Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1. I had my first kiss when I was 19, while dancing with a guy for the first time in a smoky club. I was drunk at the time.

2. I lost my virginity at 21, to my first boyfriend. He didn't realize he was my first, and I didn't volunteer the information. We broke up 6 months ago, after almost three years together, and he's still the only guy I've slept with.

3. Despite my slow beginning, I consider myself quite a sexual person. I wish I was more open to casual sex, so that I could have more actual experiences. I'm not though, and my imagination is doing just fine for now.

4. I own four vibrators. I got my first one as a gag gift for my 21st birthday - it was the best gift I got that year. The motor died in January, but I haven't thrown it out because it makes an excellent dildo.

5. I brought myself the other three for valentines day this year, one's a rabbit, one's perfect for anal, and the other is made for double penetration. That last one makes me blush, and my toes wiggle with anticipation when I think about it.

6. I have a red velvet covered box under my bed with three different types of lube, condoms, nipple clamps, two bullet vibrators, my four vibrators, cock rings, handcuffs, and a length of soft red rope.

7. My biggest regret with my last relationship is that the guy wasn't interested in playing with anything from that box with me. He was a big fan of vanilla sex. I did tie him up and blindfold him once (sort of hoping he'd reciprocate), but I didn't enjoy it because he only agreed reluctantly.

8. I write erotic fiction, and I have done for the past four years. I'm not modest about it at all. Some of my closest friends know, and I've made sure they all know that I'm fantastic at it - even if I won't actually let them read any of my work.

9. If I found the right guy - one who I felt comfortable giving control to - then I would love to have anal sex. I love how different my orgasm is when I have something in my arse.

10. I would also like to try some light bondage, and pain play. Admittedly, I'm pretty sure I only like the thought of this because it would take all the decisions out of my hands, and leave me at the centre of attention.

11. My biggest turn on right now is the thought of a relationship and sex with two men. In my head this equates to having two guys to pamper me (so lots of attention), double penetration, and watching two guys touch each other sexually: Yes please!

12. I watch a lot of porn on the internet - mostly male on male. I don't enjoy straight porn, unless it's close up shots of women being brought to orgasm by men. Straight porn is too fake for my tastes usually, and I like the reality of an orgasm - it's not always pretty, but it's hot.

13. I come from a small rural town. When I was young I was scared I was lesbian, just because I was only ever interested in making friends with other girls, and guys didn't turn me on - especially not the guys who asked me out. That fear was laid to rest when I started meeting men in the city.

14. Attraction for me has as much to do with a guy's personality, as it does with his face and body. Men never believe me when I try telling them that. Sometimes I get the feeling they think it's all about muscle mass or something.

15. Growing up I never felt really comfortable with my body. I always viewed it as too fat, too short, too clumsy, and very inelegant. When I took up Kickboxing, Boxing, and Taekwon Do, I gradually started to become more comfortable within myself, until I finally began to recognize my body as an asset. I'm strong, and powerful, and can be extremely graceful in the right situation.

15. I feel no desire to have or raise babies, and the thought of being pregnant makes me (literally) sick to my stomach. I'm only now becoming comfortable with my body, and to have it change that drastically, while a separate entity grows inside me fills me with panic.

16. Because I REALLY didn't want to get pregnant I went on the pill while in my last relationship. I hated the way it dampened my sex drive, changed my moods, and increased my appetite. I also used condoms almost every single time I had sex, even though they killed the mood, and we'd have to use a lot of lube to stop them from being uncomfortable for me.

17. My ex and I only ever went without a condom once, and it was almost the best sex we ever had - even though neither of us felt comfortable enough at the time for him to come inside me. I almost wish he had come inside me. I am insanely curious as to how that would feel. The next time I'm in a relationship, and on the pill I'm going to have to try it.

18. When I was 19 I was sexually assaulted by my mother's partner. I was so drunk at the time I was barely breathing. I'm scared I enjoyed it.

19. I can't read (and have absolutely no desire to write, or think about) non consensual sex, or sexual situations. I judge people who find rape/ non consensual scenario's hot. I am fully aware that this is because I'm scared I might have enjoyed the assault. It makes me feel guilty, because I don't like knowing that I'm judging someone else's sexuality - I'd hate to have someone think my fantasies were disgusting and perverted.

20. The assault had a more lasting effect on my drinking behavior, than my sexual behavior. I seldom get drunk when I'm not in my own home, or surrounded by women I trust. I tend to like to stay sober anyway, just to make sure no one else is in trouble - I kind of think that if someone had done the same for me that night would have been different. When people ask why I don't drink anymore I tell them that I just can't hack the hangover anymore.

21. I'd like to meet a guy who wouldn't mind me dominating him, and trying anal play on him (although not with a strap on, because they look hilariously stupid). It might be all the gay porn.

22. My flatmate's boyfriend once borrowed my computer and found gay porn on it. I nearly died of shame. Girls aren't supposed to like porn.

23. I really wish my walls were thicker - I could do without knowing what the people I live with sound like when having sex.

24. I'd like to know if they've heard me having sex though, and whether they thought it was hot.

25. I'm taking a Philosophy and Politics paper about Sex and Sexuality at University this semester, just because the way women were treated by men throughout history makes me blindingly angry. When I signed up I was hoping to find a guy who would try to defend the male view during group discussion, so that I could yell at him and call him a pig. Unfortunately the men taking the course are not co-operating. They're more feminist than I am.
1. When I lost my virginity, I bled like I was having my period for three days following. This also happened the second time I had sex. Neither time was I actually having my period.

2. My first lesbian experiences were in seventh grade with my best friend. She would only touch me in public in front of boys she was trying to impress. Girl on girl action made them more likely to want us. I actually had a crush on her.

3. I discovered masturbation by accident. I went to scratch a mosquito bite on my inner thigh and brushed my clit in the process. Amazing.

4. I love oral sex an insane amount. My current partner has the worst gag reflex I’ve ever encountered, and seriously CANNOT go down on me. But I love him so much that I’m willing to give it up.

5. He makes up for it with incredible sex.

6. The strongest orgasms I’ve ever had came from cyber-sex. I didn’t even touch myself, the mental stimulus was just that strong I could feel the orgasms up into my belly.

7. Years after being a camp counselor, I had a one night stand with a former camper. It had a much greater impact on him than it did on me.

8. My current boyfriend has slept with six women – half of whom are models, two are gymnasts/ballerinas, and then there’s me. I’ve danced ballet and practiced gymnastics but not at all recently. I like to think that I’m the first one to break his trend.

9. I’ve met all but one of his past partners, and can happily say that I have no problems with them, nor do I feel threatened by them.

10. The one I haven’t met is a fetish model and former Suicide Girl. For the first few months of our relationship I would stare at her pictures (mostly nudes), scrutinizing and comparing myself against her.

11. It’s easier for me to get off reading erotica than it is for me watching porn.

12. When I do watch porn, I usually keep the volume off. I just hate the fake dialogue and the bodily sounds, moaning and screaming is okay.

13. Homosexual porn is so much hotter than heterosexual porn as far as I’m concerned. Doesn’t matter if it’s m/m or f/f, both are better than m/f.

14. I’m of a small stature, and one of my partners was so afraid of breaking me that he refused to have sex with me. Sometimes his anxiety was so great that he would finger me with his pinky. It got really boring really quickly.

15. I love cyber-sex, but rarely have it.

16. My current relationship started as a very intoxicated hookup which I regretted the next day. So did he. We only started talking so that things wouldn’t be awkward when we hung out with mutual friends.

17. I’ve been fingered in a room full of people twice. Once was a drunken Halloween, the other was during a viewing of The Addams Family movie. Both times I came incredibly hard without anyone except my boyfriend noticing.

18. I have serious fantasies about getting fucked in public or out in nature.

19. When I was young, say about fourteen years old, I was regularly making out and groping in public. It was incredibly sexy.

20. My first random hookup happened in my former preschool/kindergarten at a benefit concert. He’s the one that started my love of rough, public play.

21. If you bite the back of my neck while lying on top of me or taking me from behind I will do whatever you want. In fact, I’ll beg for it.

22. The one thing that I absolutely WILL NOT do under any circumstances is get on my knees to give head. Don’t get me wrong, I love giving blowjobs, but I won’t get on my knees for them. It feels degrading.

23. My best friend once promised her ex-boyfriend a threesome with me for his eighteenth birthday. The thought made him very uncomfortable, but also very hard. If the chance arose, I’d probably still do it. This is not something that my boyfriend would be comfortable with, so thankfully this chance will probably not arise.

24. I’ve had a few f/f/m threesomes, but would love a m/m/f one, if not group sex in greater numbers. Another thing that I think the boyfriend would probably freak out about, even though I know he’s had sex in front of his friends before.

25. If I ever became filthy rich, one of the first things I would do is buy a whole host of high-end sex toys. Pearl restraints, gold/diamond vibrators, platinum handcuffs… I want it all.
1. my first kiss was at 18 with my best friend's ex-boyfriend. i was not sexually attracted to him at all.

2. i feel sorry for my strict catholic mother and wonder if she has ever orgasmed.

3. i wonder about other people's sex lives a lot, and can't stand that talking about sex is such a taboo thing.

4. my sex drive just seems to get higher and higher

5. i love to be "taken": push and corner me against the wall, hold my hands above my head, throw me down on the bed, etc.

6. my vibrator orgasms have gotten pretty sub-par, but i'm still addicted.

7. it took being with a man to make me fully appreciate how well women can instinctively pleasure other women. it also taught me about patience, the art of teaching someone how my body works, and how much fun it can be discovering all the new ways to be pleasured and mutually enjoy the act of making love. most of my sexual experiences prior to him can only be described as "sex" or "fucking", and i think believing the object of sex was to orgasm took away from the experience too often.

8. fantasizing about threesomes turns me on, but i'm not sure if i could actually go through with one, especially if i was in a committed relationship.

9. i've always wanted to have sex outside, but no partner has been fully willing or comfortable with it.

10. i've never actually used handcuffs or feathers or blindfolds, but i've always wanted to.

11. on that note, each partner has complied with my wish to either be spanked, pinched, or bitten.

12. as a kid, i loved the movie "the rocketeer" because a certain scene with jennifer connelly always turned me on, and i felt dirty but would still rewind and replay it whenever i could.

13. when i masturbate, i like to moan and get loud, but don't often have the chance when with a partner.

14. i like to come while on top, getting a hand job, and having my lips sucked and bitten.

15. with my last partner, i came closer to realizing my ass fetish. i would like to have PIV sex while being stimulated anally, and then from there move on to anal sex.

16. i unfortunately have many more "wants" and "would like"s than things i have actually done. this is a source of frustration, and i continue to regret not being open enough with the few partners i have had.

17. the first time i pleasured myself, i was 19. i blurted this fact out quite randomly to my friends as we were high on ecstasy, and i instantly felt weird about it.

18. the aforementioned first time was with a vibrator given to me by my first girlfriend, three months prior to me actually using it. i was scared, and nervous, as i had grown up thinking masturbating was a shameful thing to do. if anything could be called "a religious experience", this was it. when i orgasmed, i cried and cried out of relief and wonder and achievement and pleasure, and then i came again, and again.

19. when i hear stories about people having first kisses or playing with their girlfriends as schoolchildren, i am jealous and feel that i missed out on so much growing up.

20. my mother's idea of a sex talk was "it's special, and sinful to do it before marriage." i consider her lack of openness a terrible disservice to my siblings and i, and know that if i ever have children, i will teach them that masturbating is okay, nudity is not something to be embarrassed about, and i will try to answer any questions they have about their bodies and sex.

21. i am very affectionate when in a relationship. i will hold your hand, rub your head, kiss you everywhere, rub my face against yours, touch your face when we kiss, and i could cuddle forever, just kissing and touching and enjoying the closeness.

22. being woken up in the middle of the night to have dirty, passionate, locked-limbs sex is one of the hottest things i can think of.

23. hot weather makes me super horny.

24. i've only known clitoral orgasms, and i hope this changes soon.

25. i modeled nude for the first time when i was 25, and it was an empowering, confidence-boosting experience. i know that i never could have been able to do it before then and credit my boyfriend at the time for making me making me feel physically attractive and fully comfortable with all of my body for the first time in my life.
1. When I was younger, I felt very sexual but embarrassed by my urges. I remember doing a strip tease for my siblings and cousins and to this day, I feel a little embarrassed when I think back to that moment in my life. I must’ve been 9 or ten.

2. I remember masturbating in my little twin bed when I was in junior high. Most of the time, I was inserting my fingers into my vagina but I distinctly remember my first orgasm that I had while masturbating. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on.

3. I have a cousin who is 2 years older than me. When I was about 9 or 10 I’d sleep over at my aunt and uncle’s house because I was very close to his sister. One night he came into our room and I felt his sweaty hands slide under my jammies. His breath was hot and I could hear it and feel it on my ear. I pretended to be asleep. He slid his hand into my underpants and I felt his fingers touch my vagina. I felt a wetness between my legs. Out of fear and curiosity, I shifted but still pretended to be asleep. I let him touch me and do as he pleased. Then he quietly left. This happened a couple of times and then I think I stopped sleeping over. I never told anyone but later my sister told me she remembered him doing the same things to her. I still see this cousin but we have never talked about it. Throughout most of my life, I felt shame when I saw him. Now I just don't like being around him at all.

4. I lost my virginity when I was 15 1/2. When I lost my virginity, I wanted to dump the guy whom I lost it to. I was disappointed in the experience because it was not fun at all. He snuck into my room late a night and left after it was all over. It was painful and I felt that I had made a mistake.

5. I didn't have much sex after losing my virginity. I fell in love for the first time when I was in 11th grade. He was horrible in bed. I think I faked all of my orgasms. We slept with each other again, years later, and he was still horrible and I still faked it.

6. By the time I was 18, I had many fantasies about girls. I never went out with a girl before and kept those fantasies to myself.

7. When I was 18, I was invited over to a 33-year-old's house. I knew he was attracted to me but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I went over to his house, and we proceeded to make out. I think at the time, I was quite naive. We went into his bed, which must’ve been a king size one. His home felt so grown up to me. He went down on me and I had my first orgasm I had ever had with someone. The lack of control I had over my body scared me. I felt taken advantage of. I felt my innocence was taken away and that the experience was way beyond my emotional maturity. I’d see him at work and he kept coming around and asking me to see him again. I refused and then quit my job.

8. I met a guy in college, although he wasn’t a college student, who was so fantastic in bed. He introduced to me good consistent sex, toys and light bondage. I stayed with him for the sex.

9. After college, I slept with some of my friends who were all very cute. I was quite sexual but I think I had no desire to be emotionally attached to anyone. Looking back on those days, the sex was quite vanilla.

10. I met my husband to be. He was much younger than me. He has a big cock and he was young enough to experiment with. His fantasy was to have a threesome. I had met a young woman who was bisexual. I asked her if she wanted to have a threesome. She said yes and the three of us spent the night together. Nothing happened. She slept between us but we were all to afraid to act on it. So we all spent the nice tossing and turning. Eventually she confessed that she was attracted to me. I had a few interludes with her but eventually my husband to be grew jealous and asked me to stop seeing her. I did. However, I continued to fantasize about sex with a woman. I still wonder whatever happened to her. I secretly snuck off to visit her some time later. She begged me to spend the night but I left.

11. I married the younger man and we had a kid. After having our first child, my desire dropped. I didn’t want him to touch me. He developed a crush on another woman. What was odd was that my desire for him returned. The thought of him sleeping with a woman turned me on. Other than that, I had no desire to have sex with him. We divorced amicably.

12. I discovered online sex. I was lonely but horny. I was in my forties and I found that my sexuality was returning with a vengeance. I wrote erotic stories and began posting them on the internet. Men wrote me their stories and I grew hornier. I masturbated a lot during this time but still remained single. Eventually, I met a couple and had my first threesome. It was wild to meet two people, and then find myself in bed with them. I figure it was noncommittal sex.

13. I began an erotic exchange with a man 12 years older than me. He wrote me the most beautiful words. He added to my stories. He wanted to meet me. It was a cold rainy day and we met at a cafe. He was older than I thought he’d be and he looked nervous. I swore to myself I wouldn’t invite him home. Well, I did. We kissed madly and then built a fire. We laid down on the floor and I asked him if he minded if I took my pants off. I have been with him ever since.

14. I have had threesomes with my current lover but so far they have been much more fun to fantasize about than the reality of it. I am addicted to having sex with my lover. He is attentive, giving, wild and gentle. He is willing to experiment with me.

15. I am a bit of an exhibitionist. I have had sex in front of people at clubs. I also enjoy not wearing underwear under my skirts. It turns my lover on.

16. I have gotten off watching my lover with another woman.

17. I like talking dirty. I like when someone talks dirty during sex, not demeaning, but dirty. I love hearing my lover's fantasies while we are having sex.

18.Since turning 40, I have had the best sex.

19. When I cum, I often laugh and on occasion I have cried.

20. If I don’t trust my lover, it is a total turn off and yet, if I fantasize about them having sex with someone else, it turns me on. I don't get it.

21. Loyalty in regards to sex is important to me.

22. I don’t like watching porn that involves men.

23. If the sex is good, I am willing to overlook the bad in a relationship.

24. The sight of manly hands on my erogenous zones turns me on.

25. Intelligence, laughter, and humility are turn ons.
1. My favorite thing about having sex with my wife is knowing that she's turned on and wet. I love looking at her pussy and seeing the swollen lips, and the white lubricant peeking out. I love to run my fingers down over her clit and into her opening, pulling the wetness back up and over. This alone can make me audibly moan.

2. I love sniffing my wife's panties. I've been doing this for years and know all the variants on her smell. When I masturbate, I can get off almost immediately from her scent alone. I have stashed a pair or two away for when she's out of town.

3. When I masturbate, I sometimes rub my balls. Other times I'll lube up my finger and move it in and out of my anus. Almost always, I need to do something with my left hand (the non-active hand) either by pulling on my boxers, rubbing my balls, or rubbing my thighs.

4. I have a really, really big thing for white nylons and/or tights. I've thought about this a lot and wonder where this particular kink comes from, as it's been with me for as long as I can remember. My wife, unfortunately, does not wear tights or nylons.

5. I have only cheated on a partner once -- my long terms college girlfriend. I met someone online that I had much in common with and I traveled to NYC to meet her. She traveled to my city, we met and made out. I got her off several times, and she gave me a hand job. I traveled to NYC to visit her, and I made a point of trying everything I hadn't with my girlfriend. This woman was multi orgasmic, and has what she called popcorn orgasms which she described as little pops. She was the first woman I made sob after orgasm. I fingered her ass while vigorously rubbing her g-spot. She came with a scream, and started to laugh which turned into sobs. It really freaked me out, despite he saying that it was OK. And as an aside, we broke the tension when she smelled herself on my fingers, laughing about how they smelled like ass.

6. I'm also a big fan of women's underwear. Not so much that I wear (although when I was much younger I have). I love panty lines. I love the glimpse of panties above the wasteband of pants. I love seeing a laundry basket full of panties (clean or dirty) waiting to be washed or folded. I think they are very telling about what a woman thinks of herself, and if I were a woman, I would have a wide variety and wear them as my secret. The reason I love them so much, is because while I love looking at a woman's ass or pussy, there is so much sexyness when it's covered up. It's what I don't see that sometimes can push me over the edge. I don't think I'm alone in this... there is a huge business selling nice little pieces of fabric. After my children came, my wfe started buying Hanes Her Way underwear -- which is so incredibly similar to men's tighty-whiteys that they are a huge turn off to me.

7. One of the hottest sexual experiences I have had recently was with my wife. We were in bed, and we were kissing caressing and other stuff, I reached down and started to pull her pants and panties down. She reached down, and kept her panties up while helping me off with her pants. She pulled my pants down, and laid on her back, pulled me up, pressed my cock against her clit (over the top of her underwear). She stated rocking her hips, getting me in the right position, and pushed her breasts together, pushing her nipples in my mouth. Just my cock sliding against her panties, her panting and grinding against me. We kept this up for a few minutes, and I looked up into her eyes and they were rolled back in her head. She came shortly after, and without much of a pause, reached down and pushed her panties up her thighs just far enough that I could push myself inside of her, her knees up against my chest and I fucked her deeply until I came. Those panties were mightily wet, and I saved them for another time.

8. We've owned a few sex toys in our house. We had a few jelly ass plugs and a dildo. Both have been thrown away for safety's sake (look it up, they're nasty). They were never used on inside of my wife, and were only up my ass. We now have a cock ring. I like the way it feels, and it makes me super hard. The one time we tried it, we waited too long, and my wife lost interest in it. I need to bring it back into our life.

9. I like it when my wife sticks her fingers up my ass. She says when she kisses me hard, my cock in her, and her finger up my ass she feels like an Ouroboros -- a snake eating its own tail. It makes me cum hard if she does it right.

10. I like anal sex. One of the first times I had sex with my wife (then girlfriend) we were in the shower and she lubed up her ass (with soap, I think) and let me slide up and down in her ass crack. She bent over and pushed my head in and gasped. She pushed back harder, me letting her control. She started to move back and forth and told me I could cum if I wanted. I wanted. I came hard, we finished showering, and we went back to her bed where I gave her head and fucked her (pussy this time) again. We've only done this again a few times. She often has me spoon her from behind and rubs her ass against my cock, but she shows discomfort at me taking it further (her body language -- it's not like I'm jabbing her unwillingly). I've used my fingers in her ass a few times, and i love when she comes how her anus pulses gently as it squeezes my finger.

11. I mostly masturbate in the shower now, it's one of the few places I get privacy. I tried using soap or shampoo a few times, but it left me sore from the inside. I now have a wonderful shaving cream that I use that I can almost always get myself off with.

12. I once had a conversation with my wife where she asked me if I masturbated. I said yes, and I asked her. She said yes. I've still never seen her do it. And she's never seen me do it.

13. My biggest fantasy today is to tell my wife to go into our room and get herself wet. And to call to me when she is.

14. I prefer my wife trimmed. She's never shaved and I'm not interested in having her do so. Lately, she's let her pubes go wild, and I find that much like the Hanes Her way underwear, I find it a turnoff. Not enough that while in the mood I won't lick, finger or fuck her. I just wish she'd trim it down a bit.

15. There are many things I'd love to try with my wife, though I'm often to shy to bring them up even when she asks me.

16. I've read and continue to read wife sharing stories. I think it's the pang of jealousy they invoke with me that turns me on so much. I've never once fantasized about sharing my wife, though. The thought makes me sick to my stomach.

17. After a long period of no sex in my marriage, I found myself almost shocked to find out that my wife was a sexual being -- that she masturbated, and that she thought about sex. It was an awakening for me. I wonder what else I don't know about her?

18. My first time having sex was with a girl I met when I was 18. She was a punk rocker, and she was a great sexual partner. We were totally mismatched personality-wise which eventually ruined the sex. I thank her for teaching me what she taught me, though.

19. I get a really deep flush and shallow breathing whenever I find myself close to people having sex. Most recently I was in the backyard and my early-twenties neighbor was fucking his girlfriend. She made the sweetest coos and moans. I could hear the thrusts in her voice. I find it difficult to stop listening, and I also find it difficult to swallow. Also, it makes my ears ring. And I like it.

20. If I do look at porn, it's amateur porn. I'm not that into staged porn. I like wetness, hair, natural looking. I'm not against a little cellulite, a bruise, whatever. I especially like it if if there are internal cum shots.

21. Since my wife got an IUD I've enjoyed sex much more. I love cumming inside of her. One big turn on recently was after she has orgasmed she said she could feel my warm pulses of my cum inside of her.

22. Given the choice between cumming via blow job or fucking, I'll take fucking any day.

23. I love going down on my wife. I love licking, lapping and tasting her. I love pushing my fingers in and running the top wall of her insides, slowly, with my index finger. Watching her gasp. I love how wet she gets, I love show she'll kiss me when I am done.

24. I never use lube (other than in the shower) when masturbating.

25. I check my wife out each and every day. I try to time walking past the bedroom when she's getting dressed, I study her ass and try to guess if she's wearing nice underwear, I love looking at her cleavage. I love getting turned on by her and having her near me.
1. I lost my virginity when I was 16. Past the initial penetration, it didn’t hurt at all, and even then that was minor. We had sex twice more without much time in between. It’s like once I let loose, I wanted to try several more methods. I thought it was an enjoyable experience despite having been talked out of needing love as a prerequisite to sex.

2. Although I’ve been able to give myself orgasms since I was 9, it took me at least 6 months before I was able to reach it with him. We called it my Berlin Wall. I’d get really close, and hypersensitive, but I couldn’t peak any further. Strangely, we had the most sex before I could come. It just seemed more effortless when there was no expectation of having to orgasm. I still enjoy just pleasing him every now and then.

3. I have sexual phases. Sometimes I feel the incredible need to be dominated, but when that gets satiated I’ll desire a romantic pace. It goes back and forth. I guess it keeps things interesting. I generally always lean towards intensity and having things demanded of me. I think I’d enjoy tying someone up and having my way with them but I’ve yet to find someone willing. It’s not that I want to dominate, I just want the full leisure of pleasing and teasing.

4. I don’t try to define my sexuality. I simply like certain people. They must be beautiful, they must be intelligent. I’ve only been infatuated with two women. I fooled around with one in a foursome, and actually made her come with my mouth and fingers…I found that extremely satisfying. I myself couldn’t reach a level of mindlessness to orgasm but I think it was because there were just too many people. I still regret not reaching out and touching her like I wanted to in the shower. I was quite upset when I heard that she and my guy friend broke up, if mainly because I wanted another shot at her. She still keeps in touch with me. Loyalty keeps my mouth shut.

5. I like to masturbate at a slow pace. The longer I can keep myself from orgasm, the better. I almost always watch porn, I like the visual stimulation, the heightened tease. I always prefer to watch scenes with multiple straight men and a single woman. I just like to see every avenue being filled. I often get orally fixated when I’m turned on, so I love to see someone thrusting in her mouth while she’s being fucked. I don’t know if I’d personally ever be interested, but it’s fun to watch.

6. I think my oral fixation lends to my interest in ball gags. Though I’ve never used them. I don’t know why, but I’m much shyer about discussing my less than vanilla interests with my boyfriend than anyone else. Strange because I think he’d be willing to try anything.

7. I wish I had less of a gag reflex. One of the biggest reasons I like smoking or drinking (rarely) before sex is because it lets me relax my larynx. Still, I love the feeling of a cock sliding down my throat. I much prefer having a man come in my throat, because while the idea of him exploding in my mouth is a turn on, in reality I’m not fond of the taste of cum. I always try to time it with my own orgasm. I don’t spit, I find it distasteful and ungracious. When I have sexual dreams, giving oral sex is always involved. I just love the taste and texture of skin.

8. Again with the oral fixation, but I love it when a guy puts his fingers in my mouth when I’m really into it from time to time. I never ask for it, because I’d feel silly, but I do enjoy it when it happens.

9. I find it interesting what I tolerate pre-orgasm versus post. I’m pain tolerant, but also love cum. Soon as I’m done pain tolerance flies out the window and I find cooled cum incredibly gross. I don’t like having my orgasm much before him because the sex just becomes increasingly painful.

10. I love being gripped during sex. Whether it be my hips, my shoulders, my neck, I just like the intensity of it. Although I come the fastest doggy style, I love feeling a man chest pressed against me. I think the only other feeling I like more is after a massage if he caresses my back with his dick, I find it to be an extremely pleasurable tease.

11. I very rarely have vaginal orgasms but man is reaching that height of pleasure hot.

12. My first sexual thoughts came when I was 8 or 9. I was home a lot while my mother slept (night shift) with no television supervision, and I came across the strangest movie. I believe it was soft core, but it was about a female prison where all the inmates were kept naked, and the head was a woman who liked to be whipped by her assistant and to generally abuse the inmates. I spent several weeks trying to catch movies with any sexuality in them. My pillow became my best friend, then my Little Foot (Land Before Time) plush toy. I still have him. Whenever I masturbate without porn I still love to be face down best. I felt a slight guilt about masturbating during my middle school years, but I don’t know where it came from. I wasn’t raised with religion, and my parents never told me sex or masturbation were wrong. I think I may have just felt bad about defiling poor Little Foot.

13. I’d love to be penetrated while still half asleep. My randiest dreams are often in the morning, having actual orgasms are not uncommon. Still, in my drowsy mind, I’m extremely wanton, but my motivation seems to dissipate once actually awake. I wish he knew what I was thinking before I lost it to consciousness.

14. I’m pretty indifferent about receiving oral. It’s enjoyable, I just never want to come that way. It always feels like a waste – I’d much rather come with a man inside of me.

15. I had a really strange fear that my mother was sexually interested me in my early teens. She did absolutely nothing to deserve this. I just had trouble with buttons when I stopped wearing the snap button type jeans so she’d sometimes help me. The touch below my navel would make me feel weird and I think I projected my feelings of embarrassment onto her. I’ve only ever discussed this with one person, but I never explained why.

16. I didn’t realize I was attractive until I was 16. Playing a rigged game of strip poker is still probably one of the best decisions for my ego that I’ve ever made. I feel sexier at times more than others, but I generally like my body. I know I can be beautiful when I want to, I just don’t generally feel that way.

17. I’ve only had sex with three people. My ex was mediocre. When he let loose it was great, he was definitely the most well endowed, but he was so sensitive to positioning I couldn’t get the force I wanted. I’ve never been so frustrated. It’s like being presented with a delicious buffet and only allowed a bite.

18. For actual sex, I think the best lube other than natural is spit. I only like using manufactured lube for hand jobs or using my breasts. Or I guess anal. I’ve only tried it a couple times, mainly as a finish treat, but I just find it too painful and I don’t have the patience for acclimatization.

19. I used to be much more spontaneous when it came to threat of exhibitionism. Being eaten out while standing in the car with the top off? No issue. Pulling over in random cul de sacs for sex? Sure. Sex out on the hood? Why not. Fondling in aisle number7? Definitely. Fingered in the library with other people sitting at our table? Indeed. I feel uninspired.

20. I’m open to trying new things – I’m just not good at bringing them up first. I’d really like to play with rope and restraint. When I was in high school, I used to take some of the random braided belts I had and tie them around my upper thighs. I just loved the tight, lightly abrasive feeling of constriction.

21. I don’t think I’d want an FFM threesome with any girl I knew. I’m really just more afraid of becoming infatuated with her than anything else. That and I don’t know how I’d handle seeing my boyfriend penetrate someone else. Really I’d just love someone extra to use their mouth on my breasts and fondle my clit.

22. I actually enjoy licking and sucking on a man’s balls while I’m working on him with my hands. He just has to be fresh out of a shower, and there can’t be a hairy mess to contend with. I wish guys had more erogenous zones. I really like kissing, and nibbling but I don’t do it if I know it does nothing for him. I think it’s why I find women so appealing, there’s more to work with. And nothing is hotter than knowing I’m giving pleasure.

23. I like watching BDSM, but not electricity, watersports, clothing clips, general pain nonsense. That does nothing for me. I just like seeing the total lack of control.

24. I don’t mind hearing people having sex. It generally turns me on, and I’ll always try to listen in.

25. I spend most of my days recently fantasizing about a man who is not my boyfriend. Other than his mind, his body is absolutely delectable. I get incredibly wet at even the slightly suggestive things he says. I haven’t felt such an intense longing in a good while. I don’t think I could resist him if I tried.

1. I remember being about 10 or 11, and walking around the house in the middle of the night with an erection. That of course was before I worked out what it was all about.

2. I masturbated often when I was young.

3. I learned about pleasuring a guy first - the joys of an all boys school. I still regret never going down on a guy.

4. My first experience with a girl was feeling my friend's girlfriend's breast when we all crashed after a drunken party, age 18. I felt so guilty about it afterwards.

5. She wanted to save herself, so I perfected the art of attending to her needs orally and with my fingers. It was frustrating at the time, but the lessons have been appreciated since.

6. I lost my virginity aged 19. The first time I was so nervous I came before I entered her. Luckily I stayed over, and we consummated the deed the next morning.

7. My first wife was relatively unadventurous. She didn't like anal or giving oral, and only needed sex a couple of times a week.

8. When I was 23 I slept over at my sister's place, and one of her friends was there, and I fingered her to orgasm on the couch with my sister sleeping across the room.

9. I fantasise often about having sex with people I know, imagining what it would be like to have no inhibitions.

10. My first wife talked me into swinging. One one level I loved it; on another I found it hard to perform.

11. I discovered pornography early - my uncle had a Penthouse lying around and I started reading it. I didn't quite understand what was happening to me when I got hard.

12. I found my father's stash of magazines in his closet - I used to steal in there, take a magazine and pore over it for weeks, then return it and get another.

13. I love erotic stories rather than pictures. Even now I prefer to masturbate to stories rather than pictures or movies.

14. I am an exhibitionist and a voyeur. I have performed in front of a web-cam and using chat, and love the idea of being watched. I used to masturbate in front of a mirror, so I could see the images. Even now I leave the curtains open and the lights on.

15. My current wife loves sex - we make love almost every night. I love the fact that she always has multiple orgasms (up to a dozen in one session) - it makes me feel successful /talented.

16. I get so excited by having my nipples teased and by kissing.

17. My wife can have an orgasm just by me kissing her and playing with her breasts.

18. I love giving oral - the sensation of being down there, licking, teasing, biting, tasting is very fufilling.

19. I used to be worried /unsure about the fact that I wasn't circumcised. Almost all the boys my age were, and I felt different. Then when I got older I felt like I couldn't last as long as I wanted to, because I was much more sensitive. Now I'm OK with it - it's much more prevalent, and I can manage my performance better.

20. I had wild sex in the back of a van in a parking garage on the 4th of July - traffic was backed up, we'd had a couple of drinks and the van windows were tinted. I was a little tense though, as I hadn't been in the States long and I had this idea I'd get deported if we were caught.

21. I was once propositioned twice in one night. I was 39, they were in their twenties or thirties, and I turned them both down. I was separated but seeing someone else, and even though I wanted to so bad I felt like I couldn't.

22. I married the girl I lost my virginity to. I wish I'd had more partners, either when I was young or before I got married the second time. It would have been good to sow some oats. Even in today's society there is positive stigma from a reasonable number of sexual partners.

23. There was a "tart-test" that went around work a while back - get points for your sexual activities. I think I made it to 78%, second highest that I heard of. I enjoyed it when people did a double-take when they heard my score.

24. I would love to have sex on an airplane, or bus, or train.

25. I was online for a while at a "rate-my-.." site. It was exhilarating to know you were there, in full view, and that other people were getting excited by it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

1. I’m one of those cliché women whose brain is my most active sex organ. I prefer erotic stories (as long as they are well written) to erotic pictures or porn.

2. I started masturbating at a young age — maybe 3rd or 4th grade? I had this one stuffed duck I got in an Easter basket I would slip into my panties and grind against on my bed until I reached orgasm.

3. In 5th or 6th grade I had girlfriends in the neighborhood I would roleplay with. We’d be a married couple and finger each other to orgasm. I didn’t even know what I was doing but I knew I shouldn’t tell my mom.

4. I lost my virginity in high school to the friend of a guy I was dating on New Year’s Eve when we were both drunk. Another cliché.

5. I have a vague recollection of being raped in the parking lot of a bar in college but I was too drunk to really know what was going on. (See a pattern?) It’s something I avoid thinking about and have never spoken about.

6. Despite this dubious start to my sex life, I LOVE sex. I think I’ve gotten lucky by having dated really good lovers along the way.

7. I still love to masturbate, although I’ve never gotten into using a vibrator. I still mainly jack off (some might suggest “jill off”) like I did as a kid just against my fingers instead of a stuffed animal.

8. I have a pretty high sex drive. My husband does not. We have sex about once every three months. On days that I’m really horny, I masturbate three or four times a day. I still wish I was having more sex.

9. I’d rather give head than receive it. I suppose it’s ultimately a control thing, but I have trouble coming when a guy is going down on me. They’re never aggressive enough and I’m too polite to grind against their face.

10. I’ve never been particularly attracted to women, nor have I ever “done” a threesome. But if I did and it was FMF, she better have big boobs. If I did and it was MFM, I’d like to think I could hold my own.

11. The consistently best sex I’ve ever had in a relationship was with a guy who didn’t like me to go down on him. It bugged me. After we broke up, I gave some rebound-sex partners some very eager blow jobs.

12. The relationship I had after the consistently-best-sex relationship was with my husband. I was somewhat relieved that there was more to our relationship than sex.

13. I have convinced myself that I deserve good and consistent sex enough to get a free pass to cheat on my husband, with varying results.

14. I have only cheated on my husband with one person where the sex was good enough to make it worth the trouble.

15. It was with him, the sexy illicit lover, that I did any serious experimentation with anal sex. It wasn’t the mind-blowing orgasm I’ve read about, but it was fun.

16. The most uncomfortable sex I’ve had was on a beach in Florida. The next day I had bites all up and down the backs of my legs from some kind of sand flea.

17. I’ve had several partners tell me I was the best sex they’ve ever had and I can’t imagine why. Either (a) it’s just a line or (b) being an eager participant counts for a lot.

18. I’ve always hated my boobs, but breastfeeding my son was an empowering and strangely sexual experience for me. I’m definitely sexier as a mama.

19. My sexual fantasies are usually very involved with an elaborate plotline leading up to the actual act. I often fantasize that I’m a widow, which on the one hand makes the fantasy less guilt inducing, but on the other hand is pretty fucked up.

20. A good deal of the men I’ve met through Craigslist in my pursuit of an extracurricular partner are looking for something edgy that they’re not getting at home. To be dominated, to dominate, to have a threesome. I, on the other hand, just want to get laid.

21. When I was younger I definitely had quasi-rape fantasies. Nothing terribly violent but the idea of being tied up and taken advantage of was pretty appealing. Since then, I’ve done the tie-me-up thing playfully with a few partners. But to me it seems like something you do when you run out of other ideas. For example, maybe if I was having consistent great sex at home, some Saturday night when we had nothing else going on we’d play rapist and I’d get some rough sex. Until then, though, I just want to get laid.

22. I’m pretty sure I will have another affair. If my husband found out I know he’d be hurt, but I also think on some level he’d understand. He knows about our sex-drive mis-match. But I figure eventually, not having sex won’t matter so much to me and I’ll relax and enjoy all the other things I really do love about my husband. I just want to get laid.

23. I don’t think I’ve ever been watched while having sex, but the idea is a bit of a turn-on. I was making out with a guy in high school and while he was licking my nipples I looked up to see his friend watching. I held his gaze for a while. It was hot.

24. I’m a sometime bush shaver and a frequent trimmer, but it’s more about a personal aesthetic than pleasing a partner. I did a full wax before my honeymoon as a treat for my husband and it hurt like hell. Still, I might do one again sometime because the re-growth is so much softer and less sandpapery than from shaving.

25. I am always horniest in the spring.
1. I'm a 28 year old guy who wishes he was a virgin. I lost my sexual virginity to a prostitute when I was 20, and the first time I penetrated a girl I think I was 21 or 22. I have been with four girls on four occasions and I have paid for the pleasure of their company every time. I haven't told this to a living soul. I'm afraid my friends would think I'm as disgusting as I think of myself.

2. I love going down on women, but I want to get more experienced in that area and learn the magic "tricks". If I could get a woman off like that, I wouldn't need her to return the favour on me. Just knowing that I made her cum like that would be enough.

3. I masturbate a lot. Now, almost every day. Sometimes I can go on for hours, and I don't go for the orgasm every time. I just like feeling the "rush" in my body. I have realized that this is probably because I want to reduce my anxiety feelings. I have been depressed for many years now, and I want to get help for my problems and straighten my life out. Become "normal" like everyone else.

4. My biggest turn on is lesbians. I watch a lot of porn, but never anything boy/girl because it doesn't turn me on at all. I just can't do what other guys do, imagining me being "the guy with the dick". I rather watch softcore porn, Girls Gone Wild videos and girls kissing on Youtube than any standard mainstream porn. Hardcore porn feels too vulgar and not sexy at all. Watching a girl just kiss another girl is so amazing.

5. I have never really kissed a girl myself. Or a guy for that matter. Just a few pecks with one of the girls I was with. I have always dreamed of making out with a girl, and I constantly wonder what my first time will be like, if there will ever be one? I am worried that I will suck big time, because I have no experience.

6. I sometimes fantasize about light BDSM... about being with a girl that liked to be spanked (a little bit) and tied up with handcuffs or a scarf. I also fantasize about being the one who is tied up. I don't know what I would enjoy more. But I know it would have to be done in a playful way.

7. When I chat online I always pretend I'm a girl in her early twenties. I often chat with other girls (and I'm fully aware that some of them might be guys just like me). I have also chatted with a few guys like that. I don't think I am bisexual, but I have no problem with online roleplay with a guy as long as I can pretend I'm a girl. Weird really. I also have no wish what so ever to be a girl in real life.

8. Anal play is a turn on for me, but only as a fantasy I think. One of the girls I was with suggested that I should put my dick in her butt, but (no pun intended)... I really didn't want to do it when I actually had the chance. Maybe it was because it looked like she really didn't want to do it either.

9. I had exhibitionist fantasies when I was younger, but they are pretty much gone now. The first time I had an orgasm I was 12 or 13 years old. In the middle of the night I was lying on the street outside our house and caressing myself. I remember the warm feeling of the wind on my body. I did that a few times, but stopped when a neighbour almost spotted me. I ran and hid in a tool shed outside our house. I have never done anything like that again since.

10. I love eating food while jerking off. For some strange reason.

11. I haven't had sex in... 5 or 6 years. The last time I was with a girl I got an erection when I ate her out, but couldn't get it up when she wanted to give me a blow job. I wasn't really attracted to her at all, I think.

12. If I could be a woman for a day I would first of all find a girl to have sex with me. Then maybe I would try a threesome with a girl and another guy, just to see what it would be like to be with both. And as a girl, what it's like to be fucked.

13. I rarely talk to my friends about sex. Mostly because I don't want them to know about me only being with prostitutes, but also because I feel like I'm "weird" and different in some way. I'm probably wrong.

14. I never ever want to have sex with a prostitute again. Me giving in to that temptation four times, it has haunted me every single day since the first time I did it. I regret it so much, but for some reason I can't let myself move on and leave that part of me behind.

15. I hate my own thin skew body. I work out but it doesn't seem to do much good. I like my smile though, but I don't think I have that great teeth unfortunately. I could die a happy man if I met someone who made me feel attractive and wanted. But I'm afraid I would get so moved and thankful that I would even start to cry!

16. I have no issues with my penis. Thank God! I think I have a pretty common size and I have never wished it was bigger than it is. It's shaped as a crooked banana though, and I'm a little bit worried if the missionary position could be a problem. I have never done it missionary style.

17. One of my biggest fantasies is to watch two attractive women make love in real life. Even better if none of them are gay or bisexual.

18. I'm addicted to porn. I constantly search the net for new porn, and when I get it I seldom watch the whole thing. I just add it to my collection. I once deleted everything I had because I felt so guilty, but shortly afterwards I started building it up again. I have realized I could never quit "just like that", I'd probably have to do in steps.

19. I hate when friends reveal too much about their sexual activities, it's like "couldn't you just have kept that for yourself..." I don't like to picture any of my friends naked or being aroused.

20. I love sexy underwear on a woman. Really feminine stuff. Pantyhose, garter belts, corsets, tiny thongs, matching sets of underwear, push up bras and that kind off stuff.

21. I'm a terrible flirter. I can't read signs from girls at all, probably because of my current total lack of self confidence. And if I flirt back it's not intentional, I'm just being nice.

22. I once shaved my scrotum, but it didn't make me feel anything else but silly actually. I haven't done it since. I actually like having hair on my balls, but I don't know what girls today think about it. It seems like everyone is shaving these days.

23. I know I have double standards (see 22) but I think the sight of a shaved or trimmed pubic area on a girl is much more a turn on than an unshaved one. But I wouldn't mind being with a "full-bush" girl either. As long as she doesn't have hairy legs. Yuck.

24. Shaving my head actually gives me sort of a tingly feeling in my crotch, like there are areas that are connected through the nervous system or something. Weird.

25. My weirdest sex dream ever was when I dreamt that I was going down on my little brother. And he had a pussy. That really creeped me out. Fortunately I didn't wake up with an erection.
1. I lost my virginity about an hour or so after I kissed a girl for the first time.

2. I came of age, sexually, during the age of AIDS. It always seemed that people a little older than myself had had wonderful, last hurrah unworried sex with anyone they wanted. In the age of the internet, it seems people younger than myself have lots of carefree, guilt-free sex with whomever they want. But there was a kind of dampening effect for kids of my age caused by the close proximity of sex and death everywhere we looked. I'm glad that is over.

3. I haven't had sex with very many women and it does not bother me. I have had all sorts of challenging and comforting and mind expanding and dangerous dark experiences with my little number of five women. I used to spend a lot of time wishing, for no real reason, I had had sex with dozens of women. But I don't care anymore about numbers. I have a maddeningly clear memory, and would rather have gleaned much from few experiences than little from a lot of encounters.

4. I am often quiet in person but I love to flirt and write dirty emails. Sometimes, I start little craigslist affairs and realize I hope they don't have to be consumated before I run out of enjoyment with the flirtation.

5. The second woman I slept with intimidated me on many levels. One of which was the great number of men she had fucked. Yet, she had never had an orgasm and it became a kind of mission for me to give her her first. I thought that she purposefully did not want to give up that power, that she derived a control over being much more wanted and much more skilled at fucking than any man who wanted her. I remember the intense red of her cheeks and the wild look on her face as she came for the first time. It made her vulnerable to me and though our relationship was completely incendiary in every way, we are friends eighteen years later.

6. The last woman I had sex with would literally drool at the idea of giving head. She recalled with anger a guy she had once dated who did not like to receive blowjobs. She gave amazing head, went at it like she was starving, and sucked every last morsel of cum down greedily. By the third time we had fucked, I felt almost guilty if I did not cum in her mouth. On the other hand, she was usually smiling warmly as I lost myself deeply in her butt or nearly shouting with pleasure and orgasm if I came in her cunt.

7. I think I am the only person who claims anti-depressants improved my sex life. Before I had to take them, the great endless whir of lips and butts and tits that ran through my head controlled me, sent me off to the bathroom to masturbate all the time. Now, though I think of sex less, I enjoy it much more. When I first started fucking the woman mentioned above, it was such a pleasure to be able to last as long as I wanted, to not be nervous about my own performance.

8. I can imagine having sex with men in only an abstract way. It's like a movie which is very interesting if the camera is only focused tightly on a couple of penises and butts, but becomes horrifying when zoomed out to catch a real face in the picture. This doesn't really much matter to me, though I would like to have know what it feels like to give someone a blow job.

9. I would like to be fucked by a woman wearing a strap-on, but the idea of procuring the whole get up is too funny and cumbersome to imagine really getting around to. Besides, that stuff is expensive.

10. I had a threesome once. It was a bad experience and I prefer to imagine it never happened. I hope to erase the memory someday with a better one.

11. An old friend, who was briefly a lover, recently got in touch with me. It was one of those affairs that had to happen, given how close and affectionate we were, but ultimately killed our friendship. We had not spoken in about 16 years but I was glad to hear from her. She told me that prior to us becoming lovers, my best friend had date raped her. He had taken her hiking and forced himself on her. It explained some oblique comments on both their parts when we were together. I felt both violated and somehow complicit in having created a safe environment for her—the three of us had taken many similar hikes to that which he used to lure her— that my friend used toward horrible ends.

12. The first time I masturbated, I wondered if there really was a devil if I could feel that great. My parents were not religious, I was not religious, I have no idea why I felt guilty or scared.

13. The first time I had butt sex, it was kind of an accident. No I really don't remember clearly how I mistook one hole for the other—I think we had been fucking for a long time already and everything was very moist and I was exhausted—when I realized what I was doing I stopped. “It's okay,” she said, “keep going.”

14. Despite such an embarrasing start, I have always found the off-kilter, trust-neccesary aspect of butt sex mind-blowing. I have it every chance I get, partner willing.

15. The first butt partner, mentioned above, was fairly willing but I am ashamed to admit that I often pushed her past her boundaries, used the dominating aspect of it for darker motives of control and revenge.

16. I live in a rural community whose women are mostly really young, really old, really married, or really crazy. I would not even know where to begin to try and get laid, semi-ethically, here. It drives me crazy.

17. Before my marriage fell apart, I happily cheated on my wife. I say happily because it put a smile on my face when I really needed one and allowed me to not endlessly resent her disinterest in sex. Some of the last best days of our relationship were after I spent the mornings getting well and truly laid by another woman.

18. I would usually rather have really good sex than really unusual sex. One time, though, I met my ex at the airport after we arrived on separate flights. She was wearing a little skirt that drove me bananas. On our flight together, I put a blanket over her lap and started to rub her labia through her panties. She was generally pretty shy about being caught having sex, and when she got up rather abruptly and went to the bathroom I thought, oh well. When she came back she put my hand back in her lap and the panties were gone. She was sopping wet, and I took as long as she could stand to rub her to orgasm. She came with a delicious little moan.

19. I lived for a time in a semi-communal, college owned cabin in the woods. One morning my girlfriend and I awoke to the sounds of two people giggling on the other side of a thin partition. We peeked through the partition and watched another couple saying all sorts of stupid things to one another while she slowly rode on top of him. “Look how perfectly my tits fit in your hands,” she said. Shit. We tried not to laugh at them, and to make my girlfriend stop, I started fucking her. I don't remember which of us came first, but I stopped watching before they did.

20. I don't really smoke much weed, but I once in a blue moon I like to get high while fucking. It gives me the most wonderful orgasms and there is something pretty hot about watching a naked woman smoking anything, especially while I am sucking on her nipples or fucking her from underneath.

21. Sometimes, especially lately, I wish just had someone to make out with. I never really “dated” as a kid and part of me wants to drive to town some nights and just make out, kissing and groping only, at a movie or a beach or some such place.

22. The older I get the more I enjoy kissing for its own sake, the less I care about having an orgasm during sex, the less seriously I take anything to do with sex. I like this; soon I think maybe I will be ready to go to college and fuck my brains out. Except for being a creepy older guy, I would be much better at this now than I would have at 18.

23. A friend gave my ex and I an otter-shaped vibrator after we gave her an octopus-shaped one for Valentine's Day. I enjoyed using it on her but she became concerned that it desensitized her to tongues and penises and other more subtle stimuli. I experimented with putting it in my butt and found I could almost get it to reach my prostate, which gave me incredible orgasms. Then I broke its poor little rubbery head. You don't know what a dilemma really is till you are looking at a shitty broken otter head in the bath tub trying to decide what the fuck to tell its co-owner. I would have told her the truth, but I decided to clean it up, put it away and see just how long it would take her to notice first. I doubt she even remembers the poor little critter's existence.

24. When I was about 16, I was one of really only two hippy kids at my high school. The other was a mouth-watering girl one year older than me. I look back and realize that all those afternoons we spent hanging out at her place stoned she was trying to get naked and sweaty with me. I didn't think there could be any way she wanted to fuck me, but looking back the walking around in her underwear, leaning her head on my shoulder, telling me provocative stories...these were obvious signs. I really regret being too stupid and shy to fuck her brains out.

25. The last woman I really wanted to fuck turned me down for being too unforgettable. Not as in “You are just such an amazing person” but as in “You should have stopped talking awhile back and fucked me already because now I think I would like you too much to make it a casual thing.” I have a feeling that eventually I will make her eat those words.