Monday, December 7, 2009

1. When I was really young, I got a sexual/presexual thrill from imagining people being tortured.

2. I still do, but the torture is overtly sexual now. I come hard from this but I always feel dirty afterwards.

3. I read my first m/m story when I was 12, and didn't understand the feeling I got from it for weeks. It scared me.

4. Ever since then, I've fantasized about men together.

5. The only thing I'd ever want to do with a cisgender guy is tie him up and touch him and maybe draw on him with lipstick. I want to draw on a tied-up man with lipstick.

6. I'm a lesbian. I don't understand heterosexual discourse or what to do when a man is flirting with me or why I should care if men find me attractive.

7. I think I'm bi. I think men are so fucking pretty. I wanted to be one for a while.

8. I think breasts are thrilling because the girl is naked.

9. I love eating pussy. I really, really fucking love eating pussy. I wish my jaw didn't get sore.

10. I'm butch and I'm starting to be okay with that.

11. There's one cisgendered man in the world I would fuck. I don't think he'd fuck me, but I think we'd be friends if he wasn't famous.

12. My boyfriend is trans. I fell in love with him when he was a girl. I didn't stop loving him or wanting him when he came out as trans.

13. I think trans women are women more than I am, because they are working so hard to be accepted as women and I have never worked to be accepted as a woman.

14. I'm not trans, although I thought I was for a while. I'm a woman and I don't want to change that.

15. But I would like to live out a masculine role. I want to be Don Draper or James Dean and still have people refer to me as "she."

16. There is nothing in the world sexier than a woman who has the look and attitude of a man.

17. I like having hairy legs.

18. I've never come by the hand of another person. It's always been my own hand or a vibrator, but always directed by me.

19. The idea of having someone else make me come is scary and I want it to happen.

20. I love being tied up. I've loved being tied up ever since I was eight years old.

21. I always fall in love with my best friends. I always end up making love to them.

22. I saw my first love married, and I was happy for her, and all I could think at the wedding was that I had my hand down her pants once.

23. I still dream about my ex-girlfriend, the one that was toxic for me. I don't know why.

24. Part of the reason I love my boyfriend because he understands almost all of my kinks and nobody else ever will, not the same way.

25. I love writing stories about sex more than I love having sex.
1. I am a 30 year old married woman with children.

2. I lost my virginity at the age of 23.

3. My husband also lost his virginity at the age of 23 to me.

4. I had 4 boyfriends before that and they got as far as touching my boobs and heavy make-out sessions. I wouldn't let them do anything else to me because I was afraid of God. I am now atheist.

5. My husband and I are currently in an open relationship.

6. Opening up the relationship motivated me to lose weight and to take better care of myself. I also started getting Brazilian waxes. I love the way my pussy looks.

7. I took the virginity of the second man I was with. He is now my lover. He was very inexperienced but he has a gift for oral. He knew what to do right off the bat and he gives head like no other.

8. I love talking dirty and I love being talked to that way as well; the filthier the words, the better.

9. Men should be more vocal, meaning I want to hear loud moans and groans of pleasure.

10. I think sex is very humorous. It's messy, there are funny noises coming from funny places and sometimes awkward moments. The best way to go about it is to have a laugh at it.

11. I find North American attitudes about sex baffling. Why is it such a big deal to see a nipple? Why is a public figure's sex life anybody's business?

12. I considered myself straight.

13. I had a MFF threesome recently. The girl and I kissed, we touched each other, I went down on her and she went down on me and I liked it all. This was my first time being with a woman.

14. The threesome started out as a foursome: my husband, my lover, myself and a friend of my husband. My lover left because he felt the chemistry would be better without him.

15. I want to have a FMM threesome soon, but not with my husband and lover at the same time.

16. I love giving blow jobs. My husband taught me to enjoy it, but he's still trying to teach me the joys of receiving a facial. I do like to be cummed on everywhere else.

17. I want to try role playing.

18. I want to watch my husband fuck someone else.

19. I love what I do for a living but if I could do anything else, I would love to direct pornos. I would also want to try my hand at dominating.

20. I think garter belts and stockings are sexy.

21. My husband gives me the best orgasms.

22. I think men with long hair and facial hair are extremely hot. I really really enjoyed watching Lord of the Rings.

23. I do not masturbate. It's something I never got into. I have tried many times at the request of my husband and lover but I simply don't find the feeling of my fingers on my vulva arousing.

24. I like watching anime porn because the acting is better.

25. I haven't received anal sex but I've pegged my husband. I love doing it.
1. Technically, I'm a virgin, but I wouldn't really consider myself a virgin, since I know more about how to get an orgasm than my friends that have been having sex for a while.

2. The song I want to lose my actual virginity to is "Crash" by Dave Matthews Band and then "Sex On Fire" by Kings of Leon the rest of the time.

3. I am currently in a relationship with someone 15 years my senior (I'm 19). We've been together for four months and we have phone sex at least 5 times a week.

4. We've never met, but I do not think that makes our relationship any less legit. Besides, I came 60 times in one night on the phone with him. He has taught me more about my sexuality and what to do with my body than any book or porno ever has.

5. Oh, I also haven't been kissed. Guys always pounce in and go for the kill so I push back because if you're going to pounce on me like that for just a kiss, what else are you going to pounce at me for? I have to always fight and push guys back from kissing me: I don't get it!

6. I'm terribly scared that I'm gonna have sex with my boyfriend. His dick is too big and my pussy can barely take one finger inside of it. How is it gonna handle an 8 inch long, 2.5 inch wide penis? I know I want to but I refuse to admit it to him. He just knows that I'm scared of his dick.

7. When I was 9, I discovered porn flipping through the movie cable channels. I think it was Cinemax that got me first. It was this man having sex with this woman in a spa. I remember I kept watching, just watching. Then I spread my legs for some reason, then I moved for some reason and kept repeating that motion because it felt good. It took me a while to realize that if I put my hand down there, it'd help. I used to always feel dirty after masturbation until I hit 18 and stated having cybersex. I think I didn't feel as bad about it because technically I was with someone and not alone.

8. I've had cybersex with over 40 people. It helped me get through the second semester of my first year of college. At least 2 of them I still talk to and consider good friends. One of the guys I wanted to cyber with actually stopped me and we went on a date (it was a disaster). One was 44 and he thought he was my boyfriend, I did too for a split second, but then I realized that this 44-year-old man was not my type. He was too attached and I only liked to cyber with him and he didn't want to leave it at that.

9. I was addicted to porn from age 10-16ish. At 17 I realized how nasty porn was and how the images were giving me false images of actual sex.

10. When I was young, like single digit age, me and my little playmates would "play house" which would consists of kissing and feeling each other and sometimes humping and we would sometimes almost got caught. And one time I was in the wine closet with my boy cousin, we were 7, and I tried to pull out his penis. Thank God he stopped me. I used to love "playing house" with him. He often would ask me after class if we could do the same thing in class, and I'd say yes. One time I wrote in my class that I had sex (I hadn't) and my second grade teacher found it and gave it to my Dad and Mom. I was so ashamed.

11. For a long time I thought I wasn't a virgin because we would hump but I never put two and two together that intercourse was even a word.

12. Because I have always been inclined to sex in some ways without even hearing about it, I believe that people are naturally sexual.

13. People often think that I am still a virgin because I am Christian. NOT TRUE. That has something to do with it. But the older I get, the more I realize that it's a trust and self-value thing. I feel like if I don't trust you enough to be with me the rest of my life then how can I trust you to come inside of me in the most vulnerable way?

14. Although it seems like I want to wait until marriage, I am 76% sure I won't be a virgin when I graduate. I am too horny and I love orgasms. Satisfaction in phone sex is going to run out sooner or later.

15. I have never told anyone #7-10.

16. I love dicks. I just like to watch--stare at them. I think they are just... uggh... wonderful. Right now I just pulled up my favorite blog with pictures of dicks. LOVE IT!

17. I think it's a bummer that there is not a variety of dicks online. I'm the kind of girl that likes to taste the rainbow and I wanna see more than either a white dick or a black dick!

18. I know more about sex than my friends because I used to watch a lot of porn and because when I stopped watching porn and would think of sex, I'd reseach the Kama Sutra and read up on ways to have sex. Most of my friends come to me for advice when they can really look up all the tips I give them.

19. #18 is why my friends all know that I'm a big freak. YES I AM and proud of it.

20. Right now, I wish my boyfriend would call so I can orgasm. I'm mad at him but I just want to hear his voice so I can cum.

21. I love my vagina. I may seem like a cyber slut after over 40 men online have seen my pussy. They love it. I love it. I think it's pretty. I have a chocolate pussy. To me, it looks like a chocolate covered cherry.

22. I fear that after I have sex, I won't recognize my vagina since it's so tight now and will end up doing a lot of vagina exercises.

23. Part of the reason I'd like to date all types of men is because I think of men as dessert and I'm chocolate. For example:
Hispanic man + black woman = churro dipped in chocolate
Indian man + black woman = Reese's peanut butter cup
black man + black woman = chocolate truffle
white man + black woman = classic Klondike bar
asian man + black woman = lemon filled chocolate candy

24. I am so indecisive about whether or not to have it. The truth is that I don't want to regret my first time and have great expectations on the partner. I disagree with the statement that "I lost my virginity": I think it should be, I gave him my virginity. Sex is an expression of love. Fucking leaves you feeling empty.

25. I really want to masturbate tonight. Damn boyfriend is missing in action.