Thursday, November 19, 2009

1. My first kiss was an extremely drunken one. I’d had almost half a bottle of liquorice Sambuca and it went from kisses on the neck, to the mouth, to my hands down his pants. It was messy and fun.

2. The best kiss I have ever had was from a very close friend of mine. He kissed me so tenderly that it sent shivers down my spine, but I still told him to stop--I’ve never understood why, and I wish I could go back in time.

3. I’ve never had sex, and really didn’t want this to be my first point because I feel it shouldn’t define my sexual habits, sex shouldn’t be all about penetration--but I think I’m fooling myself a little.

4. I find myself more and more curious about women and find myself more turned on by lesbian pornography than heterosexual. I would love to try something out with a woman and think I would be much more comfortable this way for my "first."

5. I wish I was better at kissing. I love kissing but I know I’m not that great at it.

6. I love being naked, taking erotic photos and letting my imagination run wild. I’d love to try nude modeling one of these days.

7. My best orgasms are always in the bath. If you have a bath in your house and I’ve stayed over, I’ve probably had an orgasm in it.

8. I once masturbated in a five star Korean hotel which had a spa on the roof. It was only when I was half way through that I realized a security camera was pointed directly at me. I felt so ashamed and thrilled at the same time.

9. My best friend and I almost kissed once in bed when we were drunk. She tried to kiss me first and I moved away then I tried to kiss her and she moved away. I think we are both very curious and scared.

10. Although I whine about being a virgin often, the three or so times that I have had the opportunity to have sex with someone, I have always turned them down. I. JUST. CAN’T. DO. IT.

11. I love to be held naked in bed, two bodies intertwined is really a beautiful thing.

12. I am extremely attracted to one of my close friend’s housemates but am afraid to make a move. I’m also afraid I’ve left it too late.

13. When I was younger I was insanely attracted to an older man with a shaved head. Seeing him still makes me miss a heartbeat and I’d love to spend a night with him.

14. I have a lot of fantasies of being with an older man. They seem to be almost in awe of a younger woman’s body and appreciate imperfections as well as beauty, and this really turns me on.

15. I’m 20 and secretly would love to be pregnant right now.

16. I think I’m incredibly na├»ve as well.

17. I like to write dirty stories sometimes.

18. I generally don’t respect myself enough and think way too much about relationships. I think this is why I have never been in a relationship.

19. When I was 12 I told a boy I liked him and he completely degraded me and told me that I’d have to buy him and his friends things for him to even consider dating me. I feel like this is part of the reason why I don’t trust a guy’s sincerity.

20. Guys tend to want to sleep with me but not date me. It really upsets and confuses me. Basically tells me that I’m good enough to fuck, but my personality isn’t one that they want to have around them.

21. Once I was crazy about a guy, but when I got into bed with him I realized two things. 1- I wasn’t attracted to him sexually and 2- I didn’t feel comfortable enough to have sex with him anyway.

22. I have barely kissed anyone sober, and that explains part two of the above remark.

23. Sometimes I film myself having an orgasm, but I rarely watch them and often delete them straight away, afraid that someone else will watch them.

24. The furthest I have gotten was giving a guy a blow job. It really turned me on and I didn’t really want to stop.

25. I have insecurities about myself. I’m inter-racial and have crazy curly hair. Sometimes I just wish I looked ‘normal’ so that I wouldn’t have the lingering thoughts that a guy just wanted to screw the ‘caramel’ girl when he was flirting with me.

1. I'm 23 and a virgin. It's partly by circumstances and choice, but I'm NOT waiting until I'm married to lose it.
2. I've also never had a boyfriend, never been on a date or never been kissed.
3. There was a guy where we had a mutual crush on each other, but I didn't let it go any further than just friends. He was gorgeous, and I had many fantasies about being fucked raw by him, but he was a player and my heart couldn't let me do something stupid.
4. At around 4 or 5 I was forced to perform oral sex on someone in my family. It was a female. She was in her teens. I have forgiven her, 'cause I believe in karma. Karma's paid her a visit, and I've moved on long ago.
5. I started masturbating at 6 years old. I knew what I was doing, I didn't know what it was called but it felt good. The person mentioned in #4 used to do the same thing in front of me sometimes while she would be on the phone talking to friends.
6. I started watching sex-related shows, like HBO's Real Sex, and watching soft-core porn at 12 years old. I got off on it sometimes, but mostly watched and still watch shows like that because I'm interested in learning as much about sex and human sexuality as possible (from the more informative TV shows, not the movies).
7. When I become a bit more sexually experienced, I definitely want to try BDSM. I would love to restrain/blindfold a guy and then have my way with him. I have a dominant side I'd like to try out.
8. I would identify myself as straight, but would like to have at least one same-sex adventure before I die, mostly because I just want to know what it would be/feel like with a woman (even if #4 never happened.)
9. I have a tiny attraction to androgynous and butch-looking lesbians.
10. When I'm a bit older, I would love to have artistic nude photos done of myself. I love my curves and the shape I'm in so to have a physical reminder of it would be amazing.
11. The idea of wild animalistic crazy sex is a turn-on. The same goes for the slow, passionate, but intense sex.
12. I would really love to learn burlesque dancing. It looks fun, sexy and liberating. It's one of my fantasies to perform in that dance style for a boyfriend in the future.
13. Although I know race shouldn't matter, I'm more sexually attracted to white guys than guys of my own race (black).
14. After being told by a random stranger that I had "dick sucking lips," I wondered how I would be at giving blow jobs. A decade of Cosmo magazine tips and books by sexperts, filed away in the sex knowledge part of my brain, would say that I could be pretty good.
15. I have the typical playlist of "sex songs." It grows as I hear songs that turn me on. I don't like the thought of sex without some good music in the background. It could be from the years of porn watching, but it makes sense to me.
16. Two years ago, when I found my brother's stash of porn mags, I told on him. My mom told me to throw them out, but I kept a couple for a few weeks for my own entertainment.
17. I don't own any sex toys, but I am creative.
18. I feel more comfortable masturbating after I've trimmed and shaped my pubic hair. it feels "cleaner" and I can see clearer about what I'm doing.
19. One of the things I look forward to about sex is the feeling of a dick going in and out inside me. I think it would feel amazing.
20. Because of #19, I can't get off when I'm masturbating and I don't put something inside me. For lack of a better word, I end up feeling empty.
21. I believe that the responsibility of protection during sex shouldn't be 100% placed with the guy. If I want to have sex with a boyfriend, I'm gonna be prepared.
22. If I wasn't going in a different career path, I would be a sex therapist.
23. I could care less about the inches in length of the dick of whichever guy I would be having sex with. I know that how it's used that would matter most to me.
24. I like being around gay people. I find it comforting.
25. I wanted to do this list because not all virgins are religious dumb prudes.
1. I’m a white male, in my mid-30s. I have a grad school level education; I’m an above average income earner, who comes from a lower middle class background. I am recently divorced and we did not have any children. I mention these things because I think a person’s background and current situation can affect their sexual proclivities.

2. I’m usually attracted to two ‘types’ of women: Smaller, curvy brunettes with big eyes and dark complexions who are typically quite ‘high maintenance’; and tall statuesque blondes with blue/green eyes and largish breasts who are easier to get along with. I think that I have dated more of the former and less of the latter because I feel like I have ‘earned’ their love more.

3. Intelligence and confidence are the ultimate aphrodisiacs. I’ve never been attracted to a woman who wasn’t smart, no matter how attractive she is.

4. I love talking dirty. I don’t like doing it over the phone, but I can and will say some filthy things before, during and after sex.

5. I think that it’s perfectly OK for people in a happy, healthy relationship to want to have sex with other people. ‘Traditional’ monogamy is not suited to everyone. I would feel uncomfortable in an ‘open relationship’, where both partners were free to sleep with other people without the participation or knowledge of the other partner. However, if both partners are sleeping with the same people at the same time, I think that the experience can be very fulfilling and can also bring both partners closer together.

6. I have been in several relationships with bisexual women (including my ex-wife). In most cases our dalliances with threesomes and group sex were positive, but the relationships didn’t work out for a variety of other reasons.

7. The older I get, the more I realise the crucial role honesty plays in good sex as well as a good relationship. It seems like a no-brainer, but I don’t know if I’ve ever really been completely honest in asking for what I want in a relationship or in the bedroom.

8. I find body hair on both men and women to be distasteful. I wax regularly and would find it hard to be with anyone who did not. I love the way a smooth, stubble-free pussy feels under my tongue. I feel that the hairlessness removes a ‘barrier’ between me and my partner. The tactile sensations are more acute and I feel closer to my partner when I can’t feel the hair.

9. Both of my nipples are pierced and I have several tattoos. I usually hate getting needles when I go to the dentist or doctor, but I find the piercing and tattooing process to be very erotic.

10. I love piercing and tatts on women even more than I love them on me.

11. I think piercings and tattoos display a certain sense of daring and ownership in the person who has them. I’m aware that both have become commonplace and that many people get either or both on a whim. I feel that even these whims come from a motivation on the individual’s part to take ownership of themselves and to stop being what other people expect them to be.

12. When I first have sex with a woman, I find it hard to ejaculate. I remain hard and I enjoy the sex and consciously I would like to have an orgasm, but in some way I feel it’s almost disrespectful to my partner to ejaculate. It’s so messy.

13. I love performing oral sex. One of the best compliments I ever received was during a threesome with my ex-wife and one of her friends. I was going down on my wife’s friend, who was kissing my wife and moaning in pleasure. She stopped kissing my wife long enough to say “My God, your husband has an amazing tongue." My wife replied “I told you” before coming down to help me with her friend.

14. I have a number of female friends. I’ve slept with almost all of them. I feel closer to them than I think I would if I had not. In most cases, we would think nothing of occasionally having sex when either they or I were single. It was never awkward or strange afterwards. I think it’s because I love all of them a little bit and don’t feel I have to put any distance between us following the act.

15. I’ve been accused of being good at friendship but lousy at relationships. There is some truth in this. I don’t think I was ever loved enough as a child and I know that I was constantly demeaned by my parents and told I was worthless. I think this has made it really hard for me to become emotionally intimate with people.

16. I get really turned on by formal wear and formal occasions. I love wearing a tuxedo and I love a woman in a ball gown or a cocktail dress. Formal attire seems inherently glamorous to me and I also love the thought of what women may be wearing under their formal gowns. The juxtaposition between genteel normality and the naughty sexy things happening underneath is an immense turn-on.

17. I have a slightly larger than average sized penis when erect, but when it’s flaccid, it can sometimes become frighteningly small. I sometimes become embarrassed by this when I am at the gym. I have actually started taking Cialis so that my penis will look bigger in the gym changing room. I know this is stupid, but it makes me feel better about myself.

18. Although I have never indulged the fantasy, I have recently been thinking that I could have sex with a guy. He would have to be quite feminine in appearance, well muscled, toned but womanly... slightly built. I find the idea of kissing a man distasteful, but I think I would be able to perform anal and oral sex on him. I wouldn’t swallow and I think I would freak out if any cum got on me. I’ve never masturbated to this fantasy, but when I have thought about it in the abstract, the guy has usually been of Asian appearance.

19. I think that the above idea formed in my mind when my ex-wife and I had a foursome with another couple. While I was having sex with the other woman, I watched my wife 69’ing with the other guy. She stopped blowing him for a second leaving her hand on his cock. I had an enormous desire to change my position so I could suck his cock. I’m not sure if I wanted do it because I wanted to have his penis in my mouth or because I wanted to participate in what my wife was doing.

20. My ex-wife and I picked up a guy in a bar in Paris once. We took him back to our hotel where he and I double-teamed my wife. While he and I were both inside her, I could feel his cock on mine through the flesh separating my wife’s anus and vagina. It was an odd, but pleasurable experience.

21. I find it hard to orgasm from oral sex. I’ve only ever succeeded 3 or 4 times in my entire life. That being said, I’ve never really been with many women who’ve seemed to like or to be overly committed to the task.

22. I don’t have a problem with light bondage and discipline, but I rarely engage in any of these activities. I’m always in control in the bedroom and would feel funny if a woman tried to ‘top’ me. I am hesitant to even spank a woman because I am afraid I will hit too hard.

23. I like porn, but find a lot of it to be formulaic and uninteresting. I think that film makers like Erika Lust make the best kind of porn / erotica. The performers all actually look like they are enjoying themselves and they never seem to fall into the standard porn pro-formas.

24. I’ve been secretly in love with one of my best female friends for about 16 years now. I have never made a move on her or told her how I feel because I have always been frightened that it won’t work out and I will lose her as a friend. In reality, I suspect that my lifelong feelings of inadequacy have lead me into relationships which I knew would never make me happy. I think that maybe I have never said anything to my friend because I don’t feel like I deserve to be happy.

25. Both of us are single at the moment, so I have been wondering if I will seize the moment.
1. I lost my virginity at 14 years old to my then longtime boyfriend. I could not wait to give it to him. But after I did, he told everyone, and then I told all those people he had a little dick (it was true, by the way).

2. At 15 I set my eyes on this cute 20 year guy in my neighborhood and he absolutely ignored me for a few months until one cold February, and we had sex in my bedroom with my friends in the living room.

3. The guy in #2 taught me how to cum while riding on top. He was the first to lick my vagina and I loved it. Until I met him I did not know that sex could be so great (I thought I was in love). For the rest of my HS years we had sex in my house at least three times a week. It was his personal goal that I knew everything about sex.

4. I never quite figured out what love is (even at 34 now), but I know great sex.

5. During high school not only did I do #2 Guy, I did like 4-5 other guys in the neighborhood and at my high school. I just could not get enough. But no one compared to #2.

6. I did not perform oral sex until I was 23 years old, and that was only to keep my then-boyfriend from leaving because he caught me cheating.

7. I had sex with at least two people on a dare. One was to confirm if a dude was gay and one was just because. Both were whack and a waste of time but I won the bet.

8. One time in college I came home with this fine Hispanic guy and during our drunken sex he slammed his penis into my butt... I walked around for a week squeezing my butt cheeks closed. Anal is not for me.

9. I am now 34 years old and never been married, never been pregnant, never had an STD and never done anal (except for the accident).

10. I have had sex with (at last count) 34 men. I am not proud of it but it is what it is.

11. I can name all 34 of them (and probably locate them).

12. At 30 I remembered being sexually abused by an uncle on a random trip to SC, where someone said "hey meet your uncle so and so." I was like "you abused me," and walked off.

13. As much sex as I have had I have never been with a woman, although I am curious.

14. At 23 I found Jesus and was celibate for 5 years. At 28 I had had enough and wanted to have some sex. So I did!

15. My motto is: less than 8 inches, we can’t negotiate.

16. I love to masturbate; I have been doing it since I was 11 years old. I used to use the battery holder from one of my toys to rub myself with and orgasm.

17. As I type this message I am ready to have an orgasm. Just talking about sex turns me on.

18. Nothing pisses me off more than a man with a dick he does not know how to work. Except a man with a small one that can't get it up.

19. The only man that can make me cum all night long is best friends with #2. He lived across the hall from me my whole life. And now he is the only man I look forward to having sex with. He is currently unavoidably detained.

20. I secretly would love to do FFM & MMF group sex. Or attend one of those crazy sex parties they show on "Real Sex."

21. Although I am intrigued by the female form I just don't think I could give oral sex to one.

22. I am afraid that I have had so much sex that I will not be able to bond with my husband if he is only an average lover.

23. I sometime get so turned on with myself when I am getting dressed that I have to pull out my vibrator and handle my business before I go to work.

24. #2 is the only man that can make me cum over the phone.

25. I really miss having sex with #2.
1. I lost my virginity at 14 to a small dick boy who didn't bust my cherry. I sucked his dick before he "took" my virginity.

2. The second guy I had sex with had a big dick and busted my cherry. I fucked him off and on from 15 to 22. I would fuck him today if I saw him.

3. I started masturbating when I was about 12 years old. I had my first squirt cum by myself laying on my bed room floor playing with my clit. I masturbate almost every morning--it's like my cup of coffee. I can make myself nut in seconds flat.

4. All my sexual partners add up to three digits easily. When I did make my list, I had to divide them by state, college, and race to try to remember all the men I had.

5. I used to like one night stands. No names, no numbers, just sex.

6. I have the best three kisses, sex partners, and biggest dicks list in my mind.

7. I don't think people were meant to be monogamous. Only thing better than dick, in my mind, is new dick.

8. Every relationship I had ended because I cheated. Most of them took me back.

9. I have been with a woman, and it sucks.

10. I had a threesome with two of my good male friends. They were both in me at the same time and I think that is the best sexual feeling. I use toys with my husband for the same sensation.

11. I have the sexual mentality of a man sometimes. Most of the men I fucked it was because they were fuckable in my mind, and I wanted them.

12. I don't like foreplay or oral (on me) sex, I would much rather give oral sex. It makes me feel good when I see the look in his eyes when he is in my mouth. I think I give good oral sex.

13. I have rape and gang-bang sexual fantasies. It's what I use for play material when I fuck myself in the morning.

14. The best lover I ever had was when I was 16 and he was 26. He taught me to not be ashamed of my sexuality and we fucked all the time. I still remember his touch vividly.

15. I have always been comfortable with my sexuality and I am always willing to explore it.

16. I love kissing. I could kiss my first love for hours. I like to suck lips and lick them also.

17. I love fucking brown-skinned men with big dicks. I have no racial preference but black bald men turn me on more than anything.

18. I like sex in water: the rain, shower, hot tub. I cum hard in the water.

19. I have had sex in public parks during the day with people not far from us. I loved the rush.

20. I like to be submissive during sex, I want to be told what to do, and I like it rough. I like being tied up and being in total submission for the other's pleasure.

21. One of the best sexual moments of my life was with my husband. We fought bad one night. then went back to his place and took it out sexually. The next morning his bed was halfway across the room, we had been fucking so hard.

22. I cum in my sleep if I haven't been fucked in a long time.

23. I love the curve or bend in a penis.

24. My favorite position is doggie. I like to have my hair pulled like reins and my ass slapped.

25. This list made me think a lot and wasn't easy for me. When I was taking a break, I fucked myself.