Thursday, February 16, 2012

1. I'm 25 years old and identify as female, and bisexual - in the general sense.

2. Women are undeniably sexy to me. Of course, this is on a woman-to-woman basis, but certainly the physical attributes of the female sex are quite appealing.

3. I feel that I am more likely to "end up" with a woman than a man. I connect very differently with the two sexes/genders (assuming sex-gender fluidity), and it takes quite a bit longer for serious interest to grow with males. It's much easier for me to become emotionally involved with women.

4. I have very short hair, almost none at all - I shave it about every month or so. I also have quite feminine facial features, so I'm certainly not in the least bit androgynous. I'm black, a sub-Saharan African expatriate in the States. Strangely, there are very few men who are turned off by my lack of hair. For most, it seems to indicate a wildness and exoticism. I certainly, when looking at my body, see the appeal, but I personally don't understand how men and women alike exhibit such primal attraction to me. It is quite often that people compliment my body and facial features. I feel that though I have quite a colorful imagination and libido, bodies don't excite me as much as a quick mind, awesome aura, peculiar face and intriguing personality.

5. I'm frequently worried about being fetishized as a "strong black woman." I think some people certainly take a look and want to get involved specifically because of exotic fantasies regarding black women... the short hair is an added bonus, I'm guessing, to boning the African chick. It's strange that I have this worry, since I'm perfectly attractive. I'm sure it has quite a bit to do with some self-image issues I had in my teens - issues not quite exorcised.

6. I've slept with quite a few people, for my age. Over 15... 20? I don't really know. I also don't just sleep with anyone--I'm quite picky and tend to establish friends-with-benefits relationships.

7. I've frequently used sexual activity as a form of "breaking the ice." It's quite lazy of me and arguably not the healthiest of ways to engage in sex.

8. Men older than myself, those with noticeable crows' feet when they smile with their eyes, are an incredible turn-on. I once hooked up with a 31-year-old man when I had just turned 18--it was quite a rush.

9. I had difficulty doing well in a molecular biology course because I was constantly fantasizing about my 50-something-year old biology professor. I literally heard "blah blah blah," as any sound became background noise when making eye-contact with him.

10. Women are so complicated to me. I'm certainly intimidated by women, and often take my time with initiating sexual interest.

11. The runner's body is quite literally my kryptonite. Lean, thin frame and thighs of steel - irresistible!

12. Despite #4, I've only probably slept with 2 or 3 men who didn't have flat, hard, well-defined abdominals--I'm quite picky and it's a make-it-or-break-it sort of thing. Though personality tends to exceed even this basic standard.

13. I've only kissed one black man. Some find it quite odd, but I find that I'm simply a product of my environment. I'm not unattracted to black men, but those I am attracted to are in short supply and quite widely dispersed, such that it's not worth my time and not of any interest to me to limit myself to only those of my skin color.

14. I'm not really a masturbator. I probably masturbated 3 or 4 times in the year 2011, and probably experienced orgasms 2 of those 3 or 4 times.

15. However, I did masturbate frequently and daily throughout my years in high school. I was also somewhat of a porn addict, and watched porn daily. I'm quite the opposite now and I'm quite over both. Also quite sure I broke my hymen during masturbation. Currently, I use masturbation as a sleep aid of sorts.

16. I enjoy watching lesbian porn. By enjoy, I mean that it's the only porn I ever watch. I'm also not much of a porn aficionado--less than once a month and up to 4- to 5-month stretches without. I never really use porn for masturbatory material. It's fascinating.

17. I enjoy touching my skin, playing with my breasts, caressing my buttocks. I'm quite self-aroused. Which strangely contradicts the serious lack of masturbation in my life.

18. I enjoy watching men I've slept with masturbate next to me. The position of the permitted voyeur is quite sexually gratifying.

19. There are some beautiful and candid images I took of my ex-boyfriend before and after sex. He's a bit nervous that I may disseminate them on the interwebz in a fit of anger or bitterness, but I have no intention to do so. I almost never look at them, but when I do, his beauty reaffirms my belief in the awesome beauty of the human form.

20. I lost my virginity shortly after turning 19. Got quite a lot of work done between then and now. And to a guy I thought was a fool, specifically to lessen the chance of post-coital emotional attachment. It worked.

21. It's difficult for me to experience/engage in emotional sex, even when I've become quite enamored of someone. Well, it's much easier with women, but it takes over a month to two of consistent sex for it to become emotionally fulfilling and enriching. I'm certainly saddened by this disjuncture between simultaneous experience of sexual and emotional fulfillment. It certainly provides emotional protection with my flings, yet is a veritable obstruction at the advent of growing emotional connections.

22. I rarely used to have sexual fantasies in my late teens, but certainly within the past few months, I fantasize frequently--usually about no one in particular.

23. I've had a few threesomes. I enjoy them. I would like to continue having them. However, I'm well versed in the veritable role they can play in warping/fucking up relationships.

24. I have trichotillomania and pluck pubic hairs. It's very much a private thing, so it follows that I am often a bit nervous with my first below-the-belt sexual encounters with people. However, it's never been an issue, and it's not thoroughly noticeable.

25. I'm an avid nudist--tons of skinny dipping, hardly wear clothes when at home and deign to wear even the smallest scrap of clothing in the summertime. My pubescent fantasies of nude communes crashed and burned with the realization that though I wasn't going to ogle people, they were certainly ogling me. Nudity and sexual arousal are independent of each other, at least to me. So it's quite frustrating when nudity automatically signals sexual interest/arousal for others.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1. I think about sex constantly.

2. I'm bi. But my experience on the gay side of the ledger is limited, mainly due to the era in which I grew up. I don't believe it's too late to rectify this, but it's enough for me that I identify as bi, because it's the truth. I am attracted to both genders. Not equally, but then, one acquires different tastes with different life experiences. Tastes often change.

3. Sometimes I wish I could be a sex therapist. Hands-on. When I hear women talk about how dissatisfied they are, I wish I could show them the way.

4. I lost my virginity when I was 14. I had no clue, really, I just wanted to get it over with. It hurt. The opportunity and the desire didn't return for three years.

5. My preferences in the bedroom have changed much over the years and continually evolve. Luckily, my partner is very adaptable.

6. I'm in an open relationship. It was my idea. Partly because I am extremely turned on by the thought of my partner being with other women, partly because I hate feeling like I am "owned" by anyone, and partly because I just want to get over any sense of jealousy whatsoever. And, well, partly because life is short and if an great opportunity presented itself I wanted the option of saying yes to it. It does not mean I actively seek out opportunities to have casual sex. But knowing that life has possibilities has given my partner and me a whole new platform for friendship and INSANELY AMAZING SEX - with each other.

7. I'm going through menopause. My libido has been racing since it started. Not sure if it's hormones or psychosomatic. Like FUCK YOU MENOPAUSE, I'M NOT GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT.

8. I'm more attracted to younger people than I am to people my own age or older. When I was young, the opposite was true. I think it balances itself out somehow. This is what I tell myself to make myself feel better. In my mind I don't feel "older" than anyone, but that doesn't change the fact that I am. It stinks to have to think about it. I'd rather not, but society keeps telling me I am supposed to.

9. My first sexual experience was with my best friend in high school. We didn't really know what we were doing, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Especially the kissing. It was exquisite. She's still in my top five all time kiss list.

10. The first "porn" film I ever saw was Emmanuelle. It was soft porn. I was about 15. I envied her life experiences even then, even though I was yet to experience good sex.

11. I've never "squirted"... or if I have, it wasn't noticable beyond the great quantities of vaginal juices I secrete when aroused.

12. I really enjoy giving head. I don't always swallow. It's a mood thing. If I'm really into it - and sometimes I really do get off on it - I will. Otherwise, if I'm doing it "more for him than for me" I tend to get out of the way.

13. I enjoy different sexual positions, but I always come "missionary." It's rare for me to come in other positions unless i stimulate myself clitorally. But missionary works a treat. I also lie on my back to masturbate. So I guess that's the connection.

14. I can come, without masturbating. Just by thinking, breathing, moaning and flexing my pelvic floor muscles. It's intense. I sometimes jerk uncontrollably and my whole body experiences a tremendous rush of tension release when I do it. I think I could teach other women to do it.

15. There have been times when I've liked "rough" sex. It's a phase I went through for a while, then I went off it. Certain men bring it out in me, though. Sometimes you meet someone who's a bit cocky and obnoxious, and you find yourself thinking it would be awesome if they "took advantage."

16. I like the way I taste and smell. I love kissing my partner after he's gone down on me. I kiss and lick his lips and fantasize that it is another woman's cunt. I'm hoping it's good practice for the real thing. I've got a slight lemon tang to my taste and I smell of the soap I use... and sex.

17. I don't put my fingers deep into my own vagina very often - preferring just to splash around at the entrance. I don't know why. I love it when other people do. Fingers are wonderful.

18. I love having my tits sucked. It can make me come. I long to suck another woman's breasts. Nipples are wonderful.

19. I really would love to tie a woman up and drive her nuts.

20. I get horny when I drink, but don't like to have sex when drunk. It dulls my senses. My favorite time for sex is in the afternoon, stone cold sober.

21. I wish I could just make out with whomever I wanted at a party, without being judged for it. Making out is awesome.

22. I don't look at porn on the net but I do look for photos of celebs accidentally revealing their breasts in public--they're known as nip slips. I like the idea of seeing something I wasn't mean to see.

23. I fantasize about wearing ridiculously revealing clothes and showing myself to strangers on public transport.

24. I have never had anal sex and never wanted to.

25. The first time I ever came without my clit being touched, it was when my partner teased my asshole with his tongue.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

1. I am 19 years old, and I have had 6 partners so far. I lost my virginity right before I turned 17 to a guy who was 21. He liked to brag about his abilities and past conquests, but was very nervous about taking my virginity. I remember having no pain and laughing, saying "that's it?" (slightly contemptuously, I'll admit).

2. I don't masturbate and rarely watch porn. I have often attempted to pleasure myself, but it just doesn't feel right--not that it's wrong, but I can't make myself feel good. I've tried multiple techniques. Personally, I need a male present to stimulate me and get me off. Porn doesn't do much to turn me on, but I occasionally watch it out of curiosity.

3. I had a threesome before I turned 18. It was with my best friend and her boyfriend. She was bisexual, and we had all talked about it a lot beforehand. Everyone got drunk, and there was a lot of drama involved afterwards because her boyfriend was more interested in me than her. He basically plowed me/ate me out the entire time, leaving me to attempt to please her orally. I had no idea what I was doing. I also discovered that I don't particularly enjoy eating girls out. She tasted like copper.

4. When I moved to college, I fucked the first guy who wanted to. It was interesting, and we did it while three other guys were sleeping in the room. To this day, I have no idea whether they knew and were only pretending to be asleep. It was awkward talking with him after that night.

5. My first major boyfriend opened up my sexuality. We screwed like rabbits, sometimes hitting 4 times a day. It was a lot of fun, and I learned many, many things about myself.

6. I learned from him that I can squirt. It is a very intense feeling, and only one way of fingering me will do it. He basically turned his fingers into a mini-tornado inside me. Often I didn't want to do it, just because the feeling was too intense.

7. I had never had an orgasm. We must have had sex hundreds and hundreds of times and he was very good at what he did. But he could never make me come.

8. I discovered that I am very kinky-minded. We bought an under-the-bed restraint system, I would always dress up sexily, and enjoyed posting naughty pictures of myself to the internet.

10. My current boyfriend was very vanilla when I met him. He had no idea what to do with me. He had only one girlfriend, who I am pretty sure he rarely had sex with. I have turned him into a demon. I made it my personal mission to cultivate his general horniness, and I am very open-minded. He is less so than I am, but learning to open up to and accept his darkest desires.

11. I turned my current, very sweet boyfriend into a devil who enjoys dominating me in bed and tying me up, pulling my hair, telling me deliciously naughty things, and generally treating me a little roughly.

12. I love when he does this. I also love when afterwards, he cuddles up to me and kisses me sweetly.

13. I never enjoyed kissing any other guy than my current SO. Strangely enough, I was more OK with sex than kissing. I have never had any sexual inhibitions, and don't see a point in waiting for it. I have slowly realized that I have a slight obsession with kissing my boyfriend. Last night, we had the most perfect, wet, passionate kiss. It was amazing, and the memory is all that I can think about.

14. I have unfortunately never had a sex dream. I wish I did.

15. I have been woken up to oral sex once before. I was too tired and it was like a haze. I fell back asleep and my SO gave up and fell asleep too. I regret this, because thinking about it now, being woken up to gentle sex is pretty hot.

16. I enjoy reading about sex, other people's experiences, and learning new facts. It's one of my favorite things to do in my spare time. I'm just so curious.

17. I absolutely LOVE giving blowjobs. This has only been applicable to my current partner. He has a glorious penis. I was never very interested in giving head before him. Now I give him head almost every time we have sex, and just randomly at times. Its like I can't get enough of his taste, or his moans and writhes of agony/ecstasy. Blowjobs are awesome.

18. Penises are awesome. Men are awesome. I love men, and I love sex.

19. I secretly want to have a long-term dom/sub relationship. I want to be the sub, and I want my partner to utterly dominate me in bed, and to think of new things to do to me. I don't want to do anything too drastic, but I think the relationship would be extremely hot, and our little secret.

20. I have had sex on a balcony with people just below me. I have had sex all over my boyfriend's apartment furniture while his roommates were gone. Everything has been defiled by us, and I don't feel bad about it, not one bit.

21. I love taking sexy pictures of myself, and getting feedback. I have an unusual body: 5'11", long legs, small waist, tight ass, and 32 Gs. Makes for good pictures.

22. I ADORE pretty underwear. I may have a fetish for them. I have upwards of 60 pairs, and I don't own anything ugly or plain. My ex had a thing for cute, adorable underwear, and I feel like my current boyfriend could really care less. He thinks thongs are hot. Typical male.

23. Right now, I really wish my boyfriend would come over and rail me like there's no tomorrow. He is about 3-4 inches shorter than me, so for some reason, it's really hot when he takes charge in bed. He is small and very muscular, and he has a way of really getting what he wants. He also has these deliciously green eyes that convey many different emotions that somehow manage to make me die a little each time he looks into mine.

24. The feeling of skin-on-skin contact makes me melt. Its one of the best things in the world. So is cuddling. Cuddling is awesome, and beyond words.

25. I had my first 3 orgasms with my current partner. They are very rare. But they make me feel out of this world. He is the best, and I can't imagine a world (or sex!) without him.