Thursday, September 10, 2009

1. My first sexual experience with another person was at age 10. We would hump each other and one time I forced myself on a boy. I humped him and grabbed his ass. I enjoyed it but felt guilty afterward and ever since.

2. I started looking at naked photos and chatting online when I was a couple years older. I would trade photos of girls with older men. I had a couple discs with photos hidden in my bedroom. I think my family may have known what I was doing, but nobody ever said anything. This was the start of a lifetime of online chatting.

3. My first kiss was when I was 12 years old. I kissed a lot of girls over the next few years before moving on to other things.

4. I felt a girl's breast for the first time in 7th grade. She was really cute but didn't have much under her shirt.

5. I can't remember the first girl I fingered but I really enjoy doing it... and I'm good at it. I love making a girl cum with my hands.

6. I worked with a guy in high school that gave me a fictional book about incest. I kept it for years and jerked off while reading it. I threw it out three years later because it was a "weird" thing to have and enjoy.

7. When I was 17, I drove an hour away to meet a girl that I found online. I fingered her in a public park lying down on a path in a quiet area. I never spoke to her again.

8. In college I got into phone sex. I would talk to guys that I met online. We would talk about everything from doing things together to what we like to do with girls.

9. I really wanted to get a blowjob once I started college, so I hooked up with a random girl and figured I'd have to go down on her to get head. I went down on her for a minute and then she blew me. I didn't warn her and I shot a load in her mouth (mine are usually large). It was a big surprise for her and she pulled away with cum oozing out of her mouth. I left shortly after and never hooked up with her again... though I would see her around school at times. That story still really turns me on.

10. I lost my virginity to a girlfriend in college that I had dated for 3 months. I was always scared of my quick ejaculation so I procrastinated for a long time. Finally she initiated and it was OK. We only had sex twice before we broke up.

11. I hooked up with a cute girl for months and we would always 69. Her pussy was like soft sweet bubblegum and she would always swallow. She wouldn't have sex with me.

12. I was intimidated by the older girls in college. They were women and not the girls I was used to. I would hook up with them and had sex with one, but I would always leave them hanging so they couldn't judge me. I think they turned me on more than the more innocent girls.

13. I had an orgy in college and it was hot. I came 3 times and watched two girls finger each other.

14. I secretly met a guy from Craigslist while I was in a serious relationship. He was gay and I was curious. We sat on his couch and stroked ourselves. His cock was big and very nice. He wanted to touch me but I wasn't ready. We both came on our stomachs and never spoke again. This was the first a few discrete male-male experiences.

15. I met another guy a week later. It was the first time I touched another man's cock. I sucked him off but made him wear a condom. He got on top of me and tried to put it in my ass... I didn't let him. He watched me stroke my cock and cum before I left.

16. I made a guy cum for the first time a week or so later. He had a small cock and it was gross having his cum on my hand. I let him stroke me too.

17. A year later I met another guy on Craigslist and he stroked me while I came on his stomach. This story still gets me hard.

18. I have had about 8 erotic massages. You find them online and go to their place. They massage you and stroke you at the end. I love being able to be naked and vulnerable with a stranger.

19. One masseuse made me cry because she was more of a healer. I never had an experience like that before or since.

20. One "masseuse" put her fingers in my ass. I felt dirty, like a slut... it turned me on and got me off. I don't think I like the physical sensation though.

21. One time I hired an escort. We met at a hotel and she was very cute and normal looking. I wanted to know what it is like to be with another woman since I had been in a relationship for years. We kissed and she blew me. I couldn't go through with the sex. It was very very sneaky and dirty.

22. I sometimes wear my girlfriend's panties so I can feel sexy. I fantasize about showing off for another man and sometimes do it online.

23. Phone sex can be fun but I fantasize better in my head than with someone else.

24. I love my girlfriend. I love to please her and get her off. I love eating her pussy especially and the sex is hot.

25. I fantasize about other men using my girlfriend. Sometimes I think I actually want it to happen but most times I know it's a bad idea.