Saturday, March 6, 2010

1. I loved romance novels when I was a little girl. Because of the Sex. Sex. Sex. I still remember lying on my bedroom floor when I was 11 or 12 and starting to feel warm between my legs. I think I started reading them when I was 8 or 9, just looking for the sex scenes, even though I didn’t really understand them at all. I’m 25 now, and realize the sex was tame.

2. I love to give blowjobs while I’m on my knees.

3. I love receiving oral sex. When I was in high school my then-boyfriend would always go down on me. And it was good of him, but it took more than a year for me to come. I hate him for saying "it’s OK, girls your age don’t normally come." What did he know? He was only 17! I eventually came, and he was a great guy, except that "it’s OK, girls your age don’t normally come" still really gets to me.

4. My face gets pink when I come. Sometimes I smile so much during sex that my face feels stuck when I stop coming.

5. I love getting fucked from behind while I play with my clit. I came so hard once that my muscles clenched down and popped my boyfriend out of me.

6. I want to be spanked. My boyfriend is so wonderful and respectful that I’m still trying to figure out how to tell him to spank me like a dirty girl and then boss me around in the bedroom. Not all the time, but occasionally would be nice. We’ll get there eventually.

7. I’ve only kissed a few girls, and I liked it. A group of friends and I played a drinking game, and I stacked the deck so that I would get to make out, with our tops off, with my beautiful blond friend. My guy friends still haven’t forgotten that. It was strange, because there were two lesbians at the party, but it was the two "straight" chicks, my friend and I, who provided the usual male fantasy. But I was just using them as an excuse to get on my friend.

8. There is a website that shows short videos of people's faces when they orgasm, and I love watching girls' faces, they are so beautiful.

9. I hate that I can’t talk very freely about sex with my friends, I’m still trying to figure that out. I don't want to make anyone feel awkward, but I love talking about sex.

10. I love being held down during sex, having my hair pulled, turned over, just generally bossed around. I’m girly, but strong, which is maybe why I like the idea of being dominated.

11. It irritates me if I am having sex with a man and the position makes it so that I can’t reach my clit.

12. I always loved the idea of anal sex. I thought it would never happen, because it’s slightly "taboo." I finally had it, and it was FANTASTIC.

13. I get immensely wet when my back and the back of my neck are kissed.

14. I want to be fucked from behind and have my neck bitten where it meets my shoulder. It's primal.

15. I have a schoolgirl fantasy. I want to be told that I’ve been bad, bent over a desk, and then fucked. Hard.

16. Sometimes I giggle uncontrollably when my boyfriend goes down on me. It stops after 30 seconds of him being down there, because I get distracted...

17. One day in college, I fantasized so much during class that I got so turned on I went to the bathroom, stood in a stall, and masturbated. It took only a minute for me to come, I went back to class, and no one was the wiser.

18. While in the dorms, I would masturbate with my vibrator, and for some reason I left it on and went out in the hall (maybe to test if I could hear it?) and mistakenly locked myself out of my room while in my towel and had to go to the desk to get a spare key while my vibe was buzzing away upstairs.

19. Orgasms with nothing inside of me make my clit happy and vagina sad. It feels like something is missing. I'm pretty sure I know what it is.

20. I love watching my boyfriend masturbate.

21. My first orgasm is like priming a pump. After that, I can go on and on and on.

22. I think all of my friends are beautiful, and would have sex with most of them, but it would probably ruin the relationship.

23. I love being so exhausted after sex that I will stay in the same strange position we just finished fucking in and stare at the ceiling panting like a marathon runner for 5 minutes or more.

24. I don’t like to argue, it makes me upset. But I think I’d like to get into a screaming fight so that I can have screaming sex afterward.

25. I love sexual tension. It makes me dizzy, and it’s the best when it’s inappropriate.

Friday, March 5, 2010

1. I lost it at 15. I had my first kiss at 14, after waiting what felt like an eternity, and became sexually active in the next few months, with my first boyfriend. I wanted to wait to lose my virginity because I felt that 14 was just *too* young.

2. I haven't had a real boyfriend since I was with him. I won't let myself fall for a guy whose situation is unrealistic. The biggest factor has been that there isn't enough time for a relationship, because one of us is leaving soon.

3. I have continued having sex with this person, my first love, sporadically over the past few years, because he is easy. I've known him since I was 6 years old and he's the closest thing to a soulmate I've ever experienced.

4. Last summer his sister-in-law told me that he's in love with me, talks about me all the time, and his family was rooting for me. I told my mom about this, and she asked me what I was going to do about it. I said nothing, because he was moving across the country and I was moving out of it.

5. I have never cheated on anyone, but he cheated on a girlfriend with me. Over Thanksgiving break I told him I didn't want to do it anymore, because he had a g-i-r-l-friend. By winter break he had broken up with her and it resumed until I went back to college.

6. He lived with my brother last summer, and I would often go over and stay up until he got home from work (at a bar) in the hopes that he might want to hook up. We did several times, and it got more intimate as the summer went on, especially right before he left.

7. He recently got a Facebook, and he's initiated chats with me. During our last chat he told me about a girl he fucked who just wasn't good enough, and he couldn't finish. He said he misses my skills, and that makes me feel very good about myself. I hope I'm the best he'll ever have.

8. I've always masturbated to lesbian porn, but only recently tried it with my best friend after two bottles of wine between us. I didn't get off, and it wasn't as hot as I thought it would be. It was rather disappointing, but it might be more fun with toys.

9. I've had sex dreams about my father, which always make me feel sick to my stomach. He left my mother a year ago and I haven't talked to him in months.

10. My dad has made me feel like no matter what I do, I could never make a man be faithful to me.

11. I had my first one night stand with a Marine who had just gotten back from Iraq not even a week prior. I felt that it was my patriotic duty to support the troops.

12. I had a giant crush on a boy since 7th grade that lasted throughout high school. In 11th grade we skipped school, got high, and I took his virginity. We had sex a few times in the years after that, but I lost all respect for him after the condom broke and he avoided me for the rest of the summer. I had to go to his house and demand half the money for Plan B, because he at least owed me that.

13. I "took a lover" once when I went to a music festival with a friend from my hometown and his friends from college. I observed the cutest one of his friends taking ecstacy, and I said "You know, if you need someone to make out with later, you just let me know." My hometown friend later remarked that it was like we were "magnetized to each other." I went to visit him a week later, and it was weird outside of the magical festival setting. We're Facebook friends but I haven't talked to him since.

14. I once had sex with a guy because he stuck around after a party at my house. I was horny and he was available. It was the first time I experienced "jackrabbit" sex. I had sex with him a few more times, hoping he would get better, but he didn't. It's a good thing he went to China.

15. I think I once encountered a micro-penis. I tried giving him head, but I felt wrong because it was like I was molesting a little boy. It was like sucking on my own thumb. He was a really sweet guy who gave me one of the most memorable compliments I've ever received: "You're so pretty when you smile."

16. I had sex with a freshman when I was a senior in college, right before graduation, just because I wanted to fuck a freshman. He was a member of an organization that I was an officer of, and after a get-together, I authoritatively told him he was coming home with me. In the morning, I drove him back to the dorms. He was sweet, and I gave him advice on finding another cool girl like me. I told him to tell Star Wars jokes and see if she picks up on it. If she does, she's a keeper. He looks happy with his girlfriend on Facebook now.

17. I got date-raped once. I'm not sure if I just drank too much, or if I was drugged, but I was definitely unconscious that night and apparently he went back to the bar and high-fived his friends about it. I had sex with him the next morning because I felt like I had to, or else I was a slut. How backwards is that. I got tested and got the morning-after pill the next day. I consider it one of the stupidest things I've ever gotten myself into, and I have been much more careful since.

18. The only other guy I've felt strong feelings for was a hot Jewish guy during my last semester of college. We were in the same group for our capstone class, and he was the first boy to give me butterflies in years. I was drunk the first time we made out but apparently I went up to him at his party and said "Come with me." I regret not remembering this.

19. Over spring break we went to a career fair together. I gave him head in the hotel room, but when he told me he didn't want to have sex that night, I told him to leave. In retrospect, that was probably the wrong thing to do.

20. The day after that, I drove down to my home state and stopped off at my ex-boyfriend's house, the one mentioned in 1-7, and had sex with him. It was the only time I'd been with two guys in less than 24 hours.

21. We finally had sex, once, at the end of the semester, but it wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. I felt fat that day, and I felt like he was only doing it to make me feel better, not because he wanted to. He brought a flask to my apartment. He wanted me to choke him and do other kinky shit that I felt like we would only do if we were in a relationship.

22. He remarked about how most ladies thought he had a big penis, but I honestly didn't notice.

23. The biggest I've had was the guy I lost it to (1-7). This has been a main reason why I have continued sleeping with him throughout these past few years. Nobody does it better.

24. I've been in a new country for 5 months and haven't had sex with anyone else (besides my best friend). I just don't feel like putting in the effort to make it happen, even though I know it will be easy.

25. I don't think love is real, it's just a chemical response to millions of years of biological programming encoded in our DNA. I still want to get married, have kids, and own land one day.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

1. I had sex for the first time a month after my first kiss with the same guy (my boyfriend of five months), which happened the day before my 18th birthday.

2. During high school I thought I would never thought I would even have the opportunity to have sex.

3. I've been hit on three times in my life, all by guys on the street who would hit on any girl and don't (shouldn't) expect an answer.

4. Many, many people have told me I look at least four years younger than I actually am, which made me feel that anyone who would hit on me must be creepy.

5. Even now that I have more of a chest, no one hits on me. It makes me feel unattractive and jealous when I see other girls being approached by guys.

6. My current (only) boyfriend is the only guy who's ever called me pretty.

7. The only time I feel attractive is when I'm walking down the street pretending I'm a character from a TV show.

8. There have been people that I've wanted to notice me, but who I wouldn't want to be in a relationship with.

9. I can have sexual fantasies involving other people, but not myself.

10. I've never masturbated for more than a few seconds because I can't think of myself that way.

11. However, I've watched a lot of porn and don't feel bad about it unless someone brings up the subject of porn.

12. I find skinnier, slightly awkward boys attractive.

13. I like watching girls in porn and I'll pay attention to the way a girl looks/walks/talks in real life, but I don't consider myself bisexual.

14. When my boyfriend and I are having sex, I feel bad for accidentally tickling him all the time (his skin is very sensitive). And am afraid of crushing him when I'm on top.

15. I hate the fact that sexuality is tied with procreation. I never want to have kids.

16. I was the first in both of my groups of friends to have sex.

17. I am secretly proud of this.

18. Foreplay (excluding oral or mutual masturbation) is not as interesting to me as what comes after.

19. I don't think I've ever had an orgasm. This doesn't surprise me, considering #10.

20. The fact that #19 frustrates my boyfriend makes me even more attracted to him.

21. I've never gotten "the talk" from my parents.

22. On a campus where everyone claims to be sexually frustrated, I feel lucky and somewhat accomplished for having a boyfriend.

23. Eye crinkles, backs, and hip bones turn me on.

24. I like giving head more than receiving it.

25. I don't understand people who make or break romantic relationships solely based on how good the sex is. A fantastic personality makes up for less-than-amazing sex.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1. When I was 5 I saw my uncle's stash of porn magazines in the garage, next to my Barbie play house.

2. I made my Barbies have sex to Shania Twain music.

3. When I was 12, I read my uncle's magazines, which were under the bathroom sink. It made me feel like peeing.

4. My grandma had a pink candlestick. I lit a match and tried to melt the wax and form the shape of a penis. This became my first dildo that never fit inside me. I would read grandma's Cosmopolitan magazines about how to hold a man's cock, and rub my candle on my nipples.

5. I found my mom's toy stash. I used her vibrator.

6. I lost my virginity in a dirty lake to a small cock. He was my boyfriend of two years (and we had only fingered each other up until that point). We were 15 and did not wear condoms, but he held me tight. I was disgusted.

7. We never (in the 2 1/2 years we dated) orgasmed. Either of us.

8. When I was 16, I discovered ORGASM. I stayed up all night making myself cum over and over again. I skipped school the next day.

9. When I was 17 I started dating a new guy. We fucked everywhere. I gave him head in his car while he drove. We had sex in his room when we should have been at school and his parents were at work. On the couch. In the hallway. In the shower. In my room. In the back seat. In parking structures. I was 5'9" and he was 5'4". I never orgasmed with him either. Maybe once.

10. My favorite way to masturbate is to turn on the bathtub faucet and drape my legs over the side, so the water pounds me.

11. I once gave head to a friend in a graveyard.

12. I started dating the next guy when I was 18. We had a very calm relationship. I wasn't sexually attracted to him, but sex was really not a big deal at that point. We made out for the first time and I made him orgasm in his pants. He left the room abruptly and I played stupid.

13. A week later #12 politely asked me for sex. I obliged, but he was a virgin and the condom was a K.O. We had a flawless victory the next evening. He held my ass like it was gold and kissed me like he meant it. I blushed when I saw the size of his package. I faked an orgasm out of courtesy and went home and masturbated.

14. #12 took a psychology of sex class in college. I recommend that class to anyone. He fucks like a champ. I guess he doesn't really "fuck." He makes love. We were attending different colleges, and saw each other every two weeks. I would watch for his car out the window we missed each other, sincerely. It was very romantic, and we'd spend the weekend in each other's arms. I faked every time.

15. When we were apart, we would masturbate on webcam with each other. He sent me lingerie in the mail. My boobs didn't fit. I felt weird about it. It kind of made me mad at him, so out of spite, I told him I had been faking the whole time. He smiled at me and said we would try new things. He asked me what I liked, and showed me a few amazing positions he learned in class. He went slowly. He went fast. Everything felt great, but the attempts usually ended in me crying. I had anorgasmia.

16. One night at my parents' house, he snuck over and we worked on orgasming again. He told me he loved me and that was my breaking point. Success! Then I cried and he held me. He commented that my real orgasms were way sexier than my fake ones.

17. I started watching lesbian porn and thinking about lesbians while we had sex. It made me go faster.

18. I started reading about tentacled monsters and slimy alien sex. Weirdness got me off.

19. #12 and I had dated for nearly two years, and then I cheated on him with an STD infested tool.

20. While having the "one night stand" with #19, I felt sad and self-destructive. I laid on the bed (my bed) and just let him do his thing. I did not invite him over to have sex, but to hang out and when it went where it did, I did nothing to stop it. I ended up lying to #12. I told him I was raped by some crazy guy I made up. He made me file a police report. I lied to the cops, because #12 was in the room. They went through a large investigation and then they gave up and apologized sincerely to me. I managed to fake cry, though I'm still not convinced they fully believed me.

21. The lie ate me up inside. I kept it going for a year after that. Then I told #12 the truth. We broke up. Got back together. Broke up again. Ironically, we never stopped having sex.

22. I met a guy who sang in a band. We kind-of-dated for about 2 weeks, watched a Pete and Pete marathon and had sex, a couple times, including anal sex (he had a small cock too. He used the excuse that he was Irish). After that, I tried to have anal sex with #12, but it was too large and painful.

23. I went to my first gyno when I was 20. They said I looked healthy, but then the results came back. I had HPV. Human Papilloma Virus, which can easily turn into cervical cancer. I also got birth control pills, which made my bladder bleed and made peeing hurt severely. I stopped taking it and stopped having promiscuous sex. I still had sex with #12.

24. I've been talking to this guy online who inspires much of my masturbatory inclinations. He's visiting me in a few weeks. It'll be hard to not rip his clothes off.

25. I crave to be more innocent.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

1. I am 26 and, until about two weeks ago, I had never had an orgasm in any position besides missionary.

2. I lost my virginity at age 18 while I was a senior in high school and my boyfriend was in his first year of college. It was not painful, but he told me I was bad at it and fell asleep while I cried in the bathroom for two hours.

3. I have a serious thing for men with glasses and body/facial hair. A really serious thing.

4. I was very sheltered growing up and was not fully aware of certain acts. The first time I gave head was when I was 16 and I didn't know what was indicative of a male orgasm. I kept stopping whenever he made a noise and asking if he was done yet. When finally did climax in my mouth, I though he had peed and was revolted. I've since learned better...

5. I have had eight partners, men and women. I enjoy sex with men more, but find kissing/touching women extremely arousing. They are generally more soft and sensual.

6. My clitoral piercing is amazing when the weather is cold and I am wearing tight jeans. People wonder why I "shuffle" instead of walk normally sometimes.

7. Of all my partners, my current one is far and away the most satisfying, emotionally, mentally and physically. I did not think this level of sheer pleasure and happiness was even possible.

8. I fantasize about being restrained with Nintendo controllers (I'm sort of a nerd...).

9. I don't think I ever masturbated to climax until I was sexually active with a partner. Before that, I just had my hand down my pants at any opportunity... it was just warm and comfortable, okay?

10. I still sleep with my hand between my legs almost every night.

11. I am very aroused with the idea of being fondled/fucked while sleeping... or maybe pretending to be asleep. Waking up disheveled and soaked while wondering how much (if any) of the activity was a dream is a big turn on.

12. I am confident that I could come just from having my nipples sucked, bitten, and pinched.

13. Sometimes I get a kick out of acting completely inexperienced during foreplay and having my partner guide me around a little.

14. I love having my freckles, moles and tattoos kissed, even though they're not extra sensitive areas or anything.

15. One time, I let my ex boyfriend "titty fuck" me and when he was done, I noticed he had left a skidmark on my stomach. I never let him, or anyone else, do that again.

16. Whenever I listen to music, the first thing I think of is whether or not it could be listened to during sex.

17. I love the idea of consensual violence in the bedroom for myself, but hate seeing it portrayed in porn. I think it gives people the wrong idea, especially because the women never appear to be enjoying themselves.

18. I love tasting myself... on my fingers or on my partner's and their mouth. It is very sweet and I enjoy sharing it with my partner and seeing/hearing their reaction.

19. Deep, forceful kissing makes me tingly instantly. I also live soft, sweet kisses. Okay... I guess I'm just really into kissing!

20. I have never had sex while drunk or high, but a lot people say it's pretty cool. I am happy doing it sober.

21. I've received a number of compliments on my oral skills. I love going down on my boyfriend because he is so large my jaw hurts for a day or so afterwards and that serves as a sweet reminder of what we've done.

22. Whenever I meet or even just observe a couple, I immediately picture them having sex and try to guess what they're into, even if I really don't want to.

23. I used to be an avid shaver, but have found the feeling of pubic hair pressed against pubic hair to be immensely pleasing.

24. I used to fake noises and pleasure sometimes with exes. It is really, really amazing to find all of these gasps and squeaks and moans escaping my lips with my boyfriend and meaning each and every one.

25. None of my sexual fantasies have ever involved Jeff Goldblum, just for the record.

Monday, March 1, 2010

#1: Technically, my first kiss was in kindergarten, and it was the only first kiss I've ever initiated- a boy in my class gave me a bouquet of dandelions and I kissed him to say thank you. I don't really count that, though, so my first real kiss (then makeout session) was with my best friend when we were eleven years old. We were at an Evangelical Christian youth group sleepover with three other girls in the room.

#2: This friend and I continued having these little hook-up things at sleepovers for a few years. Once, her very religious older brother walked in--we pulled apart, but I'm pretty sure he knew what we'd been doing.

#3: When I was eight or nine, I used to sneak downstairs to the TV room on Friday nights so that I could watch softcore porn on TV (Showcase's Friday Nights Without Borders, to be exact). I'd turn the volume waaaaaaay down, but I was always kind of excited by the fact that I might be caught.

#4: I owe my first orgasm to a book called "All American Girl" by Meg Cabot- in it, one girl tells another about how she "practices" having sex by scooting down under the faucet in the bath tub and pretending that the water is the guy. After reading this, I decided to try it- BAM, orgasm. I was about ten or eleven years old, and I remember being really confused by the feeling at the time.

#5: Similarly to my first kiss, almost all of my past hook-ups have been in churches (Unitarian Universalist ones, though, so sex is a lot more accepted). The first time a guy touched my breasts was in a room with about twenty other people when I was fourteen, and the first time I was fingered/gave hand there were at least three people present.

#6: My first relationship was with the guy from #6, although we never really defined it as such... it started out with just hooking up, but there was definitely more than that there. It kind of fizzled out after a few months, which was mostly my decision- I kind of lost interest. Also, he tended to get very slobbery when we kissed.

#7: I've kissed about an equal number of girls and guys in my life, but I'm not positive about how to define my sexuality. I call myself straight, and I am only romantically attracted to guys, but I do find some girls incredibly sexy as well.

#8: I lost my virginity a little more than a year ago, and though it wasn't perfect, it definitely could have been worse. The guy it was with was someone who I'd previously gone out with, but we broke up because he lived in New York and I lived in Montreal. A fews months later, we decided to give the long-distance thing a chance, especially because we were going to be in the same city later that week (so we could talk about it then). This was on Monday- we saw each other that Saturday, and had sex for the first time that night. It was kind of awkward and pretty painful, but I wanted it to happen, and I'm so glad that it did. This guy and I are now in a wonderful relationship, and I have no regrets whatsoever.

#9: Being in a long-distance relationship is definitely hard sometimes, but it's also very rewarding in a lot of ways. For example, I get SO turned on whenever we first get to see each other, and the first sex we have feels fantastic. A little painful sometimes (he's not small), but in that good-pain way.

#10: Speaking of good pain, I love having my ass slapped and squeezed, my neck sucked and nibbled on, and my hair pulled. That being said, I wouldn't want it to get too extreme; if blood ever got involved, for example, I think I'd run away. I'd definitely like to try more bondage, though--being tied down sounds so incredibly hot.

#11: One of my biggest faults when it comes to sex is that I'm incredibly self-conscious and critical of myself. I'm terrified of rejection, and this means that I don't even feel like I can suggest new positions to try or tell my partner what I want. This lack of confidence affects a lot of areas of my life, and it's something that I really want to work on, but I don't know how.

#12: Going back to #11, the scariest thing I've ever done sexually was tie my boyfriend up and be all dominate-y. It ended up being really fun, though, as well as pretty hot. When I think back to it now, I can't figure out where I got the confidence to do it... I just hope that I'll be able to be that confident again in the future.

#13: I really like the smell of semen. Like... I think it's so great. The taste is okay, but not as good as the smell. I've never talked to anyone else who thinks this, though, so I feel kind of weird about it.

#14: I love being in a long-term, monogamous relationship, and I'm incredibly in love with my boyfriend, but I'm also kind of sad that I can't have sex with girls now. I really want to try it at least once before I die, but I also never want to cheat on my boyfriend.

#15: I LOVE receiving cunnilingus. It is the best feeling in the entire world. Seriously. Nothing else gives me an orgasm anywhere NEAR as good as that... man. Just thinking about it gets me turned on.

#16: A couple of years ago, I got high with some friends-of-friends, and one of them ended up assaulting me, I guess the term is... he pinned me against a bathroom wall, wouldn't stop kissing me and forced his hands into my pants so that he could finger me. It hurt a lot and really scared me at the time, and even though I know it could have been so much worse, it still screwed me up for quite while. I feel like I've moved on now, but I still don't ever talk about it with people.

#17: When I was fourteen, I learned how to put a condom on a banana using only my mouth. I was so proud of this, but I felt like I could never brag about it without looking like a crazy slut, so I kept it quiet.

#18: I think that laughter is a really important part of sex- because it really is such a silly thing when you think about it. I mean, it's messy, there are funny noises coming out of funny places and sometimes very awkward moments: humor seems to be the best way of dealing with it. Sometimes I also laugh just because I'm so incredibly happy. My boyfriend and I frequently end up laughing after having sex, usually when he's still inside of me.

#19: There is such a lot I want to try when it comes to sex: more positions, different locations, toys and role-playing and so much more... it sounds cheesy, but I'm really excited to explore this part of my life.

#20: Though I adore really emotional, loving sex, I also get so turned on by the idea of being thrown down on a bed and fucked really hard. Though he's great in bed, I do sometimes wish that my boyfriend would be less sweet and considerate during sex: I'd like to indulge this whole submissive-thing further.

#21: As I've said, I'm incredibly self-conscious, especially when it comes to my body. I've always been the kind of girl who changes in the bathroom stalls before gym class, and I don't even own a bathing suit because they're so frighteningly unflattering. Possibly because of this, I really love being naked with my boyfriend; it makes me feel so vulnerable and so safe and so natural and so great all at once.

#22: Before I'd ever let anyone see/touch my vagina, my biggest worry was about whether or not I should shave my pubic hair. I was actually quite terrified of having too much and a guy finding it gross, or not having any and a guy finding it weird. Nature kind of decided for me, though; I have super sensitive skin, so if whenever I tried to shave I would get angry razor rash everywhere. I just settled on trimming it fairly short and I've never gotten any complaints.

#23: I'm a very aural person, in that I find hearing people have sex hotter than seeing them have sex. When I watch porn it's usually the woman's moaning that gets me off, and I'm pretty loud myself.

#24: I think that North American attitudes about sex are simply ridiculous. Why is it such a big deal to see a nipple? Why does everyone care so much about a public figure's sex life? It just doesn't make sense to me.

#25: At heart, I'm still pretty cheesy when it comes to sex. I may like bondage and want to try a lot of different things, but I also don't think that there's anything better than snuggling and spooning and falling asleep together after sex. It's just the most amazing feeling imaginable.