Saturday, January 21, 2012

1. I'm a 20-year-old non-virgin, and I know quite little about sex.

2. I don't really like watching porn, except if it is lesbian porn. I'm a girl of words, so I prefer written erotica; in fact, it turns me on sometimes.

3. Based on my past relationships, I'm straight, but I can't deny my attraction to girls. Sometimes, depending on the person, I say I am bisexual.

4. I do not own a sex toy yet, but I want to get one before I'm 21.

5. I kissed a girl once, and I cannot tell if I really liked it.

6. I fantasize about sex with one of my closest friends. Her lips look ah!-mazing.

7. I've had sex with only 2 guys. I got introduced by the first, and the second schooled me a bit.

8. I am extremely attracted to myself, and I sometimes fantasize about myself.

9. I got my first oral sex while I was 19 from my second. I love it, and it took that long because my first did not like the smell of pussy.

10. I still want to have sex with my first, and we fucked for a while after we broke up. Actually pretty much until the second and I mentioned the words "girlfriend" and "boyfriend."

11. I have forgotten how just kissing feels, and this Barbados boy is teaching me. The guys I fucked turned me on from kissing, and I love to move fast to the sex part.

12. I have never had a threesome but I constantly think about it. I share that with a lot of guys I have something with. I want one with m/f/me or f/f/me.

13. I'm a cynical romantic, so I like to move straight to sex (not a big fan of foreplay, although I'm a tease), but I love/ appreciate little romantic gestures.

14. There are so many places I want to have sex. In one word, EVERYWHERE.

15. I love sex, but contrary to what my partners may think, I'm entirely independent of it, although some days, I get this insane craving.

16. I masturbate, but not really. While it is fun, just remember the orgasms I gave myself, what was I typing? Refer to #15 and #4 for why I hardly masturbate.

17. I've been told that I flirt a lot, although most times I am totally oblivious to it until I see the effects or I am told about it. I still do not believe I can flirt, but then I've been given high flirting ratings by my friends.

18. I have this cute innocent face, and this has driven my fantasies. Some involve older men (like forties), but most always end up getting back to women. I want a cougar.

19. I have a really perverted mind, and I find sexual references in the least obvious plain words.

20. My first told me that I give a mean BJ. I don't know if this has to do with the fact that we love each other, but I do put my all to giving BJs. And I do not like men to give me BJs, except that they turn me on and help with my self-fantasies.

21. I do not have a compiled list of people I will fuck, but most times when i refer to a person as hot, I basically want to fuck them.

22. When I'm talking to a guy and my eyes wander to his crotch area, I like to imagine the size of his dick, if it is not already obvious from his bulge, and imagine it going deep in me.

23. I still have religious conflict with my love for sex and my non-virgin status.

24. While kissing, I'm not a big fan of exchanging saliva (germ issues), and I used to love kissing. I've kissed, I think, six people. I do not keep count.

25. I love walking about my house naked.

Friday, January 20, 2012

1. I’m an 18-year-old man attracted to men.

2. I was first introduced to sex at 12. I had a friend the same age as me; he asked if I wanted a blowjob. Essentially, I shrugged my shoulders and consented. It led to me returning the favor. I didn’t think much of it at the time. In retrospect, I might have realized that a) I enjoyed this activity a lot, and not just how it felt physically, and b) he must have been exposed to sexual content at a very young age. Who knows how long he’d been wanting to test out something sexual?

3. We continued casual oral sex and hand jobs for years. We were never in a romantic relationship, and it frustrated me. There was no way that I could even begin to describe my feelings. I wasn’t sure of them, myself.

4. In middle school I started to realize that I found men attractive. I was also somewhat attracted to women, and this fed my denial. I didn’t have a sudden epiphany; any thoughts like, “Oh, my God, I’m gay,” were instantaneously suppressed, as if I was afraid someone would read my mind. At some point I came to the conclusion that all guys were just pretending to be completely straight, that everyone was actively hiding a communal bisexuality, and that gender was a performance.

5. In eighth grade, I had a crush on a girl. She was the type that had no real friends, wasn’t very pretty, and got picked on a lot. Through the fact that we both liked the same band and that I wanted to protect her from bullies, I convinced myself I was in love. This further shut out my impending homosexuality. I fantasized about her romantically: never sexually. That year I began to search for homoerotic pictures on the internet, again telling myself that all guys were pretending to be straight. The fear of my classmates thinking I was gay was at an all time high. I realized that my "love" for this girl was a sham, and finally thought of myself as gay.

6. Honestly, I don’t think I’m gay: not in the strictest sense. Through tons of self-reflection, I think that I was born bisexual, hit puberty, and my sexuality naturally shifted closer to homosexuality. I’m still slightly attracted to women, particularly their breasts, though not nearly as much as a man’s body. I don’t think that I could ever be sexually attracted to a woman enough to be in a relationship, so I usually identify as "gay" to be brief.

7. Despite my appreciation for breasts, I don’t personally like nipple play in any shape or form. It’s not easy for me to be stimulated during sex through my nipples.

8. I’m a bit of a voyeur. I don’t really appreciate sites where you’re supposedly watching someone masturbate that’s totally clueless that he’s being watched. What I really like is watching a man sleep. There’s something amazing about it. They’re adorable, but at the same time masculine and peaceful. A sleeping beauty...

9. I’m submissive. I like the feeling of being dominated, but not in a violent way. I love men who are confident and take control. I kind of like the idea of being a "damsel in distress," even though it’s silly. It’s a sort of knight-in-shining-armor complex.

10. I’m not a sadist, and I’m not a masochist. Like I said before, I don’t like being dominated in a violent way. However, I don’t mind being handled roughly and even something along the lines of spanking isn’t past my limits.

11. I didn’t always like penises. When I first began to look at pictures of men on the internet, I avoided the full-frontal ones. It might have been part of my denial, but I just found them ugly and unattractive. I’m much more excited by them now.

12. I prefer girth over length. For some reason, when a guy has a thicker penis it looks a lot manlier to me than if a guy has a longer one.

13. Even though I can be a little defensive of my space at times, I crave physical contact with men. A warm hug or embrace is really much more effective to me than encouraging words.

14. I’ve never liked the look of extremely slender men. It might stem from the fact that I’m so thin myself, but I prefer men who are muscular, a bit heavyset, or both.

15. I first masturbated sometime after I had my sexual encounter with my friend. It was an attempt to imitate the oral sex with my hand; I was so young that I didn’t even know what masturbation was.

16. I now masturbate daily. I usually do so just before I go to sleep. Most of the time, I find porn to watch, but sometimes I masturbate without using the computer.

17. I dislike porn that looks faked. If the actors seem to be there for a casual fuck and don’t put anything into it, I look for something else. The best pornography has actors who make love, and express their love in front of the camera.

18. Straight porn is my guilty pleasure; I’ve found sites that show compassionate actors and actresses, some real loving couples (apparently), and if it seems authentic, I’ll take it over sketchier gay porn.

19. Hairy men don’t bother me most of the time. Some men look much better with chest hair, for example, but for others, it’s excessive. I think that a healthy medium is best.

20. I love jockstraps. Men that can’t fill out their jockstraps well remind me of deflated balloons. Considering the fact that I prefer girth, it’s no surprise that I love when a guy’s bulge shows that he has it.

21. I’ve never had anal sex, though I’m sure I’d prefer to be the "bottom." I am submissive, after all.

22. Breathing in my ear turns me on. I’m not sure why. Sometimes very close whispers will produce the same effect. I was once held down by a friend and for some reason he started to blow into my ear. It tickled me, but I had to hide an erection for half an hour afterwards.

23. My abdomen, just above the pubic area, is a huge erogenous zone for me. I can’t keep myself from rubbing it when I masturbate. With the combination of my submissive nature, my craving for physical contact, and my sensitive ears and abdomen, if a man stood close behind me, sensually rubbed my abdomen, and whispered into my ear, he would have me wrapped around his finger.

24. I’m on the fence about fisting. I’m almost 100% sure that I would never participate in it myself, but watching it can be exhilarating. In many ways, a man’s fist is the ultimate representation of girth.

25. I’m sure it’s not the same for everyone, but I know from experience that my sexuality is fluid, at least to an extent. I don’t think it’ll ever shift back to bisexuality, but who knows? Maybe my tastes will change with experience. Only time will tell.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1. I'm 22 years old, and I lost my virginity when I was 14. I was super-drunk and thought having sex with him would make him love me.

2. I have had sex with more than 10 people. I was not in relationships with mosts but only 2 of them were one-night stands.

3. I have had a threesome with a close mate and a guy whose name I didn’t even know.

4. I have tried anal a few times. The first time I actually enjoyed it and got off on it. The second time I was in so much pain I cried.

5. My favorite sex positions would be doggy or myself on top.

6. I enjoy being spoken to dirty--being called a slut, bitch, whore... but afterwards I like being told that he loves me and doesn’t think I’m any of the things he called me while we were having sex.

7. I have a blue vibrator. I enjoy people watching me while I use it.

8. I watch porn, not always, but I enjoy anything that looks real.

9. I haven't done anything but kiss a chick. I would like to try it someday, though I'm not sexually attracted to chicks.

10. I can't use condoms because they make my vagina swell up. (I get tests for STIs a lot, and I've always been clear!)

11. I have touched myself on webcam for random guys many times, I enjoy doing it. I actually first saw my now-boyfriend on webcam.

12. One time I was so horny I stuck a deodorant can up inside it. It was so cold, and made me come faster then I ever had before.

13. I enjoy having sex in the outdoors. The idea of being caught turns me on.

14. I love having my tits touched and my ass touched while I'm having sex.

15. I enjoy giving head, most of the time.

16. The first time I masturbated I was very young and didn’t even know what I was doing, but it felt good so I did it every night.

17. My first kiss was a chick, we used to play mums and dads. I later found out she was touched by her father and that she was just doing to me what he had done to her. We were like 7 years old.

18. I enjoy having sex with other people when I’m in a relationship. Even the idea of this makes me horny.

19. I would like to have a threesome with myself, any another girl and my partner, but I worry he will enjoy her more then me.

20. I have only ever had one wet dream. My ex (who wasn't my ex at the time) was in bed with me, and I woke up just as I was about to come. I had to ask him the next day if he had tried to have sex with me in my sleep.

21. I would like to try being tied up and dominated.

22. I would rather have random sex then a random kiss, and only kiss the people I love.

23. I think about sex a lot, I just don’t usually tell people. Most people think I'm still a virgin.

24. I have had sex with most of my mates' boyfriends, more then once. They wouldn’t have any idea. As I said, they think I'm a virgin. Their bfs usually come back for more.

25. I'm leaving now to touch myself.

Monday, January 16, 2012

1) I’m a 23-year-old girl, and I’ve had my boyfriend for 3 years now. He’s 8 years older than I am. It’s not the age difference that turns me on, just the fact that boys tend not to turn into men until about 25-30. My boyfriend is my youngest. My oldest was 22 years older than me. I met him when I was 18 and I don’t recommend it at all!

2) In the first sex dream I remember having, I was a guy, and I was fucking a seemingly endless number of girls in a row. That’s pretty odd to me, because I’m very heterosexual and have never been turned on by a woman awake or in a dream since.

3) I’ve never watched porn. It’s fake and unnatural to me, but I don’t condemn others who like it. In a perfect world, I would make it impossible for people (mainly boys) to watch it before they’ve had sex themselves. I think it sets horrible demands on boys and girls to perform/look a certain way/like specific things.

4) For a while I read sex novels. They can be slightly better than porn, but usually they are as unrealistic because the men who write them delude themselves into thinking that they can write from a woman’s perspective. They can’t.

5) I had my first orgasm at the age of 18. I never really tried before that, due to low self-esteem and depression.

6) I lost my virginity at the age of 19, which was about 4 years too late for me. I had really low self-esteem and didn’t think that anybody would want me. I still had the urge to have sex just as any other teen, resulting in weird thoughts about going out at night and being raped “on purpose” just to get it over with.

7) I had my period when I lost my virginity. That, and the fact that the guy wasn’t very well endowed, made me wonder for weeks if it really counted as losing my virginity.

8) I had my first kiss about 2 minutes after I lost my virginity. It was as bad as the sex before it.

9) I’ve only had 4 sexual partners. Too few.

10) I’ve faked orgasms on more than one occasion. I stared doing it because I was insecure about the fact that I can’t come with a guy. The problem is that once you start doing it with somebody, you can’t stop.

11) I’ve had an orgasm in my sleep on two occasions. As a woman, you don’t have the telltale physical sign of it on the sheets, but I was still dead certain! I was sad that I missed it and “only” got to experience the wonderful after-orgasm-calm that follows.

12) I regret not having sex with some hunky 19-year old sex machine before I met my boyfriend, just because I want to know what it’s like.

13) The easiest way for me to get off is with a shower head. It’s not very practical, though…

14) I think I come about as often as any other 23-year old. I just do it in “chunks” for practical reasons. I’ll masturbate once or twice a month and come 5-15 times/”session” instead of coming once a day or every other day. Sadly, I'm not particularly horny when I do it, I do it mainly because it makes me calm/at peace. If I wanted to, I could think about door mats/RV’s/spoons during the masturbation without any effect on the outcome.

15) Sex and my orgasms are totally separate things to me. I’ve never reached orgasm except when masturbating by myself, and it has never been a problem for me. However, my partner's orgasm with or without penetration is extremely important to me. There is nothing sexier than to see/hear/taste/feel him coming right in front of me! I’ve never understood why my own excitement is so dependent on my partner's, I can only say that the thought of being “used”/”exploited” is very arousing.

16) I could easily have sex several times a day. Unfortunately, my boyfriend doesn’t feel the same. This has resulted in me catching myself fantasizing about him with all the people I imagine he has had sex with before he met me. I’m a bit ashamed about it, but what could be hotter than my gorgeous boyfriend when he was young and horny and wanted to have sex as often as I do now?

17) My boyfriend is the best kisser I’ve had. He’s also the best sex I’ve ever had.

18) The best sex is when I get thrown onto the bed without a word, taken hard from behind - without any foreplay – until I scream out loud, he comes, and then we lay sweaty in each other’s arms, falling asleep.

19) I don’t mind being pulled by the hair or grabbed hard by my hips, but I don’t like to be spanked. Unfortunately, my boyfriend likes to spank. So he gets to, because it turns him on, which in the end turns me on. Very anti-feministic...

20) I shave my pubes. All of them. Not because I like to, but because my boyfriend likes it. I hate it – it inches like crazy after just a couple of hours. On the plus side: the oral sex is sooo much better without the hair!

21) I hate the thought of being on top, because I get very insecure about how my body looks from his point of view, and so I have never learned how to ride a man. After 4 very sexually active years, I feel ashamed that I’ve never mastered this basic position, just because of my own insecurity. I’m a bit surprised that my steady relationship with my boyfriend for 3 years hasn’t cured my stage fright.

22) I’ve never understood why one should use sex toys. Perhaps as a last resort when extremely horny, you have nobody to sleep with and furthermore have a paralyzed hand. There’s nothing sexy about a sex toy! The one dildo I owned (got it from my first partner) I threw out long ago.

23) I don’t get girl sex. Oral sex does not count as either homo or hetero sex according to me, neither does masturbation. And if you want to have long, cylinder formed objects thrust into you in a repetitive movement, whether they are driven by blood or electricity, you like dick. You might not be able to fall in love/have a relationship with a guy, but you are turned on by men. Scissoring I can accept as a purely lesbian thing... but is that all? Do they do anything else? And yes, I am a bit ashamed by the fact that I‘m not more enlightened.

24) I’ve never cheated, but I have been the other woman once. Never again, I say! Not because I think I did something morally wrong, but because people who cheat on people are horrible people and are not good to hang with.

25) I don’t like to have sex in cars. I’ve had way too much of it – and I have a scar on the skin at the center of my spine to prove it. One of the many drawbacks of having sex with somebody who doesn’t want to get caught having sex with you.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

1. I'm a 60+ straight male, married to the same woman for over 35 years. We lost our virginity to each other and married a year and a half later. I'm extremely average in size.

2. I have trouble coming inside a woman these days, but I've always been able to hold off for a while, sometimes to the annoyance of my partners.

3. I tend to be dominant with my partners, more so if it seems to turn them on.

3. I have a partner a time zone away, and we've been a couple of our sort for over 6 years. She has a collar and wears it at BDSM events and much of the time we're together.

4. I enjoy finding what rings my partner's chimes. That's more important than any single act.

5. I enjoy getting head, kissing, touching, giving anal, being rimmed, missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, almost anything that turns on my partner. If I want something and I see in her eyes that she's not into it, I drop it. It doesn't do anything for me if she doesn't enjoy it.

6. I've been with women who enjoyed being tied, strangled, spanked, treated like little girls, who've had boyfriends and husbands that wouldn't or couldn't do what I did for them.

7. I've had sex in hotel rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, lawns, cars, vans, national parks and clubs. No public restrooms or phone booths.

8. I once blindfolded and handcuffed a girlfriend on a pathway in a park and led her on a leash, cutting her clothing away as we went. We went 100 yards or so after she was totally naked. It thrilled her. We ended it with her going down on me on a park bench before I unhooked her hands and got busy on the bench.

9. I've ended up having anal sex before vaginal sex with 4 women. 3 of the 4 ended up being long term relationships.

10. I learned to masturbate (to conclusion) at 19. I lost my virginity at 20.

11. I've taught two women how to perform cunnilingus; one was 20 and the other was 36. I've taught two women how to masturbate and gave them their first orgasms; one was 24 and the other was in her mid-40s. The 24 year old was a virgin. The woman in her 40s was married with 3 children. Later I took her to a sex shop where a salesgirl showed her vibrators.

12. A girlfriend told me she couldn't come from sex. After we had made love, I'd lay next to her and have her masturbate for me. That worked.

13. I have no rape fantasies. The thing that is important to me is the sense that my partner is excited by me and wants me.

14. A partner I hadn't seen in several years sent me a note asking if I'd take her to a BDSM club. I did. The last thing she did that night was to sit on a Sybian and have several orgasms with a crowd watching.

15. Most porn bores me these days.

16. I enjoy photography. I've done photo shoots with several lovers, and just as many with women who want to be models and need a first portfolio, or who want a photo for their own lover and who have no interest (sexually) in me.

17. A woman I know is a grandmother and enjoys being spanked and calling me daddy.

18. I've been interviewed by Ph.D. students who were interested in the BDSM community.

19. I'm a member of some BDSM organizations. I regularly take women who are interested in masochism or exhibitionism and bondage to public clubs, and tie or flog or strip them as one of many couples doing similar things.

20. I'm circumcised.

21. I've gone down on most of my partners, though some have been uncomfortable. Being the dominant in a relationship complicates that as well.

22. I've shaved many of my partners' pubes, some in private, some publicly at clubs.

23. My last two ended sexual relationships ended with us staying friends, but with them asking me for advice on their next boyfriend.

24. My current interest and I are working on perfecting our skills at prostate massage and g-spot massage.

25. One thing being in a BDSM community has done for me is it's given me a sense of a whole new set of cues. Knowing how to hug a naked woman when she greets you is more complicated than I would have expected a decade ago. I'd have taken the nudity as a license, but now I can tell when I'm being invited to do more than just hug them.