Friday, March 13, 2009

1. I'm a very late bloomer. I'm not Catholic, but I went to a very small, very conservative Catholic school from 3rd to 12th grade with mostly the same people. No one experimented with drugs, alcohol, or sex.

2. I always felt out of place, because I started researching online about sex and how to masturbate when I hit puberty. I felt like the only one that was interested or curious about it. All of my friends considered masturbation and sex before marriage to be a sin.

3. I had planned on saving myself for marriage when I was young, but when I got to high school, I realized that it wouldn't be realistic. I felt guilty making this decision, but I realized that Catholic beliefs were being imposed on me. I still feel some guilt when I hook up with people or masturbate.

4. I got my first real kiss last year at the age of 21. I went to a co-worker's house and made out with her friend on a dare. He was a good kisser, but I could tell he would be bad in bed, because of the repetitive way he moved he moved his tongue.

5. That same night I made out with another one of my co-workers who is a girl. I has always admired her, because she's very open about sex and has experimented with other girls. I had always wanted to see what it was like to kiss a girl, but I was disappointed. Either she was a bad kisser, or I just prefer a man's touch. It was too soft. I'm willing to try again though.

6. I'm about to turn 22, and I'm still a virgin. This is something that causes me a lot of embarrassment. I hate to reveal this fact, and I won't admit to it unless someone outright asks me.

7. I've had a few chances to have sex, but I've turned them down. I'm not quite sure what's stopping me. I'm attractive and comfortable with my body, but when it comes down to actual penetration, I get freaked out. I think it may be leftover Catholic guilt (I'm not even Catholic!)

8. I sometimes use my virginity as a source of power against boys. I like to hear them beg me to fuck them, and I like telling them no.

9. It has been my goal this year to hook with as many people as possible, to make up for lost time. So far, I've had only had two, because I only hook up with guys that I find interesting, and it's hard to find quality guys in bars.

10. I think I put on a "good girl" act to my friends and family, but that's not really who I am at all. I have a high sex drive. I touch myself and watch porn regularly, but no one would ever guess. I'm trying to let more and more of the other side show.

11. My favorite porn star is Sasha Grey, and my favorite porn is "Paid Companions" by Andrew Blake. I love his films, because his porn is sort of high fashion with really beautiful women. If I had the courage, I would love to be in one of his films.

12. The raciest thing I have done so far was giving a guy road head. We were both really drunk, and I'm not sure how we got home alive. It was fun and kind romantic in a weird way. We were driving back to his place on an empty highway late at night and "I Want You" by Kings of Leon was playing on the radio.

13. Whenever I hear that song now, I get that same pang of excitement. I remember everything about that moment, how he squirmed underneath me and the way he moaned.

14. The same guy that I gave road head to, felt me up and fingered me while we were dancing at a bar. I think I may have an exhibitionist side.

15. I love to kiss, but most of the people I've kissed have been relatively unmemorable, except for one. I met this goofy looking, but endearingly cute redhead at a party in a warehouse. I took him out to the side of the building, and we made out for what seemed like hours. He reveled me that he liked to lightly strangle and be strangled. I'm always up to experiment, so I let him - it was so sexy. He also grabbed my hair during. A lot of people were walking by us and could clearly see us which added to the sexiness. I really regret not going home with him that night.

16. I've been wanting other guys I've been with to strangle me while we kiss, but I'm afraid of being judged or seen as weird.

17. After reading this erotic story online, I've always fantasized about having my first time with someone who was really charming and sexually aggressive. Someone who could seduce me into bed with them. I would say no, but he would know I meant yes.

18. Sometimes I think I'll explode from sexual frustration. I have too much pent up sexual energy, and masturbating isn't enough anymore. It just leaves me feeling empty inside. Now I just distract myself by cleaning my room or drawing.

19. I fantasize about being kidnapped quite often by a handsome criminal. I am tied to a chair and left alone in a dim basement. I begin to develop a case of Stockholm syndrome, and I fuck my captor while I'm still tied up.

20. I wish my friends and I were more honest and open to each other about sex, but I think we're all afraid of being judged or seen as slutty. It makes me sad.

21. I love giving blowjobs, but I would never admit it to my friends, because they seem to hate doing it. I lie about swallowing, because one of my friends finds it disgusting and "skanky." I don't see what the big deal is anyways. For some reason, I find it rude to spit.

22. I've always wanted to own a pair of handcuffs and have them used on me. I don't know what's stopping me from getting some.

23. I want to explore spanking. I've always wanted to be bent over and smacked.

24. I have this glamorous fantasy of being a stripper, just being connected with my body and having men drool over me. I don't think I have the courage to do it in real life. I admire those who have the balls to do it.

25. I've realized making this list and reading this blog that I shouldn't feel ashamed of my sexual desires and fantasies, and that I should ask more for what I want from my partners. I've also realized I might be into exhibitionism and light BDSM. Making this list was really eye opening for me.
1. My first sexual experience: being molested by a neighbor when I was 11. At the time I didn't know it was wrong. We would lay on the floor and watch cartons together and he would finger me. I thought it felt good. He did more than fingering to my older sister and she told on him to my mom. After the police questioned him, he committed suicide. I started masturbating soon after.

2. I started having orgasms at the age of 12. I can remember humping my favorite teddy bear every night. I would also hide behind the couch and rub my clit while my family watched TV. I wonder if they knew what I was doing back there.

3. In middle school, I thought my large labia lips were from me masturbating so much. I was very self conscious about this. It wasn't until I showered with my best friend that I noticed hers were the same.

4. I lost my virginity to my high school sweetheart in the 9th grade. It was during a BIG party he had when his parents went away. We were in his bed and when we finished, I noticed his sheets were covered in blood. He knew he popped my cherry and handled it better than me. By the end of the night, everyone at the party knew what had happened. I think he threatened everybody at the party if he found out they gossiped about it. I never got teased. I don't regret it and still have a soft spot for him today. Thank god he lives 3,000 miles away!

5. I love watching men masturbate online. Hearing and seeing their orgasms makes me HOT!

6. I have an ongoing secret affair with a man I met online. He found my lost sexual soul and I'm thankful he's in my life. We've only met twice, but I never felt more comfortable with a man sexually than I did when I was with him. He embraced my inner slut like no other man has. I make videos of myself masturbating and send them to him. I share my most intimate moments with a man who is not my boyfriend. I don't think I will ever stop, even if I get caught.

7. I hate condoms, but after 4 pregnancies, I very rarely allow my boyfriend of 12 years to go bare back.

8. I always masturbate before I workout. It's the best way to get my heart rate going!

9. I love sex toys! If I was rich, I would buy them like some women buy shoes. I still have my very first vibrator even though it doesn't work anymore. I don't have the heart to throw it away.

10. After having an episiotomy, I would never try anal sex. I liked an occasional finger, but that was it. Now, 12 years later, I could kick myself in the ass for not trying it sooner! My first orgasm with anal penetration was pure heaven.

11. I have long intense orgasms when I'm stoned on weed or Xanax. I have a hard time reaching an orgasm if I drink alcohol.

12. I've never been with a women but I'm dying too! I know I could make another woman cum and I can't wait to try it!

13. I'm 35 and I feel I've only scratched the surface to my sexual curiosity. What will I get into next?

14. I masturbated in a busy rest stop parking lot once. We were on our way to the beach and we passed an adult novelty store. I begged for him to turn around and go back. The whole time I was looking, he rushed me to pick something out so we could leave. I felt like he was embarrassed to be seen in a dirty store. When we got back on the highway, he pulled into a rest stop and parked the car in a remote spot. I had no clue why we stopped until he revealed a raging hard on. I couldn't say no. I broke in the new toy I just bought while he watched.

15. Lube is a must for 'quickies' when there's no time to wait for my natural lube. It hurts when my dry lips get pinched during sex.

16. I like to secretly watch porn on my laptop while everyone is home. They think I'm reading or surfing the net but I'm really not. I wait till I get really wet and swollen then head to the bedroom to masturbate. I love to tease myself and it makes me cum fast. I do it all the time!

17. My most embarrassing moment was with my high school sweetheart. I was on the pill and he came inside me all time. I was on top riding him hard and I must of took in a lot of air. After we finished and he pulled out, I queeved the entire load onto his stomach. It was loud and messy and I had no idea what a queeve was at the time. I can laugh about it now. Hahahaha.

18. 1 out of 10 orgasms are with my boyfriend. The other 9 are when I masturbate.

19. I have a large collection of porn on my laptop. My secret online lover sends it to me and I won't ever share it with anyone.

20. I check out women more than I check out men.

21. When my boyfriend discovered the internet and all it's filth, he wanted to try web camming on an adult web site. He still doesn't know that I had already been doing it for months.

22. I hate it when I a man uses more than 2 fingers inside me while giving me head (unless the third is in my ass, then it's ok). They think the deeper inside, the better. All I want is my g-spot rubbed. Less is more sometimes.

23. Reading '25 Things About My Sexuality' blog makes me wet. I'm glad I'm not the only slut out there!

24. I like it when my boyfriends friends come to our house and catch me wearing a skimpy outfit or my bathing suit. They try their best not to look at my body but they do. I get right up in their face and talk eye to eye. I like watching them squirm, trying not to look down at my breasts. The next time we have sex, he talks dirty to me, telling me I'm a dirty slut for teasing his friends like that when I already know they want to fuck me. He likes watching me tease them as much as I like to doing it.

25. One time on vacation, my older sister asked to borrow my curling iron. Not thinking, I told her it was in my suitcase wrapped in towel because it was still a little hot from me using it. When she got into her room and unfolded the towel, she had grabbed my vibrator by mistake! Her boyfriend got excited thinking it was her vib. She couldn't believe I brought my vib on vacation and was kinda pissy that her bf couldn't stop talking about it. She has never owned one or tried one. She's 38. I'm getting her one on her next birthday. I'm glad they're not together anymore because he treated me different and it creeped me out.
1. I am a 30 year old man and I have never had sex, never been jerked off, caressed or seen naked.

2. I can't remember how old I was when I first started to masturbate.

3. I enjoy masturbating.

4. Sometimes I think that I masturbate too much.

5. Have been known to masturbate 3 times a day. It is very rare that I don't masturbate at least once a day.

6. I use porn. I used to buy magazines but now I mainly use the internet. Have been a member of a lot of pay sites.

7. Erotica is more enjoyable to me than hardcore porn. I think that there is an exploitative and abusive element to most hardcore pornography and although it arouses me and ultimately I jerk off to it I do feel guilty and dirty sometimes.

8. With erotica the power of suggestion is a massive turn on. Non nude erotica is especially appealing to me as it focuses on the natural beauty of the model.

9. I love women. I think that the female body is a thing of beauty.

10. It amazes me that women find the male body attractive.

11. I have often wondered what it would be like to be a women and how it would feel to be penetrated by a penis.

12. Having an erection is a brilliant feeling, gently stroking my penis and caressing my body really turns me on.

13. More than anything I want to have sex but I am painfully shy and I have no idea as to 'how to pick women up'. I think that I am moderately attractive, I just have no confidence. I have had girlfriends but sex has never been part of the (in all cases) short relationships. Is the man always expected to make the first move?

14. When I was 15 and 16 I used to cut pictures out of magazines then cycle to the local common / park, find a secluded spot and masturbate outdoors to the pictures. that used to make me so horny.

15. I once masturbated in someone's porch whilst doing my paper round. I just felt really horny all of a sudden and just had to have a wank.

16. I love the taste of my pre cum.

17. Sometimes I insert a finger up my arse and massage my G spot. That leads to some very intense orgasms.

18. It is such a turn on caressing my legs and thighs whilst wearing stockings and tights.

19. I am far too independent and whilst the idea of being in a relationship appeals to me I don't like the idea of being dependent on and being depended on. This is another reason why I am still a virgin. I am a sexual person but I don't want to have sex with someone just for the sake of it.

20. When I lose my virginity I want it to be with someone I'm at the very least attracted to, but that I'm ideally in love with. I have yet to meet a woman who has been patient with me and understands that I'm a virgin. That simple fact really puts women off balance. Thinking about it, it's probably a turn off, which is kinda strange because if I was a woman and a virgin there would probably be a host of men beating down my door to 'de-flower' me.

21. I have often thought of posing nude for a photo shoot.

22. I used to use my imagination a lot but hardly ever now.

23. I want someone to take control of me, to teach me. I'd make a very willing sex student.

24. The thought of being hand cuffed / tied up is very arousing.

25. Have thought of hiring a prostitute to lose my virginity to but coupled with my extensive use of pornography I'm not sure if that would distort and effect future relationships and sexual encounters with women.
1. I lost my virginity at 12 to a 16 year old boy I thought I'd marry. I probably would have too if he didn't throw himself in front of a car.

2. I spent the entire summer before 8th grade sleeping in a tree house made out of wire racks and learning that sex wasn't as exciting and wonderful as I thought it would be. Turns out it was a lot better when I started doing it in a bed.

3. I had a friend in 4th grade that taught me everything I knew about sex until I actually had it. I had my first sexual experience with her too but I'm not attracted to girls at all.

4. I am physically repulsed by overweight men and men with hairy chests. I'm dating one with both characteristics. I don't understand why he doesn't make me gag in bed. I think it's because he doesn't walk like he's fat, he carries himself with confidence.

5. I'm 20 years old and I've slept with probably 15 or so men. That might not seem like a lot but before college, that number was only three or four. I'm in my third year.

6. I watch pornography constantly. I don't masturbate while I watch it though. My male roommates find it creepy that I watch it more than they do. I mostly watch girl on girl stuff even though I'm 99% straight.

7. I'm always quiet during sex but it's because I'm afraid of being heard. I'm really a screamer with good self control.

8. I'm not allowed to drink whiskey because I'll suck anyone's dick after three shots of Jack. I'm not a lightweight either, it's just whiskey.

9. I once had a competition with my college roommate to see who was better at giving head. I won.

10. She and I also shared three partners, not at the same time. They came back to me for a second helping and never called her back. She resents me for it and we no longer speak.

11. I'm a psychology major and I analyze my partners before I take them to bed. I don't have a specific style in the sack but I completely base my actions on what I think he would want.

12. I cannot stand sleeping with virgins. It makes me physically ill. I hate the fumbling hands and the shaky breath. I hate the hesitation and the prodding. I need someone that's sure of what they're doing.

13. I masturbate to pass time. I don't know if I even enjoy it anymore.

14. When I was dating a 17 year old, I promised him a threesome with my best friend for his birthday. We may be broken up but I'd probably still fuck her if my new boyfriend was into it. Did I mention she's dating my roommate? He would not approve.

15. My ex boyfriend's step-dad not only walked in on us having sex but lingered and watched. When I realized it, I started crying and almost threw up. He didn't stop fucking me and he knew before I did.

16. It only takes me about two minutes to come when I'm on top. It happens too fast and I have to stop before he even has a chance. I've worked out a system of starting on the bottom and climbing on top when he's close.

17. I cannot have sex when I smoke pot. My body just won't let it happen. I get all dried up and I can't concentrate enough to come or even keep any kind of rhythm.

18. I find my body horribly unattractive. Sometimes I don't understand why men even want me. I guess my personality makes up for it. Or maybe its the fact that my pouty mouth alludes to good blow jobs.

19. My roommates and I play a game called "Tell Me Something I Probably Don't Want to Know". I never tell them the really shocking stuff because I never want them to picture me naked, fucking, sucking or anything like that. I mostly just tell them gross things because it's weird for me to talk about sexual things with my guy roommates but I don't mind hearing it.

20. I hate being naked. I always leave my socks on. Weird, I know but it makes me feel safe and no one seems to mind.

21. I had sex in a child's race car bed once. I never called the guy again because I'm pretty sure I got a minor concussion from the lack of pillows and the hard plastic frame.

22. If I had to pick a celebrity to have sex with, it would probably be Jon Stewart. I'm not even sure why.

23. I truly enjoy going down on guys. I don't even need to receive in order to get off. I can physically come from enjoying a blow job that much.

24. I have sex dreams almost every other night. Most times, my partner doesn't even have a face. Just some random body, sometimes tattooed, others hairy. It might be rough or gentle love making.

25. Reading this blog makes me feel a lot more comfortable with my own sexuality and sexual history. For a while, I thought I was a creep.
1. I lost my virginity to a boy who was my best friend. We were spending the night at a friend's house when it happened. It was pleasurable and wonderful, but there was no passion whatsoever. Afterwards, he got scared and dropped out of the real world for the following 3 years. I've never regretted it, though I have just recently forgiven him for it.

2. I started masturbating when I was in the 6th grade. I was always home alone after school for a few hours and used that time to read erotica and rub against pillows. Even years later, after discovering the joys of my fingers, I still get off the hardest from humping pillows and balled up blankets.

3. I've only had one one-night stand and halfway through I started bawling about my first love. I was drunk.

4. I've always fantasized about doing more than one man at the same time. Gangbangs and threesomes and double penetration turn me on, but I'm not too keen on something in my ass at the moment and more importantly, I'm so in love with my boyfriend that I'm repulsed by the idea of anyone else inside of me.

5. Despite not being up for anal play (that all may change; I can't say for certain) and my relatively strict and Catholic upbringing, I consider myself to be pretty kinky. I love feeling hands around my neck, being scratched, bitten, tied up, the feel of latex, corsets, ball gags, being teased and punished. It's only getting more alluring as time passes.

6. The summer before my senior year in high school, my two best male friends held me down and played with me after I was drunk off gin. We didn't have sex, but to this day I still feel completely violated.

7. The boy I lost my virginity to first fingered me after he dropped me off at home one night. He thought I was asleep when I was actually feigning and enjoying every minute of it.

8. I've only made love once, completely spontaneously, and it was the most passionate, raw, intense thing I've ever felt. I enjoy it more than hard fucking but don't want to wear it out.

9. While I don't regret losing my virginity under those circumstances, I'm glad I waited for my current boyfriend to be my first to make love to.

10. My current boyfriend is the only one who's ever made me cum.

11. I love having a cock in my mouth (see below) and I've never spit.

12. Seeing a man in pleasure gets me off harder than any physical stimulation. I love feeling them squirm and watch them wriggle. I love the way their faces scrunch when they're about to come. I like having a cock in my mouth and watching them get off.

13. I noticed from an early age that men would stare at my chest. Most of these men have no arousing qualities but I still like to make them stare and get nervous. I'm a terrible flirt.

14. I hit puberty earlier than everyone else I knew and by the 7th grade fit a C cup. It was terribly embarrassing at the time but not at a 36 D I love my body more than ever. I'm by no means a twig, but I think I'm proportional for such a small girl with huge boobs. I used to be self-conscious about them but now they're one of my favorite parts of my body!

15. I found my mom's sex toys and porn in middle school. It bothered me immensely at the time because her boyfriend isn't up to par and on top of that, he's incredibly hairy.

16. On my boyfriend's and my "first date" he ended up tied to a playground fence at midnight, and beaten with a leather belt by my friend and I. She noticed we had clicked earlier and left us to be together. We were both concerned that it was a wrong foot to start off on but neither of us regret it.

17. While he was tied to the fence, my friend had the belt and I popped up between his chest and the link fence to kiss him. He has since deemed me the best kisser he's ever had and says it was the single most hottest and sensual thing he's ever experienced. I apparently reminded him of a slave girl of a mistress who was trying desperately to take care of him.

18. I love when a guy curls up on my chest. It's the softest and sweetest gesture.

19. The first thing I did when I turned 18 was visit the sex shop where I bought a ball gag/mask, handcuffs, a riding crop and vibrator. I was told by the clerk "You wasted no time, did you?"

20. I love the sensation of not being able to see your lover. It heightens my other senses and makes it more erotic.

21. Despite loving having my riding crop in hand and making my lover beg for it, I love being held down, punished and talked dirty to. I haven't decided which I like better -- being dominated or dominating.

22. For my birthday, my boyfriend took me to buy latex nurse boots. I have a terrible nurse fetish. He enjoy feeling the latex rub up and down his skin.

23. I've been on birth control only with my current boyfriend. Every other time and partner have been strictly condoms only, but I can't stand using them anymore. I love the feel of skin on skin and it makes it so much more erotic. I want to feel him coming inside of me (the thought alone sends me over the edge), but until he can feel comfortable with it, it won't happen. However, the closest thing has been equally hot: he pulled out and came on my pussy.

24. The two men I've been truly sexually involved with, one my current boyfriend, have had fetishes of being completely dominated and humiliated. They both want to be peed on and I would love to explore this, I'm just never sure how to initiate this.

25. I find the hollow of the back to be the sexiest place on another human being.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1. I lost my virginity when I was 17, to my internet boyfriend of a year and a half. All we ever did for the six weeks we spent together was have sex.

2. It was terrible, horrible sex. But we had so much fun doing it. We broke up a few months later.

3. I have slept with 12 men and 6 women. I don't have a preference as to which I prefer.

4. The last woman I was with loved to be fisted- and I loved doing it. Now I'm obsessed with the idea of it, but not sure how to ask my boyfriend to do it to me.

5. In terms of being stimulated and getting off- I love being fingered more than anything else. Hands down. (Pun intended.) I hate oral sex, but pretend to love it because everyone seems to think it's some sort of big deal.

6. I only really like sex if I actually care about the person that I'm with. Otherwise I just have to be drunk enough to think that I like it. Bonus points if I'm drunk and I really like you.

7. The best sex I've ever had was with a 16 year old virgin. I was 2 years older than him at the time, and after the first time we had sex we'd fuck 2 or 3 times a day for months on end. By the end of our relationship we had sex once a week, and that was it. Never more. He was also the biggest I've ever been with.

8. I have had sex in more cars than I can recall.

9. I've only been in one threeway. It was with one of my close friends and some random guy at a party. We didn't plan it- we all just ended up making out in some strangers bed, and one thing led to another. The entire party knew about it and yet when it was over we all acted like nothing had happened and went back downstairs and danced.

10. I want to be in (many) more- but I'm not sure how to dictate that while being in a relationship. My boyfriend is all about it, but we have very different tastes in women.

11. I always lie and tell people that I masturbate far more than I do. I feel like it will seem like I don't "love myself" enough if I admit that I almost never masturbate. I find it terribly boring, even when I come.

12. I don't have a clue how many people I've kissed or fooled around with. Not even a slight clue. It's less than 100 but far more than 50.

13. I've had sex in the back of a truck behind a church, in a (busy) IHOP bathroom, driving through Detroit in rush hour traffic, in the back of a car parked on a busy street (under a street light), and in a bands recording studio. I still like fucking in bed with the lights off the most.

14. My old gyno once called me a slut. I never went back to her again.

15. I really hate porn, but I really wish that I liked it. I think (and hope) I just haven't found the right porn yet.

16. I ejaculate sometimes, but I don't know how to control it yet. I LOVE it when it happens.

17. Half of the women I've been with had never been with a woman before- and haven't since. One was a strict catholic, one was a virgin, and one decided that she only liked women that night. I love that fact.

18. I love being beaten up while fucking- but when that's the case I'm more into the pain than I am the sex. I can't get off from both at the same time.

19. Exercising until I'm in pain makes me really horny.

20. I love fucking in the shower because I feel like my partner is more inclined to be dirty and experimental. So am I.

21. I love the smell of sex. Sweat and cum and pussy all mixed together. I especially love it when my hands smell like another woman's pussy.

22. I still have this idea in my head of what sex should feel like, and it still isn't what it actually feels like. It's the way I imagined it when I was still a virgin- and I still wonder sometimes if it's even possible to feel that way.

23. I hate hearing other people having sex. Anyone at all. Yet I'm really, really loud sometimes, even when I know that people can hear me.

24. There is a woman who models for stock photography who looks almost identical to me. I really want to find her and fuck her, just to see what it would be like.

25. I finally stopped shaving my pubes for the first time in eight years, and I've never felt more sexy.
1. The first time I had an orgasm was when I was 13. I was in bed and felt a little bit itchy. Light scratching turned to more intentional exploring and I had my first orgasm. I woke up with dried blood under my fingernails because I had got my first period without realizing it was happening.

2. I still feel incredibly horny in the week leading up to my period. I feel lucky that I’ve never been with a guy who had a problem with period sex.

3. My first vibrator experience was embarrassing. I’d found a sport massager in the hall closet and was messing around with it on my thigh without really realizing I could try it out on my pussy, when my mother walked in. She teased me, turning an innocent exploration into something I was ashamed of. It did put the idea in my head, though, and I tried it on my clit the first chance I got.

4. When I was 12 my best friend took me to her Pentecostal church, where I was coerced into accepting Jesus. That began a long program of indoctrination into the sins associated with sex, more specifically at the time masturbation. While I masturbated daily all during my teens, I felt intensely guilty about it. Even into adulthood I felt embarrassed about touching myself when I was having sex with someone. It wasn’t until a lover told me how hot it made him to see me touching my clit while I rode him that I got over that.

5. I once burned my clit by using a massager with the ball attachment off, leaving just the metal post, which became gradually hotter. I had to take a few days off after that.

6. When I was 14 or so I developed a crush on my cousin. I had fantasies involving party sex games where we’d be paired up randomly. I think this made it seem less weird to be doing sexual things with my cousin, since the bottle made the choice, or the flip of the coin. I never told my cousin about my crush.

7. I wanted to lose my virginity to a boy I had a summer romance with. We made out for hours and he got so far as burying his face in my panty covered pussy but we never had sex. I think he wasn’t ready. I spent most of that summer aroused but unsatisfied.

8. That same summer I bought my horse. I rode her every day and learned that if I tilted my pelvis forward slightly the motion of her walking would get me off. I can’t say how many times I quietly came in full sight of people driving past on the road.

9. The first guy I had sex with was black. He said he’d had sex before but he was pretty inexperienced because he didn’t try to get me ready first and I was very dry. I don’t know if he was especially large, having nothing to compare to. The second time was better because I wasn’t as nervous and was much wetter. He went down on me (sort of) but I never orgasmed with him.

10. I never had an orgasm while having sex with someone until I met my ex-husband. He was 11 years older and knew a bit more than my previous child lovers. He was the first guy to go down on me and make me cum.

11. In hindsight, my ex probably would have been open to trying just about anything I suggested sexually, but I was still so repressed I couldn’t bring myself to say the word “pussy” let alone suggest buying sex toys.

12. I faked orgasm almost every time my ex and I had sex, after the first year we were together. I never had the courage to tell him what I liked so I never got there. I felt pressure to get off quickly so he could be finished so I’d fake it. Then when he was in the bathroom washing up I’d quickly get myself off.

13. We bought a computer in 1994 and I quickly discovered internet porn and adult chat rooms. I noticed many of the women I was seeing had shaved pussies so I shaved mine. I will never forget how aroused I was once I’d finished shaving and how amazingly smooth my pussy lips felt when I masturbated afterward. I was a little surprised that I seemed wet all the time with no pubic hair to trap moisture before it dripped down my thigh.

14. The day after I shaved my pussy for the first time my ex saw me naked and made some mild comment. I realize now that he was turned on by it and wonder what might have turned out differently if I’d asked him if he wanted a closer look.

15. When I was a teenager I used to lie in bed and have elaborate fantasies in which a guy was slowly caressing every inch of my body. I would use my own hands to duplicate what was happening in my head, avoiding touching my nipples or pussy until I couldn’t stand it. I was a master of the slow tease and I still love it when a lover takes the time to slowly tease me into a frenzy before finally letting me come. It happens rarely though.

16. My nipples have always been extremely sensitive but it wasn’t until I met my 2nd long term lover that I admitted it. Once I actually told someone how much I loved having my nipples sucked and bitten they started getting a lot more attention. I’ve never had an orgasm from just nipple stimulation, though I’ve come close.

17. I really wish I could have multiple orgasms. I can have one, then after a rest and with a bit of patience maybe another one, but the kind that come one on top of the other like waves on a beach have eluded me.

18. I used to think my pussy was built differently than other women’s. I thought my clitoris was too small and set really far from the vaginal opening. It wasn’t until I got internet and started looking at lots of different pussies that I realized I was normal.

19. I don’t like having sex with a man who’s really big. It generally hurts and there is no possibility of anal sex, which I really love but I don’t love feeling ripped up the next day. I’d rather have sex with a guy who’s on the smaller side for that reason. I also have a really strong gag reflex, so a smaller guy can grab me by the hair and fuck my mouth without me having to stop because he’s gagging me.

20. I love giving blowjobs. It bothered me that the first guy I went down on didn’t believe I’d never done it before. My enthusiasm was mistaken for experience. I have no problem giving long blowjobs. I like taking my time and playing with the guys cock in different ways, but not letting him cum until I’m ready to be done.

21. I love anything that has to do with mouths; kissing, sucking a cock, sucking a tongue like it was a little cock, licking a pussy, sucking on toes and fingers, earlobes, licking eyelids, anus and scrotum, licking along the crease between the ass and thigh, feeling a nipple get hard in my mouth. I love slowly and gently kissing a lovers face all over.

22. I’m almost 40 now and I’ve had three kids. I have a lot of stretch marks on my stomach and hips. My breasts are no longer perky and my stomach isn’t flat. On the other hand, I feel more comfortable in my skin now than I did when I was 16 and my body was perfect. My nipples got large and more sensitive after breastfeeding, which I love. It amazes me that I was afraid to be naked in front of a lover when my body was flawless.

23. I love being restrained. Being held down and tickled until I’m exhausted is amazing! *** is strong enough to take complete control of me and I love it when he holds me down on my stomach with my arms held down and my legs pinned together while he fucks my ass. Being in that helpless position and having him sink his teeth into my neck or back is one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. He makes me say and admit to things when he has me like this that I’d never say otherwise.

24. I have a strong desire to be disciplined publicly. To have a lover become annoyed with my behavior at a party or something and force me over his lap. To have him rip my panties down, exposing my ass to everyone there and beat my ass until I cry, while making me say demeaning things, then forcing me to kneel next to him with my red ass on display. He would only let me get up if he wanted me to get him something. This fantasy makes me so hot I get dizzy but it’s also a bit disturbing to have something so humiliating be so arousing.

25. While I’m very submissive sexually with men, when I’m with a woman I like to be in control.
1. I've slept with 9 men but I only count 7 of them and I only admit to 4. I'm 22 years old.
2. The first two guys that I slept with were both uncircumcised. The first time I slept with a circumcised guy I was confused.
3. I've slept with a Peruvian and 2 Jews and the rest were white guys. The Peruvian was the best. I think he also had the most experience.
4. I was the only female working at a boat store during my teenage summers. I let one of my bosses finger me while I was cleaning up the checkout area one afternoon. My other co-workers were going about their duties in the store. It was hot.
5. I've had sex in the middle of a soccer field at night, on the end of 2 docks (also at night), on a boat, in the backseat of a pickup truck, and I gave a blowjob to a past boyfriend in the university library. I liked fucking at the end of a dock. It was usually hard and fast. Then we'd roll over and look at the stars
6. I was a good girl until I got to mom taught at my high school and I was very sheltered. I lost my virginity at 18 to my first boyfriend after dating him for 3 months. It just happened one night...we had done so much fooling around before that that it just seemed natural to go further. It didn't hurt at all. He was a virgin too. We used to count condoms to figure out how many times we had had sex...until I got on the pill 2 months later. (The number was over 60.)
7. The first time I got a guy off with my hand I felt so exhilarated. So much power in my hands!
8. I like it rough. Throw me around, pull me by the hair, tie me up and have at it.
9. I keep it neat but I still have most of my pubic hair. I'm somewhat afraid to have a Brazilian wax. Only one of the guys has mentioned anything about it (he was very polite in the way he inquired).
10. I don't like it when guys go down on me. Given, only 4 of them have tried it but I usually pull them back up. I guess I'm too self conscious to enjoy it. What a shame.
11. I usually hold my breath when I masturbate. I don't often masturbate in front of guys. I masturbated in front of the Peruvian and he saw what I was doing and started choking me himself. It was one of the best orgasms I've ever had.
12. I was given a vibrator by the boss that fingered me (see #4); I call it my Lightsaber. I'm currently in grad school and I left that vibrator at home over 1000 miles away. I need to get another one. Seriously. (Truthfully, the Lightsaber never got tons of use because it's kinda loud. Plus, I'm pretty good at getting myself off just using my fingers to play with my clit.)
13. I would consider myself bi or at least bi-curious. I'm not sure if this is fair to admit since I haven't yet had experience with women. I find women so attractive and I would jump at the chance at being part of a FFM threesome but...nothing yet.
14. I shared a room until I was 16. I started masturbating when I was 11. Luckily my sister is 3 years younger than I am and a heavy sleeper.
15. I bought a pair of handcuffs as part of my Halloween costume when I was 18...they've come in handy over the years. I have used them on guys and they have used them on me. I've found that I love to be teased.
16. I miss having sex while stoned. Everything feels amazing.
17. I've had 4 partners in the past 30 days. I feel like a slut. During my four years in undergrad I only had 2 partners and they were both boyfriends.
18. The two men I "don't count" (see #1) were older; one was the boss from #4 and the other guy was his friend. I was over 18 but they used me and I didn't realize it until later. *shudders*
19. I adore cuddling after sex. I sleep best with someone is in bed with me.
20. If a guy doesn't make noise when he comes I'm very disappointed.
21. I don't mind it at all when a guy comes on me. In fact, I've always wanted a guy to either come on my face or give me a pearl necklace. But he can clean it up afterward.
22. Action movies make me really horny. (examples: James Bond films, Watchmen, 300, Sin City)
23. I can't go more than a few weeks without sex; I get riled up and grumpy. Exercising until I'm exhausted helps but there's nothing like a good fucking.
24. I hate the double standard. I want to keep my "number" low but I want to have sex w/more people so I can learn more about what I like sexually and also what others like.
25. I love to bite, scratch, and grab. I've been dubbed "Eagle" because of the scratch marks I've left. At least I grew out of my hickey-giving phase...
1. I was a late bloomer and didn't have my first kiss till I was 18. I also had my first orgasm at the same age, with the same guy, in the backseat of his car using a vibrator. The orgasm was so explosive that I immediately fell asleep afterwards.

2. The smallest guy I've dated was 4 inches. The biggest was 9 inches. I didn't have sex with either of them because at the time I didn't believe in sex till marriage. The 9-inch guy did try to sleep with me though and it hurt like hell. He was never able to get it in.

3. I've always felt sad that I lost my virginity to someone who wasn't a virgin. I always thought it was more special when both people are virgins. I was 20 at the time, and had to talk him into it. I was his second.

4. My boyfriend right now is not the thickest or longest I've been with. But he gives me the best orgasms I've ever had.

5. Up until late last year, I could only orgasm through oral or rubbing myself during sex. But one day (like magic) I was able to come while riding on top of him. I can now come pretty much every time-- but I have my off days. I was also pleased to find out I can come while on the bottom, too.

6. I am 100% certain I am straight, but I get really turned on by breasts. Large, round, natural ones. I have a large photo collection of scantily clad women on my computer. I hope no one ever finds it. I think Jessica Gomes (?) has the best breasts ever. Look her up in the 2008 SI Swimsuit issue. Bar Rafaeli is another one.

7. Going along with #6, I LOVE having my breasts and nipples touched. Squeeze them, lick them, rub them, pinch them... I go nuts. It is by far the easiest way to turn me on.

8. I've been shaving down there for the last 5 years. One day I was just curious to see what it would be like and I loved it. I really believe being shaved makes sex much more intense. Now I hate it if I have even a little bit of hair there. Every guy I have encountered loves the shaved look.

9. I've been with a couple of guys who shaved their hair down there completely off too, but I find it a tad weird. I prefer if they have a bit of hair at least.

10. I love giving guys head, but I'd prefer if they not cum in my mouth. I had a bad experience with one guy where I threw up after he came in my mouth, so never again.

11. Everyone I've ever kissed has said I was a really good kisser. But I wonder if they're just saying that. My secret is to not use too much tongue and moan a little.

12. I do think that what might make me a good kisser is my lips. I have naturally full luscious lips.

13. I'm not a big porno watcher. I have ONE file saved on my computer that I will go back to time and again, but I don't watch it very often. Usually I will just use my imagination.

14. I am so loud when I orgasm. But prior to the orgasm, I am relatively quiet because I am trying to focus on the orgasm.

15. I've never tried anal because I'm still a bit grossed out by the idea of it. I also believe that it will hurt, a lot. The most action I've gotten in that region is getting fingered there. And it wasn't half bad.

16. I've had sex in bathrooms far too many times.

17. I think it'd be really hot to have sex at the office, but I don't have an office and neither does my boyfriend. (Cubicles.)

18. I don't believe I've ever had a G-spot orgasm. I really, really, really want one.

19. I didn't give myself an orgasm without a vibrator until I was 22 or so. Simply because I didn't know how to touch myself.

20. Doggie-style is a huge turn-on for me. It just feels so dirty and rough.

21. I am very candid about my sex life and am not shy talking about it. But I am careful about who I discuss my sex life with because it seems most people I know are not comfortable talking about it.

22. My mom knows I've had sex. She doesn't know how many partners, but she can guess. The day we had that talk, it was oddly liberating to know that I didn't have any secrets from her anymore. My dad suspects, but he has not confirmed this fact with me and hope he never will. As far as he is concerned, I am a virgin till the day I get married.

23. I do not normally like wearing thongs or g-strings. But when I do wear them, I find that I get turned on easier and the sex is even better than it already is.

24. I love the sight of my boyfriend's hard-on poking through his jeans. And I really love the fact that I get him hard so easily.

25. My stupidest sex moment was going at it in a parking deck and getting caught afterwards. We had to leave the premises immediately and weren't allowed to return for 24 hours.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1.I'm 20, and lost my virginity shortly after I turned 17. Since then I've had sex with 19 men.
2.Only one of them has been able to make me come without any assistance on my part, and I'm so afraid that no other guy will ever be able to do it again.
3.Most of the time during sex, I get off by rubbing myself while I'm on top. The bad thing about this is that my orgasms are entirely clit-oriented, and if the guy is thrusting too hard at that point, I get distracted and can't come.
4.I masturbated all the way to orgasm for the first time when I was 12 or 13, in my bunk at summer camp. I had to be absolutely quiet, and I usually have to when I masturbate. It's hard for me to make a lot of noise during sex because I've trained myself to be quiet.
5.I lost my virginity in a ffm threesome. I've also been in a mmf threesome, and it was awesome. I definitely want to try one again. But not with someone I was going out with... that would just make it awkward.
6.I'd love to go to a sex party or swingers club or something... but I'm shy around people I don't know, and I'd probably feel really insecure about my body.
7.I get the urge to make out with a lot of people, but I rarely follow through. They'd probably assume I was going to have sex with them, and not be very happy campers if I just cut it off after making out with them for awhile. This happens more frequently when I'm drunk.
8.I wonder what it would be like to sleep with my friends, and a lot of people that I meet. It seems like a fun way to get to know more about people. I wish that I could have sex with people and not have it be a big deal, or be considered slutty... like, having comfortable enough relationships with with my friends were we could just... sleep together sometimes. But I know things re never that simple in real life.
9.I was raised around people in a lot of different lifestyles, and I have gay friends, I'm even in a GSA club.... but for some reason, I've always been deathly afraid that people would think I was a lesbian. I am attracted to women somewhat, there was even a time in high school when I thought I might be bi. I'm mostly straight... I can't really see myself in an actual relationship with a girl, or even going down on one, but I really like looking at hot girls, and making out with them can be fun. I'd call it a 1.5 on the Kinsey scale. Sometimes I'm afraid that a girl I have a a girl crush on will see me looking at her, and know what I'm really thinking...
10.I wish that we could have a society that was much more open about sex, with all the taboos and restrictions. I think we are way to prudish. Bring back the 60's please.
11.I've cheated on all of my serious boyfriends (there were three of them). They all happened not to long before we broke up. Feeling trapped, and stifled in the relationships was a major contributing factor... I never want to do something like that again. It's an awful thing to do to another person, even though none of them actually knew about it. I'm really interested in polyamorous relationships, because I think it fits with part of my personality more. It would also keep me from feeling trapped and like I was missing out on something. However, I don't know how well it would really work out in real life. For one thing, I don't know anyone else who would be interested in a relationship like that, and how do you even bring it up? Also, I don't know how I'd actually handle my partner sleeping with some one else. I need my freedom, but I can also be really insecure.
12.I'm good at being the aggressive one during sex, and I know how to take charge, but I really just want a guy to be rough and physical and have his way with me.
13.I love quickies... if I'm feeling it right, I can get off in the first ten minutes of sex. More than 20 minutes of actual thrusting just starts to kind of hurt, and either I've already gotten off, or I'm not going to and would rather stop.
14.The first boy I had a crush on was when I was 4. I've almost always had crushes on multiple people at once... usually at least 3 or 4. I don't get how someone can like just one person for an extended period of time.
15.All of my dolls and toys had VERY active sex lives. My Barbies had orgies and swinger parties... one time, three of the Barbies were under a blanket, “having sex” with three Ken dolls, and then I decided they should switch. So they just rotated!
16.Another time, in the back seat during car trip, I put two of my power ranger dolls down my pants , and I think actually into my vagina a little bit, and had them start kissing and making out. I was probably about 7... I was a weird kid.
17.Another time, a girl friend of mine and I got caught got caught in my bed exploring and playing doctor... my mom called her mom over and we got in trouble. I think that might be where my fear of being called a lesbian comes from.
18.I LOVE kissing. Making out can get me so hot... there have been one or two guys who, when I was kissing them, actually made me feel stoned. I want to feel that again... it's been a while.
19.I have kind of big boobs, and I like it when guys play with them, but they aren't that sensitive. When a guy is doing something, I can tell that it feels good, but I can't actually tell exactly what he's doing. I'm jealous of women who can almost come just from nipple play. I also feel a it self-conscious about my nipples because they aren't as perky as I'd like them to be.
20.There's a guy I really like right now, and I feel like he might like me too, but I'm scared because I don't know where it will go. Will I just get scared after a few months and wind up leaving him and hurting him? I hate thinking that's how it will end before it even starts. But even though I'm scared of the commitment part, I still really want that comfort and closeness with someone.
21.I don't know if I will ever be able to spend the rest of my life with one person... just thinking about it makes my stomach do flip-flops.
22.Like I have friends I want to make out with, I wish I could have friends who I could just invite to sleep over. Sleeping next to someone is such a nice feeling, and I miss it a lot. But it's weird to ask someone to sleep with you, but not sleep with you... also, knowing me, I might plan on just sleeping, but then get turned on and start doing stuff with them, only to regret it afterwards. I totally understand the phrase, “thinking with your penis”, I certainly know I've thought with my clit! And unfortunately made a stupid choice or two.
23.For some reason, when I was a kid, I was afraid a lot that one of my dad's friends would rape me, but as far as I can tell, these fears were completely unfounded. I've never been molested by anyone.
24.Being stoned heightens my sexual experiences. It makes me loosen up and focus only of the pleasure, as well as feel things more intensely. Some of the best sex of my life was after I'd smoked pot, as well as some of the best orgasms by myself.
25.I've had some amazing sex dreams... in fact I had one just last night. However, I've never had an orgasm during one. I always get infuriatingly close. It feels so good, and it builds up and up until I'm almost ready to come, but then right as I'm about to get there, it just goes away. I want to come in my sleep so much.
1. I have an overactive sex-drive, and I've yet to find a man who can really keep up with me.

2. I started masturbating when I was 12, but I never had an orgasm until I was 19. I finally had my first orgasm when I stole my mom's personal massager.

3. When I was a teenager I often masturbated while looking at my dad's porn that I found hidden in the bathroom cabinet.

4. The guy I lost my virginity to was obsessed with anal sex. I tried it to please him, but I instantly loved it. I think I ended up loving it more than he does.

5. I haven't had sex in two months, and I'm getting so frustrated that I'm getting myself off at least once a day, some days up to 3 times. I've completely worn out two vibrators in the last couple months.

6. When I masturbate, I sometimes use three vibrators all at once -- one in my pussy, one in my ass, and one on my clit.

7. I spent hundreds of dollars on a fucking machine a few months ago, but it's not even good enough to get me off.

8. I hate condoms. I never use them. When I feel a man cumming inside me, I have amazing orgasms, so I always stop the guy from putting a condom on.

9. On my last birthday, I had sex with three guys at different times during the day. Two of them were complete strangers. The guys did not know about each other.

10. When I get close to having an orgasm, my pussy gets so tight and I squeeze the guy's dick so hard that I'm told I feel like a virgin. When it happens, the guy almost always cums right away.

11. I don't like receiving oral sex very much. I'd rather just get fucked. The only way I really enjoy being eaten out is when it's a 69.

12. I really enjoy watersports. I love having a guy pee on me. I even tasted it once. He had been drinking and it tasted like watered down beer. Never tasted it again.

13. I love when a guy bites my neck and pulls my hair. The rougher the sex the better. I think that stems from being abused as a child. When I'm going at it with someone doggie style, I love having my back scratched very hard.

14. I love when a man lets me finger him in the ass. I don't really get any enjoyment out of the act itself, but I love watching them squirm. One guy even let me use a strap-on on him. I've talked to a few of his girlfriends he's had after me and he's tried to get all of them to use a strap-on on him and even told them all that I had used one. They all know me as the "girl who used a strap-on."

15. I get extremely turned on by having sex in public. I once had sex in an outside hotel pool while the guy's best friend was swimming around us naked and three old men were standing on the second floor of the hotel watching us.

16. I watch at least an hour of porn every day on the internet. Lately I've gotten into watching MMF videos. I love watching a girl getting fucked by a guy who's being fucked by another guy.

17. I've been with a guy and another girl at the same time but never been with two men at once. I'd love to see what double penetration feels like.

18. I'm starting to get afraid that I'm addicted to watching porn and using vibrators. I wonder if I can enjoy regular one-on-one sex like I used to.

19. My ex-husband got pissed off every time I masturbated, so he wouldn't let me have sex toys. One time I stole his vibrating tooth cleaner and used it in my car while I was driving to work. I also used to masturbate with my hairbrush when I was in the restroom so the ex-husband wouldn't know I was masturbating.

20. I am so loud while I'm having sex that I not only think, I KNOW, that my neighbors can hear me. I get so loud sometimes that my throat gets sore and I start coughing up a storm.

21. I once masturbated with a cucumber from my parents' fridge when I was a teenager. I wrapped it in plastic and washed it afterward just to be sure it was clean. Then my mom ate it the next day. I still feel guilty about it.

22. I like to get myself off while I'm on webcam and talking to guys from my hometown. I lead them on letting them think I'll go home and hook up with them, but I have no intention of ever doing it.

23. Last year I cheated on my now ex-husband with a former boyfriend. I went over to his parent's house where he was staying and we had sex in their guest room while his grandmother and his 5-year-old brother were in the next room. I let out a moan and he had to put his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet.

24. The ex-husband and I once had sex standing outside his pickup in the middle of the night at a local lake. There was another vehicle not very far away. We saw a little red light like one from a video camera. We kept going even though we thought we were getting filmed.

25. I kept some photos and videos in my online briefcase of my ex-husband that he had made for me while we were seperated for a while, and I've posted them online without his knowledge. I've gotten some really funny comments from people saying stuff about how small his dick is.
1. I have not yet slept with another person.
2. Although I have a high libido, I didn't have an orgasm until I was 20 years old.
3. I use my vibrator almost every single day.
4. The most orgasms I ever had in one day is 3.
5. The whole concept of BDSM is very intriguing to me. Especially the D part. All of my fantasies involve strong men who have absolute power over me.
6. I popped my own cherry. It was a moment of total self-determination.
7. I haven't given head yet and I am worried that I won't like the tastes, the smells, and the textures.
8. But I am adventurous and willing to try anything with the right partner.
9. I think I am still a "virgin" because I am too scared to make myself that vulnerable in front of another person, even though it is what I want most in the world.
10. I am plus-sized, which contributes to confidence issues.
11. I talk about sexuality openly with the rest of my family...we have no secrets from each other.
12. I don't understand women who set so many conditions about sex, i.e. "I'll do this if you do this," "I won't do this if you do this," etc. I will be flexible and welcoming once I finally meet the right person to share my gifts with.
13. I would be interested in being with another woman.
14. I hate the term bisexual, because I feel that it indicates a 50/50 attraction for both sexes and that is not the case for me. I am be interested in maybe 1 out of 100 women and 1 out of 10 men.
15. Having said that, I grew up in a lesbian household which was very difficult.
16. If no one I knew was aware of me doing it, I would consider being in a porn movie.
17. I shortly dated a man 17 years older than me...hence the short relationship.
18. For four generations back on my mom's side, we have had "hot-blooded and lusty" women in our family.
19. A man does not have to be traditionally handsome for me to be attracted to him. Short and overly hairy are turn-offs, but I like manly men.
20. Exotic cultures have always turned me on, especially anything associated with India.
21. The same goes for ancient cultures- movies like Troy turn me on so much.
22. The only sexual act I would hesitate about performing is having a 3some. The psychology behind it might mess me up.
23. When I got the "Sex Talk," it took me a few years to figure how sex actually worked. I didn't understand erections or how the couple move together. It took books, movies, and porn to completely solve the puzzle.
24. Costumes and corsets are so sexy to me. I have always loved dressing up and fantasizing in costume.
25. I don't think it will be much longer before I sleep with another person.
1.) When I was very young, my friend who lived next door would come over to play, and we devised a game in which one could earn points redeemable for toys from the other by taking down his pants and showing his ass or his penis, the latter being worth more. He euphemistically referred to this only as "The Game," and would harp on me relentlessly about coming over to play it. I only recall actually doing it twice because I began to sense a dominant/submissive dynamic developing that put me in a very vulnerable situation, so I told my parents what we was going on and they stopped inviting him over. I now realize this as feeling the first pangs of sexual guilt.

2.) The first time I kissed anyone, it was my best male friend, on the jungle gym at recess in second grade. A girl in my class saw us and menacingly shouted, "What? Are you GAY or something?" I was very young and had no concept of hetero /homosexual, had never even HEARD of "gay," but the way she said it was so threatening that I would flash back to it many times much later when I thought I might actually be gay. It's hard to remember exactly what I felt in these situations, but I don't believe "desire" really entered into it. Girls were simply non-entities to me.

3.) I was thirteen the first time I masturbated. That summer when I visited my grandma, who lived just a few blocks away, I had taken to playing with her handheld showerhead, pulling my foreskin over the tube and letting the stream of water rush around the head of my penis. I had no idea what was happening, and it didn't feel particularly good, or at least not good enough to make me as obsessed as I was about doing it. One afternoon, I started feeling really intense responses to it, not just physically but, like, animalistic monkey-in-a-zoo compulsions to KEEP DOING THIS!, and I came. I was then instantly aware of this being masturbation, and I grew so ashamed I started crying even before I fully stopped ejaculating. When my mom came to get me for dinner that night, I was so afraid she'd somehow know, smelling it on me, that threw up in my hat.

4.) Despite this, I did it again and again, which I find amazing considering how terrible I always felt after orgasm. In seventh grade, a girl I thought was cute bent over my neighbor's desk and I could see down the front of her loose yellow shirt. Her breasts were so jarringly white and pretty, and I thought of what it would be like to kiss them, which was my first explicitly sexual thought ever. I excused myself and jacked-off in the bathroom. This was my first sort-of public masturbation, which lead to me doing it in an airplane bathroom, in restaurant toilets, in a dressing room, and while driving.

5.) The longest I've ever gone without masturbating, no touching allowed at all, was nearly six weeks, when I was fifteen and going through a major religious crisis concerning any sexual feelings. I took a "no jacking-off" vow during Lent, and made it until Good Friday, three days short of my "goal," because there was an episode of "The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire" on T.V. that afternoon where Will and Carlton went to a pool party at the Playboy Mansion. At the time, I was, again, crushed and convinced I would have to answer for my actions, but now I realize it's a pretty fucking adorable story.

6.) The first time I kissed someone and knew what I was doing occurred during my first week of college. I was eighteen and this girl who thought I was cute drove me behind a used car lot and said that she was going to make out with me. It was horrible. I thought her mouth was like a sucking vacuole and I knew that I didn't want to kiss her ever again. I thought, "Eighteen years for THIS?"

7.) I lost my virginity when I was twenty to my third girlfriend. The first girl I dated was also totally sexually inexperienced, and I was terrified of being her first time. Our touching and kissing was never arousing or even exciting, but I found out much later that she really wanted to have sex and went on birth control "for me." By that time she had cheated on me over the summer break and it was a moot point. The second girl I dated fooled around with me a lot, and always came loudly when I'd give her cunnilingus. One of those times, she told me to slip myself inside her, but it all fell through because I couldn't keep an erection. Thank God. It would have made for a terrible scene, since I had wanted out of the relationship for a while and we broke up three days later, but even in those occasions you sometimes find yourself awfully close to naked genitals.

8.) I really do love giving oral sex and I've been told that I'm very good at it. So much of the appeal comes from the denial of my own personal physical pleasure and if my partner is particularly into it as well, my horniness mounts to unbelievable levels.

9.) I've never had a one night stand, not because of some upstanding moral code but for what is probably the most shallow reason: I would hate having someone with bad taste in my list of sexual partners. I did once date a girl for the express purpose of having sex with her, but we also liked doing a lot of the same things and figured that it might be nice to do them together. For instance, we watched a lot of Jim Jarmusch movies. We went out drinking together and talked about how bad the jukebox was. And we had a lot of sex.

10.) That particular girl couldn't get off without dirty talk, and it annoyed the piss out of me. Spontaneous outbursts can be incredibly sexy, but otherwise it seems like I'm being forced into an awkwardly written patter of stating the obvious. "Oh, yeah baby. You're fucking me so hard." "Do you like me fucking you, baby?" "Uh huh. You're really fucking me." I found myself spending boring lecture periods trying to think filthy things to lecherously mutter, and I'm sure my lack of enthusiasm frustrated her.

11.) I dated my last girlfriend for little more reason than to cross her off my list of people I wanted to have sex with before I graduated college and moved away. I have not allowed myself to admit this to anyone, most of all to myself until very recently. I feel especially terrible about this because now I don't think about how nice she was to me, or how it was probably the most dedicated relationship I could have ever had, but instead remember the feeling of my fingers guiding hers through her pubic hair to touch her clit.

12.) I find myself attracted to boyish women, and the natural extrapolation of this is that I'm also attracted to lithe and feminine young men. I am overwhelmed by heterosexual feelings, but I also think of sexuality as a two scale system and feeling some light-to-moderate gayness just serves to make my options more interesting. Making out with a cute boy would be a total turn-on, and though I rarely consider the mechanics of actual gay sex, if the circumstances were right, I'd undoubtedly allow the situation to go where it will.

13.) I have dreams that I'm able to fellate myself. They feel astoundingly authentic, and while the novelty of them was exciting at one time, I've started to find them kind of jarring and would rather not have to deal with them again.

14.) I fantasize about having sex in a library above all other places. (I once told this to #9/10, and the next night, she "warmed me up" by telling me how she masturbated to thoughts of giving me oral in the secluded reference section of our college library. I appreciated the spirit, if not the execution, of her gesture...) While loud, wanton, capital-F-Fucking satisfies a primal need, there is nothing so Goddamn hot as watching a girl come while she's trying to be quiet.

15.) I love girl-girl porn, and especially soft-core photos that claim the designation "art nudes." There is a glorious tension to those images, bodies touching but not quite touching, lips out for a kiss but not quite kissing. Watching two girls just barely stroke each other's naked bodies in evening sunlight is a far bigger turn on to me than those same women going at it with a double ended dildo.

16.) To that point, while the Internet has opened a vast world of beautiful perversion and helped me understand the pleasure in things I never believed could be pleasurable, I also feel that it has made me lazy and unimaginative. Knowing that there is smut tailored to every possible smutty feeling I may have, sitting down at a computer to find it takes up the time that could be spent on the giddy joy of developing a mental fantasy.

17.) The prospect of sex in costumes doesn't excite me, but I've watched enough David Lynch to think that a topless woman wearing cute underpants and a large animal head is pretty big turn-on.

18.) I had sex with only one girl who shaved her pubic hair, and though it was something I really was looking forward to, I absolutely prefer reaching into a girl's pants and feeling a soft, lovely thatch.

19.) A further confession related to #9: Part of my reluctance to random sex play is that, though I'm now very skinny, I spent much of my growing years as a fat kid. As a result, my skin is still stretched out around my chest and stomach and when I'm naked it makes me feel unattractive, or at least undesirable. To top it off, I'm pretty hairy. These things aren't really noticeable when I'm clothed, so I've conditioned myself to think that since my outward package is deceptive, I'm better off revealing it in little stages to someone in a position to judge my physical prowess.

20.) I love all of the "gross" parts of sex: the sweat, the cum, the spit, the wetness. I have a hard time with sexual partners who are repelled by these things and get out of bed to wash up right away.

21.) The most intense orgasm I ever felt was from a handjob.

22.) I develop sexual crushes on almost all of my women friends, and I think the line about sex ruining a friendship is a cop out. I see nothing wrong or awkward about attractive people who already clearly share some form of love trusting each other to not judge a need for sex and providing an outlet for such strong feelings. I also realize that this requires a level of understanding and suspension of jealousy that I don't have and is probably unreasonable to request of someone else. I merely bring it up as a concept that I think has merit and I'd like to strive to attain.

23.) I admit that breasts are important to my sexual satisfaction, but I love them in all variations. I've begun to appreciate backs, mostly because I think I perform best coming in from behind and there's so much back to look at. I've also got a little thing for armpits, not in a fuckable way, but a touching/kissing/fondling way. They're so warm and soft, and a little hair can be cute. I'm also obsessed with noses. A nose of the "right" style can get me lusting after a girl like *that.* All things have to work together, though, and I can be very picky.

24.) At the risk of this coming off like a personal ad, I think I'm a very generous lover. I'm naturally submissive, so I derive a lot of pleasure from doting on my partners, and when we're in bed together, I lavish their bodies with attention. All manner of physical quirk is fodder for interesting, unique sex experience; scars and moles are definitely make-outable. In this way, I feel dominant on the microcosm.

25.) I feel that my comfortability with sex is hard earned, and it bothers me when my aforementioned close women friends say something like "I think you're a good person on the whole, but a lot of the time you're just an Asshole Guy." Yes, I sometimes say things that make me sound arrogant or slutty, but as I've never been unfaithful to anyone I was seriously dating, I no longer think it's wrong to want interesting sex. If, for example, the subject of a threesome is never breached, how will a threesome ever occur? It's not that I'm unhappy with the sex I'm having; I'd be happy kissing, licking, sucking only my partner's left breast for hours. But, with so much beauty in the world, I see no harm or shame in wanting to expand the parameters of pleasure.
1. I consider myself an extremely sexual person. A relationship without sex to me is nothing, but there HAS to be intimacy. There has to be an extreme emotional connection as well as a physical. I will always prefer a passionate "making love" to a hard fucking. There can be equal pressure, pumping, whatever, but I need that eye contact and those hands all over my body and I like to hear "I love you."

2. On the flip side, I just love attention from boys. I love acting like a slut and seeing a hot guy stare at me like he wants me. I love going to bars or parties and making out with boys. I love dancing with random guys and having their hands all over my body and feeling them get hard. I do not, however, do the one-night-stand sex act (but I have before).

3. In general, my body has gotten a lot of compliments. My most complimented feature body-wise is my ass. My boyfriends have all commented on my ass and my friends like it too. My stomach and breasts (although they're small B's) were constantly complimented as well. My first real boyfriend when I was 13 told me that I turned him into a "stomach man" (as opposed to an ass man or tits man). Despite all the attention, I am VERY insecure about my body. I pretty much hate everything about it except for my butt. I find flaws in everything about it and always find it hard to believe compliments.

4. One of the hottest moments was this past summer when I had sex with my ex-boyfriend (he was my ex at the time too...) and I was laying on his bed naked. He looked me up and down and said, "God, I just want to look at you for a while and remember this..." He proceeded to stare at every part of me for a long time with such a longing and awe. I'll never forget that.

5. When I was 13, I wrote erotic stories and sent them to my best guy friend at the time. They were extremely explicit and he sent me some back. I got so incredibly horny but I didn't know how to even give a handjob. His and my relationship escalated to "hooking-up," although neither of us were entirely sure what we were doing. My parents found out we were touching each other and I was grounded and got a "Net Nanny" to prevent me from reading Erotica. My parents have always restricted my sexual behavior and we have never discussed my sex life. As far as they know, I'm still a virgin and sex is unimportant to me.

6. I think something I will never try is anal sex or anal play. I just am really grossed out by touching or having someone touch my asshole. Um, hello? I poop out of there. POOP. Call me immature or close-minded, but that's just gross and awkward. Eugghhh. I would try pretty much any other kinky thing out there (that's not gross in my mind).

7. I had a pretty serious first official relationship (for my age at least) with a guy I met online (sort of). He knew my friends but I wasn't aware of this when we first talked online. He fingered me and it hurt so bad that I cried. I hadn't even figured out how to get a tampon in. He gave me a pillow to put over my mouth to muffle what he expected were going to be moans of pleasure because his mom was home. I moaned in pain instead. He always asked if he could go down on me, but I didn't even know what that was so I said no. I sort of wish I had said yes.

8. I dated a guy in high school for two and a half years. He was unpopular, unexperienced, and ugly, but he made an extensive effort to date me so I decided why not, and I sort of liked him. We didn't have sex until we had dated for one year and three months. The first time we had sex, we had already done every other sexual act you can think of, minus anal play or sex. It didn't hurt at all and we had sex 6 times that day and night in several different positions and places in my house. I thought I loved him at the time. My sexual life with him was repetitive and boring. Our parents were always home, so we almost always had sex with our clothes on. I could never be loud. He never made me orgasm, but I thought he did. Sometimes I pretended he was other people when I had sex with him.

9. The day we finally broke up, I had graduated high school already and my parents were out of town. I got drunk and invited the guy I had really been in love with the whole time (ex mentioned in #4) over to my house and he slept in my bed and we were almost naked but I didn't want to rush things. I gave him a handjob and he attempted to finger me but didn't know what he was doing. I taught him as well as the previous ex pretty much every basic sexual thing they needed to know. I wonder if either one of them ever secretly thanks me for that.

10. I have taken the "first kiss" of at least four boys and the "first fuck" of only one (it was non-mutual). I have been told I'm a good kisser by everyone I've dated. Kissing is an art and I don't like boys who don't appreciate it or know what they're doing.

11. I think my current boyfriend has the perfect sized dick. It's seven inches and a nice width and fills me up very nicely. He's bigger than the other boys I've had sex with, but he's uncircumcised. Every other dick I've dealt with has been circumcised, so I was sort of taken aback and confused as to what to do with it. But now, I think it's a lot of fun and I also think his orgasms are much more intense because of his extra sensitive skin. My current boyfriend and I have amazing sex. We're in love, so I always believe that makes the sex more amazing, but we are adventurous and I guess kinky by most terms and I'm pretty damn satisfied.

12. The ONLY complaint I have is that he doesn't try hard enough to make me orgasm. He has very amazing, intense orgasms almost every time, but I am left sort of... unsatisfied. He sometimes cums too quickly so I feel like I haven't had enough stimulation. I don't want to tell him this because I think it will make him sad. I love him and I love the sex we have, so I guess if I'm patient I might orgasm eventually.

13. That being said, I fully am aware that I am a sexual perfectionist. I get extremely upset if a guy I'm having sex with doesn't cum. But, I'm also upset if the sex is too short. I prefer the former to the latter, because I love to please. But if either happens, I don't really consider it "good sex." This is a fact about myself that I'm trying to change, but it's pretty damn hard.

14. I don't know if I've ever had an orgasm (I think I might have once from current boy). I don't masturbate. I have before but I get bored with it. Sex to me is an act. I like to put on a show for others. I think I'm good at that. I don't care about putting on a show for myself. I like to be loud and look at the person pleasuring me to let him know that he's making me feel amazing. I want to buy a vibrator and figure out my body and make myself orgasm, but I don't feel like spending money and am skeptical as to it's ability to get me off (stupid excuses, I know.)

15. Sex in public turns me on. I've done some pretty f-ed up shit. I fucked a guy while his roommate was sleeping in the bunk bed below us, I've fucked in my room many a time when my parents are home (sometimes with the door slightly open...but always with clothes on), I've fucked two different guys in two different college laundry rooms and almost gotten walked in on both times, I've given road head a few times and really not cared if anyone saw me. When I want it, I want it, and I pretty much don't care where I am or who I'm with. It turns me on most when a guy carries the same attitude. Spontaneity is everything in that instance.

16. All of the guys that I've hooked up with in college have been more on the kinky side. One in particular was super kinky with me, and he even sometimes called me "the kinkster." We had the hottest, most passionate make-out and touching sessions EVER. He was SO good with his hands and mouth, but he's not even very attractive. He's awkward and goofy and weird, but knows what he's doing in bed. That being said, he had what he called a "botched circumcision" so his penis had this weird extra flap of skin... kinda weird, but whatever.

17. My biggest turn on is wanting something I have to work for to have. Teasing me is the best way to turn me on. I love that in-the-moment pause where the guy refuses to let you kiss him completely, or when he kisses up and down my thighs before going down on me.

18. My current boyfriend is an example of a guy where I gave everything up right way expecting pretty much nothing. I fucked him something like the third day of this school year, I let him take pictures of me naked, I was REALLY loud right away... I just had no inhibitions. Part of it was him. His personality just made me feel very relaxed and trusting, and I am so lucky I was right about him because we're together now and he's amazing.

19. After I came home from college, I was newly into biting and scratching, and I hooked up with my ex (see #8). He cheated on me when we were together and we didn't speak for a year, but once we started speaking again, the old sparks came back and we kissed and slept in the same bed one night at a party and then had sex the night before I left for school. He was very impressed with my new sexual style, and secretly I was so happy that I had been taught it by the college boys I'd hooked up with. I think if I ever hook up with anyone else (hard to imagine since I'm in love with my boyfriend), I won't really enjoy it unless they're into that too.

20. Being in love with my current boyfriend has opened me up to a lot of aspects of sex that I had never really been able to experience before. While I think I've loved one other person at least, the feeling was not mutual, and the one boy who loved me as deeply as my current boyfriend I did not feel the same about at all. Now, I have the opportunity for the most, romantic, passionate, and intimate sex I've ever experienced. I love it most when we look at each other straight in the eyes and I also love it when he cums inside me (no condom, but the pill). Seeing him orgasm because of me is seriously one of the sexiest things I've ever read, heard of, seen, or experienced in my life.

21. I'm really open with my friends about my sex life. I sort of don't consider you a close friend if you're not willing to at least accept my sex talks or talk to me about your sex life. Prudes are boring. Because of this, I *might* seriously want to be a sex therapist on the side of my main future job. Human sexuality and intimate relationships seriously fascinate me, and I want to know everything I can about them. And how cool would it be for my boyfriend to say he's dating a sex therapist? ;-)

22. I'm very insecure about my current boyfriend's sexual past. He's fucked a lot more people than me (11 total I believe) and once he unfortunately let it slip that I was second best. Fuck the bitch who is before me. I don't know if I still stand in that order right now, because he did say that months ago, but I guess it's best not to know if I am. He also had sex with someone while we were unofficially dating, and I hate that anonymous bitch too. I'm territorial and jealous when it comes to things like that. The dick that I'm fucking is MY dick, and I hate when bitchy girls come in the way of that.

23. I like being spanked and held down a lot. I just love being completely submissive and letting a guy have his way with me. Sometimes I wonder if that's bad because it's similar to rape, but it's not like I ever would want to have non-consensual sex. I can't explain it, but I just hope it's not dangerous to enjoy being dominated.

24. I really like watching porn, but I want more porn for women! Unfortunately I really don't want to pay. I love plot lines and emphasis on the girl orgasming and being pleasured as opposed to the guy. I don't get how some things in porn could possibly feel good for a girl. I also like artsy black and white shots of couples having sex.

25. I've been told more than once that I am the horniest girl anyone's ever met. I mean, I might just be. I think about sex probably as often as any 15 year old boy would think about sex, maybe more. Probably part of this is attributed to the fact that I don't masturbate, and I really should. At the same time, I love my sex drive, but it does become a burden when I want it more frequently than my boyfriend does (which happens quite frequently).
1 - I know I'm not gay, and I know I'm not straight, but I won't admit I'm bisexual cos the lesbian community judges me - it saddens me that I am effectively excluded from my own community but I guess I don't identify with a lot of 'bisexual' women who will kiss girls, claim they're bi but could never sleep with/date one.

2 - I own enough sex toys to fill a small 'adult store' - flag that, a BIG adult store. Unfortunately I only use 3 or 4 of the hundred odd I own.

3 - I used to fuck my friend and his wife (both at the same time) but I think she fell in love with me so I walked away.

4 - I think my anal fantasies date back to when I was abused as a young teenager. I think it's also the reason I like the song Pony by Ginuwine, I remember it playing in the car when he drove me somewhere to molest me for the last time - I feel kinda guilty for liking the song because of this.

5 - I fucking LOVE breasts, I only just discovered how much I like small breasts when I was dating a girl with possibly the world's hottest A cups.

6 - I am more self conscious fully clothed than when I am butt nekkid, maybe it has something to do with company, maybe not.

7 - I secretly fucked a good male friend of mine a couple of times in the last few months, neither of us can tell any of our friends because of the first thing on my list, and I feel bad he has to lie about what he's been up to but I am selfish enough to still want it kept a secret.

8 - I love to kiss, it's the best kind of foreplay ever, I could kiss for hours and I know I do it well - the woman (who is in a relationship) that I have been sneakily kissing when we're not with her partner kisses like she's raping my mouth... and not in a good way.

9 - I dream about fucking someone's mouth, call it oral fixation, but I dream of having a penis and using it to almost choke someone.

10 - I masturbate almost daily, whether I'm in a relationship or not, some people feel this is because they're not satisfying me, I can't tell if that's what it is, or if it's a comfort thing.

11 - I can't count the amount of people I have slept with on two hands but I can count the amount of people who have taken my breath away with AMAZING bedroom talents on one.

12 - Rape fantasy gets me hot.

13 - I moan, scream, swear etc. something chronic when I'm really enjoying sex but I hate when my partner at the time is silent, I know some people just are, but no matter how much they're enjoying it I feel inadequate.

14 - I used to date a squirter, I thought it was incredibly hot because when she squirted it meant she was really letting go and coming hard, she hated it because of the mess and therefore rarely did it.

15 - The smell of a particular soap always reminds me of the girl whose pussy smelled like soap and sexiness.

16 - I know I give good head, to guys and girls, I love the taste of a woman but I'm not too fussed on guys.

17 - When I masturbate I always have to lie on my back, with my legs clenched, playing only with my clit - I can rarely come any other way by myself.

18 - I had the most passionate sex with the girl listed in number 14, I miss just lying naked in bed exploring her, I could literally go down on her for hours at a time.

19 - I wish I could see all of my friends naked so I could see what it is they're all so paranoid about with their bodies. I can assure you that seeing them naked would not make them any less beautiful in my eyes.

20 - Kink and the idea of people exploring their taboo fetishes intrigues me, I look at websites of people with odd fetishes just to see if I can figure it out, I can't.

21 - I just bought a new ball gag.

22 - I find androgyny incredibly attractive in women, but not at all in men.

23 - I think I may have only gone out with one of my first boyfriends to make his best friend jealous (because that's who I wanted) but I used him and let him use me until I achieved my goal - he cried over the break up, I felt nothing. I bedded his best friend and cheated on him the entire time.

24 - I love being fucked with a strap-on if the person who's doing it knows how to do it properly.

25 - I wish someone would dominate me, I wish they would tie me up, hold me down, pull my hair, call me names, and take what they want from me. No one has yet done this with my consent and the only person who did it without my consent doesn't count anyway.
1. My biggest regret in life is losing my virginity to a virgin. I sometimes think I sort of pressured him into it, other times I think it was the other way around. Either way, neither of us knew what we were doing and it took us a few tries before we ACTUALLY had sex. It was a little painful, but I didn't bleed, which made me think I was a slut and unpure. The sex itself was pretty blah.

2. I've had sex with 6 or 8 guys. Most of which I DEEPLY regret.

3. I had sex with one woman, I don't regret it, but it wasn't really that satisfying.

4. I have been masturbating since I was about maybe 12 years old. Though I think from age 6 till 11 I used to cross my legs really tight while hanging on something and I remember really liking the feeling.

5. I watched my first porno with my friend when I was 6 years old. We had stayed up really late and we were flipping channels when we saw it. We thought it was hilarious and I highly doubt it affected the rest of my life in any way.

6. While I don't identify myself as a lesbian or bisexual, lesbian porn is the only porn that gets me off when I masturbate.

7. I think out of all the guys I've fooled around with or slept with only about 2 or 3 have gone down on me. And that really pisses me off as I love getting eaten out.

8. I'm very excited for the next time I have sex because I have lost a lot of weight since my last sexual experience.

9. None of the guys I have slept with have ever been adventurous or rough enough for me. I want to try crazy things like getting tied up/tying my partner up or at least spankings

10. I secretly really want to be a slut and dress slutty. But I want to be more comfortable with my body before I do it.

11. I love older men. I mean A LOT older than I am, usually by 20 or 30 years. Something about their sophistication and intelligence really makes me hot. I would LOVE to have sex with a man who was in his 40s or 50s.

12. A running theme for my partners (with one or two exceptions) is the bigger the asshole they were, the better they were in bed, my best fuck happened to be the biggest asshole.

13. I tried anal sex twice with the same partner. It hurt a LOT (no lube, no preparation). The first time I tried it I told him to pull out before he even got halfway in. I tried it again and after a while it didn't feel half bad. But I got so grossed out when I saw the condom after he was done.

14. I currently have a crush on a man my older sister used to have a crush on. I don't want to date him, but I have a semi-elaborate plan on how I'm going to screw his brains out when/if I see him. I'm really ashamed with myself because a very small reason I want to sleep with him is so I can feel prettier than my older sister.

15. I burn a guy with cigarettes while he gets off for money. I am very attracted to him and probably wouldn't say no if he asked me to have sex with him, even if he's old enough to be my dad.

16. My biggest fantasies are fucking a guy in the ass with a strap-on and having a three way with two bisexual men.

17. I'm not sure what happened, but I have become a very mean ice queen to men nowadays. If I don't find a man attractive I will not tolerate them hitting on me. There was a scenario where a guy was seriously trying to pressure me into sex, and had I not been forceful enough, I'm sure he would have raped me. While it didn't really traumatize me I feel like it made me a bit stronger as a woman. Since then, however, I have been less interested in guys.

18. I've never "made love" because I've never been in love with any of my boyfriends. I don't even really believe in it anymore.

19. I try to avoid patterns in my sex life. I refuse to have sex with Asians, boys who are younger than me, or guys who are teetering on the gay side (even though I'd love to fuck a gay guy who is out of the closet).

20. I could never, EVER have sex with a fat guy. I think I would get sick.

21. I hate being short because all of my lovers tend to be much taller than me. Making sex VERY limited and stiff.

22. I've only had sex with a man who was my religion once. I have kissed 2 men of my religion. One of whom has a girlfriend.

23. I've had sex in a car more than I have had sex in a bed.

24. I am freakishly attracted to muscle. I love seeing big beefy men in real life. There was one time this really muscly Hispanic guy hit on me, and I acted like I was grossed out but I was totally turned on.

25. I wish I was a gay man because I really think men are more romantic with other men than women.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

1. At a size 14, I often wonder what sex is like if you're thinner. However, a lot of times I feel plush and womanly.

2. Oral sex is the only way I can get off, and my current boyfriend makes that almost impossible sometimes. He tries WAY too hard (usually he ends up looking like he ran a 5k marathon afterwards) and therefore I feel pressured to perform.

3. Making this list has made me decide to tell my partner exactly what I want.

4. I am convinced that one day I will have an abortion (even though I am on birth control and never let anyone come inside me unless they're wearing a condom). If there is the slightest inconsistency in my menstrual cycle, I spend a lot of time trying to mentally prepare myself for that event.

5. I had a one night stand one time only, and at first I couldn't figure out why I did it because a) I didn't like him that much b) It was out of my character and c) I wasn't horny. I realized later that I did it to get back at someone and I'm really surprised at myself.

6. I have HPV and I don't think sex with new people is impossible, but I'm utterly clueless about etiquette in this type of situation. I might be crazy, but I feel like this will only lead me to the best relationship of my life.

7. I like erotic fiction. I don't read it terribly often, but when I do I find myself attracted to stories about losing virginity, because losing mine was so fiercely typical I almost feel cheated, even though it was with someone I loved at the time.

8. I've always wondered what it would be like to watch two people having sex right in front of me. Or better, if they can't see me. However, I don't feel strongly enough to ever actually make it happen.

9. I had what I call an "almost threesome" which consisted of making out and being fingered by two guys. Even though it caused me quite a bit of drama, I would never take it back and I'm proud of myself.

10. I used to be silent during sex - never made a peep. I have been pleaded with to moan, and I never could bring myself to do it. Now I find myself doing it mostly to give my partner confidence but find it distracting.

11. My most recent sexual idea for me and my boyfriend of 2 years is to have drunk sex. Obviously, we are running out of ideas to "spice things up."

12. I find carnivals/festival type places really romantic. When I was about 13 I was sitting at the top of a ferris wheel with my gay best friend (unbeknownst to me at the time) wishing he would kiss me and was really disappointed when he didn't. Two years later, I had my first kiss at that event.

13. In my first relationship, I had times where once he satisfied me I didn't feel like returning the favor. I stupidly never imagined it would happen to me and now I would never do that again.

14. The relationships I end up in are always with guys who like most girls. The kind who has a crush on all his female friends as long as they are nice and somewhat attractive in one way or another. It's annoying and I wish they, AND I, knew how to be more selective.

15. My current boyfriend has literally the sweetest kiss - his breath is almost ALWAYS like candy.

16. I'd really love to have sex outside, but I can't think of ANYWHERE private enough. I think it would make me feel more connected to everything.

17. The best orgasms I've ever had are the ones I've given myself.

18. I'd never try anal because I think I would feel degraded.

19. Daydreaming about sex is something I rarely do anymore, but did a LOT of in high school.

20. I enjoy the intimacy of sex more than the actual sensations.

21. I have hardly any memories of the sex I had with my 2nd partner. We only did it a handful of times (both absolutely sober) but you'd think that would make them more memorable?

22. I like to be seduced slowly and treated like a goddess, but I don't think that has happened in a really long time.

23. Male moaning makes me hot.

24. I only swallow when I feel my significant other has earned it by pleasing me outside the bedroom.

25. I can't get over the idea that it's the male's job to make sure the sex is good, even though that's probably unfair.