Saturday, February 28, 2009

01. One of my biggest fantasies is meeting someone and promptly fucking them. I don't want to know their name, and I don't want us to acknowledge each other ever again. However, I am too scared of casual sex to even conceive of attempting this.

02. While I identify as straight, I desperately want to seduce a woman. I desperately want to seduce a woman and fuck her in a car. I want to fuck her in a car, and then continue a short-lived affair that eventually involves a strap on because I am obsessed with my strap on.

03. I've only pegged a guy once, but I can't stop thinking about doing it again. The lead singer of one of my best friend's band squirms around and grabs his butt a lot when they perform, and I can't think about the music because I'm so preoccupied with thoughts of plugging his butt with my eight-inch prosthetic purple cock. My friend says to stay away from him because he's trouble, but I think his ass needs a deep dicking. From me.

04. It's really difficult for me to get wet. In fact, the times that I've genuinely felt that sensation people feel when they describe themselves as "hot" - that skin-burning twinge of desire and stimulation - I could probably count them on one hand. I don't know what's wrong with me because I desire sexual stimulation often while seldom having those physical indications that are supposed to accompany that desire. HOWEVER, giving head that gets a lot of response usually makes me pretty wet. I love doing a job well, and there's no better job than the one we call blow.

05. If my breasts are stimulated enough, I positively drip, and a guy could likely convince me to do just about anything by tweaking my nipples just right. Frankly, if my nipples are tweaked just right without any follow through, I'd probably walk outside naked and fuck a lamp post because it makes me so desperate and desiring. Unfortunately, most guys don't seem to tweak my nipples just right no matter how many times I show them or give them verbal encouragement.

06. I can't get off with anyone the first time we get frisky. It just never happens.

07. For the longest time, I was very, very scared to play with myself. I can remember being around five and fishing around in my pants, just familiarizing myself with my equipment like kids do, and I worried a lot that even that was "too close" to playing with myself. I imagined myself being interviewed on 60 Minutes somewhere down the road and feared they'd ask me if I touched myself. Being 60 Minutes, they would know if I was lying. (As an aside, I have no idea why I pictured myself on 60 Minutes.)

08. When I was six years old, I traced a dirty comic strip out of a Matt Groening book and gave it to a friend for Christmas. Her mom found it and told my first grade teacher, and my teacher had a conference with my parents. When my parents confronted me about it, I denied it and then hid in the dryer.

09. I saw some double-feature parody movie on Showtime or something about Tonya Harding and Lorena Bobbit when I was, like, eight years old, and I made a joke about it at the dinner table - something about being Lorena Bobbit and having thirty orgasms or something even though I had no idea what an orgasm was. My whole family just put their forks down and stared at me.

10. I gave my first blow job when I was fourteen years old in a car outside of the Family Fun Center. Some ten-ish year old boys and their older brother/baby sitter/something were getting into a car across the way and saw us and gave us the thumbs up.

11. At sixteen, I'd pose half-naked for this local store owner just to get discounts on clothes. I've never admitted this to anyone because I'm really ashamed of it, even though at the time I thought it was daring and mature.

12. I long to be seduced. I long for someone to put forth an effort to make a seduction. It never seems to happen. In my memoirs, I will not have any hot affairs to write about - at least not ones with cliched themes like being a naive student who spent much of her college career perched atop her (much older) professor's penis. This really disappoints me. If anything, I think my memoirs will include some sort of Demi-Ashton story - which would be fine if that weren't the only interesting affair I had to detail. Ugh.

13. I think I'm perceived as a little slutty because I'm really comfortable with my sexuality. Discussing sex and asserting myself sexually is a total non-issue. Truth be told, I've only slept with four dudes and one lady. All of them were in the context of a relationship, except for that high school lady experiment.

14. I want to be a Suicide Girl - in part because I finally feel really confident in the way I look but also because I love the thought of a bunch of strangers fantasizing about sticking it in my mouth.

15. One of my guy friends got really drunk, wrote a gratuitous sex poem about me, and then tried to force himself on me. It was easy to fend him off, but then we didn't talk for a year because he was too ashamed to apologize. When he finally did apologize, I was really quick to forgive him - for a lot of reasons, but one being that I secretly want him to do those things sober. Even though that was such a shitty thing to do in the first place and a shitty way to handle it, and even though the whole to-do hurt me a lot. I really wish he'd try that stuff sober, and knowing that the shame haunts him so much he never will, really disappoints me.

16. It's really easy for me to be sexually assertive with guys I'm not romantically interested in. In bed with them, I freely invite all sorts of things and boss them around the way I wish I could with boys I actually like because I don't fear their rejection.

17. I only date people whom I have a reason for breaking up with, going into the relationship. On some level, I likely don't want myself to be happy and enjoy self-sabotaging. Plus, when the relationship ends, I don't feel accountable because it was an inevitability. Then I wonder why my relationships have been wholly unsatisfying.

18. I'm really worried I'm never going to have sex as good as I did with my last partner. I kind of wish he and I could have all sorts of relationships and still secretly fuck on the side for the rest of our lives.

19. My sex life feels like it's been far too vanilla thus far. Sure, I've brought in the cuffs and crops, the masks and props, but I've barely fucked outside of a bed. And I'm wholeheartedly afraid of casual sex. I want to fuck so many guys, it's absurd - and why shouldn't I? I am a hot fucking piece of ass, and I am REALLY good in bed! - but I am so painfully afraid of casual sex. WHY AM I SO PAINFULLY AFRAID OF CASUAL SEX? My number of partners is far too low, and I'm completely convinced everyone is having more, better, interesting-er sex than I am.

20. I have no idea how to flirt or read men's signals. Subsequently, I find myself being the sexual aggressor much of the time, which involves a certain forwardness many men don't know how to deal with. I told a friend of mine I wanted him to finger fuck me blind (exact words), and his reaction was, "Jesus christ, that's blunt." Still, my sex life remains rather vanilla.

21. My co-workers tease me that one of my soon-to-be roommates has a big crush on me - which I don't think is the case but secretly relish because I like the idea of torturing a guy with desire. When I finally move in, I kind of want to intentionally prance around half-naked because I enjoy believing it makes him sexually frustrated.

22. Being a pro dom would make me ecstatic. God, I love bossing men around and making them beg and watching them squirm.

23. I really, really seldom get sex dreams. When I do, they're usually about family members. I've had a sex dream about almost every member of my immediate family. Sometimes, I've cum during the dreams and woken up from the sensation on a couch with a family member around - and I've been totally worried that they knew I was having a sex dream and worse, knew I was having a family-related sex dream. In my waking life, no one in my family gets me hot. In fact, I kind of hate most of my family. I don't know why I have these dreams or what they're supposed to mean.

24. In my earliest understandings of sex, I thought just moving your hips back and forth against something was "having sex", so I'd do it against different things and wonder what the big deal was.

25. I went through a really rough patch following a relationship that I chose to end. In fact, I got suicidal. I tried to tell my former partner about these feelings because I still felt emotionally open towards him, but he wouldn't take my calls and I wound up acting on the feelings. Then I held it against him for not being there for me and refused to talk to him. When I decided to acknowledge him again, I invited him over, exchanged three sentences, and then fucked him silly - twice. We're back to not talking. In fact, I've changed my number.
01 i didn't tell the guy to whom i lost my virginity (at 18) that it was the first time until three days later. the sex was just okay; he was a little too much like a jackhammer for my taste.
02 i've been fucked by three different guys in the same dorm bathroom shower stall (spaced out over a few months).
03 i'm fixated on ass. specifically, my own. the guys i get with tend to be ass men, which is convenient!
04 i'm intrigued by bdsm in a passive way. i spent a few months involved with a spaniard who liked to be scratched all over and told he was a naughty boy, but i bite my fingernails, so it didn't work out so well.
05 when i'm not in a relationship, i masturbate almost every day. when i'm involved with someone, i wait for sex, because it makes orgasms easier and better.
06 i've had the best sex i've ever had high as a kite. it makes attention to detail shoot through the roof, and orgasms are earth-shattering.
07 i give very, very good head.
08 there are very few things i've refused to try upon request; taking a load in the face is one of them.
09 actually, i always have to stop porn before it gets to the money shot; it completely turns me off to see cum on someone's face.
10 ass-to-mouth is another hard no, and also an immediate turn-off in porn.
11 i got with a girl earlier this year, but it turned out i was more turned on by the idea of a woman being into me than actually having sex with her.
12 i've gotten off to gay (man-on-man) porn before; i generally only have the urge to do this when i come home drunk and horny.
13 i own a huge butt plug from a previous relationship, but i don't know that i'll ever use it again. even though i have no qualms about letting a guy fuck me in the ass, i still get shy when it comes to admitting i own a toy.
14 sex with the spaniard was very so-so, but having to learn a whole new set of vocabulary in spanish was sexy as hell.
15 i would really love to get with a guy with a shaved head. it seems absurdly hot.
16 i used to love having my hair pulled while getting fucked from behind, but then i cut it quite short and it's not as easy. that's pretty much the only thing i miss about long hair.
17 there are pictures floating out there of a 17-year-old me posing naked for my own camera. i sent them to my at-the-time boyfriend. i still kind of cringe when i think about them.
18 i've squirted a few times, but i've gotta tell you, it's not all it's cracked up to be. it makes a total mess, you don't know that you're doing it at the time, and the orgasm is -completely- different, i guess because it's vaginal instead of clitoral. i strongly prefer clitoral (plus they're much easier).
19 over the summer i had sex just once with a good friend of mine from high school. we had always shared a kind of unspoken mutual attraction; it's really sad to me that it culminated in one afternoon of mediocre fucking. i think we were both hungover.
20 my favorite thing that i've been called during sex is a "tiger." i'm not a furry, i swear - coming from the right person, it was a huge compliment.
21 when i was first teaching myself to masturbate, i would always put on the postal service CD, give up. it was because a cute guy described it to me as "sex for your ears." i still can't listen to that album without getting at least a little bit horny.
22 i shaved all of my pubic hair once just to see, and ever since then i've been doing it regularly. it was all aesthetic until i got involved with someone this past december who knew how to eat pussy - then it makes a huuuuge difference.
23 i think guys who are really into tits are kind of childish.
24 after deflowering one, i think i am going to refuse to be with any more virgins. no thanks.
25 i would love to do a guy in the ass with a big ole strap-on, but what i really want is for him to want it so bad he brings it up with me.
1. When I was 12 I tried to break my hymen by inserting the end of a curtain rod repeatedly into my vagina while I lay, legs pronged open on the tiles of my parents' bathroom floor and. I pushed it up so high I must have bruised my cervix, but I wasn't aware - I thought that was my hymen.

2. I lost my virginity at 13 to my 16 year old boyfriend. I'll always remember the posters of Kurt Cobain and the 'I Believe' UFO posters that hung around on his wall. It didn't hurt a bit and I walked home in my school uniform, feeling alive.

3. I first had anal sex when I was 15 to my 21 year old boyfriend at the time in the back of his car to a soundtrack of Led Zeppelin and The Police. It hurt a lot - but no one has ever made me come so much and so hard ever since.

4. When I was 14 I fell in love with a girl at school who hung with a completely different crowd, even though we spent exorbitant amounts of time with each other (much to the bemusement of everyone else). One night I invited her to my place for a sleepover and tried to touch her when we were both lying in bed. She let me kiss her neck and caress her breasts, but when I tried to go further south she told me to stop. Our friendship ended there, abruptly. I always wondered if she felt the same way.

5. I have slept with 22 people; a number greater than my age.

6. I once had an older boyfriend who was very attractive and took great pride in his appearance. I could never put my finger on it, but there was always something there that didn't sit right with me, something I initially tried to ignore that eventually repulsed me. It was only till later that I realised that every time we had sex I felt like I was fucking my father.

7. I started watching porn when I was very young, I guess I was around 10. I discovered tapes and magazines in my father's draw and the internet wasn't as censored as it is nowadays.

8. I became an expert at drawing hentai and used to lie on the floor, drawing graphic lesbian hentai scenes, with my parents in the background, watching the nightly news program. Of course, they never actually saw what I drew.

9. The first time I ever gave a boy oral sex was when I was 15. I had no idea what I was doing and I accidentally bit his cock till it bled, I mistook his groans of pain for pleasure.

10. At age 16 I had my first bondage experience. My boyfriend at the time had me handcuffed, blindfolded and gagged in his bedroom; his mother accidentally walked in, asking if I'd like to stay for dinner.

11. I orgasmed at a David Bowie concert from sheer excitement. I've been a longtime fan since childhood, and just being in his presence was more than enough to get me off.

12. I love the smell of a boy's unwashed scalp. Sometimes I like to pretend that I'm giving head massages, but really I'm just scraping remnants of their scent onto my fingers, so I can smell it later.

13. I like to be fucked till it hurts.

14. I find androgyny incredibly erotic. Effeminate men and masculine women appeal to me much more than the status quo.

15. I once found a handful of vibrators in my mother's underwear drawer. One evening, when the family was out for dinner I tested every single one of them on me - until I came from each one.

16. Something about fitness turns me on. There's nothing like being hot and sweaty after a run.

17. I have a thing for openly gay men. Obviously, the arousal would never be requited but there's something so taboo venturing there, when something is so clear cut and defined.

18. I do kegels every day. During sex, I contract my muscles so I can control my orgasm, and my partner's orgasm; sometimes, I squeeze them so hard that it hurts.

19. If I wasn't from such a good family, I'd probably consider high-class prostitution as a part-time career. I have an enviable ability to disconnect my emotions from my surroundings, and I love casual sex.

20. Sometimes, when I'm bored on public transport I'll let my eyes wander to any ordinary looking male or female sitting nearby. Then, I'll let my imagination wander and picture masochistic scenes of me shoving various sex toys into their orifices.

21. I enjoy singing whilst I have sex. I have a good choir voice, and for me it heightens the experience.

22. I remembered being 12, when men were just starting to take notice of my developing figure. In my fantasies, I'd imagine the greasiest, oldest, smelliest man would take me into a public toilet and show me the anatomy of the male form.

23. I keep a catalogue of photographs of everyone I've ever slept with or kissed. Sometimes, when I'm lonely I'll look through all the pictures and try to remember what their genitalia looked like.

24. Although I'm loving and affectionate and fully capable of maintaining a long-standing, monogamous relationship I'd like to sleep with as many people as possible. I enjoy the gritty anonymity of a one night stand.

25. I've always found it difficult to watch films about the Hitler youth or the Nazi movement at large because one of my most frequent fantasies is to be gangbanged by Nazis. Something about their assembly-line, stoic, unforgiving, inhumane nature and that extremely well-tailored uniform and swept hairstyle.
1. I learned the facts of life before kindergarten from a 70s encyclopedia of physical development. I found it in a cardboard box of old books at home, and it had plenty of diagrams. It wasn't morally motivated and just explained things clearly.

2. When I was five, there was a boy at school that I'd kiss during lunch. I punched people who made fun of us for it, then he moved schools. We'd go to each other's houses, climb under the bed and kiss and cuddle really quietly so no one would find us. I met him again when we were 11. We climbed back under the bed like old times.

3. I discovered internet porn when I was 14. The pornographic texts or chatrooms turned me on far more than pictures. Bondage stories were my favourite. I used to tie silk neckties round the arms of my chair and around the legs, so I could tie myself down while I read. Plus, I could leave the ties there without it looking too conspicuous.

4. When I was 14, the only physical stimulation I needed was to trace a line from behind my ear and down the side of my neck. It was such a rush.

5. I'm still a virgin at 19, and happy with that.

6. My older brother was openly homosexual and taught me how to protect myself against assault with martial arts and prevention strategies. He told me all about his experiences, good and bad, with men. I learned many things from him. Fear of men was one of them.

7. I'd love to explore foodplay.

8. I used to find my labia freakishly strange for years. Simplistic diagrams failed to adequately describe them. I was reassured later by photos of non-porn-star vaginas.

9. The night of my 15th birthday, my 19 year old boyfriend climbed into bed on top of me and started to kiss me deeply. I got shaky, scared what he was going to do, and pushed him away. He smiled and just kissed me softly. I never saw him after the next morning. We broke up via email.

10. I dated a guy for three years. We'd make out in the rain after midnight, suck caramel off each other's skin, and a kiss for every arrival or departure. I ran away from the relationship when it got serious with meeting parents and talk of moving in together. We met up again recently and spent the night on the sofa. The thought of his touch still makes me catch my breath.

11. I experimented with masturbation with little success, electric toothbrush, thick markers, etc. Physical stimulation was never as good as the thought of it. I'd fall asleep lost in fantasy.

12. I would put a jumper over a pillow and cuddle into it at night, just so I could imagine myself falling asleep in his arms. I never fell asleep in his arms. We never slept when we were together. Felt like a really prolonged and sensual affair.

13. He never complained about anything I did. I didn't want to have sex? We'd spend hours entwined in each other.

14. I still feel threatened by penetrative sex.

15. I love spending time alone together, no talking, just sensual exploration.

16. The cat would climb into bed with me and sit right between my legs. I'd pet her in just the right place to get her purring loudly. She was a good vibrator.

17. When I was 19, I was sexually assaulted on an overnight train. I had a window seat and the man next to me was persistently stroking me and leaning in to kiss me. I'd wake up with him breathing on me, his hand inching over my leg. I spent 5 hours of the trip pushing him to his seat and audibly telling him to fuck off. Eventually I got the assistance of the train staff and was relocated. It seems so stupid in retrospect, that I should have acted sooner. I guess I was hoping someone sitting near would notice and defend me while I slept. I called a friend at 2am, she talked me through my shakiness.

18. After the assault, masturbation worked. I was masturbating virtually every night for months. My first orgasm was during this. Clitoral stimulation, then then a short porn video to get me to climax. It was always with the aim of just getting to climax so it would be over. I'd fall asleep with my mind racing and glad it was over and done with for the night so I could sleep.

19. I'd always been scared of rape, but after the assault, I was scared of anyone getting near me. Before, I'd be flirting and happy to be touched. Afterwards, any male interest just made my blood run cold.

20. I get off on authority figures with young girls. I wonder if it's something I've always liked or if I'm reacting to the assault. I get disgusted by myself having pervy-old-man interests. This is part of the thought process of wanting my climax over and done with.

21. My sexuality used to excite me, all the possibilities with someone I loved. Now it horrifies me, just makes me think of chemicals in the brain and the animal desire that leads a man to see me as his sexual object. I can't keep control of it and it scares me.

22. The one I love at the moment is a girl. I'd never considered bisexuality, but I love her. I don't want my sexual decisions dictated by reaction to trauma, and I fear that my whole emotional development is just reaction, but I love her more than any man who'd lavish me with kisses and adoration.

23. I need to learn to love again, not just taking advantage of mutually compatible hormones for sensual fun.

24. I love my body more than ever now. It's in great shape and has grown into womanly proportions so I can dress it up in all sorts of saucy clothes.

25. I look forward to all the sexual adventures life has in store for me. Despite my fears, I know I have people who love me and will support me. I want this confidence in love to be my foundation in future relationships.
1. I often fantasize about having sex with people I'm not even attracted to.
2. One of my ex-boyfriends once almost bit my left nipple off. It took 3 weeks to heal.
3. I've tried every single position in the kama sutra. My favorite position is still doggy, but it's really hard to choose between all the positions.
4. I've faked every single one of my orgasms. I can only orgasm when I masturbate. Despite this, I love sex, even without the big-o's.
5. The first time I masturbated I was in kindergarten, and I got caught by the teachers. I've been doing it very often since I was a little girl, till present day.
6. I am extremely turned on by the idea of anal sex and double penetration, but it's too painful for me to do it in real life. The few times I did have it, I couldn't sit for a week.
7. I'm extremely turned on by spanking, being dominated, and tied up. I love feeling vulnerable.
8. I've had fantasies about girls but I don't think I can ever have sex with females.
9. The sight of huge dicks turns me on, but I prefer regular sized ones. I had to break up with a boyfriend because his dick was too big and hurting me.
10. I've had sex with 14 people, all of them men. I lost count of how many dicks I've sucked.
11. I've walked out mid-sex on two people because I just wasn't turned on anymore.
12. When I was little, I thought I was going to be a virgin forever. I lost my virginity at 17 and I havent lasted more than a month or so since then without sex.
13. Before I graduated, I had sex in every single room I had class in. I have a fetish for public sex.
14. I like the idea of being watched during sex, but am too shy to actually do it.
15. I think I would look terrible during sex, and have therefore refused all requests to make tapes.
16. I don't actually enjoy guys going down on me. I always wonder if I taste terrible, even if they love it and tell me I taste great.
17. I love going down on men. I love seeing them cum and swallowing them. But I can't imagine going down on women.
18. In first year college I made a vow to not sleep with more than a set number of people. But realizing that I like sex way too much, I started recycling my partners and finding fuck buddies.
19. I once slept with 3 people within 24 hours.
20. I have a rape fantasy where I'm captured and brutally raped while someone is watching.
21. I do not own any sex toys. Though I'm seriously considering buying one now because I'm in a serious but long distance relationship. Recently I've been using vegetables.
22. I love being titty fucked and choked at the same time.
23. Someone once blackmailed me into having sex with him because he threatened to tell my then-boyfriend I cheated on him with some guy.
24. I was raped, twice. I'm not too traumatized by it though, for some reason. But no, I definitely did not enjoy the experiences.
25. The most times I've had sex is 11 times a day.
1.When I was a Senior in High school I started my first serious relationship, with a girl. I had dated males previously, and I had never felt so passionately about another person or enjoyed sexual acts with them before her. She and the girls she was sleeping with at the same time she was with me have ensured that I will most likely not be dating a woman again anytime soon.

2.My next relationship was with a man who would whine and pester incessantly if I didn't feel like having sex, until I would at the very least give him head. Sometimes he would start trying to have sex, and I would be unresponsive as a polite "not interested" message. He would just keep going. I would let him.He would finish and roll over and fall asleep. After living with him for two years, I woke up and saw this for what it was: coercion and rape. When I broke up with him he cried and said, "But you're my lover!"

3.I've posed for nude photos twice, both with amateur photographers. The second time I got paid. I like the feeling of getting money for doing exhibitionist things in a private setting.

4.The best thing I have ever done for sex was this: I fed my partner two staminaRX, and tied his pelvis and cock to his hands shibari style. Then I blindfolded him and put plugs in his ears. He wasn't allowed to say anything or react to my advances until I told him he could.Then I teased him for a while and made him ask to lick my twat. When I finally untied his hands and let him fuck me, I had the best orgasm I have ever had. There is nothing better than feeling like I own this guy's soul.

5.I love offering to give head. I love swallowing come. I can get myself so worked up while giving head that I think I'll orgasm. However if someone tries to make me or asks when I don't feel like it, I become enraged.(probably due to #2)

6.I swore i would never shave my pussy. But when I started seeing my current boyfriend he often talked about how much he preferred it. I finally gave in, and I have no idea how I ever enjoyed sex before.

7. When I was 12or13 I would masturbate so often that I was afraid I had an addiction. I was also afraid I was going to hell because of it. I would masturbate in the bathroom, lying on the floor atop a towel. My parents thought I was bulimic.

8.In high school I used to cut and burn myself. It gave me an adrenaline rush and made me feel safe. I never fully enjoyed sex on all levels as much as when I met another switch and had my first BDSM experiences.

9. I tend to equate sex and love. If I enjoy having sex with someone enough, I will probably end up falling in love with them,they own my heart,and I will do anything for them,and that will last until I feel that they've betrayed me in some way, at which point it abruptly stops.

10.My ultimate sexual fantasy is to be dehumanized by my partner and used at their leisure.I love the idea of being someones adored plaything.

11.I've always been curious about Incubii. I wonder what it be like to get fucked by a demon.

12.I'm a little afraid that my current partner's taste for CBT has made ball crushing manoeuvres so habitual that in my next relationship I'll end up hurting some guy.

13.I slept with a 28 year old right after I turned 20.

14.After I broke up with the guy from #2 I slept with someone the night after. It wasn't the guy he accused me of cheating on him with, who I slept with the next night. The best part? I never slept with anyone but his raping self the whole two years I was with him.

15.I love sex. I don't care for masturbating. It makes me feel pathetic.Like, If I want sex, I should be able to go and get it from someone.Why should I have to do that myself?

16.Cutting my partner and drinking his blood is some of my favorite other favorite is tying up his penis and testicles and licking and biting them until he's gasping.

17.My nipples are my top non groin erogenous zone. For some reason I always date assmen who don't even think to stimulate them. The thing is, tit torture would have me in a pathetic ball of need quicker than anything else.

18.Every time my boyfriend penetrates me vaginally, I feel like I'm having this huge emotional upheaval of shear joy. I've never got that feeling from anyone but him.

19. I hang out mostly with men, and I tend to talk about sex and sexuality excessively. Sometimes I think they enjoy this as much as I enjoy thinking I'm teasing them, but I'm beginning to think they resent it usually.

20.My need for sex is so driving for me that I sometimes find that it gets in the way of my responsibilities in life. Because I'm having sex or trying to have sex, instead of doing what I need to do.

21.I love watching myself get fucked in a mirror.

22.My entire health regimen is centered around my optimal vaginal health/attractiveness.

23.I only drink coffee in emergency caffeine needed situations because it makes my twat stink.

24.I consume giant tubs of yogurt in order to make sure that I never have a candida outbreak, because it would keep me from having sex.

25. If I am ever a day late on my period I immediately begin drinking copious amounts of strongly brewed mugwort tea to kick out whatever could be potentially taking root in my womb. I refuse to be impregnated. I would rather get pushed down some stairs.
1. I've had sex with three guys.

2. I never had sex with any of them more than once. I hate this fact. Sometimes I don't care but usually I think it's pretty humiliating.

3. Compared to most college kids I have ridiculous amounts of self-control (or I'm just picky) but when I go home to my super-conservative family I'm a dirty whore. I find this very confusing sometimes.

4. I lost my virginity to an exboyfriend a week before i turned 17. We were both really drunk and I wouldn't let him finish because it hurt so bad. The next day when he found out I was a virgin he claimed we didn't have sex, maybe because I stopped him, maybe because I asked if he used a condom and we hadn't, maybe he thought I wouldn't remember. He then apologised profusely for everything else we did. He destroyed my self-esteem and made me feel absolutely horrible about myself for a very long time.

5. I've never orgasmed for anyone but him.

6. I tell people I've had sex with four guys because of the "second" guy. I dated him for a month or two and ended it, it wasn't working out. Somehow things worked better for us when he had a girlfriend, who didn't know about me. He had the biggest dick I've ever seen, and i was scared to have sex with him. When I finally agreed, his dick fell out and were having a hard time getting it back in. He told me the condom "felt weird" and he didn't want to try anymore. This completely destroyed my self-esteem (again) and is why i lie about it. I've never told anyone this because I'm still embarrassed.

7. Two of the three times I've had sex a mutual male friend of ours was in the room.

8. I've never had sex sober although I was sober for the 6 incident.

9. I've only dated guys with larger than average dicks, and I've never seen their dicks before we started dating.

10. I've kissed less than ten guys.

11. I can get turned on just lying next to a guy I'm attracted to. I find it hard to keep my hands off. I'm just an extremely touchy-feely person.

12. I've had crushes on girls, but have never been sexually attracted to them. I doubt I'd ever even kiss a girl.

13. I have absolutely no preference or "type" I am attracted to. Skin, eye, hair colours, body shape and clothing style generally don't matter to me as long as it works for that person.

14. I am, however, most attracted to blue-collar guys. And guys that drink a lot and do drugs.

15. Bad personality (inconsiderate, disrespectful, malicious, egotistical etc) is probably the biggest turn-off for me.

16. Tattoos are the biggest turn-on.

17. Porn flicks are unappealing to me and generally gross me out. Even kissing scenes in movies make me uncomfortable.

18. I fantasize about threesomes with male 'best friends' but I probably won't act on it.

19. I could never date someone that I wasn't sexually compatible with and firmly believe that sex is one of the most important parts of the relationship.

20. I have no position preference but I love to be pushed around and commanded what to do.

21. I'll have nothing to do with anything anal. It's just not for me.

22. The most turned on I've been was when I was at my boyfriend-of-the-time's house drinking with him and his friends. While I was leaving the bathroom he surprised me and shoved me back in, against the wall and started fingering me until we got caught. His friend, that I was super attracted to, jokingly asked to join and I sometimes wish I'd said yes.

23. I wish I could figure out how to tell guys I'm with that I like to be pushed around and called names. I worry about coming off as a creep if they're not into it.

24. I talk very perverted. When something surprising and bad/painful happens(I run into something and hurt myself, die in a video game, etc) I have a tendency to yell 'fuck me sideways!' or 'fuck my ass!' without thinking and it usually makes for a really awkward situation. I was very sheltered and didn't learn about sex until I was in the public school system as a freshman in high school. I'm pretty positive that's why I'm a giant pervert now.

25. I think it's obscenely rude when other girls (or guys) ask about a guy's dick size or 'how good they were.' I can't bring myself to put a guy down like that so I'll lie if the truth isn't positive.

Friday, February 27, 2009

1. I have been attracted to pregnant women, and the idea of being pregnant, for as long as I can remember. For a straight woman who never plans to have children of my own, this has always been a source of shame and secrecy for me. In fact, this is the first time I have ever admitted this. Oftentimes I can't orgasm even with a partner unless I am thinking about a heavy pregnant belly. Because of the shame attached to this, I get weird around pregnant women and avoid them, thinking they can tell I'm looking at their bodies and being a pervert.

2. I have fucked a pair of brothers (on two separate occasions – not together), a brother and sister (ditto), and lots of pairs of best friends.

3. When I was 14, my mom got us a kitten from the pound. He would climb under the covers with me in bed at night. I trained him to lick my pussy by putting butter on my labia, though after a while he would just do it on his own, without butter or prompting. He did it for years and years, even doing it when I would visit home from college. I always worried whether he tried to do it to others in my family.

4. I have only orgasmed from oral sex once in my life – six months ago.

5. I never was able to use my hands to make myself come until I was in my late 20s. Even now the number of times I've gotten myself off without a vibrator is in the single digits (no pun intended).

6. I rarely use condoms, even with casual sex. The first few times perhaps, but then they go out the window.

7. My first erotic dream starred Steve Martin.

8. I have had one threesome where I was one of two women, and one threesome where I was with two men. I would do both combinations again any day.

9. I used to hate my labia minora, which protrude past my outer lips, and for a brief time in college I considered getting them surgically reduced. Now I love them, but I get very offended when I hear people – almost always men – make “meat curtain” jokes. Once my best friend asked me if she had too much sex, would her inner lips get stretched out and hang down? I told her no but it made me feel ashamed.

10. I have fucked between 40 and 50 people, all but one of them men.

11. I started writing and drawing pornographic stories when I was in 5th grade, about ten years old. I kept them all in a big folder which I hid under the carpet in a corner of my bedroom. Though being the earliest of my friends to start taking an active interest in sex, I was one of the last ones to actually get kissed – in 10th grade. The 5 years of unresolved sexual desire turned me into a pent-up fireball and the aftermath involved several years of sluttily bad choices.

12. I have only tried to “make a move” on women twice in my life, and was rejected both times. I often get crushes on girls but I have no confidence to ever try to kiss them.

13. The first time I received oral sex, it was non-consensual. I was 15 and my 18-year-old virgin boyfriend held me down and did it while I cried. He used teeth and I had to ride my bike home standing up on the pedals the entire way because I was so sore. He cried when I broke up with him the next time we saw each other.

14. I regret every person I ever had a crush on that I never got a chance to sleep with.

15. I don't really like kissing. The first time is great, especially when it's passionate and unexpected, but from then on I don't enjoy it. I'd rather make out with a neck or shoulder.

16. When I was 19, I borrowed a camcorder from my school for a class. I filmed myself fucking my boyfriend over the weekend, but when I went to watch it in the viewfinder, I felt shocked and nauseated. I never did watch it on a TV screen, and I have no idea where that tape is today. (Gulp.)

17. That said, I love taking nude pictures of myself and having them taken of me. I enjoy my body now more than I ever have in life, and when I see how beautiful it looks on film, I feel lovely and validated.

18. I would love to dress in drag and go out as a man. LOVE to. I never have.

19. I've tried anal sex a handful of times and never had it “work” except once. But oh, that once. I was really drunk and for some reason I just opened up. The pain stopped and the feeling it gave me was like nothing I've ever experienced. I'd love to try it again, but I've never been able to replicate that moment.

20. I've used a strap-on with a smallish butt plug on my ex-boyfriend. At first it was exciting to try the role reversal, but over time (paired with his general femininity overall) it wasn't as much of a thrill. I began doing it just for his benefit, and it lost more and more of its charm until I got no pleasure from it at all – in fact, the mess and smell was a serious turnoff. I would love to try it anew with someone else – especially a woman.

21. I can squirt. Sometimes an awful lot. Yet I can't bring myself to do it in front of a partner, even if they've told me they'd enjoy it or want to see it. In fact there's been times I've psyched myself out of an orgasm because I'm worried I'll spray my partner's face or in their mouth. Perhaps this is why I don't come from oral.

22. I bought my first vibrator from a mail-order catalog when I was 15 with a money order. I ran home from school every day to check the mailbox, terrified someone would get there before I did. It was pink with sparkles and smelled like chemical candy. I never got off with it though. When I was almost 19 I bought a heavy-duty back massager from Service Merchandise, and I've been using that on my clit for the last dozen years. I estimate it's given me about 3,000 orgasms at LEAST (two today already!).

23.The idea of consuming sperm disgusts me, in a gut-wrenching, visceral way. Semen itself doesn't bother me when I see it on my skin or his, but once it's in the mouth I want to hurl. Watching videos of people with cum in their mouths sickens me. (I have swallowed a few times, but it's gotta be a special occasion.)

24. Once I fucked a guy's throat with my hand. My entire hand. It was slimy and hot and felt lovely and nasty.

25. If I know you, I've probably thought about you naked at least once.
1. I love sex. I would have it every day, several times a day if I could.

2. I lost my virginity at 15 with my boyfriend at the time, on my mate's bed at a party.

3. In the 5yrs that I have been sexually active I have slept with 35 guys and 6 girls.

4. I am bisexual, and prefer girls.

5. I want to have a girlfriend. I'm afraid of what my family would think of me, but more afraid of trying to find a girlfriend.

6. I was raped twice in the last 5yrs. I still think its my fault, and I am only now seeking counseling for it. The main reason I'm getting counseling isn't for the rape, it's because I can't afford to pay for a counselor for my depression, however the rape still affects me.

7. I have had sex with complete strangers for money because it turns me on, and I feel sexy when people want to pay for sex for me.

8. One guy paid me $500 for an hour and a half because I'm so amazing in bed and so hot.

9. My current boyfriend has a low sex drive and only wants sex once or twice a fortnight. This makes me feel ugly, useless in bed and sexually frustrated. I'm afraid that one day I'm going to cheat on him because I need more sex. I have told him all of this except for the cheating part.

10. I had sex with a 46yr old guy when I was 19.

11. I would love to be in an orgy.

12. I love threesomes but I haven't had a mmf one.

13. I want to have 3 guys fucking me at once.

14. I fantasize about forced sex. This worries me because of the rape.

15. I once had 3 fuck buddies on the go when I got out of a long term relationship and wasn't ready for another one so soon.

16. For a year I had sex at least once a week even though I wasn't in a relationship. I believe all the sex kept me in shape.

17. I often think about becoming an escort. It would be the perfect job for me.

18. I love my boobs. They are DD/E and I am only 5'2 and quite small so they look massive.

19. I think the best sex is with someone you really like.

20. I once had 20+ orgasms one night. My boyfriend gave me oral sex for over an hour. I was very sore after.

21. I am always up for sex.

22. I jump into bed with a lot of guys far too soon. I don't really care.

23. I don't care if people think I'm a slut for sleeping with so many guys. If I was a guy I would be a legend.

24. I would try anything sexually except bestiality.

25. The biggest penis I've ever had was 10 inches.
1. I am in a friends-with-benefits relationship which pretty much exclusively consists of me receiving oral from a lesbian who is in love with me. I know that sounds fucked up and selfish of me, but we've worked it out and she is 100% happy with the arrangement, as am I. It is mutually beneficial.
2. She is the only person I've ever had sex with.
3. I'm not a big fan of manual sex because the entire time I'm thinking, "Imagine how much better this would feel if that were her mouth instead of her hand."
4. I consider myself bisexual. I've only ever "done things" with and dated girls, but I find myself attracted to guys much more often and much more intensely.
5. The first orgasm I remember having was in the bathtub, with my clit under the running faucet. I used to have up to 4 orgasms in one session doing that.
6. After that, I used a makeup brush, the arm/nose of my teddy bear, an electric toothbrush, and the end of a remote control.
7. For a long while before I bought my first vibrator, I would go into the bathroom, lock the door, turn on the shower, sit on the sink, and use my father's electric toothbrush to get myself off. I always washed it off very thoroughly after. I don't have a lot of sexual shame but this is one of the things that I sort of regret in retrospect.
8. One time I got off by humping against my cat's forehead for a few minutes. She was surprisingly compliant.
9. In my "toy box," I have 5 vibrators, a dildo, a book of lesbian erotica, several erotica stories I printed from the internet, a bunch of condoms (which I don't exactly need yet), and a pamphlet about bisexual health.
10. When I was about 9, I used to write erotica in my journal and then force my mom to listen to me read it aloud.
11. One time, I received head in the big plastic tube at my old elementary school's playground, late at night.
12. In order for me to come, my legs HAVE to be elevated so that most of my weight is being supported by my ass/hips. I've never figured out why this is.
13. If I could have sex with anyone in the world, I'd pick John Mayer or Katherine Moennig. (But that's subject to change.)
14. I'm fascinated by lesbian sex, especially cunnilingus, and think it is so unbelievably beautiful.
15. I'd rather have sex with women, but I'd rather date men.
16. I have zero interest in breasts, including my own.
17. I think I am more on the domme side of the spectrum.
18. The back of my left shoulder is hypersensitive and I can almost come just from having it licked and kissed.
19. Rim jobs are okay. I'm glad I had the experience, but it wasn't mindblowing.
20. For me, one of the major signs of a good lover would be how they treat me right after I come. There needs to be such a delicate mixture of gentleness (to avoid pain) and pressure (to wring out the maximum amount of pleasure) when dealing with a post-orgasmic clitoris.
21. I love Lelo sex toys. They are gorgeous.
22. After sex, I require a certain amount of spooning/cuddling.
23. I think does some fantastic work, and that they deserve their own museum or something.
24. I would find it difficult to agree to have sex with someone who did not keep their nails clipped very very short. Just a personal preference thing.
25. Moaning is very, very hot. Both male and female.
1. My first sexual crush was Mary Poppins. I was three.

2. Sex was not discussed in my family, so much so that I never got the message that masturbation was forbidden. When my mom hinted that she wanted me to discourage my younger siblings from it, I was very confused, and didn't understand what was 'wrong' with it.

3. I went from never having kissed anyone to having sex in the space of a couple hours. I'm still with her, and I don't regret it. (She was a virgin, too.)

4. I used to say that I was completely unsuperficial: I couldn't tell you if I was attracted to someone just by looking at them, I had to know what their personality was like. I'm getting better at gauging what I 'like,' but I am still overwhelmingly attracted to intellectual or emotional characteristics, not physical ones.

5. I think my partner has ruined me for kissing anyone else. She has the tiniest little button of a nose, and the only time I've ever kissed someone else I was completely freaked out by the length of her nose.

6. I love having my breasts played with. I think I am 10 times more likely to orgasm if my partner is sucking on/playing with my breasts.

7. Call me Mistress or tie me down and I'm yours. I love playing with submission and dominance, in fairly equal amounts.

8. I've been told that I'm really good at phone sex and cyber sex, but I think I can only do it if I haven't met the person in real life.

9. I enjoy it when sex has a spiritual component, but that's not a requirement for me. I like seeing the goddess in my partner's eyes, but I like taking her quickly in the shower, too.

10. Although I've never had casual sex, I think it'd be good for me and I'd be good at it.

11. I first consciously realized I was attracted to girls when I was 17. She was my best friend, and a deeply religious conservative. I've never told her, because I'm afraid she'll be disgusted by me.

12. I've never seen an adult male penis in person. I'm not absolutely sure one would freak me out, but pictures, videos and descriptions of them give me the full-body heebie jeebies, so I'm not optimistic.

13. But I would like to try having sex with a guy sometime. I can't decide if it would be better to choose some random person or a friend.

14. I'm polyamorous. I always knew my preferred relationship model didn't match the monogamous heterosexual one, but I didn't always know there were other people like me. Reading "The Ethical Slut" changed my life.

15. I enjoy testing gender boundaries. I like dressing up in skirts and suits equally, but I wish cutting my hair wasn't such a big commitment. I'd love to go from my current waist-length tresses to a D.A. and back in the space of a day.

16. I don't understand the politics of anti-penetration lesbians. When I fuck my partner with a silicone apparatus, I am not aping hetero sex, I am stimulating her erogenous zones ... and she likes it, dammit.

17. My first experience with erotica was f/f Star Trek fanfic. It remains my favourite genre of erotica to this day. I recommend Gun Brooke and Bailey B.

18. My second experience was Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty trilogy. I read the whole thing on a bus trip home from a church convention in Florida. "What're you reading, there? You seem awfully interested in it." "Oh, you know, about Sleeping Beauty." Best bus ride ever.

19. My primary porn pet peeve is 'lesbians' with enormous acrylic nails. Yeah, right! If there's going to be nails involved, there's going to be gloves involved, end of story.

20. I definitely do not consider gloves to be a turn-off. Only adds to the whole medical-hotness thing my partner knows how to rock.

21. The two cultural taboos I'm currently trying to work out my feelings regarding are incest and age of consent. I think incest is OK if there's no possibility of children. I also think children are sexual beings and methods used to raise and educate them need to take that into account, and not just make them feel guilty and embarrassed.

22. It really disturbs me that so many people place such emphasis on virginity. Also waiting to have sex until 'marriage.'

23. Blood does not bother me in the slightest. I'd really like to have sex with my partner when she's menstruating, but the idea is not at all attractive to her.

24. I'd also like her to draw blood more often when we have sex, but she's worried this desire is related to my self-mutilation issues.

25. I like talking about sex and sexuality with my friends. We all try to test the boundaries of what each of us is comfortable discussing, and I'm glad of the expansion my own boundaries have undergone as a result.
1. I have slept with three people

2. I slept with all three of those people at once, only one of whom I still regularly sleep with (I think the other two are interested though)

3. Ill people really turn me on

4. I don't know if I have ever had an orgasm, sex feels nice but climaxing is never as nice as has been described to me and it's often difficult to achieve

5. The first time I kissed and fondled a boy there were three people watching intently

6. The first time a girl kissed me I ran away to another country. I've gotten over this fear, and now prefer kissing girls to boys

7. I find most porn degrading but yet have run a number of porn sites in the past and felt happy every time money came in

8. Getting asked if I want any business by a prostitute makes me feel good though I would never say yes

9. Getting asked if I am in business makes me feel even better, and it has been tempting to say yes

10. I love playing with asses, and like mine being penetrated, but don't want full anal sex

11. I made a pact with myself years ago to never sleep with a monogamous person, and have regretted it several times

12. Being given oral sex scares me, yet I would love to get over that fear

13. I tend to treat people I fancy very badly because I get all nervous around them so keep my distance

14. I really want a strapon so I can fuck people without them thinking I'm enjoying it

15. For the two people I most want to sleep with, I know when their times of the month are better than them

16. I love the sound most people make when enjoying their bodies

17. I like watching people I love sleeping

18. I play with said people in their sleep, but only if they've consented first

19. I get really embarrassed when people tease me about liking somebody and that tends to stop things going much further

20. My family think I am straight, when I told them about a same-sex partner they chose to hear it as opposite-sex partner

21. My mother thinks I am mostly asexual and once told her friends that she'd never have to worry whether to let me share a bed with somebody in her home. That, combined with her complaints about my sister sleeping around scarred me for a long time.

22. I had my first girlfriend at the age of 5 and my second at the age of 23

23. I love the idea of going to a sex party, but would probably never have the courage

24. I plan on coming out completely to my mother when I next see her, possibly by handing her the article I recently wrote about trans/queer issues

25. I'd love to spend next Christmas making out with my three best friends

Thursday, February 26, 2009

1. Although I became sexually active at 17, I didn’t have my first orgasm until I was 20. I didn’t have an orgasm during sex until I was 21.

2. I had my first orgasm masturbating to a cheesy pulp paperback. The scene that got me off involved two women having sex in the shower.

3. Before that, when I was a kid, I used to masturbate by sticking hairbrush handles and the arms of Ken dolls (?!) in my vagina. I didn’t know about the clit though, so I never had an orgasm.

4. My first sex dream was that I had a little man that I could put in my pants and carry around with me.

5. I had my first orgasm during sex by rubbing my clit while my boyfriend at the time fucked me from behind. Afterwards I completely collapsed and started crying. It was an amazing release to finally have an orgasm with a partner, both physically and emotionally.

6. I’ve had around 40 male sex partners. I fantasize about girls sometimes when I masturbate, but I’ve never actually slept with one.

7. I’m open to the idea of having sex with a girl, and imagine I would probably enjoy it. But I’ve never felt that “pull” to a woman that I’ve felt for men, so I would be surprised if a woman could pique my interest for more that an occasional fling.

8. The only time I had group sex was when I was in high school. We never switched partners though, because my boyfriend and the other girl were first cousins and we thought that was too weird. He did end up masturbating with her feet, though.

9. The best sex of my life was with the man I ended up marrying. We’re divorced now.

10. The vast majority of my long-term relationships have been with men with very large penises. I guess it kind of loosened me up because now it’s nearly impossible for a man to pound me hard enough for it to hurt. He can bang away at my cervix all night and I love it. For this, my current boyfriend calls me “Size Queen.”

11. For months after I separated from my now ex-husband I was completely asexual. Then I took a trip to the southwest and at one point ended up going to a concert, getting drunk, and picking up a tall, beautiful, long-haired, hispanic metalhead. After three days of delicious debauchery with my “Mayan God” I rediscovered my love for men and my lust for life.

12. When I was in my early 20s I was seduced by a bigwig in my professional field while at a meeting. He was 20 years my senior and married with kids. I resisted his advances for awhile but he was attractive and I was curious. When we went back to his hotel room he went down on me and gave me one of the best orgasms of my life.

13. I once dated a professional wrestler. He was the first man with whom I explored BDSM.

14. Giving blowjobs turns me on. I always swallow.

15. I love the sounds men make when they come. I like hearing men who are otherwise pretty quiet during sex let go in gasps and moans and shivers.

16. My favorite sex act right now is to be choked with a belt while my partner fucks me and looks me in the eyes.

17. I consider myself a switch. I enjoy being submissive, and I enjoy pain as part of the sex act. But one of my most memorable sexual experiences was sticking my tongue in a man’s ass and giving him a handjob with massage oil. He was absolutely in my control, screaming in ecstasy, and I loved it.

18. I like big, hairy men with long hair and beards. Men who shave their body hair, and especially their pubes, are a big turnoff for me.

19. That said, my current boyfriend was the first to convince me to shave my pussy. Now I love it and find it very erotic to be bare down there.

20. My first crushes were on Captain Caveman and Godzilla. Maybe that explains my taste in men now that I’m an adult.

21. I’m very open with my friends about my sex life, even the more fringe, perverted aspects. I don’t try to shock them with gory details, I just think sex is fun and so is talking about it.

22. My current boyfriend’s mom and brother live in the apartment below his. I’m pretty loud during sex, so my boyfriend started doubling up one of his leather belts and putting it in my mouth while we’re fucking just to muffle the noise a bit. I’ve put some very deep teeth marks in that belt, and I like to have him wear it when we go out.

23. I used to have some of the typical girl body image issues, and then I started getting tattoos. Now I have full sleeves, a backpiece and a chestpiece and every time I look at myself naked in the mirror I am enormously pleased at how beautiful my intricately decorated body looks.

24. One of my longest-held, unfulfilled fantasies is to fuck a guy with a strap-on. The last guy I dated told me he was into it but we broke up before we were able to do it. Now I’m starting to think that I’ll never get the opportunity because it seems like all guys my age (30s) have ass issues (hemorrhoids, irritable bowel, etc.), so they just don’t want to go there.

25. I got my tubes tied when I was 30. It’s wonderful to not have to worry about unplanned pregnancy anymore, and I think that this is the best decision regarding my sexual health that I have ever made.
1. My biggest turn ons are rape fantasies, of many variations. I love to imagine that I'm a young girl being taken advantage of by a villainous, attractive, older man.
2. I used to hate my boobs, because they're pretty big. I'm a D or DD and only 5'1". But I've come to love them, because they make me quite popular when my friends and I go out.
3. My mother found my pocket rocket when she came to my house. She thought she'd do me a favor and make my bed for me, but instead, she got a surprise!
4.I love my clitoris.
5. I stopped taking my depression medication three times just because it made orgasms more difficult.
6. I get off on Paula Vogel's play How I Learned to Drive. It's about a girl who has a sexual relationship with her uncle-by-marriage starting when she is 11. This, I guess, is related to #1.
7. I used to be a straightlaced prude. It's so liberating not to be.
8. My friend shared with me the penis sizes of all the guys I know that she'd slept with. Our nickname for one of them is "Magnum".
9. I'M A VIRGIN!!!
10. I often wonder what I will feel like when I lose my virginity. I identified myself as "pure" a lot when I was in high school and early college. To have so totally overthrown my identity is mind-boggling and exhilarating, but when I cross that threshold, I have a feeling I'm going to have to do some adjusting.
11. I don't consider myself bisexual, but looking at women with large breasts definitely turns me on. I consider it my new-found breast-self-love.
12. Maybe I would have sex with a woman. I don't know. I'd definitely kiss one. At least once.
13. I always fall for gangly-skinny guys, but then back out if they start showing interest in me, because what I really want is someone that looks like a MAN. Rape fantasies don't work if you can overpower the guy you're fantasizing about.
14. I think my vagina is about 8 inches long. I measured it.
15. I have a bunch of wigs that I wear when I go out. When I wear a non-traditionally colored one, I get a lot of sexual attention. Once, I got an offer in the first five minutes. I never take these offers, but it makes me feel sexy!
16. Male strip clubs creep me out - but the one time I did go, I was able to orgasm much better afterwards while I was taking my medication.
17. I have absolutely NO GUILT during masturbation. I do it frequently and with gusto!
18. I stopped saving myself for marriage because a friend of mine did it. Sex with her husband was awful, it ruined her marriage, and she's divorced now.
19. I think sex is hilarious. Conversely, guys who make me laugh turn me on.
20. I've heard that the vaginal fluids of vegetarians smell and taste better. When I eat crappy food, I worry that I taste bad down there.
21. Did I mention how much I appreciate masturbation? It helped me get over a crappy body image! Thanks, masturbation!
22. I predict that I will lose my virginity sometime this year. I will not have sex with someone I don't care about immensely, so we'll see how that goes!
23. Even though I've never had sex, I KNOW that I'm really good at it.
24. I lost some stimulating cream. Then, one time, I went to my parents' house, and found it in my old bathroom drawer. I hadn't put it there. Then, I realized - my mother, my grandmother, and my second cousin and reorganized a lot of my old things from when i moved out. My mother, my grandmother, and my second cousin had all seen my stimulating cream. AWESOME!
25. The only guy I've ever kissed has been on stage, during a play. I don't get it. I'm attractive, funny, vivacious, and confident. One male friend of mine said that I may be intimidating to men. I think that's bullshit. Cowboy up and kiss me, already. I'll do it if you won't, motherfuckers.
1. I used to worry a lot that my penis was too small. In my 30s I realized that I was a "grower" not a "shower."

2. I require a lot of vigorous stimulation to achieve orgasm. Always been that way. No idea why. It's got an obvious up-side, as women appreciate a guy with some stamina. But the downside is that sometimes I have sensed my partner's desire for me to just stop already.

3. I think the idea of anal sex is incredibly hot. But actually doing it is usually nothing special.

4. Yes, men can fake orgasms. I've done it a few times.

5. I first masturbated at age 11 or 12. I was in bed thinking about Jaqueline Smith, whom I had just watched on TV in an episode of Charlie's Angels. I fantasized about kissing her very glossy, lipsticked mouth.

6. I masturbated a lot. Twice a day in my early teens, then once a day until I was in my early 30s. Now at 40, I almost never do it.

7. In my mid-thirties I started trimming and shaving my pubic hair. I think it's sexy and that everyone should at least trim if not shave--men included.

8. I'm in love with my penis. I like to look at it and I like for my partner to look at it, too. It's so embarassingly narcisistic, but I can't help it. It's a turn on. I even take pictures of it sometimes.

9. Very few partners have been able to bring me to orgasm orally. I knew one woman who could do it every time, though--and in ten minutes or less. Embarassingly, she was someone I paid for this service just after my divorce.

10. Men simply do not turn me on. Ever. But the idea of letting a gay or bi dude get me off while I watched straight porn was intriguing, so I tried it. I got off really good, but the experience left me feeling a little nauseated.

11. My life experience tells me that men want to fuck every day when they're 20, and women want to fuck every day when they're 40. I used to be frustrated because I wasn't getting enough, but now I can barely keep up!

12. I fantasize about sex pretty much constantly.

13. I'm not sure why, but the idea of having sex with women I don't know is very compelling.

14. I'm most definitely an ass man.

15. I worry that I don't know how to reliably please a woman orally. They all seem to want something different.

16. I definitely don't mind going down on a woman, but please, girl--shave it and make sure you smell good. I shave my junk and try to keep it very clean. I even spritz cologne in that viscinity every day.

17. One of the hottest sexual experiences I've ever had was doing two women at once.

18. I think pornography in which men get a little rough with women is hot. In real life I'm far too nice to do that, but sometimes I push myself to manhandle my partner a bit when I sense that both of us will enjoy it.

19. It could just be the years of porn talking, but external ejaculations are sexy. I wince when a woman swallows my semen--gross! But I don't mind painting her face with it. Go figure.

20. An ex-girlfriend invited me to fuck her tits once. She had enormous ones and no doubt considered them her best asset. I did it, and got off so good that I wondered why I'd never tried it before.

21. If I won a $100 million lottery I'd be afraid I might quickly descend into a lifestyle of such constant sexual debauchery that I would destroy myself with it. We're talking a live-in harem of gorgeous twenty year olds who fuck like porn acrtresses. For starters.

22. Kissing during sex can be really hot.

23. I've had a vasectomy, and sometimes I have weird fantasies about women trying to get pregnant from me who don't know I am shooting blanks.

24. Another fantasy: fucking another man's wife while he watches. Can be combined with #23.

25. I've had about 20 sexual partners.
1. I’ve only had sex with one person.

2. I don’t recall the date I lost my virginity, but I can recall the general week during the month it occurred.

3. The above consistently seems to shock the friends of mine who are aware of my sexual history.

4. 2 doesn’t shock me; the only thing I remember about my first time is the condom breaking and the fact that I quite enjoyed the sex.

5. I have had to use Plan B three times and have taken a pregnancy test once; hopefully, that won’t occur again anytime soon.

6. I fear that because I gained a lot of weight as a result of laziness and a bad breakup, I will never have sex again.

7. I also fear that the stretch marks I have will never make me attractive to a man again; even though I actually find them kind of attractive...well, not attractive, but interesting?

8. I watch porn a lot. And I read a lot of erotica. I’ve been doing this since I was 12.

9. I don’t remember the first time I masturbated, I do know however that it’s a regular part of my daily routine.

10. I fantasize about receiving and giving oral sex to a female, but can’t actually imagine having sex with nor dating a female.

11. I like it when things get a little bit rough – ie. holding down my arms while I’m getting fucked, getting pushed onto the bed...I’m open to learning more.

12. I’m 20. And I fear that my one sexual partner will be my last. I desperately need to get over my hang-ups.

13. I played doctor with a family friend’s daughter when I was a child. Afterwards, I played doctor with my younger sister. I fear that I scarred my sister for a life and I try and block out this memory; I feel like I ruined her.

14. I enjoy reading both incestuous and lesbian erotica. I only like brother-sister, father-daughter, or sister-sister porn however. Lesbian porn can go anywhere.

15. I desperately want to learn how to squirt, because I think it’s unbelievably sexy....however I fear the mess it would make.

16. Bestiality, to me, is like a car accident: I cannot look away though I am completely and utterly disturbed.

17. I was raised Roman Catholic. I feel that if I ever get around to marrying a Catholic, my sexual side will freak him out.

18. I sometimes want to tell random people things about myself, including things about my sexual history. I’m more comfortable divulging my secrets to strangers than I am to my friends.

19. Sometimes I wonder if I was molested...but I can’t recall if I ever was.

20. When I was 8 years old, I had a birthday party and a boy attending the party asked me to have sex with him. We were playing house. I said ‘no’.

21. The hottest I have ever felt was when my then-boyfriend at the time literally ripped the belt loops off my pants because I was making him that hard. It was an amazing feeling of power. That’s also why I like to tease.

22. I hate giving oral sex and handjobs; I feel like I am too slow and I think it’s boring, plus your arm always gets tired. I don’t mind being part of the finish however; swallowing has never been an issue.

23. I don’t mind hair down there. If it means no waxing or shaving for me, I am all for it. I chalk this up to laziness on my part, rather than a ‘preference’.

24. I’d love to have sex (and even a relationship) with a few male friends in my life. I’m too afraid of rejection to say anything however.

25. I fear that my 25 things about my sexuality are too tame and that it's always going to be like this. I tend to worry too much for my own good obviously.
1. I am a virgin, but that doesn't matter right now. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to come up with another 24 things about my sexuality.
2. I received my first Sex Ed lesson from my older male cousin at the age of about 4. To be honest, I can't actually remember how old I was, but 4 is the most likely age. I DO however, remember agreeing to the whole “I'll show you mine if you show me yours” thing.
3. From there I spawned an obsession with sex that has never quite left me. I remember being acutely aware of how unusual this was at the age of 5, when I first started school.
4. I'm straight, but not going to rule out the possibility that I like girls; i've had female crushes before and I don't find anything about the female body unappealing. In fact, i think it's downright beautiful most of the time.
5. I'm incredibly shy of new people and physical contact. Even brushing against someone makes be want to pull away. It's a trust thing though, I think, because I can't get enough hugs or physical contact from my family or partner.
6. I live in a family that's quite open (though not promiscuous) about sex. We're comfortable with each other, which is fantastic, because it means it's not weird knowing that your sister has sex toys, or that your brother watches porn. We can talk and joke about sex with each other and even with our mum.
7. I had my first kiss at 17 after going out with the guy for 6 months. It was fantastic, because it meant something and we'd both been anticipating it for so long.
8. I like having sex dreams. Even the bad ones. They leave a surreal impression on me which I like to play around with in my mind for the rest of the day.
9. I think it would be great to get into a relationship with an older man. Experience!
10. I think it's a really bad idea to date within your friendship circle (especially the inner one) even though that's exactly what I'm doing right now.
11. There's so much I want to try when the time comes. I'm very open to experimentation.
12. I've never had an orgasm. I can work myself up to a and extreme pitch of excitement, but I can never quite push myself over the edge. Maybe I'm scared to. Or it could be that I've done it already and never even realised it (but I doubt this). From what I've learned about myself though, I can guess that when I DO finally orgasm, it will be mindblowing. I can drive myself almost over the edge without even touching myself.
13. I used to get so bored in church that I would sit there, cheeks flushed, fantasising about unspeakable acts, even though I knew how very wrong it was. I did it right up until I was 13 when we stopped going to mass. Then I started doing it on the bus and during school assemblies and occasionally even in class.
14. When I was younger, any thoughts of giving or receiving oral sex terrified and disgusted me. Now they make me blush. I wonder what my boyfriend's face would look like when I take him in my mouth.
15. Vulnerability is extremely attractive. But not ALL the time.
16. There should be more bisexual males. After thousands of years of homosexual behaviour in various cultures, I can't understand while it's still such a difficult topic with some. I know plenty of exclusively gay or straight guys, but I've only ever come across 2 that are bi.
17. A threesome with 2 guys is way more appealing for me than having one with another girl. The idea of being sandwiched, and doubly penetrated is hot even if I am kind of scared of anal.
18. I have rather unconventional tastes in guys when it comes to looks, but I must say, personality is the deciding factor.
19. Everyone seems to think I'm a dominatrix, I even got given a set of handcuffs as a joke. But secretly, I want to be dominated. Ropes, cuffs, even to be restrained with bare hands, oh!
20. I have an ok body but I'm very self conscious about it. I would however, love to be able to throw away those feelings/inhibitions and become a nude model for artists or photographers.
21. My first crush was Kevin Sorbo as Hercules when I was about 4. Actually it was more of an ongoing obsession.
22. Smell is very important for me. My boyfriend smells amazing. I secretly try to catch a whiff every time I'm near him.
23. Pubic hair is sexy. I don't like that shaved prepubescent look.
24. Doing naughty things in places where you might get caught is hot. The whole risk factor is a real turn on.
25. I think that when I do actually start having sex, I'll easily become addicted to it. Sexually, I already have to mind and drive of your stereotypical guy. I'm holding off because I know it wouldn't be right, but if I could go there, I probably would.
1. My boyfriend has the tendency to look really innocent and virginal.
2. He's a sex maniac.
3. I lost my virginity when I was 14 to a boy who was 19, in the passenger seat of his car in a parking lot after saying "no" 7 or 8 times.
4. Because of that, every boy I dated until about my junior year in high school, I'd either freak out and refuse to kiss them all together, or freak out and agree to have sex within hours of meeting them.
5. The only uncircumcised penis I've ever had belonged to my drug-dealing, asshole ex-boyfriend.
6. He got me pregnant.
7. Before my current boyfriend, sex to me was something you just had to take. I would lay down wherever I was at the time and just wait for the guy to finish. There wasn't a single time where I didn't wish they would come early so I wouldn't have to put up with it for a long time.
8. Now, I enjoy it so much, my boyfriend and I will have sex anywhere at anytime.
9. He's the first guy I've had sex with who tries to please ME. The fact that he comes and loves it is what he calls, "a bonus."
10. I've had more sex with my friends as "hookups" than I've had with my ex-boyfriends.
11. I'm six people's "best" lays.
12. I like being tied-up, gagged, blind-folded, and dominated.
13. But I also like tying up, gagging, blind-folding and dominating. I like variety and spontaneity.
14. I think girls who spit are just being prissy. There's never so much you can't handle it, and all you have to do is gulp and you're done. It's not like the taste is ever THAT bad.
15. I'm incredibly tight. When I have a lot of sex (even with lube), I bleed a little and hurt so much I can't walk for a few hours.
16. My boyfriend is the only person who's ever made me feel completely beautiful when I'm naked. And I've been naked in front of a lot more people than I'm proud of.
17. I've only liked 3 of the guys I've ever had sex with.
18. I've had sex with 9 guys. But I always feel like I'm forgetting someone. So, 10 to be safe.
19. I've kissed more than three times that number, though, and that includes girls.
20. I love sucking on and playing with balls.
21. I like playing with my boyfriend's flaccid penis.
22. Dirty talk turns me way on. Because I'm in a long distance relationship, we make it a habit to have phone sex as often as possible.
23. I wish all kisses were first kisses.
24. I love dry humping. I have a higher tendency to orgasm when I'm being dry humped than when I'm just being fucked.
25. ...I've never told anybody that.
1) One of my favorite things is giving head. To men and to women. I love pleasing someone with my mouth.

2) I really like it if they grab my head and "force" me. Fortunately, I don't have a gag reflex anymore.

3) I don't remember the first time that I masturbated. For a while when I was a teenager, I would do it 3 or 4 times a day. I'd sneak into the bathroom at the library, I'd go home from school and do it as soon as I walked through the door, I'd stay up late doing it. I was constantly jacking off. I've always wondered if my parents knew about it, but I'm not going to ask them.

4) I love getting fucked in the ass by a woman wearing a strap on, especially if we're in a position that it hits my prostate. I also like sucking cock while I get fucked.

5) My favorite position for fucking someone is doggy style because I like grabbing my lover's hips. My favorite position for getting fucked is on my back because I like seeing someone's face when I beg them to do it harder.

6) I once has a lover who would squirt when she came. I drank so much of her cum that my stomach felt full.

7) I've never had an STD and I get checked twice per year. I always use condoms and gloves with EVERYONE.

8) Most of my partners have been women, but I fantasize a lot about sex with men.

9) I've lost track of how many people I've had sex with. At least 250 or 300, but it's never seemed like something worth keeping track of.

10) I've had sex with people whose name I didn't know. I've had sex with people that I didn't recognize when they had their clothes on. I have a fantasy of giving blowjobs at a glory hole, but I won't do it because I don't want to get an STD.

11) I watched a lot of porn. Sometimes, I'll find something totally crazy and outrageous just to see if I can get turned on by it. Sometimes, it's really hot and sometimes, it's completely boring.

12) I get turned on when I discover that a new lover shaves her pubic hair. I'm not as into the totally bald look, although it feels good on my tongue.

13) I once had a lover who I played Daddy-girl games with. I especially liked fucking her while she begged me to use her like a good little whore. We'd also do a lot of dirty talk about how I was going to lend her to my friends or make her turn tricks to make money for me. Unfortunately, she was really messed up and the sex wasn't worth the drama.

14) I'm multi-orgasmic and can cum for well over half an hour. It only works if I'm having my prostate stimulated. When it happens, I get really loud.

15) I think that the prostate is one of the most overlooked sexual organs. I also think that the world would be a better place if more men tried it.

16) I believe that any man who wants his girlfriend to deepthroat him should learn how to do it himself. It's not as easy as it looks in porn and there are too many guys who try to get their girlfriends to do it without knowing anything about what it's like. He can practice on a dildo, if he'd prefer to not suck a biocock.

17) I find that men give better blowjobs than women because men have wider jawlines. But facial hair is scratchy on your dick.

18) I LOVE kissing and making out. I can do it for a long, long time. I have a couple of make-out partners, where that's all we do and it's lots of fun.

19) I've always wanted to have a threesome with a m/f couple and do a double penetration. I've done the m/f threesome, but not the DP. Maybe someday...

20) I like having sex in public places. The thrill of possibly getting caught really excites me.

21) I'm only turned on by raunchy, kinky sex if my partner is really into it. If there's even the smallest hint that she's not, I immediately lose my erection.

22) My dick is too big for anal sex with most of the partners I've had. I fantasize about having a lover who can take my cock up her ass with no warm-up, but I don't think it's going to happen.

23) Dirty talk really turns me on. Sometimes, I've had partners get really annoyed by it.

24) I wonder how many people will think that I'm making this up, but it's all true.

25) I wonder how many people will read this and know that it's about me.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1. currently, i have a boyfriend. and a girlfriend who also has a boyfriend.
2. i'm submissive.
3. my earliest memory was rubbing against my stuffed duck during "nap time" until i came. sometimes i'd use pillows or bundled up blankets too.
4. i always wonder if shaving or trimming my pubes matters to guys with beards when they go down on me.
5. when i was 18, i was butt raped by an abusive ex-boyfriend. now i get off on the fantasy. i don't know why.
6. the best way to spend lonely, rainy afternoons is to get myself on the brink of orgasm over and over until, hours later, i finally decide i've tortured myself enough; then my orgasm has the potential to make me pass out.
7. i've had sex with fourteen men and two women.
8. having sex with those two women allowed me to get over my disdain of my cunt. i used plead with guys not to go down on me, but after experiencing how lovely it is to eat girls out, i've been much better.
9. the sight of a huge dick turns me on, but i actually prefer small to medium sized ones.
10. a guy once proposed back-of-the-knee sex. we never got around to it, but i was absolutely fascinated with the idea.
11. when i was 17, i had an orgy with two guys and two other girls. it was so much fun, everyone simply playing unselfishly and enjoying one another.
12. eye contact during sex freaks me out, which is why doggy style is my favorite.
13. the best lover i had was 23 years older than me and had a three-inch cock at best.
14. i love talking about sex and learning how other people experience it--their beliefs, emotions, fears...
15. erotic asphyxiation is such a turn on to me, but most lovers say that's weird so i never bring it up. i think it looks funny when i choke myself.
16. i think threesomes are overrated. i've had four, only one of which was remotely sexy. in my opinion, you can't really plan them, one party usually ends up emotionally hurt, and unless everyone's chill about the whole thing, it can make friendships really awkward.
17. i have five vibrators, a dildo, a few bullets and a butt plug. i'm saving up for a ball gag.
18. i think "bad in bed" is a relative term. sure, there are some people who are really lazy or inexperienced, but i think "bad in bed" is often used as a substitute to "not what i like." kissing technique is the same. you can memorize all the tips you want, but if you don't feel chemistry and compatibility, it doesn't work. of all the people i've kissed, i've only enjoyed it with three or four of them.
19. if i wasn't so afraid of STDs, i'd have sex with just about everyone.
20. some of the best sex i've had was with people i'd never see again. alternatively, some of the worst sex i've had was with people i'd never see again.
21. guys with glasses turn me on, because in order to fool around, they usually have to take off their glasses first, which makes them sort of vulnerable.
22. one time, i left in the middle of a blow job. i thought the guy would be more fun in bed, but after an hour, my jaw was sore and i was bored. so while he was getting something from another room, i put on my panties and ran out the door. and drove away. we're still friends though.
23. spanking, being tied up, dirty talk and toys are all turn ons. kissing during sex, long intimate gazes and spooning are not.
24. a big fantasy is to be double penetrated, but i think this is going to have to stay in fantasy realm because anal hurts just too damn much.
25. another one is to see my boyfriend getting head from another guy. i'd never ask this of him, but sometimes i wish there were more bi boys out there.
1. I first realised I was attracted to men when I was in middle school and I had a crush on Zac Hanson. Unlike all my other guy friends at the time, my crush didn't go away when I realised he was a boy.

2. I've been molested or otherwise taken advantage of on more than one occasion. I've told a few friends this, but I've never told the police, my family or my therapist.

3. I have thousands of gay porn pictures and dozens of gay porn films in a folder on my desktop labelled Porn. The icon is Brent Corrigan's penis.

4. I'm a little ashamed to admit that a few of the pictures are of guys pissing... and that I think those pictures are hot.

5. I've had three closeted boyfriends in the past. I convinced all three to come out because I didn't want to date secretly. I made two of their lives better and the other one's life miserable.

6. One of my biggest turn-offs is when guys lie to me in bed and tell me that my penis is big. It's small and I'm okay with that. Don't lie to me and tell me I'm something I'm not.

7. I've had two instances where I had to stop the person who was fucking me because they were too big/girthy. One was the ugliest man I've ever messed around with and the other was the most beautiful man I've ever slept with.

8. One of my biggest turn-ons is smoking. If you can blow smoke rings, consider yourself sleeping with me tonight.

9. I like incredibly skinny boys. Like unhealthy-looking anorexic scene boys. I feel like such a hypocrite though: I helped three of my best friends through eating disorders and I fought with bulimia myself for a few years.

10. I hate it when guys shave their bodies. It's a deal-breaker for me if I see a guy's shaved his pubes. I don't want to be reminded of prepubescent boys while I've having sex with someone.

11. I lost my anal virginity to the guy who gave me chlamydia and tore my sphincter muscle.

12. I love catching guys off guard with wildly inappropriate pick-up lines. "Your testicles. Hand them to me now." "I had testicular cancer. See if you can guess which ball is fake. With your tongue." "I saw you talking to (mutual friend) and I couldn't help but wonder what your ass tastes like." "You're a creationist? Really? I want to debate evolution while inside you." Those lines all worked.

13. I hate being rimmed... but I love giving rim jobs.

14. I'd rather have sex with an uncircumcised penis, but I'd rather blow a circumcised penis.

15. I had the opportunity to do both of those at the same time... and took advantage of that opportunity... when I was fifteen.

16. I masturbate to Countdown with Kieth Olbermann on MSNBC.

17. My good friend offered to have my child in a few years. She said she wants to have one of my children for herself and then she'll have one for me. She works at an abortion clinic.

18. I was once left hand-cuffed naked to a tree.

19. If I ever contract HIV, I plan on committing suicide and I already know exactly how and where I will do it.

20. I want someone to blow me or fuck me while I play the piano... Specifically, while I play Prokofiev's Toccata in D Minor, Op.11.

21. The largest age difference between myself and any person I've ever had sex with was 36. I was 17 at the time. I told him I was 21 and he told me he was 26.

22. I had drunken sex with a lesbian in the vestibule of a church.

23. I was walked in on by my parents and my sister during sex multiple times while living at home. The only time my sister came to visit me after I moved out, I was having sex in the kitchen.

24. I've had sex with a Christian minister. He's married and in seminary now.

25. No one was surprised when I came out of the closet as gay, except for my then-girlfriend.