Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1. I lost my virginity right before I turned 14 years old. My then-boyfriend talked me into it and we did it on his mom's bed. He was very rough and fast and I begged him to stop. It felt like my insides were being ripped open and torn to pieces. I kept asking him to stop, that it hurt, but he wouldn't. I was in so much pain that I shut down and prayed for it to stop. It never got any better and went on for about an hour. I had messed around before this time with two guys who never pressured me. One is the love of my life. Though I know he doesn't feel the same way about me, I still long for the taste and touch of him. He was so perfect in every way. We would meet in the alley behind the movie theatre where he worked and make out. I would rub him through his pants or boxers and I so wanted him. Let's call him "Joe."

2. Shortly after this, I started drinking a lot and became a bit sex addicted. I couldn't get enough and would do anything, anywhere, with about anybody. I went through several boyfriends and would always be more than willing to give it up even on the first day I met them. My friends and I had what could amount to sex contests where we compared what we did and who was the most extreme. I didn't really like sex, though. Just the idea of being wanted.

3. I found a boyfriend when I was 14, accidently. I was drunk, he was 18. I didn't find him attractive. But he seemed to want me and he was "cool." On our third date, I was babysitting and we ended up having sex. I let it go far enough that I couldn't get out of the relationship at that point. He emotionally abused me constantly. Telling me how ugly or fat I was. I was actually very skinny, and rather pretty. But I didn't believe it then. He would hold me down and go down on me and talk all the while about how my "lips" were too big and how I needed to shave and he would make me shave so that I looked prettier and younger and he would force me into sex in places and ways that I did not want. I still can't shave my pussy all the way because it reminds me of him.

4. During this time, "Joe" and I would meet at his work and mess around behind the old stage where the movies played. I would go down on him and it was so hot and exciting. Maybe because I was actually in love with him, but it was beautiful in its own way. I slept around a lot behind #3's back. I hoped I'd get caught so that he would leave me alone and not want me, but it didn't end up like I wanted. I even got naked at a party and ended up initiating sex with two of his best friends. That just ruined their friendship, but kept me in my own hell.

5. I finally got away from that boyfriend. Two weeks later, I got drunk at a party and ended up having sex with a particularly well endowed 25 year old man. I was 15. We ended up playing strip poker at that house a lot and drinking way too much over the next few months. He would pick me up at my house in the middle of the night on his motorcycle. Then we would drive back to his place and he would fuck me with his 9.5 inch cock for awhile before driving me back. He was so large that it was painful.

6. Shortly after this, I had a few more partners and I met the "big" ex. He became the father of two of my children. I was his first. I have been the first to three different men that I know of and never knew about it until afterwards. He was a good lay, and I learned how to have multiple orgasms with him.

7. After I broke up with that ex, finally, I worked with a traveling male nurse. He was in an open relationship with his wife. I went back to his hotel with him completely innocently and ended up getting massaged and fucked by a man 16 years older than me. I was 18 and he said his wife was ok with it. When I met his wife, I took my now husband, then best friend, with me. We drank a lot, ended up at a strip club, and I had my first threesome and sex with a woman while my now-husband was asleep in the next room. I wasn't very attracted to his wife, but it was a unique experience that has left me since wanting to have a real female-female relationship. The sex was awkward as I found out she did not approve of him penetrating anyone which he had obviously broken with me, but she was a squirter and I came.

8. I ended up going down there a couple more times to meet them. The last time, they introduced me to their Dutch friend who was a hardcore BDSM online porn producer. He was a lovely, polite man and he asked if he could film me and I said yes. He dressed me and I was fucked with an assortment of large dildos. I did not find it arousing at all and had to fake any interest or pleasure. It felt awkward and it made me unhappy. Then he tied me up and gagged me. I had needles put through my breasts, wax dripped on me, and an assortment of other things. I was bored and wanted to go home. I only got $300 for the shoot for all that work. He asked me to come back but after that, I never called them back and I moved. I wish I could get those pictures removed from that site. I was just a single mom and needed the money.

9. When my now-husband was subtly courting me, I got drunk at a party and saw "Joe." I ended up having "Joe" take me home. I was so drunk that I puked and was blacking out. But we fucked like crazy. It was not terribly pleasurable for me because I was so self-conscious and wanted to please him and he kept begging me to cum. I just wanted to feel his rock hard 7.5 inches throb inside me and burst like a rocket. That's what I like most about sex. Having a man cum in me is so empowering and hot. It makes me even more horny than when I began. Then I can't get enough. After sex, I made the horrible drunk mistake of saying I loved him--like a friend and worried about him. He never talked to me again, really. He told me I looked really good about 4 years ago, though. I feel this crushing bitterness about it. I am married with 4 kids and he is in a relationship, but I would give anything to have one more go at him. My husband does not know about this. Or almost any of my history, actually.

10. I asked my husband out right after I got done fucking him after a night of drinking. He worked in a University research lab and I would fuck him in these big scary rooms with lab equipment and insect research labs. It was very titillating. He still talks about having me go down on him while there was this huge humming magnet right next to us.

11. I had to be apart from him for a few months and got into the habit of fantasizing to get off. Now I can't stop. I can not cum without fantasizing in my head. It has escalated over the years and I wish for anything that I could just be in the moment.

12. When I was pregnant with my third child, I was so horny that I could have exploded. I finally was open to my husband about a lot of parts of my sexuality I was afraid would scare him. I had sex toys, looked at porn, and wanted to be fucked in the ass. Luckily for me he was pretty understanding and obliged.

13. My husband doesn't understand my kinkiness. He says his interests don't stray far beyond missionary, but if I get drunk, he has no problem asking to fuck me in the ass or have me suck his balls.

14. I am dying to have sex with another woman. I would say at this point, they are more attractive to me than almost any man. I fantasize near constantly about licking pussy and getting a woman off.

15. My biggest fantasies involve my husband who is a professor. It turns me on to think of a student begging for a better grade and asking for one with a short skirt and no panties. Then he licks her and talks about how wet and tight her pussy is. He makes her sucks his dick and then bends her over his desk. It takes a lot of hard work to get his big hard cock in her and she moans and screams and he fucks her really hard. Sometimes in the fantasy, I am there licking his balls while he fucks her.

16. I want to surprise my husband with another woman. If I could only get the guts to ask or find one, I would blindfold him and sneak her in to lick him and take his blindfold off as she's mounting him. I would lick their nipples and make my husband lick me while she went to town on him.

17. I love anal sex. I am always afraid someone will think it's dirty and I am scared to ask for it in case my husband thinks I'm a pervert. But I really wish he would ask for it more. Double penetration is great, but at the moment, an anal plug or a dildo is the best I can do about that. I like feeling filled up.

18. My husband loves to titty fuck me. I am not big chested, but I think it's quite sexy and I love pearl necklaces.

19. I want to be tied up and stripped down and punished. I want to be spanked and licked and forced to orgasm.

20. I find the idea of public submission hot. I want to be tied up and led to a bar or mechanic's shop and forced to do what my mistress tells me. I want hot strangers to bang me and to cum all over me.

21. If I was by myself at a bar and "Joe" was there, I don't know if I could stop myself from asking him to fuck me in the restroom. Up against the wall in the men's room with my panties around my ankles, preferably.

22. I would love to have group sex with just women. Maybe a man, but a lot of women involved. I want to line them all up and taste and feel them.

23. I was my husband's student for a semester and I am still upset I never took advantage of that situation. I wanted to sit next to him in class during a movie day and have him watch while I masturbated. But I was too embarrassed.

24. I have a white panties fetish. I love seeing women in white panties. Then they get pulled aside and licked through and around the panties. I think sex is amazing when it's so rushed that you don't have time to get your clothes off and just pull them aside and go at it.

25. I give great blow jobs. I have always been told so. I have worked on technique for years and read everything I could get my hands on to improve my skill. I love taking a man deep in my mouth and making love to it with my tongue. I love swallowing, too. I would never spit. I am trying to figure out how to deep throat and gagged for the first time ever the other night. I felt terrible about it, but I have a willing student.
1. I spent the first 7 years of my active sex life almost exclusively having intercourse with shemale prostitutes. I thought I was gay at the time.
2. I actually came out of the closet as straight. The first time I was with a girl who really wanted to be with me I realized that was what I had been looking for all that time and have never looked back.
3. Having said that, sucking cock is the only thing I really miss of my experiences with shemales.
4. My wife is 15 years older than me and we've had the best sex of our lives together. We've been 10 years together. She considers herself bisexual.
5. We once had sex in the lobby of a building with a glass wall facing the street. At night, of course. And it was not a very busy street.
6. I once saw my parents having sex and thoroughly enjoying it. I realized then sex was great. I was about 10 at the time.
7. For a few years my wife and I were into the swinger lifestyle. It was great but it got to be quite an obsession for me so I had to quit cold turkey. It was tough.
8. Seeing my wife with another woman is the single most beautiful and erotic thing I've ever seen. Or with several for that matter.
9. Group sex is the best thing I've tried. I just love the energy and the sounds.
10. Having sex among other couples who are also having sex is a major turn-on.
11. The thing I miss the most about swinging is the openness and social side of sexuality, not just the sexual activities.
12. I fantasize about tough, muscular men sometimes but the smell of a man turns me off.
13. I once almost proposed to a girl solely based on the smell of her pussy. It was the most delicious smell I remember.
14. I have experienced non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms many times. It beats ejaculation any day.
15. Younger girls are not that attractive to me, I prefer older, more experienced women in the 40+ age range.
16. I cheated on my wife two different times with strippers. It was not bad, but I chose not to do it again ever. I hated lying to my wife.
17. Food on the bedroom is something I cannot stand. Whipped cream, chocolate, etc. are out of the picture.
18. I love eating pussy and sucking toes. I had no idea the latter could drive women so crazy.
19. Finding a clitoris and a G-Spot is not an issue, fortunately. Cannot believe some men can't do it.
20. I frequently shave my pubic hair and testicles. Makes oral sex better and wife loves it. Likewise a shaven pussy is a beauty to behold and a pleasure to eat.
21. Active anal sex is one of my favorites. Not that frequent now. I don't know why.
22. I don't consider myself particularly dominant. If I were gay I'd surely be a bottom but I didn't particularly enjoyed bottoming out with shemales. (See #1)
23. Never had a FFM threesome.
24. We love talking about sexual habits with other couples, but not many couples in our circle of friends are open enough to do so.
25. The greatest source of fantasies is "How would this girl/woman react when aroused?"
1. My breasts are small and not very sensitive. Sucking or fondling them excites me only very little.
2. Sometimes I see this as a wonderful gift for a bisexual person. Sometimes I don’t.
3. I’ve had sex with a large number of people so far. Most of them were pretty good and I don’t regret it.
4. I first had sex when I was 16; I’m 33 now.
5. I like very dominant sexual partners, male and female. IRL I have a very outspoken personality so maybe being totally passive in bed is a way for me to take a break. It’s really comforting to be completely under the control of another person. I don’t believe in any kind of anthropomorphized god or any other authority figure so my submissive sexual fantasies are a way for me to indulge in an illusion I know is not real but which I’m hardwired to find very comforting.
6. As a feminist I’m conflicted and embarrassed about this.
7. Also as a feminist I understand that my sexual preferences were formed within a sexist patriarchal society and in my case also within a sexist patriarchal family.
8. That said, there’s no point in me trying to change. It is what it is. And there are worse things than wanting to fulfill your partners’ every desire!
9. I’m turned on by what turns my partner on.
10. I’ve never fantasized about rope before but I’m intrigued by it now because my current partner is into it.
11. The only way I can climax is by thinking of or experiencing my partner climaxing.
12. I think it’s healthy to have multiple intimate relationships simultaneously with a small number of people you love and trust, who all fulfill you in slightly different ways. A healthy sex life to me would involve 2-3 such open relationships.
13. If my partner is dominant and can switch to being submissive, I would hope he finds a nice dominant female who can fulfill this need for him (i.e. not me!).
14. If said dominant female liked submissive females as well as submissive men, that’d be an added bonus!
15. As long as I’m confident in my partners’ love for me, I don’t think I could ever be jealous of him/her loving another at the same time. If it makes him happier and more fulfilled, I can’t see how that would be a bad thing.
16. One of my fantasies is to be a maid, cleaning the house and waiting on and catering to my master(s)’s every wish.
17. I like threesomes. I’ve only ever done it a couple of times though.
18. I have, however, been in one all female foursome.
19. Confidence is the biggest turn-on. Insecurity or uncertainty completely undermines the whole I’m-trusting-that-you’re-in-
charge-here fantasy. If you’re not sure I’ll like something, just do it. I’ll like it. Trust me.
20. Somewhere I once saw or read about a contraption that consists of a bar mounted on a wall between a woman’s legs just high enough so that she can almost touch the floor with her toes but not quite. Her hands are tied above her head. In other words, she’s balanced precariously on her crotch. It makes her wiggle and squirm constantly. I fantasize about being put in such a contraption for the viewing pleasure of my dom.
21. In my new partner’s apartment there’s a closet I’ve never seen the inside of. I fantasize about all the exciting things that could be in that closet (see above) that he’s been waiting to reveal to me!
22. I really, really love giving oral sex. Especially to men.
23. I’m really loud when having sex. I can’t help it. I don’t understand how other people can be so damned quiet!
24. Needless to say I’m really turned on by older, powerful men. Biology. Gotta love it!
25. My dom told me to write this list and send it in.
1. I am a gay man who lost his virginity at 16. It wasn't special. I never saw him again. I don't regret it.

2. I am now 20, and I have never had sex with a woman. Sometimes I'm curious, like when I mistakenly think a boyish lesbian is a cute guy, but usually I'm not.

3. I've lost track of my "number." I would guess it's somewhere in the 40s. I don't know half their names. I'm neither proud nor remorseful.

4. Sometimes people think they are dating me when they aren't. I don't know who gave them the idea. I certainly didn't. Apparently they're being cheated on when I sleep with other people, but I'm not cheating on anybody.

5. I haven't come from just a blowjob since I was 17. This means that sometimes I never come during a hookup. It's fine. I still got what I wanted.

6. I discovered the joy of anilingus (anal-oral sex) from someone whose dick was too big for me to consider putting inside me. I didn't think I could thank him enough, but a year later I did thank him by letting him put it inside me. It was like fucking a can of Red Bull.

7. I've had sex on my roof in front of God knows how many witnesses peering out their windows, but I don't consider myself an exhibitionist. I just liked the cold air.

8. The first time I slept with a Black man I found out the myth was false.

9. The first time I slept with an Asian man I found out the myth was false.

10. The first time I slept with an Asian man I found out I have an Asian fetish. It makes me feel racist.

11. If I want to sleep with an older man, I tell him I'm 18. I've done it since I was 16. I will probably be able to pull it off until I'm 28.

12. Sleeping with a "straight" guy is not one of my fantasies. It's happened, but not by seeking it out. They always think they're doing me a favor. In actuality, it's the other way around.

13. I don't go to gay bars or clubs. Maybe it's because I don't have a formidable collection of fitted tees. It's probably because I don't want to dry hump a boy on the dance floor, I want to fuck a man in my bed.

14. If I'm drunk, the chance I'll forgo a condom rises. It really does just feel better. I know it's a bad idea at the time, but I still do it.

15. After sex the last thing I want to do is cuddle. I want to take a shower and leave. Or make the other guy leave.

16. After sex I hate it when men ask me about the picture of my family on my bedside table. If I remember, I'll turn it around beforehand so as to avoid the conversation. The picture doesn't really bother me. It's just a picture.

16. Porn has destroyed my ability to think of my own sexy scenarios while masturbating. I'm okay with that.

17. In college I decided to check out getting paid for sex. I didn't need the money - I was curious. It was really easy to get paid to be worshiped for an hour or two. Clients have written me poems, tipped me 200% more than the initial fee, and rented rooms in five-star hotels just for the pleasure of my company. And my ass. I stopped because I got bored with it. Sometimes clients will still email me asking to schedule an appointment. Sometimes I do it.

18. I like to flirt with men until they want me more than anything else. At that moment I walk away. I find it empowering.

19. I have a fantasy about being fucked in the kitchen. When the opportunity arises, I find that my kitchen counter is too tall for most men to be able to reach me.

20. Sometimes I like dirty talk and sometimes I don't. I don't think I'm very good at it. In response I just moan louder. Usually I'm faking it.

21. I don't think semen is sexy. I wish there was an option to forgo ejaculation but still have the orgasm. I know it's possible, but I don't have the patience. I want a button.

22. I usually play into other men's fetishes. I'd pee on a man if he really wanted it, but I haven't encountered such a situation yet. I don't think it would turn me on.

23. I hate the terms "top" and "bottom." Anyone who says they are only one or the other is a liar fooling no one. I guess I'm "versatile," but I don't like that one either.

24. Mine is, but I don't care if a dick is circumsized or not. I find it gross when people complain that the man they went home with had an uncircumsized dick. It's rare that that man actually got to make that decision, anyway.

25. I've been exposed to HIV. When we hooked up, his last HIV test had been negative. We only used a condom part of the time. Two weeks after we hooked up, he tested positive. He didn't have the guts to tell me, so a mutual friend had to. I'm negative.
1. I went to all-boys schools for almost all my primary and secondary school years. I blame this for being a bit awkward with unfamiliar females.
2. Despite 1., I have no problems getting dates or getting laid.
3. I only learned about erections and masturbation from friends at high school. It took me a full year of wondering what “cracking a stiffy” was before somebody told me. After that, I was literally a boy with a new toy. You do the math.
4. However, it really wasn’t until I was in my late teens and started downloading hardcore pornography that I started learning about my own penis.
5. From porn, I realized that my penis is uncut. From there, I learned that my foreskin was never stretched properly. It took me 3 years of stretching for me to finally be able to roll it back comfortably. Now I’m starting to wonder if the idea of stretching can be applied to the rest of the penis…
6. In the meantime, I also learnt about hygiene. But imagine having to clean the head of a penis that has never before been touched directly. I can totally sympathise with women’s complaints about direct, unlubricated contact with their clitoris. I’m glad to report that my tool has since been fully broken in, and this is no longer a problem.
7. Since I was young, I’ve sensed that girls either found me really attractive, or really repulsive and rarely in between. Nevertheless, I still used to pursue the unattainable. These days, I’m happy and grateful that I appeal to a certain niche.
8. My first real relationship lasted 9 years and spanned the best part of my 20s. We took each other’s virginity in one of the most surreal and beautiful moments. I thought she was the one I would grow old with. I never cheated. She left me to pursue a holiday opportunity. That was a year ago.
9. Since then, I’ve almost made up for lost time. It’s not that I’m on a rebound rampage, I just don’t see myself as having a desire to enter into another serious long term relationship again so soon. I don’t hide this fact from the people I meet, and I make it pretty clear that my current priorities are career and other things.
10. I see my sexual partners as a puzzle waiting to be solved. Sure, the clitoris and g-spot are in the same place, but everyone has their own turn-ons and ways their body react to touch and the senses, and everyone is slightly different in they way they reach climax.
11. I have a rather embarrassing problem with the way my penis works. The first time with anyone new, I cum rather quickly. I can’t help it. I can masturbate 2 or 3 times beforehand, and it will still happen. However, after the first couple of times, I have great control and stamina.
12. There is not a bed that I have slept on regularly that I haven’t broken.
13. I love going down on a woman. I really enjoy seeing and feeling and being part of their pleasure.
14. I once made a girl cum so hard and her pussy squeezed my fingers with such force that I couldn’t type with that hand the next day. Although typing is a critical part of my job, I would still love to do it again and again as often as possible.
15. Fake breasts are a huge turn-off for me. I would rather someone with little or no breasts than the most perfect fakes.
16. Speaking of breasts, the largest I’ve been with are F-cups. Real F-cups, not metric-Asian F-cups. Two things I’ve learnt from that experience: first is that hugging a girl with boobs that big feels exactly like hugging a big girl, and second, after you’ve gone that big, nothing else is the same anymore. I’ve since had girls proudly showing me their D cups, and when I found myself faking excitement, I knew I had been ruined.
17. Having said that, my biggest turn-ons are a toned and athletic physique, and a round but petite ass. But no matter how hot or how beautiful a girl might be, if she is a bitch, then all attraction goes away almost instantly.
18. Although my experience has yet to reach a level of statistical significance, I am utterly convinced that Asian girls are terrible at giving BJs. I don’t know what it is, but Caucasians definitely have an edge in this area. Though, I’m more than happy to be proven wrong.
19. I’ve discovered that there is indeed such a thing as bad sex. It is when things are so wrong that your mind can’t relax and let you enjoy the situation. Even with the best intentions and full consent of all parties involved, some rules are never meant to be broken.
20. I am slightly annoyed that my younger brother has more sexual experience than I do.
21. Having witnessed some spectacular orgasms, I sometimes find myself slightly envious of women’s capacity and potential for pleasure. OK… maybe a little more than slightly… fuck it… I’ll admit it… if I can get a guarantee that I can experience what I’ve seen is possible, then I wouldn’t mind being a woman for a month or three.
22. I am not yet 30. However, I am already starting to worry about my sex-life when I get older. I hope I’ll never have to use Viagra, but more so than that, I really hope that the sex doesn’t stop. I am slightly bothered with the idea of marriage because of the stereotype of the married guy who gets whipped by their wife and no sex.
23. Speaking of which, I have a friend who gets no sex from his wife at all. Period. Not even on their honeymoon. Personally, I see that as grounds for divorce.
24. I have a fetish for older women. The way I see it, women around 35 have the most to teach me. I think this is partly the result of a teacher fetish developed during all those years at the boys schools, and partly my desire to be really really damn good in bed.
25. As per the end of any long term relationship, a little bit of you is lost and a little bit of you is developed. I still miss what I shared in my long-termer, but dammit, sexuality-wise at least, my life is so damn good right now, I’m glad things turned out the way it did.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1. I've only had intercourse with one man.
2. I went into puberty early and spent most of my late childhood and teenage years both unbelievably horny and convinced that I was too fat for any boy to want to fuck. Not that I would have fucked many of the ones in my school--most of them were not attractive to me--but I would have appreciated the sentiment, I guess. In retrospect, I wasn't actually fat, either, but that idea has plagued me ever since.
3. I got my first boyfriend early in college, and he had a fat fetish. I'm not against odd fetishes in any sense, but you can imagine how it made me feel when he told me.
4. I've never gotten off on vaginal penetration alone. I've heard that it's common to need clitoral stimulation, but I still kind of feel like there's something wrong with me because of it.
5. Sex for me is a psychological thing. It's about power play down to its very roots, and if there's none of that going on, I probably won't be that turned on.
6. I'm probably what they call a switch, but most of the time, I like to be the dominant. But in my current relationship, that never happens. Sometimes I resent that.
7. I still fantasize about having sex with my high school senior English teacher. He was not a conventionally attractive man and was more than twice my age at the time, but I think if I had the opportunity now, I would do it.
8. My attraction to men always starts out intellectual and emotional. Being clever, funny, exceptionally good at something creative, or some combination of the three is the best way to get my attention, sexually. And an extra layer of charisma doesn't hurt, either.
9. I'm a hotbed of (relatively mild) fetishes. Most of them involve either feminizing men or being more masculine myself. That said, actually being a man or having sex with women holds pretty much zero allure to me. It's the gender play (and consequential power play) that's interesting.
10. Monsters (both literal and metaphorical) turn me on.
11. I read pornographic fan-fiction, but I find myself so frequently disappointed by it. I guess because I'm mostly interested in reading about kinky heterosexual sex. Most fan-fiction is either slash or catering to the wrong heterosexual fantasy.
12. I've found butts "exciting" since the very beginnings of puberty. I also have some interest in anal (as both the receptive and the aggressive party)--go figure.
13. In college I cheated on my boyfriend with my best friend. And that friend let me do things to him that my boyfriend has never allowed. That was probably the most fantastic sex I've ever had, and there was no genital penetration at all.
14. I'm more interested in being penetrated as a psychological concept than as a venue for sexual pleasure.
15. I am a major flirt with my close male friends.
16. My favorite part of sex is the conquest. I guess my brain is extremely male in that sense.
17. Sometimes I feel like I should have been born a boy. I've never been attracted to women (at least not enough to seriously consider having sex with them), but I've wanted a dick ever since I realized that boys had them.
18. Despite finding bestiality repugnant, I think it's hot when a woman poses nude with an animal. Not involving any sexual contact with the animal, but the animal is just there, and the nude woman is its master or something like that--that is sexy.
19. I also find goat legs sexy. Not on goats themselves, but on satyrs or fauns or demons--unf.
20. The best pornography implies a story and involves less-than-perfect people, physically. I'm honestly kind of repulsed by the chiseled physique that's idealized in the movies.
21. There is an exception to that--I know one guy with an excellent physique whom I would totally let in my pants, given the right circumstances. But he's smart and charming as hell.
22. Appearance-wise, I'm into looks that imply bookishness. I guess that's a side-effect of really being into smart guys.
23. Arrogance is also appealing, but part of that is because the idea of completely humbling a guy who's normally a puffed-up, strutting peacock in the bedroom is very, very enticing.
24. I have been punched in the cervix by my boyfriend's dick. It's big. That said, I think really big dicks are overrated. Probably by men, who are almost universally convinced that length is actually important. Boys, it's not, unless you really like punching your girlfriend in the cervix or something. (It hurts--please don't do that.)
25. I think my birth control pills might be sabotaging my libido.
1. If anyone asks, I tell them my number is eight.
2. It's not actually eight.
3. The first time a boy kissed me, I started laughing really hard because I had no idea how to kiss.
4. Since my last serious boyfriend, I haven't cared about anyone I've dated.
5. We broke up over a year ago.
6. I don't believe in monogamy.
7. Two people have written songs about me.
8. I've made every boy I have ever dated cry.
9. I'm not sure if that's because of who I date, or because of who I am.
10. My mom always jokes about my "teflon heart". Nothing sticks.
11. Four people have proposed to me.
12. I've said "yes" twice...
13. ...but I never married any of them!
14. I can think myself into an orgasm.
15. I'd never have the guts to do it in public, but I absolutely love stripping.
16. When I was a teen, I used to panic about dying alone. Now that I'm in my twenties, I panic about being tied down.
17. The best sex leaves "battle scars" (bite/scratch marks, bruised lips, etc).
18. The boy I lost my virginity to snuck a mix tape into my purse at some point before I left his house.
19. I still listen to it sometimes.
20. I once dressed a boy up as a woman, because I thought it might be a turn on.
21. It was definitely not.
22. I would love to sleep with a girl, just the two of us.
23. Most of the people I've slept with have said I'm unusually kinky.
24. Most of the people I've slept with were exceptionally boring lays when I met them.
25. I often wonder if I will ever fall in love again.
1- I am 23 and have slept with more men than I can count or remember. Which makes me promiscuous.

2- I watch porn and get off on it only when I can see that the women featured in the movie are actually enjoying it.

3- I want to make a porn movie where women are fetishizing and rubbing on men's shoulders or ears and getting off on it without paying attention to the men's pleasure, to make a point about portrayal of female pleasure (lack of) in mainstream porn. Maybe also get a few actors with sillicone enhanced shoulders or ears.

4- I first had sex at 13 and a first orgasm at 16.

5- When I see my partner look at another women, I get jealous and it turns me on.

6- I want to sleep with women but don't know how to approach them.

7- I love anal sex and am working on getting my partner to understand that enjoying anal sex as a man doesn't make you gay. And that sexuality isn't as linear as gay or straight, anyways.

8- I would love to have a penis for a month. And would coerce a different lady every night to have sex with me. No I wouldn't, I'm a feminist. But, yes I would. And make her come. Loud and hard.

9- I would be curious to have my sex drive suppressed for a month, to see how different my behavior would be. I think I would be easier to get along with. And probably would never look at myself in a mirror, or do my hair, or wear thigh pants.

10- My ex gave me the best sex ever and I kinda wish he would give a g-spot seminar to my current man.

11- My most recurrent fantasy while masturbating is having a blonde girl pushed face to face on a brick wall while I fuck her hard from behind, my hand pulling her hair to make her head turn and look at me while she screams. I know, so typical, which brings me to...

12- I wonder what my fantasies would look like if mainstream porn, media, take on beauty and feminity and masculinity where different.

13- To smell my man's armpits turns me on immensely.

14- I like to feel a man's body pushed down on mine, heavy and strong, and see his desire get out of hand.

15- I am turned on by power and would love to make a cop lose his mind, or make Bill Clinton or my boss kneel under my desk and my skirt and make me come.

16- I have never had cunnilingus that made me come. I find men lick too hard, too soft, too slow and it isn't intense enough to get my mind to stop thinking about the grocery list or the phone calls to make.

17- I like to have my hair pulled while having sex. The intensity shuts down my mind.

18-I once smelled my man's dirty t-shirt before cleaning it and it made my clitoris grow hard. And that makes me a dirty shirt sniffer.

19- Clean, crisp white t-shirts turn me on, on men or women, especially paired with a pair of blue jeans and boots.

20- When I see people with red hair (natural, that is) I want to smell them--their pale skin looks like it would smell really good. I don't actually go ahead and smell.

21- I wish I could live in a trio with my guy and another girl. And sleep in a sandwich between the two of them. And have them both devoted to me and my pleasure.

22-I wish humans had more in common with bonobos and we would make sex part of our regular daily social encounters.

23-I like the idea of a bunch of bodies all covered in thin latex languorously dancing and rubbing on each other in a pool of lube.

24-Big women with small feet wearing sexy high heels with an exposed ankle turn me on.

25-I love androgynous ambiguity, when a hot person doesn't clearly look like a man or a woman, just somewhere in a no-gender land.
1. I first had sex at 18; she was 36. We had sex for six hours and it was disappointing. I couldn't figure what the big deal was.

2. We continued to have sex for 6 years. She was married with children. My parents suspected and practiced parental denial.

3. I had other girlfriends during that time. Sometimes I had sex with her and my girlfriend on the same day.

4. For those 6 years I had sex every Wednesday and Saturday, on other days too if it was possible. The only exception was when I was away for 2 weeks on a varsity trip one year.

5. I have had a lot of sex. I learned not to have sex more than 6 times on one day and not to have sex every day for more than a week: my body couldn't handle it.

6. I've paid for sex. Most times it was OK; a rare few times it was great and several times it was very disappointing. Except for the first few times they've all been threesomes.

7. How much one pays for sex is unrelated to how satisfying it is; I'd actually hazard that paying less is better: these women have more sex and practice does make better.

8. Paying for sex is preferable: there's no emotional baggage; my needs are paramount; they know something about sex and I don't have to have sex with them ever again. Most women don't know much about sex; neither do most men. People don't believe in studying and practising sex.

9. My knowledge of sex tends to intimidate lovers. Prostitutes don't care.

10. I've given one man a handjob. I'd like to do a 69 on a man who knows how to suck cock but I don't know how to arrange this safely and anonymously.

11. I always practice safe sex. I've never had an STD and I've been vaccinated against HBV. I am surprised that so many people consider cold sores no big deal. It is for me.

12. I like being licked everywhere except my face; and I don't like tongue in my ear. Having my earlobes nibbled is OK but it's not a turn-on.

13. I like having my cock sucked especially because I can go for a very long time without cumming. I am quite happy licking a pussy all that time too.

14. I have been to one group sex party as a single. It was disappointing because there were too many men relative to women and I learned that I wasn't supposed to cum inside any of the women. Coitus interruptus is a big turnoff.

15. I avoid virgins. People who've had sex are unskilled enough. I don't understand the penchant for virgins.

16. My fantasy is to have leisurely group sex once or twice a week. Leisurely as in a whole day / night. More people means more stimulation which means more pleasure.

17. I've had anal sex once and it disappointed. I thought that the anal sphincter would allow for active contractions but the passive partner's anus relaxes completely. It isn't any more pleasurable and it has no taboo charge for me and it is much messier.

18. I like large nipples and a butt I can grab.

19. I have sensitive nipples and I like having them pinched.

20. I've gotten into electrostim sex and conventional sex is no longer stimulating enough although I am thinking of getting an electrostim glove.

21. I would love to suckle on a lactating breast during sex. I have no idea how breastmilk tastes and I was never breastfed.

22. I watch porn everyday even if it's only 5 minutes. It's a mood enhancer. I prefer watching beautiful bodies and especially cocksucking.

23. I masturbate every other day because doing so every day would not be healthy.

24. I have had sex with women of more than 10 ethnicities, and women differ much less than men in their sexuality fetishes notwithstanding.

25. Fucking may be my religion.