Friday, December 9, 2011

1) I'm 23, straight, female and a mathematics graduate. I met my current boyfriend at university, I was in love with him for a long time before we got together. We've been together for nearly two years and I love him more every day.

2) I was raised in a Christian family and taught that sex before marriage was wrong. When I started my first long-term relationship at 16 with a boy I met at Youth Fellowship, we both agreed that we would wait.

3) However, we ended up pleasuring each other with our hands and mouths plenty, and I felt it was pointless to stop short of penis-in-vagina sex so arbitrarily. I would have been willing to "go all the way," but he wasn't comfortable doing so. That was fine with me, and I was with him for four years.

4) I masturbated for the first time when I was nineteen. It felt good. By the end of our relationship I was an atheist, so no more sexual repression, woo!

5) When I started dating my current boyfriend, he was a virgin, and I hadn't had vaginal sex. I had to teach him to kiss properly, he learned fast. He saw my vulva for the first time and thought it was beautiful.

6) After fooling around in various ways, it wasn't long before we had sex. My thoughts on losing my "real virginity": man, this is really fun!

7) I still don't place penis-in-vagina sex on any pedestal, I love it but I prefer oral sex. I love doing 69.

8) My favorite sex position is: me lying on the bed with my legs up, him standing beside the bed and fucking me. It's good for deep penetration.

9) Sometimes I watch porn--not very often, though. I like watching different kinds of porn, mostly BDSM stuff. I don't care if it's man-on-man, man-on-woman, woman-on-woman, woman-on-man--I just like to see people in pleasure, as long as it's realistic and consensual.

10) I'm quite kinky, and love to be dominated and humiliated. I think this was a part of me before I was even sexually aware. I remember playing cops and robbers at primary school and wanting a cop to find me and lead me away with my hands behind my back.

11) In high school I was very close to my best friend. She was strange and would tease me and sometimes physically hurt me. I liked it, I longed for more. I didn't really know why.

12) I've never really had feelings for another girl, though. It's not impossible, who knows who I might meet in the future.

13) I've kissed a couple of girls, though, when younger and drunk and playing games.

14) I like reading erotic stories about domination, spanking, punishment, degradation. That really turns me on. I don't like when stories get rapey, and I'm not a big fan of stories about 24/7 master-slave relationships, not hot to me at all. Nor is fan-fiction, ugh.

15) I got my first vibrator last year, but it was quite cheap and temperamental, which proved very frustrating. I have a glass vibrator now and I love it! But since I got a flatmate I haven't been able to use it much. I wish he'd leave the flat more often!

16) Sometimes when I masturbate I pretend I have a cock and am going to come all over everything. Sometimes I imagine I'm in a glass box on display, an exhibition of depravity and shame.

17) I don't remove my body hair. I don't like shaving or waxing, I don't mind having hair, and my boyfriend doesn't mind either. My body is my own and I refuse to be ashamed of it.

18) Although I love to be dominated in bed, sometimes we like to switch it around. I love to make my partner submit to me. We both love spanking and biting and scratching and dirty talk! I'd like to be tied up more; I have restraints. He's not as into that.

19) I've never had anal sex. I'm not ruling it out forever, but I just don't want it, I don't think I'd enjoy it. Luckily my boyfriend is happy with that, though he'd like to try pegging sometime (me fucking his ass with a dildo), which I'd be up for giving a go.

20) I have the contraceptive implant in my arm, which is very effective and hassle-free birth control, but it makes my periods very irregular. It's annoying but I use a Mooncup (which I HIGHLY recommend, I never have to buy tampons again!) and we're fine with having sex during my period as long as it's not too heavy.

21) Last Christmas I dressed up in a sexy festive elf costume for him. He loved it--we had sexy elf roleplay and great sex.

22) Earlier this year, I took magic mushrooms, which was fucking great. I 69ed with him that night, and I looked at his ass while performing fellatio. Lo and behold, his bum hair revealed to me a tiny man, climbing through the bum-crack jungle. I knew it was just hair, but I couldn't unsee the little fellow. It was the funniest thing ever, but I couldn't laugh as I had a mouthful of cock. I was also enjoying his tongue but I was just so distracted by the butt guy. Sex is so funny on mushrooms.

23) Another thing about the night on mushrooms: I realized that so much of what I find hot is so dependent on culture and taboo. I felt so immune to that, I didn't even get sarcasm. I felt so pure and connected to everything. I saw the pretense all around me. I had no bad feelings about anything. I just wanted to say "This is really fun. I like the way my pants feel. I like touching you." But I didn't know if he would really understand how much I meant it (he did not partake of fungi). So sex was very different.

24) During the summer we went to my boyfriend's brother's wedding. It was fun, but I took more pictures of us half-naked in the hotel bedroom than I did of the day. He was wearing a kilt--of course I was horny.

25) My boyfriend also has long hair, which I love. I love men with long hair! I'm also a fan of androgyny, beautiful people you can't really tell what gender they are. Having said that, I also like bearded hairy men. I love my boyfriend's beard--I love the way it feels when he goes down on me.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

1. I am a 22-year-old heterosexual female.

2. I remember discovering masturbation when I was around 10 years old. I did it off and on for a while, but pretty much stopped completely during high school. However, for the past few years I have done it at least four times a week, sometimes when I'm bored.

3. My first kiss was with my first boyfriend in freshman year of high school. I dated him merely because he liked me, but he ended up growing on me. We dated for a year and a half, but never had sex. I did, however, give him many blowjobs. I never let him go down on me--I was super uncomfortable with myself and was somehow grossed out by the idea.

4. Not long after, I dated my first true love. We dated for two and a half years, but never had sex! Sounds crazy. Maybe I was crazy.

5. Broke up with said first true love for T. He was older, taller, and confident. He took my virginity when I was 19, in the front seat of his Pontiac. He had a really lovely thick and huge dick. I didn't bleed and it only hurt a little. We worked together, and one time while we were the only people running the store, we went into the office and fucked on the manager's desk. We fucked right in front of this huge one way mirror. I watched customers walking around, looking at their reflections while he pounded into me. He turned out to be the only (so far) asshole I have ever dated. Took three months of 2 a.m. booty calls to realize he didn't really care about me.

6. Tried going back to my first true love. We tried to have sex in the shower but he couldn't get it up. Just wasn't right I guess. We are still friends somehow, but I think he is still bitter I never had sex with him. He doesn't know it had nothing to do with me and everything to do with my insecurities.

7. I started dating a lovely Central American guy, R, with beautiful dark skin and hair. At 20, I was his first real relationship, first kiss, and eventually first sexual partner. I remember lying in bed with him, telling him to relax as I kissed him. Eventually he did and was an amazing kisser with his sexy, full lips. Up to that point, I had never had an orgasm during sex. When I did with him, it was amazing. We had sex almost every day for the first six months of our relationship. Eventually the passion died down a bit, but we were still very much attracted to each other, and very much in love. I learned to relax and let him go down on me. Oh my, what I had been missing out on. He had never done it before, but just the feeling of his tongue was enough to send shivers throughout my entire body.

8. Things started fading, and I grew restless. I was used to very long sex and tons of position changes with T. R wasn't lasting very long in bed, and I was becoming unsatisfied. I just recently broke things off with him.

9. I haven't had sex in 18 days and counting. I am constantly horny and checking other guys out. I enjoy giving random guys flirty smiles wherever I go. I am always imagining how these strangers are in bed.

10. Recently at a party, a guy I have known for a few years tried to kiss me and confessed his feelings for me. I have always had a thing for him, but I was dating R at time, and I couldn't bring myself to cheat on him. He was my ride home that night, and in the car, he turned to me and asked me to kiss him again. Just once. We sat there staring at each other for a good 20 seconds. I could feel this palpable attraction. I almost did it.

11. At night I run my hands up and down my body, imagining his face, his body, his hands. He hasn't talked to me since that night. He blamed the alcohol but I know it was more than that. We've had conversations about the size of his dick before. Apparently it's big. I am dying to find out.

12. I have a thing for Asian guys. I have a thing for tall lanky guys with big hands. I have a thing for dark hair and dark eyes. Don't really care for blond guys, but T. was blond. So I guess you never know.

13. Am I attracted to girls? Hmm. I have a certain female friend who is always flirting with me. I don't mind the attention, and girls are beautiful. Their bodies are beautiful. But I don't really have the urge to kiss a girl. Wouldn't mind playing with a girl's breasts though. Hard to explain.

14. I am dying for a new sexual experience. I have been having sexual dreams every night this past week. Mostly with my friend who tried to kiss me. I cannot get him out of my head.

15. I am really horny right now.

16. You want numbers? I have only had sex with 2 guys. Kissed 6.

17. I am always trying to perfect my blowjob technique. I love giving blowjobs. I love teasing a guy until he can't take it anymore and then finally going down on him. I love running my tongue up his dick and the taste of pre-cum.

18. I love being on top during sex. For some reason, I am unable to come in any other position. Still working on that. I like it with the lights off, on, outside, inside, on a bed, on the floor. Whatever.

19. I'm not a big fan of sex in cars, maybe because I lost my virginity to someone I didn't care about in one. Also not a big fan of porn. I like to create my own fantasies in my head. It usually leads to sexual dreams.

20. I don't think I will ever participate in anal sex. It really doesn't turn me on at all. Who knows what the future holds, though, I guess.

21. I love being dominated--nothing crazy, just being thrown on to the bed, knowing the man is stronger than me and the trust that comes with that.

22. I love kissing. That's the fastest way to get me wet. I love lightly kissing my guy and then pulling away, hovering close until we can't take it and start kissing deeply and passionately.

22. Seriously, buildup is the best. I will kiss your neck, your chest. Oh God don't get me started on how much I love a man's chest. I love running my hands across his chest, kissing his nipples, down his stomach, down the happy trail and then STOP. Save the best for last. Slowly pull down the waistband of his boxer briefs (my favorite kind of male underwear by the way) and creep my way down.

23. I have given a blowjob while a guy is driving. It's not the best, obviously.

24. I love my body and all its imperfections. I have made peace with my modest breasts. I love my hips and my butt and my legs. I dance naked in front of a mirror almost daily. Great confidence booster.

25. I have so much to learn about my sexuality. I look forward to the many sexual experiences in my future. I can't wait for my next conquest!

Monday, December 5, 2011

1. I am a 21-year-old, mostly straight female.

2. I lost my virginity at the age of 15 in a threesome with my best friend and her boyfriend.

3. I was raped almost daily for six years from the age of 5 to 11.

4. I started masturbating to pornography multiple times a day when I was 10 years old. This is still the case.

5. When I say mostly straight, I mean that I don't want to be in a romantic relationship with another woman, but I love having sex with women, and I appreciate how sexy and beautiful we are.

6. Since I lost my virginity at the age of 15, I have had upwards of 17 sexual partners, both male and female.

7. Rough, wild, passionate, take-me-now kind of sex is to die for. I've never been a fan of slow and sensual lovemaking. I don't know why this is. The mere idea of it is a turn-off.

8. Every person I see on the street or in passing, I imagine having sex. Not necessarily with me, but with their faceless (to me) lover. It helps me see everyone has a vulnerable, raw, and needy human being.

9. Out of all of my many sexual partners, I have only had sex with two of them more than once.

10. I think about sex all the time. All day. Every day. If everyone else wanted to, I would want to talk about nothing else. I love to learn about other people and what they like, what they want, how often. Knowing that everyone's sexuality is so varied is so intriguing to me.

11. I like to be sexually submissive. But if the person I'm having sex with isn't dominant enough, I will take over. I like to be thrown around, have my hair pulled, and my neck grabbed with reckless abandon.

12. I'm not affectionate at all. In contrast with my constant need for sex, some find this off-putting. I want to hit it and quit it, I don't want romance, I don't want snuggling. If it is not in a sexual context, I don't like to be touched. If my partner comes up to me while I'm doing dishes, for example, and touches my back, I will literally cringe and move away from them.

13. Public sex is one of my biggest turn-ons, but it scares me half to death.

14. Sometimes, after intercourse, I feel anger towards my sexual partner. I always suppress these feelings.

15. I suffer from what I affectionately refer to as "penis nightmares." Dreams in which I am having sex with someone (usually someone I'm very attracted to in my life) when their penis turns into something scary and more often than not ends up killing me. As an example, having sex with an attractive friend when his penis turns into a giant python that penetrates me and kills me. I feel like these should impact my sex life, but they don't.

16. During my teen years I had a hard time saying no, so I often ended up having one night stands that I wasn't necessarily into having. Now, however, I'm glad that I went through this period. I believe that it helped me take control of who I am sexually. I also appreciate the experience.

17. I've never owned a vibrator. I want one. But I feel like I can do the job just as well or better.

18. I absolutely love my body. I feel like the sexiest little thing on earth and I would rather be naked than clothed any time of day.

19. I crave sexual attention, which causes problems when I'm in relationships. I love locking eyes with a sexy stranger and feeling that mutual understanding that we would fuck like wild animals were we not surrounded by all these people on the bus, for example.

20. I love anal sex, but the ONLY thing I will put up my ass is a penis. This includes no fingers or tongues. I would not be able to look someone in the eye if I had let me lick my ass.

21. I fantasize about being double penetrated all the time, but am scared to try it. I feel like I couldn't handle it.

22. I can have a (minor) orgasm by merely thinking about being eaten out. I do this in my university classes every single day.

23. I believe that penises are gorgeous.

24. I have a rape fantasy that I am ashamed of because of my past. I will never act on it, or tell anyone about it.

25. Life is short and silly, and if it isn't full of orgasms, it isn't worth it.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

1. I'm a 53-year-old straight male, married 31 years.

2. I have no memory of this, but I have a feeling that my older brother molested me as a young child. We shared a bed until he was a teenager. He has always evoked a overwhelming emotional reaction in me. I don't have those feelings with any other siblings.

3. My penis is extremely small when flaccid although only slightly below average when erect. I received an injury to my testicular sack at the age of four. The injury is unrelated to the size of my penis, but together with #2, the result has been severe sexual insecurities.

4. The earliest sexual experiences I remember consist mainly of masturbating while looking at the underwear ads in a Sears catalog. This was as close as I got to pornography until I went to college and saw my first Playboy magazine.

5. I have looked at some form of pornography almost every day since college. I enjoy written stories more than pictures.

6. I believe those early catalog pictures planted the seeds of what grew into a lifelong lingerie fetish.

7. My favorite look is a woman in '50s style underwear, as long as she's wearing stockings.

8. I have always been attracted to what some call trashy women. My wife used to dress a little slutty and I really liked that.

9. I have never really had the desire to cross-dress, and lingerie by itself is not enticing. As an experiment, I tried on some lingerie once, but it did nothing for me. I felt and looked foolish.

10. The size of my penis, reading dirty stories, and the lingerie thing are the defining characteristics of my sexuality.

11. I had sex with three women before I met my wife. Two were basically one-night stands, and I had a steady girlfriend with whom I had oral sex several times.

12. I got married when I was 20, and have never had sex with anyone but my wife in 35 years.

13. I was only seriously tempted to cheat twice. Once, I drunkenly made out with a woman for a couple of minutes at a party. The second was a much more serious emotional affair that lasted several months. We never had sex, but we did make out fully clothed several times.

14. Insecurity about the size of my penis and the desire to remain faithful prevented me from having sex with the woman. I often wonder if God gave me a small penis in an attempt to keep me faithful.

15. My desires are much more kinky than those of my wife. This has been the major sexual frustration of my life and played a part in #13.

16. My wife and I had a pretty regular and enjoyable sex life for our first twenty years.

17. The only kink in which she indulged was lingerie. She got dressed up for sex about once a week, and I was never tempted by other women when she routinely wore sexy lingerie.

18. I've never had group sex, anal sex, BDSM, D/s or any other non-vanilla sex.

19. The term making love accurately describes our married sex life.

20. When my wife began menopause she lost almost all desire, sex became painful and we've only had intercourse once in the last few years.

21. I love her now more than ever, in spite of ever-growing sexual frustration.

22. She does give me a blowjob or a handjob every few weeks if I complain enough and become so horny I can't sleep. She does not seem to enjoy it and I feel like it is just another chore for her.

23. Because she no longer enjoys it, neither do I. We are trapped.

24. I would never force anyone to do anything, but I have strong domination fantasies. I wish my wife wanted to play the part of a submissive slut who needed a good spanking.

25. I live a life of torn emotions. I love my wife deeply but regret missing out on so very many sexual experiences.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

1. I'm a 46-year-old male, more gay than straight, and in a stable relationship with a man for 15 years now.

2. But: I'm less gay than I thought. That is, my heterosexual part has gained influence over the last years. Now, women are no longer something I would only touch with my eyes closed, even if there are still many more men than women I find attractive and erotically tempting.

3. Right now there's a woman in my life who just has to touch her neck with her hand to make me get an erection. There's never been anyone I've sexually desired as strongly as her, and I can imagine doing nearly anything in the wide spectrum of sex with her.

4. I'm glad to be able to live my sexuality free of any sense of guilt. It wasn't always this way. I felt liberation and full acceptance only after my coming-out, when I was already in my mid-twenties.

5. Masturbation is an equally valuable way of living sexuality as doing it with a partner.

6. I like being penetrated by a man (and do it actively, too, even if I prefer the passive role), but I would not like to penetrate a woman anally.

7. If you would want to call it a fetish: I do love tight underwear on men (and on myself).

8. One of the most erotic acts is undressing the underwear, the moment of realizing the total nakedness.

9. Nudity for itself has nothing to do with sex or eroticism, as far as I am concerned - it's a natural situation, and I have freed myself from the inhibition decreed by our society rather early in my life. I like to be naked as soon as temperatures allow it, and I generally swim in the nude.

10. Presenting myself naked in front of others doesn't create any problems for me. It seems like I have kind of an exhibitionistic side.

11. I can't say there are body regions that turn me on especially. It can be the lips, the chest, the voice or the ass, too. But I must admit that I do appreciate a beautiful cock a lot.

12. I feel very open towards various sexual practices, as long as there's neither blood nor shit involved. For some time now I've come to like S/M play in my imagination.

13. I've also had sex with two other people: mmm and mmf. I'm not too interested in mff, but wouldn't refuse if given the opportunity.

14. I'd like to have a slightly bigger cock, especially when flaccid, because i like the bulge in the pants. But overall I'm satisfied with what I have.

15. I really like having somebody cum on me.

16. Both my "first times" came quite as a surprise: With the woman after being in a sauna, with the man without any identifiable cause on the floor at night. Both were very quick, and I was ashamed afterwards.

17. While studying at university, I had nearly no sexual activity going on. But there were exceptions. I remember one week when I had sex with a total of two men and two women.

18. Anonymous sex can be nice, but I'm not very interested in it.

19. I like photographing masturbating men and also love to take their pictures while they're having sex. There are lots of pornographic pictures with myself as a subject, some taken by myself and some by other good photographers.

20. I watch a porno movie once a year, max--they're too artificial for my taste, but okay to jerk off to.

21. I have no problem speaking openly about my sexuality, and I do talk about it with anybody who is not too inhibited.

22. Sex toys are not necessary, but I don't mind their use. But I do like wearing a cock ring regularly, and I prefer the heavier ones made from metal over the leather ones.

23. I seem to have few erogenous zones -- and the nipples are absolutely not part of them.

24. I've had virtual sex (via telephone, chat, cam), but normally I don't enjoy it too much and I find it hard to come this way.

25. There's one topic about sex I'm not speaking about.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

1. I've not had sex (with a partner) for more than 5 years now. Not exactly by choice, but I'm surprised I don't really miss it.

2. I'm a 34-year-old woman, and I'm afraid I'm strictly hetero when it comes to sex, even though I often feel strong emotional and sometimes vaguely erotic attraction for women. I just feel absolutely no interest in interacting with female sexual organs (apart from mine, that is). I like looking at tits, though.

3. I've been in a stable monogamous relationship with a man for about 8 years now. During this time, we both have struggled a lot with more than one crisis, personal ones and some as a couple. While the relationship developed greatly, we "lost" the sexuality somewhere on the way. I feel a bit awkward about this, but I think I would be more than happy with the situation (see later) if I just could have some little stories or just serious flirtations aside.

4. But I really don't want to cheat on my partner. I cheated on everyone I was with before him, and I learned it kills the trust and the love if you have to hide such a big part of your emotional life. He is, unfortunately, strictly monogamous, so I stay with myself when it comes to sex. We'll see for how long. In the meantime, I really enjoy discovering my own ideas and dreams and feelings, without having to fulfill anybody's expectations.

5. At the age of 15, I was very worried about the question "Is sex WITH love possible?" and I still haven't fully found the answer (for me). Well, obviously it is possible, but I'm afraid I don't like it too much. Love (like in "staying with somebody for years, fully trusting and knowing each other, but also discussing who will buy toilet paper this week") feels so very much like the close relationship I have with my parents and sister, and wonderful, but it makes fucking this person sometimes boring, sometimes nearly obscene to me.

6. At the age of 18-28, I was very active, having lots of partners, all male, some of them ONS, some longer relations, sometimes two different men in the same day.

7. I am, honestly, quite overweight and not really good-looking, but the period in #6 taught me that I can be easily attractive nevertheless, even to men that are surrounded and desired by girls much more beautiful than me. This strengthened my self-confidence a lot and I really feel not ashamed of my body at all.

8. Generally I tend to terribly mess up love, attraction, sex and friendship, which brought many misunderstandings and unsatisfactory situations for me and lots of pain and delusion for the involved men. When I meet a fascinating person of any sex or age, I tend to confuse my enthusiasm with erotic interest. If the person isn't a probable partner ("wrong" sex or age, or married or gay or...), I get slightly confused by my feelings, but nothing happens and we can perhaps build a wonderful friendship. But if the person is, say, a single straight male, I hurry us to the next bedroom as soon as possible, and make him "prove" his interest in me. Then I'm satisfied and would like to be "just" friends. It doesn't work this way.

9. I just love love love the situation when a flirtation becomes real, when your hands touch for the first time, the long tension before a first kiss, the hesitating, the hands and eyes that discover the other one's always beautiful body, the many doubts of how far can I go, how far will he go? This turns me on more than anything and is totally lost to me as soon as sex becomes something "normal" with someone.

10. All of my longer relations (apart from the one I'm in now) were spawned from the situations described above, and lasted between one and five years, depending on when I found the courage to tell the men that I had never had intentions to have a relationship, had never loved them and just had always wanted to be friends (perhaps, at best, "with benefits"). In the meantime I impersonated a lovely girlfriend, including swearing eternal love and faking orgasms. I felt it to be my duty, because I created the misunderstanding in the beginning. Idiocy.

11. I had my first sex at the age of 18 with a man twice my age. We were not lovers, just friends, but I had a big crush on him and insisted and seduced him somehow. Looking back he was perhaps not a superhero in bed, but I was very excited by the whole thing, and he was so caring and respecting, and I liked it a lot! We met regularly for some months, to have wonderful intellectual discussions spiced up with some sex, and then I unfortunately got a "real" boyfriend of my age. I wanted to continue the affair, but I couldn't get used to the thought of cheating. (I learned later... ) This first story is still the one that worked best for me, seen from the aspect of sex vs. friendship.

12. While I am happily self-confident about my body, I notice that aging is not very kind to me recently. I haven't worked out before now, and I find being a little bigger while getting older makes a lot of movements difficult, back aches, everything less flexible... I am slightly preoccupied about the idea that, assuming I would find a way to have sex again, I will not be able to perform physically like I used to, and be "out of training" for too long. This is probably silly, but if I start working out sooner or later, it will be mainly for this fear.

13. Apart from getting very aroused by making new friendships, I have a strong interest in rough and non-consensual sex scenarios, from the sub side. I'm not into pain or spanking, more into bondage and/or a little rough treatment, humiliation and the feeling to be "wanted so much that he can't restrain himself from taking me" and being helpless. My first drawings and fragments of writing erotic stories of this kind go back to the age of ten.

14. While I find #13 nothing to be ashamed of, I'm still very conflicted about it. I've grown up with strong feminist ideas and I simply CANNOT allow a man to treat me like this. I had one relationship where the sex worked very well this way, but after a short period I hated and disapproved of the guy so much (because he obviously liked it) that I couldn't go on. I haven't found a solution to this yet. How can you like some asshole who enjoys treating people badly? And how can you keep your self-esteem up if you like being treated like dirt? I'm reading a lot about it, but it doesn't work for me yet. I wonder if I could permit the thought if it were with a woman? Just that this doesn't turn me on at all...

15. I do really enjoy anal sex, if it's done well.

16. And I like fellatio, especially for not-too-big guys... But I don't like receiving oral sex too much, it doesn't do much for me.

17. I nearly forgot to mention that I've never had an orgasm in the presence of somebody. This has never troubled me too much, I've had wonderful sex and enjoyed it greatly. The only unpleasant thing is that I always have to explain and justify, and the well-meaning guys will rub all parts of my body for hours just to make me come (even if I explain them that I'm fine and would like to sleep), so sooner or later I give in and fake one, just to make them stop. Which is a bad ending.

18. I've masturbated since I was ten, first with the shower. I learned to come by my hand much later (around 17) after many frustrating but determined tries. Vibrators or other tools don't work too well for me, but in the last months I've proudly learned to use my left hand instead of the right one. This was necessary mainly because I sometimes need the right one on the mouse...

19. I've always been interested in porn and very early found all the hiding places where my parents kept their erotic literature. I totally am a book person, so well-written erotic fiction works by far best for me, but sometimes I fall for pics and videos and get lost in a weird world between arousal and disgust for my own interest in rough sex, which very often leads me to see things I really, really disapprove of. Another problem is that I cannot stand artificial tits/fingernails/moaning, which excludes 90% of commercial porn.

20. My use of porn comes in waves. There are months in which I don't consume it at all, and 4-5 times a year I get sucked into a weekend full of porn and weird erotic dreams, which can continue for days. I'll masturbate on any occasion, daydream about every man I encounter and think about nothing but sex and porn. I start by reading soft stuff, sharpen my preferences, try out increasingly kinky topics and normally it ends when I involuntarily find a convincingly REAL rape-video, am totally turned off for the next two months, want to vomit and hate the world.

21. Recently, I seem to have found an alternative in the world of queer and sex-positive porn. Turns me on a lot, too, but in a totally different way, perhaps less strong, but it leaves me happy afterwards, not with this terrible aftertaste.

22. I find "feminine" behavior and looks in men incredibly attractive and arousing. Long-haired men can be sure of my attention and erotic interest, regardless of their looks or character (the latter is a problem sometimes...).

23. In general, I find the male body very beautiful, even of not classically beautiful men. And I love the moment of intimacy, when I get to see one naked for the first time. I could just look at him for hours.

24. Be it in friendship or love or sex, I've always been attracted by the idea of being a threesome with two men. In new surroundings I tend to befriend a "couple" of two male best friends, so we always go out as a threesome, talk about our problems as a threesome, and I feel accepted by both of them while I love witnessing their friendship as well. Additionally, I daydream of erotic experiments of this type, but I've never managed to create a situation of this kind.

25. The closest I ever got to #24 was lying between two male friends of mine in total darkness in a tent, kissing each of them and noticing that while caressing me, their hands touched and started caressing each other on my body. Once, their lips touched while they were both trying to kiss me, and they briefly kissed. Then we were interrupted (§$%#@!!!). Still, it's one of my hottest memories.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

1. I identify (and present) as male, and I don't consider myself androgynous at all. But I also don't feel obligated to follow the socially prescribed behaviors that come attached to one's sex. I see no reason for the apelike chest-beating guys often engage in. I don't subscribe to the "real men should always do this or that, and never do x or y" crap. Masculinity itself has become a caricature. We’re expected to aspire to these played-out clich├ęs and try to show that we're the most alpha-take-charge-manly-man guy in the room. We're supposed to be the crotch-scratching, money-throwing, willing-to-do-anything-for-sex, drunken, sports-team-cheering types who aren’t able to have conversations about how we feel and what we need. Personally, I refuse to be that. It’s not who I am. For me, masculinity has two faces. There’s the sexy, comfortable side, and there’s the prefabricated stereotypical sludge that others push on us. Game-playing and one-upmanship are not masculinity.

2. To me, BDSM play is sexual in nature, even if the actions themselves aren't. (D/s may or may not be sexual, depending on the situation.) The play doesn't have to directly involve sex of any kind, but there's an underlying vibe of sexuality during a scene. It's sexy and usually turns on those who are doing the playing.

3. When it comes to sexual partners, I prefer quality over quantity.

4. I am a heterosexual cisgendered man. I refuse to let anyone make me feel guilty about that.

5. I'm not one of those people who always knew they had an interest in BDSM. I developed that interest when I was in my early 20s. I do have a foot fetish, though, which I recognized fairly early on. I can remember checking out some of my classmates' feet as early as 5th grade. When I say "fetish" I don't mean the obsessive "I need this in order to get off" type fetish. Rather, I see a fetish as simply one interest I have.

6. I was kicked in the balls once in high school. It made me lightheaded, and I didn't enjoy any aspect of it. Now, I find ball-kicking incredibly sexy. Cringe-inducing and intense, but sexy. I highly doubt the fact that it turns me on is related to the high school incident, though. Just goes to show that fetishes can evolve over time. For the longest time, the thought of ball-kicking was off-putting to me; now, it's something that gets me hot.

7. Exclusivity is valuable to me, whether it's emotional exclusivity or sexual exclusivity. Giving something to your partner, something you're not giving to anyone else, speaks volumes about your feelings for that person. It's a way of showing them that they're special. It means a lot more than something store-bought. If anything, I place more value on emotional exclusivity than sexual exclusivity.

8. Because I value exclusivity, I've occasionally felt like a pariah in the BDSM community. "Bi-poly-switch-swinger" sometimes seems to be the standard. But I realize that these folks are simply more vocal, and in talking with lots of people, I've found there are a very large number who feel the same way I do.

9. Many things in BDSM carry a dual nature for me. A certain form of play might make my brain scream "yes" and "no" at the same time. I genuinely want it to stop when it's happening, but later on I might look back on it and think, "wow, that was really hot!" as well as, "wow, that really sucked!" This is true for lots of activities/fetishes, and play that has this two-pronged contradictory quality is the play I get off on the most.

10. "Dominating the mouth" is powerful. The mouth is one of the most guarded, almost sacred parts of the body. We protect our mouths carefully. Being made to take something into it has a strong effect on me. Foot/armpit worship, spit, cum, sock gags, piss, strap-on fellatio... they all hit me hard. This kind of play is horrible, dirty, and sexy.

11. I've never orgasmed from oral. It feels fantastic, but it's not enough to get me off.

12. Enforced chastity doesn't mean we don't have sex. My Mistress keeps the key around her neck, so we can have sex whenever she likes. She just makes sure I don't orgasm when we do. Chastity doesn't suppress the sex drive; rather, it enhances it to an almost intolerable level.

13. I didn't lose my virginity until after high school. There were opportunities for casual sex, but I passed on those. And I was too preoccupied with partying to pursue a meaningful relationship at the time.

14. Blood play turns me on. Obviously in non-vital amounts. So primal and feral. Having blood forcibly removed from my body while I can only struggle and watch is a powerful experience.

15. For that matter, force in general is one of the hottest things ever. Adding force, bondage, or helplessness of some form increases the sexiness of just about anything.

16. I'm a firm believer that there need to be more birth control options for men. Our reproductive systems are simpler than women's, so I don't understand why nothing has been developed yet. Men would be able to take more responsibility for birth control, plus it would give us control over our own reproductive rights. Currently our only non-surgical option is to slap a balloon on it. And this balloon desensitizes quite a bit, while having a less-than-stellar failure rate compared to other methods of birth control.

17. I currently consider myself hetero, but would be open to playing and/or sex with another man if I ever found one I was attracted to. I have yet to meet one. I can generally tell when a guy would be considered attractive by others, even if I'm not attracted to him myself.

18. The internet almost scared me away from getting involved in the local BDSM community. I saw so much about protocol, ritual and structure that it put me off of the idea of going to any local events. From those I talked with online, it seemed like the majority of BDSMers were deeply into these things, and that's definitely not my style of submission. But once I got involved locally, I realized that the majority of people aren't heavily into these.

19. Being pushed hard is a fetish for me. Being made to take more than I think I can take is an all-encompassing experience. "Intense" doesn't even begin to describe it. Even in spite of the strong "no" I feel at the time, there's a sense of catharsis afterward. And in a relationship, being pushed that hard can strengthen the d/s between us. It adds to the extent of her power over me; she's still doing what she wants to do even if I'm screaming "no" into the gag and thrashing against the bonds with everything I've got.

20. After typing that last bit, I'm now rather turned on.

21. It's extremely rare for me to be able to get off when using a condom. My PA desensitized my cock head a little, so it's difficult to feel enough to orgasm when wearing a condom. In spite of that, the intimacy is still really important to me.

22. I'm curious about slave branding. For me, a stable, long-term relationship is prerequisite. And we'd have to get rid of my ability to safeword if we were to do this. Scary. Intimidating. Sexy.

23. I'm extremely visual. This is a big part of why blindfolds don't do much for me. It's also one reason I really enjoy woman-on-top sexual positions; the point of view is incredible. (Plus there's the control aspect, but that's another topic.)

24. I am multi-orgasmic. This is a learned ability, not an inherent one. The trick is in learning to separate orgasm from ejaculation. The "drop" most men feel after orgasm comes from hormones released after ejaculation. Once you learn to orgasm without ejaculating, you're golden. When I masturbate to orgasm, I typically don't come unless I'm told to.

25. For a while, I considered myself "byproduct-curious." I had a mild curiosity about my Mistress making me eat other men's cum from her pussy, soles, or asshole when we first started seeing each other. We also talked about her snowballing other men's cum with me, or gagging me with her cum-drenched panties or socks. The other men involved would essentially be sperm donors who left after getting off. But after she started making me eat my own cum, I remembered how much I dislike eating cum. Hot in my head, eew in reality. So I started having second thoughts. And this only made her want to do it even more. 99% of the time, I'm firmly on the "no" side, though when I'm on the edge of orgasm, it sounds like a hot idea. She taunts me occasionally that this will become a frequent, regular part of our play. That thought kind of makes me nervous, mainly because I know it's not an idle threat.

Friday, November 25, 2011

1. I am a 43-year-old male, maybe metrosexual, bisexual, SM-curious switch, an exhibitionist and a voyeur. I enjoy being open-minded and I'm very curious about the sexuality spectrum. I have been sexually active since I was 12.

2. I have been living in a wonderful partnership with my girlfriend since we were both 19 years old. We have a son together. He is 20 years old.

3. A huge part of my sexuality is being an exhibitionist. I don’t really care who sees me naked, in fact I really hate how our culture makes nudity a scandal. It’s a body, we all have one. I would think we all see ourselves naked at least for showers. And you know what: if we were all a bit more relaxed about it, I think there would be a million (at least) more people more comfortable in their own skin.

4. I love to fuck woman. And I love men's bodies. Whenever I am looking for partners, I prefer androgynous, queer, cross-people. I would love to meet intersexual people. Its the most interesting thing for me, to mix and cross sexual specifications.

5. A lot of people have told me, I am a really masculine man, but with many female qualities. I am very happy about that.

6. I have had sex with more people I can count. I was working as a call boy from 15 to 26 and had a lot of experiences in the gay scene in Berlin. In the last 10 years there have been more and more contacts with open-minded females and hetero-flexible persons.

7. In my family we don't talk about sex. It's a pity. And I wonder how I got so curious and adventurous.

8. I learned masturbating from a friend at 10 years. I started masturbating in public at 12 years. My first orgasm with ejaculation I had on a beach in France at 13.

9. I like cybersex because it's possible to meet other kinky, open-minded people. But sometimes I have to reduce the time online to get more time for real life.

10. I love to work as a model. Sure, it's cool for an exhibitionist, but in fact, I want to help to bring good porn, art-porn to the people, to free the minds for a healthy sexuality.

11. I love cross-dressing. It's cool to find out something about the other gender, while being dressed like a female. And I like to meet other cross-dressers.

12. I like to be fucked by a female with a strap-on. It's a very intimate thing for me (also to be fucked by men). And I love to see how proud women are, when they are fucking me.

13. One of my favorite things is to see a man coming. I love cocks, and I love feeling come on every part of my body. For sure, I love to give my semen to others. I know, there are many people (mostly females) who don't want to see millions of cum-shots in a woman's face. I don't like them either, because it's a must in porn films, and not a fetish of the actors. But if the actors are really into it, I love it.

14. I want to shoot some porn-movies soon, showing this kind of sex in a better, artistic way, to bring this fetish out of the fucked mainstream way of porn.

15. I want to explore more about SM. I love to play, love to feel new impressions, new possibilities. But I don't like the way of people only performing SM-shows. I would learn more about real people's feelings while having SM sex.

16. I have had sex on a variety of drugs. Smoking weed gets me horny and it feels so good to fuck around while stoned. I’ve had sex while on acid, mushrooms, ecstasy and speed. I love Viagra stuff, because I am a cock fetishist and love to be hard for hours.

17. I like public sex. Love having sex in nature. It makes me scream like an animal, and it's a completely different feeling to be connected with Mother Earth while having sex.

18. I usually don't masturbate every day. It's very variable. Some weeks I masturbate every day, some times only two times a week. I try to do it whenever I like. Also in the office, while shopping, in the park...

19. I love to masturbate in groups. It's a special kind of fun, having sex without exchanging touch. It feels very free and easy.

20. The best way to have sex, for me, is when I am absolutely sure that my partner is doing just the things he/she wants to do. I have to feel that he/she is wanting me, wanting the situation. It's cool to feel a self-confident partner.

21. I care much for porn. I want to participate with people who are doing or consuming porn. But only art-port, good-porn, warm-porn, cool-porn, queer-porn, transgender-porn...

22. I love many kinds of bodies. Male bodies I like slim, young, smooth, hairless. Females bodies can be more beefy. I don't like hairy bodies; love shaved pussies and cocks.

23. Things I've never done but want to: double vaginal, a bukkake session with more than 10 men (active or passive), being exhibited by a dominant partner...

24. I need more and more mental connection to enjoy sex with others. Sometimes it's OK to have short, rough sex, but I love to feel secure while having sex.

25. I want to stay kinky and curious until I am an old man.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

1. I am a 19-year-old cisgendered female. I am, at least theoretically, pansexual and have identified as such since I was about 14.

2. I said theoretically in (1) because I only had my first kiss in June this year, and I've never had any more extensive sexual contact with another person. This is slightly frustrating to me because I'm really tactile and I love hugging my friends and sitting on their laps. I don't know how to initiate sexual contact. It is this huge mystery to me.

3. My first kiss happened in a club. I was telling a friend-of-a-friend that I'd never been kissed, and she asked if I wanted to. It was a lot easier than I had built up in my head. She was awesome. I slept with her, in a purely literal sense, and we cuddled. She stood me up a few times, later on, and I gave up on her. I don't regret it at all.

4. I have only ever orgasmed maybe once when masturbating, which I've been doing since I was maybe 13. It was right when I started doing it, and hasn't happened since. I don't know if I'm just "doing it wrong," if it's impossible for me to get off alone or if I just can't orgasm. I'm kind of scared that it's the last one.

5. I usually masturbate when I'm reading slash. The descriptions of the sex scenes turn me on, and the masturbation is secondary. I usually stop when I am tired out and messy. I don't orgasm, but it's still satisfying.

6. I think I'm polyamorous. The idea of having only one partner and neither of you being allowed to have any other sexual or romantic relationships has always been a little baffling to me, especially because my high school friends paraded an endless display of failed monogamy.

7. I've been, in real life, attracted to a lot more girls than guys. I think it's because I went to an all-girl school and am more physically comfortable in the presence of girls. I didn't really have proper male friends until varsity.

8. I was in love with my best friend in high school. She had a plethora of boyfriends, but I don't think she was entirely straight. She used to bite the tips of my fingers because somehow she realised that her biting me turned me on. It was like a game. We used to sit in the back row during one of our classes with a third friend and feel each other up. She pushed me up against a wall once and I thought (hoped) she'd kiss me, but we were interrupted. I haven't seen her in two years but she recently got in touch with me and wants to meet up. I'm worried that I'm still in love with her.

9. I really, really like the idea of being pushed up against a wall and kissed.

10. I think I might be submissive. I don't know to what degree, or if it's just an expression of my lack of practical sex knowledge. I like the idea of being held down and fucked. I like the idea of sitting on the floor next to someone, with my head on their lap. I like the idea of obeying an order, not because I have to or will be punished if I don't, but just to please someone. I don't know if these are just idle fantasies or deeper kinks.

11. I like the idea of walking around all day with something inside me, because I was told to. To remind me that someone cares about me and is thinking of me, and to remind me of them. I like the idea of all my normal interactions being part of an extended sex game.

12. I think I might want someone to control me to counterbalance my own lack of self-control.

13. In contrast to (9), I don't think I'm masochistic. I have a really low pain tolerance. But I want to try, to see.

14. I feel like I haven't come into my sexual identity yet and it frustrates me to think of all the sex I could be having. I always feel more connected to someone when I'm physically close to them. I think I'll adore sex.

15. I don't think sex has to be romantic, but I do want there to be a level of respect. I don't want anonymous sex (at this point).

16. Possibly as a byproduct of the amount of gay porn I read, I have quite a fascination with anal play. I really want to be rimmed, even though the practical aspects of it gross me out a little.

17. I am currently crushing on this girl who already has a girlfriend, kind of. They've been playing around for months, casually, but I went on a date with her before they were officially going out. She stipulated that their relationship had to be open, but I'm not sure how happy or comfortable her girlfriend is with that.

18. It worries me that I don't really care what the aforementioned girlfriend thinks too much. I, certainly, am not at all bothered. People keep asking if she's my girlfriend "yet," as if that is the only possible end-goal. I don't think she's a fan of commitment. I don't know if she'll ever be my girlfriend. There will certainly never be anything on Facebook, because you can't link yourself to more than one person, and I wouldn't be the person she chose if she did put anything up.

19. I've made a lot of first moves in the quasi-relationship-thing. I told her I liked her. I asked her out. I invited her to a party. I kissed her. (And that was nerve-wracking.) I'm not sure I'm comfortable with being even a little dominant in this relationship, but I think she's worth trying it out. I'm maybe hoping, a little, that she'll take over control soonish. She's older than me (21), and a lot more sexually experienced (not that that's hard).

20. I have no desire to wear a strap-on, but the idea of being fucked by a girl with a strap-on is somewhat appealing.

21. I have group-sex fantasies. I am really turned on by the idea of double penetration, while also sucking someone off. I like the idea of being filled and used. But I'd really need to trust the participants. I don't know if it's something I could ever actually do.

22. I think I might like semi-public sex, or being watched. There is something intriguing about being sexual in front of or near other people that really turns me on. Sometimes I masturbate next to my window, with the curtains open. If my neighbors were on the roof for some reason, or somehow able to see over the wall, they would see me.

23. I have never felt or seen an erect penis in real life. I kind of want to, and I'm intrigued by the idea of giving head. I think I'd like knowing that I turned someone on that visibly. That having been said, I am not sexually attracted to any of the guys in my social circle at the moment. I've been attracted to a few guys before but they were either not interested in me or assholes, sometimes both.

24. I am platonically in love with two of my friends at the moment, one male and one female. I'm not really sure that I could ever explain that to them. While there is actually no sexual component to my feelings for them, I am extremely happy when I am around them, far more than any of my other friends. I am exceptionally concerned for their happiness. My chest kind of aches a little just thinking about them, because they are absolutely amazing. I don't know if anyone else has this degree of non-sexualized love for their friends. I don't know if they realise how in love with them I am.

25. I am totally comfortable with my own body, despite the fact that I should probably exercise more for purely health-related reasons. I can't wait to have someone else touch me and kiss me, and yet I have this latent fear that there is something weird about me that I haven't realized, that will put someone else off.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1.) I am a 28-year-old female who doesn't think the word "bisexual" captures all the nuances of what I feel.

2.) I remember being curious about sex since I was a child, although I never quite knew what I was I was thinking about or why. However, I didn't start masturbating until I was 16. That night was one of the most memorable in my sexual history so far.

3.) When I was in middle school/ high school I never felt very connected to my body unless it was through masturbation. I always compared my body to other girls' and wondered what they looked like naked. This was also the time I started to wonder if I may be attracted to women in a deeper way.

4.) Despite all this, I was still very attracted to men. I had a crush on my English teacher in high school and I would fantasize that he would ask me to stay after class, strip me naked and fuck me on top of his desk. I would have this fantasy all during class and I would blush whenever my teacher would look over at me. I still have a thing for older men to this day.

5.) I think about sex every single day.

6.) I once had a crazy sex fantasy involving Jabba the Hutt.

7.) I bought my first vibrator at the age of 20, and since that time have bought many more. I am always shocked when I read/hear about women in their 20s, 30s or 40s who still don't own one. I couldn't live without mine. In fact, I would say I am having a love affair with mine, and I'm not sure anyone could ever fulfill me the way "it" does.

8.) I lost my virginity at the age of 22 and it was amazing. I'm glad I waited for the guy I lost it with. I finally began to understand my sexual power. He became my boyfriend, and the real exploration began. We did every single position I think a body can twist itself into. He is the only man who has taken his time to ensure that I enjoy oral sex and come from it. By the time we broke up, I was able to come within 5 minutes of his tongue touching me.

9.) I have been with 7 other men since him, and I am waiting for the opportunity to be with a woman.

10.) I had a mini-three-way once. It was a disaster. My friend and I spent 45 minutes trying to just get this guy hard with a blow job, and nothing. We were both pretty annoyed.

11.) Despite #10, I would still like to try another three-way, except this time with an experienced couple.

12.) I love having sex outside the bedroom/not on the bed. I love it in the shower, up against the wall, on my parents' bed, the couch, on the kitchen countertop, on the floor, or in front of the window for everyone to see. I'm not opposed to the bed, but it just gets so boring.

13.) I love to wear lingerie, and I hate it when guys don't appreciate the effort you put into it.

14.) I love getting spanked.

15.) It's very clear to me now that what turns you on at 16 is very different from what turns you on at 26, and that your interests evolve. For example, I used to think #14 was degrading, and now it gets me wet. I used to like watching guys jerk off onto me and now I get so utterly bored at the thought of it. I used to be uncomfortable verbally expressing what I wanted sexually, and now I am obsessed with sexting. Nothing is narrowly defined anymore.

16.) My ex-boyfriend gave me a rim job in the shower once and it was so sexy. The most recent guy I slept with begged me to do it while I was giving him a blow job and while I was hesitant at first, when I saw how crazy it made him, I loved doing it. He has a pretty nice asshole for a guy.

17.) After I broke up with my boyfriend it took me a long time to find another guy who matched his passion in the bedroom. I met that guy last year and he broke my heart into a million pieces. I could not stop thinking about or masturbating to the thought of him for months. I don't know if you can actually crave another human being, but that is how I felt about him. I would sleep with him again in a minute.

18.) Some of my favorite porn involves watching a black man/white woman. I think a black dick is just so hot.

19.) More thoughts on porn: most porn creeps me out/severely bothers me. I hate seeing these women, with their straw-like blond hair, designer vags, and vacant looks choking on some guy's dick. I can always tell when men are heavily into porn by the way they fuck me. It is not fun to be used like a doll. I love a good hard fuck as much as the next girl but I think porn is doing little to show a man how to really make love to a woman. Foreplay is essential! Unless you only have 10 minutes to have sex, there is no need for rushing. Breasts should be slowly touched and licked. They are permanently attached to my body, so please stop twisting them like you are opening a door. The female anatomy should be a required study for men. There are a million ways to get a woman off.

20.) I frequently masturbate to the thought of women. I think a woman's body is so beautiful and sexy. Some women are so beautiful that they can stop me in my tracks. Watching two women go down on each other slowly makes me come the quickest. I used to wonder what all this meant, since I was still attracted to men and it left me very confused, but now I subscribe to the thought that sexuality is as vast and complicated as the universe. It doesn't have to make sense. You just need to enjoy it.

21.) What I wish we were teaching teenagers/young adults is that sex is nothing to fear and you are ALLOWED to enjoy yourself. There is such fear in this country about sex, and yet such an obvious obsession with it. Women are encouraged to be sexy at all times, but I don't think most people bother to ask "What gets you off?" I think a class in Sexual Communication should be required in all high schools and colleges. I'm also getting tired of hearing people badmouthing places like Planned Parenthood. You have to learn how to take care of your sexual health, and PP is one of the few open places for young people to go to. Plus any guy who has ever sighed a breath of relief when his girlfriend didn't get pregnant, you can indirectly thank the woman who inspired PP.

22.) I think sex is so much more fun in the dark. Makes it more mysterious.

23.) The older I get, the less enticing marriage and motherhood is becoming to me. My fantasy life would be to travel to many countries and have lovers in each of them. Each lover would satisfy a particular need in me. One can dream.

24.) I actually have a "fuck-it" list of men and women that I want to sleep with before I die.

25.) I feel that I am only at the tip of the iceberg of understanding sex and what I like.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

1. I am a 23-year-old female queer, sadomasochistic switch, both an exhibitionist and a voyeur. I enjoy a wide range of the sexuality spectrum and I have been sexually active since I was 18. At least that’s when I lost my virginity; I started exploring BDSM with my "sister" around 15.

2. I should explain my "sister." We are not biological siblings; however, we do consider one another sisters. We also have casually played with one another since high school. Have I mentioned yet I have an incest fetish? Well, I do. While this twisted relationship is difficult to explain, I know she will be a part of my life until we die.

3. Being kinky is a huge part of my sexual identity. All of my significant others since becoming sexually active have been kinky, which started out as a fluke. All of them also really love giving oral. I apparently have great luck when it comes to attracting mates.

4. When I say all of my significant others, I mean three men. Since I was 18 and became sexually active I have had three long term boyfriends, although none of those relationships were monogamous. My first two boyfriends lasted roughly two years each and my current relationship is going on a year. I haven’t been single for longer than a few months since I was 16 years old.

5. However, I have fucked a whole lot more than three men. I’ve been with twelve men and five women. Three of those individuals had been thirds to my boyfriend at the time and I. One individual was a part of a couple of whom I was their third. Four individuals were on a “fuck-buddy-kinda-dating-not together” sort of relationship and six were one-night stands.

6. I have kissed roughly 33 people, give or take some drunken encounters that I may not remember.

7. My mother and older sister (biological sister and 11 years my elder) have always been very open about sex with me. I’ve had “the talk” on several different occasions growing up and it included everything from penetrative sex, to oral and masturbation. The first time I ever masturbated was after such a talk, because of what my sister said. She said “how can you expect a man to please you, if you don’t know what it is you like?” I was 13.

8. The first time I did masturbate, I scared the hell out of myself. The reason being that I completely and utterly soaked my sheets to the point that I had to change the bedding. I didn’t know what had happened and worried that maybe I pissed myself. I wasn’t able to get off for a long time after that.

9. I started cybersexing when I was 13. I had a different AIM that I used for cybersex, and I of course would lie about my age. I didn’t want to lie too much, though, so I would tell them that I was 16. I did a lot of daddy/girl, teacher/student role-play with it. I did it consistently for two years; I stopped for a while and then dabbled with it again in high school. I haven’t bothered with it in years, though.

10. I don’t have body issues--in fact I actually quite like my body--nor do I possess much modesty. I don’t really care who sees me naked, in fact I really hate how our culture makes nudity a scandal. It’s a body, we all have one. I would think we all see ourselves naked at least for showers. And you know what: if we were all a bit more relaxed about it, I think there would be a million (at least) more people more comfortable in their own skin.

11. I cross-dress. I love being a woman and I love my breasts; but my breasts also feel oh-so-good bound in Ace bandages. I like binding my breasts and putting on male clothing.

12. And do I love wearing a strap-on. I love taunting my boy about how large my cock is before shoving it up his ass.

13. Remember how I mentioned I am a switch? Well, my boyfriend is my slave. He is the only person I dominate, however; the rest of my play partners are tops (or switches whom I bottom to).

14. This is my first M/s relationship, however, where I was the M type. I feel like I still have a lot to learn when it comes to that.

15. My thighs, ribs, sternum, and breasts are all currently deeply bruised from a play date I had three days ago with one such top. I also happen to have bruising on my throat from choking. It was marvelous and I still keep going over it in my mind. It doesn’t help that this particular top is one whom I have a deep and abiding crush on.

16. I have had sex on a variety of drugs. Weed is sexy. Smoking gets me horny and it feels so good to fuck around while stoned. I’ve had sex while on acid, mushrooms, ecstasy, molli, alcohol, and a variety of pills. Having sex while tripping is a more intimate experience, though, it’s almost spiritual.

17. I like public sex. I keep a list of all of the unusual places I’ve had sex. My favorite is probably the USX Steel Tower.

18. I usually masturbate at least once a day. On a good day, three times or more. If I’m bored at home, I masturbate. Occasionally, I’ll masturbate in the bathroom at work. My favorite is to use my bullet vibe on my clit. I have a couple dildos but I don’t like using them as much by myself.

19. I tend to masturbate more when my slave is in chastity. I like to tell him how often I orgasm, and I like to tell him how I do it for him.

20. I’ve had rape fantasies since I was young. When I told my first boyfriend about it, however, he refused to rape me. He thought I would find the reality to be less appealing than the fantasy. However, my second boyfriend did indulge in my fantasies, and I have not found that theory to hold true for me.

21. I don’t much care for porn. It doesn’t do much for me; usually I just end up making fun of the girls for being so fake. I prefer written erotica, and oddly enough I really like hentai.

22. I really, really, really want to date a girl. My second boyfriend and I had our own girlfriend for some time, but I want my own girlfriend. I was on a mission after breaking up with my second boyfriend to find a girl to date, but I tend to be shyer with girls. And it seems like girls don’t hit on me as often as men do, and I’m always worried about barking up the wrong tree.

23. While this isn’t exactly sexual, I need physical touch to stay sane. I am an incredibly affectionate person with the people I trust and care about; hugs, pets, head rubs are all awesome things. If I become deprived of physical affection, I become moody and temperamental.

24. I think cheating is one of the worst things you can do to a person. There’s no excuse, ever. It’s wrong, it’s emotionally trying, and one should have more control over their desires than that. This is a stance that I believed in when I was a kid, and I believe it even more after I have cheated on my first boyfriend (although when I cheated on my boyfriend it was with kisses and not sex, not that it makes it better but it makes me feel a little less of a horrible human being) and was cheated on by my first and second boyfriends. I don’t excuse my previous actions, but at least I’ve learned from them. I will never cheat on anybody again.

25. I will never do an on-again-off-again relationship again. I am the product of an on-again-off-again and I always swore I wouldn’t do it. However, with my second boyfriend, I did. It’s difficult to say how long we were together because we broke up three times and got back together twice within 2/3 years. Even after the last time we broke up we continued to fuck for at least 6 months without “being together.” It ended in a flaming ball of misery and it wouldn’t have if we had just ended it cleanly the first time. Blame it on being stupid, young and in love.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

1. I am a queer, poly, kinky, femme young woman. I've only recently become more comfortable with the term "femme."

2. I finally had my first kiss with another woman at the age of 19. She and I dated for approximately 3 months.

3. I once had a threesome with said woman and her long-term male partner in their apartment. He watched us have sex, I watched them have sex. Her partner and I did not have sex. It was good, sober, sexy fun. Prior to this lovely occurrence, I often slept over at their place. We made an awesome body sandwich.

4. I enjoy being tied up, blindfolded and tickled. Sometimes I enjoy being tortured, other times I like it more playful. I still feel a lot of shame about my tickle fetish, which I'm sure I developed at a young age.

5. One of my fantasies is to be bound and tickled by a few people at once. One would stimulate my clit with a feather. They would deny me an orgasm until they wanted me to come.

6. I also have a foot fetish. I love to play with other people's feet and have my own played with. This involves tickling and kissing. I also enjoy having my toes sucked.

7. Porn, for the most part, really doesn't excite me. However, I get turned on by watching videos of people being tickled, primarily women.

8. I have never performed oral sex on another woman, however I would very much like to.

9. I do not enjoy being penetrated, although recently I think my partner found my "G-spot."

10. I have multiple erogenous zones. A few of them are my lower back, feet, neck, breasts and thighs.

11. I love reading feminist erotica.

12. I am a member of FetLife and the Tickling Media Forum.

13. I think black latex gloves are quite sexy.

14. I own under-the-bed restraints which are pretty easy to use.

15. I am primarily attracted to curvy women.

16. I don't masturbate often, but when I do, I usually will masturbate multiple times that day. Masturbating before bed helps me fall asleep.

17. I really value and enjoy being in polyamorous relationships. Right now though, I'm currently in a long-term monogamous relationship. I often question monogamy and the ways in which it can be very limiting.

18. I own at least 3 vibrators.

19. I love giving hickeys.

20. I've had four friends in the past who I met through TMF and had tickle sessions with. Tickling men turns me on. I've never yet had the chance to tickle another woman.

21. I came out as bisexual at the age of 16.

22. I am interested in becoming a sex educator/therapist. I would especially like to work with individuals who are LGBTQI, kinky and/or poly.

23. I constantly wonder how many other people I know share my fetishes.

24. I frequently fantasize about having sex in public places: in an alleyway, behind a tree, in the backseat of a car.

25. I hope to one day be fully comfortable with my body and the ways in which I express arousal.

Friday, November 4, 2011

1. I am a 46-year-old male, married for 10 years with 2 children.

2. My wife and I are both kinky. She is a submissive masochist and I am a dominant sadist.

3. Sex with my wife always involves me causing her pain in some way. Usually this means spanking her ass or cunt, slapping her tits and pinching her nipples.

4. I am careful to stay within her pain limits, though. This is sometimes frustrating for me.

5. The only kind of pain that I cause her that she does not like is slapping her face while I fuck her.

6. Despite 4 above, I almost always slap her face while I fuck her. She is totally cool with this.

7. When we first met (through a web site), we tried to have a full on D/s relationship. We found this didn't work for us, particularly when the kids came along. Now our kink is mainly a bedroom-only thing, but she knows that if she really stepped out of line that I would punish her for it.

8. No one who knows us would ever believe that we are kinky.

9. We regularly have anal sex. One of my wife’s main fantasies is to have me piss into her ass. I have never done this, though, as it just is not a turn-on for me.

10. I do, however, enjoy pissing into her mouth. She likes this too.

11. When my wife sucks my cock, she will generally lick my asshole too.

12. Despite the fact that I can do anything I want to my wife and have fulfilled pretty much every fantasy I have ever had with her, I still sometimes toy with the idea of finding another woman to fuck on the side.

13. Despite the fact that I can have any kind of sex I want with my wife any time I want it, I still masturbate at least once a week.

14. Weirdly, when I masturbate I fantasize about doing all the things I regularly do to my wife, except in the fantasies I am doing them to someone else.

15. The biggest turn-on for me is that the person I am doing these things to, really really wants me to do them. I would not be turned on at all by the thought of doing these things to an unwilling 'victim.'

16. I occasionally fantasize about dominating a man: beating the crap out of him, pissing on him and then having him suck me off. I am almost afraid of the violence that I feel I might be capable of in this situation.

17. My first sexual experience was with a male priest. He got me drunk and sucked my cock. I have never told anyone that before. I was about 14 at the time.

18. This priest would be an excellent candidate for the victim role in #16.

19. Apart from #17 above, I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 19.

20. I have had sex with about 10 women in my life.

21. Every woman I have ever had sex with was kinky in some way. This leads me to believe that pretty much all women harbor some kinkiness of some sort.

22. As I get older, my desire for sex is diminishing. This pisses me off no end.

23. I wish I had a bigger cock. Mine is of average size, but I wish it was bigger. I also wish I produced more cum.

24. I occasionally come too soon (before I am ready). This is very frustrating.

25. I have toyed with the idea in the past of finding another submissive woman to join me and my wife in a threesome. She is open to this idea, but my occasional premature ejaculation makes me nervous about it.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1. I’m 23, female, bisexual and not sure that I’ve ever been in love.

2. I’m a hardened cynic when it comes to love and relationships – head over heart syndrome. My friends think that someone could one day sweep me off my feet, but they acknowledge that it would be pretty difficult.

3. I started masturbating at 14 and still remember how amazing my first orgasm was. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. After that I got a bit addicted and did it as much as 15 times a day for a while. Even now I masturbate way more often than most women, and I certainly did it more than my last boyfriend, to his embarrassment and my amusement.

4. Even though I can make myself come inside a minute, I’ve only come during PIV sex a few times, and never without clitoral stimulation. When people go down on me I usually get there in the end, and it's worth the wait.

5. I’ve had sex with 4 people – 2 guys and 2 girls. The first was a girl, when I was 19 and she was 24. I was a bit of a late developer – my first kiss was at 18, and I was 20 the first time I had sex with a guy. At the time it really bothered me, but now I couldn’t care less.

6. I used to have a lot of confusion about my sexuality, constantly analyzing everything, and usually coming to multiple conclusions even within the same day. Now I’ve learned to lighten up about it. I tend to find girls hotter and think of guys more as relationship material, but there are always exceptions.

7. The first girl I had a crush on was when I was 14 or 15. I would do anything to make her laugh, and I used to fantazise about having sex with her in the study room in the library. I never told her, but I suspected she was into girls as well.

8. I’ve read porn since I was 13, but only started watching it when I was 21. I read m/m porn mostly, with some m/f and f/f, but I generally watch f/f or m/f. Also, threesomes.

9. I cross-dressed occasionally for a while, but only in private. I once used a fancy dress party as an excuse to dress as a guy and strap my breasts down, and it felt great. I really want to do it again.

10. I’ve only ever been in one serious relationship, with a guy, J., which lasted a year, on and off, but we started sleeping together again for a while last year. It was great, really good fun, and brought some closure to our relationship.

11. I ruined this by going to see him again a few months ago. We ended up having sex again and I regretted it. I won’t see him again.

12. The best kiss I have ever had, by far, was with a girl, in the middle of a crowded dance floor in a club. I was just drunk enough to be really confident and I remember simply saying to her: “I want to kiss you.” I wish I could do that more often – it totally worked and I was completely blown away by it.

13. She and I had a bit of a fling after that, nothing serious. I started to find her annoying and ditched her in a way I’m less than proud of. I still remember that kiss, though.

14. I have a ‘one that got away’ – I spent a year abroad in Spain and met an American girl there. We were friends for months but nothing happened, and then at a house party she suddenly dragged me into another room and kissed me. It happened a couple of times but she went back to America before we could take it further. I wish I’d been brave enough to make the first move earlier, but I also like wondering what might have been, and if she thinks the same.

15. A similar thing happened with a guy, D., at uni – we knew we liked each other for six months before anything happened. I don’t think of myself as shy generally but when it comes to starting relationships I’m appalling.

16. I’m very reserved when I’m in relationships as well. When I finally got together with D. everything was excruciatingly awkward (we were both virgins at the time) and we split up very quickly. With J. I could never talk about my feelings, though he was surprisingly good at it, considering he was the more reserved one in public.

17. I sometimes worry that I’m a little bit in love with my best friend. She, unfortunately, is the straightest and most unsingle one of all my friends, but she knows something’s up. Sometimes I think something could happen – there’ll be a look, or a comment. She once said that she was thinking about kissing me, and she keeps mentioning that her boyfriend suggests we should have a threesome, which usually comes off as a joke, but sometimes looks like testing the water. (I would totally be up for it.) She’s a very flirty person in general, though, and most of the time I’m fairly sure I’m deluding myself. A more likely, and cynical, explanation is that she’s flattered by the attention and can’t quite bring herself to end it completely.

18. I haven’t had sex in five months, and only once in the last 14.

19. I’ve just joined the army, and I was completely uninterested in sex for the first few weeks – I think it was because I was focusing on the training so much. Now, though, I’m becoming aware that I’m surrounded by hundreds of young, fit men and women, and I’m starting to look for opportunities. I’m fairly sure this is mostly because of 16.

20. I think I’m very open-minded when it comes to sex, and there’s virtually nothing I wouldn’t try, except anal, for reasons too personal to mention even here. My greatest fantasy, though, is to fuck someone (probably a girl) with a strap-on. I suggested it to J. once, and he thought I was joking. I never told him I wasn’t.

21. I don’t think of myself as a relationship person, but every so often I’ll see a couple, whether in the street or in a club, whose closeness and intimacy is so palpable that I actually feel a physical pain in my chest. Those are the moments when I feel lonely.

22. The flip side of my awkwardness in relationships is that I never know when I’m flirting. Twice it’s been pointed out to me that I’m flirting outrageously with someone, and I’m completely unaware of it. I did fancy both of them though.

23. One of the two in #22 is a girl I’ve been friends with for a few years. We kissed a couple of times, and later she told me that I really confused her (she’s straight). Once she came back to mine after a night out to ‘pick up some stuff’ and I completely missed the signs. We never had another opportunity, though I tried my best.

24. Of everyone I've ever kissed, I was always drunk the first time. I thought this was unusual, but if my friends are to be believed it's depressingly common. I've told myself that the next time will be different, but I doubt it somehow.

25. I don’t like opening up to people, and I think that the building up of a serious relationship would be worse than being in it. I’m fairly sure I’ll settle down with someone eventually, but part of me really wants to go a little crazy for a while first.

Monday, October 31, 2011

1) I am a 29 year old male homosexual. I married my husband this year, which is legal in the country where we live.

2) When I was 20, I had a girlfriend at university, but it only lasted six weeks and was more sort of an experiment. I talked her into having sex before exploring the relationship in more depth, because I still was a virgin and this would release some tension. It did and I still think it was a good idea.

3) When she kissed me the first time, I was surprised and confused because it came somehow unexpected and I had never kissed someone before. I told her that I was willing to see where things might go and that I might be bisexual. She agreed.

4) She broke up with me six weeks after (which might also be related to the fact that I sucked in bed, and I don’t mean the good kind of sucking). I was not too disappointed. Her next boyfriend turned out to be gay, too. But she got over it and we are still friends.

5) I started masturbating when I was 13 and found out how things worked. I do it ever since, usually every day. At nighttime, it gives me a most relaxing weariness and sleep.

6) An orgasm from my own hands feels very different to me from sex. It’s almost like chocolate and strawberries. Both are fine, you have to be in the mood for one or the other.

7) I can shoot quite far. Although it is not always practical as you have to clean the sheets, wall or furniture, it is a huge turn on. I pity the porn stars that only drip.

8) I watch quite a lot of porn. I prefer a natural setting, with people hugging, kissing and laughing. Also, they are allowed to have hair where adults have hair. Trimmed and groomed is OK (this is also how I wear it). I can’t help it, but shaved reminds me of children.

9) Although I should know better, condoms in porn are really a turn-off for me. It just does not work. The main sexual organ is between one’s ears, so I get off on true intimacy, and that includes for me mucosa contact. This is by no means generally anti-condoms. Have safer sex, people, and protect yourselves!

10) My husband is the only man I ever had sex with. It started as an experiment when I was 21, and we sort of stuck together. Although I certainly would have liked to sow my wild oats, I cherish very much what I have. It just turned out that way. We are exclusive and intend to stay so until further notice.

11) Once I was told by a guy in his fifties that every gay relationship opens sooner or later. I was really pissed because who the hell was he to say so? Defiantly, I really hope to prove him wrong (but I’m afraid he might be right).

12) When I was 16, I jerked off a friend when he stayed over. He did not like it, so I apologized the next day and it was OK. I am still a little sorry for urging him, but: hey, it didn’t kill him, and it is also amusing to have had the same cock in my hands that has fucked several girls of our clique.

13) By the way: Someone wrote here before that the world would be a much better place if every man knew about the magic of prostate stimulation. I totally and absolutely agree. One should start campaigning.

14) A few weeks ago, a male gay couple in a magazine was asked whether they practice anal sex as it was quite a challenging/brutal technique. I was really astonished by the tone of this question because although one has to be careful at anal sex, I never looked at it this way. There are days I have trouble fitting the dick of my husband, which is not small. But anal sex is such an intense sensation (also of aforementioned intimacy) that I would never want to miss it.

15) I hate to admit it, but I am a total bottom. Fucking my husband gives me nothing. Zero. (Apart from the slightly encouraging feeling of dominance, also because he is bigger than me.)

16) Blowjobs give me nothing.

17) Because of #15 and #16, I sometimes wonder whether I am a “real” man. I mean, what is “wrong” with me if I can’t come in or by someone else? It is generally very hard if not impossible for me to come without my own hands.

18) Speaking of which, I am sexually really complicated to handle. Sometimes I wished to have a button that makes me come, but instead I have this thing “Touch me there. No, not any longer. Now touch me there. Ouch, your kisses hurt...”

19) The first time we had sex, I was too blocked to come all night.

20) #18 is also the reason I refrain from inviting a third and fourth man into our bed. I’d love to try it, but I’m afraid to “not function” because he doesn’t know how to play me. And additionally I am much more afraid to fuck something up in my relationship. So we don’t. Our sex life is satisfying anyway (for the moment).

21) Luckily, my environment is very liberal and open. I almost never encountered refusal. Coming out was not a big thing either. At work I am also completely outed (OK, it’s academia, but anyway). When I get visited at home, I do not particularly hide our lube. I mean, come on: We are young and healthy, of course we have sex. Hiding it would be more pretentious in my eyes.

22) 25 things are really a lot. Here are a few fun facts: Spontaneous boners in puberty are no fun. I had them for years in school.

23) I had to grin when I got one in a seminar a few weeks ago. Maybe it’s just a neuronal reaction from the combination of hard chairs and boredom.

24) Celebrities I’d like to fuck: Zachary Quinto, Ed Westwick and Elijah Wood. Also Dita von Teese, which is really odd.

25) It’s always funny to see guys getting alcohol-gay, getting all touchy-feely after a few drinks. I can assure you, there is also an alcohol-heterosexual…