Monday, September 13, 2010

1. I'm a 22-year-old genderqueer dyke. I've had sex with 8 people in my life.

2. My favorite thing in the entire world is giving/getting head. I could do it, and recieve it, for HOURS. Sticky eyelids are the best.

3. I've orgasmed during sex only 3 times in my life. It takes a lot of patience to make it happen, since you have to lick a certain spot a certain way for a certain amount of time. I haven't orgasmed during partner sex in over 4 years, but that's okay with me. Orgasm is never my goal.

4. I masturbate by rubbing my clit through my underwear. I figured out that's the way I liked it when I was 13 and haven't really switched it up since. I love to touch myself while someone's watching, but when doing that I take off the underwear (obviously).

5. I love, love, LOVE FTMs. I had sex with my FTM friend when I was 18 and it was ridiculously hot. Something about how I could eat him out and then he could strap on a dick and fuck me with it ... amazing. My last ex started taking T and I wish we hadn't broken up before it really started to change his body.

6. I cut myself to help me get off. Something about the sight of blood really turns me on. If I'm really comfortable with the person I'm with (really, REALLY comfortable), I let them lick my blood up. I can't even describe how much it turns me on.

7. I have no complaints whatsoever about losing my virginity. I was in love with the girl I was dating, she took her time and really listened to my body, was very open to what she wanted, and made me waffles afterward. Such good memories associated with that day.

8. The woman I'm seeing right now is insecure about her body, so we haven't yet gotten to the point where she'll let me fuck her. I want to say that I feel bad about being the only one being fucked, but honestly, I enjoy it immensely. She introduced me to breath play during sex, and I can't get enough of it now. She's also, hands down, the absolute BEST at oral.

9. I consider myself fairly kinky, but I haven't yet explored fisting, spanking/caning/etc, or play piercing, and I want to ... SOON.

10. I shave everything "down there", and don't think I could ever go back to any amount of hair. I like it on my partners, though.

11. My favorite part of a woman's body (besides the obvious - cunt) is the lower back or clavicle.

12. I love to bite, and especially love to leave bruises. I never leave hickeys on the neck, but everywhere else is fair game. Sticky-outy bones are my weakness ... my current girl has many fading marks on her hipbones, clavicle, and the bottom of her ribcage. I love bones. Mmmm.

13. I've never had sex with a biological male, but am not opposed to the idea. I fall in lust/love with people, not gender/bodies, so perhaps one day it will happen. I have masturbated to the idea of a (real!) penis in me before, which was hard to let myself do, but now I'm open to the fact.

14. I tell everyone I don't like porn, but I secretly watch videos on a few sites. I'm too embarassed to go out and buy porn, and I don't know when/if I'll ever get over that, so for now, erotica and free vids on those websites will have to suffice.

15. I love reading about LGBT, group, and non-consensual sex (both hetero and homo), but can only bring myself to watch girls fucking.

16. I love the idea of eating a girl out who's on her period. I've done it once before and I enjoyed it a lot. I have never mentioned it to anyone I've had sex with since, because most girls I've encountered think earning your "red wings" is "dirty." I like the taste, smell, and feel of it, myself.

17. I was never open to the idea of group sex until my last ex and I broke up, and I started reading group sex erotica. I don't know how the dynamics of it would work, but I would love to try it at least once... ideally with two other women.

18. My nipples aren't very sensitive, but I let them be played with if the other person likes it. My right nipple is pierced and I'm planning to get the other one done soon to make everything even.

19. I love when marks are left on me. Nothing makes me happier then waking up the next morning and checking myself out in the mirror and seeing nail marks all down my back and bruises decorating my chest and hipbones.

20. I get really, really bad charlie horses in my right foot if I'm having really awesome, intense sex. I've learned to just push past the pain and deal with it, but they are ridiculously annoying.

21. I don't have good stamina for fingering, and I need to work on that. I love the feeling of being inside someone but get tired way too easily. I'd also like to learn how to properly fuck someone with a strap-on ... I've had great experiences on the recieving end and would like to be able to return the favor.

22. I love to be told what to do. I love being strapped down to the bed with someone over me, calling me names. The first time my current girl told me to shut the fuck up, I knew I was going to fight it so she would say it again. I get so wet being yelled at.

23. I bought my first vibrator about 6 months ago and have used it a handful of times. My fingers just work so much better for me ... and they're wayyyy cheaper.

24. I love the way I taste. I also love, after fingering someone, to suck my fingers off while they watch. Every single person I've done that with has loved it, and most of them have said they'd never seen anyone do that before.

25. Nibbling on the lower lip while making out is my favorite. I was recently told that I don't "share" my bottom lip (it's pierced), and I've been trying to be nicer about that. The sound of my metal (in my lip, ears, navel, tongue, and nipple) clicking against teeth is such an intense turn-on.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

1. I am a twenty-one-year-old female.

2. Around the seventh grade I got very into music, and one day I was looking up punk rock bands, and I accidentally stumbled across male/male slash fanfiction. My entire world changed.

3. I identify as bisexual. I’ve had two real relationships with men and two with women. I’ve kissed more women than men.

4. I’ve always known that I liked both genders, from the time I was in Catholic grade school. I used to hold hands with the other girls, and I never really understood why the teachers thought that was unacceptable. I’ve always been ultra-affectionate, but reluctantly, I began hiding my attraction to girls because of the way teachers would talk to me about my “behavior”.

5. Because of this, I upped the amount of time I spent flirting with and talking to boys. In retrospect I was severely overcompensating, but I wanted the adults to know I was someone they could look at and be proud of.

6. My first memory of masturbation was when I was six or seven. Disney’s Return of Jafar had just come out, and I had a very erotic dream about being forced to do the evil sorcerer’s bidding. I woke up panting and rubbing against my bed sheets. Since then I’ve always masturbated the same way, tangled in my sheets and using them to rub against my clitoris.

7. I hadn’t ever attempted to touch myself with my fingers until about six months ago. I’ve tried only a handful of times, but as soon as I feel my first finger pressing inside I either climax or get overstimulated and need to stop.

8. I’ve never been truly pleasured by a partner. My first girlfriend always made me do everything myself, because she was in an ‘experimental’ phase and wasn’t comfortable touching me. My first boyfriend tried to finger me twice and both times I told him to stop because it was horribly painful. The second boy was a virgin and nervous, and my current partner (another woman) and I are taking things very slowly.

9. Part of me is crushed by the previous, and the other relieved. I’ve always been ultra-sensitive about my vagina—as mentioned above, the few attempts I’ve had with it haven’t exactly turned out well— in fact, during my one and only ever pelvic exam I felt so violated that I sobbed and almost passed out.

10. I feel that this is the time to mention that I am also still a virgin. When my doctor tried to make a joke with me about the pain being from my still very, very intact hymen, I couldn’t hold back the responding, “No shit. Really.”

11. My first girlfriend was a completely toxic situation. I was an experiment for her, and even after we broke off the physical aspect of the relationship she completely dominated my life. I couldn’t go out without her permission, I couldn’t talk about my boyfriends, I gave her money when she had none… It went on for about five years. I finally walked away when she started seeing a man that began doing the exact thing to her she’d done to me. I couldn’t stand it.

12. My first boyfriend was very religious, and often talked about the importance of sexual purity. The funny thing about this is that when I was seventeen he asked me to give him head, and when I was reluctant to do so he made me feel horribly guilty. I finally gave in, and he broke up with me that same weekend.

13. The second time around with this same boyfriend he did the exact same thing. We were in his basement, making out, and he asked for head again (this was three years after the first time we’d dated). This time I said no, and he broke up with me two days later.

14. There has been one man that I, without even a second thought, would have had sex with any time, any place. He was a playboy, and I spent over three years trying to flirt my way into him making a move—I even let him take photos of me naked while we went skinny-dipping one night— it wasn’t until later that I found out that he only sleeps with girls who approach him first. That way he doesn’t have to deal with as much drama when he leaves them.

15. He never, ever, laid a hand on me.

16. I don’t think that he’s capable of ever really loving anyone but himself, and this thought more than anything else completely devastates me.

17. My second boyfriend was amazing. He was funny, he was intelligent, he was more than willing to make out or grope or frot anytime I wanted. He was also a virgin, and very shy about touching me or letting me touch him. We broke up because the attraction had died, it was very mutual and very easy for us to part ways.

18. I still write fanfiction. I still write mainly homo-erotica, though my interests have widened significantly. There is nothing that arouses me more than the thought of two men grinding against each other or giving each other head.

19. I met my current girlfriend writing erotica. We even write it together.

20. She is significantly older and more experienced than I am, but I rarely feel like I’m young around her. She has a way of making me feel completely at ease with myself and my desires, and I never feel as if she’s judging me.

21. In every relationship I’ve been in until now I’ve been the dominant party. As much as I enjoy the control and the thrill of being the one giving pleasure, there is nothing I’d like more than to be pushed down by my partner and taken to the brink. I’d like someone to want to do that for me.

22. I jokingly told my girlfriend that I’ve been the man in every relationship I’d had. She laughed and told me, “Well let’s both be women this time.” The idea is far, far too pleasing to be healthy.

23. I love my girlfriend’s body. She’s pear-shaped with small, perky breasts and a round ass... And while I think those are glorious and I love them, my favorite places on her body are her calves, shoulders, wrists and the very tops of her feet. For some reason those places, when I get a peek of them, arouse me to no end.

24. I have been in two long-distance relationships. The first boyfriend lived three hours away by car. My girlfriend lives two hours away by plane. I think that the distance works for me. I have no way to become annoyingly clingy or too affectionate, and there’s much more time to focus on emotional intimacy rather than the physical part of the relationship being the driving force.

25. I recently ordered my very first vibrator. I’m too excited for words.