Monday, July 27, 2009

1. I'm 27 years old and am just now learning that sexuality and sex can be things that are embraceable. I've always wanted sex to be a spiritual aspect of my life, and I'm learning that it doesn't have to be something that is whispered about behind your mother's back.

2. My first masturbatory experience was when I was 10. I had a gyrating ink-pen that oscillated just like a vibrator and I would lay on my stomach and press it against my clit. What I eventually learned was my first orgasm scared me, but it certainly didn't stop me.

3. I used to steal my dad's pornography. I hid it between my mattress and box springs thinking that was the only place no one would ever look for it, only to find out years later that that's where everyone hides their porn. I stole the stuff that was extremely explicit. Close-up pictures of penetration, both vaginal and anal. It was the 90's but the porn was from the 70's. The thing that disturbed me the most was the pictures of guys fucking with their socks on. To this day, I will not sleep with a man who has his socks on.

4. My parents knew that I was bisexual before I even understood what sexuality was. My father used to tell a story about me spending way too much time touching Barbie's breasts and then asking him why they weren't soft and where the nipples were. I can remember having a crush on Rainbow Bright. I thought she was simply beautiful and wonderful and amazing. I was no more than 5.

5. My first serious relationship was with a girl when we were both 14. It was only then that I sought out a word to use to describe my sexual attraction to both males and females.

6. Though she and I brought each other to orgasm, I still considered myself to be a virgin until I had physical intercourse with a man.

7. I type this realizing that I've told people these facts and it will be a certain give away to who I am. I am OK with that.

8. I lost my virginity at 19. I had promiscuous friends but I was the first in my group to have actual penetration intercourse. I distinctly remember feeling proud of myself for this.

9. My first male partner was also the first man to ever ejaculate on my body. He didn't ask first and got cum in my hair. That has become an off-limits thing for me. Anywhere but my hair, boys...

10. I consider myself to have an extremely high sex drive. I've come across people who want sex more often than I do, but not many. I am quite literally stuck in a relationship with a man who wouldn't care if he never had sex again. You can imagine my frustration. I have attempted to leave, but at this moment in my life it just isn't right. So, I find my sexual release in other places.

11. I have had 5 male partners and 4 female partners. My boyfriend only knows about 3 male partners and 3 female partners. I truly believe that it is better for him not to know.

12. My two most recent sexual partners were not my boyfriend. I met a man online. We then met in a parking lot and drove to a hotel. We didn't have actual intercourse, but we did almost everything else. He was the first man to see me naked since I started dating my boyfriend almost 7 years ago. I have come to delight in knowing that he wants to see me again. My self-esteem is (wrongly) based on what others think of my body. I have just recently started to love my full figure and knowing that my curves turn this man on gives me an unreal sense of power.

13. I met another man I met on the internet about a month later. 15 years my senior and the best sex I've ever had. We spent the night together and I was sore the next day. I came home with bruises all over my body from his teeth on my skin. Lying about their cause came way too easily and I have yet to feel guilty.

14. Writing this I have realized that the partners that only I know about are the ones that I had the best chemistry with. I think I might be keeping them a secret so that I can relish in that connection.

15. I absolutely delight in giving oral sex. I find that I am much better at giving fellatio than cunnilingus. This is something that I wish to change. I may not give the best blow job a guy has ever had, but what I might lack in technique, I make up for with effort.

16. The sensation of feeling a man getting hard in my mouth, knowing that it is me turning him on, knowing that I have the ability to make him orgasm... this also gives me an unreal sense of power.

17. I also enjoy the feeling of a slightly swollen clit against my tongue. The best moment of giving oral sex to a woman, for me, is when she raises her hips to meet my mouth, letting me know that she wants me.

18. All of the aforementioned sexual statements may lead you to believe that my seeking power makes me more dominant in bed. I am quite the opposite. I am extremely dominant in my day to day life, and my submissive side takes precedent in bed. I enjoy the release of control. I also am quite aware of the fact that my choosing to release control is asserting power in other ways.

19. I often wake up masturbating. More often than not, I am on my stomach with a hand down in my panties. I don't know if I have just had a wet dream or if my hands have a mind of their own. I do know that morning orgasms are better than any other time of the day.

20. That being said, I also masturbate right before bed. I guess I need orgasms to wake up and to fall asleep.

21. Today was the first time I had sex with my boyfriend since sleeping with #7. I managed to stay in the moment and be completely with him, but afterward, while showering, I wanted so badly to know if I felt different because of what I'd done.

22. I fantasize about public sex. I don't think I actually want it, but the taboo that surrounds it turns me on to no end.

23. Pain has become one of the most erotic aspects of intercourse for me. This pain can range from someone biting my lower lip to leaving welts on my skin. I've started to wonder if this pain is a way for me to "remember" the infrequent sex I have.

24. Sometimes, I literally lose major portions of my day fantasizing about having a woman's breast in my hands and her hard nipple against my tongue. I'm talking about zoning out completely and realizing it 15-20 minutes later.

25. Though I believe that casual sex can be very satisfying, I truly believe that the best sex comes from a connection between the participants. This connection doesn't have to be love or anything close to it. The connection just needs to be a reciprocal desire to give pleasure.
1. I am 41 this year. I am bisexual. None of the label words bother me. I've heard them all.

2. I love curvy women. Boobs, small, tiny waist, nice ass. That is perfection. Dark hair and vivid eyes are a bonus. In either sex.

3. I am currently married and have been in several relationships.

4. I've had sex with about 7 men and 5 women.

5. The number of makeouts can no longer be calculated.

6. I attract all types.

7. I flirt with anyone that moves me.

8. I never want to be a guy but strap on play is excellent.

9. My look changes with the day. I am everything and anything in bed.

10. Very tall, very built men attract me-at first. The rest come with my mood.

11. I'm open to everything but scat. I'm just too lazy to clean that sort of thing up.

12. I don't have sex with everyone that thinks I'm hot. Sometimes it's just them testing their chase and catch routines.

13. I'm 5'6" and have no clue how much I weigh but I'm a size 8.

14. I'm multiracial and anyone appeals to me.

15. Lately I'm into tall, amazonian types with vivid eyes.

16. I'm attracted equally to both sexes. Always have been.

17. When I was a kid I masturbated constantly during "naptime." I let other kids look. There was a lot of self-exploration going on in that class.

18. When I was a kid I made out with neighbors and one cousin. He was ick for me.

19. I have had sex with friends and stayed friends. Although I've also had the unfortunate situation of having friends turn into stalkers. Sometimes people can't sort sex from love or lust.

20. I would have sex for money under the right circumstances. I can be moody sometimes.

21. I like men or women minimum age 30 unless their attitude/carriage surprises me.

22. I get hit on everywhere. I have become desensitized to it.

23. I sleep with or date anyone that is interesting to me. I will not sleep with uninteresting people for any reason.

24. I act on whatever I want whenever I want. Often to my eternal aggravation.

25. I masturbate very often and love porn. I have toys if I'm not watching it with someone.