Thursday, May 28, 2009

1. First, the confession: I am a female, a virgin and I am 25.
2. My only boyfriend was when I was 12, and he kissed me on the check, twice.
3. I have only kissed one person on the lips, in a game of Truth or Dare. It was with someone I had a mild crush on at the time, but afterward I was disapointed - the only sensation was of wetness. I am still pissed off at the person who pushed me into playing for spoiling my crush.
4. The first 3 things make me very sad.
5. At random moments I will want to kiss someone so much I have to hold myself back from just grabbing them and doing it. Getting a whiff of a man's aftershave will sometimes trigger it, which is weird when I think about it because it's probably just some mass-produced stuff he got at the supermarket.
6. While totally appaling in every way, I find the idea of rape very interesting for some reason and construct little stories/scenarios around it when I daydream.
7. Sometimes I wish I could be raped so I would have an excuse for my complete lack of sexual activity.
8. I dip into my books randomly in order to read my favourite love and/or sex scenes over and over again.
9. It is only very rarely that I get turned on in any way by visual porn/erotica; most of the time I just have no reaction. I can appreciate the aesthetics (or not) but other than that, nothing. I think with porn the reality of an image cannot posibly compete with what the written word can conjure up in your own mind - speculation is always more arousing than facts. I don't know if this is just me, or if it's a female thing, or what.
10. It took me about a year to realise my vulva contained a clitoris and masturbation wasn't just about playing with the labia.
11. I can only use my right hand to masturbate.
12. I learned to come silently when masturbating as a teenager because my bed was right up against the wall of my sister's room.
13. I masturbate and come with fingers only as I have never owned any mechanical aids.
14. My BDSM fantasies have escalated in both extremes and complexity since I started on them as a teenager, from handcuffs to chastity belts. I wonder if there is any significance to the fact that many of the games I played with my Barbie dolls as a kid involved tying them up in various creative ways with my hair ribbons.
15. When I first started masturbating it could take me up to 45 minutes to come. Now my fastest is about 10 minutes. I find it fascinating that masturbating without fantasizing takes about twice as long.
16. I have researched stripping, prostitution and sensual massage as possible part-time work (though never taken any up) and have come to the conclusion that there is more work and less money involved than most people think.
17. I worry that my nipples are much bigger than other women's and are pulling my breasts out of shape; seriously, they're like the diameter of squash balls.
18. Karez was something the bohemian set did in the early 20th century: it was like an orgy, except that everyone wore underwear - so no sex - and just kissed and stroked and fondled each other in a fug of marijuana smoke for hours. It was very sensual, and I would like to try it.
19. I want to be a nude model for art classes but I can't find any that need one!
20. The last time someone asked me out was at a very stressful point in my life. I didn't find him particularly attractive, so I said no but I felt a bit guilty about it because he'd obviously had to work up to it, and that must have been the straw that broke the camel's back because for several months afterwards I had panic attacks every time I went near him and had to avoid him until they stopped.
21. Without exception, all the males in my life who I would like to date are already taken.
22. I would really like to own a neuraliser (like from 'Men in Black') so I could go and chat people up, and then if it didn't work out I could make them forget the whole conversation.
23. It is difficult to find worthwhile free porn on the internet, but even more difficult to find well-written porn.
24. I wish someone would teach me how to flirt and who are the good prospects.
25. I have never found any slang terms for genetalia that really satisfy me. 'Vagina' and 'Penis' are too anatomical, 'sex' and 'member' too vague, 'pussy' and 'dick' too crude, 'phallus' too formal. 'Cunt' might be OK if people didn't use it as a swear-word so much, but it's a little blunt.
1. I have had 2 threesomes of the mfm variety and a mfmf. If you count having two women consecutively in the same bed then I have had a fmf but I don't count it.

2. I am immensely intrigued and turned on at the idea of opening our bedroom to other men, women, and couples.

3. I masturbate 4-5 times a week whether I am getting sex or not.

4. I went to a swinger bar in Las Vegas once and ended up fucking a woman in front of her husband. It was pretty creepy though because he seemed to be playing the part of the Director of the show and not at all focused on her pleasure. It made it hard for me to concentrate and enjoy her.

5. I also had sex with another woman one night for nearly 12 hours on and off (no pun intended) while taking turns with her husband. It was probably the most incredibly intense sex I have ever had.

6. When I was in college and my then girlfriend and now wife and I first started having sex, we had sex 5 times a day. We came to the point of not being able to any longer and I miss those days but realize they weren't practical.

7. The more sex I get the more I want, which terribly frustrates my wife, who assumes that since we just had sex I should be wanting for nothing, and for me it means I am wanting for her again.

8. I don't know what I would do if my wife did acquiesce to my idea of having a threesome or foursome. I think it would scare me but I think I'd do it it with no regrets.

9. I have always worried about the size of my equipment. This stems from years ago when my gf cheated on me and gave me a curable STD. When I confronted her about being so stupid about having unprotected sex she said she did use condoms all six times and they broke all 6 times because the guy was really large. The funny thing is that I have no worries about my size with other women and have never had any complaints. That gf incident happened 20 years ago.

10. I am a voyeur and exhibitionist to the hilt. I'd love to put a pen based camera in my bedroom and home and watch my wife masturbate because she won't do it in front of me. I wish she would be open with me and the fact that she isn't bugs me some days.

11. I have a friend who adores giving oral sex and wants nothing in return--in fact bars me from returning any of the favor. Once every couple of months I go by her house, have a couple of drinks with her, and then ask her to suck me. She does, we have another drink and then I go home.

12. When I am in public places I almost always fantasize about the women I see and wonder about them sexually.

13. I masturbated the first time in the bathtub. I found out about masturbation accidentally and I never looked back.

14. There are women to this day that I know I can exploit because they always have had crushes on me. I used that information to have sex with them but then feel really guilty afterwards.

15. My wife knows almost better than I do the type of women I like and dislike. I never need to explain someone as hot or not to her because she already knows.

16. We use toys with sex but never unless I get them out and use them with her. Also, I bought every last one of them.

17. I don't get blow jobs anymore unless I come right out and ask for them. Then it is never too completion.

18. We used to have sex while she was having her period but no more. I'd do it but she really isn't interested--I guess I don't push the issue because maybe I don't care.

19. I have a serious conflict in that my wife makes me very angry because she makes zero effort to create and maintain a sex life. I do it all.

20. I think I am pretty bizarre in my sexual tastes compared to my friends.

21. I wonder if I were run over by a bus tomorrow would people find all the pictures, correspondence, etc. that I have amassed on my "dark side," and if they did would they destroy them or would they become an embarrassment.

22. If I knew I could have a zero percent chance of getting caught I would maintain a fuck buddy with no intention of her changing her marital status and no intention of me changing mine.

23. I'd love to host an "Eyes Wide Shut" party sometime. It would never happen but it sounds like so much fun if the guest list were carefully selected.

24. I would love to sit down with my wife and hear every last one of the sexual escapades she remembers.

25. I feel a little better having unloaded these bits. There is nobody else in the world that knows this sort of stuff about me.
1. I may come off sounding very naïve and inexperienced, and to some degree I am, but I feel that I am more knowledgeable and mature than most people my age, particularly regarding romantic relationships and sex.

2. I have never had vaginal intercourse. However, I do not consider myself a virgin.

3. I have kissed 4 people, and was in love with 2 of them. My first kiss was not until I was 18 and in college. My second kiss was at a party with a boy I had known all through high school and we were both immensely drunk.

4. I believe very much in the Kinsey scale, and I would rank myself as either a 2 or a 3, depending on the day.

5. My current boyfriend is my first “real” relationship, and he has been many other firsts for me. I love him very much, as a boyfriend and as a person.

6. I never thought I would ever be ok with performing oral sex on a man. I thought it would be disgusting and demeaning. However, my boyfriend, the first and only person I’ve done so with, was so accepting and wonderful that I enjoy it more than I thought possible.

7. I cannot imagine having sex without being in love. This may be a juvenile way of thinking, but I feel that sex is too intimate of an act to do it with just anyone.

8. I’ve always been uncomfortable with my own sexuality. This stems from childhood sexual abuse as well as not feeling safe enough within me to allow myself to experience normal, developing sexual feelings.

9. My boyfriend has helped me work through my feelings and insecurities and has not once pressured me to do things that I do not want to do.

10. I’ve found that my arousal is a lot more mental than it is physical. I think the main reason why my boyfriend turns me on so much is that I love him so much. I have never been attracted to a person without knowing them as a person first.

11. I fell in love with my best friend my first year of college. She and I became roommates and developed an odd relationship, which was very unhealthy and slightly obsessive. She went on to declare herself as straight, even though she had told me otherwise throughout the relationship, and becoming pregnant.

12. I find striptease to be very enticing and incredibly sexy. I like it even more when the person is not completely nude at the end, leaving the viewer with something left to imagine, hence the “tease” part.

13. Speaking of which, I love to tease my boyfriend. He knows this and now teases me until I’m writhing with desire. I would love to perform an actual striptease for him, but I’m not relaxed enough with my body and I don’t even know if I’d be able to do it without cracking up!

14. I am currently on several medications that lower my libido and my ability to orgasm. My boyfriend turns me on very much, so much so that I mere kiss can make me wet, but he cannot make me orgasm. I know that it is my fault, because he can bring me to the brink, but mentally, I can’t allow myself to climax. He does everything right and amazingly well, but my own psychological blocks are something I have yet to overcome.

15. I think virginity is overrated in our society. It is too highly valued. I think it is more important to do what you feel is right for yourself, and that virginity is given a worth that is not rightfully earned. Who you are and your worth as a person is not determined by your sexual history.

16. Physically, I think women are more attractive than men. Their bodies are much more aesthetically appealing to me.

17. I love dominating as well as being dominated. I think I would enjoy being dominant more if it weren’t so much work!

18. The idea of being tied up or otherwise restrained and then having the other person do whatever they wish with me is a huge turn-on for me.

19. I also enjoy the idea of being able to do what I wish to another person. Again, teasing comes in to play. I would bring them to the brink of orgasm repeatedly until they were ready to collapse with need.

20. I think humor is a very important part of sex. The noises and normal bodily functions that occur are funny, and my boyfriend has helped me appreciate this. The girl I fell in love with, mentioned in number 11, took it all way too seriously, which is why I was never very turned on by her.

21. She was also somewhat selfish and never listened to what I wanted or what felt good to me. She was determined to get inside of me and loved fingering, but it was very painful for me and I always made her stop very quickly, because she was impatient and never noticed that I wasn’t wet.

22. I am a pretty loud person in general, particularly when I get excited. This only increases during sexual acts.

23. I get chills when my boyfriend nibbles on or blows in my ear. I also quiver and spasm when he brings me close to orgasm.

24. I like rough, passionate lovemaking. Though I’ve never had technical sex, my boyfriend and I have done almost everything else, and it usually progresses from gentle and patient to fervent and demanding.

25. I refuse, absolutely with no exceptions, to have anal sex. My boyfriend likes to squeeze my bum cheeks, but nothing is to ever go near my anus. That is strictly exit only for me.
1. I am 22 and still a virgin. I am now proud of that fact. But when I was a teenager, I was ashamed and if anyone asked me in school if I was a virgin, I'd say no.

2. I've never had a guy go down on me. I fantasize about it a lot though. Almost more than actual intercourse.

3. I've given oral sex to 2 guys, and hand jobs to 5.

4. I saw my first penis in a porn magazine when I was 14 while I was snooping through my friends bathroom and found their dad's porn collection.

5. I consider myself a very sexual person and believe I will be great in bed. Even though I've never had sex.

6. I had my first orgasm when I was 15. I was washing myself in the shower and almost had one, but it was so intense I had to stop. But a couple of days later I was in bed, and I just kept doing it and the orgasm was AMAZING.

7. I consider myself dom and sub. Sometimes the thought of just tying my man up and having my way turns me on so much. And other times the thought of a man tying me up and having his way turns me on as well.

8. I love biting and leaving a mark. Knowing I marked that person for everyone to see is a major turn on.

9. I have a fetish for virgins. The thought of a woman being with a man for the first time is a total turn on for me.

10. When I was 13 me and my best friend played with each other "down there." That was my first sexual experience.

11. I've had sex with one girl. Going down on her and fingering. But I still consider myself a virgin.

12. I was molested by my stepfather and often wonder if that's the reason why I like older men... and the "give it to me harder daddy" role-playing thing comes in...

13. I am a complete tease on line. I make sexy videos and photos for others to enjoy. But in real life I am conservative. I don't show a lot of skin, or anything of that nature.

14. I love looking at the female body nude. All the curves are so beautiful. But I only like looking at a man nude if he is in really good shape. But I love men and woman.

15. I was with a boyfriend of 3 years and never had sex with him. He didn't like giving oral so all we basically did was he would finger me and I would give him head. He ended up cheating on me because I wouldn't give up my virginity to him. I didn't simply because it didn't feel right. I still do not regret not giving it up to him.

16. I came really close to losing my virginity to my first boyfriend when I was 16. He was coming over and we planned on doing it in the church van parked in my yard. His car quit and he couldn't make it. I still thank God to this day that I didn't sleep with him.

17. I hate it when guys see me and flirt with me and act like I'm going to sleep with them simply because I have big breasts and I'm fairly attractive. Men can't seem to understand simply because someone is pretty and/or has big breasts doesn't mean they are going to sleep with you.

18. I can't have a orgasm vaginally. I've used dildos and vibrators and still no luck. But when I use a vibe on my clit I can cum at 3 times.

19. I remember the feeling of being touched for the very first time when I was 16. The feeling was so amazing. I often wonder if I will ever experience that feeling again.

20. I often fantasize of dressing up in something dominatrix like, putting my boyfriend on a leash and taking him to a fetish club. Just showing everyone I own him makes me feel powerful and turned on.

21. The thought of being a prostitute disgusts me. But if I could work in a brothel just dominating men and not having to have sex with them, I would totally do it.

22. I came very close to getting raped when I was 17, and have had a fear of it ever sense. But I also have a fantasy of a boyfriend coming into my room and holding me down, and doing what he wishes. I often wonder if my past experience is the reason why I have this fantasy.

23. Most of all my friends have kids, and no husbands/boyfriends. It's shameful, but that makes me feel like I'm better than them in a small way. That I didn't have sex when I was so tempted to.

24. I like being innocent and pure, and yet sexy at the same time. I wonder when I have sex, will I still feel as sexy as I do now when I'm alone or with a significant other.

25. I only masturbate 1-2 times a week. Sometimes less. But I think about sex a lot, and everyday. I get aroused every day as well. I've gone as long as 3 weeks without masturbating.... but I know when I start having sex I will want it at least 3-4 times a week. Maybe more.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

1. I lost my virginity to my long-term boyfriend when I was 18. He cooked me dinner. I made him wait until House was over, a fact I now find hilarious.

2. He was not a good lover. He was selfish, had the longest refractory period ever, and figured that when he was done, we were done, regardless of whether or not I had orgasmed.

3. After we broke up, I met an amazing guy from out of town. We were only able to be together for three weeks, but during that span we used up an economy sized box of condoms, had to get emergency contraception at midnight, and broke a hotel bed. It was amazing sex – he would never stop touching me, before and after he came. I fell a little in love with him. He left and ended up being kind of a jackass, but I will always be grateful to him for showing me what good sex is.

4. I love oral, both giving and receiving. Giving, I like the reaction I can evoke and the way I can concentrate. As for receiving, well, a guy with a good tongue will have me screaming and shaking and clawing the walls. I completely lose control. There's also the mental aspect – I find it so amazingly hot when someone so completely devotes themselves to my pleasure.

5. Despite my love of it, I really don't like 69ing. I can't focus properly on my partner because their tongue distracts me, but I can't focus on feeling them because I'm trying to focus on the dick in my mouth. I'd rather we each take our time on each other, no need to multi-task like that.

6. I had my first orgasm when I was about 11 or 12 on the bathroom floor with my mom's “massager.” Since then, I have masturbated regularly.

7. I have never gotten myself off with my hand alone. Nor has anyone else.

8. I have a huge teacher fetish. I want to be bent over a desk for extra credit. My advisor and frequent professor is very attractive, I can't tell you the number of fantasies I've had about him.

9. My current friend with benefits is my ex-lab teacher. That was definitely part of the attraction.

10. He's also some of the best sex I've ever had. I lose count of how many times I come when we have sex.

11. For a long time, I thought I smelled or tasted hideous because of my ex's aversion to oral. My subsequent partners seemed to have the same aversion – one guy went down for literally 10 seconds before coming back up. It wasn't until my current FWB (who goes down on me frequently and with gusto) that I've been able to accept the problem was with them, not me.

12. Personally, I love how I taste. I lick my toys after use, and I love kissing guys and tasting myself on them.

13. I seem to have a thing for beards. Most of the guys I've slept with have had beards, but it never seems to be a conscious choice. My dad has a beard, and sometimes I wonder if it's some unconscious Electra complex.

14. I've faked a lot of orgasms.

15. I consider my sexuality to be “whatever” - I've slept with one girl and it was all right. I'd do it again. I feel like I'm still looking for the right girl to really explore that side of me.

16. I've had two threesomes (MFF), and found both of them lacking. They were both with couples who finished with each other, so I ended up feeling left out. I want to try a MMF threesome.

17. I feel like I have the hormones of a teenage boy. Every guy I've slept with more than once has made some joke about it. My response is that I have multiple orgasms, a high libido, and no refractory period – of COURSE I want sex all the time.

18. I've recently gotten into watching watersports porn. I would like to explore it someday, but am too self-conscious to bring it up.

19. I used to hate being on top. I could never figure out what to do. Then one time (with the guy from 3), it was like a light bulb went off. I figured out how to move right and hit all the right places. Now it's my favorite position.

20. I love biting and being bitten. I like seeing my lover marked with scratches and hickeys after sex, and love having the same marks on myself.

21. I used to be really quiet. Now I'm a screamer. I wish guys were louder.

22. One of my hottest moments ever was when my FWB was over at my house (I live at home). We were hanging out in my room while everyone was downstairs, and he just pulled off my jeans and went down on me. I had to muffle myself with a pillow. The excitement of being caught (my door was still open), the unexpectedness, and the selflessness of it were all just very sexy to me.

23. My sluttiest moment was a night when I went out with a guy, fooled around in a church parking lot with him, then went and had a threesome with a couple while a gay guy was in the room playing The Sims. I regret that night – I wasn't drunk or under the influence, simply a little stupid and lonely.

24. I've had sex with a guy while his girlfriend watched us on webcam.

25. Since losing my virginity, I haven't gone more than a month without sex.
1. I've kissed 6 guys, and had sex with only 1. I'm 20.
2. My mom has always have a negative impact on my sexuality. She had my sister when she was 18, which was terrible for her, so I think she tried as hard as she could to make us ignorant about sex, to be innocent, to give us a bad image of it, which worked with me. I've had a hard experience with sex; she made me repress my sexuality.
3. I was into anime when I was a teen. I once bought this Evangelion zine, that explained the series. It had one page dedicated to yaoi, but I had zero interest on it. My mom found the zine, saw the yaoi and almost killed me. She told me that "porn is not love" and she threw it away. I really liked the zine (for the information it had), so I bought another one. My mom again was pissed, but I kept it. It was a very uncomfortable issue.
4. My first kiss was with a drunk guy I was dancing with in a disco, when I was 16. I felt raped, mainly because he also started touching my cunt violently. But I was so scared I just didn't have the will to run.
5. I had intense sexual fantasies when I was a teen. I didn't masturbate though, I just couldn't imagine I could do that (again, my mom's influence). Most fantasies were about my crushes at the time, in places like the prom, stuff like that.
6. I was with a guy I really, really liked when I was 17. He was a year older than me. We were best friends at the time. He broke up with his girlfriend of 3 years, and the day after that he went to my school, and we kissed under a tree. I was so happy. Then we went to my home and kept on making out until my mom found us in my room, it was awful. He cheated on me after a while. I still feel attracted to him, I would sleep with him if I could, but I don't love him. He's an emo jerk.
7. My first boyfriend was kind of short; kissing was awkward. He was very ignorant too; he french kissed me only like a week before he broke up with me. Our friends were disgusted when they saw us kissing. I loved him, nevertheless. We're friends now.
8. My second boyfriend and I were both virgins when we started dating, but we were horny all the time. We made out in friends' living rooms while they were watching movies in the other room, or in cars in the middle of nowhere, in his room while his siblings played Wii near-by.
9. The first time he finger-fucked me, I felt terrible. I almost cried.
10. We lost our virginity together after 3 months dating, on a Valentine's day. I wore lace tights. I had a big orgasm, my first, it was amazing. I felt I was in heaven. He couldn't come, though, so at the end he was hurting me. After that we took a shower and saw TV naked in my parents' room. We high-fived because we'd lost our virginity while staying in our country's average age (to lose your virginity).
11. Every time, at the start of sex, it hurt me a lot. I still don't know why. It was terrible for me to see how we worried so much about it, but I couldn't help it.
12. I've only had orgasms from vaginal sex like twice. But I always did when he gave me an oral job, always. He was pretty good at it (I think, I can't compare). I like to give blowjobs now too; at first I felt like a whore.
13. I like the missionary, but I've started to like doggy style more. It's so sexy.
14. I like to masturbate. I started about 5 months ago, while seeing a soft-porn flick in Cinemax. But up until now, I can do it only while watching porn. I didn't like hardcore porn up until recently, but I still think most porn is too male-orientated. I like to see how a guy licks a girl's cum. I once came while watching lesbian porn.
15. I had doubts about my sexual orientation when I was a teen. But with time I came to realize it was just an attraction to the female body as a beautiful thing, not sexually. I like to draw females, and I like see pretty and interesting-looking women in the subway, but I'm not sexually attracted to them, or to the idea of kissing or having sex with a girl.
16. I have a deep gratitude towards my ex. He was a teacher; he wasn't afraid of my repression, and was super kind and tender, and made me feel incredibly attractive. He helped me overcome my mom's fears, the ones she passed to me. I don't know if I still love him, I know I did. He made me realize sex is a great thing, not something sinful, or wrong. We still see each other. We haven't slept together since the break-up, but I think we will. Sometimes I wonder if we should have an open relationship. The idea sounds exciting.
17. Sometimes I want to have a threesome, either 2 boys and a me, or a boy, me, and another girl. But I don't know where to ask, or to who.
18. I want to do it in weird places. When I'm bored at classes I imagine my self having sex in the clas room, with or without people watching. Or in the subway, or in a plane, or the beach, etc.
19. I don't like to swallow sperm. I just find it weird.
20. I like to shave all of my pubic hair, but I don't do it as often as I should. When I do I can get aroused just by going upstairs wearing certain pants, which is awesome. Plus it's a whole different experience to have a guy give you oral sex with or without hair. I don't see why some girls don't like to do it.
21. I get super aroused when a guy licks my fingers like he's doing a blow job. Same thing when I get kissed and licked in the ear. Same goes with toes.
22. I love beards, and hairy guys. Not TOO hairy, but the right amount. I like how facial hair feels when rubbed in my face. I like "macho" guys: prominent nose, beard, big arms. I love a nice, big arm; the feeling of being held, feeling protected. Leather jackets are so sexy. I want to have sex with a tattooed guy. I've had fantasies with tattooed classmates I've never talked to.
23. I don't like to dress up, I feel stupid. I don't like acting either, or stripping. I'm insecure, and have a big sense of ridiculous. I do think I have to overcome that.
24. I like rough sex; beds that sound like crazy, aggressive humping, scratching, even biting.
25. I love to get in the paper of the sex-advisor of my virgin girlfriends. I've become more and more liberal with time, and I really like to teach them to overcome their fears, and to give them tips. Strangely, I don't talk much about sex with my experienced friends. I think it's because I know their boyfriends too much, or because mine was too close to them too.