Monday, December 17, 2012

1. I have had intercourse with 9 guys.

2. I have had two threesomes. One was on my 21st birthday, with two guys. The second was about a month after I moved in with my new roommate, and we went out for drinks with her and her boyfriend, then we bought a bottle of Johnnie on the way home... And both of these incidents had great, dramatic emotional meaning and value and were partly the result of, and also the cause of many many intertwined problems.

3. I had a miscarriage in April.  I haven’t had sex since then. It was my first pregnancy. I don’t know when I got pregnant, neither of the two times I had sex prior to getting pregnant were particularly worrisome. The first time the condom broke, and i got the morning-after pill. The second time he was so drunk he could barely get it up, and we used a condom, and we think he might not have even come. So I am scared shitless and don’t think I will ever dare have sex again.

4. I love feeling a cock in my mouth. Sucking dick can really really turn me on sometimes.

5. I once had sex in a separate room of a bar that we were alone in and the door was closed (and from the other side, you could reach the door through a wardrobe, Narnia! How cool is that, I had sex in Narnia). And the idiot left the condom there on the coffee table. So I tried to avoid that bar for a few months after that.

6. There are 4 guys that I know I would have had sex with by now were it not for the miscarriage. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like with them when I masturbate.

7. Once I got so horny while I was pregnant (I didn’t know I was pregnant yet, though), I felt I absolutely NEEDED to be penetrated or I would go mad – and I don’t have a dildo or any other sex toy, so I put a condom on a candle and used that.

8. The best sex I have ever had was with an acquaintance of a friend I had just met that night, and he had a girlfriend at the time (he kept asking me – but you know I have a girlfriend, right? – yeah, I know. – and is it OK? – I told you already, if it’s okay with you, it’s okay with me, you’re the one who knows what this relationship means to you), and I didn’t even find him particularly attractive, and it was so great that there were absolutely no strings attached, it was completely free. I almost came just from intercourse (that has never happened to me), but we weren’t using a condom and I had to stop because I was scared it would be as good for him as it was for me...

9. I once fainted lying down because my boyfriend was just so talented at eating me out.

10. I love being loud during sex. And I love it when guys are loud during sex. It turns me on horribly.

11. I was fooling around with a guy once, and he started playing around with choking me – not really, not taking it past a comfortable level – and I really liked it. I’d like to experiment with that more.

12. For a really long time, I thought my nipples weren’t sensitive. But a while ago I realized that oh my God they are sensitive, so sensitive in fact that I could never let myself really enjoy the sensation that my nipples being touched or licked gives me, because I was afraid of its intensity. I’m getting past that now.

13. A pretty good tip for guys (or girls who like girls) is that being stimulated in three separate parts of your body simultaneously is amazing, and will almost definitely result in orgasm. (E.g. pussy-ass-boobs, pussy-nipples-ear, hipbones-ass-nipples, you get the idea.)

14. I really love how it feels when a guy is eating me out and squeezing/rubbing my nipples at the same time. My breasts and my pussy getting so stimulated at once makes me feel in touch with some primal, womanly, motherly force inside me, what I think will later on develop into what people like calling "mature(d) sexuality."

15. Spooning is my favorite position.

16. Gang bangs are my favorite kind of porn to watch.

17. I had sex on the campus of my university once, late at night, on the soccer field.

18. I shave. I like to leave a triangle of hair. I’ve had it other ways (strip of hair, not trimmed at all, just the edges trimmed, no hair at all), but I like this the best. It’s clean, but it doesn’t look too unnatural.

19. I love battle wounds. Sex bruises and sore muscles make me smile to myself days afterwards.

20. I love being eaten out until orgasm and then penetrated. I am so overcome and overwhelmed with all the stimuli and fuzzy-good-sex-feelings buzzing around inside me that I almost go numb with physical happiness, and I feel completely helpless, and I can and do surrender myself completely to the guy, to the passion, to the moment.

21. I love collarbones, and holding the back of a guy’s neck, and muscular shoulders, and deep eyes.

22. I could spend days just getting high and having sex and cuddling and sleeping and repeating endlessly.

23. I have had sex with someone right there next to me/us, more than once, but all with the same guy (he is also the Narnia one, and one of the two guys from the threesome on my birthday).

24. I almost always wait for the guy to make the first move, I very rarely initiate sex.

25. I like to masturbate in the shower, with all the hot running water and steam and sweat and everything.