Thursday, March 26, 2009

1. Even though I'm more interested in women than men, I think I'd really enjoy having sex with a guy. I'm afraid that if I wait much longer (I just turned 20) guys will think it weird that I'm still a virgin and won't want to take my virginity.

2. I feel like I'm repressing a incidence of childhood molestation, even though I have no memory of it. I feel like it would explain the reason for many of my issues.

3. I started masturbating to internet porn when I was in 5th grade. by 6th grade I was pretty much masturbating to orgasm on a daily basis. I've slowed down to about 3/4 times a week now, but I still have a lot of difficulty coming without a vibrator/porn. I think I've conditioned myself to it.

4. I've watched most kinds of porn, and my favorite kinds switch often. The one kind that I consistently hate with a passion are straight porn stars with long nails doing lesbian porn. I've recently been really into porn of women wetting themselves.

5. I love eating girls out, but I really don't care for getting head.

6. Even though I've had 8+ sexual partners, only one has been able to make me cum. I think that the reason that person could make me cum was because they were the only one that I was in love with.

7. I love being dominated--pushed up against a wall, scratched, bruised, bit, not getting what I want... you name it, I love it!

8. When I was in elementary school, I found BDSM erotica in a word document on my moms computer. It terrified me, yet I read all 10 or so pages of it. I don't remember it turning me on, maybe because I thought my mom had written it.

9. I prefer 'fucking' to 'making love'.

10. I love making foreplay into a night-long activity: Going out with whoever I'm dating, grinding on the dance floor, playing footsies, under the table gropes, prolonged eye contact, pushing it until the very moment we get home and rip each other's clothes off.

11. I'm embarrassed sometimes by how much I fantasize about boys. I don't think that I could ever be emotionally involved with one, but the idea of a guy lusting for me, getting hard when I touch his thigh, is a total turn on. I'm embarrassed because I'm afraid if I tell people they'll think that I've turned straight.

12. Although I enjoy sex drunk, I think there is something particularly amazing to being completely aware and present when having sex sober.

13. I can't stand wearing socks/having someone else wear socks when I'm having sex, unless we're already clothed.

14. I love getting hickeys, but I feel like I'm too old to have them on my neck anymore, even though that is where they feel best.

15. One of the most pleasurable sexual experiences I've ever had is when my ex gave me a rim-job before fingering my ass. I've never felt more intimate with someone than when I fully spread myself for my partner. I've never let anyone near there since, even though I'd love to have it offered again.

16. I no longer like kissing with tongue. It was a lot of fun when I was a young teen, but I feel like I've grown out of it.

17. Because I'm an only child, I had a lot of time to myself as a kid, and used to create insane orgies in my room with all my dolls and teddy bears.

18. When I was in elementary/middle school, I would have cyber sex with older men online. I didn't really realize what it was at the time, and I wouldn't masturbate while I did it, but I realize now that was one of the first places I learned about sex.

19. Even though I grew up in a liberal community with supportive parents, I still feel oddly guilty when I fantasize/hook up with a girl. As much as I think that I am out and proud, the greater societies values still invade my thoughts.

20. The best orgasms I have are in the shower.

21. Whenever I do masturbate manually, I use my right hand, even though I'm left handed

22. There are naked, sexual pictures of me on the internet I'm sure somewhere, seeing as I have sent them to a few exes. Hopefully they have stayed private, but you never know.

23. I don't like a full bush on myself or anyone else. Maybe this is me prescribing to what society thinks women should look like, but I don't care.

24. I'm generally not attracted to anyone shorter than me, women or men, and therefore have always dated people my height or taller.

25. I often disclose and ask too much about people's sex lives. I just find what other people do in bed (or not in bed) insanely interesting.
1. If anything sexual is mentioned to me or around me, I am suddenly more interested and turned on.
2. When I was very young I stumbled across an old 70's porno that was mistakenly labeled as "Beetlejuice" by my parents. Because of this, when I was about 13, I started stealing their pornos from their room and secretly watching them.
3. I learned how to masturbate manually through one of those pornos.
4. I lost my virginity when I was 18, and I only had sex because I wanted to know what it felt like. I didn't even really like the guy.
5. I've had sex 5 times, and every single one of them had something to do with either curiosity or alcohol. I have only had sex with someone I was genuinely attracted to once.
6. That one guy died last year, and I found myself imagining the night we had sex above everything else.
7. I maintain that I will no longer have intercourse unless I'm in love. However, I have thoughts of myself getting penetrated constantly.
8. It's either impossible for me to have a vaginal orgasm, or I'm just not attracted enough to the guys I'm sleeping with. A large part of me thinks I just settle for any guy that gives me sexual attention.
9. I just bought my first vibrator today.
10. I was nearly raped when I was 13, and sometimes I fantasize about what it would be like to get overpowered and forced.
11. I've watched strange porn like homosexual males, S&M, bestiality, and rape fantasies.
12. My favorite type of porn is real, genuine people pleasuring themselves or having rough, aggressive sex with their real-life lover.
13. My best friend confessed to me that he is gay, and I've found myself frequently picturing myself giving him a blow-job.
14. My sister (who is only 2 yrs younger than me) and I used to act out sexual depictions in movies when we were very very young.
15. We also used to stay up late and tell my mom we were watching Cartoon Network, then switch to Skinemax.
16. Movies become monumentally more interesting to me if there is a decent sex scene in it. However, I get embarrassed watching sex scenes in front of anyone other than myself.
17. One of my best friends is a lesbian and constantly offers to be my first girl experience. I have considered this.
18. I have very large breasts-38G. Although I hardly ever wear revealing clothing, I like to catch men staring at my chest and thus flaunt it in front of them.
19. I have been told by every single man I've given head to that I am the very best they have ever had.
20. Unfortunately, I've only had an orgasm once by someone else's doing. Why I didn't marry him right then and there I will never know...
21. I walked around my room naked one day, and my dog proceeded to lick my ass. Although I quickly jumped away and said no, a part of me enjoyed it
22. I like to swallow.
23. I am much more interested in a man if he is not single, and I frequently fantasize about having sex with my friends' boyfriends.
24. I long to have sex in a public place.
25. My gynecologist is sexy. I often wonder if he knows I think this about him when he examines me by the way I "react." I often fantasize about being ravaged by him.
1. I grew to resent the fairer sex at a very young age which lasted through my grade school years. There was a young lady that was the daughter of my parents' bridge partners. It was clear she liked me but her flirtation would manifest itself with intense, sadistic pinching that would draw blood.

I seem to recall that she went to design finely engineered metal surgical equipment now that I think about it.

2. Mild peer pressure and overnight sleepovers led to exposure to my then best friend's extensive library of vanilla porn magazines that he inherited from his uncle at the age of twelve. That also led to my first orgasm from the sudden sensory overload (and a bit of discreet friction and pressure) after a previously sheltered existence. Nary has a day gone by without at least one orgasm since.

3. My main adolescent masturbation technique of choice was to shuffle my knuckles back and forth with varying degrees of pressure on top of my briefs. That with a combination of the sensation of having my cock trapped within my underwear would make for some very intense orgasms. Having a woman on top sliding back and forth, grinding her wet pussy and clitoris on my erect cock produces a similarly intense orgasm as well.

4. We lived in relatively close quarters as a family when I was in my adolescence and I could hear my parents going at it twice weekly and I do mean going at it. I only really minded it when friends were over... I couldn't turn the TV up loud enough on those nights.

5. Puberty came very late for me in relation to my peer group, which didn't help in matters of engaging with the opposite sex in the slightest once my interest in women came back in full force. I was always the non-threatening good guy/best friend and it was a fucking curse. Folks assumed that I was either asexual or deeply closeted for a time, but I'm probably the horniest person you will ever meet under my calm, understated veneer.

6. Add to that the double whammy of strict Catholicism and coming of age at the dawn of the AIDS-era had a debilitating effect on my sexual development. Not only was there the threat of eternal damnation to deal with for pre-marital sex, intercourse could now literally kill you and the step one could take to try protect oneself from STD (such as a condom) was a sin too.

7. In spite of my keen interest in sex and perpetual horniness once puberty did kick in, I really was an idiot about picking up the signals from women who were clearly interested in me and some of the opportunities missed. I mentally kick myself about how oblivious I was in retrospect, but I think I probably just missed out on a lot of fumbling, awkward experimentation, self-recrimination and hurt feelings.

8. Since puberty, I've been attracted to a wide variety of the female species... different hair colors, personalities, races, physical attributes and pop culture orientations but the constant point of attraction for me has always been the eyes... round, soft kind eyes just make me swoon.

9. The abandonment of my Catholic faith happens to coincide with the loss of my virginity at the age of sixteen. I can't honestly say that one event begat the other, but I won't say that it was unrelated either.

10. My sexual timidity was overcome by a completely uncharacteristic makeout session on the stairs of the balcony of an over-capacity movie theater during a midnight screening of "Rocky Horror Picture Show" at fifteen. She ran her fingernails (again with the fingernails) down my back very very slowly about five minutes into the film and then edged herself down to the landing next to me and it was off to the races from there. She was still the best kisser I've ever encountered and my cock was literally aching by the end of it from the strain against my jeans.

We never spoke again after that, making it all seem even more like some wonderful fever dream.

11. I've never slept with anyone that I wasn't in love with or at least thought I was in love with. I've always equated sexual sharing with real intimacy and never felt comfortable pursuing a casual encounter. Looking back, sure I missed out on some fun and variety, but ultimately, I don't really regret it.

12. I have never cheated on any of my lovers. Never. And I as absolutely sure that I would never will cheat on my wife. If I were to ever sleep with another woman, it would be with my wife's full awareness beforehand (or participation).

13. I had pursued my first real love interest for two years and finally got the nerve up to make a physical move and I think she was shocked into submitting when I finally did. She immediately broke up with her then-boyfriend and things got intense very very quickly. What I may have lacked in experience, I more than made up for in studiousness and attention. There wasn't a date that didn't end in at least an orgasm for her during our time together.

14. We did just about everything but actual penetrative sex with great fervor until just before we were about to consummate the relationship that she confronted me with the fact that she had an STD she'd gotten from an upperclassman. When we finally had sex (protected), the pressure and tension just became too much for either of us that relationship foundered very shortly after that. To this day, I appreciate the honesty and bravery that she exhibited in telling me, I did try to deal with it in a mature fashion, but it was just too much for me to bear as my first sex partner coupled with that damned Catholic guilt. She slept with my then-best friend a month later.

15. When my wife and I met, it was love at first sight. It took me some time to overcome my natural shyness and some lingering heartache from a previous relationship, but she truly was and is irresistible to me. I went down on her on our first date and I have been totally and completely infatuated with her ever since.

16. I love performing cunnilingus... the act, the taste, the reactions of the women I've been with. It's the time when my wife loses her self-control the most and it's just about the most erotic sight to behold. I'm getting aroused just thinking about it.

17. While it's not requisite, I do like a nice shaved/waxed pussy. After years of mild begging, my wife was talked into waxing it by my persistence and the validation of a couple girlfriends of hers. I don't think she'd ever admit that she "LIKES" it that way, but she does. Her arousal is markedly higher when she's bare and her lips so damn soft to the touch. I've got her just about ready to capitulate to an erotic shaving and I cannot wait.

18. My wife has this soft curve and depression on her hips just inside her pelvic bone that I could massage gently until the day I die.

19. She'd probably be a little bit mortified if she knew that I consume porn and erotica online, but I'm not ashamed of it nor do I think it's being dishonest. I just know that I should be discreet about it.

20. Thigh high stockings are about the sexiest piece of clothing ever created. I can still vividly remember the first time seeing a woman wearing them in a pictorial in an issue of my father's Playboy/Penthouse collection. It was and still is breathtaking.

21. Excessive tattoos are easily the biggest turnoff.

22. In a few weeks, my wife and I are going on vacation. We're going to have a really nice night out, a few drinks and then I'm going to take her back to our room, kneel down, strip off her panties from under her dress and eat her out while she's in a standing position in front of the hotel mirror so that she can see how sensual a creature she can be. It's good to remind folks of that regularly. From there, we'll improvise.

23. I can remember how strange I thought it was how some people sexually objectify pregnant women. But then when my wife got pregnant, I completely got it. There was this inner erotic beauty that she was radiating... of course the increased horniness and swelling breasts didn't hurt either.

24. I've never come in a woman's mouth, but would if asked.

25. While I miss the spontaneity of our sex life before kids, I do enjoy the anticipation of knowing exactly when sex is in the offing. My wife and I have a date this morning to fuck after the kids are off to school and the pent-up horniness is exhilarating.
1. I adore when my boyfriend pulls my hair and spanks me in bed. I also like being pinned down and hearing him say "you're mine" when he fucks me from behind.
2. I have never had an orgasm.
3. I love riding my boyfriend to orgasm and experimenting with different positions.
4. The first blowjob I ever gave was to a guy whose last name I didn't know and was in a mall parking lot.
5. I went on a date with a guy 9 years my senior and proceeded to give him a blowjob.
6. I didn't have my first kiss until I was 19 years old. In the course of the year after that, I had sex with three guys, kissed 7, and gave head to 4.
7. I have soaked numerous pairs of panties just from giving my boyfriend head and also just from kissing him.
8. I am a fan of masturbation--both watching and doing. I have masturbated with stuffed animals, pillows, an electric toothbrush and a detachable shower head. I have also masturbated in front of my boyfriend. Watching my boyfriend jerk off is a huge turn on for me. There's just something about watching him stroke and rub himself that I find immensely appealing.
9. Despite being a large girl, I like taking naked/naughty pictures for my boyfriend and watching his reaction when he sees them. My favorite pose? Kneeling, one finger inside of me and the other in a "shh" position on my lips.
10. I have no issues watching porn and prefer watching two girls together.
11. I've never intentionally tried anal sex. My boyfriend stuck it in the wrong hole once and I bled. I haven't tried it again since.
12. Ever since getting my nipples pierced my nipple sensitivity has increased greatly. It always felt good when someone touched or licked them but now it causes me to gasp in ecstasy.
13. My nipple piercings also cause my nipples to always be partially erect.
14. I had sex twice before my hymen broke.
15. I like the idea of FFM threesomes, but only when it comes to the girl on girl part. The idea of my boyfriend with another person drives me insane.
16. I have yet to buy a sex toy, try anal sex, get a clitoral hood piercing, have sex outside and have sex in the shower... but I plan on doing all of these things.
17. The first time I had sex I didn't even realize the guy's penis was inside of me. He was that small.
18. The second guy I had sex with was drunk and couldn't keep an erection.
19. Having my fingers sucked by my boyfriend makes my toes curl.
20. I have had cybersex but never phone sex.
21. Literotica is a huge turn on for me, both reading & writing it.
22. Most of my fantasies revolve around having sex in water- hot tubs, lakes, oceans, pools, etc.
23. I always swallow when I give a blowjob.
24. Having my boyfriend grind against me with nothing but a pair of panties separating us makes me immeasurably wet.
25. I have no problem kissing my boyfriend after he performs oral sex on me or sucking on his fingers after he inserts them in me.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1. reading about other people's sex lives is just oh-so-much fun.

2. rarely have i ever been sexually attracted to someone without being attracted to their personality first.

3. having chapped and swollen lips the day/morning after due to kissing like a maniac will make me smile nonstop.

3. two years ago, when i identified as a lesbian (and had previously for six years), i decided to "go for it" and make the first move when i had feelings for my male friend, thus triggering an identity crisis and much confusion on my part. it also led to a beautiful connection and relationship. that bold decision was one of the things i have done that i am most proud of.

4. after the first time we had sex, my girlfriend made me egg and cheese on an english muffin for breakfast.

5. after another night of sex with her during which she said i smelled "like blueberries", we went out to breakfast and i ordered a toasted blueberry muffin.

6. the usage of ice on bare skin is quite hot.

7. the band portishead will forevermore make me think of the one time i have played spin the bottle, and the three sexual couplings that resulted from said game.

8. i love to make myself wet just thinking about something.

9. i rented a porno once, from an adult video store that i'd always passed and never gone in. the movie was terrible and i can't see myself doing that ever again.

10. getting stoned used to make me horny as hell, the past few times it's just made me emotional as hell.

11. an easy way to turn me into a puddle is to lick the sides of my breasts. or squeeze my ass. or just look me in the eyes a certain way.

12. the number of sexual partners i have/had is not what matters to me, what matters is the quality and fulfillment of my sexual experiences.

13. i will never understand people who engage in or condone cheating, which to me is any sexual experience with someone other than your partner. the idea of advertising for sex online also mystifies me, but to each their own, i guess.

14. i look for clean, short fingernails on other people.

15. if a man or woman hasn't showered and my nose can tell, my desire for them is heightened. i love the natural scent of ripeness.

16. english, welsh, scottish, irish, australian, and new zealand accents are all turn-ons for me.

17. my second girlfriend told me in the act that my hipbones were "like handlebars", and i loved it.

18. the first time i saw an in-the-flesh penis, i was 17 and hanging out with friends. everyone (but me, probably) was egging on the one guy present to do a little striptease and show off what he had. when he eventually did it, it was completely anti-climactic and i believe i wrinkled my face and looked away (while everyone else cheered).

19. i like to tickle the back of the scrotum. scrotums amuse me.

20. the first few times my boyfriend and i were in bed together, it had been so long for me that i could barely be touched without rolling over and giggling like a little girl. fortunately for both of us, we didn't give up that easily.

21. sometimes just flirting and having sexual chemistry with someone is the most fun thing.

22. condoms and pleasure for me do not go together. hopefully my trusting that i'm not as fertile as some won't come back to bite me in the ass ten years from now, when i perhaps may decide i want children after all.

23. on both men and women, i like boxers or boxer-briefs. or nothing.

24. i want to make out with someone while naked and under a waterfall. somehow, i will make this happen.

25. nothing is sexier than posing naked for an older photographer boyfriend.
1. I love novelty hookups. Boss, editor, guest at a hostel I worked at, college virgin, best friend’s older brother, bring it on. I think this all spawns from me looking for interesting things to write about. And I have written about all them.
2. I have had two boyfriends, and both cheated on me. The first hooked up with my best friend’s older brother and his boyfriend (also a bunch of girls). The 2nd cheated on me when I was studying abroad, waited until I got home to tell me so he could have sex with me one last time and most likely gave me HPV. I do not particularly want another boyfriend.
3. In a casual survey of my friends, I fall almost exactly middle of the road in terms of people I have slept with in my 23 years. I am at 8.
4. Despite that respectable number, I go MONTHS at a time without getting having sex. I went a year in college and am going on four months right now. This is OK except when my period is coming and I am so horny I get flushed cheeks thinking of sex.
5. The last guy I dated was unfulfilling and I waited three months to have the inevitable lackluster sex he was getting impatient for. I was worried that I was was maybe just losing my sex drive until I got with the aforementioned best friend’s older brother. Oh, I still got it.
6. I can tell immediately from the way someone and I kiss how anything further than kissing will measure up. From the way our mouths fit to what our limbs do, if it's good, my panties are soaked. If it's boring or mediocre, we can still have fun cuddling.
7. I made a guy cum once from the little moans I made when we were making out. He was embarrassed but I walked around cocky the rest of the week and told anyone who would listen. This included my mom.
8. I desperately want to hook up with someone who is in their thirties or older but the best I have done is 3 and a half years older.
9. I am not particularly interested in girls. I’ve kissed three girls but all when I am drunk or blacked out drunk.
10. However, a girl I worked with was into me for a time, and she happened to be one of the blacked out kisses. I brushed it off as just over-friendliness. Now, I wonder if it would have been fun to fool around or even date. This is probably because we live on opposite coasts now and it can’t happen.
11. I have known how to masturbate with toys since I can remember but only learned how with my fingers when I was 18 touching myself after a shower and something clicked.
12. Despite my complete reliance on my fingers, I have bought two female friends vibrators and am responsible for their first orgasms. I get drunk and tell people at parties this while one of the girls stands around and looks embarrassed, but I am super pumped I could help them out on something I love so much.
13. My only rules regulating my sex life is never do anything that would give me a reason to go on Maury.
14. The boss I slept with was a big dirty talker and made me get over my literary hang-ups, like only having so many ways of telling a guy he has a big dick. Now I realize it's OK to say it again and again, no one is keeping count.
15. I think I know everything I like in bed, but than someone will do something insane like bite my hips bones or lick my armpits and I totally get schooled.
16. Everyone on here keeps talking about how they love to be dominated. Yeh sure me too, but I really, really enjoy knocking someone around and totally dominating someone in bed. I feel like a sexual goddess.
17. My last boyfriend would get mad and ignore me if I wouldn’t have sex with him whenever he wanted. This gave me a complex that makes me feel like I am just a piece of meat to guys. This has me freaking out right before I get into bed with anyone and then again right before my lover penetrates me, but the moment we start I am totally at ease and remember he was a totally spoiled only child.
18. Porn typically doesn’t do anything for me. I worked at a porn company for a year and have seen more than my share, but I have to already be horny for it to even be remotely appealing. Otherwise, the sounds start to make me feel a little queasy.
19. The biggest turn-offs for me, in order, are: Having a girlfriend, being overweight (or even soft), and smoking. The first two are total deal-breakers, the third I break all the time.
20. My first boyfriend was the only person to ever get me off from going down on me. The last time was 5 years ago and I am extremely sad about this fact.
21. I’ve done three photo shoots where my friends get naked or nearly naked and pose for me, by their request, not mine. I’ve been solicited by at least a dozen others. I can't decide if people like to get naked for me, or for photos in general.
22. I have been told I am a great kisser by multiple partners, including the first guy I ever kissed. My secret is that I just try to do exactly what I want done to me.
23. Kissing my first boyfriend when he had his lip pierced was so enjoyable I pierced my lip the day after my mom dropped me off at college and still have it 5 years later. I really, really enjoy kissing but it can get a bit tedious. The piercing helps.
24. I lied about my first kiss in middle school. I told my friends it was a boy I met at a party, who I had a photo of, and that I know they would never ever meet. I was embarrassed to be so behind! My first kiss happened a year later, in high school.
25. I fucking LOVE when my name is moaned in bed. It might be the hottest thing I have ever had happen to me and I hope whoever breaks this dry spell will be a moaner.
1. I became sexual around the age of of 9 or 10, we were having a family night and rented what we thought was a scary movie called Sorceress, which turned out to be a "soft-core" flick that had scantily clad women and huge sexual undertones and I started to become aroused and wet but didn't know at the time what was happening to my body. When my mom realized what kind of movie it was she immediately turned it off. I went to my room.
2. From between the time I discovered my sexuality to when I actually lost my virginity, I would regularly masturbate, either in the shower with the handle of my hair brush (which was ribbed) or when no one was home and I would get naked and rub my body and clit up against this gigantic stuffed bear (which was almost my size), which I got for Valentines Day one year.
3. My dad sexually molested me when I was 11 or 12, no rape, just touched my breasts or vagina when I was asleep, which I only realized when one night when I woke up, my mom divorced him for that, and now I feel suspicious and uneasy around any of my male relatives. Also, my good friend suggested it's the reason why I cannot orgasm vaginally.
4. I lost my virginity when I was 15, it was my first real boyfriend, he was 19 in college and we did it in his dorm. I told my mom I was sleeping over at a friend's house, pretty typical I guess... I bled a little and it seemed to hurt more than feel good, but it did not deter me from doing it again. It never crossed my mind that it was illegal, but I guess it was, we broke up after three months, but then a month later I hooked up with a friend of a friend who was 22 years old. I guess looking back at my past relationships I have always had an affinity for older men.
5. I have a high sex drive but my current boyfriend has a very low sex drive even though we are in our mid to late 20's, we only have sex once every three months which is very frustrating to me and I have expressed it to him but only in a nonchalant manner since I do not want to hurt his feelings. I love him very much and think he might be the one I marry, he is perfect in every way except the fact that he is not very good in bed, it's kinda boring, which may be the reason why I never crave having sex with him, but I also would never cheat.
6. I do occasionally daydream about sex with my ex-boyfriend, who was great in bed. He was 6' 4" and had a huge dick, which he could never fully put inside me since I am a petite Asian. He was a great kisser, was very adventurous in bed, he was rough with me, and had no reservations about using toys. The sex was simply amazing & intoxicating, but he was a very lousy boyfriend.
7. I am very attracted to women, and love everything about them, I believe that the female form is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Sometimes I fantasize about being with 1 or more women, whether I'm doing stuff to them or they are to me, it turns me on the most, and I can only get off my by watching lesbian porn. Sometimes I think I might be a lesbian, but penetration from a man still turns me on. I constantly fantasize about being with a women, and having my boyfriend watch us go at it.
8. Sometimes in the summer I open my blinds, slowly strip down to nothing, and then walk around naked. The thought of someone seeing me naked, watching me, and them being turned on is so arousing. I really like to be watched.
9. Nobody knows how sexual I am and how promiscuous I really want to be. I have grown up with this image of a cutesy, Catholic, good girl type, and everyone thinks of me like this. On some level I like that, and like keeping the two sides of me separate, but sometimes I wish for the freedom to be a sexual extrovert, having one night stands, or being sexual in public.
10. I have also had a fantasy of being dominated or giving up my control, like being tied up and having things done to me. I secretly enjoy light bdsm, like having my hair pulled or being spanked. My ex used to get scared he was hurting me when he was spanking me, but I always wanted it harder, the harder it was the more turned on I got.
11. I have never kissed or been with a women, but it's something I would like to pursue before I settle down. And I know it is shallow but I would have to be with a beautiful girl, if she's butch I would get turned off. I just love beautiful women and check them out all the time. I believe that if I do not satisfy this curiosity I will be filled with regret, but I am afraid that if it happens being with a man will not be pleasurable anymore. I am also afraid of what my family would think of me if I were to become a lesbian.
12. I would like to try swinging, or attend a swinging party, but I don't think my boyfriend would go for it since he is pretty vanilla, which is disappointing. It turns me on, the idea of being done by other guys or girls, and having my boyfriend watch, but I don't know how I feel about watching him do another person.
13. Sometime I wonder how it would be like to have a sexual relationship with an older man, like in his 40's. I do like the older male, younger female role playing, like being a babysitter being done by the husband, principal and the student, or doctor and the patient. I think it has to do with not having a real father figure in my life. But I'm afraid it might have something to do with what my dad did to me when I was younger, and then I start to feel incredibly disgusted with myself and very ashamed.
14. I don't like to watch porn with Asian people in it whether male or females, it just turns me off. I'm not sure why, maybe it's because since I am Asian myself and want to detach that part of me.
15. I have an attraction to pink nipples, I get really turned on my seeing girls with cute pink nipples getting their tits sucked and licked.
16. I love giving head, I get so aroused when I'm sucking on my boyfriend's cock and he moans. The louder he is the more I get wet. But odd enough I don't like having him go down on me. And it's not him per se, but I don't like it at all. I know my friends say it's because I haven't had good oral before but I know that's not it. I've had past BFs before go down on me, one of them really wanted to all the time, but I think the act itself is gross. Which makes me wonder if I would ever go down on a girl.
17. I don't own any dildos, only vibrators. I guess since I never experienced an orgasm vaginally, I don't have the desire to be artificially penetrated. I have only had orgasms clitorally and not any earthshattering though, just enough to satisfy.
18. I tend to squirt from time to time, so sometimes I tend to hold back when I'm reaching a climax so not to make a mess of my bed. I've read that squirting is not urine, but sometimes I think it is and it's kind of disgusting.
19. The thought of being secretly watched excites me, I imagine sometimes there is a hidden camera in the vent of my bedroom and that it's recording me changing and then I start to expose and play with myself. I would actually like to be filmed or photographed in sexual positions or situations.
20. I've had sex in various places before, in the car, on top of a car, on my apt balcony, but I would like to have sex in a public place, like a park or library. I think that would be really hot.
21. When I was in middle school, my family's computer had a camera on it. I went in a chat room and made a friend with an older gentleman like maybe around his 30's and when I was home alone one night we video chatted and I showed him my breasts and licked my lips, but when he showed me his dick I got so scared that I got off the chat immediately. I felt so ashamed about what I did, because I was brought up Catholic and anything sexual was a sin. Sometimes I still feel the shame after anything sexual.
22. I've had girl crushes before, but have never acted on it. I even had a girl crush on one of my really good friends, she was the type of girl that all guys liked and she got hit on all the time. On some level I guess I envied her because I wanted to be that girl that everyone wanted to be with, but on another level I wanted to be with her because I could see why she was so popular. One drunk night we were together and she kissed me on the cheek and I wanted to kiss her back, but did not because I did not want to ruin our friendship. I always wondered what would have happened if I let it go further.
23. Sex tends to feel immensely better when I'm drunk or buzzed. I don't know why since alcohol is supposed to make you numb, but when I am drunk and have sex it feels wonderful. It probably because when I'm drunk I'm not thinking about the act of sex but just the feeling of it.
24. I heard anal sex feels good but have always been too scared to try. I'm afraid that it will hurt more than give me pleasure, but sometimes the thought of being filled in both holes really gets me wet. I contemplate getting anal beads or plugs.
25. I am torn about settling down with a man who is perfect in every way except sexually, or to keep on sowing my oats till I'm satisfied, and find someone who can fill my sexual needs as well as my emotional needs. I feel like that would be asking for perfection and there is no such thing as that. We'll see I guess.
1. I like being bitten and I like biting. I only tried this on two girls though. Both left bruises on my penis at one occasion each. The ache and dents reminded me of her and turned me on during the day. One of the girls doesn’t like me biting her. I bite soft but try not to at all with her. But I am thus left wanting. The other loved that I was the first biter and told me she bites her own fingers when thinking of me. That’s flattering, strangely.
2. I have a foot fetish.
3. From looking at feet on YouTube etc. I can see that foot fetishes differ a lot. Some of it turns me off. Mine is more simple: I like kissing them.
4. I have broken up with girls whose feet were not pretty. I did not tell them that of course.
5. I was in love with a girl whose feet weren’t pretty, and I grew to love her strange feet. Go figure.
6. I lost my virginity when I was about twenty. Late, I suppose. This is due to being introverted. Being shy screwed up my early sex life, which leaves psychological complications later. In other words I’m hornier than I’d like to be. Really! Sexual thoughts get in the way sometimes.
7. My first time was with a prostitute. I didn’t enjoy it. She was middle aged and chubby. She was on top and I wasn’t sure if it was ‘in yet’. Such was her size. I’ve since seen another prostitute and had trouble getting it up. I realise now that it was because they were actually working, and the emotional side was not there. I need the girl to be turned on for me to be turned on.
8. On the only one night stand I ever had, I came too fast. She outdrank me easily and I couldn’t keep up. We became good friends afterwards.
9. In my teens I played a fair bit of truth and dare with a male friend. We are still friends but don’t talk about it ever. We masturbated together, and I’ve had his penis in my mouth. We never actually penetrated though. We’d read Playboy together. I am still not turned off by the thought of giving head, or receiving anal. I kind of am turned off by the thought of kissing a man though. Go figure.
10. A fantasy of mine is to be f@#$ed from behind by a woman with a strap-on. I have not had the courage to ask girlfriends though. This is because they were so openly submissive (which made me secretly unfulfilled in that area).
11. I only had one girlfriend who was not submissive. She was bi (mostly gay) and always was in charge but in a loving way. She put her finger in my anus when pulling me and this is where it began.
12. The above girl had a huge effect on me. She had dreadlocks and hairy armpits and legs. It made me aroused by those same traits on other women after. When she cut her hair short, I liked short-haired girls. I had a huge longing for lesbians too, after we split. I tried in vain to woo some. Most became good friends!
13. I really like to lick a woman’s anus. I only did it with one though. After a shower!
14. I like breasts to be medium to small to flat-chested. The bigness pushed in media annoys me and probably gets girls unnecessarily worried.
15. I once saw two dominatrixes at once. One peed on me which I liked. It was warm. But, the fact that it was all contrived (I paid), made me soft and not so easily to get hard. Paying for it is not good.
16. I once had a threesome with my girlfriend-of-the-time and another man. I was half jealous and half turned on. It nearly broke us up but I still masturbate to the memory.
17. What went wrong was just how unprepared emotionally we were. We are still friends and have discussed it. I would still like to have a relationship where I let the girl sleep with people in front of me and in threesomes. But trust has to be there, of course.
18. I love high heels as well as bare feet.
19. My taste in girls has strangely changed over time. I remember that Asians were so beautiful to me at one time. I didn’t like blondes. Then blondes were just the ideal, then redheads!
20. I always loved pale skin. Black hair and pale skin makes me nervous and ditsy.
21. Any kind of alternative non-mainstream type turns me on. Punk, skinhead, feral, goth. Just not mainstream.
22. I am very much an abstract thinker and need intelligent partners. I feel uncomfortable and turned off with physical flings where we don’t connect at all emotionally or mentally. As a guy, it is hard to find justification to other guys why I would say no to an encounter for the above reasons.
23. I’m curious about what sperm tastes like but can’t bring myself to taste mine. Although I have tasted my pre-cum.
24. The bi girl I was with had girls on the side but was honest about it. I was very hurt but glad for the honesty. I put up with it not willing to lose her. Even now, after we split, I fantasize about being with her. Though there is no way it could happen without me just taking her back and therefore confirming to her that she can do whatever she likes and still have me. I’m afraid it might be true and therefore avoid her.
25. There is a spot in between my anus and testicles that I push down on when I am cumming during masturbation. This lets me have the orgasm without squirting. A Taoist book told me the sperm goes inside me and helps the bones. It’s actually just convenient that I don’t dirty my bed sheet.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

1. I’m a virgin, but I have the highest sex drive out of anyone I’ve ever met. I can’t go more than a minute or two without thinking about sex. I don’t think I could be in a long-term relationship with someone with a low sex drive.

2. I was sexually assaulted when I was twelve by one of my guy friends while a female friend held me down (she was my age, he was 14). I think I was more affected by him calling me “fat and ugly” than by the actual assault.

3. When I was eight, I went to see Titanic in the movies and during the sex scene I became aroused for the first time. Shortly thereafter I started masturbating by humping pillows in bed at night.

4. Though I’ve made out and been fingered by a number of partners, I’m really insecure about my inexperience because of the virgin thing. At the same time, I know I’m great in bed without ever having had sex.

5. I’ve never done anything sexual with a person I was close to. It scares me to be emotionally and physically connected to someone, even though I also desperately want that intimacy.

6. I check out women more than men.

7. I’m sexually more attracted to women, but emotionally to men.

8. I will kiss/play around with anyone, especially if alcohol is involved, but I would never allow myself to be penetrated by someone I didn’t trust completely.

9. Only one partner has ever made me orgasm, usually only my own fingers can do it.

10. Except once, I’ve only orgasmed from clit stimulation. The one other time I was half-imagining, half-dreaming I was dominating and ordering a guy and a girl I knew at the time to please me sexually. As the girl in my dream was licking my clit and the guy was penetrating me, I had the most intense orgasm I’ve ever experienced.

11. If I found a partner I trusted, I would try almost anything in bed. ANYTHING.

12. I’m disgusted by the thought of large, hairy men. I never understood the appeal of the Neanderthal type and I prefer skinny, androgynous boys.

13. I love getting pierced, and have almost come from the endorphin rush of a needle going through my skin.

14. I really enjoy gay porn. Not lesbian porn so much, just two or more guys together.

15. With that said, if I were to have a threesome, I would want m/m/f, and for both guys to penetrate me at once. I just love the feeling of being crushed in between two masculine bodies, feeling their desire from the front and from behind. I think this has to do with my constant need to feel wanted.

16. I hate meeting friend’s boyfriends and crushes because I don’t know how to be around guys my age without trying to get them to want me and picturing them fucking me.

17. In my free time, I write erotica, particularly almost-incest between step-siblings.

18. Once I pop the cherry, I believe I will become quite promiscuous. However, I refuse to fuck women or men who aren’t completely beautiful.

19. Every time I see a man, I wonder how large his dick is. If he’s hot, I imagine giving him head and making him grunt and moan the way guys do in pleasure.

20. I’m attracted solely to people who look interesting. The average, girl-next-door or all-American boy look turns me off. My friends are always confused about who I don’t and do find hot.

21. Sometimes, I stand in front of the mirror in sexy underwear and touch myself. I’m more turned on by my own flawed body than any airbrushed ones on TV and in magazines. Also, I’d love to be fucked in said fancy underwear.

22. I think the sexiest part of a man’s body is the upper pelvic area, especially if his hip bones stuck out. I think the sexiest part of a woman’s body is her shoulders and the curve of her neck.

23. The most aroused I have ever been was when a guy I had been having a long, intense conversation told me, and I quote “It’s like angel wings should break through your shoulders at any minute, you’re like a broken angel,” before we started making out. This makes me think I’m more emotional and romantic than I let on.

24. I love getting my breasts touched, especially having my nipples licked and lightly bitten. I wear shirts that show cleavage often because I enjoy the way men look at my DD breasts, even men I have no interest in whatsoever.

25. Making out is my favorite thing in the world. A good kisser can get anywhere he/she wants with me. The hottest thing is when the person I’m making out with softly sucks my tongue while pressing against me. I love when a guy is hard and kissing me and I just grind up against him and have dry sex up against a wall or other flat surface.
1. I lost my virginity on my wedding night. She was also a virgin. I was 25, she was 24. I have always been happy that we waited until we got married before having sex.

2. Even though we were both virgins, we had manually stimulated each other to orgasm several times before we got married.

3. The first time was not very successful--I was very excited and came almost immediately upon entry. We got considerably better over the course of the next few days.

4. After 28 years, she is still the only woman I have slept with. A dear female friend of mine once asked if I was ever curious about what it would be like to make love to another woman. I am curious, but I am also happy to be in a monogamous relationship.

5. I do, however, fantasize. One of my fantasies involves a threesome with my wife and another woman. However, I'm not really sure of the mechanics of all this. Do I give one oral sex while the other goes down on me? Do I fuck one while giving the other oral sex? Since I'm not going to ever fulfill this I guess I'll just have to wonder how it all works. Part of the fun I suppose.

6. Another fantasy involves watching two women make love. I could either be hidden from the women or there with their knowledge.

7. A third fantasy involves me completely dressing as a woman--wig, makeup, bra, panties, nylon stockings, blouse, skirt--and making love to my wife. I have never told anyone about this fantasy.

8. We have made love outdoors twice. Once was in our backyard late at night; the other was on the beach, also late at night. I would like to do that again given the opportunity.

9. I have had cybersex with three different women. With one, I was quite disgusted with myself afterwards. I am still friends with the other two and don't quite feel the same way about it. I wish I hadn't done it--it's not exactly like cheating on my wife but it is a betrayal of trust. The first time was a surprise. I was chatting with my friend, whom I had known for a couple of years on the internet, and somehow the subject of cybersex came up. She confessed that she used to do it frequently but had stopped. I asked her how it was done..."Do you just start describing what you are doing?" She said yes, so I said, "Like, I unbutton your blouse and caress your breasts" or something like that. Before we knew it we were off. It was very exciting, and when I masturbated I had a very powerful orgasm. We did it once more and haven't since, although I have been very tempted. We still chat about sex sometimes; she is a good person to bounce off my thoughts, and is not judgmental. Still, I hesitate to tell her about the fantasy in #7.

10. I masturbate probably three times a week, sometimes more. Due to various reasons, we do not make love as often as we'd like, although my sex drive is greater than my wife's so although "as often as she'd like" would be a higher frequency, it still likely wouldn't be as often as I'd like.

11. I have never had a blow job to completion. Although I figure I'd probably really prefer normal intercourse as a means to an orgasm, I would like to experience a complete blowjob at least once. My wife is not eager to do a blowjob even if she stops before I come, and generally she has to have had a few drinks to even do that.

12. I love giving oral sex. It's very arousing to me to know I am giving such pleasure. I enjoy the taste, too. However, my wife, although she always orgasms, doesn't want me to do it very often. She lets me now and then as a favor, although when she's had a few drinks she is usually more agreeable.

13. We sometimes watch internet porn together when we are planning a night of debauchery. Neither of us likes male homosexual porn. She doesn't seem put off by lesbian porn which, given my fantasy in #6, is obviously something I like.

14. I don't like shaved pussies. Trimmed is okay but the bush should be fairly natural looking. I have hinted that my wife should trim (not shave) hers but no luck so far. I am also unshaved. Once in a while I trim; I don't think she's noticed as it's always been a very minor trim.

15. She has a vibrator that we use once in a while during sex. It's fun to watch her use it.

16. I love legs and asses. I want her to wear nylon stockings with a garter belt during sex, but she thinks her legs are too big. I would still find it very attractive. Some day.

17. Once in college I happened to look out my dorm window across to another dorm, and saw two people fucking. It was quite interesting to watch. Eventually they rolled off the bed and finished on the floor, out of sight. A friend had a list of phone numbers by room and called. We could see her arm reach up to pick up the phone. He suggested she close the curtains next time. She just said, "oh" and hung up. Other than porn movies, that is the only time I've actually seen anyone else make love.

18. Another time in college, I looked out the window and saw a naked woman in the other dorm, looking at her reflection in the window. She had no clue anyone could see. That was also enjoyable to watch. I think she may have been the first "live" naked woman I had ever seen.

19. Our favorite position is rear entry. We get good penetration and my orgasms seem more intense. It's also easier to reach her clit for extra manual stimulation during the process.

20. I also like her on top, although the orgasms aren't as good for me. I like the view and like grabbing her ass while we fuck. I think it's better for her though...she has ejaculated a few times over the years (vaginal orgasm, I guess?) and most of them have been with her on top.

21. Sometimes a plain old missionary position fuck is tremendously satisfying.

22. Although I have never smoked marijuana, and won't since it's illegal, I sometimes fantasize about doing that while making love. A friend told me it is very pleasant to fuck while high.

23. We never say "fuck" when fucking, unless we are both drunk. Usually not even then.

24. I have never tried anal sex. Sometimes I think about it and wonder what it would be like, but in the end (no pun intended!), I figure it's pretty disgusting.

25. I think I'd like to try some very mild bondage. She would tie me down on the bed and have her way with me, not involving painful things. The attraction would be that she was in total control--she could blow me, ride my cock, withhold when I came close to coming, etc. A pretty mild fantasy I suppose!