Monday, July 27, 2009

1. I am 41 this year. I am bisexual. None of the label words bother me. I've heard them all.

2. I love curvy women. Boobs, small, tiny waist, nice ass. That is perfection. Dark hair and vivid eyes are a bonus. In either sex.

3. I am currently married and have been in several relationships.

4. I've had sex with about 7 men and 5 women.

5. The number of makeouts can no longer be calculated.

6. I attract all types.

7. I flirt with anyone that moves me.

8. I never want to be a guy but strap on play is excellent.

9. My look changes with the day. I am everything and anything in bed.

10. Very tall, very built men attract me-at first. The rest come with my mood.

11. I'm open to everything but scat. I'm just too lazy to clean that sort of thing up.

12. I don't have sex with everyone that thinks I'm hot. Sometimes it's just them testing their chase and catch routines.

13. I'm 5'6" and have no clue how much I weigh but I'm a size 8.

14. I'm multiracial and anyone appeals to me.

15. Lately I'm into tall, amazonian types with vivid eyes.

16. I'm attracted equally to both sexes. Always have been.

17. When I was a kid I masturbated constantly during "naptime." I let other kids look. There was a lot of self-exploration going on in that class.

18. When I was a kid I made out with neighbors and one cousin. He was ick for me.

19. I have had sex with friends and stayed friends. Although I've also had the unfortunate situation of having friends turn into stalkers. Sometimes people can't sort sex from love or lust.

20. I would have sex for money under the right circumstances. I can be moody sometimes.

21. I like men or women minimum age 30 unless their attitude/carriage surprises me.

22. I get hit on everywhere. I have become desensitized to it.

23. I sleep with or date anyone that is interesting to me. I will not sleep with uninteresting people for any reason.

24. I act on whatever I want whenever I want. Often to my eternal aggravation.

25. I masturbate very often and love porn. I have toys if I'm not watching it with someone.