Friday, June 29, 2012

1. I am a cisgendered male who is 30, and I identify as queer, but I am mostly into women. But I feel attraction to all genders and most sexualities.

2. I absolutely love making out and would like to do it more with my partners when I have them, but I feel like after a certain point after we start dating it goes out the window, and I'm not sure why. That being said I find women to generally be better kissers than men.

3. I've never been in a relationship or really had sex with someone if our attraction isn't really intense right off the bat. I'd like to start a relationship slowly, but I don't know how and I don't know if it's possible.

4. I think #3 relates to my codependent tendencies.

5. Identifying as queer has been an interesting journey. I've never felt 100% straight, but I can't really see myself in a relationship with anyone but women. Sometimes I wonder if I am just experimenting and I am really just a regular hetero person

6. I find androgynous women really attractive. It doesn't matter if they are gay, straight or whatever. It can be really distracting at times.

7. I want to be in a relationship pretty badly, but part of me is afraid it will be just like my (now over) marriage, and I couldn't handle that. Because of that, I am very aware of what I don't want in a relationship.

8.  I don't fear dying. I think that has caused me to make some risky choices. That and a good bit of loneliness.

9. I sometimes think I think about my sexuality too much. This website helps me to know I am not the only one. Unfortunately, I don't really know how to put myself in a position to act on the things I want to do.

10. I really like being pegged and anal play in general, both giving and receiving.

11. I also love eating pussy, especially having my face sat on.

12. Having sex outside is incredibly hot. Possibly getting caught isn't really part of it for me, more a sense of being connected to the world in an intimate way. Also, walking by the location and reminiscing.

13. I can only really enjoy sex with someone if I have an affection for them. Not necessarily being in a relationship but I have to be able to consider them a friend.

14. I've met someone off of Craigslist for sex. It was not as satisfying as I thought it would be and I kind of regret doing ti. I did it mostly out of boredom.

15. I really want to try sex with multiple people at once.

16. My porn habits vary, but there is a theme of viewing porn that is similar to the last sexual encounter I had.

17. I am getting into bondage more and more. The act of tying someone up and taking control over the agency of a person turns me on. Tying up a woman and doing whatever I like (that was previously negotiated) is an incredible feeling.

18. I also like being tied up and dominated by a woman. Being slapped, choked and bitten are a few of my favorites. Humiliation, not so much.

19. I am totally fascinated by the female form. I feel it can be the ultimate in evolutionary development. All the curves are beautiful and amazing. They can be as complex and beautiful as the person contained within them.

20. There is something great about the male form as well, but I'm not quite sure I can explain my attraction to it.

21. I would love to learn shibari. The symmetry is beautiful. It only kind of turns me on, but aesthetically it completely floors me.

22. Most porn bores the shit out of me. I like homemade stuff a lot. Also, for some reason, casting couch porn. I think it is the power imbalance that does it for me.

23. Sometimes I masturbate when I'm bored. I'm usually still bored after.

24. I have a hard time achieving orgasm the first time I'm with someone. I'm not sure why that is, sometimes it's the first few times I'm with someone. I am really self-conscious about it. I can be really turned on but not feel much of anything, despite being really hard.

25. I find really random things about people sexy for limited amounts of time. For a while it was eyebrows, and recently it has been nose rings.