Thursday, July 16, 2009

1. I am 20 this year. I look very androgynous. I like women and men. You can call me bisexual but I'm attracted to women more. I hate the word lesbian. It sounds fat and ugly. And I'm not fat and ugly.

2. I like very androgynous women's bodies. I like small boobs and long thin legs. I like model-thin girls.

3. I have never been in a relationship, with a girl or a guy. I don't know if I'm suppressing myself. My heart had been broken once by a straight girl who fell in love with me but told me she thought it was weird us being together and that we couldn't be together. I've had crushes on other girls, but I never really chase after any of them. I've tried dating boys. But I feel like I'm incomplete. Or maybe they're just not cute enough... I'm superficial.

4. I've had sex with about 2 men and 1 woman. But I've "fooled around" with a few more" when I was drunk. I've never had sex sober.

5. I've made out with many people. Uncountable. Even with friends. Gay male friends. Bi friends. Straight girls. Unstraight girls. They said I'm a good kisser.

6. Straight girls tend to check me out because of my androgynous appearance. Some even hit on me, and I would make out with them. I would like to think of myself as attractive. Sometimes I even attract straight men. Sometimes I have really high self-esteem but sometimes really low. I feel like I should be hotter. I feel like I need a nicer face, body, everything.

7. That being said, straight girls do hit on me. But I don't really see a future with them anymore. See #3. Therefore, I tend to flirt around most of the time. even with unstraight girls.

8. I want to fuck a really cute guy with a strap on. I want to fuck a really hot girl with a strap on. I want to fuck average looking people with a strap on. I want to fuck people with a real dick. Sometimes I want to be a guy and have a dick.

9. I look like a "top." Yes I like to dominate in bed. But I really would like to be dominated. I think it would be incredibly sexy if a girl takes control of me and bring me to multiple orgasms.

10. I want a really lean hot body. With very toned muscles. And abs. And arms. I think I could have more sex and be more comfortable if I had such a hot bod.

11. I'm very open to experimentation sexually. Yes you can do anything to me. except pee and scat.

12. Sometimes I hear things from my friends. Such as "so-and-so thinks you're really hot"... and this makes me really want to fuck them. I think I would have sex with anyone who thinks I'm hot. I'm not desperate. But I think it'll be really good sex if someone is really into you.

13. I'm 1.7 m tall. And about 50+kg. I wish I were 1.75 or 1.80 and 45kg... fuck me, fashion has changed my perception of reality and body image.

14. I am Asian. But I really really like Caucasians, or mixed Caucasian types. I only like sharp featured Asians. I don't think I'm racist. But it's just a matter of preferences.

15. Recently, i'm really into androgynous girls. Those thin, tall and short hair, well-dressed types. I want to fuck one and want them to fuck me.

16. I'm attracted to men. But I don't see a future with them. I would have sex with them if they're really cute. I like rock-star-thin long haired types and buff manly types. I also like really cute twinks and executive types. Actually I don't have a type. As long as they're attractive, I think I would have sex with them.

17. When I was a kid, a few girls in kindergarden would mess around with me. And we would make out... during after-lunch sleep break time, under the sheets.

18. When I was a kid, I would play and make out with my cousin. Female cousin, to be exact. Didn't realise it was incest. It was all role playing.

19. I was with my friend at a random club. Some guy hit on me. Another guy hit on her. Me and my very good bi female friend went to their place. At first I thought we were just there for a drink. But later... we each went into their rooms... and then my friend came into our room naked and drunk. She asked for a foursome. I politely declined. And proceeded to fuck the guy. I didn't want to have a foursome because... I don't want to have sex with my friend. I knew she was always into me. We even made out once in the toilet of a gay club. But the foursome thing. I would like to say I'm sexually liberal, but I just cannot imagine having sex with her. It would be totally awkward after that if we did it. We're still good friends.

20. I think I would have sex for money. With women. 'Cause I'm really broke, and I really like women. lol. I got offered once, by this 20-something woman. She was pretty attractive. I didn't know why I didn't meet up with her. That being said, if she were to appear online and hit on me again, I would totally do it.

21. I like older women. Sophisticated types. I would totally date or fuck one if they hit on me.

22. I get hit on all the time in lesbian clubs. But then many of them aren't attractive enough for me. I'm superficial like that.

23. Although I'm superficial, I would totally fuck or date an average looking person. As long as they're smart, interesting and full of personality and really into me.

24. There are many times that I've felt that some "straight" girl is hitting on me, but I've never acted on it. I wish I acted on it more, and could be more comfortable in my body to have sex more often.

25. I do watch porn and fantasize about sex. Porn is not really reality, but I really do like non-reality sometimes. But some lesbian porn makes me laugh. It's so fake. Also, when I watch porn, I hump my pillow, and pretend I have a dick and that I'm fucking that girl. I like masturbating in the shower with a water hose. It's the best sex ever.