes with a man and a woman in the past, I think I feel irrationally jealous about the idea of sharing my girlfriend with another man. Something that I might feel more comfortable about would be the idea of group sex with another couple or just multiple people.

24. I have never videotaped a sexual experience, but I think I would like to. The idea of other people watching us having sex turns me on.

25. I think I would rather never have sex again than never be able to kiss. There is something very intimate to me about kissing, and it has saddened me in the past to be with girls who didn't enjoy it much.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

1. I'm a 24 year old married heterosexual female who likes kissing girls sometimes.

2. I was 20 when I lost my virginity. He was 42. I never told him he was my first; he never noticed.

3. I met him on a fetish dating site. He fucked my face and my ass and he whipped me before getting anywhere near my cunt. It was good fun.

4. My husband was my second lover. I met him just weeks after I got involved with Mr. 42. Husband thinks I've had many more lovers then I have. The idea of being my first serious boyfriend freaked him out so much that I just invented some fuck-buddy exes to appease him. We've been married two years and he still sometimes asks about them.

5. I've been in and out of BDSM websites since I was 14. I've always had serious kinks. I've always been a bottom/masochist.

6. I'm not a submissive person outside of bed, and I never wanted a D/s relationship. Unfortunately I really really want D/s sex and my husband is very vanilla (compared to me at least).

7. We try to be open and talk about sex in our relationship. One idea I had was to have my husband watch some of the BDSM porn that I masturbate to. This resulted in him bringing 60 feet of scratchy hemp rope and a butcher knife to bed one night. He had been drinking (trying to get up his courage, he said) and I woke up with him attempting to tie me up. Which was funny, until I rolled over onto the butcher knife. Luckily, no one was hurt, and this is something we laugh at now. But it kind of scared him off trying anything else.

8. I have a much much higher sex drive then my husband- like he'd have sex 3 or 4 times a month and be happy. I'm wanting 3 or 4 times a week (at least!).

9. He's really not very good in bed--I come maybe every 10th time we have sex. He tends to treat everything as a quickie (even anal). It makes me feel more like a masturbatory aid then a partner.

10. I really really miss having good sex. I never realized how much I need it to feel sane.

11. I masturbate a lot. Sometimes 4 or 5 times a day.

12. One of my favorite ways to masturbate is in bed next to my husband when he is asleep. When I do that, I'm never fantasizing about him.

13. I really want to explore breath play with my partner. Sometimes I push my face into the pillows on the bed when we're having sex. But there is only so much a girl can do on her own.

14. I used to have makeout/groping sessions with my husband's female friends (never in front of him--I kiss girls 'cause I like it, not for your entertainment thankyouverymuch). I miss that.

15. One girl made me come just by rubbing her knee on my clit though my pants while I was sucking on her breasts. Hubby was downstairs with the guys smoking a cigarette.

16. Hubby is bi (has been with men in the past) and still checks out guys/flirts. I would love love love to have a threesome with him and another guy, but he is nervous about opening up our relationship (once you cross that line, you can't go back, is his thought).

17. I still have cybersex online when my husband is at work. I don't consider this cheating. I do this instead of cheating.

18. I enjoy anal sex. I'll even come during anal if my clit is stimulated at the same time.

19. I would love to be DPed. I think it would feel awesome.

20. I've never been with a guy with a large cock. I would really like to fuck a guy with a big cock at least once.

21. I think my vagina is a bit roomier then average. Hence the desire for a really big cock. A lot of times I can barely feel my husband when he's in me (at about 6" long and maybe 1 1/2"-2" diameter).

22. I like talking to people about their sex lives to see how it compares to mine.

23. I love my husband more then anything but I'd really really like to talk him into swinging a little.

24. I've gotten kinda horny writing this list.

25. I think more of MY 25 things were about my husband then about me. I think that's a problem.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

1 - I'm a 21 y.o. gay male and virgin as they come. And by virgin, I really mean no sexual interaction of any kind with a second person. Not even a kiss, or a handjob, or a mutual jerk-off. Nothing. And here's the kicker: I'm an art student. Yep.

2 - I guess this is due to a number of factors. I was pretty shy growing up, and very overweight, and in a very conservative town. People say I don't look gay, whatever that means. I'm not in the closet (except with family, for now), but it seems I only ever meet straight guys (with girls, that's a different story). I've never been really interested in any of the very few out gay guys I met, and all the guys I've felt any kind of attraction to were, as far as I know, straight (maybe with the exception of one, who might actually have been interested in me, but when I realized this and tried to re-connect, it was too late). And, last but not least, I'm not looking for casual sex.

3 - The closest I've ever come to "experimenting" as a teenager was watching porn with a childhood friend. His eyes were glued to the boobs on the screen, mine were glued to the bulge in his pants. Obviously, nothing happened (besides him having to ride his bike back home with a boner).

4 - I can't seriously imagine myself in a "one thing led to another" scenario. Or anyone else, for that matter. I think the total desert that my sex life has been all my life has lead me to subconsciously elevate any kind of romantic/sexual interaction to the level of myths. Like it's something that simply doesn't ever happen. A situation where two people would be mutually interested in each other at the same time feels like such a farfetched idea - yet, rationally, I know perfectly well it's not.

5 - Despite all this, I never felt like meeting guys online was the way to go. I'm a hopeless romantic. If things don't change, though, I think I might have to force myself to think otherwise. This is getting silly. At this point, casual sex is really not an option (I think. Maybe). I'm not looking for Prince Charming, but is it too much to ask that my first time is with someone I trust and care about?

6 - Technically, I have had my first kiss, both with a girl and with a boy. The former was in kindergarten, with a friend who wanted to be my "girlfriend", the later in primary school, when me and a friend shared a quick peck on the lips to annoy my brother (hey, what do you know, I was already gay and he was already a homophobe). And no, the way I see it, they don't count. My first kiss will be a real one, dammit.

7 - Growing up, I was so glad that I didn't usually look or act effeminate because I was terrified by the idea of someone even suspecting I was gay. Now, however, I feel like I might have a better chance of finding someone if, at least, I looked like I'm into guys. I mean, how am I supposed to get a boyfriend if I don't look like I want one? Again, I'm not in the closet, but it's not like I introduce myself as "hi, my name is X and I'm gay" either. I'm just being me.

8 - I know that people who meet me nowadays don't imagine my clean track record when it comes to relationships. Referring to #2 - I'm A LOT more sociable and confident, I lost enough weight to put me in the ideal weight zone and, even though I'm not a model, I know I'm not a hideous monster either - I've been told I'm good looking, but you can't really trust your friends when they say that. Maybe I suffer from ugly duckling syndrome. Or maybe it's the fact that, among the dozens and dozens of guys I've met in the past two months in my new school, there doesn't seem to be a single gay guy. Either way, I'm still not getting any.

9 - After reading this blog, I'm absolutely delighted so many people experimented with both genders and that there might be more fluidity in the world than I thought. I totally respect when people say they don't want to be labeled and I wholeheartedly agree. I consider myself a very open-minded person. Who can say I'll never be interested in a girl?

10 - ...Yet, even as I typed that last sentence, I didn't really believe myself, to be completely honest. Yes, no one knows what's in store, but my whole life I've never felt the slightest romantic/sexual attraction to any girl. Quite often, I find myself thinking "I really like hanging out with this female friend of mine, if I was straight I'd totally be in love with her", but the most I've ever felt like doing with any of them was hugging and staying up all night talking (seriously). I recall having ONE sex dream (not wet dream) involving a random woman, and even then there was also a couple of my male friends involved. I was, maybe, twelve. So, personally, I don't really have an issue with calling myself "gay". I'm pretty sure I am.

11 - #10 also explains why I never did anything with a girl. I never really felt inclined to even try it. At all.

12 - I used to worry that my penis was small, but it's not really an issue now. It's not big, but I'm pretty sure it's average-ish. I guess I'm a grower, not a shower. Plus, the confidence thing.

13 - When I start getting aroused, I start pre-cumming. When I start pre-cumming, I pre-cum a lot. I don't really have a term of comparison, but I'm pretty sure it's a lot. When I'm jerking off, I usually have to wipe the excess a couple of times to prevent it from running down my dick. I love it, by the way.

14 - I'm bored of porn. I still watch it, but really, I have to try way too hard to find stuff that's not over-produced and obviously fake and it's annoying. Erotic stories are better, much better, but even those used to have a much greater effect on me.

15 - Yet, all the old, tired porno clich├ęs really get my imagination going. You know, the plumber, the construction worker, the neighbour, the hot teacher, the room mate. I wonder what it would be like to have spontaneous sex of that type. I don't think I'd be able to try anything now even if the opportunity presented itself, but maybe I'll think differently when I'm more experienced.

16 - Because I keep to myself (even though that's changing, bit by bit), I think people got the idea I was sort of asexual, or not very interested in sex. However, I'm VERY interested and extremely curious about it - sucking cock in particular. I'm pretty sure it's something I'm going to love doing (actually, now that I think of it, in most of my wet dreams, I was blowing someone). But kissing is definitely number one, simple as it may be. Seeing really passionate kissing between two guys arouses me more than I can admit. I guess I'm a very oral person. Also, I've tried licking my cum and hated the taste, but the idea of swallowing someone else's, or someone swallowing mine, gets me royally turned on. Facials, however, do nothing for me. I find them pretty yucky.

17 - I'm very vanilla. Saliva, sweat and sperm are the only bodily fluids I'd be comfortable with. I'm not interested in any kind of pain or blood or BDSM. If anything, I guess I'd be okay with a bit of watersports, if my partner really wanted, but then only in a "clean" environment (like the shower) and nowhere near my face. But personally - no.

18 - My biggest kink is definitely incest. Those are the stories I usually read. Only in fantasy though, looking from the outside; I have absolutely no sexual interest in anyone in my family. It's a bit weird, now that I think of it.

19 - I find foreskins sexy, but I really don't care when it comes to my partner. I'm really glad I'm uncut, though. I also have a thing for weirdly shaped/unusual cocks.

20 - After a bit of thought, I realized that if I ever fell for a guy and he turned out to be a f-to-m trans person, and he hadn't had a sexual reassignment surgery, I probably wouldn't give a shit. Okay, he wouldn't have a penis, but vaginas don't really disgust me or turn me off by themselves, it's the women attached to them. However, if he still had feminine breasts, that would probably affect me. I don't know why either of these things are so - but they are.

21 - Which reminds me - for some reason, I can't seem to be attracted to guys with long hair, at all. He could be the hottest guy on earth, but if he wears a ponytail, chances are I won't look twice. Again, I have no idea why this is, but it just is. Of course, I'm talking solely of physical attraction, and I don't rule out the possibility of having a relationship with a long-haired dude.

22 - I'm not really comfortable with the idea of being with someone much older, but the truth is, older men get me hot. I once spent a couple of hours on a train sitting next to a man in his forties, wearing a suit. The faint scent of his cologne made me secretly wish he would fuck my brains out. I had a hard-on most of the time.

23 - Because of my inexperience, I'm afraid my ability to withhold my orgasm during my earlier sexual experiences will be similar to that of a 13-year-old. But I'm pretty sure I'll turn out to be a pretty good lover. I got imagination to boot and, stupid as it may sound in this context, I've read a lot.

24 - As a little kid, I used to enact sex scenes between my Barbie and my brother's Action Man. I always felt very attracted to his plastic chest, and I'm pretty sure that, if we'd had two Action Men, Barbie would stay in the toy box quite often.

25 - I've never told anyone this, and I don't think I ever will, but during my teenage years I really wished I was a girl. It just seemed so much easier - I wouldn't have to hide the fact that I was into guys, I could be affectionate to my female friends without people thinking I had second intentions, my lack of talent for team sports would be overlooked. I'm not sure I ever wanted to really be a girl, though, or if I just wanted my life to be easier and being a girl seemed like a better option than liking girls. Nowadays, I just wish I was a much hotter, open and adventurous gay guy. That would be awesome.