Thursday, September 10, 2009

And we're back!

Summer vacation's over, and we've got a handful of new lists that came in while we were away, posted right below this announcement. In the meantime, can we ask our regular readers to do two things, please?

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2) If you haven't already, send in your own list! You know you want to. And you might discover some interesting things about yourself.

1. I’m not sure if I’m bisexual or just bi-curious, but not in the way you’d expect. I know that I’m attracted to women (I’ve had sex with 2 of them), but I’ve never had sex with men.

2. I didn’t date anyone until I was 19, and I ran away from the first guy that I found sexually appealing. Literally ran away. I only dated him for about 10 days. I saw him walking towards me, yelling my name, and I got too nervous. We didn’t even kiss. I probably would have let my nerves get to me like Stan on South Park and barfed on his shoes.

3. I didn’t even masturbate until I was 21 or 22. I used to be hard-core religious, and I thought it was a sin. My first orgasm scared me a little, because I thought it would feel different for some reason. I remember thinking that nothing would happen when I touched myself, because I didn’t feel much initially, but I kept going anyway. I started to daydream about everything under the sun. Finally, it happened when I was in the middle of thinking why Indian people have dots in the middle of their foreheads.

4. I think 69’s are disgusting. I only tried it once. I’m not a fan of getting intimate with anyone’s anus, and that position was way too close of an encounter.

5. I didn’t even have sex until I was 22. My first girlfriend never had sex with a girl, but she had many years of experience with men. She wanted to take things slow with me. It was the longest 2 months of my life.

6. A couple of my friends told me that females can ejaculate, and I didn’t believe them. Then, about 2 or 3 weeks later, I actually did it myself while trying a new position with my girlfriend at the time.

7. With my second girlfriend, I found out that being the dominant one can be extremely exciting. It makes me wet just thinking about it sometimes.

8. I’ve only been with “fems,” but I wonder what it would be like to be with an androgynous or butch woman sometimes.

9. I’m usually just attracted to women, but every once in a while I see a man that I find to be extremely sexy. I think I might be more attracted to bisexual or gay men more than straight men.

10. The idea of a woman with a penis excites me, but I don’t know how much I’d appreciate it in real life.

11. The idea of a guy’s cum is disgusting to me. I’m not really sure why, because I’ve never seen it outside of watching porn.

12. I used to think doggy style meant anal sex. I learned otherwise when I was in high school. I heard some people talking about it, and I was too embarrassed to say what I really thought it meant.

13. I like to masturbate while reading erotica. It actually turns me on more than the images and sounds of porn videos.

14. I’ve watched porn with my friends on many occasions. For some reason, it usually wasn’t arousing. I’ve also watched late night TV shows about sex with my friends, and that was more arousing than the porn. It never turned into anything sexual between us, but I can’t say that I never wanted it to.

15. I like to fantasize about watching other women have sex with each other. I’ll be in the same room, but I’ll be tied to something, usually a chair. They’ll look at me while they touch each other, but I can’t touch them.

16. The two women that I’ve been with have both liked to dominate me during sex. It turns me on to be dominated, and it turns me on even more if I know that they’re enjoying themselves.

17. I enjoy B & D, but S & M scares me a little. I know one couple that seems to regularly incorporate pain with their sexual encounters, and I don’t really understand why. Maybe I’ll try it someday and find out. On several occasions, I’ve had my wrists tied so tight that my hands have been crimson to purple by the time my partner and I were finished. Even though it hurt a little, I still don’t think that I’d enjoy a lashing.

18. I like to give oral more than receive it.

19. I like to touch my girlfriend while she’s sleeping, even when she’s wearing clothes.

20. The most exciting place that I’ve had sex was in the shower at the gym. I suppose that it was because it was a public place, and we could have been caught.

21. It’s exciting to me to watch my sexual partners touch themselves.

22. I’ve never had sex with a third party watching, but I think it might be exciting to try it.

23. I like to have my ears lightly bitten while having sex.

24. A threesome, or even an orgy, sounds appealing to me. I’ve fantasized about it, but my fantasies usually don’t involve men. When they do involve men, they usually play a minor part.

25. My favorite kind of porn is “she-male” with female. My usual “type” of woman is tall, blond, and just slightly curvy (in the right places). I love to watch the “she-male” penetrate the female.

1. I have only had sex with one person. This means all kinds of sex, from outercourse to intercourse.
2. We lost our virginity together at 17. Driving home with the condoms we were giddy and happy and so excited. When it actually happened, he was so careful and intimate. I felt so close to him that day.
3. I never orgasmed until I turned 18 and bought a vibrator. It was for lack of trying, but my fingers would get tired and I wouldn’t be feeling anything. When I finally got a vibe, it was an epiphany.
4. I own three vibes right now.
5. I’ve come twice without my vibe, both times with my fingers after having PIV sex with my boyfriend. It feels great but it takes so long, even if I haven’t used my vibe in a month. It doesn’t feel worth it most of the time.
6. Same with oral sex--just bores me, feels okay but not enough to continue.
7. We’re in an open relationship but neither of us has slept with anyone else yet. I wonder if it would be amazing or awesome… I want to try it out this year.
8. I get really bored with PIV sex after a couple of seconds. Pumping doesn’t do anything at all. Sometimes I make noises so my boy doesn’t feel bad, but I never fake it.
9. I’ve asked him if he has any fantasies. He always says no, which kind of disappoints me. I love the idea of surprising him with something that would really turn him on, but he says he’s just really vanilla.
10. One of the sexiest times with my boy during sex: we were fucking on a chair, and he lifted me up while he was still in me and thrust me onto the bed. It was so hot.
11. I want to be spanked, slapped, hurt during sex. Every time I mention BDSM, though, the boy talks about how sick that kind of thing is. I’m too nervous to ask for anything.
12. I wish I could come more easily without my vibes. Sometimes I think I’m defective. It’s the only thing that could make my boy really ecstatic during sex. He doesn’t want to finger me for 45 minutes, but hell, neither do I.
13. I like blow jobs. I like using my lips. I’ll throw up if I try to deep-throat it, though.
14. I started having crushes on girls this year, which is new and kind of embarrassing. I’ve always thought of myself as an allied heterosexual, but this new development is still unsettling in some ways. A lot of the people I know who are bi are girls who would never really date a woman and I don’t want to be seem like that.
15. Best masturbation position: on my knees, vibe to clit, thrusting. Another vibe up my cunt if I can get it there.
16. Whenever I masturbate for my boy, it’s on my back so he can see everything, but that actually takes longer for me.
17. We stained my parents' couch downstairs. Oops!
18. I get jealous when the boy tells me stories about his friend’s girlfriends when they orgasm really explosively/easily.
19. I think I ejaculated once. It gushed out and it was really cool, but it hasn’t happened since.
20. I want to play with an uncircumcised cock, just to see what it is like!
21. I love love love reading about sex. I’m picky about my erotica, though, which makes it kinda hard. Grammar mistakes and lame stories turn me off.
22. I’m an ‘almost A’ cup. I wish I had boobs to play around with!
23. My favorite position is doggy, but it’s hard because the boy slips out and it hits a really sensitive part of my vagina, which feels good but bad at the same time.
24. My neck is so sensitive and I love it when my boy pays a lot of attention to it. I don’t think even he gets how much I like it… I would give up kissing on the lips for more time kissing, licking, biting my neck! Mm.
25. My boy is never sexier than when he makes me laugh.
1. I'm a 40-something man and identify as bisexual, but lean vastly towards women. I have no romantic interest in men, I just enjoy giving head.

2. Even though I prefer to take women to bed, when I masturbate, I'm usually thinking about giving head.

3. The single most exciting thing to me is giving head while a girl watches. If she's naked and masturbating, I can cum without ever being touched.

4. The second most exciting thing to me is kissing a girl, especially for the first time.

5. I enjoy the taste of my own cum. I discovered that when a girlfriend didn't swallow after going down on me and then French kissed me. I've begged other girls to do that to me and am often surprised when they refuse.

6. I intentionally seek out new sexual experiences, I'm always most excited by the new.

7. I've been married ten years and it's been an open relationship the whole time. It's also the best relationship I've ever had. Neither of us find monogamy natural, and she understands my constant search for the new would be difficult in a monogamous relationship.

8. I love experimenting with fetishes, at least the mild ones.

9. I've been giving head since I was 18, but it wasn't until last year that I actually felt comfortable kissing a man. It's not exciting, like kissing a woman, and I only do it when I'm with a man who really likes it, to please him.

10. The first woman I slept with was a prostitute. She was overweight and I felt sorry for her, but I also found her very attractive. I complimented her a lot and I must have made her feel a lot better about herself, because she wouldn't take my money.

11. I'm still very attracted to larger girls, I liking helping them feel sexy. I like girls of all shapes and sizes, but I'm usually drawn to larger girls in a crowd. One of my favorite things to do with large girls is titty-fuck them and then lick up my cum. Then I kiss them. Most of them get incredibly turned on by this. Only one girl ever told me that she didn't like it, and her reaction was extreme. She thought a guy eating his own cum was the most disgusting thing she's ever seen. Oddly, it wasn't a gay revulsion, because she got really excited watching me give head.

12. I love watching my wife get fucked by other men and then eating their cum from her. The men are often fascinated by it and I've had more than one man who claimed to be completely straight at the start of the night offer to let me give them head.

13. I love sucking a cock that's been inside a pussy. The flavor is amazing. Especially my wife's. We have a friend who comes over regularly. He fucks her until he's almost ready to cum, then she makes him pull out and I finish him off.

14. I feel like I'm being too explicit with this list and that I'm going to gross some people out. I also think it may turn some people on and that thought excites me. I also stopped once while writing this list to masturbate.

15. I like to cross-dress at home. I think pantyhose and skirts and women's panties all feel incredible on my skin. I'm wearing pantyhose as I write this. Sometimes, I wear them at work under my pants. It keeps me excited all day.

16. My wife has a fantasy about watching me give head while dressed as a woman, but she's the only one who knows I cross-dress. The idea excites me, but embarrasses me also. It's the only part of my sexuality I'm uncomfortable with. I hope to get over it this year and do it for her at Christmas.

17. The best kiss I ever had was incestuous. I was 16 and she was 14, my cousin. It was just a kiss, but it was a real toe-curler. I kissed her one more time, over twenty years later. We talked about sleeping together, but didn't. She has slept with my wife and told her that I was the best kisser she had ever known. That thought always gives me a tingle and I fantasize about her sometime. I don't think I'll ever actually have sex with her, but I'd like to watch her with my wife once.

18. She's married too, and her husband was one of the first guys I had sex with, back when we were teenagers. She told me once, that she watched me give him head once, from his closet. I've offered to do it again, but she's not sure how he'd feel about it. Another fantasy.

19. I also have a thing for feet, and love a good foot job. My wife is fantastic at it. I love licking cum covered toes.

20. I enjoy receiving anal sex, as long as the guy has a small cock. I like the lack of control and the feel of hands grasping my hips. I like being cum into.

21. I love the sound of a women cumming more than any sound in the world. They all sound different and they all sound wonderful.

22. Every once in a while I meet a woman and think, wow, I'd just love to take her to bed. It's amazing how many times that wish comes true, several years later, and I end up thinking back to the day I first met them.

23. I have two girlfriends that I see regularly, outside of my wife. Both of them were girls I thought that of when I first met them. One of them is the best lover I have ever had.

24. I like threesomes and prefer them with one girl and another guy. When I'm with two women I often spend a lot of time just watching.

25. I'll end with my weirdest fantasy. I'm sitting on a couch, making out with a girl who loves to kiss. We're both fully clothed. Every so often, a naked man comes in, we stop what we're doing, I get on my knees and go down on him. When he cums, he leaves, never saying a word. I go back to the couch and resume kissing the girl. This happens again and again, a different guy every time. I've mentioned this to my girlfriend (she's more adventuresome than my wife and enjoys making out a lot more.) We only know two guys that we trust to be clean and safe. She said if we can find two more, she's game.
1. My first sexual experience with another person was at age 10. We would hump each other and one time I forced myself on a boy. I humped him and grabbed his ass. I enjoyed it but felt guilty afterward and ever since.

2. I started looking at naked photos and chatting online when I was a couple years older. I would trade photos of girls with older men. I had a couple discs with photos hidden in my bedroom. I think my family may have known what I was doing, but nobody ever said anything. This was the start of a lifetime of online chatting.

3. My first kiss was when I was 12 years old. I kissed a lot of girls over the next few years before moving on to other things.

4. I felt a girl's breast for the first time in 7th grade. She was really cute but didn't have much under her shirt.

5. I can't remember the first girl I fingered but I really enjoy doing it... and I'm good at it. I love making a girl cum with my hands.

6. I worked with a guy in high school that gave me a fictional book about incest. I kept it for years and jerked off while reading it. I threw it out three years later because it was a "weird" thing to have and enjoy.

7. When I was 17, I drove an hour away to meet a girl that I found online. I fingered her in a public park lying down on a path in a quiet area. I never spoke to her again.

8. In college I got into phone sex. I would talk to guys that I met online. We would talk about everything from doing things together to what we like to do with girls.

9. I really wanted to get a blowjob once I started college, so I hooked up with a random girl and figured I'd have to go down on her to get head. I went down on her for a minute and then she blew me. I didn't warn her and I shot a load in her mouth (mine are usually large). It was a big surprise for her and she pulled away with cum oozing out of her mouth. I left shortly after and never hooked up with her again... though I would see her around school at times. That story still really turns me on.

10. I lost my virginity to a girlfriend in college that I had dated for 3 months. I was always scared of my quick ejaculation so I procrastinated for a long time. Finally she initiated and it was OK. We only had sex twice before we broke up.

11. I hooked up with a cute girl for months and we would always 69. Her pussy was like soft sweet bubblegum and she would always swallow. She wouldn't have sex with me.

12. I was intimidated by the older girls in college. They were women and not the girls I was used to. I would hook up with them and had sex with one, but I would always leave them hanging so they couldn't judge me. I think they turned me on more than the more innocent girls.

13. I had an orgy in college and it was hot. I came 3 times and watched two girls finger each other.

14. I secretly met a guy from Craigslist while I was in a serious relationship. He was gay and I was curious. We sat on his couch and stroked ourselves. His cock was big and very nice. He wanted to touch me but I wasn't ready. We both came on our stomachs and never spoke again. This was the first a few discrete male-male experiences.

15. I met another guy a week later. It was the first time I touched another man's cock. I sucked him off but made him wear a condom. He got on top of me and tried to put it in my ass... I didn't let him. He watched me stroke my cock and cum before I left.

16. I made a guy cum for the first time a week or so later. He had a small cock and it was gross having his cum on my hand. I let him stroke me too.

17. A year later I met another guy on Craigslist and he stroked me while I came on his stomach. This story still gets me hard.

18. I have had about 8 erotic massages. You find them online and go to their place. They massage you and stroke you at the end. I love being able to be naked and vulnerable with a stranger.

19. One masseuse made me cry because she was more of a healer. I never had an experience like that before or since.

20. One "masseuse" put her fingers in my ass. I felt dirty, like a slut... it turned me on and got me off. I don't think I like the physical sensation though.

21. One time I hired an escort. We met at a hotel and she was very cute and normal looking. I wanted to know what it is like to be with another woman since I had been in a relationship for years. We kissed and she blew me. I couldn't go through with the sex. It was very very sneaky and dirty.

22. I sometimes wear my girlfriend's panties so I can feel sexy. I fantasize about showing off for another man and sometimes do it online.

23. Phone sex can be fun but I fantasize better in my head than with someone else.

24. I love my girlfriend. I love to please her and get her off. I love eating her pussy especially and the sex is hot.

25. I fantasize about other men using my girlfriend. Sometimes I think I actually want it to happen but most times I know it's a bad idea.