Thursday, February 25, 2010

1. I lost my virginity at age 17 within a week of leaving home and going to university. I was drunk and I really didn’t care about him much. We had tried a few days before when we were sober, but it hurt too much. When it finally happened, I bled a lot and I was quite embarrassed. I wouldn’t change anything about my first time, though.

2. I first gave head about a month before I left for university. I was drunk and I brought a childhood friend home from a party when my parents were gone for the weekend. I found it very empowering, but I wouldn’t let him touch me as I hadn’t shaved and had never had anyone touch me down there before.

3. 2 and I never talked about our experience after that. It was never awkward between us, and it never got brought up. At age 19 while out dancing and drinking, he drunkenly asked if we could re-create it. I declined.

4.The first time I actually really masturbated (on purpose, knowing what I was doing) was in the 8th grade. I was reading Harry Potter fanfiction online. Being a straight girl, I was frightened that the "slash" Harry/Draco gay fanfiction turned me on so much.

5. In high school and for a year of university, I only masturbated to gay Harry Potter fanfiction. I found out that it was written predominately by straight women, and that made me feel better about it.

6. My most intense sexual experience happened at age 18, with a boy I’d been sort-of dating all throughout the summer. I was moving away a couple days after, and this would be the last time we’d see each other for.... maybe forever. It was during the summer 2008 Olympics. I was sick with strep throat, but we had sex anyway. We had sex in my basement while my parents hung out upstairs. I came while Michael Phelps won his last gold medal.

7. #6 is the first/only guy I have ever loved up until this point. I still love him. I’m 20 years old.

8. That same guy and I texted naughty things to each other for an entire year while we lived in separate provinces. Almost exactly one year to the day that I had last seen him, I was finally able to visit him for a weekend. It made me so hot when he told me to "go slow, because it’s been a while." It made me happy that he hadn’t had much sex since being with me.

9. I’m dating someone else right now. We’ve been dating for a month and haven’t had sex. I don’t feel like he’s sexually attracted to me, and I’m probably going to break up with him very soon. Mostly, because I can’t get #6 out of my head.

10. I think about #6 when I masturbate. I think about our "olympic" experience. He has told me in the past that it’s what he thinks about in his private time too.

11. I’m straight, but I watch videos of other girls masturbating when I want to get off. I think it’s because I want to pick up some tricks, and I want to know if I look “normal” when I cum.

12. I used to shave myself bare, but I think it looks unnatural. Now, I keep myself neatly trimmed. I’m a real woman, I shouldn’t have to look like an underage child.

13. I have sent nude pictures of myself to random guys over the internet. I never use my real name or face. It makes me feel good, getting complimented by strangers.

14. In my current relationship, I have engaged other guys in cybersex. I’ve discovered a secret talent for talking dirty. I haven’t told my current partner (mostly because I’m going to break up with him soon) but I also don’t consider it cheating.

15. I’ve been in a threesome, with two guys. I like it best that way, because all of the attention was on me.

16. I love giving head. I’ve been told that I suck cock like I was born to do it.

17. I had a crush on a close male friend all through high school. One night while we were watching a movie, he kissed me. I ended up giving him head, and he told me that I was better than his ex-girlfriend. I soon realized that praise gets me hot. He also gave me some constructive criticism, which I’ve cherished.

18. I went on a few dates with a guy who was 2 years older than me when I was 17. He had been the most sought after guy in school so I was quite flattered. He was extremely cocky and would send me pics of his naked body. I wish I’d kept them, so my friends and I could have had a laugh. At the time, I was too weirded out to tell anyone about them and I deleted them right away.

19. The same guy from #19 wanted to take pictures of us making out and in various states of undress. I refused even though I kind of wanted to. I always wondered what he’d do with them, and if he’d show them to our friends.

20. I’ve never had a true one-night stand. I don’t really do drunken hookups (besides my one experiment with #2). I’ve gotten intimate with 3 guys whilst inebriated, and I’ve ended up dating all of them (including the guy I didn’t care about, who I lost my virginity to and #6, who started off as a random that I met at a party and hooked up with by my friend’s garage). I guess I’m lucky that they’ve all called.

21. I’ve videotaped myself masturbating, but it was very clinical. It was mostly just to examine myself and less about showing it to anyone, or using it for my own pleasure.

22. I live with three guys. I started having sex with one of them for a month-long period. I started developing feelings for him, which I don’t think he reciprocates. I thought my other roommates were clueless about our hookups, but I found out a couple of weeks ago that they’ve known all along. When we first had sex, it was Halloween and I was wearing a pirate costume. It's the closest I've ever come to roleplay.

23. I heard one of my roommates masturbating in the shower and I wish I’d been more awake at the time so I might have fully been able to use it for fantasy fodder. I love the sound/sight of guys masturbating.

24. A guy that I've been friends with for a while, but haven't really seen in a few years, "anonymously" confessed to having a sex dream about me on an application on facebook. Later, he came clean that it was he who'd left the message (which is how I know it was him). It turned me on beyond belief, and now I'll always think of him a little differently. He has said that it's made him think of me differently too.

25. Guys love my tits. They’re the body part that I’m most confident about and I’d never trade them. I love girl-on-top because it makes the most of them, and it gives myself and my partner the best angle for squeezing them.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

1. I lost my virginity to my first boyfriend at fifteen after dating for four months. My dad congratulated me on waiting so long.

2. I received a lap dance from my best friend who was three years older than me and her cousin when I was nine years old. They turned off the lights, sat me down in a bean bag chair, turned on the Backstreet Boys, and started stripping and rubbing themselves against me.

3. I used to lie about the number of people I've slept with to make it a larger number. I now, at nineteen, have reached 8 people and lie to make it smaller.

4. I like to masturbate while driving. It gets me really wet when I know the people in the car next to me can see.

5. I also masturbate while my roommate is sleeping less than six feet away from me on a regular basis. I'm never really sure if she's asleep and I know that's what makes the orgasm so strong.

6. I gave up on guys after sleeping with three of them.

7. Only one person, my current girlfriend, has ever made me orgasm without my help. I'm really good at faking it.

8. I once gave head to a guy in the backseat of his grandmother's car. His mom was driving, his grandmother was in the passenger seat, and his younger sister was right next to me. Nobody noticed.

9. I almost had a threesome with my last boyfriend and a random girl he met off the internet because he thought it would "cure" my gayness and keep me from cheating.

10. I cheated on him.

11. I've cheated on everyone I've ever dated.

12. The first girl I ever loved cheated on me with her coworker last July. We got back together and I cheated on her with both her ex-girlfriend and the girl she cheated on me with.

13. I've had sex in every building on my college campus except the library and the dining hall.

14. I love being bitten. Not just little nibbles; I want hard, teeth-scraping biting that leaves prominent purple bruises for me to marvel at later.

15. I hated having sex in the woods.

16. The best orgasms I've ever had was during phone sex with my first boyfriend. I was able to pretend he was someone else and make myself cum as loudly as I wanted several times in a row.

17. I absolutely hate being quiet unless someone's forcing me to be. I'm a screamer until you put your hand over my mouth and give me something to bite down on.

18. Hearing someone tell me to fuck them gets me wet instantly.

19. From the time I was twelve until recently, I often had cyber sex with older men. No matter how old I really was, I always admitted to being older.

20. I read erotic stories online all the time. I like to read several in a row until my panties are soaked through before masturbating.

21. I need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

22. I have no desire to be with men, but the porn that I like to watch usually involves a girl being fucked really hard by a man with a huge cock.

23. When I was about eight, I remember my younger next door neighbor telling me on her front porch that when she sees someone who's naked or kissing someone on TV, she immediately has to pee. I told her I felt that too and that rubbing yourself "down there" instead of peeing feels really good.

24. It worries me sometimes how easy it is for me to have purely sexual relationships. It makes me wonder if I'm really capable of loving someone.

25. I realized that I am to my current girlfriend what my last girlfriend was to me, but I hope I don't break her heart the way my ex did mine.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

1. The only relationship I ever had lasted two months in middle school. Since then, I haven't gone on a single date.

2. I lost my virginity after a party when I was nineteen. It was painless but far from pleasurable, and he narrated everything as it happened. I didn't find out the guy's last name until several months later, when a mutual friend put two and two together and told me that he was actually in high school. He had also been a virgin. I sometimes pull this out as a funny story at parties, but I skip the part about it being my first time.

3. The second and last time I had sex was three weeks later, with a man I later discovered was ten years my senior. He gave me my most fulfilling orgasm to date. He begged for my phone number and said he couldn't wait to see me again. The next day I looked him up on facebook and discovered he had a girlfriend. He never did call.

4. Starting when I was around eight, my best girlfriend and I played sexual make-believe games. She often wanted to be a pregnant woman whose husband had left her and wanted me to be the doctor who consoled her. These always ended with us scissoring each other (because we thought that was how hetero sex worked) and kissing each other's nipples. This ended when we got to sixth grade and she found boys to kiss, and a few months later we stopped being friends. At seventeen she got pregnant and had a baby girl. Now every day I thank my lucky stars that those sixth grade boys didn't want to kiss me.

5. I discovered masturbation when I was ten or eleven. I had a urinary tract infection and thought I could soothe the pain with water, so I spread my legs under the bath faucet. I continued to do this for years before I figured out what it was.

6. A few years after that, I hid the contents of my mother's underwear drawer in my closet for April Fool's Day. When I picked up her stuff to return to her, I grabbed everything that made sense to me, like panties and stockings, but didn't figure that the personal massager might have come from her drawer so I left it behind with all of my junk. It later became my regular vibrator and I still use it to this day.

7. I am straight, but I love lesbian porn. My dad once walked in on me masturbating with that vibrator to a lesbian porno. We never spoke about it.

8. I am obese and I carry a lot of my excess weight in disproportionately enormous breasts. They are a very frequent topic of conversation among both friends and strangers. They used to be a source of sexual confidence for me, but they have now begun to sag so much that it is obvious when I bear even an inch of cleavage.

9. I occasionally shave my pubic hair because I like the way it feels to be bare. I had a full bush with both of my sexual partners, and both wanted to give me oral.

10. I spent most of high school in love with my best guy friend and frequently fantasized about giving him head, not because I found giving head sexy, but because it seemed more plausible than him actually having sex with me.

11. At a party in high school I drunkenly showed my breasts to a few classmates at their request. After I passed out, I woke up to one of them taking off my bra and playing with my breasts. I pretended I was still asleep because I didn't know what to do.

12. I have never made out with anyone long enough to know whether I really enjoy it, but so far, I don't think I do.

13. I went without masturbation my entire first semester of college. When I got home for winter break, I reveled in my newfound privacy by having an orgasm a day.

14. I have had videochat sex with several strangers. I start with just my bra, then take that off and play with my breasts as I watch the men touch themselves. I then show them my pussy as I get myself off. As soon as I finish, I sign off without warning.

15. I had a flirtatious relationship with a gorgeous guy in my high school who was largely unpopular because he danced ballet. When he told me he had never gotten a blowjob, I joked that I would give him one to "break him in." We made a half-serious plan to do it in the literary magazine office after a final exam when no one would be around. I went there after the test to get my coat and to see if he would show up. He did, but only after another friend saw me inside and came in to complain about the test. He walked a few laps around the hallway and then gave up and left.

16. I have twice joined internet dating sites and then left abruptly when I got scared of all the attention I was receiving. I'm on try 3, and hopefully this time I won't chicken out at the prospect of something good.

17. I desperately want to have sex in the projection booth of my school's cinema while I'm screening a film for an audience.

18. My first kiss was on a bus in Ireland at thirteen. I was playing truth or dare with the kids in my program, and one was dared to kiss me. He made me cover my ears, but I could hear him protest that he didn't want to kiss a fat girl. Another boy called him a pussy and kissed me himself.

19. My first make-out was with a very experienced girlfriend in front of a group of people at fifteen. It was also the first time I got drunk or heard people (the girlfriend included) having sex.

20. A bisexual girl at my camp once proposed that we have sex using a euphemism that I didn't understand. When I asked what she meant, she changed the subject. I truly regret not fooling around with her.

21. Straight girls at my high school always made out with one another at parties or when we were drunk. When I got to college, my new friends all insisted that was strange and gross. I just think they're wrong.

22. Few things have made me as happy as not being the last of my group of friends to have sex. I was second-to-last.

23. I sometimes incorporate phallic objects into my masturbation. When it's something like a hairbrush handle (mine has amazing ridges), I put a grocery bag over it so I don't need to worry about cleaning it thoroughly afterward. I don't think I will ever know or love someone enough to tell them this.

24. I am attracted to men who look like my brothers. People find it strange when I say this, but it makes perfect psychological and biological sense and is very common. Neither of the men I have slept with have been "my type."

25. I'm never surprised or disappointed when boys I hook up with don't say goodbye or try to contact me later. I expect it. I'm hoping that someday, I will become the type of person who feels terrible in those situations, because I think that would be a sign of personal growth and an improved self-image.

Monday, February 22, 2010

1. First off, I'm not confused. I confuse people. I confuse them to no end, and that really grates on some of their nerves. Still doesn't make me confused.

2. I give different answers to "What's your orientation?" depending on who's asking. I tell average laypeople I'm bi, because they probably don't know what a pansexual is. I tell bigots that I'm gay, because it annoys them more. I tell people who know what "pansexual" means that I'm pansexual.

3. I would say that I find more people attractive than average, but develop crushes on fewer than average.

4. Sadly, a high percentage of these crushes are on people I have less than a 0% chance of ever sleeping with, on account of their being fictional characters and all.

5. Doesn't stop me from fantasizing, though...

6. I've had two relationships, unless you count elementary school pairings. In which case, three.

7. I've had people of every major orientation/gender identity mix hit on and/or develop crushes on me. Bi girls, couple straight girls, a couple lesbians... several gay guys, couple bi ones... and even the occasional otherwise straight guy. Great for the ego, I tell you.

8. I find intelligence sexy.

9. I believe that gender is in the brain, sex is between the legs, and that gender overrides sex. I know for a fact that there are many people who disagree with this. These people are welcome to not sleep with me.

10. I dislike giant silicone boobs. They intimidate me. They're like henchmen... they don't say anything. They just sit there, ominously. If they had arms, you can bet the mortgage they'd be crossed intimidatingly.

11. On the flip side, naturally giant boobs are fine. The chances of them spontaneously exploding silicone are much lower, and there's more of a chance that the person attached to them doesn't otherwise look anorexic.

12. I've never had sex with a transperson. I'd like to try, but not in that creepy "The only reason I'm dating you is because you have boobs and a dick" kind of way.

13. Something about social dancing freaks the living Hell out of me. I've even devised a system to avoid dancing at parties. (It's quite simple. You hang onto the same handful of chips for about half an hour, and if people tell you to go dance, you say "Can't, I'm eating", waving the chips around for emphasis.)

14. I'm terrible at realizing when people have crushes on me. I mean, just terrible. I just always assume people are being friendly. Took me two weeks to realize my now-boyfriend was, in fact, hitting on me.

15. I would never have the guts to be a stripper. I'd be the world's most awkward stripper. I imagine I'd end up staring at my feet as I took everything off in a meticulous and orderly fashion, after which I'd gather my clothes and briskly walk offstage. I'd be lucky to make enough money to cover parking.

16. I'm not a huge fan of phone sex. To me, it just sounds like awkward questions about clothing, then some descriptions of masturbation, someone breathing heavily into a phone, and then most likely falling asleep at the other end.

17. Despite reading heavily on the subject (like any other teenager with Google), I've only had what would qualify as "oral sex" with two people, one who could really have showered more often, and one whom I'm dating.

18. I'm not in any way turned on by exhibitionism on my part. Maybe if I had a regular (non-trans) body, it'd be different. But not with this body.

19. I could only get into role-playing scenarios during actual bedtime activities. Permanent inequality (ie, a slave/Master relationship, etc.) holds no appeal for me.

20. I think one of the most important things to remember is that there is a huge difference between love and sex. Not that both aren't nice in their own ways, and hey, if they coincide, awesome. But they're still separate.

21. I wouldn't mind trying sex with a woman at some point. It'd be interesting.

22. I often have trouble deciding whether my approach to sex (as a topic) is more "academic" or "hippy." I often then try to imagine how many other people think this about themselves. I'm guessing a couple thousand, tops.

23. I find the word "coitus" highly unattractive. I mean, way to take a reasonably fun act and give it a moniker best suited to some kind of semi-edible shrimp-based stew. Good job, science.

24. I'm game for a lot of things, but excrement, knife play, gun play, and any type of asphyxiation where there's a chance something could go horribly awry are all out, as is anything involving animals or people incapable of consent.

25. I find porn videos with scared-looking participants a turnoff. It's not that I'm against roleplay, au contraire. It's that scared-looking porn stars just remind me of how many porn stars have been sexually abused, and once you start thinking about that, it pretty much kills it.