Thursday, March 1, 2012

a note from the editors

Our queue of posts is empty at the moment; if you've been reading and enjoying the site, but haven't sent us your own list, now would be an excellent time to put one together! And if you have the opportunity to spread the word about this site, we would appreciate it immensely.

If you have sent in a list and it hasn't run, there's a reason for that. Maybe it's blatantly made up; maybe you can't count to 25; maybe Blogger does not permit content that arguably overlaps with something in your list; maybe you're trying to advertise something, or to pick people up here. We do this for free, we don't have a lot of time, and we tend to just hit "delete" rather than patiently explaining what would need to be different. Just don't be a jerk, OK? OK!

Everyone whose list has been published here over the past three years: we are so grateful to you.