Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1. I am a 21-year-old female who is mainly attracted to men, but has been attracted to people of all sort of other genders and can’t think of any sexuality label for myself that I care to take on.

2. Until a year ago, I had had slept with 2 people, both of whom were men my age who I was in long-term relationships with. Now, that number is up to six and someone 20 years older than me and a woman were added to my list. 2010 was good for me.

3. The sex workers I have met are some of the most incredible, brilliant, masters of the art of seduction and sexuality that I know.

4. Would BDSM/power play be as interesting if it weren’t for the terrible social inequalities that are being referenced and played with in these fantasies? I don’t know, but I am a fierce feminist, and love to be submissive in bed.

5. I orgasm easily sometimes, but other times enjoy myself a lot but don’t really reach a climactic point. This is not really something that bothers me, I know the difference between feeling satisfied and feeling unsatisfied, and for me it’s not always defined by climax.

6. I like big men... but I’ve had a skinny guy ask me to dominate him. That was fun too.

7. Giving blowjobs might possibly be my favorite sexual act. I love the feeling of constantly learning new skills to craft the perfect orgasm on the other person, who loves every minute of your creative performance. I love figuring out new blowjob skills, and if I dominant man wants to teach me some new ones, I’m eager to learn.

8. I’m overweight as well as sexy as hell. No contradiction there.

9. Watching porn has led me to imagine the people I meet naked or having sex infinitely more often than I did before, especially women. I think I have been able to do this while continuing to respect them.

10. There are a few dirty pictures of me floating around on the internet.

11. Most good orgasms involve me rubbing my clit a bit in just the way that I need... I don’t think that’s a problem. On the contrary, my clit is amazing and I wouldn’t want to leave it out of any orgasm!

12. I have group sex and threesome fantasies.

13. I have double and triple penetration fantasies.

14. I have never removed any hair on my pussy. To me it just seems wrong, though of course I would never dictate what someone else should do. But this doesn’t seem to be a problem for most people I have slept with.

15. I have two vibrators but hardly ever use them; my hands work way better for me.

16. The best orgasms- and possibly the best feeling- I think I have ever had is masturbating by myself, after smoking a joint.

17. I once took a man’s virginity and totally got off on how nervous and trembling with excitement he was.

18. I love to be spanked.

19. Although variation is the spice of life, I think my favorite trajectory when fucking my boyfriend is to start with him on top, switch on doggy style when I just need it deeper, and then get myself to climax while he fingers me.

20. I really love my boobs a lot.

21. And my pussy.

22. Some things I have not yet experienced that I would like to include learning to squirt and finally having pleasurable anal sex.

23. I would like to meet a sexual partner who gets turned on by menstrual blood. I think it’s gorgeous but none of my past sexual partners have cared for it, to say the least.

24. Every morning when I wake up my hands are down my pants... I guess my hands are just most comfortable tucked away in my pussy.

25. I know you aren’t reading this, French lover, but I want so much right now to light up a cigarette and have you go down on me for old times' sake.

Monday, January 10, 2011

1. I am a 24-year-old female who hates labels regarding sexuality almost as much as labels regarding religion.

2. It took me years, and obviously lots of practice, but I am fully able to have multiple orgasms. Only two, at the most (for now).

3. I love talking about sexuality with my partners - even past partners. All the time, constantly.

4. I own a small travel-sized bullet vibrator, and two larger dildos. (One of which is the infamous Rabbit. I've only used it twice).

5. I prefer vibrational stimulation while masturbating, but penetrative stimulation during sex.

6. I've wept sometimes at the intensity of my emotions, and the physical sensations, during an orgasm..

7. I want to try everything, at least once. (Except for a very slim list of things I deem degrading; but, to each their own!)

8. I love, love, love laughing during sex. Funny noise? Laughter! Banged our teeth together? Laughter! And so on.

9. I've never made out with a woman - I do not wish to die without having done so. I'd also love to simply ravish her body with my mouth.

10. Sometimes I just want to lose myself with my current partner and let go of rational thought. Maybe get a little rough, bite him more deeply, go faster and harder. (But I worry too much of what he'd think).

11. Despite weighing (currently) 130 pounds, I am still extremely body-conscious. I'd love to videotape at some point, though. I just want to feel more comfortable with myself first.

12. I enjoy being dominated sometimes. But there's a fine line between shivering because I'm turned on, and shivering because I'm frightened. (I've never felt 'safe' enough to experiment with this).

13. I am a sexual abuse survivor. I have never been to therapy to discuss my sexual life. All healing has been done on my own, and with extremely understanding and, I stress, patient partners. I am forever grateful to them - but I feel most of the work done came from within. I'm proud of myself, and I feel this is only just the beginning. It's an extremely exciting time in my life, as a sexually active being.

14. I enjoy amateur, couple porn. I can't stand porn stars talking dirty throughout an entire video (clearly not enjoying themselves).

15. Only recently did I finally get a guy off in my mouth. I was grinning from ear to ear all day. I'm really looking forward to practicing deep-throat again too.

16. I have had six sexual partners. But I'm tired of thinking about the number. I don't think it matters.

17. Although I have never had children (and never want to), I had an IUD inserted. I love having sex without a condom as well as the sight of my partner's cum in the toilet-water afterward. I don't know why, but I think that's incredibly hot to see physical proof of just how hard I got him off.

18.Getting facials in the shower, hell yeah - easy clean-up, and the water that's already falling masks the actual cum-splatter sensation.

19. I love my breasts. 34 D, and I am very particular about making sure they've got proper support. (Underwire, ladies!)

20. High sex is amazing. I adore having high sex with my partner. We turn into animals, and become all about nothing but each other's pleasure.

21. At some point, my partner and I have agreed to try a day of only physicality as our means of communication - nothing verbal. I'm very much looking forward to using just my body as the only way able to express how I feel about him.

22. The sounds he makes when he gets off are the hottest I've ever heard. I love it when he makes noise.

23. I prefer uncircumcised penises (but do not discriminate). I just think they're natural and more beautiful (and more fun!).

24. My favorite position (currently) is something he and I refer to as 'chair' - he sits down, I straddle him, and I'm in full control of how fast, how hard, and how deep we go. It's amazing, and I'm glad he enjoys it so much too.

25. Sometimes I feel that intercourse (in whatever fashion: making love, sex, etc). is a purer form of love than anything I could possibly say or write with words.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

1. I am a 31-year-old black male. I am tall, fit, and since puberty have never had any problem getting what I want sexually.

2. I am attracted to men and women, though I do not affiliate with the politics or socialization of a queer identity.

3. Most women I know find me attractive and a few of them have gotten scared by the idea that I am also attracted to men.

4. I lost my virginity at a graduation party. I was really drunk.

5. I’ve had sexual intercourse with 9 different people, all of them women.

6. The best handjob I’ve ever had was from a man.

7. I love eating pussy. I could do it for hours.

8. The majority of “muscled” gay men are not remotely attractive to me. As an athlete, I like well-proportioned men, rather than the muscle-heads that just lift weights and wear tight t-shirts.

9. Large penises and round bottoms turn me on. If women naturally had penises, I’d probably go for that.

10. I had sex with two different women on the same day. Didn’t use a condom either time. Not the coolest. One was my then-girlfriend and the other was the girl I was cheating on her with. I don’t do such foolish things anymore.

11. I’ve simultaneously made out with two different girls twice. The first time was in 8th grade. They both let me finger them under a blanket for a while. We all just giggled. The second time was in 10th grade, but everyone got naked. It was fun, but the two girls hated each other afterward.

12. I am very attracted to androgynously athletic women. Not manly, but tall, lean, fit women are very sexy.

13. My former girlfriend and I used to play with dildos often. We both enjoyed it a great deal.

14. Pornography has played a large role in developing my sexuality. Too large a role, but more sex-positive, feminist porn is really changing my life. I first saw porn magazines around age 9 or 10. I didn’t know what it was. Maybe around 11 or 12 I started to really get it... and i liked it.

15. I started masturbating around age 11 and ejaculated for the first time around age 12. It scared me. I just rubbed my penis into the bed until I came. That first ejaculation wasn’t so good because it made a mess.

16. I think about sex all the time.

17. I have a large penis--9 or 10 inches long and pretty thick. One of my former girlfriends used to have a hard time handling it, but she also loved it. I don’t enjoy the fetishization of black dick in popular media and culture. I don’t need people speculating about whether I have a large dick. I do. End of story. Get over it.

18. I enjoy anal sex.

19. Sexuality is increasingly sacred in my life.

20. Being black and having a non-hetero reality is not something that many black people accept. Different people for some very interesting and bizarre reasons.

21. I like that people like my physical body. I show it off when I get the opportunity.

22. I have always liked nerdy girls. There is something about eating a nerdy girl's pussy that I love. It’s almost like they just don’t expect it, but they totally love it.

23. I used to love masturbating outside.

24. I cannot understand why I never made out with my best friend from high school. He was hot, fit, and he was also attracted to me. very strange. I don’t think either of us really knew what to do about it, but many people thought we used to hook up.

25. I am very cautious about STDs these days. I’ve been lucky and don’t want to rely on that. “No glove, no love.”